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God's Armory

God's Armory

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Why doesn't Amy need glasses anymore? Where has Chuck and Alex disappeared to? And why can't the Whole World officers get an aerial pic of the suspected hiding place of the Christians? God's Armory is the key to every mystery. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Book Bubbles from God's Armory

Are You Compliant?

Years ago when I first wrote this scene, I imagined it in the future. Well, the future is here. People are encouraged to tattle on friends, neighbors, family and strangers if they see someone not going along with the "program". It may not be a perfect picture, but much of "God's Armory" is being fulfilled before our eyes. Every prophecy in the Bible will come to pass. "God's Armory" is my Idea of how some of it could happen. Oh, and here is a "fun fact". The two men's names used here are from two men who were in our church years ago.

God Can do Anything

The miracles listed here are only part of the many miracles I have seen over the years. God is so good! It is sad that so many people do not know Jesus as their healer, but He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The name of Jesus continues to save, heal and deliver. The Corona "vaccine" will kill people and change their DNA forever. Don't take a chance on Bill Gates 666 vaccine. Turn to Jesus now.

No More Glasses

I have a niece who was practically born with cataracts. By age five her vision was reduces to almost nothing and surgery was needed. It was not the last surgery. The cataracts grew back again and again. In "God's Armory" I borrowed the beginning of her story but combined it with the healing of another person we know. He needed thick "coke bottle" glasses when he came to Jesus, but when he was baptized in Jesus Name, God completely healed his eyes. He tested his vision by reading a telephone book (back when we still used such things). He had no problem reading the tiny print. Glory to GOD! Our God can do anything!

Stages of Life

At this point in "God's Armory" Sam's life is at it's lowest point. He is a homeless man finding some shelter at the city's Armory building and rummaging in the garbage cans for something to eat. It wasn't always this way. Sam had once held a good job as a software engineer. Later he had made good on YouTube, quit his day job and bought a big home just in time to be demonetized. He had gone a little crazy with the few big checks he had received and now he had lost everything. He was old, alone and broke. He thinks this is the way his life will end, but God has other plans for him. Click the "buy" button to read "God's Armory" and find out what the next stage of Sam's life will be like.

"I Once Was Blind, But Now I See"

Amy was a lonely young woman. Her father passed away a year before and all the care of her mother fell to her. Mom had had a stroke that left her unable to communicate in a normal way, so she always needed someone with her. Amy developed cataracts on both eyes at an early age and still needed thick glasses -- which have also hindered her social life. All of this was about to change. Read "God;s Armory" to see how her life is turned upside down for the better. Click the "Buy" and please review after reading. Thanks

Garden of Prayer

Chapter One is titled "In The Garden", which comes from the song by that name. In the song a person tells about how they come to the garden to talk to GOD. The singer describes how wonderful it is to spend time with GOD and that they hate to leave. I chose this song title because in this chapter a few characters are introduced during their time of prayer. Others start their day with meditation, food, or work. We will see how their day turns out. Note: There are many people in "The Armory" story. If you forget who someone is, check the back for a list of characters. Thanks for sharing.

The Biggest Move of GOD Ever.

If you know your Bible, then you know God is about to wrap things up. End time Bible prophecy is all around us. One thing prophesied is a revival of mammoth proportions. When the Church was born on the day of Pentecost, over three thousand were born again baptized and speaking in tongues. That was in one day. GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever. His power continues strong. His miracles are still available. Revival is happening now. Check out "God's Armory" and see how it happens in the story. Then let me know how it is happening in your life.


Tommy is a young deaf boy. His older sister, Theresa is his link to the rest of the world. When they go to First Commandment Apostolic Church, their world changes for ever. More people try to communicate with him and it seems everyone knows how to sign "Praise the Lord." The idea for Tommy came when Sister Emmons, a big hearted saint, came to our church and brought her deaf ministry with her. This time was much like "God's Armory" when Theresa and Tommy came. I have always been interested in deaf people and sign language because my dad wore a hearing aid and without it he was completely deaf.


In this scene two pastors have been directed to pastor Montague, one by a vision and the other by an angel. We know from scripture that in the early days of the church many religious leaders were against the Apostles, but we also know that many of them came and joined the believers. (Acts 17:1-4) We are also told that this will happen in our time (the last days) to a greater measure. In "God's Armory" three Churches Join together, each helping the other in the areas they were lacking. This happens just before the anti-Christ comes to power. Will they be strong enough to withstand his tyrannical reign? Click the "Buy" button to find out. Thanks for sharing :)

Just Peachy!

Artie is what some would call "A piece of work". That's just trying to be nice. He is a homophobe in the true since of the word. Other words that describe him go farther downhill from there. His wife Birtie was in a wheel chair for years, but her healing did nothing to soften his heart. This scene is just the beginning of his threats and schemes. I don't know anyone like Artie, but I needed an antagonist. It's hard for me to make up mean characters. I hope I did a convincing job. Leave me a comment to let me know your opinion. Is Artie believable? Do you dislike him? (I hope so) Check out the whole story from Amazon by clicking the "buy" button. Thanks, and thanks for sharing.

Obey is a Four Letter Word

This excerpt takes place in a Sunday morning service after the mark of the beast has been introduced. Many people in the service know someone who has already received The Mark. Visitors are there wondering 'Does it really matter?' In his sermon, Pastor Montague boils things down to a very simple truth: Disobedience to God is SIN. It is obedience to GOD's word that brings salvation. I have taught preschool for about 25 years. During most of that time I taught at a Christian school where we had a daily Bible lesson with the children. Most Bible stories can be simplified to a preschool level and many of them have the theme of obedience woven into its fabric, starting at the Garden of Eden and ending at the judgement day. Parents always appreciated us teaching obedience to their children. Our heavenly Father also desires obedience in His children.

God's Armory Free Today on Amazon

There are several story lines that overlap throughout "God's Armory". At the back of the book there is a list of characters to jog your memory if needed. In this excerpt Chuck finally decides he has no other choice but to go to the Armory, a place where homeless people can stay for the night during cold weather. The problem is, his parents live right across the street. At this point in the story we have already met chuck's mom and dad and know his dad threw him out and his mom longs for him. Chuck just knows he can't go back home. His dad would never allow it. Find out how the story ends by clicking the "buy" button. "God's Armory" will be FREE throughout Monday June 8,,2020. Get your FREE e-book today.

In The Last Days

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream drams:" Acts 2:17 The above verse comes alive in this excerpt from "God's Armory". Here a pastor sees a vision to help prepare him and his congregation for the things to come in the last days. He and his wife agree it is the last days and if you study your Bible you would have to agree that the return of Jesus Christ is either very close or very, very close. Click the "buy now" button and get your copy now.

THE Truth

In chapter 7 Pastor Montegue prays fervently for himself and other pastors in his city to come to a deeper understanding of God's Word. Unknown to him, at the same time others from his church are praying for the same thing. This excerpt shows part of how God moved in answer to those prayers. There is only one truth. As we seek after God He will lead and guide us into all truth. You can get the whole story for free on Monday May 25, 2020. For that one day the e-book of "God's Armory" will be absolutely FREE! Don't miss out. Get your FREE copy and read the whole story.

A Little Romance

Romance is not the main theme of "God's Armory", but there is a bit of romance there none the less. Amy has had a crush on Alex for a while now and in this scene he sees her in a whole new way. I hope you will enjoy reading the rest of their story and find out what happens in this budding romance. Click the "Buy" button to see book details on Amazon. "God's Armory" is available in paperback or eBook.

Sing Unto the LORD

In "God's Armory" each chapter title is also a song title. Here are a few more. If you are familiar with old time Christian songs you might know some. "Come and Dine" "In His presence" "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" "I Feel the Spirit Moving" "What a Gathering" "The Water Way" Here's a more current day one: "Open the Eyes of My Heart" and one every American should know: "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" I have shared nine of the sixteen chapter names (including the one in the excerpt). How many of these songs do you know? Please use the comment button to the right to enter the number of these songs you know. You can also send me a message on my website telling me of your favorite from this list and I will send that chapter to your email - free! Thank you and God Bless.

Spirit Filled Church

This is a glimpse into one of the amazing services at First Commandment Apostolic Church. It may seem strange to many people who have never experienced the moving of God's Spirit in a service, but I assure you, it happens all over the world when the born again believers gather in His Name. As we approach the culmination of this age, God's Spirit is moving and He is showing Himself strong. Most of the miracles in "God's Armory" are things that have happened to people I know or have met. The God of the Bible is still the same. His power has not changed.

The Mystery Neighbor

In the apartment complex that Pastor Jimmy Montague and his wife Dora managed there was an interesting tenant. Mazie Lupine was a quiet neighbor, always paid her rent and often had packages delivered to her apartment, but was almost never seen. After packages were left at her door Mazie would count to 100 and peak out her window before opening the door to get the package. Why does she live the life of a recluse? What's her secret? What do you think? Click the comment button to the right and give me your best guess. I will post the winners on my website and on Facebook. Give it a try and let's have some fun.

A Little Excitement

Meet Dora, the backslid preacher's wife. Many people start out well in their walk with Jesus, but it is he that makes it to the end that receives a crown. Dora has sadly turned aside just before miraculous things start to happen in her husband's Church. She missed out on exciting things while she went looking for excitement. How ironic and how like the devil to trick a person, promising something better, when he has only deception and death to offer. Dora has made her choice, where will it take her?

A Brand New Touch

I was 23 the first time I experienced a Pentecostal Church service, so I was much like Amy in this scene of the book. The service was not what she expected, but then she didn't really know what to expect. Her parents were atheists and she had only visited a couple churches with friends while growing up. My parents were Catholic. The repeated rituals could not have been more different from the Pentecostal service. The joyful songs, exuberant worship and actually feeling the presence of GOD was a welcome change for Amy as it was for me.

Two old Friends and a Bird

For these characters I used the names of my older brother, Alex, and the name of his childhood friend, Bobby. They were a great team, so in my mind the names just naturally went together. The part about prayer was taken from a personal experience. I am the one who had a bird sing outside my window till I got in the habit of early morning prayer. It's a great way to start the day.


This "Alice" was in some ways patterned after an old friend of mine. She was big, lovable, and even had a lazy eye. My old friend has long ago gone to be with the LORD. She was "born again" soon after I was and never looked back, but served God with a zeal I am still trying to reach. She also gave enthusiastic hugs like the Alice in my story. When my friend was alive, her hug would lift me off the ground. I look forward to one of her awesome hugs when I see on the other side.

Will he be a Hero?

Meet Sam. His life has been a roller coaster ride. The eternal bachelor, he worked at a sales job to make ends meet then made it big on Youtube. He suddenly had more money than he knew what to do with until he got demonetized. Suddenly there was no money and he landed on the street. This character was written in the book years before I met a live "Sam" . The live person was not an exact double, but was close enough to amaze me.

An Unexpected Hero

God uses some unlikely people in His Kingdom. Alex is one of them. Before he was born again, he was a homeless druggie, but God had plans for him. Once we team up with Jesus, there is nothing we can not do. God leads Alex to start serving meals at the Armory, (a place where homeless people can be inside on cold nights), and more unexpected things begin happening.

The Book of Jeremy

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Everyone thinks Jeremy is just a bratty little brother until he begins having strange prophetic dreams. Then the UFOs begin showing up.Can there be a connection?

Book Bubbles from The Book of Jeremy

The Wizard

As I read the headlines of mega hurricane Ida and remember others in the past, I can't help think of the "wizard" tinkering with the weather. I don't know how many governments have weather adjustment abilities, but the technology has been around for more than fifty years. The headlines continue: floods up and down the East coast of the USA right after Tennessee had its biggest flood ever compounded with hurricanes to our south and fires from central to Western states -- I can't help but think, these are not natural weather occurrences. Someone is tinkering somewhere.

WWIII and Drones

This segment takes place after the world has been attacked and locked down. Drones police the town and trucks pick up anyone who is out. I wrote this part of the book while we were under lockdown from Covid. Thank God we had some liberty to move about, but not so in "The Book of Jeremy" -- not at this point anyway. I hope you will read the book and find out how they outsmarted the drones. Choose your favorite book seller and order now. Thanks for sharing. Once you have read it, please leave a review. Thanks and God Bless!

Stripes and Shots

In this vision Jeremy gets a refresher of one of his first dreams along with more insight-- two dreams are combined and something new is added. He sees a tracking system for mankind and at the end, a pandemic. Hmm. Look around. Do you see this happening around you? Right now we are invited to get a vaccine, but coercion has already begun in parts of the world. Headlines are quickly catching up to the storyline in "The Book of Jeremy". For updates on Bible Prophecy happening now, go to my website and request my Prophecy Report newsletter. Thanks for sharing.


Have you ever been in a noisy dream and found your room eerily quiet when you awoke? If so then you can relate with Jeremy a little bit for that is what happens after this strange dream. Later in the book Jeremy will put together the meaning of some of the things he sees here, but at this point they are all one big question mark. Perhaps you have read about or even used the "Internet of Things". It is real and it is all around us. Singularity? This has more than one meaning. See which meaning happens first as you read "The Book of Jeremy." Order now by clicking the button.

I Have Something For You

This excerpt is from chapter two when Jeremy is 12 years old. He is second to the youngest of the six Meyer children and by far the biggest brat. One of the things I like about this scene is all the animals. We are introduced to Burt the bulldog, Fonzie the Schnoodle, and Bentley the cockatoo. The home I live in is full of animals. Our oldest daughter, her husband and four children live in the main part of the house. They have 4 cats, a pomskie dog, a squirrel and a tortoise. My husband and I currently have one schnoodle dog to add to the mix. If you have pets, please tell us about them in the comment section. If you have read the book, please leave a review. Thanks!


With Father's Day this month, I wanted to point out that Jeremy has a wonderful dad in "The Book of Jeremy". Naphtali Meyers is a man of faith who loves God and his family. He wants them to be ready for heaven and anything that may come upon the earth in this life. He is a strong and important character in the story. I combined many role models to make Naphtali. If you are a dad that I know, you may see a little, or a lot, of yourself in Naph. Let me know. Pre-order now and I hope to see your review after you've enjoyed the book. And God Bless all you Fathers out there.

Yes, Dear?

In chapter one we see the bratty twelve-year-old Jeremy in trouble again. It's good to know that bratty little kids can grow up and become a vessel for God to use. God can and does use people of all kinds, often the most unlikely. No matter what we or others think about us, God will use us if we make ourselves available and obedient to Him. We have an awesome God! To get "The Book of Jeremy", click the "pre-order" button. Thanks for sharing.

They Don't Teach This in School

OK, this is a novel, so it is a fiction. I struggled with having this as part of the story, but it completed the story and I needed it for the story to make sense. So, hold on to your hats. Guess what happened next? I looked in the Bible for verses to confirm what I had been taught all my life. Not there. Go ahead and try to find any verses that tell of a spinning earth. All I could find was an earth that was stretched out, on pillars, stationary and so forth. It is a circle, yes. A circle is two dimensional. Talk about a great deception. But it is a deception that goes with "other beings from outer space" which is part of the story. I wonder how Moses felt trying to tell people that God had made man in His image. The Egyptians taught evolution, ya know.

Great Deception

In "The Book of Jeremy" there are chapters here and there called "The Dark Side" where I show what is going on in Satan's realm. This excerpt however is taken from one of Jeremy's visions. Humans have a supernatural enemy who wants to destroy them. Satan especially hates Born Again Believers in Jesus Christ. His number one weapon is deception. It's the first thing Jesus warned us about in Matthew 24, "be not deceived." It's what the Devil used on Eve, and he has used it all through time. Check out "Bible Bits and Bytes" To learn your Bible; how it applies to you and to prophecy. Find them on my website.

Only a Matter of Time

Here Jeremy muses about the vision noted at the beginning of chapter 17. Most of us are comfortable in our little corner of the world, seldom hearing about the atrocities in other areas. Jeremy's research online confirms the evil mounting in the world. If we take the time to find non-propaganda sites for our news, we will find the same thing. I have begun publishing a monthly email newsletter called, "Prophecy Report." I include news about my books with a list of news headlines with their links. It's the Reader's Digest version of the current news pertaining to Bible Prophecy, Many of these topics are included in "The Book of Jeremy". I have also begun posting "Bible Bits and Bytes" in my newsletter, website and on YouTube. The "bits" are Bible stories, the Bytes focus on Bible end time prophecy. If you would like to receive the "Prophecy Report" just subscribe to my website.

Any Minute

When Jesus ascended to heaven after His death burial and resurrection, He told his disciples he would be back. The believers looked for him to return in their lifetime. I think it was God's plan that every generation would look for His return. There has always been something happening to keep his chosen ones looking for His return. It has been about two thousand years and we have more fulfilled prophecy happening now than ever before. Yet, there are also more people mocking and saying, "Oh, yeah, my grandmother thought so too." I was born-again 41 years ago. There were at that time hand scanners produced to read something in your hand allowing the person to buy and sell--just like the Bible says it will be for the mark of the beast. The Devil is sly. He has been getting people used to buying without cash a little at a time. First your debit card then your hand. Soon the hand scanners will become an everyday thing. They are already in use in Sweden where thousands of people have an implant in their hand. The mark of the Beast is nearer than ever.


I like to incorporate as much truth into my works of fiction as I can. This is mentioned in "God's Armory" but is present in all my works. In "The Book of Jeremy" I did something different. I went a step further. In this novel I have "Notes" at the back of the book to support things mentioned in the writing. This excerpt is from the last section of the Prologue where Satan screams, "Poison the water and the air!" The aluminum and barium sprayed on us is poisonous and frequencies can be deadly. Check out the links at the back of the book-- if you can take it. The world can be a scary place. Thank God we have a refuge in Jesus.

Weather Wars

Here is the dream that begins chapter 8. Countries have been playing around with the weather for several decades. Check out Joseph P. Farrell for more information about how they have "probably" been using this capability. When you look at catastrophic weather and compare these events with "what country just did what to who", well, I think you will see a pattern. Have fun!

Satan's Plans in The Dark Side

Interspersed throughout "The Book of Jeremy" are chapters called "The Dark Side". Here we have a glimpse of what the enemy of our soul is working on. In The Bible, God calls him "more subtle than any beast of the field." That means he is cunning, wily and crafty. Jesus also said "We are not ignorant of his devices." But it takes work to stay abreast of his craftiness. The apostle peter encouraged us to: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" 1 Peter 5:8 We must stay a step ahead of our enemy or trouble awaits. For help, check out my Bible Bits and Bytes on YouTube.

Look! Up in the Sky!

It seems more and more people are seeing, hearing about, and talking about UFO's. There's a big hullabaloo about our government releasing information on the subject. We shall see. Personally, I believe the devil and his imps have broadcast so much deception and lies around the world on this and other subjects that most people will not make the effort to dig out the truth. Those of us who believe the Bible is the Truth have fewer options of what to believe. So tell me, what do you think these "UFO's" are? Where do they come from? I'd like to know your thoughts.

Is He the Antichrist?

When I began to learn Hebrew I was excited to find out that each letter was also a number. The numbering system is not just a straight through 1-22. It helps to have a chart handy unless you have a memory much better than mine. Each letter also has meanings, but that's a subject for another day. The process of gematria in this chapter is something I have tried myself many times -- that's how I found a name that equaled 666. It is not a simple process and it has many variables. We also don't know if this is where the 666 will come from for the antichrist, but I like playing with numbers, so for me this is fun. You can easily find a chart online if you want to give it a try. First I tried the letters and numbers for my own name and those in my family .You will also need a chart showing the sound of each of the Hebrew letters if you are unfamiliar with it. Have fun!

A Chosen Vessel

For everything God does, the devil wants to have a counterfeit. Christ was the Spirit of GOD in a man born of a woman. Satan can not do that, but he can possess a willing soul. The Bible tells us there will be and anti-Christ and he will be very deceptive, subtle, and tricky. We must know the truth, and know it well, or we could be tricked. I have begun making short Bible teaching videos called "Bible Bits and Bytes". These can be found on my website: or on YouTube here: I would love some feedback. like and subscribe :) Thanks!

A Vision of Angels

This is only part of one of Jeremy's visions. This part tells why the evil angels fell from heaven and he sees them morph into lizards. Jeremy's eyes are open to many things through this vision, but it is hard for him to deal with these revelations. He is not sure what to do with the information. Should he tell people what he has learned? Will they think he is nuts? Will anyone care? What would you do?

He's Talking to Me

Have you ever read a scripture or listened to preaching and felt like God was talking right to you? I have felt that way many times and also heard others voice the same feeling. It is amazing how God can talk to you personally while at the same time talk personally to a million other people. God is great!

The First Video

I love this bathroom scene. The only place in the big house where he could find some privacy was the bathroom. The sound quality must have been pretty bad. I am currently working on an audio version of "The Book of Jeremy". I don't have a release date for that yet, so stay tuned. I will be announcing the date when all is ready. Click the button to order paperback or e-book, and please share and leave a review. Thank you and God Bless.

The Time is Short

This part of the fireside scene was borrowed from real life. My grandchildren have a friend in this situation: The children in the family do see evil spirits, imps, or whatever they are. The devil is pushing his agenda and sending out his workers of evil. If this is happening to you, there is hope. The Name of Jesus is stronger than anything. Later in the book there is detail on just how to be free of oppressions from the enemy of your soul. "He that the son has set free is free indeed!"

It's in the Stars

Several years ago I read a book that explained the story of Jesus in the constellations. I thought it was fascinating so I shared a little of it here with you and the Meyer family. Satan has made it into something completely different, but the truth is there if you look for it. Here is a little help if you want to check it out: The beautiful old story has been there all along.


A lot of research went into preparing for this book. Nanobots are a real thing. I wrote an article about them and posted it on my blog, It was titled "Trans-Humanism" and has been mysteriously removed from my blog. It is the only blog of mine that was ever removed. Makes me wonder. On the light side, I enjoyed putting local highways and surroundings into the story. It isn't specifically mentioned in the book, but the Meyer family live in Los Gatos, CA. a "town" in the south-western part of silicon valley. If you are from this area you may recognize several landmarks as you read through the field trip in chapters 10 and 11.

Love is in the Air

This is a scene very much like an average day when I, my sister and my cousin were teenagers. You could often find the living room filled with three teen girls and their boyfriends. There was no little brother around, but otherwise the scene was taken right out of my past. One more thing here. Jeremy sees his three sisters and his brother all talking to a sweetheart, but he hasn't gotten up the courage to talk to the one girl he has always liked. Will he? If yes, how will it happen? Find out in "The Book of Jeremy". Soon to be available online and in book stores. An audible version is also in the works.

Not What I Expected

How many times have we thought we had it all figured out only to be brought up short when things didn't turn out like we expected. Over time many people have been thought to be the Antichrist, but we cannot allow these forerunners to cause us to loose faith in GOD's word. In his time, Hitler imbodied the anti Christ spirit. In the time of Antiochus Epiphanies, many Antichrist prophecies were fulfilled, but he still was not the one. There have been and currently are many men filled with evil and one day soon one of them will step forward and demand everyone to take a mark by which they can buy and sell. The evil one coming will make all previous tyrants look kind by comparison. We must be strong in the LORD. Let us pray.

Weather Wizard

Many believe it is beyond human capability to affect the weather. Not so. Just check the internet and you will find companies who do just that. Here is a link with a list for you. Yes, weather modification is not new nor is it secret any longer. In this dream sequence that begins chapter seven, Jeremy sees a man tinkering with the weather and causing big problems, but in the end he sees weather that scares him half to death. This is because GOD ultimately has all power. When HE returns there will be no question of who is in control. There may be a few "elitists" who think they are big stuff at the present, but GOD will set everything right.

"I Wished We Could Live There"

Many years ago my husband and I bought a small plot of land near a lake. This is where the descriptions in the book come from when the Meyer family goes camping. It was also about this time that we began to realize that there was more going on in the real world than main(lame)stream media tells us about. Little by little another reality took shape. So much of what we had been conditioned to believe was just a fairy tail. In "The Book of Jeremy" a young teen gets help from the Almighty. Dreams and visions lead him in a new direction. During this scene of the ride to the lake, Jeremy discovers his older sister, Debbie watching a news station that connected with his last vision. If we read and study the Bible and then check out real news, we can see God's word coming to pass before our eyes. "The Book of Jeremy" is now available and the e-version will be on July 2, 2021. Pre-order now. The button to the right will offer places to preorder from. In the meantime, check out my new monthly newsletter called "Prophecy Report". You can sign up to receive it in your email by visiting my website at

The Last Generation

We live in a toxic world. Invisible waves of differing frequency are all around us. Computers, tablets, cell phones, electric cars and a horde of other electronic gadgets bring an increasing deluge of health problems. Migraines, stomach upset, confusion, lethargy, sterility-- even cancer-- and other health issues can be traced back to the frequencies, electrical and magnetic, we are surrounded by every day. Satan hates the human race and seems to be doing all he can to end it.

Shalom ~ Peace

I love to study Hebrew. I find so many eye-opening things hidden in the Hebrew language. I had seen people use "Shalom" as a greeting and also to bid farewell. But, when I learned it also meant "completeness", a light turned on. We know the Bible says we are complete in Him. And when we walk with Jesus, we have peace. As I wrote this scene the two things came together -- completeness and peace. The completeness of this age and God's peace to see us through. I pray we all find the peace that comes with knowing Jesus, especially in the troubled times we live in.

I Knew It!

A few years ago I fell in love with Biblical Hebrew. As I learned more about the letters I discovered that each letter is also a number. Both the letter and its numerical value have a meaning. Using the numerical value of a word can lead to new discoveries. In "The Book of Jeremy" I gave Jeremy my love for Hebrew and numbers and he applies this to find out more about prophecy. To find out if he is right, check out "The Book of Jeremy" , coming in 2021 to many online venues and libraries near you..

It's Everywhere

It takes a while for Jeremy to put together the many parts of this dream. Later in this chapter he mentions how much he likes the new wireless printer in the house, but doesn't get the connection yet. This dream is far reaching and revelations of its implications continue through several chapters of the book. In later chapters he puzzles out that it is everywhere, its invisible, and he begins to see its deadly affects. "The Book of Jeremy" is available now. click the button to find your favorite book seller.

Stripes in the Sky

The first part of this dream is taken from personal experiences. For many years I worked as a preschool teacher. Because of this I was outside with the children when most people were inside working. We live in-between two airports, one civilian and one military. We get many planes overhead. But a few years ago I noticed something different. Planes flew quite high and sprayed something that left a white lingering cloud. This 'cloud' did not disappear like a normal con-trail. They puffed out until the sky looked overcast. I watched a documentary called "What are They Spraying on Us?" and did much more research. There are footnotes at the back of "The Book of Jeremy" connecting to information on the web. Included are references stating the effects of the two metals-- barium and aluminum-- used in the spray. That part is real. For the story in "The Book of Jeremy" I added nanobots to the spray. So many people call it a "conspiracy theory", but Chem-Trails are easily proven if you check it out.

Internet Of Things

This is Jeremy's second prophetic dream. There are some strange symbolic things in his dreams. Often hard to figure out. If you look closely at the first nine dreams, you might notice they have things in common with the ten plagues of Egypt. Check it out. In addition, each dream presents a new part of the mystery and adds clues. At this point in the story Jeremy is only twelve years old. Like Jerimiah in the Bible, God called him at a young age and at a time when people were evil and didn't want to hear form God.

He's Ruining My Life!

In this scene we see Jeremy with his older brother and then his dad. At first Jeremy misses the point his dad is making, but with love and patience Dad helps his youngest son to see the bigger picture. Something must have sunk in because in future chapters Jeremy and Thomas are best friends. To get the whole story, click on "Pre-Order". "The Book of Jeremy" release date is November 9th on Amazon.

The Dark Side: Prologue

In this portion of the prologue we begin to get a picture of the evilness in the world. Satan wants to destroy mankind and the Earth they live in. He hates God and all His creation. Lucifer knows there will be an ultimate battle between good and evil and he wants evil to win. God is lightyears ahead of the Evil One. In "The Book of Jeremy" we see a small part of God's plan. Jeremy is twelve years old when he begins to have prophetic dreams. Be one of the first to get the whole story by selecting "Pre-order". "The Book of Jeremy" release date is November 9th on Amazon.

The Dark Side

A new element has been added. The "The Book of Jeremy" is a story of the epoch fight between good and evil. I felt we needed to see what was going on in the dark realm to balance out the story and complete the information. Beginning with the Prologue, we have a glimpse of Satan's evil plans and devices. Jeremy is a step ahead of the Old Serpent because of the visions and dreams God has given him and the power of The Holy Ghost (God's Spirit). If we are a born again believer, there is never a time to fear. We are in His hands along with whatever situation we are experiencing. Be assured, GOD is in control, and He cares for His children. Never fear.

She Made the Rest of the World Disappear

Jeremy is twelve years old when our story begins. Plenty old enough to notice girls. But, there is only one girl that catches his eye. She is a beautiful young girl who attends his church. The problem is that Jeremy is painfully shy. It will take some time for him to work up the courage to utter even a one syllable word to her. Shyness is a funny thing. I was a shy child and still have attacks of shyness now and then, but I don't think I have ever seen anyone more overcome with shyness than my grandson when he had his first big crush. This was the inspiration for Jeremy to have this affliction in this story. Pre-order now to find out what will happen in this budding romance.

What is It?

As things progress, the Meyer family decide to home school their children. In this chapter Sally, their mom, decides to take them on a field trip to nearby companies so they can decide what kind of job they want to prepare for. Jeremy finds two companies that remind him of his dreams. I have renamed the companies used in this section, but all four are real companies close to where I live. If you think about it you could probably guess the company names came from. At least one of them is very well known. The names I used are: Weather Wise Action Surgical Yellow Rose S Frog Can you guess any? Be one of the first to find out by clicking the "Buy" button to pre-order. Thanks for sharing.

Dreams and Visions

As mentioned in a previous bubble, a prophetic dream begins the first ten chapters of "The Book of Jeremy". This excerpt is the beginning of chapter eleven. Something different is happening here.Throughout the remainder of the book Jeremy has visions. God is showing him things past, present and future to give him the big picture of what is going on in the world. After a few visions, Jeremy is blown away by what he learns and he is not sure what to do about it. He is only thirteen. Be one of the first to find out about Jeremy's dreams and visions by pre-ordering. A click on the "buy" button will take you to the Amazon pre-order page. And thanks for sharing.

You Are Too Close

A couple of years ago my husband was out on a bicycle ride when he stopped at a nearby company that has outside tables with umbrellas and a cafe where he could get a drink. It also had a little robot patrolling the area. The robot stopped in front of my husband and said, "You are too close." This was my inspiration for the robot patrol in this clip. This is not fantasy or sci-fi, it is a reality in Silicon Valley (and other places). It seems so futuristic, but the future has a way of creeping up on you and then, bam! It's here. This also happens in "The Dreamer". Jeremy sees things in dreams and visions and then sees them around him in real life. They seem to be happening slowly, then, bam! To get the whole story pre-order by clicking the "buy" button. Thank you.


Because the first ten chapters begin with a dream, "The Book of Jeremy" was at first called "The Dreamer". Jeremy writes the dreams in his journal. Finally, after having several dreams, he shares them with his friend, Thomas. Thomas is really more interested in basketball, but Jeremy knows he can trust Thomas. Jeremy has made a list of all the dreams to keep track and speculate about their meanings. The word "Singularity" was at the end of the first dream and he is still trying to figure it out. These dreams are really weird and it takers Jeremy a while to understand anything that's going on. As a reader you may see a correlation between the dreams and a big event in the Old Testament. Please leave a comment to tell me your guess of which Old Testament event might be related in the dreams and click the "Buy" button to pre-order and be one of the first to find out. Thanks for sharing. :)

The Campfire

The Meyer family occasionally spends time camping on their property at the lake. A highlight of each camping trip is family time around the campfire. Here we see Mom and Dad asking their oldest child, Beth, if a friend of hers is turning into more than a friend? Jeremy is wondering if President Soeroto could still be the Anti-Christ when he is out of office. Click the button to pre-order "The Book of Jeremy" and be one of the first to find out.


The Meyer family have a place at the lake where they go camping while a home is built for future use. Here is a scene from the family around the campfire. Several topics are brought up. Beth, the oldest child, seems to be interested in a boyfriend and Mom and Dad want to k now more about him. Jeremy is wondering about the anti-Christ. Could it still be President Soetoro or someone else? What will happen to Beth and Carl? Click the button to pre-order and be one of the first to find out.

A New Friend

In chapter seven The Meyer family go on their first camping trip to the lake. When they arrive Neph, their dad, warns them about the poison oak that grows plentifully in the area. Once camp is set up the kids split up to explore; three of the girls go to the lake and the other three kids head up the road and meet a new friend. They also find out about poison oak. I had to put something in about this charming plant. My husband and I purchased some property near a lake, and that is where the descriptions in this chapter come from. When my husband and I began to clear the land, I got the worst cases of poison oak in my life. Later in the chapter I include a folk cure that works like a poison oak immunization. I learned it from a local Lake resident who used it and claims it has worked for him all his life..

Hebrew Numbers

In past chapters Jeremy learns the Hebrew alphabet (aleph-beyt in Hebrew. Guess where we got the name alphabet from?) Here Jeremy finds out that each Hebrew letter has a numerical value and with this comes the idea that he can figure out who the Anit-Christ is by adding up the numbers of their name written in Hebrew but he needs some help. This scene begins as he goes to his Grandmother. His grandparents live in a fifth wheel trailer which is parked in their big yard. This conversation is just the beginning. Find out where this idea leads. Order "The Book of Jeremy" by clicking the "buy" button and find your favorite retailer. Thank you!

Something Big

In these crazy days we are living in, it would be good for all of us to be prepared. It is hard to know just what to prepare for, but a location outside the city where you have access to food, water and shelter can't hurt and it may save your life. The USA of yesterday is gone. It could be sooner, it could be later, but we need to be ready both in our relationship with God and in preparations for survival. My family has a speck of land close to a lake so, I drew from real life experiences for much of the details in "The Book of Jeremy" concerning their lake property.

The Brat

Yes, Jeremy is a brat. The wonderful people in my critique group were surprised at this and wondered if they should ask. Why a brat for a protagonist? He doesn't seem interested in GOD. My answer? Yes he is the biggest brat around. And, no, he isn't all that interested in GOD (at this point in his life). But, GOD is interested in him. I wanted to show that it doesn't matter if we are the biggest brat ever, GOD still loves us. I was happy in a later meeting of my critique group )who are not Apostolic Pentecostals like me), that they all agreed it was refreshing to read about a Christian family who constantly lived a Christian life but it did not make the story "preachy". The fact was just always there in the background. The clock is ticking and I am working hard to complete this book in time. You can Pre-order by clicking the website button on this page and then the pre-order by the book. Thank you!

Opening Scene

The opening scene of a book is very important. Does it make you want to keep reading? I will soon begin editing this book and would love some feedback. If you would like to find out what happens to Jeremy after the water baloon, click the button to the right. Respond "yes" and leave your email address so I can send you the full chapter. I will not share your email with anyone. Also, I would love your honest feedback on the chapter. "Too long", "boring", "interesting", whatever. And when the book is published, you can say,"I helped". Thanks and God bless. P.S. Please check out my websit for more.

This One's For You

After my first book was named after one of my granddaughters, my grandson asked

The Zella Chronicles

Christian Books & Bibles

Zella went to be with Jesus when she was only six. She soon learned there's only one way to mature in heaven. This leads her to many adventures on Earth. She makes friends and has some big surprises along the way.

Book Bubbles from The Zella Chronicles

Something Old and Something New

Spoiler Alert: This section tells the end of this chapter's story. I love a happy ending, don't you? Zella seems to go around making happy endings everywhere. Cissie joins us briefly from a previous chapter, but only the reader knows that. I have mentioned in other "bubbles" that part of Maddy and Zygie's story is taken from my own life. My family had nothing to do with Church when we married, so as the author, I changed that and put them both in a loving Church right from the start. In real life, my husband and I did not know God until we had been wed for almost eight years. The rest of the story is purely fiction. My husband never worked at a grocery store, nor did he ever try to hitch hike to Hollywood, but both stories have a happy ending, thanks to Jesus.

Another Crossroad

In the story of Gabe and Elly, I have taken the liberty to incorporate bits of my parent's lives. Like Gabe, my dad was Italian and totally deaf without his hearing aid. Like Elly, my mother did not conceive until they had been married several years. Later in this chapter Gabe returns home from cutting Christmas trees-- a job my father had during that season. Unlike Gabe, my dad never stepped inside a church until he was in his seventies and came to live with us. I thank God he had the opportunity to hear the gospel. In real life my mom tried to leave my dad several times. Unfortunately they did not turn to God for help and their marriage eventually ended in divorce. When God is the center of our lives, it makes all the difference. So, in this fictional story, they turned to God and I was able to gave them a happy ending. I have seen God do it time and time again -- put marriages back together. Like they say, a happy marriage takes three, a husband, a wife and God.


In this reading Elly is looking back over the things that had brought her to California. Two failed marriages in the 1940's was very frowned upon. Elly was determined to get it right this time. Problem was, most of the illegible young men were off to fight in the war. SOME of Elly's character description came from a personal friend of mine. My friend, now deceased, came to California after two failed marriages. She also had hair that would not grow beyond her shoulders. To read more of Elly's story, click the 'buy" button. Thanks for sharing.

"What am I Here For?"

When I was in Kindergarten, I walked past an old house on my way to school. There was an old woman with white hair who would sit on the porch, tatting doilies. She was there nearly every day. I used this memory for a backdrop in this part of the story. In chapter three we meet Cissie. She is old and wondering why she is still here. You don't have to be old to wonder this. Most of us have asked ourselves "Why am I here?" at some point in our lives. Zella comes into her life for a short time and turns everything around. To find out how, click the "buy" button

"Old Friends"

In this segment a hitch-hiking Zygi gets a ride from Zella and Harvey. This is the same Harvey we met in chapter one. People from previous chapters keep popping up. These "old friends" add to the story and it's fun to see them again. Here Zella and Harvey pose as an old couple with a personal heart ache. Their story helps Zygi change his course and get back to where he belongs. Just for fun there is another "old friend" from a previous chapter who comes along later. To get the whole story, click the "buy" button. Thanks for sharing.

Unexpected Blessings

Part of this story comes from my own life. I was married at 16, my husband was 17. We married early for the same reason as Maddy and Zygi. Our first two weeks of married life we lived with my in-laws before finding an apartment with my mom. Seven months later our first daughter was born. My in-laws were very social people. Through their various friends and neighbors we were surprised with generous gifts to start our married life. People I did not know brought a variety of household items. Our Reno wedding did not allow for a reception, but I was still blessed with the traditional waffle iron and toaster, among other things.. Praise God! Even before I knew Him, He was watching out for me.

The Little house on 18th Street

This scene of Madlyn and Elly takes place in Elly's home. I pictured my childhood home as I wrote this. I grew up in this home from birth to eight years. It had one serviceable bedroom, a small living room that doubled as a second bedroom, a tiny bathroom with a stall shower, but, the kitchen was almost as big as the living room and bedroom put together. The "hall" between the living room and kitchen was about three feet long. The floor heater fitted end to end in the "hall" and we did dry clothes over it from time to time. There are more secrets to come about Elly and her husband in future excerpts. See you next time :)

You're so Lucky

In Chapter two Zella becomes a friend to Eleanor, a young girl who feels left out even though she is part of a big family. In the few days she is on this assignment, Zella helps Eleanor see the blessings of God in her life and this gives her a new perspective. She even gets a new name! So often our blessings are staring us in the face, but we don't see them. Click the "Buy" button to find out how Zella does it this time.. Thanks for sharing ;)

Birdie and Harvey

This scene is very close to my family history. My grandparents' names were Birdie and Harvey. Much of the story is borrowed from real life. Their first born was not named Harvey like in "The Zella Chronicles" but the tragedy that befalls the small family in the remainder of the scene is taken from the story of their lives. Real life is so much more interesting than anything I could dream up. Both grandparents have passed on many years ago, so I'm sure they would not mind my sharing this poignant part of their lives. I hope you will read the whole story. Thanks for sharing, and God bless.

Must of been the LORD

Some writers use an outline while others "write by the seat of their pants". I try to use an outline, but the book seems to come alive and go in a direction I had not foreseen. For example, "The Zella Chronicles" started out being a book where the only thing the chapters had in common was Zella. But, as I wrote, they became linked together in a way I had not planned. This excerpt started out as the first chapter of the book, but it didn't follow the new plan. It was tabled for a while, then with some revision, it became the perfect ending for the story. My agent had me add an epilogue and the book was complete. To enjoy the whole story, click "buy". And, thanks for sharing.

Time Traveling and Maybe a Romance

In our last bubble we saw Gigi as a kid getting into a fight at school. In this excerpt we see him as a teenager in high school. At a family party his temper propelled him to a somewhat heroic deed, but in the end his quick actions make him feel stupid. The next day at school Tilly comforts him and compliments his bravery. He has known this girl all his life but today she is suddenly beautiful. Is this a beginning of a budding romance? Zella will continue to "time travel" through Gigi's life so you can read the rest of his story in "The Zella Chronicles" and find out. Click the "Buy" button and get the whole story.

Temper, Temper

Chapter eight is the longest chapter in the book. Zella is shown bits of Gigi's life from infancy to adulthood and begins her job while he is in grade school. Gigi has a temper. It flares up quickly and easily and it takes time for him to get control of it. I think all of us have a temper, but it's what we do when we are angry that matters. Even GOD gets angry from time to time, but the Bible says "be angry and sin not". It also says that "God is slow to anger." That's the example we are striving for; be slow to anger and sin not. While I was growing up I had good examples of temper from my dad. He would often be angry, but never hurt anyone or anything. His way of letting off steam was to yell and cuss. He was not a church-goer. I borrowed his name for this character. I thought it fitting he be named "Gigi". It is not his story, just his name. To read all of his story click the "buy" button".

A Little Shove

In this mission Zella helps two girls overcome their shyness. I have been shy most of my life. I say most of it because I remember being quite bold in the fourth grade. I still get attacks of shyness, but God helps me to do what I need to do. I once heard it preached that shyness was selfishness and this was a very new way to look at it for me. It was a good shove in the right direction to help me get out of my comfort zone and do something for God. This is what Zella does for Tilly and Debbie in chapter seven. Hope you enjoy it.

Zygi's Choice

This chapter is a turning point in Zygi's life and Zella will show up to help him in the right direction. The fun part here is that we will also see a couple of characters from previous chapters pop up. Harvey from chapter one appears with Zella in the beginning of the chapter and Cissie from chapter three appears latter. Each play a small part in one of the most important choices of Zygi's life. We make decisions every day, mostly little. But some choices we make can change our life and the lives of others forever. If you would like to read this chapter for free, click over to my website and leave me a message. In the subject line put chapter 6. Thanks and God bless!

Behind the Scenes

In "The Zella Chronicles" we get to see how things are working "behind the scenes" . As mortals, there is so much we miss. Each chapter uncovers another way GOD is present and working in our lives and the lives of those we love-- especially if we are praying for them. If you would like to find out what happens in this chapter, go to my website,, by clicking the button on this page and leave me a message asking for chapter six. I will send it to you for free.

Both Bad and Good

In chapter five Madlyn and her family experance something bad that turns into something good. At the same time Elly and Gigi get involved in something bad that happened to Elly's sister, Sheena, and in helping Sheena it turns out to be an answer to prayer for Elly. When something bad happens, we need to remember that it is not the end of the story. In every "bad" thing there is something good hiding. Likewise in everything we think "good" something bad is also hiding. Please click the comment button if you would like to share a "silver lining" story, or make a comment. Thanks!

Is He the One?

During WWII my mother worked at a restaurant in Salinas, CA. I borrowed bits and pieces of her story to use in chapter four of "The Zella Chronicles" In Elly's story she must choose between two men and Zella is sent to help her choose the right one. Our choice in marriage is one of the most important decisions in our life. Maybe the most important. Elly is far from home with no family and few friends, but Zella has a plan. I hope you will check out "The Zella Chronicles" and find out what her plan was and who Elly chose. Happy reading!

Time and Time Again

Because Zella lives in Heaven where there is no time, she is able to see and be active in any time on Earth. In this chapter Zella gets to "time travel" as she watches things happening in a family's life leading up to when she will appear for her mission. This gives her the background and understanding she needs to do her job. This is one of two chapters where she is seen by humans long enough to befriend them in order to accomplish what she came to do. There is also a little foreshadowing (or is it back-shadowing?) here. Zella does not remember how she died, but Jesus can not lie, so when he said, "...(your scars) are from a fire...) that is true. If she had lived, she would have been scared from a fire. She did lose her family in a fire, they are still on Earth (for now) and she is in Heaven. If you are feeling lonely, I hope Zella can remind you That Jesus is as close as the mention of His Name.

Not the Favorite

In chapter two Zella helps a young girl who is feeling left out and unloved. Often people choose a "favorite" in a family or a group. This leaves the majority in the "unfavored" group. If you have ever felt unloved or left out this chapter is for you. In this bubble clip Jesus mentions Leah from the Bible. She was not the favorite, but she was greatly used of God. Her name and her children's names are well known to any Bible reader. Also I hope this little story helps remind us how important it is to be a friend. If you would like the whole story you can click on the "buy" button to the right, or the website button to the left to request a signed copy. Please comment below and tell me about a friend who made a difference in your life.

Steal Away

When my husband Terry was about eight years old, he sang "Steal Away" and recited the monologue at the funeral of a friend of his. When we were dating he often sang different songs for me. From the first time I heard "Steal Away" I thought it special. It is an old negro spiritual and I think it really touches the soul. I am thankful I was able to include it in this story. If you would like to hear the song it can be found on youtube. " Steal Away-Mahalia Jackson & Nat King Cole from Emeless" Is what I found there. It doesn't have the monologue, sorry. And my husband sings it better, He just does. (No, I'm not biased)

Where do the little ones go?

A few years ago a young couple in my church lost their baby. It got me thinking. What happens to a person who leaves this life at such a young age? "The Zella Chronicles" was my answer to the question. This quote is from chapter one. The story of an infant choking on a kernel of pop corn is a real life story from my family's history. My grandparent's first child died in this way. His name was not Harvey, but my grandparents were Birdie and Harvey.

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