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The Enigma Dragon - A CATS Tale

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Devious evil strategists smuggle oil, weapons, and uranium for the worst international criminal nations. They hide in plain sight but use analog communications to cloak their activities. CATS & R-Group members embark on a global chase to stop the illegal goods trafficking.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Dragon - A CATS Tale

Divide and conquer, or else

Julie and Juan acted as bodyguards for Quip and EZ during their honeymoon travels after their lives were threatened during the wedding. They lead a feet-on-the-street organization, CATS, which augments the R-Group when the threats exceed cyber attacks. Julie would do anything for her husband Juan, who seems to attract trouble. Their twins, Juan Jr and Gracie, are adorably precocious and destined for greatness. The Enigma Dragon unleashes a torrent of challenges that the CATS team must bravely confront. These perils lead them across oceans, into multiple countries, and push the limits of their skills. The story is filled with nonstop action and adventure. You can enjoy reading it in eBook or paperback formats or immerse yourself in the fabulous audiobook rendition by Derek Shoales, the voice of the series. We invite you to visit for samples of all our stories, free downloads, and more. We look forward to your review of this story or any of our others. Thank you.

Dancing with the devil

Mike and Marge are conniving individuals looking to make a buck in their oil distribution business. It's hard to tell which of these two are the worst. They decide dealing with sanctioned countries might make the most significant profits, but at what cost? We'd like to invite you to read this story in ebook or paperback formats. For an extra treat, listen to the book by the voice of the series, Derek Shoales. He is a master at delivering the best. You can also find additional story samples, free downloads, and contests on Thank you in advance for taking the time to post a review.

An Odd Couple

Tyler and Ernesto had too many differences to count. However, each made observations and contributions to every assignment. In many ways, it was the perfect match-up to provide good cover, keep the ideas flowing, and be value-added teammates in dangerous circumstances. Their current assignment had danger written all over it due to so many unknowns. As CATS team members, they signed up with their eyes wide open. Planning was crucial if they were to survive. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Dragon. You will go to places worldwide, looking into dark corners for clues. Derek Shoales, the voice of Enigma Series, provides a fabulous audio rendition. You might enjoy more samples, contests, and free stuff on our website Thank you in advance for your time. We look forward to your fair review.

The Easy Assignment

Juan and Julie work well together. They created CATS (Cyber Assassin Technology Services) team; they wanted to go to the source of the problem to get to the root cause. Sometimes the people factor and reading them in person achieve the fastest, most reliable results. Julie and Juan assembled a sensational team with diverse skills to insert into almost any situation. Safety first is the team's mantra. When the needs are more significant than the staff, Juan or Julie pitch in. Julie's experience rocks, but this assignment she took could be her undoing. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Dragon to learn the truth. If you listen, our sensational voice of the series, Derek Shoales, will bring you into this edge-of-the-seat technothriller. You also might enjoy other stories from Breakfield and Burkey. You can find samples on Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Following the leads

Tyler and Ernesto, operatives with the cyber assassin technology services (CATS) team, ended up at the same airport to meet flights carrying two people of interest to follow. The time delay waiting for the flight arrivals had them at odds with who to track. Who would track Jenny or Penny? Both men had military backgrounds, spoke multiple languages, and could think on their feet successfully. The goal was to determine what contraband the ladies transported and their final destination. If you love thrillers, you'll need to read or listen to The Enigma Dragon, where the clues are elusive, travels are extensive, and with masterminds behind the evil--diabolical. We invite you to enjoy the story and provide a fair review on your favorite sites. Please visit our website for more story samples, free downloads and to contact us directly. Many thanks for considering our request.

Opportunity or a fox in the henhouse

Laurie is an impressionable young woman, constantly checking out the guys. She does enough work to get by. Yet she is easily distracted with a knack for sharing office information to get attention. When this new guy starts, she sets her sights on gaining his favor, which could cost her the job. Mike, manager and partial owner of ePetro is biding his time while building his nest egg. Doing a favor for a customer he hopes will get him the support he desires and a leg up on Marge, the firm's CEO. You'll need to read this story to find out who hides the secrets. Read this story in ebook and paperback, or for a fabulous immersive experience, listen to Derek Shoales, the voice of the Enigma Series, for the audiobooks. We invite you to visit our website for free downloads and other fun information. Please leave a review for any of our stories you enjoy.

Jamie Wants to Help

Jamie was saved and relocated by the CATS team. He and his pregnant lady were returned to her home in the states. Jamie is now working remotely all over the US and most recently in Washington state. During a tour of a local museum he gets caught up in something odd. Ernesto was one of the folks who helped Jamie leave China alive and with his lady. He is one of the few people Jamie trusts and the CATS team are all about the gritty work that needs to be done to combat cyber assassins. The journey for both of them is exciting and unexpected. The Enigma Dragon explores how people try to stay under the radar and yet still take advantage of everything and everyone. This story is available in paperback, ebook, and audible. The voice acting is performed by Derek Shoales. The trail to the crooks covers the globe. You won't want to miss any of the places. We look forward to your review.

Two Bad but Differing Viewpoints

Marge is the head of ePetro, but wants to retire soon, and rich. Toward that end she is willing to take risks to make a quick buck and be on her way to sipping drinks on a beach somewhere far away. She has groomed Mike as her replacement in the company or fall guy if need be. He is of little value to her outside of a placeholder. Mike is a man who has snatched defeat from the jaws of success on more than one occasion. ePetro is going to be his get rich scheme in spit of Marge. He will do anything to skim every penny possible out of the company and store it in a secret off-shore account somewhere. These two are quite a pair. Who will win and how many will lose is inside this story. The Enigma Dragon has the cyber heroes chasing the off-the-grid thugs around the globe. No one is safe from their insidious plans. Many will get hurt and die. Read this story as an ebook or paperback. Or take a listen via Audible or iTunes to the voice of our series Derek Shoales as he captures all the character nuances. We invite you to our website, EnigmaSeries for sample, free stuff and fun. We look forward to your review.

Male Bonding - Ya Think

Quip is a technologist by education and practice. Juan is a pilot and martial arts expert. The circumstances are such that these two are forced to work with each other to make the plan work. With the R-Group Operations Center as the backdrop, these guys find their own level of communication. It illustrates how individuals have strengths which often go unnoticed until an opportunity opens. Quip had no idea that Juan might teach him something. It creates a moment when two men as different as night and day can find a common ground. It takes their relationship to a whole new level. Bonding like this means that they become greater than the sum of the individuals. We invite you to enjoy The Enigma Dragon as a standalone story or within the series a way to learn more about our favorite characters. Visit our website for free downloads, book trailers, and other samples of our storytelling. We look forward to your review.

Jamie reaches out to Ernesto

Jamie first appears in The Enigma Gamers working as a contractor in a state-of-art casino in Macau. He crosses paths with Julie and Juan, head of the CATS team. Ernesto specifically helped Jamie get out of a dicey situation. The two men developed a level of friendship neither of them has tested before now. Ernesto is a seasoned operative that is leverage by the CATS team for his ability to solve tough problems. His logical view of any situation is three dimensional and, like a chess game, looking for the adversarial options. These two seem to have stumbled across the tip of the iceberg. Let us know how you enjoy this story filled with tracking culprits who intentionally stay off the grid. We look forward to your feedback and comments on this ebook, paperback or audible. We also invite you to visit our website for additional book samples, book trailers, and free downloads. Thank you.

Marge, You Want To Do What with Who????

Marge is the original head of ePetro. Over the years the yo-yo affects of the oil market forced her to look at diversifying. She is a power and money hungry executive looking to support her golden parachute for early retirement. Marge earned her position by walking over the boys in the industry years before. The demands are clear and without any ethics. Frankly, she could care less as her agenda is the only one important. Mike, her second in command in the London office, takes a few risks of his own and shaves corners to help line his own pockets. Since a part of ePetro he has developed good working relationships with several of the company's questionable customers. ePetro is desperate to show their profits, then leadership will cut and run. Ah, big business. Read or listen to learn who is the most corrupted character in this action-packed global chase The Enigma Dragon is available in ebook, paperback and audible. We look forward to your review.

Unlikely Teammates

Mercedes and Brayson work on the same team, but most times you'd question that. Ex CIA and type A, Mercedes has no patience for a caveman partner when working an assignment. Ex son of an influential politician and military background, Brayson is recovering from a personal traumatic event. They never worked together, yet they have a lot to learn if they intend to overcome their egos. Both however, think on their feet even if they fail to share the next step they are taking. This unlikely pair come upon someone as they are going to their assignment. Never one to avoid risk, Brayson typically takes risky steps that may or may not pay off. The thrills in this one are unending as the CATS team travels the globe seeking the source of this international conspiracy that could result in war! Available in ebook, paperback and audible. Don't forget to post your review.

No Job Interview Nerves for Julie!

When trying to infiltrate a company to work it from the inside, getting a job there fits the bill. Julie with the help of some technology magic is the leading candidate for the open position. Julie is well-versed in playing different roles to fit various situations. It is her preferred method of operating in support of the R-Group. Frankly, she is the best. Julie leverages her positive character, adaptability, and does her homework on the target. When you do a search on social engineering her picture always pops up. This chapter sets her up to work at ePetro and determine who and how oil numbers are being manipulated and other questionable business activities. The problem is insiders tend to be on their own. Julie may have taken on more than she should, but you'll need to read this one to find out what ePetro is doing. You can read or listen to the ebook, paperback, and audible. We look forward to your review. Visit our website or

Unlikely Friends

Quip is a genius with technology, evident by the supercomputer he created and has increased the capabilities of over the years. He has a quick mind, cultivated humor, and loves to beat others in all endeavors. Juan is fun loving, athletic, and willing to do anything for his lovely wife Julie. He is not unintelligent, but he knows that Quip is the master of the data center. Meeting them individually you would not think they could find a common ground to interact. The one they find comes from Juan learning three factor authentication. A long term bond may take a while, but Quip will work diligently to win. Check out this book in your choice of eBook, Paperback, or audible. We look forward to your reviews. Thank you.

New Coworkers Collaborate

George and Summit have extensive military strategy and technology backgrounds. Typically they have worked alone successfully, but due to the nature of this mission, pairing the two seemed ideal even if they are the original odd couple. They have distinctive personalities, but this section shows some of the traits of each man. The relationship between them changes over the course of this story in fascinating ways that we think many of you can relate to with your working teams. You know those team members you at first detested then over time tried to accidentally run over them in a pedestrian crosswalk? We look forward to your comments and feedback on this story. It is available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook for your enjoyment. Take a look at our website for samples of this and all our stories Enjoy!

Bringing the Whole Team Forward

Julie and Juan, owners of the Cyber Assassins Technology Services (CATS) team of military, secret ops grade staff. Like most people, sometimes life affects your work performance. In this case, Brayson is the subject of their discussion. Brayson was impacted by the loss of someone he loved. Since that point, he has struggled. As this work is a team effort, Juan is worried that he might not be ready for field work. Julie tends to want to help people work through their issues giving them a bit slack that Juan thinks could be a risk. Their relationship is such that they can have an honest discussion. This is why they work as a couple and as leaders of this business. Read or listen to The Enigma Dragon and please share a fair and honest review.

Unlikely Teammates!

George and Summit come from very different backgrounds, both personally and professionally. These men are very self-sufficient, but the nature of this current assignment teams them up. The point of the match ups is to promote team collaboration with personality friction as a side benefit. George has a military and diplomatic background as well as being multilingual. He is able to adapt his experience to most situations. Summit has foreign service expertise. In prior stories he has demonstrated a great ability to get people to work together for a common goal. They are learning new perspectives and appreciation of each other's skills. You might enjoy how they interact with each other by the end of this story. Think of them as the "Odd Couple" of the high stakes techno-thriller world. This book is available in Paperback, eBook, and audible for your choice of consumption. Share your reviews, we appreciate constructive feedback!

Fatal Attraction or Just Fantasy?

Laurie is an assistant to Mike at the ePetro London Headquarters. She replaced Mike's former assistant who was also his lover. Laurie is only an assistant and is basically efficient, but also out for her own gains. At twenty, her inexperience is showing as she tends to focus only on outward appearances as she meets new people. Mike has his own agenda, which he doesn't always share with his assistant. Quid Pro Quo is one of his methods for conducting business, though he has lines drawn which he tries to remain balanced upon. The path to stay under the digital radar is difficult these days. The role Laurie plays is interesting as is her reasons for seeking this employment. Mike may have bitten off more than he can win with in Quid Pro Quo. We welcome your feedback in a review for the Ebook, Paperback, or Audible formats.

Dragon: Legends, Myths, and Facts

Tyler and Ernesto's characters are both taken from people we know and respect, primarily for their logic and patience. A picture that was found in Washington state may have relevance to cases the rest of the team is working on. The dragon image creates far more questions than answers. Tyler's analytical mind finds a different view that one typically considers for dragons, regardless of the style. His arguments have Ernesto taking a different view of the photo as well and adding his perspective. Between the two of them, thoughts of the dragon will remain top of mind until they determine the significance. The Enigma Dragon is a story that covers multiple countries, cities and situations with the end results leaving readers on the edge until the very end. Available in eBook, Paperback, and Audible formats. We look forward to your reviews.

Job Hunting for Work or Information?

Julie is working on an undercover assignment to see if she can gain information on ePetro. The rest of the team is tied up with other assignments but she feels compelled to take this assignment. She wants to prove to her team and herself that she still has what it takes to deliver on an undercover assignment. Of course its easier to do when you have help from special friends. Laurie is a new character who wants the right person for the job so she might pursue her own activities. She might be hiding far more than she lets out during this conversation, but we wanted to lay a beginning character foundation. Mike is a returning character who actually holds all the cards when it comes to Julie earning this position. Can she say the right things and earn the prize? Let us know how you like how Laurie develops in this story. Mike may give you some surprises along the way. Julie is tough as ever until.. Available in Audiobook, eBook, and Paperback formats. We love reviews.

Two Bads Only Receive an Unexpected Backlash

Marge and Mike are trying to recoup losses in ways that go against several countries' trade laws. Their creative minds tend to run toward the profitability of operating on the Dark Net. Marge is head of a company ePetro which had been successful and double digit profits due to outside of the legal lines of trade. Her devious ways seem to multiple as this story unfolds. Mike, a former Texas oil wildcatter, is undermining anyone for more profits and way too much into his pockets to claim the head spot in the company, but he tries. This book looks at how to try to operate in the 21st century without being on the grid. That may be easier said that successfully done. Check out this book in eBook, Paperback and in Audio format in the summer of 2019. We'd love to hear from you at

A step too far?

Brayson and Mercedes are part of the same team, but they haven't worked together before this assignment, Though each have a background in covert operations which requires their thinking on their feet, sometimes the end result is surprising. The teaming of these two has a critical value to the story as well as how these characters evolve as they pursue their assignment. We like strong independent characters. We also like to see them stretch and grow into their roles and beyond. With a strong desire to compete we know that these characters will seemingly work at cross purposes. See what you think. The award-winning story in The Enigma Series will keep you turning pages until the end. Available in paperback and ebook today. We would love your feedback.

Learning to work together

George and Summit are talented members of the CATS team but this is their first opportunity to work together. We created these two men as very strong, smart characters but wanted to use them in this story to highlight how they might compliment one another. One of the ways they find their best working relationship is by teasing and testing one another. Assigned to a specific quest that causes them to travel to what they hope is a key starting point. George and Summit are going down a path where they will depend on the skills each of them bring to the table. We invite you to read this chapter and our thoughts, then get the rest of the story in paperback or ebook. We look forward to your feedback and reviews.

How to choose Jane 1 over Jane 2?

Tyler and Ernesto are coworkers for CATS. They have backgrounds in special services, multiple languages and skills that are part of this elite team. Having not worked together for very long they are still taking the measure of one another in this most recent assignment. Solid professionals who know they will get the job done regardless sometimes find other areas to make decisions. In this portion of the story they are identifying who they need to follow and then justify why. Though they have a get down-to-business serious side they also have some humor. Check out this part or simply read the whole story and provide a review. We love the feedback. In paperback and ebook. In audo book just in time for the holidays.

A solution can employ different approaches

We wanted to match up very different characters in this story to allow us to expand upon their capabilities and test their interactions. Mercedes and Brayson are both solid professionals reportedly on the same team. As you will discover here they approach problems with different experience and as such the results may not be as expected. Mercedes tries very hard to color inside the lines; for Brayson there simply are no lines when coloring. We've met people that don't always work together well and yet provide some awesome results. They also often learn from one another whether they realize it or not. See what you think of this interaction and explore the entire book in paperback or ebook formats today. (by the way, do you always color inside the lines?)

The Blame: It's not always your fault

Jamie as originally introduced in Gamers (The 1st CATS Tale). He is an opportunistic man with good skills, but underlying guilt which seems to harm his success. He is an Irish lad who can't seem to out-distance his heartache. He has had great ups and perilous downs. We wanted a chance to further develop this character and see if others on the CATS team could help him reach his potential. Ernesto is the mentor we decided might just be up to the challenge. He is smart, experienced, and level headed. Both of these characters have pivotal roles. Please let us know if you enjoy them. Remember, it's not always your fault.

The ultimate fire starter-rub two CATS together

The CATS Team has not worked together for too long. Being all Type 'A' personalities from a more competitive, highly organized, ambitious, impatient, militarily trained and independent perspective makes pairing them up even tougher. This story uses this to further develop these talented individuals. It also allowed us to further develop these complex characters who may return to other stories if they survive. But as with any work teams, this can be challenging when pushed together. Having their boss Julie just out of sight during this exchange could make it more tense or lighten the load. What do you think? Do you have a boss like this or something far different?

Male Bonding Variation

In The Enigma Dragon, we force Quip and and Juan into working together. We do this to stretch both of these fun characters as well as to give them different interactions. Quip has always been very proud of the data center he created and the way it has evolved. He likes the idea of showing it off to Juan. We thought it would be fun to surprise Quip a bit by Juan and see if they could actually bond in a different way. Quip is perhaps digitally superior, but Juan has some envious attributes. Please let us know what you think and where you think there relationship will end up? (by the way, how is your scorpion karate kick?)

Things hidden are for a reason...

Julie and Juan have just returned with EZ and Quip from their vacation. Julie is not only like a sister to Quip, but her background in protection, from all comers, allowed EZ and Quip to enjoy a honeymoon in paradise, with family as bodyguards. Arriving at the flat in Zurich, the reconnaissance was job one. Juan is a bit too invasive, in the eyes of Quip, as he scours the flat for electronic or lethal devices, unaware that Quip has technology oversight for just that purpose. Plus, as much as the two couples like each other as family, Quip is more than ready to have some private time with his wife. EZ has a bit more finesse as she coyly takes what could be a very awkward situation to a whole new level. You'll need to read the rest to find all the nuances. And yes it will appeal to your prurient interests. Enjoy the fun.

Sadness can be overwhelming

The Enigma Dragon is focused on the CATS team headed by Julie and Juan. In this tale the team tracks the leads for how communication can be accomplished effectively without a digital footprint. To do this we brought back the team from The Enigma Gamers in different roles. Brayson has some issues he can't quite overcome. This scene early on shows how his loss is holding him back. The result is he has challenges reliably completing assignments alone, let alone as part of a two man team. He is trapped in a cycle of grief that needs some significant event to move forward. Who on the team will help him win? This will be available for pre-order by the end of September from our website. (By the way, did you get needed help during a rough patch of your own?)

The Enigma Rising

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Carlos & Juan have a sweet deal going, helping drug lords & their wealth vanish. The Enigma Rising focuses on overcoming opportunistic cyber-crime in the high-stakes world of information brokering in the 21st century. With its strong cast of characters these award-winning authors continue the use of a relevant technology foundation weaving in mystery, intrigue, romance, humor, and ethics.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Rising

Discovering the simple things

Petra and Jacob work for the R-Group. They were granted a trip because of their prior success in solving a complex cybercrime and bringing the culprits to justice. They chose sunny, beautiful Acapulco, Mexico, to play, relax, and explore their relationship. Petra's early life was sheltered, and her social interactions were limited to a small circle. But adulthood brought a change, a shift in focus towards work. And then, unexpectedly, Jacob entered her life, a thrilling deviation from her routine. A chance encounter with a woman of her age opened a door to a friendship she had never experienced before. We invite you to read (in eBook or paperback formats) or listen to The Enigma Rising to discover how quickly Petra and Simone learn to rely on one another and whether their boyfriends can battle crime as a united front. Derek Shoales, the series' voice, delivers the audio rendition of this story superbly. Our website,, has samples of our stories and free downloads you can enjoy. Thank you in advance for considering our thrillers. You may reach out to us at

Business with family is a challenge

Carlos is living in a world where everyone has an angle. His chance at a different life was lost when his superior officer took a dislike to him and set him up to fail. His uncle was not the best influence, but, like Carlos, his choices were limited, Being in charge at least allowed one to pick the solution. Carlos has an angle that he and his brother Juan hope will give them the opportunities for the right kind of better life. Read or listen to The Enigma Rising to learn the risks and rewards these bad boys face. The remarkable Derek Shoales - voice actor - delivers a fabulous rendition of this story that reveals if men have honor. We invite you to visit our for other samples of our books, free downloads, and more. We thank you in advance and look forward to your review.

A Relaxing Dinner and Business Discussion

Simone and Petra met at the pool earlier in the day. Two women on vacation stayed closer to the pool area than their men. They get along well and that suggested dinner together as a foursome. Simone is outgoing and breaks the ice. Carlos focuses on her, yet he can attend all of the table discussions, especially when Jacob may have skills Carlos can leverage. Petra appreciates Jacob's focus and realizes they are well-matched regardless of the setting. Read or listen to The Enigma Rising to learn the dinner outcome and how chance meetings can lead to unexpected consequences. Find this TechnoThriller in ebook and paperback formats, or if you like to listen to the voice of the series, Derek Shoals does an immersive rendition. We invite you to also visit our website for samples of the stories, free downloads, book trailers, and more. We thank you for your time and consideration. Please remember to leave a review.

Lightening Fast

Chairman Chang took possession of Nikkei, a white tiger, from her original owner, Grigory, along with the Russian's Identity Theft business. Chang's twin protégés, Won and Ton, helped transport the tiger. During the transport, Won got clawed, and following his recovery, he could not speak. Ton communicated for both from there forward. Won and Ton became responsible for heading up the Identity Theft and Money Laundering division. They added some additional services to the business. Chang appreciated their efforts and the profits added to his coffers. We invite you to read what happens in this TechnoThriller as an ebook or paperback. You can also listen to this story narrated by the voice of Enigma Series Derek Shoales. You can find samples of the stories on our website at We look forward to your review.

Drowning your fears never works

Simone was a beauty by any standard, though unsuited as a thin model type. Sadly, that was her dream. She ran away with romantic thoughts of having the world her way and ended up in a horrible spot. The options seemed so limited. Pursuing one's dreams is essential, but having enough experience takes time, work, and, in many cases, the right place-right time. Oh and don't forget a fateful encounter when least expected. Was Simone in the wrong place with only limited options? We invite you to read The Enigma Rising as an ebook or paperback, or if you prefer listening to your thrillers, our award-winning voice actor Derek Shoales will provide the perfect narration for this wild ride. We feel you'll enjoy the story and look forward to your review. Our website has samples of our stories as well as free downloads. Reach out anytime with questions to Take care, and thank you in advance for your amazing support.

Looking at the Options

JC and Robert are Americans who escaped to Mexico to avoid prosecution and federal prison time. They work for Carlos and Juan who were forced into illegal activities due to circumstances of survival. These two have thrived to a degree with this working arrangement but want to return home. Carlos makes it clear that they can leave and enjoy their life. He also makes them look at the flip side based on their history. This causes the men to see a different ending to their story. To learn more about JC, Robert, Carlos, and Juan, we recommend you read or listen to The Enigma Rising. The narration of Derek Shoales for this story is stellar and makes this thriller come alive. We invite you to visit for free downloads and samples of all our stories. Please provide a review for any of our stories you enjoy.

The Disappointment of Getting Your Way

Otto is one of the three senior members of the R-Group. He is a primary interface for customer direct communications. His discussions determined that some additional discovery is needed. Team members, Jacob and Petra, are in Mexico on a holiday. Normally Otto would not interrupt team members while they are away but the location overlap looks ideal. Even though Petra is a renowned encryptionist and Jacob is a talented programmer, both need personal down time since they have a new relationship that they are exploring while on vacation. You can tell she is disappointed that they are being asked to stay a while longer with Jacob. Work should always be this demanding. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Rising. The audiobook is narrated by the voice of the series Derek Shoales. Please leave your review when you've finished the story. You can also visit our website for samples, contests and free downloads. Thank you

Details are the key factor

Jesus is a drug dealer first and uncle second. He is running out of options for survival in his line of work. Carlos is smart but stuck on the wrong side of good. He wants to gain enough capital to create a better life for himself and his brother, Juan. These two are our favorite bad boys. These two may be family but first and foremost they fight for survival. Some people don't learn right from wrong while others can't fathom a way to get out of the abyss in which they find themselves. Carlos may have hidden redeeming qualities but he needs guidance to get onto that path. Find out the details and options in this story in ebook, paperback or audiobook formats. You will find this thriller and others in the series through Breakfield and Burkey look forward to your feedback on this or any of their award winning stories.

Building Any Business Take Research

Juan and Carlos are living in their native home of Mexico. They are opportunistic men who play the hand they get. They do succeed but it isn't the end all be all. Carlos, as the oldest, is always looking for other ways to improve their circumstances. His only family member, outside of his brother, is one tough man involved in the cartels. He taught the boys to live tough. Juan is the more adventuresome of the two, but just as loyal to his brother. They may not like their choices, but they don't quit--ever. Enjoy The Enigma Rising and find out if these bad boys get caught, survive, or simply run out of ideas. We look forward to your reviews and comments on this and all the stories in the Enigma Series. We invite you to visit our website for free downloads.

Finding Additional Partners is Tough

Juan is gathering information for Carlos on best locations to do money laundering. Cayman Islands is a target with the reputation for discretion. Juan is good at reading people and uses JC, one of his workers, for further information. Juan, like Carlos, is risk adverse. They want this partner on a short leash. Phillip Johnston is the banker contact on the Cayman Islands. In many ways he fits the bill for what Carlos and Juan want to use him for as he has the sales talents of a snake charmer. Will our bad boys find a way out of their life working with the cartels without being damaged? Or is the slope too slippery with them heading down the proverbial rabbit hole with no exit? Read or listen to The Enigma Rising. Discover how good or bad these two men are when they reach their crossroads. We look forward to your review. We invite you to download or listen to a sample of this story at

Interesting New Friends

Simone and Carlos are on holiday in Acapulco. As it turns out Petra and Jacob arrived at the same resort. Petra and Simone met at the pool earlier in the day and had fun. As a result of their great conversation, Simone invites the couple to join them for dinner. Carlos is definitely a bad boy and walks a wobbly line between right and wrong. He adores Simone, however, and is generally a gregarious male who enjoys good conversation. Jacob in turn it up for anything that Petra wants to do as this is their first getaway. First conversations can take the measure of people, this will provide a view to how these four will interact now and perhaps in the future. Enjoy this story in eBook, paperback and audible. We look forward to your reviews. visit our website

Paying for Top-End Identity, No Kidding?

Carlos, one of our bad boys, with a way to move and hide goods to help their questionable clients outrun law enforcement. He is researching the available methods to get a clean identity and the associated documentation. In doing so he's crossing paths with the Chinese twins who work for Chairman Chang. Won and Ton tend to bumble often. They possess an uncanny knack of turning a rose garden into an environmental hazard with a single miss step. On behalf of their benefactor they are always looking for new ways to fatten up Chang's purse. Carlos and his brother Juan may have connected with a group who has more expertise on the Darknet than they are in a position to truly understand. Enjoy this ebook, paperback and audible and please remember to post a review. You can always reach out to us via

A Vacation Getaway - New Acquaintances

Jacob and Petra not only work together, but they have recently decided to explore a deeper personal relationship. They vacation in Mexico to allow for 'Them Time'. Their work as a part of the R-Group is highly technical and often time sensitive for their global customers. Having friends outside of the R-Group circle isn't the norm. For Petra to meet someone poolside and strike up a casual conversation is a fairly new experience for her. This illustrates that she is relaxing as a person. Simone is a vivacious outgoing lady who is starving for friendship. She may teach Petra how to have buddies. This 2nd edition of The Enigma Rising was reviewed and revised for 2020 release. We look forward to your reading or listening to this and posting a review. You can always reach into us via

Degrees of Misdeeds

Petra and Jacob are on a vacation in Mexico. Their goal is to get to know one another better, however they stumble into something not on the activity schedule. As a part of the R-Group they have access to verifying information even in their remote vacation. Quip, the prime contact at headquarters, is not afraid to offer his opinion. The information uncovered suggests that the primary contact at the bank is likely skimming funds. Bad boys Carlos and Juan may have redeeming qualities. Their choices may be opportunity based. If they have redeeming qualities, what could this mean? Find out more about this book as a eBook, Paperback, or Audible. we look forward to your reviews and comments to Visit our website for free downloads and current deals Thank you!

Unexpectedly Finding Friends!

Petra spent most of her life with her family and then working in the family business. Though she had customers outside the R-Group inner circle she exchanges pleasantries with, she never shared confidences with a girlfriend. The trip to Mexico with Jacob and then finding a poolside buddy opens up a whole new world. Simone has been somewhat sheltered, yet perhaps with her recent exploits a been more socializing with ladies her age. Both ladies are in their twenties and lovely in their own ways. You'll need to read the story to see if they can overcome the barriers to becoming friends. This book was recently redesigned and re-released as a 2nd edition. We think you'll find it better even if you read it before. We look forward to your reviews and thank you in advance.

Updates can be fun

Petra is a renowned encryptionist and a key member of the R-Group. Her interested in Jacob has continued to progress to the point where they are on vacation, to a degree, in Mexico. With Jacob on assignment Petra is a little bored. Quip is the master designer of the supercomputer used by the R-Group. He has known Petra since they were children. They grew up convinced their role in the R-Group was part of their DNA. With their special bond, these two can discuss things at a different level and, at times, nearly finish sentences for one another. These close childhood relationships are patterned after the childhood playmates of the series authors. We hope you recall some of your good friends while growing up and enjoy the entire story of how that sustained support helps the R-Group be so effective. We look forward to your reviews whether you read or listen to the stories.

Storytelling can prove a point

Andrew and Quip always seem to rub one another the wrong way. Andy is older, with a different experience frame of reference and loves spinning yarns. Given the right audience Andy can tell tails to make his audience chuckle, learn a different perspective, or simply to make a point. In this case we thought he simply wanted to have some fun. Quip loves to find subtle ways to set up others for his special brand of humor. Part of the reason he gets so annoyed with Andy, is the fact that this seemingly backwoods man often flips the tables. You will need to read the story to find out which character has the better sense of humor. Heck even your authors don't always agree. FInd The Enigma Rising in Ebook, Paperback, and Audio formats. We look forward to your reviews and comments. Thank you.

Right and Wrong Ways to Move Money

When the Mexican government joined into the fray of rounding up drug lords and putting them out of business, our bad boys founded a program of cash & carry to support them. This seems to get attention on both sides of the US and Mexican border. The R-Group gets engaged in this from multiple avenues but without all the details needed for a total resolution. As this story evolves the ways characters interact are not always from the expected perspective but rather as a way to optimize the opportunities. Enjoy this story in eBook, Paperback, and Audio formats. We look forward to hearing from you in reviews or via

Measuring a Colleague

Andrew is older than Quip, but both are good at telling stories as well as pulling the legs of others just because they can. Quip up to this point has felt he is the best prankster around. But as Andy would say "I'm the tall hog at the Trough" young feller. Andrew, or Andy as his friends call him can be deceiving with his southern charm and good 'ol boy attitude. But he's nobody's fool as Quip begins to learn in the chapter in The Enigma Rising. Both of these characters develop with the series, so you'll want to read this book as well as the others to understand how they grow together or apart. The Enigma RIsing is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio book formats. Look forward to your feedback and reviews. Reach out to us at

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

JC and Robert are Americans who have had numerous encounters with the law resulting in them relocation to Mexico. Their line of work hasn't changed but their base of operations had. With a bit saved up and a desire to do something different they approach Carlos with their intentions to leave. Carlos and Juan have played their business ventures very close to the vest so it is no wonder that their choices could have a far different outcome than JC and Robert had imagined. Thinking outside the box is definitely one of Carlos' strengths. We think you will find it intriguing the jams these two get into and out of in this book. Come see why they are our favorite "bad boys". The Enigma Rising can be enjoyed in eBook, Paperback, and Audio formats which features our series narrator Derek Shoales.

Right Place, Wrong Time

The two bad boys highlighted in The Enigma Rising are certainly creative rogues. Carlos and Juan have grown up tough and tend to walk on the edge and sometimes touch a toe into the questionable side. But they are loyal, to a fault. Petra and Jacob cross paths with these two while on vacation in Mexico and learn they have more than one side, like most of us. Since information is the stock and trade for the R-Group, it is not surprising that background exploits would be uncovered. The real mission is to find out the true bad actor and determine the right course of action. Your opinion counts and after you read this segment, you may want to learn the whole story for that informed opinion. This story is available now in ebook, paperback and audible with narrator Derek Shoales. Check it out and let us know at

What do Drug Lords and Vacations have in common?

Petra and Jacob are enjoying a much needed vacation in Acapulco. Looking forward to fun in the sun, water sports, pool time, and relaxation my not be everything this vacation will provide. When the boss calls and says possible work for you two while in Mexico, the cross between work and play has a potential upside. The issues and problems could be minor and simply distractions or they could be far bigger. You may want to explore the rest of this complex thriller to find out who are the good guys and who are not. Please let us know. This story is available as an eBook, Paperback, or Audible. Your choice. We look forward to your feedback.

These are bad, bad boys

Carlos and Juan are brothers. As characters we have so much fun leveraging that brother relationship. The old story of what one doesn't think of the other will is so true with these two. Yep, they are into some very questionable activities. Are they evil? Are there some underlying reasons behind their activities? Do they have other choices? You'll need to read the details of this bubble and the whole story to find out if you love 'em or hate 'em. We do know that they are are sort of Bad Boys that moms warn their daughters about. So they must have some redeeming qualities. This story is available in paperback, ebook or the award winning audio book performance.

Women can always find a friend if they want

Petra has spent little time socializing in a non-business setting.Simone is much more the social animal and tends to strike up conversations far more easily. These ladies are from very different countries and backgrounds, yet sometimes people just click. We wanted to explore the openness of Simone since she met Carlos and the tentative casual social skills Petra lacks. A pool scene with just the two of them seemed like a great beginning. Luckily the ladies did hit it off. Check out the whole bubble and the book to see if they can actually be friends. This story is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook on our website or your favorite locations. Looking forward to your thoughts.

From the jaws of defeat, victory...It could happen

Carlos and Juan have a cobbled together an operation made up of some rough characters that need to stay out of sight, for their good and yours. The business they have been in is simply not working so a collaborative discussion finds perhaps a new avenue. These bad boys are willing to take risks to achieve their goals, but perhaps their out-of-the-box thinking will open up new avenues. It also could be a whole new way to get themselves killed.They are not completely legit but certainly not all bad. What's not to like about them? As misfits, the sidekicks of Carlos and Juan are really a piece of work. They often have a hard time getting out of their own way, but once in a while come up with real gem ideas. The secondary characters in The Enigma Rising add color and spontaneity. Try it in ebook, paperback, and also audio. Our voice actor Derek Shoales really made Juan and Carlos our favorite bad boys!

In it for the long haul

Two of our favorite characters, Petra and Jacob were raised in a very non-traditional manner, education and training way before socialization. For them relationships have been digital rather than human except for family support and love. We wanted to work with these types of characters to work through how they develop their social skills later in life. The Enigma Rising tracks their blossoming into what partner relationship means even as they are thrown back into cyber dangers. These characters are a fun to work with and you will enjoy seeing them evolve and grow. Let us know. We thought so much of them that we asked Petra and Jacob what they thought of the series. Check out their conversation on our website.

How does one round the edges off?

We have found people will do things for many different reasons. Sometimes it's greed, fame, power, or just because they can. What are the reasons you take actions? Do you find yourself cheering on characters who are doing something you only wished you might do? If we have villians and heroes, who decides the winner and loser? We wanted to show that often the obvious is in plain sight if someone just looks. When we look though, we can be guilty of not seeing.

Youth versus experience ... And the winner is?

We enjoy the technology evolution process and wanted to mix the new in with the tried and true. We also wanted to bring in some new personalities for humor and balance. Quip is certainly well equipped to stay ahead of the technology curve and be on the "cutting" edge. Everyone that is not on the "cutting" edge shouldn't be discounted. Andrew, or Andy as he is also know is one such character. Andy learned telecommunications from the ground up. He also learned about people from his years in the service and homing his skills. He is also a Southern gent that likes to tease and tells a great story. This is a bit of how he and Quip are on opposites of teasing zones, yet still respect one another. Respect is good but don't forget to tease a little!

The devil and the high cost is always in the detai

It takes some really special research to gain some insights to identity theft and reusing it for someone new. Technology offers some new ways to generate all sorts of documents that may pass the tests of various countries and financial institutions. However, like most things you get what you pay or trade for. In this case we have bad guys from two different organizations that are trying to negotiate the best deals. Don't your business negotiations focus on the best deal for their side of the table?

Staying one step ahead is key

The R-Group's lead, Otto, enjoys providing services and staying one step ahead. His business expertise is always carefully hedged on keeping information avenues open even with those who are sometimes enemies. Chang has two orphans, Won and Ton that he has been training to take on additional responsibility. They are usually in a watch and learn mode but don't always seem to grasp the subtleties. They have a delightful capacity to be threatening henchmen one minute then just little boys the next. Throughout the series they provide tense drama as well as comic relief. This illustrates the ability of those in the R-Group to know what is going on and provide a service even as it later might become self-serving. Some enemies need to be held closer than others. You never know in business, do you?

Double your efforts, as it were

Volume 2 of The Enigma Series has several threads, one of which is the blossoming romance between Jacob and Petra. They went to Mexico to take a vacation, but it seems work is interrupting some of their plans. These days work often interrupts folks vacations if they permit it to, however if they took the path posed to Petra, it might be worth it. We like to explore the mix of work and family. Most companies say family life if important, but the intrusion of work on a planned holiday can be annoying. How have your vacations been impacted by work? Do you permit that sort of access. I know my co-author simply goes where no cell or connectivity is available, problem solved.

New characters to evaluate and possibly work with

Juan and Carlos are two men that have gained the attention of the R-Group and not just because Petra and Simone are becoming friends. Carlos has engaged with Jacob for some data system forensics. As the story progresses the brothers seem to touch a nerve into the members of the R-Group. Are they good guys or bad guys? Will it be technology or good old-fashioned business transactions that will tell the story? With many balls in the air, trying to determine which one to focus on poses its own challenge. Does this ever happen to you? Let us know. The R-Group resources of both technology expertise and caring people are highlighted with this thread. Tell us if you agree!

Falling in or out of cohorts?

Do you ever have those days when work is simply not for you? We don't mean vacation time or a long holiday weekend, but you think you have the economics of life tied up in a neat package and can kick back and enjoy. Maybe launch that business you've always promised yourself? In this section, some of our Bad Boys, who have been tracking left of center, decided they wanted out of a very lucrative work life, with the downsides by some standards simply not that bad. Carlos takes the information and provides a spin and viewpoint that makes his intentions quite clear. Do you see him as sympathetic, harsh, unclear, or just a businessman protecting his own? Have you known anyone with a similar mindset? We have! Tell us more...

Do you have difficulty finding new friends?

In this chapter, Jacob and Petra are settled into their hotel for a romantic getaway as they plan to get to know one another outside of their mutual love of technology. This adventure doesn't mean they are tied at the hip. Petra hasn't been a social female and we wanted to test her ability to simply find a friend totally out of her normal comfort level. Like many females there is a nature comparison that occurs. Do you compare yourself to others your meet and make assumptions? Who is the most uncomfortable in this scene and where do you think this new relationship could go? Tell us your thoughts...

Friendship is a Treasure

One of main characters, Petra, is a geek and has been her whole life. She has worked on her encryption craft rather than friendships and lovers. In this story she is seeking both in the midst of working a case of tracking the source of cloaked telecommunication signals. Finding a girl that simply has no interest in technology, but wants to also have a buddy is new for both of these ladies as they start to learn about one another by the pool. This frank discussion shows how ladies give their opinions freely and run to the defense of even new friends. How real is this for you in acquiring friends you haven't known since grade school? what are the differences you've found with gaining new non-work relationships? Let us know.

Business Talk or Sensual Foreplay

The way our characters interact with each other and with others, we believe help engage our reader's imagination. Jacob and Petra, both techno geeks, are on a romantic holiday to learn about this new relationship. Carlos and Simone are in a similar situation. This dinner comes on the heels of a great meeting between the females earlier in the day at the pool. These men are just meeting now and are not trusting of strangers. The different ways these men approach business and their dinner companions could have an impact on their after dinner activity. What do you think about their discussion and how would your react in a similar situation? How do you approach your relationships? We'd love your feedback.

Adrenaline overload...

When all is lost, sometimes there is a hand that will reach out to you. We suggest you take that helping hand for your left turn to destiny. Carlos, one of the bad boys in this story, wandered into the bar of his hotel. He was just looking to relax for the evening with a cool cerveza before retiring when a lady caught his interest. Like many males, when a lady looks interesting you try your best line. In this chapter his line turns into so much more. We wanted the readers to wonder if the line was good enough for this female. You likely need to read the whole chapter to get the true picture, but we would love your feedback of this small sampling. Will Carlos get the lady?

Family dynamics

This exchange between Carlos and Jesus (his uncle) may not be your normal family conversation, but we can guess you too have had your moments when family is being close to impossible. If Carlos and Juan are simply Bad Boys, then Jesus is really, really bad in a 'I have to protect my family sort of way'. Sometimes one can do too much in the name of family. This, however, does provide some insight to Carlos' commitment to family which is carried on throughout the story. Heck, we like to think of him as a Bad Boy with a creamy inside that everyone ends up liking. Have you had anyone like this in your life, or in your family?

New Ventures, new places

Writing for us is fun. We use people and places we have been and weave them into our stories. One such character created for The Enigma Rising was Johnston. Johnston is a composite of some folks that we did not like with all the crazy characteristics they possessed wrapped into one little package. He is deliciously annoying and yet memorable to those who have read our stories. In this portion of the story, a bank that will provide safe harbor for ill gotten goods is explored by the Bad Boys. In this small segment what are your thought about the gent and would you like to do business with him? One other comment, we like to incorporate folks we have know over our business careers and even personally. We have discovered that many folks like the idea of being an evil character in our stories. Let us know if you would enjoy being in a story as the next evil genius. Let us know.!

Brothers - The same and yet vastly different

We wanted to bring in our rogues very early to the story so we introduce them in Chapter 1. These men are in the mold of traditional Bad Boys. You know they type Moms warn their daughters to stay away from, but never works. These characters are taken from real people we have known, but with that wild side buffed to a higher gloss. Carlos and Juan were born in Mexico and spent a great deal of time learning the ins and outs of profiteering to rise above their station. They have a rule book that defines right from wrong that which might not align to you as a reader, but we hope they will keep you on your toes. They end up in a situation where our hero's within the R-Group can help them or annihilate them. These two men are strong characters which several of our reviewers found they related quite closely to, even if they didn't want their little girls anywhere near them. You decide and let us know!

Enigma Forced

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Enigma Forced is yet the most challenging and complex case for the Enigma Heirs.

Profiteers are preying on displaced souls who seek freedom, sacrificing everything. Wanting to give their children hope and a future, but they wrongly trust on a roll of loaded dice. Teens are picked off and sold into slavery. Cartels offer the choice to strong, young men to move illegal drugs over the border or die.

The R-Group and CATS team leaders want to end Mateo’s inhuman business model. The heroes must derail the human exploitation and opioid epidemic, killing people in increasingly dramatic numbers. They win if they can save even a few from the jaws of death. The present-day battle is in full swing, yet it can end badly for humanity unless the Enigma Heirs triumph. Who will survive the onslaught, and how fast can they make Mateo pay?

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Enigma Forced

The Days Get Hotter

Toby was hired to drive a truck over the border into Texas. He has a pencil-drawn map he's following but knows he's lost. His companion on the drive is a whiner and has been for miles. Toby decides he can take a break from the guy and get directions. He's stressed because he is behind schedule Some days go well while others go downhill from where they start. We invite you to read Enigma Forced and learn what happens to him and others on their journeys toward power, money, and freedom. You might enjoy other samples of stories by Breakfield and Burkey, which you can get on their website, There, you'll find audiobook samples, book trailers, and free downloads. Thank you in advance for providing your review on your favorite sites. Like all authors, we appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Enigma Tracer

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The R-Group and CATS team have new leaders—family heirs.
Organizations fearing digital extortion petition the R-Group, headed by Gracie, for solutions to intercept and destroy cyber threats. JJ’s CATS team sends experienced staff to locations for courageous, hands-on root cause analysis and damage control activities. These teams work from the moral high-ground in a world where technology offers cyber thugs a place to operate with anonymity.
Gracie's college roommate, Bailey, reaches out for help to bring down an environmental philanthropist. Using all the resources under her purview, Gracie rises to the challenge. JJ provides skilled talent to fight Pliant Industries suspected nefarious plot. Are they strong enough to win against this predatory criminal?

Book Bubbles from Enigma Tracer

Unexpected Help

Gracie and Jeff are in Florida, planning to board a cruise ship for a Caribbean cruise the next day. An old friend of Jeff's is in the hotel café. Interested in Jeff's friends, Gracie waves Lance over to their table. Lance's deep passion for big cats drives him to run a rescue operation, a noble endeavor that Gracie admires. Her beauty may have initially caught Lance's eye, but it's her willingness to assist him that earns his genuine respect. We invite you to read Enigma Tracer to learn how Lance repays his debt to Gracie and the risks Jeff and Gracie face on the cruise. You can enjoy this story in ebook or paperback formats, or for a special treat, enjoy the fabulous narration by Derek Shoales, the voice of the Enigma Series. Visit our website,, for more samples of our stories, free downloads, and to meet us at various events. Thank you in advance for posting a fair and honest review.

Strategic Planning and Reunion

Gracie and Bailey roomed together in Ireland while completing a master's course. Both girls formed an unbreakable bond. Their work and lives mean they don't get together often, but when they do it's like they never parted. Bailey needs Gracie and her resources to gain enough evidence to stop illegal pollution activities by Pliant Industries. The plan is key to positioning themselves correctly. Are they underestimating the leader of the organization? Did they bite off more than they can chew? Read in ebook or paperback Enigma Tracer. Or if you prefer listening, the remarkable Derek Shoales does the Audiobook. We also invite you to visit our website for samples of additional stories, free downloads, and more. Thank you in advance. We hope you will post a review on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, or BookBub. Take care.

Childhood Memories

Gracie lived a sheltered childhood while being groomed to work in the family business. Taking Jeff to one of her early haunts and revealing some of her other life is a massive step in demonstrating her trust. She wants to make a good impression on him and introduce him to her twin. Jeff is a lawyer by education, but with wise investments doesn't have to work to remain comfortable. Spending time with Gracie is his main focus. During their trip to Europe, first for her speaking engagement and then the holidays gives him a chance to see her in a different light. Plus, the upcoming cruise with her college buddy Bailey an unexpected bonus. Of course all roses have their thorns. We invite you to read or listen to Enigma Tracer—book 1 of the new series Enigma Heirs. You'll love the voice of our series Derek Shoales. You can find out more about this and our other stories at Please share your post a review and reach out any time to Thank you.

Teaming to Win

After years of homeschooling, Gracie convinced her parents that graduate school in Ireland would advance her education. She located a small private college to gain an advanced degree. Funny, she roomed with a girl named Bailey, who had similarly convinced her parents. Gracie grew up in Europe, learning multiple languages and skills under the watchful eye of her parents and other family members who made up the R-Group. The R-Group quietly supports many individuals, companies, and governments in battling adversaries from the darknet. Bailey was raised in California by environmentally focused parents who wanted Bailey to continue their battle with entities who poison the planet with their carelessness. Rooming together forged a friendship that would last forever. Nothing like two Alpha females teamed and ready to do combat seeking justice. We invite you to enjoy Enigma Tracer, Book 1 of Enigma Heirs. Please check out our website,, for this and our other stories. We look forward to your review. Thank you

The Enigma Always

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Cyber good guys are battling cyber thugs for the ability to re-engineer humans to live forever at any cost. R-Group and the CATS team must use the full range of their skills and techno savvy to find Pekoni and put a stop to him becoming the thousand-year ruler. But two of the top R-Group’s geniuses are MIA making this a tougher fight against the evil Pekoni.
The R-Group is alerted that Su Lin is now targeted to be a kidnapping victim and new evidence suggests she is in collusion with the evil Dr. Pekoni.
Zara has made good her heist of diamonds, but she has stolen from the powerful Chairman Chang and he has his henchmen hunting for her and his property.
Unable to fence the stolen property she takes refuge with an unlikely savior Buzz but must return to work for the Russian Cyber Czar, Dimitry, Buzz doesn’t know Zara is using her alias, Daria.
Lara and Carlos, friends of Petra and Jacob are caught up in the maelstrom of the desperate cyber combat between Dr. Pekoni, his henchmen and the R-Group.
Physical and emotional wounds must be healed before the group can return to their role as the cyber good guys the R-Group has always been. The CATS team lends needed personnel to help stop the evil doctor Pekoni.
Breakfield & Burkey take readers on an accelerated adventure with old and new characters to tell the tale of human DNA changes gone wrong.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Always

Won and Ton do New York

Won and Ton are Chairman Chang's twin wards, who execute his every demand. He took them in when they were young, treated them like his own, and extensively trained the pair. They do not always get it done as he wants, but their devotion is unparalleled. Discover how Won and Ton hunt Zara to exact a price for her theft of a diamond necklace. The action and adventure will take you on an incredible Techno-Thriller journey. You can enjoy the story as an ebook or paperback. Or, for the extra dimension, listen to the voice actor Derek Shoale's rendition of the novel. You want to make sure you get it. We invite you to visit our website for samples of our stories, free downloads, and book trailers. We look forward to your reviews. Thank you.

Time is running out

Dr. Pekoni is hell-bent on living forever to the point that he will risk anyone to achieve his goals. He wants to achieve a perfect match to optimize the DNA change. Su Lin had a setback and Andy is her assigned caretaker in her current state, twenty-plus years behind her age in cognitive skills. We'd like to invite you to read The Enigma Always in an ebook or paperback or immerse yourself in the audiobook rendition delivered by the voice of the series, Derek Shoales. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and a review on your choice of Goodreads, Amazon, and/or Bookbub. Please visit our website for samples free downloads or a chance to enter our monthly contest. Thank you in advance

Long distance relationships

Being away from those you love can be good. Someone once said absence makes the heart grow fonder. Distance allows time to think and learn a different perspective. Carlos lucked out working for Andy, a contractor to the R-Group in Georgia. He knows how to work with satellite communications and enjoys being on the right side of his moral compass. He's a hard worker with a passion for Lara. Lara runs Destiny Fashions in Brazil. She made it a real competitor in the global fashion industry. Her quality and designs for real people have her business expanding. But success doesn't mean happiness. These two have a star-crossed relationship because they both keep family first. Find out what their next steps are in The Enigma Always. You can find it in ebook, paperback, or audiobook formats. Derek Shoales, the voice of the Enigma Series, will delight you with his voice acting. We invite you to visit for samples of our stories and free downloads. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Setting the trap is dangerous

Jacob decided to take the fight to Finland. He created a way to potentially end the hold over Su Lin. It is a complex solution that requires a delicate balance of resources from the R-Group. Quip, creator of ICABOD prides himself on tricking others and picking on those he cares about. He is remote from Jacob and concerned if he will make it back alive. We hope you enjoy reading the ebook or paperback of this thriller. We also have it available in audio book format narrated by the voice of our series, Derek Shoales. We look forward to your review. We would also invite you to visit our website to check out samples of the other books, buy signed copies, enter contests or enjoy free downloads. Thank you in advance for your time.

Conflicts plus constraints equal collisions

Zara's dark background with a foundation of abuse keeps survival top of her mind. She doesn't plan how to keep her head above water but finds options. She believes with her resilience and flexibility, a way out will appear. Buzz, the son of a banker and from a wealthy family, has made some poor choices in relationships. In a city of thousands, he struggles with finding honest relationships. Sigh, some things never change. These individuals may or may not turn the next page in their life stories, but will that happen together or if they part company? We invite you to read or listen to this thriller to discover what they might have in common. You can sample more from Breakfield and Burkey on We look forward to your reviews. You might also enjoy Love's Enigma, one of our short stories only in ebooks. Take care and enjoy that significant other.

No Success if your heart is empty

Lara built a successful business with Destiny Fashions of Brazil with worldwide recognition for her designs. It is her wildest dream come true. She and her papa have repaired their relationship. At some point, she will inherit his business in the oil industry. Life is great, well almost. Lara is in love with Carlos, who lives in Georgia. Their work took them to different locations, and though they speak often and profess love for one another, she is lonely. Thiago, Lara's papa, suggests the two get together in Georgia and seek a long-term solution. She is only too delighted to take this step. Find out what happens to Lara and Carlos by reading The Enigma Always in ebook or paperback formats. You can also listen to the story, narrated by our talented voice actor of the series, Derek Shoales. We look forward to your review and invite you to visit our website Take care.

The Left and Right Hand are Clueless

Chairman Chang is greedy, powerful, and vengeful, with those being his best qualities. His two wards, the twins Won and Ton have been trained for years. They are off to fulfill Chang's orders. He checks up on them frequently with good reason. Won and Ton are twins though Won doesn't speak due to an injury received from Chang's tiger. They're seeking Zara in an effort to get priceless diamonds back she stole. Zara is tired of being taken advantage of by men. She is smart and innovative in her efforts to cash in the jewels. Read, or listen to this thriller to find out who wins, who loses, and who dies. The R-Group is hunting Zara along with an evil scientist wanting to live forever. We look forward to your review and invite you to visit for more samples of the stories, booktrailers, and free downloads

Brilliant or Scam of the First Order

Otto, one of the leaders of the R-Group tends to have the strong relationships with the external customers. He has spent years cultivating this market and has a few special pet customers who get special attention. His wit and humor often take his clients by surprise. Eric P is head of the investigative arm of a U.S. government agency. He has tapped into Otto for special research his team can't penetrate. The research Eric sends to R-Group often has an estimated success of less than 50%. The R-Group is consider by this agency as the last chance for success. Otto and his team at R-Group goes deep and wide in information gathering to aid those in need. Read in ebook or paperback or listen to The Enigma Always from Audible or iTunes today. We look forward to your feedback. We invite you to visit our website at Take care.

Almost Snatched and Lost

Carlos is watching after Su Lin while Andy is out of town. Since her horrible accident that took away her adult knowledge, she needs constant monitoring. Andy as her guardian on his farm in Georgia is teaching her various subjects to rebuild her lost knowledge. Su Lin was once Master Po a renowned cyber technology leader. She left China because of serious death threats and changed her identity. Someone trying to kidnap her alerts the R-Group that she may not be as well-hidden as they all thought. Who is behind this attempt and why? We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Always. We also appreciate reviews from readers. You are welcome to visit our website at for free samples, book trailers, and more. Take care.

Can you live forever?

Otto, one of the voting members of the R-Group is contacted by Eric of a three letter US agency. A delicate matter of a rogue scientist running around doing unsanctioned human experimentation needs investigation but is not on U.S. soil. Otto's interest is piqued about the possibilities. Eric cannot reach outside of his jurisdiction, but the issue is too important to ignore. Eric wants to do the right thing and prevent loss of lives. He wants Otto to use the resources uniquely available to him to find and put a stop to the good doctor's "research". Please consider reading or listening to this story as an eBook, paperback, or audible. We look forward to your reviews and feedback. Check out samples on our website at

Self-serving Renowned Scientist

Dr. Pekoni is a wealthy scientist working to unlock DNA secrets to extend human life. His processes tend toward shortcuts and questionable testing methods. He demands results, regardless of the costs. Leroy has a history of getting connected with shady characters, some clearly from the Darknet. He got hooked up with Pekoni looking for easy money and a quick payoff. The lengths he must go to keep his new boss pleased with the results could be more than he expected. This situation can get out of hand fast and extending life maybe harder than anyone expects. In fact it might generate the opposite. Enjoy this thriller as Leroy tries to fulfill his obligations to Pekoni. Available in eBook, paperback, and audible.

Odd Contracting Work

Buzz is helping out a female in distress who he knows a Daria. Zara is hiding from those who wish her harm so reinvented herself as Daria. Jacob is on the outs with the R-Group and his love, Petra. This is a chance for him to earn a salary doing contracting programming. But frankly his heart is not in it. Nothing is as it seems and yet everything seems to fall nicely into place. Perhaps a bit too neatly. Will Jacob recall who Daria reminds him of? Will Buzz remain jealous of his best friend and new potential girlfriend. The action in this story is just getting started. Enjoy this story in ebook, paperback and audible formats. We look forward to your reviews.

Are we paying for our stolen jewels?

Won and Ton are wards of Chairman Chang. At times they show initiative, yet often trip over their win, like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Zara is tired of being taken advantage of and wants her freedom. Her methods of gaining the upper hand are not for everyone, but it is working. She is successfully eluding capture. Chairman Chang hates to loose. Should he catch Zara, he with exact a punishment far worse than the crime dictates. We hope you take a look at this book, read the sample pages or listen to the sample audible and grab your copies. We look forward to your reviews. Contact us through

A Sliver of Good or Greed

Dr Xavier Pekoni is one of our more delicious villains. He may be a brilliant well-educated scientist, but as a person his redeeming qualities are limited bordering on non-existent. We're sure your Moms, like ours, taught you if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. What good can you say about a character who will go to any extreme to reach his goal. What evil scientist wouldn't sacrifice others to live forever? Leroy, his assistant, is a soldier of opportunity who has the uncanny ability to hook up with some of our more evil creations. We love his creativity and tenacity with his ability to survive. Is this his salvation? Check out The Enigma Always with a focus on extending life via technology inroads. It is available as an eBook, Paperback, or Audible with our award-winning narrator Derek Shoales. We look forward to your reviews. Thank you!!!

Sometimes We All Need Help

Su Lin had an accident that impacted her mind and memories, resulting in years of experience lost. She is under the treatment of a doctor to measure her rehab. Improvements are slow but evident. Carlos is in charge of taking care of Su Lin while Andy is out of town. He takes all his responsibilities seriously. The near kidnapping of Su Lin send Carlos into graphics mode and he asks for help. Sometimes the problem is too big for a person to do alone. Carlos rarely asks for help so this is a different dimension of this character for our readers. You can enjoy this story in eBook, Paperback or Audible formats. We look forward to your review. Check out the cool stuff on our website too! Free downloads.

My Enemy of My Enemy...

Dmitry and Chairman Chang are leaders of Russia and China respectively. These men rose to their positions by walking over the backs of all others. Often they are against one another.for something each desire to greedily obtain. They banter when they feel they can use each other. It has been a long time game. Chairman considers the diamonds discussed to be his property. He is hunting for their location and the culprit to punish. Dmitry is looking for an easy payoff for information brokering. He plays nice only when it suits his agenda. There is no love loss between them. This book is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook format. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your reivew of our story.

East - West style changes

Andy is an old-school telecommunications expert sought after by larger enterprise organizations. He supports remotely, yet is often called to support onsite. His normal jovial humor is being tested by doctors suggesting that his ward, Su Lin, needs some medical changes. Carlos works with Andy and is currently based in GA. He is all about unified communications and advanced satellite technologies. These two men hold a lot of respect for each other as professionals and friends. In this instance their friendship is what Andy needs the most. Instinctively Carlos realizes this in their tongue and cheek banter. This story has a focus on living forever and is available in eBook, Paperback and Audible formats. Enjoy it today and we appreciate your feedback.

Someone is Always Dreaming of Living Longer

Eric, in his work at a government agency, is asking for outside help from the R-Group whom they have sought out previously, because of the their ability to get into lots of information sources. The kind of information you wish you didn't know. The ability to modify DNA in live subjects is what Pekoni was working on. His issues were with the lack of ethics as he works with his subjects. He no longer has proper oversight but he does have ambition. If he is still working on the project, there is no telling what else he is doing. Rumors and sporadic details that are drifting in have people extremely uncomfortable and shocked as more surfaces. This story is available in Ebook, paperback, and audio formats. We look forward to reviews from you regardless of the mode in which you enjoy the story. Contact us anytime at

Trade ya - Technology for Australian Barbie

Tuck provides some high-end technology services out of Australia that service global customers. He and Quip attended university together and instigated several outrageous pranks together. Both busy with their professional endeavors they rarely talk. However chums you ran with bring back memories and hot buttons you can always push to get a reaction. Quip uses his 'remember when times' to get the needed support. The Barbie they discuss is shared later and such fun. We invite you to enjoy all of The Enigma Always reading or listening. It is available in eBook, Paperback and Audio book formats. We look forward to your reviews or contact us at

Who is the Bigger World Power?

These two evil thugs who support cyber warfare from inside their respective countries have known each other long enough to take jabs in normal conversation. Dmitry is an arrogant Russian mobster with access to too much information and over the top power. We suspect he subscribes to the who you know to stay in power. Once a proud soldier for his country, now a cyber thief. Chairman Chang is powerhouse in with access to a dedicated supercomputer and immeasurable greed continues to work on the Dark Net far too often. Educated in the west he uses his role to wield his power to increase his personal wealth. We look forward to your comments and feedback as you read or listen to this story. If you want to contact us directly please reach out to

Good, Fast, and Cheap - Pick any 2

Daria is an evil temptress who works under multiple identities. She has lived a tough life, but sees her role as the head of Dteam as a way to her independence and fortune. Her underlying needs for support from others has gotten her into trouble more than once. Jacob is one of our heroes who has moved away from the family to strike out on his own, as he had been before meeting the R-Group. His talent for programming and discovering vulnerabilities in others code is both a gift and a yoke. As these two cross paths with this work together their influence over one another could ruin one of them. Which one will win? You'll have to find out inside the story. The story is part of the series but stands on its own. Available in paperback, eBook, and Audiobook formats. We look forward to hear from you at or in your review.

It's a Small World, Isn't it?

These two character Zara and Buzz have been in and out of the series. They are broken people that readers either sympathize with or detest, but still are memorable. We actually missed them and decided this was the best book for their paths to cross. Zara has had a hard life, repeatedly pulling herself up by her bootstraps. Not considered a lady by most standards, but make no mistake she is a survivor. Buzz has had way too easy a life as a child of wealthy parents. He is typically looking for the easy way or at least someone else to work for him while he played. Only in the last couple of years has Buzz recognized the need to grow up and become an adult. The question we pose as we get them together is can two broken people help each other become whole? This may pique your interest to discover how they evolve. This book is available in eBook, Paperback and Audiobook. We would love your review and feedback.

The here and now, defined by your past...

Leroy became one of those characters which practically writes himself into the stories. He is clearly an opportunistic man who we often love to hate. Our fans have also made comments that he has value in the series. In this section of the story we reveal some additional background on how he was raised. This is important to explain his agility with the different situations he finds himself. In this newest venture he is a key player in The Fountain of Youth Project. It seems to be his most challenging role to date and he uses all his social-slight-of hand abilities to optimize his perceived value to his current boss. Make no mistake, he is a consummate confidence man who is in it for the money. This story is available as an ebook, audible, and paperback. Great gift as it explores the potential of technology helping mankind to extend their lifespan. Check out the book trailer on our website We look forward to your feedback.

Contractor work can be a challenge

In this portion of the story, Daria, Zara under a false name, has taken up residence with Buzz for a short interim while she gets her business up and and running. She is a complex character who may have found a lifeline in her new relationship with Buzz. Buzz, worried about his buddy, Jacob, who is running from his broken heart, hooks Jacob up with Daria for some contract programming. Simple right? Jacob has been out of work for several weeks feeling sorry for himself, but this opens up a new avenue for him to keep his skills up. In taking on this job he has skipped some safeguards he might typically take in business dealings. Do you think this will hurt or help him get back in the game? We enjoy avenues for change for our characters. Enjoy this bubble and read the book in paperback or ebook. It is also now available in audio book format and has been received well by the critics.. We would love your review and feedback.

Girl talk or gossip?

Woman really like to talk about men and pry when they can get the juicy details. In this case the conversation between Mercedes, Lara, and Petra is revealing about their perspectives. We like to have character interactions which seem real and this was one of the easier ones. The background to this which is earlier in the chapter contains Jim's entrance to a party with little to no warning. It promises to warm up all the ladies, especially Mercedes. As professionals these ladies tend to not share a lot outside of a small group and the timing is perfect for this. Talking with friends can open your eyes, especially if it has to do with an attractive man. The Enigma Always is book 6 in the series and will be available in audible format by September 1st. Find this format on audible, audible UK, and iTunes. Let us know your thoughts. We love reviews.

The Human Psyche Can React to Something Unrelated

One of our characters Su Lin had an event that damaged her mind in a way that blocked the adult portions of her life. She'd been living for months as young person willing and eager to please the adult authorities who surrounded her. Andy, her appointed caretaker had created structured learning modules for her to try to tap into her once genius mind. The human psyche is such that an event of great magnitude can change it forever. Doctors and evaluations can take it only so far before it is classified as a time dependent issue. Luckily trapped in the mindset of a teenager, Su Lin has been willing to do studies and chores with a positive attitude. We wanted to explore her blocked mind to see if some action could undo prior events. In our research professional help or not, the element of love and support of family can make the difference. The Enigma Always is being created as an audio book with availability scheduled for Fall 2018. Another way you can find out what happens to Su Lin and how.

Who has the best deal?

These are powerful men that at times are adversaries or at the very least comfortable using one another. They are both particularly good at bending those in lessor positions in their respective spheres of influence to their wills. They bicker like children fighting over a toy. While their insults are like salve over their ever fragile egos. In this portion of the story they are seriously trying to one-up each other. It might make you wonder who will win this contest of which door holds the real diamonds and which one will lead to total failure.

Wicked Webs Woven from Desperation

Some characters in our stories are good from the start and some are not. Each of them have distinctive personalities and, like most of us, these are formed over time. Our beginnings and life make up how we are and how we behave. Zara is a special character for us in that she started out in a tough place and did that pull up by the bootstrap thing. She is hardly perfect, but her rough life has helped her determine what she doesn't want, but not necessarily the way to move to reach that goal. Buzz is another returning character with a story of choices gone wrong and relationship heartbreak. This could be a fresh start or a whole new abyss for them both. Let us know your thoughts after you read this snippet and the book.

Invisible chains can still hold the prisoner

Zara is a character who is on the very of changing her behavior. She wants to break all the ties and alliances which force her behavior and be her own person. It is tough when powerful people don't wish to release a valuable asset. This story has a focus on Zara and how her character evolves. Caught between using and being used while trying to find honest behavior is hard for her. Her background has been tough but she is a scrappy girl who wont quit. She thinks she know the ways to stroke egos and get her endgame accomplished. Is she too close to the edge to win?

Special medical request or "Code Blue"?

In this section the devotion that Andy has for his love, turned ward, allowed us to explore the fine line between the medical advice we are given, and the insistence on medical practitioners to have things their way. Long term care for any loved one is a balance of life, work, and responsibility. We are all torn when our personal agenda's are derailed by a demand on a loved one's schedule and yet isn't it fair to doubt the legitimacy of the request? Do you think Andy is doing the right thing? What would you do if faced with something similar? Of course, if you read the entire story you might find the outcome surprising. Enjoy the story.

A New Fountain of Youth

In this story we wanted to consider how the completion of the mapping of human genome, all of a human's genetic material combined with the use of nanotechnology to build, run or modify an organism. Several studies we reviewed indicated many studies and tests have been undertaken in recent years. Our introduction of Dr. Pekoni was to have a new view on applying this technology in live subjects outside of the typical approach society expects. The success of this project is a perfect alignment of several pieces to the Fountain of Youth puzzle using a supercomputer to map the enormous amount of data. Would you want to be modified at the DNA level to live longer and stronger? Who are the winners and losers if this takes place?

Young love, and being straight up.

The series contains interesting couples that may remind you of people who have passed through your life. In the case of EZ and Quip they are a new couple and at the stage where love and lust are separated by a breath or the wink of an eye. In conversation about another couple, they are really hoping that the troubled waters that their friends are struggling with will never interrupt their relationship. In this case, EZ is drinking from the glass half full worrying that Quip is drinking from the glass half empty. The solution and meeting of the thoughts may have nothing to do with conversation. What do you think? Have you been in that position before?

So close, yet so far, but always something else

We wanted to explore the emotional recovery of our character Buzz that was introduced in The Enigma Factor. Since he never follows the normal course of acceptable social skills, we decided on having him take in a Russian from the streets of NY but as usual it is him that is taken. We wanted to explore how good deeds come about and how they spark a nice return...sometimes. As the story unfolds the reader understands quickly that no good deed goes unpunished in Buzz's life. But is that always the case even with our fem fatal Daria? Will Buzz ever learn? And more interestingly will Daria? Do you ever help someone and get emotional bruised for that act of kindness? Or do you risk the bruising anyway? We'd like to know.

Life and Death, but with humor

Situations in the stories are created for suspense, intrigue, and the thriller side. In life sometimes the most horrible things can be helped with a bit of humor. We have known people that when faced with awful choices look to avenues that either have them laugh or barf. We find that the humor side also draws our readers further into the story. How about you? Do you try to laugh to stop that nagging fear or simply let it overrun you? Burkey is still learning humor so perhaps this will help. Let us know.

A helping hand with or without strings

Buzz is in the process of overcoming the death of someone he loved. By an odd circumstance, he has a truly chance meeting with someone in need. Daria (Zara) has had a very rough life she is unwilling to open up to anyone about. She is between jobs, without funds, and has crossed someone with a lot of power. With a conviction based on experience she takes a chance to get a place to stay and food to eat, without caring the cost. Her lack of trust is clear in this exchange, but she has been in odder circumstances and those turned out alright. What would you do to survive? What is your uncrossable line and how do you know? We look forward to your comments and feedback.

Successful Women Still Need Papá Sometimes

This story includes a segment with one of our couples who are living on separate continents. The idea to provide one another space to fulfill their ambitions could backfire. Lara, the founder and head of Destiny Fashions, Brazil is feeling distracted. She's hoping a visit with her Papá will provide insight. We find it surprising when adult children return to their parents for advice. It seems to hold true in most parts of the world. Did you ever find your parent's insight as an adult different that how you perceived it as a youngster or teen? Let us know!

The small world of good or bad

We have created some very likeable characters and in this story we brought back Buzz due to reader requests. In this story, Buzz has met his romantic match, but she is more than she seems. Zara is posing with her alter ego, Daria, for several reasons. This is a female that believes it truly is all about her. Jacob has carried Buzz over the years and during this trying time for Jacob, he needs Buzz. What are best friends for? How do you interact with your best friend as an adult, especially when you are in different work places? Let us know your thoughts!

A little sauce with those Grand Tetons

We create different types of characters. Some are technology white hats, some are black hats, and then there are the fun ones. Won and Ton a pair of foundling twins, adopted by one of our major bad antagonists. They are often sent to find out information or run an errand somewhere on the globe. Often they find themselves in odd situations, to say the least. They do at least seem to always step into muck and come out with the rose. They don't always get it right, but we find them entertaining and hope you do as well. In this thing they are doing the typical male thing in a sports bar. Let us know who they might remind you of.

A little intimacy sometimes solves communications

This story has the blossoming romances of several of our couples included to add some personal treatment and some spice. We also wanted to let our readers know that not all things are cookbook perfect even in the world of fiction. Quip is worried about his friends and EZ provides a very practical solution to not only that problem but hers as well. How do you solve issues with the one you care about? Does this make you laugh, smile, think, or all three? Let us know

Dazzle folks with insights

This is an exchange between Otto, head of the R-Group, and a customer. Otto is typically the polished European gentleman who is always ahead of his customers and on the fringe of all current events and technology. We wanted to show a more humorous side of him as well as how he is able to keep people a bit off balance. Eric, the customer in this case, is usually fast with the comebacks. In this exchange Eric is caught flat-footed as he has just been assigned the task of locating a doctor that had bilked his government with a very strange project. Do you think humor adds to a story especially when things are about to become tense? Why are off topic comments funny? Can you relate a funny conversation?

Best friends will do anything, right?

We actually brought Buzz back in this story as Jacob needed a friend and a side kick who was less than perfect. They see the world very differently and yet the same. We find that friendship is one of the mainstays in life and wanted to portray how that might be used with grown men with very different lives. It actually amazed us as this and the ongoing story with Buzz spilled out actually surprising us in the end. Tell us what you find most interesting about Buzz and Jacob in this bubble and hopefully the story overall.

ICABOD the 'Star'

ICABOD has evolved over the series as an upgunned supercomputer. Otto and Wolfgang, original R-Group experts, are use to doing things in the old ways. Otto is frustrated in this scene and he is also worried about many things happening in the business and with the group overall. This outburst is uncharacteristic and done to demonstrate that Otto has many sides, like we all do. We have found that sometimes even those people with the most schooled features sometimes break. Do you ever have outbursts like this? Do you feel sometimes like you can be replaced by a machine?

Blood Diamonds

We like to travel and often weave various travels into the series. In this case we wanted to add a bit of New York City because of its renowned diamond/gem district. In this scenario we bring back a character that is so deliciously evil we couldn't let her go. She is a talented lady that always seems to be at the airport when her ship comes into port or at the train station when she received a free airplane ticket. Her best assets are her looks, manner, quick wit. The shopkeeper took some exception to her wit in his own way. Did you think if was humorous?

DNA modifications positive or negative

This story actually started with a some research uncovered in the field of optogenetics. But it starts with the basic question "how can I live a 1,000 years?" This field of study is all about using specific cell types to regenerate body tissues thus end aging. We used this research to explore replacements of memories and tissues in mammals. The technology holds real possibilities, but how far scientists have actually taken it is part of what we introduce in this story and the reasons that taking shortcuts might be totally needed to survive. The two characters in this opening chapter approach the issues at cross purposes.

The Enigma Stolen

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Enigma Stolen Synopsis
The Enigma Stolen takes readers into the relevant world of Big Data and analytics. Can all the information available provide a reliable method of predicting the future? Who are the winners when humans are herded to a machine's targeted end point? Big Data controlled by cyber thugs can cause a perfect technology storm against mankind. Human choice is lost when supercomputers predict the future.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Stolen

Predicting the Future

Wolfgang and Otto have worked together for decades. Wolfgang and Otto's father formed the R-Group after World War II to help European individuals and companies maintain their wealth. In contemporary times, they use their informational resources to combat threats from cyber threats. Their powerful supercomputer ICABOD supports their ability to analyze people, places, and things globally. These two men are skilled. Wolfgang has the financial side of the equation, and Otto is the relationship expert who faces their customers. Their children are the technology experts. We invite you to explore the pages of The Enigma Stolen to learn why Mauro is a genius at futures trading and how he has no choice. Readers can enjoy The Enigma Stolen paperback or ebook. Fans of listening will be enthralled with the voice of the series, Derek Shoals, as he brings extra depth to this action-packed Technothriller. Please visit our website,, for additional story samples, book trailers, free giveaways, and a calendar of where you can find and talk with us. Thank you. We appreciate you enjoying our stories and providing reviews.

Moving pieces, where do they fit?

Multiple scenarios came to light for the R-Group. At first blush, they appear unrelated. When the layers are peeled back, the issues seem connected to data and lots of it. There may or may not be any connections, but each situation needs further discovery and root cause analysis. The team decided to go to the locations for more in-depth fact-finding. We invite you to read about Big Data and possible choices lost either in paperback or ebook. For an immersive experience, Derek Shoales, the voice of The Enigma Stolen, provides an excellent audio rendition we believe you'll love. We look forward to your review. You are welcome to visit for other samples and free stuff. Thank you in advance.

Dynamic Shifts in Relationships

The shifts in family happen. It's part of life, love, and relationships. For the R-Group, it illustrates additional risk as the families grow to include or exclude new members from the harsher side of combatting criminals which is a real thing. Julie, daughter of Otto and Haddy, recently married Juan. Quip has a significant relationship with his lady EZ. How much to share with their loved ones to a degree is based on trying to maintain low profiles on what they do for a living. Petra and Jacob have it more manageable as the original descendants of the three friends who formed the R-Group after Poland got invaded, but that was in 1939, not today. Find out what direction each person chooses in The Enigma Stolen, book 5 of The Enigma Series. Available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats. The voice-acting of Derek Shoals brings an exciting dimension to this TechnoThriller. We look forward to your review and invite you to visit for samples of our stories and free downloads. Thank you in advance -

New family, new responsibilities

Juan and Julie recently married and moved into her family home in Luxembourg. Julie expected their twins within a few months. Even though their relationship seemed unconventional by many standards, their love created an unstoppable foundation. Juan adapted to any situation; he'd had to since his father died. His brother Carlos was his only friend until Julie. Julie never felt adopted and remained bonded to her sister Petra. The girls had rigid educational tracks, but love surrounded both from childhood until now. They knew each day was a treasure and gift. Find out how the lives of these two change as you enjoy this installment of the Enigma Series in ebook, paperback, or audiobook formats. We look forward to your thoughts in your review. Thank you. We invite you to visit for samples of the other stories, free downloads, and more.

Setting up housekeeping with one you love

Quip and EZ are settling into their new apartment in Europe. EZ's been busy furnishing their first apartment together for a few days. EZ moved from the United States to be with Quip. She's a gorgeous redheaded Unified Communications expert with emotions that match her fiery hair. Quip, the genius behind the R-Group's supercomputer ICABOD is protective of the dangerous family business that combats cybercrime and injustice across the internet. His nickname is due to his fast comebacks and well-honed humor. These two may be the ideal couple, but sheltering a strong willed professional like EZ from the R-Group business is now a job #1 challenge for Quip. We invite you to meet these two and discover if they can work and live together to make a life. If you are an audiobook fan, the series' voice, Derek Shoales, will help immerse you into the story or take advance of the ebook and paperback formats, your choice. We look forward to and appreciate your review. Please visit our website for free stuff and more. Thank you and take of that significant other.

Doing what is necessary

Mauro is a lucky man in trading in various online marketplaces. Sadly, he is also tragically destined to fragile and historical relationships. Luisa, his bride and mother of his son, is worried and presses her husband for answers. His responses are surprising and frightening. Their lives are on a path not of their desire. Choices, promises, and helping others takes on a whole new meaning if they are to survive. You can find out Mauro's fate in The Enigma Stolen and learn what Gretchen achieves without help. The novel is available in paperback, ebook, or audiobook narrated by the voice of Enigma Series, Derek Shoals. We look forward to your review. Please visit our website

Caught in the middle - Not in a good way

Quip is the genius behind the creation and programing of ICABOD, the R-Group's supercomputer. It took decades to design this information resource. For years Quip focused on work to the exclusion of having a family. Then he found EZ. EZ is the daughter of a subcontractor, Andy, used by the R-Group. Most of the details of the R-Group and its capabilities are kept hidden, by design. The risk to members and their families has historically proven too great. Quip is in love with the fiery EZ and he is convinced with her move to Europe that they can build a life. Trouble is how do you withhold your work life from your lady love? We think you'll like discovering how these two resolve their issues. Enjoy this in ebook, paperback, and audible formats. We invite you to visit for more.

Work has its challanges

Quip and EZ decided they wanted to explore their relationship. EZ moved to Zurich to be closer to Quip. EZ is a headstrong lady with technical skills learned from education and practical experience. She wants to be a part of Quip's life. Quip as the designer and creator of ICABOD, the R-Group's supercomputer, finds that some of the activities require confidentiality. The R-Group is a family business that fights for the rights of people, companies, and event countries to a degree. He is honor-bound not to risk exposing too much information. They are going to learn to give and take if the relationship is to work. One side or the other might think it is unfair at times. Time and patience is needed. We invite you to read in ebook or paperback, or listen to this story narrated by our award winning Derek Shoales to find out what happens to Quip and EZ. We look forward to your review and feedback. We also invite you to visit for free downloads and samples of all our stories. You might enjoy the booktrailers on our YouTube Channel too. Take care.

Security or Alarms

Quip, the key creator of ICABOD is traveling with his lady EZ home. They are flying commercial and annoyed with the delays in going through security. A young man, Travis, collided with them while dashing toward the check point. The exchange is polite but the explosive residue he had on him has now been transferred to EZ and Quip. Naturally they failed all the security screening which causes all sorts of alarms and delays. Quip and EZ are facing a full body searches when the terminal alarms sounds and the announcements ask everyone to leave. Could ICABOD have accessed these systems? And, just how powerful is this supercomputer? We invite you to read or listen to the newly released 2nd edition of The Enigma Stolen. This book features one of our more "colorful" feme fatal evil geniuses. We hope you will consider a review.

Relationship Foundation - Firm or Sand?

Quip is madly in love with his Georgia peach, Eilla-Zan aka EZ. He works within the R-Group as the head of Information Technology and keeper of data. Quip is unsure how to convince this treasure to be a part of his life but struggles with what has to be cloaked to outsiders. EZ is a dynamic personality, particularly adept at unified communications and those associated dynamic technologies. EZ came to Europe to see if she and Quip can build a long-term relationship. She is not afraid of risks and is letting her heart guide her direction. Discover how their work and family values can mesh into something amazing. Enjoy this book in ebook, paperback or audible formats. We invite you to visit our website to check out the book trailers, download sample chapters, or grab some free stuff. We look forward to your reviews.

Commodity Market Training

Wolfgang has spent years reviewing financial aspects for customers and criminals that cross R-Group paths. He has the broadest view of the differences across the world markets. He has a strong moral fiber and effectively follows the money trail. The R-Group's current case is work having to do with commodity pricing. The ability for sophisticated investors to make or lose money in this market is often leveraged. In his research, Wolfgang found some nontraditional issues taking place Argentina. In discussing this with Otto, it helps frame his concerns further because no one bets perfectly all the time. You'll need to read or listen to this story to find out what's up in Argentina and who the culprit might be. We look forward to your review and feel free to reach out to us via

Multiple Data Sources - Connection or Not

The R-Group is engaged in tracking several issues, with a phone call between Otto and a Polish political candidate being the most recent event. Quip, leading the team and leveraging the data analysis completed by ICABOD, their customized supercomputer. Trying to correlate the data from multiple dissociated events is challenging even with the level of processing power at their disposal. In order to determine the best approach for the team's efforts, the data needs machine and human review. It isn't hard to believe that a candidate could be the victim of cyber assassination, but identifying the source is challenging. Big Data is the focal point of The Enigma Stolen. You can enjoy this award winning Techno Thriller novel in eBook, paperback or audiobook formats. We look forward to your view. Please visit our website for the book trailer,

Data Analysis Rules and Saves Time

When you have supercomputer technology you have big data. When you get a lot of data analyzing it is the first order of business. When it's your own supercomputer, boy can it save you from air travel delays. Quip is the creator of ICABOD, the R-Group supercomputer. ICABOD has evolved over the series gaining new technology capabilities. Some folks think this is science fiction, but this is REAL technology in a specific situation. EZ, Quip's partner, is comfortable with technology but a bit sheltered from all of ICABODs abilities. This unexpected change could cause issues for her. We love to look at applying technology is various ways. People sometimes fail to underestimate what technology do and what it cannot. Enjoy the story and we look forward to your reviews for our eBook, paperback and audio formats. Reach out if we can help at and visit our website for free stuff!

Uncertain Future - Horrific Past

Mauro and Luisa may have to pay the ultimate price. Mauro is a family man who only wanted to be successful.The lucky break Mauro thought he got was really a curse. Now he is caught up in a situation with no way out and no where to run. Luisa, his wife, is concerned for their future and the safety of their son. Unable to run and unwilling to stay they are now caught in "the no win scenario" of their lives. This is a huge hurdle for any couple to overcome with a young child and family ties. No one gets free from these ruthless people who own Mauro. Was it greed, the promise of the future, or just a poor choice. We invite you to read this story in eBook, Paperback or Audible formats. We look forward to your review and hearing from you at Note: This story won best audible narrator in 2019 thanks to Derek Shoales

A True Sense of Being

As our technological capabilities increase the reality of our dependencies shift as does individual's comfort level. This is part of the reason this discussion with the R-Group's supercomputer, ICABOD, is occurring. Big Data and the analytics of the data is constantly driving opinions, purchase habits, and human behavior. As a logical entity, without the human emotion considerations, Artificial Intelligence driven by Machine Learning should have some level of guardrails to insure the decisions made are in the best interest of mankind. We hope you will consider listening to the Award Winning Audible version, or enjoy the eBook or Paperback, your preference. We look forward to your reviews or contact us at

The Great Side of Technology

Quip is the main designer/creator of the R-Group supercomputer, ICABOD. ICABOD's capabilities are expanding my leaps and bounds as technology evolves. EZ is Quip's love interest who is planning ot spend additional time with Quip to see if they have a future. This is prompting their travel. Travis, the random airport traveler is poised to turn the airport ingress point into a real circus with the 'no sense of humor' TSA folks. We created this scene to focus on how the world changes with technology. In the case of Quip and EZ, it might provide some new insight on what ICABOD can orchestrate. We invite you to read more of The Enigma Rising in eBook, Paperback or Audiobook formats. Reviews are welcomed. (by the way the Travis story is true.)

Skilled, lucky or something else?

Wolfgang, one of the original R-Group and a financial expert, is explaining market trading to help explain some abnormalities in the futures market. The difficulty in finding long term success in these trades has to do to a degree with probability, but there is only so far into the future that this is possible. A new player, Mauro from Buenos Aires, seems to be very successful in oil futures for several months. This is typically not sustainable. Otto, the client face for many R-Group customers, is trying to understand if this is something the team needs to dig deeper into or accept as luck. Their discussion then turns to how much of this could be related to identifying other future events and if so how. The concern is the possible ramifications and who they might impact. Enjoy The Enigma Stolen in eBook, Paperback, or award-winning Audible. We look forward to your review and comments.

Travel Cautions and Workarounds

We find in reality the air travel delays, issues, and annoyances take various shapes and forms these days. The whole process of TSA resources along with attitudes at times can be barriers to a great customer experience. In this portion Quip and EZ are traveling commercial airlines rather than the private jets the team often uses. The collision with another passenger reminds us we are all distracted when rushing through an airport and some times yield the right of way to others. Not an easy concept for most travelers, especially with tardiness issues. By the way, the episode described in the snippet is a true story involving someone we know. The Enigma Stolen is available in Ebook, Paperback and Audible. We look forward to your reviews.Thank you.

Eating or Playing -Tough Choice

Juan and Julie are having twins. This takes some getting use to especially as they have always enjoyed such a carefree love. They have a lot to get use to. No couple could be more in love than these two. Their support for one another is evident in every challenge they have solved. It is their love and sense of humor which seem to keep them ready, willing, and able to work through anything. Enjoy them as they adapt and solve problems. You can enjoy The Enigma Stolen in eBook, Paperback, and Audio book formats. we look forward to your reviews.

What is top of Mind in your Emergencies?

Emergencies take many forms these days, but airports are possibly the most prepared and the most cautious. In this chapter we called upon real incidents that we were a part of with personal experience. Air travel is very annoying and when an incident occurs it is maddening. The line to get through security is painful in most of the airports we travel. Sometimes it seems that efficiency was deliberately left out of their processes. Stolen has a crowned heart award from InDTale Magazine which puts it up for a Rone award. Thank you to those who voted for us to be a finalist. We will learn if it worked soon. Stolen is available in ebook, Paperback and Audio book formats. Let us know what you liked about Book 5, The Enigma Stolen on your favorite sites and at

Truth be Told

Julie and Juan are an interesting couple who have evolved through the series. Julie is a member of the R-Group which Juan is mostly in the dark about. Julie loves to travel, battle cyber thugs, and is very self-reliant. Juan has led a life of devil may care and gotten out of many life-threatening situations. He is agile and adept at flying and martial arts. They complement each others strengths and have a deep-seeded commitment to family. We like to explore how this couple has grown as well as seeing what mischief they can get into while conquering the bad actors. The Enigma Stolen is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio formats. Try one and let us know your thoughts. We love hearing from readers.

Explaining Human Concepts i.e. Humor

Quip is the genius behind the supercomputer supporting the R-Group. Over time this device has evolved with the latest and greatest breakthroughs in technology programming. Great care has been taken to keep the guardrails in place between human and machine (As AI takes on greater roles we find that may not always be the case in today's world) ICABOD, the supercomputer has evolved with programmed sophistication to push the envelope of capabilities. In this series ICABOD has become one of the main characters continuing development attracting many comments. This interaction on the concept of humor is explored in the story but started in this chapter. Enjoy the award winning audio version (via Amazon or iTunes) as well as ebook or paperback versions. A delight on its own or richer as book 5 in the series.

Stock market predictions, really?

We all know that predicting stock markets is not for the 'faint of heart' or likely when managing your own money. We wanted to have a long time money handling expert like Wolfgang looking at why some unusual activity is occurring. He has spent decades looking at this type of information. If he questions the ability for a mere person to do this, then perhaps he has good reason. Introducing Mauro as a wild card investor was done specifically to intrigue the reader. Investors can certainly guess or plan and succeed a few times, even in a row, but is it sustainable? This is the foundation for how the future can be predicted with enough data and intelligent algorithm. However if you only think about how online shopping sites can track what you bought and predict your next desire opens us up to buying without thought. Do you do that? Let us know your thoughts after you read or listen to this story.

Digital Election Interference or a Con?

Hackers are ever creative, interfering at the oddest times and in the oddest places. Political candidates are attacked from many sources in today's digital landscape. Petra and Jacob are a great team in tracking down those who would try to change history in an evil way or out of the process. Having all the data available to analyze and determine the culprits is not a fast or easy process. It takes significant experience and serious computing power. ICABOD is a masterful supercomputer resource which is developing an awareness of humor. ICABOD has evolved over the series into a key character. This story is available in an audio book format along eBook and paperback. We look forward to your reviews and we read them all. Reach out to and get your downloadable coloring book

Sultry, Smart, and Seductive

This chapter is focused in an office in Russia with a powerful leader who doesn't possess much of a moral compass. Zara born in the Ukraine has expanded from her early work to be a talented technologist even if on the dark side. Zara has been a delightful character to develop over a couple of the stories. This story provides a way for us to expand her relevance. She is a complex character who you can hate and cheer for all at the same time. Recently this story was converted to an audiobook format to complement the ebook and paperback formats. Audible are available on Audible US, UK, and iTunes. Enjoy the whole story.

A new puppeteer with the same strings

Dmitry is as demanding as every other male Zara has ever encountered. The more powerful the position held, she found the more demanding and arrogant the requests. Zara's character complexities are a result of her early years and the interactions with dubious characters. At this point in her evolution she is a risk taker and driven for her own success. She tries to hide her weaknesses from those who would try to use them to their advantage. Dmitry has evolved into more of an egotistical maniac and is certain no one is his better. He is the type who tries to think three steps ahead of his enemies. The Enigma Stolen is in production as an audible with release planned for the summer of 2018. Enjoy!

Trust Big Data or Jest?

With new waves of technology it is common for folks to voice skepticism. In The Enigma Stolen the idea that data will rule over human choice comes into question. We also wanted to show how the team reacts to the possibilities of a relationship between unrelated incidents. On a broader scale most people can be herded to the direction of a marketing campaign, compulsive purchase, or even eating a certain type of food with very little effort. Taking a leap with Big Data and the analytics which go along with it, takes us to a level we might not be prepared for. How do you see Big Data impacting your choices? (By the way did you use free will to get here or did Big Data Computing steer you this way? Just asking…)

When traveling expect the interrupted!

All of you who travel by air have the fun of going through the security checkpoints. Okay, it truly isn't fun, but strange things can happen. In this chapter Quip and EZ run into a young man who seems polite and apologetic. The end result of that chance meeting sets off a chain of events which takes Quip and EZ into a view of how the future can be predicted. The Enigma Stolen focuses on how the future can predicted, manipulated and stolen by supercomputers. Do you think the future is here today? Of course its not all bad if you have an A.I. supercomputer on your side!

Can a supercomputer learn humor?

The supercomputer, ICABOD, is a study in technology evolution, which its creator, Quip, has expanded on with different capabilities and AI attributes. The idea of learning humor, quite honestly, came about because Burkey wanted to learn humor. As this subject was addressed and analyzed, it may be true that timing and delivery of humor is better in some people rather than others. What kind of humor resonates with you? What do you think is funny versus a coworker, friend, family member? Is it the timing, delivery, visuals, or simply the individual? Can a supercomputer be programmed to delivery humor or will that be one of the few things a computer cannot learn?

Elegant romancing

Quip has been pulling out all the stops to impress the lady who captured his heart. His latest idea was to provide a fabulous dinner at an elegant restaurant, to impress with good food, atmosphere, and of course chocolate. EZ was born and raised on a nice farm outside of Atlanta Georgia, making this a different perspective. He wanted to celebrate her agreeing to move in with him and make certain those included with Zurich's elite could be introduced. If you wanted to impress a lady, where might you take her? What sort of venue would she find irresistible? We would love to hear your ideas, might use one in a future story..

Hiding in plain sight just works!

In this series creating a group which is a high-end information brokers allows readers insight into the group's internal dynamics. It might seem like the group is not as hidden as it might be, however it is by design and the reader has the inside track. All covert types of organizations have elements that are visible like the CIA but getting a peek behind the scenes is quite difficult. Reasonable people typically operate at face value with others but our information brokers examine things from all points of view. The reason being is that once information integrity is lost, all is lost. So guarding your information treasure chest is job #1 for these folks and even loved ones have to be graded. It is what helps define their wide view of the world and customers that trust them. Of course, access to big data and the processing power to provide the analytics on it, doesn't hurt.

Wheeling and Dealing - a scientific art

All deals have downside and upside. At times if one party feels injured by a previous deal, then the costs can have interesting caveats. We have seen some crazy caveats to business deals, especially when technology is the focus. We have also seen that where there are guys and technology, you will likely find food and drink. These two gents have paths that originally crossed in college. It allows them to use that history as they partner up for their next business arrangement. Have you been a part of or witnessed some wild transactional agreements? Tell us your craziest. We'll leave your name off :-)

Gaps in artificial intelligence

The stories in this series takes advantage of technology inroads available today, including expanding the capabilities of supercomputers with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Toward this end one of the goals of the 5th book in the series is to impart the salient points of humor to our AI character, ICABOD. Part of this was also to help Burkey better understand humor. Explaining humor is a very involved point, not easily explained. The treatment of the subject in this chapter is one of the ways we convey the information. Let us know how you categorize humor and its application. For example, can you laugh at yourself? Is it just a slipping on a banana peel or a common understanding taken out of its original context? Let us know what's funny for you.

Can you laugh at complexity?

Sometimes when a person or persons are dealing with complex solutions or untried trails, the end is elusive. In trying to look at the possible outcomes of any given situation all the data may provide that solution or simply more questions. This excerpt shows how that process evolves for some very smart people totally immersed in technology and logic as primary discussion points. Even those serious sort of people can hit walls where the best course of action is to simply let it go and laugh at themselves. Do you ever find yourself in similar situations? Have you been to the point of nonsensical conversation? As a famous comic strip character once said "we wouldn't be able to deal with life without humor". We like humor as an element of our stories, do you like it too?

Are the systems ever rigged?

In this section of The Enigma Stolen, the cyber attacks are focused on a political election in Europe. The question is if you truly believe in a political candidate, or cause, is that belief worth not just your time, but also your own funds? Would you stay the course in the face of cyber terrorism against that cause? How can individuals trust a system that is susceptible to a digitally launched attack? How does one protect against these? We found it an interesting study in how people still support individuals they believe in. Please let us know what you think. By the way, we wrote about this in 2015. We like thinking ahead of the curve.

Family business secrets and love

When you have a secretive or covert family business, having a solid marital relationship can be difficult. The R-Group is a tightly controlled family business which has limited information sharing and even removed their business visibility as much as possible from preying eyes. In this story we wanted to explore how three of our favorite couples share information with their better half. Love is important to them all, and pillow talk can be a problem. The goal is no one or the business should be at risk. How do you think they are handling the problem? How would you like it handled? We would love you feedback.

Where does humor reside?

We like a mix of the story, technology, romance, and especially humor. We also like to make up our own acronyms as the technology industry, like many others, is filled with special terms for "insiders". In this chapter Quip is trying to explain to his supercomputer the meaning of humor and like many pure local entities, sometimes the essence is lost in the translation. This then is ICABOD's first attempt at leveraging his perception of humor. Have your jokes or stories not resonated with an audience and you didn't quite know why? See if you find this one of those situations and send us one of your own. We might just work into one of our upcoming stories.

Air Travel has changed, but perhaps not our priori

We travel a great deal for work all over the world. Air travel, especially in the U.S., is a very trying experience for professional and vacationing travelers, alike. The scenario depicted in this chapter actually happened and shut down one of the security points at an airport for almost an hour. The problem was explosive residue on a bag and was no real threat, just a real inconvenience. The solution provided by technology is one we wish could happen to us at an airport. Share some of your airport war stories and let us know how you'd like them solved.

Man and his creation

We are in the the evolving technology world and we get to see a lot of the advancements that make our books plausible. The advancements of computers is clearly seen in many sectors. The logic of the programs can determine if parts need replacing, responding to human commands or even conversation. One area of current debate is machine learning. ICABOD, the evolving supercomputer, is highlighted in the story based on his speech and learning ability. We wanted to explore machine learning and how humans would deal with it. At what point do we allow our technology to be smarter than the average human? What safeguards or guardrails need to be in place? To each technology shift we have seen good sides and bad sides. We want you, our readers, to provide your take on where ICABOD may go with his evolution.

Friendly teasing

The series has several couples and they all have different relationships. Julie and Juan are one of our favorite couples as they are each creative and strong people individually. Together they are simply saucy. They recently married, which is a great story on its own full of twists and turns, and are now embarking on a new life beginning in her family home in Europe. Every story needs a bit of tenderness before everything breaks loose. This is one of those romantic pauses before the intrigue really kicks in. We would love your feedback on how this resonates with you. Did it seem like fun? What do you think happens after breakfast?

Trading leadership in Argentina...

The good guys in this series are a cloaked organization called R-Group. The seasoned veterans of the team are Wolfgang and Otto. To help put it into perspective, Wolfgang is the Accountant type, and Otto is the customer facing type. Both are brilliant, educated, and European. They support customers everywhere on the planet. We wanted to use futures trading activity as a focus for this story and Wolfgang seems to always clarify within current events. We like current relevant topics in all the stories. Knowing what Wolfgang can find, would you think something was wrong?

Insider Trading ???

What if the privileged 1% were really getting over on us 99% not by insider trading, but by predicting the future? A lot of analysts charge for fundamental research like management background checks, market share, brand preference in the market place, and competitive positioning and charge handsomely for it but what if that is not how money making strategies work? How does one do insider trading across multiple companies with no access to the decision makers? Why are the SEC investigators down so heavily on poor Clay Dough and his wife Lottie…sorry Charlotte? If you are cheating you deserve to be caught, but which law are you guilty of breaking?


We do enjoy making acronyms and weaving them into the stories. In this scenario we introduce one of the new bad guys, Gretchen, who is brilliant and leading the technology needed for their evil plans. Her grandfather was also part of the World War II Nazi efforts. He is discussed in other chapters and painted as a very mean spirited man. These two characters are related but conflicted. They butt heads often in this scene and others. Do you think family conflicts are worse?

The Enigma Gamers - A CATS Tale

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Cyber extortion has surfaced from the Darknet. Businesses & cities are invaded by gaming avatars escaping their virtual landscape. Who’s behind this ransomware trap? The Enigma Gamers CATS team, led by Julie & Juan, is committed to administering justice to evil doers in every corner of the real and virtual worlds. Breakfield and Burkey take readers into our grittier technology dependent world.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Gamers - A CATS Tale

Frenemies or Adversaries

Dmitry and Chang each hold important roles in their respective countries. They each strive for world domination, usually at any cost. The ongoing stress of wreaking havoc on others requires them to take time to relax and recharge. The old Russian created an interesting pastime. The results of these games are not without pitfalls. Discover how these powerful men decide to take getting together to another level. Keep in mind they only care about one thing - themselves. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Gamers. Derek Shoals does a masterful job with his unparalleled voice-acting skills. You may also enjoy the paperback or ebook formats. If you wish more, our website has samples of all our stories, book trailers, free downloads, and more. We look forward to and thank you in advance for your reviews.

Vacation paradise or trap

The Macau venue offered fine food, liquor, and gambling. Juan enjoyed bringing Julie anywhere, but this was a fantastic experience underpinned by leading-edge technology. Julie and Juan shared their love of family, friends, and the business they founded, CATS. Their current vacation escape was not only well deserved but a perfect chance for them to keep their relationship fresh. Please find out the consequences of their visit to this extravagant venue. The breadth of power will make your pulse rise and perhaps scare you. You will find yourself choosing sides and hoping for winners. Enjoy The Enigma Gamers in ebook or paperback. For an immersive experience, you might listen to the voice of Enigma Series, Derek Shoales, in the audiobook format. We look forward to your review and invite you to for more story samples, games, and free stuff. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Orchestrating multiple assignments

Julie and Juan hired capable individual contributors to support cyber investigations around the globe. The team is not only multi-lingual, but each possesses experience in covert operations. They know how to think on their feet which is critical to their high success rate. Julie is adept at balancing multiple work streams, and Juan knows exactly the operation nuances to ensure success. The team needs to get turned loose on their assignments. Julie and Juan lead their team by example and are proud of their accomplishments. We invite you to read or listen to this action-packed techno-thriller as cyber threats expand and more people are at risk. Our story narration by our remarkable voice of the series, Derek Shoales, will pull you into our stories and keep you on the edge of your seats. Please consider visiting our website for story samples, contest entries, and free stuff. Thank you in advance, and we look forward to your reviews.

Help is a phone call away

Jack and Gwen went for an evening stroll, and things got out of hand when she decided to walk on the top of the old bridge. A passing car scared her, and she slipped but caught herself grabbing the edge. Jack held her hand as she dangled over the side. The water rushing below and panic caused her to squirm. Jack feared he would lose his grip. He didn't possess enough leverage to pull her over the top. He felt his phone and an option within his reach. The call to 911 didn't result in a reasonable response. The operator rose to the occasion and asked questions to get to the truth. Did she save a life? We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Gamers. Derek Shoales is the voice of the series and a masterful voice actor. Please enjoy the story and post a review on any of your favorite websites. You can find a sample of our stories, contests, and free downloads at Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Building a business case

Jamie has the gift of blarney in spades. He also believes in rainbows and pots of gold. He possesses this uncanny ability to see the long game and take advantage of every opportunity. People like this take chances when they feel they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Frieda loves Jamie and would follow him to the ends of the earth. However, her attitude is not pie in the sky, glass half-full vision like Jamie. Frieda believes in the fairytale ending if she can stick with Jamie. She's young, free-spirited, and in love. The charlatan and the damsel, talk about attracting your opposite. Find out what happens to these characters as they find one opportunity after another. The Enigma Gamers 2nd edition is available today in ebook and paperback, with the audiobook revision scheduled for release in early 2023. Visit our website or write us at We look forward to your comments and reviews.

Management vs Leadership

Chuck and Sean represent the two sides of business operations-workers and management. Both men are strong personalities who support those they represent. The airline automated everything possible to reduce labors costs. The workers were minimized and marginalized in everyway possible. The answer seen by management left no appreciation for the human element. Now that the highly automated business model has been gutted, management realizes the error of their ways. If negotiations deliver a hopelessly lopsided win to one party, no room is left to beg for help when the tide turns. It is difficult to swallow crow when mistakes are made and honest negotiation and collaboration become critical to problem solving. Enjoy finding out why the airline is in the precarious position and how they can resolve the problems together. This story is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook format narrated by the amazing Derek Shoales. We invite you to visit our website for more information, samples, and freebies. Thank you.

Where the heck are you?

Jack and Gwen are a couple who live in PA. On walk home Gwen is acting silly, walking on a wall. She slips and is hanging on desperately. In The Enigma Games cyber crooks are attacking networks and disrupting operations. Disruption of emergency services makes it a challenge to reach people you need. But what happens when they don't believe you? You can find out if Gwen survives this ordeal and other venues that are attacked by these thugs. This fiction is available in ebook, paperback, and audible formats. We invite you to enjoy the format of your choice. Our website has samples of the stories, book trailers, free downloads and more. Please provide a review.

Mining Automation Gone Bonkers?

George, member of the CATS team, is working as an advisor to a crew in Australia incorporating IoT for smart automated mining. The crew likes the comments from George and his easy not bossy way of delivery. Mohawk, one of the techs, allow George to take over his viewing and reporting desk that relays remote pictures of the activity. That data stream is mapped to the feeds from the various pieces of earthmovers, trucks, and drones at the site. George is like a kid playing in a high tech arcade when he is stunned by the video. Trying to rationalize the activity and worried he asks McLaren, Manager in the Perth operations center, to check the data feeds and the visuals. We invite you to pick up The Enigma Gamers and learn if equipment control failure is expected or planned with malicious manipulation by hackers. You might also enjoy visiting our website at to grab free stuff and join our mailing list. We look forward to your reviews. Take care.

Is this a planned slight of hand?

Julie and Juan's team, known as CATS, are scattered across the world on assignments. Each situation being investigated seems unique, however when looking at them side by side a pattern is emerging. With technology closing distances it may also mask the origin. Discovering the common elements presents a unique puzzle. Which pieces fit together and which do not. The talented CATS team, peeling back the layers, finds a far more sinister activity than originally consdiered. The games aren't even close to the end, yet. Read or listen to this first tale by the feet on the street team born of the R-Group. We look forward to your reviews. We invite you to visit our website for free downloads.

To Pay or NOT To Pay - Ransomware

Mayor Perez heads up a smart city that was hacked into and held ransom. Not all that unusual for business, individuals, universities, or cities today. Security is paramount today and the bad guys always seem one step ahead of the safeguards put in place. Brayson, a member of the cyber assassin technology support team or CATS is trying to track back to the originator of the attack. He is also worried that paying the ransom will only make these cyber criminals bolder and more demanding. The search and destroy of these cyber bandits will take all the ingenuity that Brayson and the other CATS operatives have assembled. The problem is that more incidents of kidnapping and extortion keep popping up across the world. We look forward to your review after you enjoy this thriller in ebook, paperback or audible formats. Enjoy the tale.

Gamer and Gambler Closely Related

The gambling casino in Macau is high-end with sophisticated robots playing a key role. Chairman Chang has a vested interest in the profits generated from the gaming house. Having an employee stealing is a major mistake that is not tolerated. Chairman Chang has taken to using the computing power at his fingertips to play elaborate games with his counterpart in Russian. These two men are quite competitive. Won and Ton, protegees of Chairman Chang are stepping up to play the aggressive game in place of Chang. He is all about winning, no matter what. Please enjoy this story in ebook, paperback, and audible by our award-winning narrator Derek Shoales. We look forward to you fair and honest review. Feel free to visit our website

Technology Back-Up - Put Your Eyes On It

The mining operations are performed by equipment that is managed remotely with very sophisticated programs. The operations center is manned with staff adept at moving and controlling millions of dollars of equipment. George, a member of the CATS team is allowed to have a go while the regular steps away for a few minutes. The screens are not relating reality so another CATS member Juan is called upon to complete a flyover. The heavy drones, armed with video capabilities are monitoring the operations. They turn into flying weapons and attack the lite plane, forcing it to land. Juan is stuck in an unexpected situation growing grimmer by the second. The options for escaping are few and dwindling. Add to it his wife is chewing him out for being too risky as the cell battery is dwindling away! Read The Enigma Gamers to find out who or what is behind technical equipment totally off their prime directives. We look forward to your reviews in the ebook, paperback, and audible formats.

Business Expansion

Julie and Juan are finding success for their fledgling business, CATS or Cyber Assassin Team Services. Though each of them were confident of the success, finding that all their new hires would have paying assignments was exactly what they wanted. Julie spent her adult life observing people as well as offering special identity scrubbing to protect people using R-Group services. CATS was her dream of getting more feet on the street to support customers with hands on, rather than the virtual model of the R-Group. Both working models had value,. Juan wanted to offer value to his bride as a partner in their business. Piloting nearly any kind of aircraft, reading and working well with people, and commitment to family are his biggest strengths. This is a great story on how their business thrives by solving the complex mysteries they are engaged in all over the world. You can read or listen to this book. We look forward to you reviews.

Trapped in the Internet of Things gone Wrong!

IoT has made a difference to many cities and the services they offer. In this aspect of the story there is no doubt that security has a huge role in keeping those services operational. Mayor Perez is relatively new in her role. To a degree, she fears those in leadership positions in the city will use this as a way to oust her. However she is not running away from any responsibilities no matter how brutal the situation. Brayson, member of the CATS team is there to help the City and track down the cyber hackers. His skills are key helping find out who and where the cyber thugs are located and how to bring them to heel. Enjoy this story in eBook, Paperback, and Audible formats. We appreciate your reviews in advance

What Do You Do To Win?

These cagey domineering leaders of their respective organizations.have way too much time on their hands if they are making dates for gaming. The resources they are leveraging for these games are state owned supercomputers. These characters have been depicted in several of the books in the series. They are greedy, self-serving, and totally despicable. In other words the kind of villains readers love to hate. This time they may have gone too far. But you be the judge. We look forward to your reviews on these stories in paperback, eBook, and Audible. Thank you.

Multiple Problems / Multiple Locations

The Enigma Gamers highlights the-feet-on-the-street team working for Julie and Juan' CATS team. The multi-talented resources have some intelligence work in their background in addition to technology prowess. The team was recently formed and to a degree still learning how to effectively work together. The team meetings, even though virtual, are a rapid way to understand one another's strength and weaknesses. CATS (Cyber Assassin Technology Services) is a combination of technology support with "hands-on action" for finding root the cause. We wanted this team at ground zero of the problems to explore and develop some additional characters, which we find a lot of fun. This story is available in eBook, Paperback and Audio Book format narrated by the award-winning Derek Shoales.

Two Powerful Men - Who Wins

Dmitry and Chang clearly have too many people assisting them or they wouldn't have so much time available for their newest mischief of digital playtime. The mere idea of using national resources for their activities is horrible, but not all that surprising. Leaders who are too comfortable in their roles and feelings of entitlement might forget they owe their title and power to others. Of course then the question which might come up, is when will they have to pay the piper? Today these two feel untouchable. Chang and Dmitry have been in The Enigma Series before and are depicted as greedy, vengeful, and self-absorbed men. They are the quintessential evil villains in this series who are now competing with one another but with an interesting twist to the Game being played.. The Enigma Gamers is available in Ebook, Paperback, and Audio formats. Enjoy the story and we look forward to your review.

Blackmailing at a Million Euros a Day?

The Enigma Gamers focuses on the risks of gamification without guardrails in place; namely security measures to keep your "bacon" out of the fire. Mayor Baby Perez (a guest friend in our 7th book) wants to protect her smart city managed by the Internet of Things from a cyber blackmailer. It has all the makings of paying ransom over and over again. Looking for the fastest and easiest solution could box her in. Brayson, member of our hero CATS team, tries to outline the elements for a long term solution and the benefits of getting to the root cause of the issue rather than write a check.. In reading this small segment of the book think about what you would do if you were Mayor Perez. Reading or listening to this complex Techno-Thriller could give you new ideas to consider in your own work. We love seeing reviews in the Ebook, Paperback, or Audiobook formats. Where's yours?

It's All Fun 'til Someone Gets Hurt

George, one the of operators for Julie and Juan's Cyber Assassin Technology Services (CATS) team is on site in Australia doing some technology refresh and security monitoring. The smart-systems being monitored are in a remote part of the country. Many IoT sensors and drones are helping the operators keep a close eye on the operation. George has wanted to try to run the drone for days but the opportunity had yet to present itself until now. Mohawk the local operator agreed to give George a chance. George thought everything was fine. When his eyes saw chaos in the making he totally stopped having fun. And this is just the beginning! This story is available in eBook, Paperback and Audible formats for your enjoyment. We look forward to your review comments. Contact us directly anytme.

For the Easy Money, Follow the Hard Road

The Enigma Gamers is a story that tracks multiple threads of cyber terrorism. We wanted to have one of our established characters,Tyer, build a relationship with a detective in PA, Como. Both men are committed to doing the right thing, but they have really different approaches. We wanted to see if they might learn from each other. It's always amazing when a common focus on a single item can make the difference in building or crushing human interaction. Como and Tyler may just gain a healthy respect for one another. Read this story in eBook or Paperback formats or listen on iTunes or Audible. We look forward to your feedback at

Hand Eye Coordination

Julie and Juan are one of the favorite couples in our series. Not only are they both agile, flexible, and smart but they work well together. Having them take a vacation in China was to allow our readers a small view into the region. It is also a great way to showcase some state of the art technology in that part of the world. Once inside that world we wanted to highlight a new character Jamie who grabbed our attention and begged to be front and center as his sleight-of-hand capabilities add to his roguish facade. At this point in the story Julie and Juan have no idea how this young rogue will impact their operation in the future. We hope you will find out in this book 7 of the series available in eBook, Paperback and Audiobook formats. It is also the first in a subset of the series, A CATS Tale. We will look forward to your review.

Thinking About Work and Play

Mercedes and Jim are working to determine the root cause of an issue at a major airline. Having worked together previously, they get a rhythm to their work. They also have a relationship they recently rekindled which sometimes distracts Jim. With this couple and this particular problem, they are assigned to resolve, we wanted to expand their characters and show how each of them possess their own strength. In working the often-life-threatening situations they have to be able to understand and depend on each other. Even when distracted they both have the right focus on their job. Gamers is the newest one in the series undergoing transformation into and audio format. Reading it now (paperback or ebook) and then listening later (Christmas 2018) may help you become immersed in the complex scenarios of this story. We look forward to your feedback on these characters and any of the stories in the series. Enjoy the book trailer on our website it’s a grabber!

Old Gamers with New Toys

These characters have way to much power in their respective arenas so they fill their spare time with computer based gaming. Supercomputer based gaming. Often at opposite sides of the table, these two are very competitive, hence the digital games. However, they have taken it to a new level. Chairman and Dmitry are always looking for a deal and to best one another is the goal. It is also key that they psych one another to gain advantage. Have you known guys like this in your world? Too powerful to shut down easily and not suffering from a lack of ego. Bigger toys is an understatement for these two. Available in paperback, ebook, and soon in audio format.

Equipment on the fritz or ...

The Enigma Gamers is the first deep dive into the CATS or Cyber Assassin Technology Services team. These are the feet on the street folks who go anywhere and jump into the fray like caped crusaders. Their jobs take them all over the world. They are nimble, agile, and even with planned operations, they seem to find themselves in deep trouble. The know technology and they know when it betrays them as it does here in Australia. Automating functions is often helpful when conditions are poor for humans, but when a glitch occurs the results can be catastrophic. Getting to the root cause of the equipment fighting like gangs on the streets takes all the talent and resourcefulness of the entire team. Check out the whole story and provide us a review of your thoughts. See the book trailer on our website at

Teams don't always see eye to eye

The R-Group was by design a closed family operation. Their role is to maintain information flows and help the cyber good guys win against the hackers and crackers. Julie and Juan's team was recently formed and is a grittier team going to locations to dig up additional information. The CATS team can leverage the information and help add information, but the perspective they bring is more hands on. In this way the digital footprint is one aspect which they can combine with what is seen and heard by those impacted by the bad actors. This story expands the capability of this team and how they interact with their own resources. It is available as a paperback or ebook. Readers can purchase a signed copy from our website and catch the book trailer for this story.

Change in some things is impossible

These two men are at a point in their life where they simply have too much time on their hands. Chairman Chang and Dmitry find are the epitome of "bigger toys for bigger boys" and they really do have big toys. They take a break from time to time playing electronic games except this is supercomputer against supercomputer. Technology helps to close the distances that once prevented the easy banter during games. These two men have taken the banter to a different level based on their life, locations, and competitive natures. Their adversarial roles have a whole new outlet. Perhaps the toys will keep them entertained, or not. Do you know folks who compete like this? How do you play games and banter with the guys or girls when trying to win? Share your thoughts, we would like to hear your perspective.

Negotiate from a Position of Strength

This story allowed us to align folks to opposite sides and then let them argue their position. Some won some lost, but all had a distinct point of view. In this segment the sides were in part taken from events in the airline industry, with their overall disregard to first their employees then their customers. To a degree that is changing of late, but we still find it relevant to poke a bit of fun at some in the industry who have forgotten what customers do for them or how their employees take the whipping for corporate mistakes. Do you have some airline related stories you found annoying or even entertaining? Please share on the twitter and FB posts for this story. Enjoy this first CATS Tale which is a fork in the road of the continuing stories of The Enigma Series.

The voice of reason

When putting together the scenarios for this book, we wanted to focus on humans growing dependency on technology. It seems as if technology may be getting too much control as humans relinquish responsibilities. When faced a single personal problem, such as Marvin's need to reach his wife, versus the entire automated warehouse procedures, the human side was placed at risk. Have you ever felt no one listened to you? Are the rules in place poor substitutes for empowering the worker who is right there? We position our mild, not-easily-rattled Summit to help negotiate a true solution. Sometimes the outside view looking in is all it takes. This book has several really interesting scenarios. Enjoy!

Fun and games, why always later?

Juan and Julie are a really fun couple that enjoy life, love, and one another (not always in that order). In this story they have launched into a new business and getting it organized is Julie's focus. Juan is a very hard worker always willing to improve their married life with children. It is hard to tell who is more smitten Juan or Julie. We wanted to explore the new couple relationships, with the added mix of a new business and twins to see what would happen. Do you balance work and family in the same way as one of our favorite couples? What sidetracks your thoughts and what makes you focus? The rest of the chapter and story tells so much more. the way, the hot smooch does work...

All Kidding Aside

The Enigma Gamers introduces a group that is more feet on the street involved than the other stories. However, some of the same characters do have interactions. In this portion of the story, Quip is trying to assert his superior quick wittedness, however Julie has known him forever and will never back down. These are two strong-minded characters who are each successful in their own way. Jacob is spot on with his assessment of Julie at the end of this selection. Not a person to discount or take lightly. Do you know anyone like that? How do you effectively interact with them? (just so you know it is a criminal offense in several states to disrupt the Feng Shui of a data center)

Moving up or moving out?

The Enigma Gamers at its core focuses on gamification. Jamie and Frieda are a young couple with very two different viewpoints on where their life should head. Is life a game of reaching for the brass ring, time after time and missing, or something else? The difference between the newest adventure Jamie wants try versus where they are, might simply be the unknown. Do you think this next step on their life journey will draw them, closer or completely break them? Is it the fear that holds you back from your destiny or is it the common sense that keeps you safe? This is what we were exploring in this book but you will have to read more to find out where these two go and who is the strongest.

Vets are worth our time, always!

This story is a different vein from the series and illustrates a grittier approach to fighting the bad guys. There are several scenarios used to explore the team. This scenario takes places in middle America and leverages the available resources. We have so many men and women who served this country, yet are not getting all the help they need. This scene introduces you to one vet, Sarge, who is patterned after someone close to the authors who became lost in the system. This is one of the ways we bring real people who have crossed our paths to life. Who do you know that you might help? Let us know and perhaps we can add them into a story soon. Best wishes this Memorial Day weekend!

Games of skill or just cheating?

Over the years we have realized all those in business or at play continually compete. It is that special something we humans are. Some play for bigger stakes than others. The question then becomes, is it the single event when one is at the top of their game, like an Olympics competition or is it a once in a lifetime chess match or is it more? The question we wanted to explore in the book centered around was the competition fair or was it "juiced" for the desired result? In this story we explore gamification from many perspectives, but with these two characters is it their skill or simply new and improved ways of cheating without being caught. You decide and let us know. We would love to hear your experiences.

A moment of truth or rash fantasy?

The Enigma Gamers is the start of a slightly different vein for the series as it focuses on a subgroup. This group has several scenarios requiring their expertise of tracking the clues with technology and old fashion feet-on-the-street actions. We wanted to pick a subject where, if subjected to a threat by technology, people would want some immediate support. Think about it, what could go wrong with the mere taking of a selfie in a well established town in Pennsylvania? Well known places, lots of people, traffic, and police support... This couple, out on a date found their world upside down and panic does strange things to people. Tell us of any adventures you might have started that went terribly wrong.

Being in love is magic

Julie and Juan have a passionate relationship which is also professional. This romance has evolved through the series. As the entrepreneurs of the CATS team,and parents of twins, they have had some wild adventures in and out of the bedroom. In this part of the story, they are rekindling their relationship and taking a well-deserved vacation. Their devotion to one another will often be tested in this story. Let us know what you think of this sample and if you want to read even more. Love to hear your feedback, as that encourages us to write even better.

Are Selfies Dangerous?

To explore how much we are dependent on technology, we wanted to use not only the current passion for the advanced capabilities of cell phones, but also the services we all need. Could the emergency services really be compromised? Could we be subject to risk we can't even imagine? Take a read of the possibilities and let us know how this might change your actions or recommendations to your offspring. We would love to hear from you!

Turning the Tables on Quip

Quip's character is one that revels in the quick comeback, enjoys enhancing his supercomputer, and doesn't do well when he is found to be wrong. We like to position him every once in a while on the receiving end of the humor, or simply yanking his chain. We hope it surprises and delights readers when he is caught flat-footed by one of his team or better his supercomputer. See if this snippet makes you smile like it has other readers. Enjoy!

Focused on the Wrong Details

We know more and more processes are becoming automated. From the self-checkout at grocery, hardware stores and others to the automatic login and verification we do as we surf the Internet. We believe there is a balance between automation and human interactions. Sometimes if the processes are too narrow, it is impossibly to see problems until it is a disaster. We wanted to explore the premise one step further by trying to determine what it might take to really see a problem. Do humans get lost in the steps and forget to look around? How much automation is enough in your mind? Let us know and be sure to check out the ways digitial undermining could spoil even the best automation in The Enigma Gamers. Love to hear from you.

Do Smart Cities have guardrails?

Technology adaptation continues to encroach on all aspects of our lives. We also wonder what happens when there is a glitch. A cell phone, laptop, or tablet can be reset by powering off and then powering on.What happens when an entire city uses complex inter-connected, digital systems if there is a problem, say a virus or some other malware? In our Spanish Smart City we explore the probable when a city's smart system grid is held hostage. As we teach our computers to exchange data with other systems we don't expect the unexpected. What types of talent is needed to support these machines running other machines? As you expand to smart homes, what do think you need to keep in mind? Are we at risk?

Stealing in almost plain site!

As the world moves to instant gratification of their all important customers, we thought to showcase that attitude in a high-tech casino. This view inside is a combination of quiet/efficient technology combined with what rich people do to party. Would you like mechanical waiters that bring you drinks without your repeating the order? Or perhaps wishing for a glass of wine or snack aloud to your date and it is suddenly at your elbow? Technology can do fun stuff! Our leads, Julie and Juan, are enjoying themselves on a romantic vacation but can't help noticing the details. We think this helps makes them seem more interesting as characters. We like to have the couples in our stories put into situations where they can mix romance and business together. Do you find this approach interesting? Pass along your thoughts!

Left in charge...

In Gamers, we have several different story threads that track our team of heros. This one highlights an Australian event with George Jones, one of the experienced operatives. He is doing some remote monitoring of a mining event when instead of the task at hand by technology automated equipment, it has gone wild. The way we thought might be fun to paint this particular scenario was to have all this great big expensive equipment seem to develop a pecking order like bullies. You may think you know what happens to bullies, but we bet you never dreamed your kids could do this, right? Let us know if we hit the mark. As a side note, this chapter introduces another of our more customized terms, DWEEB. George becomes one, see if you can find out why...

Macau Experienced

We like to bring in various parts of the world into the stories. A high-end speech analytics application mixed with our new world appetite of immediate gratification had us thinking it might be interesting to examine how it would work on foreign soil. It always sharpens the cognitive skills of a guest's experience when a casino can hear, interpret, and immediately respond to the users needs and desires. It is also intimidating. Julie and Juan take the warning and yet respond with the thrill of enjoyment in the adventure they are expecting in this venue. It is the set up for some good couple time for our story leads. What are your thoughts?

Bigger toys for bigger boys

This scene illustrates what happens between two powerful men when they are bored but still in power. Bored powerful people at the top of governments and large corporations only seem to enjoy the misery of others. We found the idea of playing total immersive next generation video games on supercomputers a totally outrageous use of government resources. The “sportsman” use of computer resources to juice their bored existence might not be limited to countries or governments. What happens when the misery spills over on to your life?

The Enigma Broker

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Inexplicable drops in world markets for oil, copper, coal, and other commodities are destabilizing nations to the point of economic collapse. A conspicuous increase in production numbers for primary oil producing companies results in a call for help from governments and a large oil distributor. The R-Group quietly engages amid fears that further drops in value could devastate civilization.
Jacob Michaels is called directly by ePetro’s Mike Patrick, CEO of the multinational oil broker, due to some prior data and network security he had performed. The early investigation into the production number manipulation by Jacob, with his coworker and lover Petra, suggests the problem is a result of hacking by a Dark Matter Organization. Where is the DMO operating, who is at the helm driving commodity prices down, and how does the search evolve into a perilous hunt which puts Jacob, Petra, and other members of R-Group directly into the path of mortal danger!?
Hidden leadership of the DMO is fierce and lethal when it comes to protecting the organization and its plans of global commodities market control. The enforcers of this agenda are quick to execute orders without question as soon as they are issued. R-Group’s advantage of leading technology resources, brilliant technologists, and years of experience may not be enough to locate the genius source bent on commodity market domination. Has cyber good versus evil from the Darknet become a challenge they simply cannot win?
The Enigma Broker, by Breakfield and Burkey, the award-winning authors of The Enigma Series, takes readers on a journey from the affluence of London to the extreme poverty of Panama and everywhere in between. The layers of planning and conspiracy by the cruel DMO supply suspense and intrigue to the very end.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Broker

It takes all kinds

Jim embarks on a thrilling journey at the Mercantile Exchange, driven by his quest to unravel the mystery behind the unprecedented fluctuations in coal pricing, a tale that unfolds in The Enigma Broker. Claudia, a master of her trade, spends her days immersed in numbers. While some dress for success, she dresses to captivate. As they delve into the intricacies of the commodities market, Jim gains a wealth of knowledge. Discover The Enigma Broker's captivating world in audiobook and print formats. Immerse yourself in the masterful narration by Derek Shoales, the voice of the Enigma Series, available on popular platforms like Spotify. For those who prefer reading, paperback and ebook versions are readily available at your favorite bookstores and online. For some additional info, please visit our website We look forward to your review. Enjoy this TechnoThriller and please tell your friends to delve in this series.

Roundhouse Retirement

Roundhouse a career railroad engineer, had a rough few days. His company barely let him return from Wyoming and questioned his cargo recordings. It was an exhausting mess, but man he loved his job. Mildred loves Roundhouse and worries when he is away working. They keep in touch and when he comes home they make up for lost time. Mildred has cultivated a network of friends that span the country, at least along the railroad tracks. This devoted pair has open lines of communication which have worked over the years. Find out how Mildred and Roundhouse help the coal oversupply truth get discovered in The Enigma Broker. We invite you to read or listen to this thriller. Derek Shoales is the voice actor for the Enigma Series with his warm voice, varied voices of the characters, and perfect tempo. We hope you will consider visiting our website for more book samples, free downloads, and contests. Breakfield and Burkey appreciate your time and look forward to your review. Thank you.

Found him

Juan left in search of his Uncle Jesus. He felt confident he could locate him for his brother, Carlos. He was glad he didn't have to call his wife at this juncture because he'd left out the part about heading to Mexico. Jesus always found himself in compromising positions since he was a "black sheep" in the family. Today was no exception. He was the only family to Carlos and Juan. Carlos, the eldest brother, hoped for his brother's success. He never expected this outcome. Read or listen to The Enigma Broker. The outstanding voice actor, Derek Shoales, narrates the thriller. Paperback and ebook versions are also available. We look forward to your review. We also invite you to check out our website,, especially the contest on the front page. Thank you in advance,

Commodity Pricing - Cool or Opportunistic?

The R-Group works for individuals and businesses in financial planning, investments, security, and technology. The team has a good reach with the guiding principle of protecting their clients. Wolfgang is the oldest member of the R-Group and has a fantastic grasp of numbers. With the help of ICABOD, he can provide insight and direction. Otto, a second-generation member of the R-Group, enjoys working directly with customers and building relationships. Quip, third generation and creator of the supercomputer used to facilitate requests, tries to find a light side to situations - often annoying others when he goes overboard. The unnatural shifts in commodities training pique their interest. Find out who manipulates the commodities trading value in The Enigma Broker. Please find it in paperback, ebook, or audiobook, narrated by the voice of the Enigma Series, Derek Shoales. We look forward to your review and thank you in advance. For more samples of our stories, check out Take care.

When Things Don't Add Up

Petra and Jacob work well together. As a world class encryptionist, Petra looks at various methods to hide information from meddlesome eyes. Jacob enjoys building programs and keeping information safe from external access. They are working at ePetro trying to isolate an oil supply market problem but there is no consistency. Nothing is showing as an issue in the data under review. The logs all look correct and uncompromised. Sometimes one needs to go with their gut, then find the facts. Check out the ebook or paperback versions of this story. Or for an extra treat listen to our voice-actor Derek Shoales to find out how this story ends. We look forward to your review and invite you to visit our website for free stuff and contests. Take care.

Faulty Information or Misdirection?

Roundhouse is the nickname for one of the train engineers that moves natural resources around the United States. The timings and routes for this transport is coordinated from the headquarters in Texas. Roundhouse has worked with the dispatcher, Henry, for many years. They have not only a friendship but deep-seated trust between one another. Henry remembers statistics like some folks remember song lyrics. Numbers are his thing. In this case Henry is growing suspicious of the counts he's seeing. Listen or read The Enigma Broker to learn the ins and outs of commodity tracking. Is inventory being manipulated or are the resources being flooded into the market to drive prices into a favorable direction for someone? What happens when the original supply/demand model we all understand no longer works? We invite you to enjoy an ebook, paperback, or audible featuring the voice talent of Derek Shoales. You might also enjoy the Free Stuff, contests, and other downloads featured on our website We look forward to your reviews. Thank you.

Jesus discusses his choices with Juan

Jesus is the only relative of Juan and Carlos. He had a shady business operation in Mexico and was relocated with an allowance. The Mexican government however did not grant forgiveness for his sins. When Jesus ends up missing, Carlos asks Juan to find his uncle and return him to his kept lifestyle. After following several leads, Juan finds his uncle. Juan is stunned by the reason Jesus decided to return to Mexico. He calls his brother Carlos to help the both of them. We invite you to read all of this story to find out if they can escape jail. You can enjoy this story in ebook, paperback, or audible formats. We invite you to visit our website for sample of our stories. We look forward to your reviews. You can contact us at

Market Manipulation Fallout

Wolfgang, oldest leader of the R-Group is the financial genius. He spots odd behavior in the commodities market that has him digging further. He has seen global market ups and downs for decades, and recognizes unnatural shifts. His mantra is "follow the money". Otto and Wolfgang talk about the odd impacts over recent days and decide it may point to a nefarious player at work. It is the random spots of impact that seems unrelated, but piques their interest. Quip, creator of the R-Group's supercomputer ICABOD needs to understand the potential problem to bring his resources to extend the search for sources of the anomalies. Is there a problem? Will they find the source? We invite you to read The Enigma Beyond to find out who and what wants to control world and investments and why. If they can be stopped, is the R-Group up to the challenge? Find out today.

These numbers are off!

Henry works for Mr. Tompkins who coordinates the train transport of coal and other commodities across the US. Numbers suggest that there is a surplus of coal driving prices down, but is that true? Henry is one of those people who recalls numbers he has seen. From baseball batter information to coal statistics, his photographic member is remarkable. Something or someone is messing with the product availability that is driving the supply up and price down. Discover how this commodity and others are being manipulated in this story. Finding the culprits and the reasons is a life threatening endeavor each step of the way. Enjoy in ebook, paperback, and audible formats. We look forward to your review. we invite you to visit our website for free sample

Everything Real is Questionable

Petra and Jacob are working with Roslyn at ePetro. They were called in to verify the logs and numbers have not be hacked or inappropriately modified. Initial reviews indicate no data tampering. Roslyn is keeping a close eye on these visitors. She doesn't want to have any surprises to her leadership. Petra and Jacob suspect something is fishy in London, but isolating the issues is illusive. Jacob and Petra always think out of the box. In this case they are trying to determine exactly why the oil commodities are inaccurately calculating. You can enjoy this story in eBook, Paperback, and Audible. We look forward to your reviews. Please feel free to reach out to us at

Numbers Can Be Manipulated

Mr. Tomkins is keeping track of the commodity shipments for a major railroad in North America. The contracts are over committed and Tomkins wants to blame the engineers. The price of coal is down due to the stockpiling efforts. Henry, his office manager, is a numbers guy. His recall is amazing for all information he sees, nearly photographic. He loves his job with the railroad, but doesn't buy the engineers are doing something wrong. As they dig deeper into the numbers a real problem starts to crystallize. How can the shipments be modified? Is there any other reason? You'll need to read or listen to the story to find out who is behind the number manipulation and the different commodities impacted. We look forward to your reviews. We invite you to visit our website EnigmaSeries.Com and grab the Free Stuff!

Focusing on Business Goals is Key

Takeru is the leader of this group of investors and manipulators. He has his reasons for every move and action by all those on his team. With this, the employees find a whole new definition of remaining employed. LJ is a returning character, typically a heavy for hire. In this case the employment requirements for him are just as restrictive. But the promotional opportunities within the organization do exist. Like many independent workers the idea is to get that big score and potentially retire to a private island. Sounds good in theory. Enjoy this story focused on commodity market manipulation in eBook, paperback, or audio book formats. We look forward to your reviews. Reach us via email

It's Gonna Cost You, Bro!

Mike Patrick is a self-important man who values himself above everything else. He is mean-spirited, manipulative, and willing to walk over his own grandmother to obtain his goal. Jacob is one of the top contributor heroes of the R-Group. He's grown adept at reading people over our series. Being no stranger to Mike and his standard operating procedures, the price to solve his problem is at a premium. So much so the reader will be able to hear Mike swallow hard at the price. Have you had an offer for a job you didn't want so you priced yourself high. The good news is when you priced yourself out of the running. The bad news is when you didn't. You can enjoy The Enigma Broker in eBook, paperback or audible formats. We look forward to your feedback. Check out our website at Thank you!

Making the Most of Morning

Petra and Jacob have been busy catching cyber thugs, which put them into physical peril. That hurdle seems to be in the rear-view mirror with a new chance for them as a couple. The business of the R-Group will continue, but they would rather fight them together. Petra, an encryptionist renowned for her abilities, is a perfect match to Jacob a programmer who never quits. Together they have supported one another to solve crimes with a foundation in technology. Will they be able to find all the reasons for commodity trading issue in The Enigma Broker. They will be better as a couple in the R-Group. We look forward to your reviews and comments for the ebook, paperback or audiobook version. Your Choice!

Hide and Seek

As children we have fond memories of playing Hide and Seek with friends and family. Ideally, we'd not be found until dark. Jesus, former drug lord in Mexico, is the uncle to Carlos and Juan. They had helped spirit Jesus out of Mexico to prevent his incarceration. When he goes missing, Juan sets out to locate him. In this chapter, Juan has located Jesus and is learning of what he has been doing since they last met. Juan has limited patience with his uncle. After getting the background information he reaches out to his older brother, Carlos. Carlos and Juan are very close and are walking the straight and narrow trying to keep from drifting back into their old life style. Yeah, it's hard for anyone to do that but really challenging for these two. You can enjoy this chapter and the rest of the story as an eBook, Paperback or Audio book. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your review.

No Room for Failure

The leader of this group, Takeru, has expectations he is not willing to compromise on for any of his workforce. There is no free thinking for his customer facing staff. Takeru provides only what is needed, but his lack of tolerance is consistent throughout this book. His agenda is kept very close to the vest. His focus on security is carried across all operations as he tries to gain ground across the world. This book looks at corruption of the commodities market, but finding out how the manipulation is done will take a lot of digital sleuthing by our champions at the R-Group. There is no single point of origin. Enjoy this story in eBook, Paperback and Audible (with our fantastic voice/actor Derek Shoales)

When you really know someone, you just do

Otto, as a financial advisor, and Thiago, as a petroleum and shipping titan in Brazil, had been doing business together for years. It can be important to know the strengths of those you associate with, sometimes trying to get into their head to solve you own issue. Both men have profound respect for each other. Thiago has discovered some unexplained manipulated numbers for his very regulated oil industry which could place him under the government microscope. Never to run from a situation he calls Otto for help. Otto has the ability to analyze situations quickly and leverage his business associates in the family owned R-Group as needed. Even with dire issues, Otto looks for ways to lighten the seriousness, even though he will stay focused. These are two characters you could resonate with or at least like to invite to dinner. Let us know how you enjoy this in Ebook, Paperback or Audio format.

Things are Better with Kisses

Petra and Jacob have been having relationship problems for several months following Petra's massive injury in Argentina. As brilliant technologists they are without equal, but in relationships they are still a work in progress. Petra was convinced she was nothing without her looks, even though her mind is her best asset. Jacob was supportive but didn't recognize originally that Petra needed to work through her issues. They've had the room to reconcile many things and come back together to take their relationship forward. A powerful couple focused together on taking out the cyber hackers of the commodity markets. Read or listen to this story. We look forward to your view. Enjoy this snippet and write to us anytime at We love our readers and their insights.

How Does Otto Do It?

As one of the heads of the R-Group, Otto, a part of his value is having information, it is the how he gets it that is odd to folks he interacts with. Eric, Head of a US 3 letter agency, and Jim Hughes, Stalker, his top snoop, sometimes find their only option is to get the expertise of the R-Group engaged to ferret out the information. Even with the long standing relationship between all of them understanding all the tricks of the trade that Otto has can result in them scratching their heads for answers. This book is available in paperback, eBook, and Audio book formats. Enjoy this story on commodity market hacking and we look forward to your reviews on line or contact us Riview are critical. Thanks

Friend, Foe, or Customer?

Commodities markets are often thought of as a way to soar with eagles in the investment front or flop like turnkeys with bad choices. Mike Patrick is new to the series as he provides a look into Jacob's past before his involvement in the R-Group as well as an inroad for technology and big data. You can decide as you read the story if Mike is good guy or a creep. Jacob and Petra are paired up as professionals in this to determine how data is being manipulated and by who. Their relationship has been strained but this working together puts it back on track. This book is available in eBook, Paperback, and by March 25 2019 in Audiobook formats. We would love your review and comments.

How many people can play the same game?

Petra and Jacob are a good team professionally and personally. They know how to work together to discover the root causes for issues. Most importantly they know people well and how to work with them, often times without being discovered. Laurie is a new character who was brought in as a placeholder but then seemed ideal as a fall guy. Through her development we are struggling with her being a continuing shallow person or one with dimension. Please let us know how you find her when you read more of this story. This book is available in ebook or paperback today. In early 2019 it will be available in audio format. Enjoy and provide a review, authors love to know what you liked or didn't care for.

So you can catch bad actors

LJ and Alisha are a slippery pair of capitalize-ors. These two can get into situations that have a shady side and slip away with their booty to strike again elsewhere. LJ has versatility as a character tending to determine where he wants us to take him when writing. Alisha is a great side kick and companion in these efforts. In this scenario LJ is out trying to gain a bigger role in the organization he is currently connected into, but it may prove to be the biggest part he's ever attempted. Takeru is a twisted tech genius who places no value on anyone, not even himself. It is a shame to see such talent to go self gains. Check this chapter section or better yet, grab the whole story currently in paperback or ebook.

Some things nver make sense

After a long search, Juan located his Uncle Jesus. Sadly the location is in a Mexican jail. Neither of them are particularly welcome in Mexico period, but Jesus has been in the sights of authorities for years. When you're on the inside, especially with governments in some countries, it is hard to understand you could fall out of favor. This situation requires support not only from his brother, but also the team Juan has alienated. His one redeeming quality is a wife who stands by him no matter what. Though he doesn't want Julie to know of his predicament, it might not go as he hopes. Take a look at this snippet and the rest of the story in ebook or paperback formats. (We are hoping for an audio book soon, and will keep you posted. Best way to find out is to join our mailing list at We look forward to your review and comment.

Unexpected loss, unresolved reasons

We find life often happens without preamble or planning. It can take on an unexpected direction in the blink of an eye. In this book we incorporate the unexpected to uncover the character of our characters, good or evil. Roslyn and Mike are an unlikely couple bound by greed first. Yet it seems there is a love somewhere in the mix. Mike is a character of questionable morals who has been looking for the easy way to travel life's path for years. This unexpected event might be the one to set him on a different path. The question is then where will that path take him. People like this are all around us. Can you pick out just one and identify their path? Enjoy the story and let us know if you like Mike's path.

History might just repeat itself

Wolfgang is a seasoned financial professional who practically eats numbers morning, noon, and night. He possesses an amazing recall of past events to relate to behaviors today. He and Quip sometimes have opposing views which could be attributed to generational differences or jaded perspectives. In this portion of the story the changes in the commodities market, focusing on oil at this point, is coming into question. Wolfgang outlines how one could game a very established system to cause radical results in the commodities market. His logical presentation of his point of view is nearly discounted out of hand until Wolfgang adds the lessons of history. Could his point be valid for more than just this story? Let us know.

Financial Analytics Enhanced by ICABOD

ICABOD is a supercomputer with special enhancements provided by Dr. Quip over time. At this point the logic that Wolfgang, the financial guru of the R-Group, is being exercised by ICABOD to enhance the focus for specific transaction types. Wolfgang, our financial genius, has always done his financial analytics using the traditional methods existing for decades. The exposure to the capabilities of the supercomputer is opening up new horizons. Quip realizes that his programming of ICABOD from an A.I. aspect is open to expanding the processes being encountered from a follow the money perspective. It is a positive yet disarming realization for Quip. Can the gains only come at losses that might occur?

Even with family sometimes lunch is business

In this story we wanted to further explore and expand the relationship between the father and daughter, with a focus on their business acumen. At this juncture they both run different but very successful companies. Thiago also sees this as an opportunity to keep Lara current on his business, just in case. Now that she is all grown up, Thiago admires her capabilities, yet still thinks of her as his daughter. To a degree this is the world over effort of fathers taking care of daughters while daughters worry about making their fathers proud. If you are a father, do you help your daughter grow and learn? Can you see your relationship in this snippet?

Do older folks just trust more?

These days it seems the swindles come out of the woodwork for the older generation. The days of happy retirement and relaxing may in reality not be enough to fill in boredom, regardless of the original profession. Older folks are wise, experienced, and sometimes a little too trusting. We wanted to add a bit of that flavor as Carlos and Juan worry about their only living blood relative. Jesus is as sharp as ever or sharp as a tack, depending upon one's viewpoint. Do any of you have family members who seems to invest oddly as they get older, or simply look at more of those catalogs in the mail. Is marketing a weapon aided by technology for distribution? Enjoy!

Lifestyles of the rich and yet richer

We have met lot of fascinating people in our business travels. People and those interactions often come into the stories in unexpected ways. Flying in private commercial aircraft gives a totally different viewpoint. If you ever come across a flight attendant like Cathy you will be entertained and yet recognize that she puts your safety first. These days flying with the masses is hardly ever fun or entertaining. You may hear stories from a seatmate, but you likely won't be laughing with the crew. It's almost as if aircraft travel has become a suspended animation experience. Let us know what sort of flight attendant you would rather have on a flight. Someone only there for your safety or someone who creates a richer customer experience while traveling?

One view of Workforce Experience-Optimized

Our immersive roles as technology geeks has us tasked daily delivering more enablers for collaboration and productivity which should help drive an enhanced customer experience. However we find sometimes that the technical solutions we work with end up growing legs and becoming their own worse enemy. My co-author was accosted by the "Ergonomic Police" for not using the adjustable desk and chair properly at his work station. In this sequence we wanted to show how technology could adapt to how the individual works rather than the other way around. We feel that should be the guiding principle in our field. We added the way the work areas are adaptive to individuals because everyone tends to work and play a bit differently. We see it in products that come to market and we feel it with the changes in the work environment. Tell us what you are seeing in your work environment and how you would like to see it changed.

The front man uses gut instinct

Good investigations occur by both the 'man' in the field and the back office analytics nerds. This particular character, Stalker, has been a field spook for a long time. We like putting him into situations where he is out of his element, just to see what he stumbles into, especially as he wants to change the types of assignment he works. In his chapter he is totally out of his comfort zone. His boss of many years, doesn't mind the full insight from Stalker, but has found it to be off topic at times. The two have this easy relationship even when working the tough cases. In an unstable work environment does the free-form banter with others help get you through a rough patch? If you are in a work role with the rules constantly changing can those around you help with the transition? Stalker feels that way, how about you?

Building a watch on the way to the bakery

Some people simple like the answer in crisp, succinct bullets. We have worked for someone like that perhaps you have as well. Then there are those that really like to see all the details of how you arrived at a decision point or a solution. We have all met people that really take this to the far limits of the subject and possibly set off your snooze-o-meter. The team often likes to try to yank Quip's chain and this chapter provides a clear view of how that can be accomplished. Note, it is okay if he does it but not if others do. Let us know if that reminds you of someone you know. Enjoy!

Is social media the answer for arguments?

Like most of us, Roundhouse and his bride of 30 years, Mildred, are simply trying to understand the sands of time. Wives of over 20 years, like Mildred, often take an active interest. Social media is an outlet that can help people see the bigger world and possibly another point of view. Many today find it important to get the agreement of a thousand of their closest friends on almost any subject. We use this as a jumping off point for a viral sensation Mildred creates later in the story. Because, as we all know how vicious and even lethal the wrong statement on social media can be. How much do you rely on social media outlets? Do they help shape your opinions? In the end, Roundhouse and Mildred are a solid couple that just love one another in spite of what life throws at them. Send us your opinions.

Banter inside a 3-letter agency!

Our U.S. feds often call upon our series heroes within the R-Group when the battle becomes undefined. Behind closed doors these two have some odd idiosyncrasies which come out at the strangest times during their working relationship. Sometimes it helps to take complex cyber vulnerabilities and contrast them with slightly non-nonsensical mundane things like Jim's jelly donuts being snitched. But crimes are crimes right? And to be honest with our readers, humor takes all sorts of forms. What are your thoughts? Have you thought of people in roles designed to protect in this sort of setting? If not, why not?

Old Folks Learn Anew

Juan and Carlos have looked after one another for a long time. The only family they still have left alive is an uncle who tends to live life to the fullest. Which is to say he excels at getting into trouble. He'd been set up by his nephews to life an easy life, but he simply could not enjoy the lack of challenge. In this chapter he is trying very hard to convince Juan that he did the right thing for the right reasons. He certainly has his own colorful way of expressing himself and the steps he took. Do you have to deal with anyone like this? How would you handle the situation? Hope you enjoy the fun!

The picture isn't always right

In this chapter both Petra and Jacob know something is wrong, but simply can't find it. They are frustrated at missing a piece of the puzzle that will likely make things a bit clear. To help shift the thinking somewhat, Petra adds a bit of humor and get Jacob to join it. She hopes it will get them thinking out of the box. Do you have special techniques to help redirected your thoughts in order to solve a problem? Does humor work for you in approaching tough problems, or does humor even work for you? Let us know and be sure to read the rest of the story to find out what the missing puzzle piece is.

Character interactions

For us the writing is a mixture of very serious technology reality and delving into the character interactions. We use several methods to develop the interplay between each of our main characters. One of the things we seem to effortlessly include are custom acronyms. In the technology field, like many businesses a in-house speak is developed. The same holds true for our stories. In this case the serious positioning of DDD is one such effort. We want our readers to have fun discovering our many creations. What do you think. Check out the page on our website where we include them all. Enjoy this snippet, read the story.

Being nervous versus being scared

Alisha and LJ are the minor bad guys in this tale and possibly in over their heads. Alisha has shown her ability in the past to be tough and harsh, but in this scene we wanted to show a different side that only her full time time male would see. We hope her analogy back to a childhood event would make people sympathize and chuckle at the imagery. Does it help you picture her as a young girl aggravating her brother and his friends? Do you think this influenced where she wanted to take her life and what she wanted to do? Are these people just two kids playing at adults? Let us know.

Laying some foundation

When taking on a new area like commodities trading, we try to prepare our readers with a level set. In this chapter, we wanted to look not just at commodities trading, but some of the people who are in that world. By seeing things through their eyes, we provide a level set on the market and how pricing may be impacted. Some people in business forget to focus on the business side and rather try to slide by on their looks or flirtations. We felt many readers could relate to this and wanted to have one of our favorite male characters in the right light. What do you think? Do situations come up in business that could be suggestive and shouldn't be?

Trains and Commodities

American has a vast amount of resources which are a part of the commodities market. We noticed that as the world changes with technology inroads like solar and wind power generation, the impact on portions of the commodities marketplace can be dramatic and transform communities seemingly overnight. Commodities trading is too abstract for most folks so to make it more engaging we explore the abstract as told by our characters who have to endure a technology driven problem. We added the aspect of trains which transport various resources along with the people who have worked in that field their whole lives. Roundhouse is a character typical of many people we have worked with in the field. We also used a bit of Burkey's uncle in the character development as he received his gold watch for 50 years of service. Hardworking people do not take kindly to being ignored or used unfairly. Let us know if you know of anyone impacted in a similar manner.

Superb Office Automation

We have always like technology embedded into our stories because our other professional careers contain a lot of technology. Our R-Group operations center puts Workforce Experience at the top of list making this a top place for folks to want to work. The difference is you must be invited to work here. In this segment we have an extensive description of the work space of Jacob's and how he takes capabilities and adapts to his physiology and his work needs. It also hints at how work spaces of the others differ. Is this a work space of the future or can you have it now? Would you want this type of work space? Wouldn't this make a great gift for the techo-geek on your list? A little view of what goes on in our techno-thriller stories! Please share your thoughts!

Watching over the world

The series is written in such a way that readers can start with any book and enjoy the story because we add enough background to help frame the interactions. It is richer when it is read in total (plus we appreciate that dedication from a reader). In this chapter, our heroes within the R-Group are investigating the issue of predatory pricing, but with a twist using commodities. We found this as the focus for this story because of the radical swings we are seeing across all the markets, along with several countries' populations being displaced through economic churn. We added the realities of the world and how these elements can have wide impact, especially with commodities. A new book trailer was recently posted to our website to also highlight how this is possible in our techno thriller. Let us know what you think.

Lost and found

Even Bad Boys like Carlos and Juan make family count every time. Their uncle has his own set of challenges and trials even after they had his identity alerted with the help of the R-Group team and relocated him out of harms way. Uncle Jesus had been missing for long enough that the brothers wanted to initiate a private hunt. While older Carlos is at home, Juan has been on the quest to find his uncle. We enjoy adding humor to even the most serious situations. What do you think of the humor and the right turn at the end of this chapter? How did it make you feel? Do you want to read the whole chapter?

New love is more creative

Writing about relationships in a story can be challenge especially with lots of characters and many blossoming relationships. As much fun as steamy prose in the sheets can be, this couple EZ and Quip, are in the early stages of their romance and living arrangement. We wanted to have some real fun with the natural division of chores that might be much more interesting foreplay. Do you think that playing around with chores is more fun than doing them? What other chores would be fun to play at as a forerunner to more passion? Brokers has several, but this is one way couples might consider to learn about another before making a lifetime commitment. What are your thoughts? Did we hit the mark?

Family is ..., well, trying sometimes

We think it is important to add humor into our stories, it helps Burkey practice. We find that sometimes humor is used in strange ways in many of our real life exchanges. This is what we try to bring into our tales. We find that everyone has a different sense of humor. Sometimes it is used for simply laughing, to relieve stress, or acknowledging how absurd a situation appears. As a wise philosopher once said without humor there would be no way for us to deal with a lot of things in our life. What are your uses of humor? We might incorporate it into our next story.

Heartless evil exists

In this chapter we are introducing a major bad player. We wanted no doubt in the reader's mind that this leader was simply bad to his core. Some leaders are nurturing in their handling of their team members so they can grow; others micro-manager their people and allow no free thought process; there is a third kind that seems to actually thrive on the torment designed to cultivate fear. The last group of leaders definitely subscribe to the this third approach with a 'pays to advertise' mindset. We thought this would be the most impactful way to represent absolute evilness for a new character. Of course, this might just be loosely based on a boss or two in our professional career. Let us know if you see anybody you know....

A Youthful Prank - Lasting Issues

Sometimes a new destiny occurs in the turn of a minute. This story was launched based on current world events where markets no longer conform to the old rules and where old technologies with conventional wisdom are being replaced with a new frightening one. We also wanted to weave in how decisions or crossroads in life can take a person one way or another. Some are minor crossroads and some are major. This minor event changed this character in a major way. Have you ever made a decision early on in life and then wondered what if you had chosen differently? Come explore what occurs when the wrong path is taken and there is no way to take it back.

The Killer Enigma

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Enough is Enough - JJ rumbled when the Paparazzi invaded dinner
When JJ and Jo recognize privacy doesn’t exist for them, they head back to Magnolia Bluff to check on their friends and recapture the small-town anonymity.

They reject the status of urban legends in favor of acceptance and a quiet, peaceful life. A supermodel needs time and space to recharge herself between jobs, and he needs time to adore his wife.

Does Magnolia Bluff hold the answers to their prayers, or will a dark past overtake them?

Past, present, and future collide in a perfect storm no one expected. JJ and Jo need to take action. Chief Tommy Jager states he likes them, but he can’t wait for them to get back to their day jobs.

Who will live or die to prevent the truth from being exposed? The answers may be in the graveyard with the fresh flowers.
Their friends are targets – Their dreams are broken – They must fight

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from The Killer Enigma

Can vacations in Magnolia Bluff be relaxing?

Jo, a famous Brazilian model, and her husband, JJ, a behind-the-scenes cyber security master, are ready to celebrate their first anniversary early. Their prior travel to Texas landed them in the middle of a risky teen trafficking operation. Returning to the friends they made in that small town, had Jo yearning for a chance to be a regular tourist. JJ wants his bride happy. Jo wants to go riding on horseback without someone aiming a camera her way. The goal is relaxation and spending time together. Come join the pair and learn how a simple vacation can be turned upside down by the unexpected. The Killer Enigma is available in ebook or paperback. You are invited to visit the website for other samples and free downloads. We look forward to and thank you in advance for your reviews.

JJ considers some sage advice

JJ, recently taking the reigns of the cyber assassin technology services or CATS team wants to do an excellent job. He is married to a renowned model who travels the world with his aunt and uncle keeping Jo safe. Brayson, originally hired by his mom and dad, was his right-hand support. Brayson knew the business inside and out. Plus his background was essential to the success of CATS. He also cared for JJ like an older brother wanting to remove obstacles if he could to help JJ succeed. Their skills matched perfectly and he respected the abilities and attitude JJ brought to the business. JJ takes Brayson's advice more readily than he would his parents. He also trusted Brayson. Find out how this early advise can help JJ and Jo recover that newlywed glow if they can stay out of the line of fire, by reading The Killer Enigma in ebook or paperback formats. We invite you to visit our website for samples of all the stories and free downloads. We look forward to and appreciate your reviews. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our stories.

Fame is Overrated

JoW is an international model recognized everywhere, especially in Brazil, where she resides with her husband, JJ. They want a night out without fuss. Someone shared where they were dining, and the reporters descended. JJ will go to any length to protect his love. The restaurant typically protects patrons' privacy. The owner enjoys their visits, having known them for years. Find how the details between the covers of this cozy mystery. JJ will use all his connections to get his wife some relaxing fun somewhere. Enjoy the latest installment in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles. The stories by each of the Underground Authors are unique, yet they tell all the details about this small town in Texas. Learn more at We invite you to read this book and would appreciate your review.

Enigma Tracer

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The clock is ticking ... can Gracie uncover the truth?
Phillip Pliant is the wealthy opportunist plastics dealer, and CEO of Pliant Industries. He’s also a master thief—creating a pervasive threat to the manufacturing infrastructure in the Caribbean islands markets. With the cartel as his stealth client, the naïve city leaders have been seduced, enabling the production of more than 3-dimentional building materials.

And set the stage for massive chaos and destruction.

Pliant has locked up contracts, assets, and control of any future expansion. His contacts and clients salivate over their probable financial reward—the expected profits are monstrous.

Is the R-Group, now led by Gracie and the family heirs, strong enough to win against this predator? Can JJ’s CATS (Cyber Assassin Technology Services) act on the root-cause analysis in time?
Will the R-Group and CATS sabotage Pliant’s plan before it’s too late?
Can Jeff and Keith use their covert skills to put the bad guys away for good?
Will Gracie be able to squash Pliant and the cartels?
Can the chain of islands survive the underhanded tactics and threats?

Gracie never considered their lives would hang in the balance between winning and losing. Will the devious plot be uncovered in time? The clock is ticking. Five ... four ... three ...

Book Bubbles from Enigma Tracer

A turn of events

Gracie, the featured speaker at the European Financial Symposium, delivered a stellar speech and wanted to take in the sites of Amsterdam during the remaining time. Jeff, her boyfriend, is by her side to help her achieve those goals. The hotel asks for a special favor she finds impossible to resist. This one event and social media outpouring creates an avenue Gracie can later exploit. We invite you to read or listen to Enigma Tracer to learn how Gracie and Jeff open themselves up to unimagined risks to help others. The amazing rendition by Derek Shoals, voice of The Enigma Series will capture your imagination. You can find more samples of our stores at Thank you in advance and we look forward to your review. Take care.

Jeff and Gracie - Finding Their Way

Jeff loves Gracie, but in some ways, he feels she is out of his league. She's never said that, but he realizes there is a lot about her he doesn't know. He uses his connections and influence to get Gracie a coveted speaking engagement at a global event. Gracie adores Jeff. He is intelligent, and thoughtful, and keeps her on her toes. There are hidden portions of her life that might put him at risk, so she's a bit reserved. The two of them have a budding relationship. Will it go further? Will Gracie's fears become reality? We invite you to read Enigma Tracer in paperback or eBook formats. Or if listening is easier for your lifestyle we believe you will enjoy Derek Shoale's rendition in audiobook. He is the voice actor of our series. Take a moment and visit our website and check out the free downloads and the contest we run every month for posted reviews. Thank you in advance. We appreciate your support.

An unexpected celebration

Jeff is an educated professional living in New York. He enjoys a comfortable life yet doesn't waste money or time on unexpected things. He cares greatly for Gracie but knows she's hiding something. Gracie works as a Director in New York for a bank that gets significant attention. She likes Jeff but worries he will get hurt from her other job. Covertly she also works for the R-Group, a family business focused on fighting cybercrime, especially when it threatens everyday people. Her connection to the R-Group gets her a great deal of information faster than most others in the world. Find out if Jeff and Gracie can overcome their obstacles and build a relationship. Enigma Tracer is the first book in the Enigma Heirs series, available in ebook, paperback, and in May 2023, in audiobook, delivered by the incomparable voice of the series Derek Shoales. We look forward to your reviews and invite you to visit our website for even more samples of our stories—many thanks for considering my request.

Best Friends from College

Gracie learned through extensive home-schooling her entire life until she begged for a chance to take a graduate course at a renowned university. The curriculum gave her different skills and introduced her to a best friend. R-Group, her family business, was not a topic of discussion with her new friend. Bailey led a sheltered life with protective parents who wanted their daughter to have an appreciation for the environment. They wanted her to join their legacy of helping protect the world from poor waste disposal practices. Her graduate course provided tools she'd need to get funding and speak to conservationists. Together these girls forged a bond and trust to stand the test of time. We invite you to read Enigma Tracer on pre-order until March 31, 2022. Please enjoy the opening sample, but the thrills are just beginning in this TechnoThriller and is the first book in the Enigma Heirs series. Please visit our website for more samples of our stories. You can get free downloads and a chance every month to win $25 by posting a review of any of our stories.

The Enigma Threat

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

ICABOD is destroyed and key members of the R-Group are declared renegades, with Quip thrown in jail. In the new digital world, there is no tolerance for privately owned supercomputers. Globally, computers are hunted and destroyed for the greater good, by the new cyber police CESPOOL. The information this group receives is manipulated by subversive hidden machine learning devices, the MAG running on the Darknet.

Judith and Xiamara are freebooters who steal machine time for their PaaS, porn as a service business. The machine they chose for delivery is the last untapped supercomputer not in the hands of a sovereign. Their activity is spotted by the MAG, but the renegade R-Group steps in to alter the outcome. Leroy teams up with Zara to help these opportunists escape prosecution. They are drafted as reluctant participants in the fight.

Jacob and Quip are trapped in the Chihuahuan Desert trying to reconstruct the base of ICABOD’s logic core. The stress of their isolation is taking a toll. Their wives and children are safe in Brazil for the time being, but Interpol is prowling for answers.

The R-Group has assembled a way to communicate with orphaned satellites. While the next R-Group plans the ultimate honey pot to trap their nemesis who is driving their corrupted agenda. The odds are against R-Group’s success, but they have creative surprises on their side.

Gracie, working for World Bank, has inroads to CESPOOL via Tanja who has questionable loyalty. Gracie finds possible love in a lawyer, Jeff Woods, who has expertise needed to trap the owners of MAG.

Using deep fakes will allow Quip to escape purgatory and restart life with EZ and their children. But they can’t go home so the question becomes where.

The stakes have never been higher. The R-Group young and old must rise to defeat the MAG.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Threat

Best mentor ever...

Xiamara and Judith are working on their new online business and making money. It inspires a bit of reminiscing about how they arrived at this point in their careers. Masters in program creation and coding, Judith and Xiamara believe the professor they tagged Madam Z was the beginning of their success. Friends before college, these girls count on one another when times are good or difficult. More like sisters than most friends, they know one another well enough to finish sentences and coding sequences in their applications. Will these two stay out of trouble or are they waiting for trouble to find them? We invite you to find our reading, The Enigma Threat, in paperback or ebook. For those who prefer to listen, the voice of our series, Derek Shoales, delivers an award-winning rendition of this book, which we know you'll enjoy. We want to thank you in advance for your fair review posted to all your favorite places. You might enjoy visiting our website,, for other story samples and free downloads. Enjoy the thrills.

Team Efforts

Quip is incarcerated because those in power changed technology laws to suit their naïve definition of reality. There is no trial in the foreseeable future for the man, but he did nothing improper, well almost. The R-Group members have the tools to create a new identity if they can get him out of jail. It is a high-risk activity for everyone, especially Bruno. Bruno, a family friend, works in Interpol and has agreed to help his lifelong friend. Can Jacob and Bruno get Quip out without getting arrested? Will Granger get to hug his dad again? We invite you to read the ebook or paperback to find even more answers. If you prefer a narrated version, Derek Shoales is the voice of the Enigma Series. If you want more samples, please visit our website and don't forget to grab the free downloads. Thank you in advance, Breakfield and Burkey.

Accepted as Different

Leroy spent most of his life cutting corners and conning people out of their money. When he connected with the R-Group, they helped him find a way to the good side. At an early age, he was selling blessed wine goblets gotten from Walmart. Leroy's gift is using the correct turn of a phrase or getting sympathy to leverage a situation to his benefit. Juan offers him a way to get revenge by helping right the wrongs of those manipulating technology for their gain, regardless of the human cost. He jumps at the chance to join causes for the good of humankind. Enjoy reading or listening to the Enigma Series. Read these stories in any order for a great thriller experience, but the characters evolve over the series. Derek Shoales is the voice of the series and delivers an outstanding rendition of The Enigma Threat. We invite you to visit for samples of all the books and free downloads. We look forward to your review. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Storytelling Starts Early

Granger, the only son of Quip, the R-Group's supercomputer designer, decided to help his wrongly incarcerated dad escape. His Uncle Jacob and Bruno, a family friend Bruno from Interpol, orchestrated the con. If they pull this off, the next hurdle is finding a secure hiding place until the situation gets resolved. The guards are smart regarding the prisoners but outclassed regarding technology utilization—a lucky gap for possible success in their risky mission. Read or listen to The Enigma Threat. It is available from your favorite retailers in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats. We look forward to your reviews and invite you to visit our website to check out the latest in our contests, shorts stories, upcoming releases, and FREE downloads. Thank you.

Family first - the commitment

Quip becomes incarcerated for having technology outside new laws designed to control and moderate digital capabilities. Those in power, outside of governments, are pulling the strings. Cyber heroes of the R-Group fight back to help and protect against cyber criminals. The latest generation of the R-Group possesses the most open minds to battle cyber thugs from the dark net but fights for families first. Technology is valuable but only with the proper guardrails in place. Our digital world, filled with criminals looking for any opportunity to control and steal from the everyday person, contains threats activated with a single click. Who are the winners, and who are not? Find out in The Enigma Threat. We invite you to read this story in ebook or paperback format or listen to our incredible voice of the series, Derek Shoales. Check out for samples and free stuff. Reach out to with questions. Thank you in advance for your reviews.

Mexican Safe Haven? Really?

Juan and Julie are transporting Quip and Jacob to Mexico to allow time to learn more about the threat of the cyber police and who or what is behind their efforts. Quip evacuated the facility in Zurich only to be jailed with unseen charges or day in court. Jacob helped gain his release, but the R-Group shattered when Quip eliminated ICABOD, their supercomputer. Their fight against cyber scum and their lives are in jeopardy. Will the family reunite? Will they still help mankind fight cyber attacks? Can the greed of some be stopped? We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Threat. The story is available in ebook, paperback, or audiobook (narrated by the award winning Derek Shoales). We look forward to your reviews. You can also find samples, deals, and free stuff on our website

Use What You Must When you Can

Tanja is caught between the rock and the.... She has made too many mistakes to catch a break. The goals she originally strived for vanished now that she is owned by cybercriminals. Now her daughter is being dangled about to make certain Tanja meets their demands. Tracy, a cyber cop, is a bit too ambitious. The right or wrong of her actions is of no consequence. It is her ability to be better than any of her peers. This tough woman only plays to win and for top recognition. Neither of these miserable human beings care about collateral damage or impacts that don't hurt they positions. This thriller will show you their fate and the outcome of their choices. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Threat available in ebook, paperback, and audible. The audible is performed by the incredible voice acting of Derek Shoales. Our website has samples of all the novels, booktrailers, and free stuff. We look forward to your fair reviews.

Twisted Digital Analysis

Every nation operates under a set of laws and community norms consistent with their societal evolution. As the world digital capabilities expand the overlap for good and evil easily crosses borders. The checks and balances for a country to maintain its individuality is easily muddied with the various digital presentations of information. No longer is the threat simply from military onslaught, though that is not insignificant. The stealing, planting, and manipulation of data is more difficult to find, control, and survive. It is the information management between sovereign nations that poses the biggest challenge. The fight for power, money, and dominance is conducted on a different field of battle, but the stakes are much higher. Enjoy the challenges of The Enigma Threat in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats. We look forward to your review. We also invite you to visit our website at for samples, book trailers, and free downloads. Take care.

Luck Needed when Technology Fails

Jacob, Granger, and Bruno are staged to break into jail in a bold effort to get Quip free. For this to work the subterfuge needs to be both believable and executed perfectly. And of course a little bit of luck is always welcome in a desperate gamble. Jacob, Senior member and top programmer of the R-Group takes on he role of a slimy lawyer. Granger, Quip's son, wants a part in this scheme, which ends up working to the groups' advantage. Bruno, Quip's friend since childhood, is crossing the line from his work with Interpol. Will these three achieve their goal? And what will the fallout be? We invite you to read or listen to this story. A review would also be appreciated. You might enjoy the sample chapters, videos and free giveaways on

Real or Sophisticated Porn-gramming

The Internet offers a wide array of new, programs, services, and streaming. The question is how real or fake is any of it. Xiamara and Judith, entrepreneurs with exception programming skills, are trying to pay rent. Using a business model and praying on the voyeuristic fantasies of potential customers they create an alternate reality. They find competition is pushing their creativity to its limits. For many creatives it's the thrill of creating a program others simply clamor to use. Find out if Judith and Xiamara learn that stepping over some lines is simply not worth it. Read or listen to The Enigma Threat as an ebook, paperback, or audible. We look forward to your review and comments.

Dressed Down by Your Boss

Bruno is a part of Interpol and long-time friend of his childhood friend, Quip. However, Quip was jailed for using a supercomputer contrary to recent changes in European law. The current global political climate ignores the power and influence the huge technology players have backed. Bruno did help gain Quip's freedom without his leadership's approval. Because that prison break also had him incapacitated and left in the cell. His boss, Eric Petit, is frustrated with Bruno making such a junior mistake. Chief Petit has always supported his team, but doesn't cut them any slack when they make a mistake. Bruno doesn't have a even a handful of mistakes, but this one is a doozy. You'll need to read this one to find out what Bruno does with the reprimand and how his boss deals with the fallout. Read or listen to this story in ebook, paperbook, or audible formats. We look forward to your reviews and you can reach out to us though

Almost Safe in Mexico

Juan and Julie are transporting the prisoner escapee (and friend), Quip to Mexico, while the R-Group tries to clear his name and get the team operations center operational somewhere. Juan and Carlos had their operations in Mexico before they learned of the R-Group which changed their lives. Quip, the consummate smart-alec often forgets himself when he's on a roll. The adults on the plane are not amused, including his wife EZ. The children however think its almost cool, except for the snakes. This destination is not an all-inclusive vacation spot, but it will provide shelter and safety from authorities for a while if they mind their Ps and Qs. Enjoy this book in ebook, paperback, and audible (by the amazing Derek Shoales) formats. Please let a review. We invite you to visit our website for free stuff.

Turning One's Life Around

Leroy hooked up with Jesus, Juan's uncle when he had connected with a group controlling global commodities. As a way to keep Leroy from falling into another bad actor role, he and Jesus lived off their savings and looked out for one another. When Jesus dies, Juan offers Leroy another chance at life helping defeat the bad actors using all of his skills. It is a change that Leroy may or may not embrace. You'll need to read this volume to discover his choices. Please enjoy this story in ebook, paperback or audible formats. The audible is performed by our award-winning voice actor Derek Shoales. We invite you to take a moment when you finish the story to write a review. You can also find more samples, book trailers, and free stuff on our website at

Honorable or Despicable-Tough Call

Juan Jr. is in Brazil gaining some special training on satellite signals and cloud communications. The mixture of methods for communications is complex to the nth degree. Carlos, his uncle is a master with all of the methods. With his guidance the learning curve was slashed to weeks rather than years. Of course, Juan Jr has been learning from a very young age. They are both working to salvage the refugees, Jacob and Quip, hiding out in Mexico trying to assemble the core for ICABOD, the R-Group's supercomputer. Others on the team are looking for ways to stop the insidious compromise of global information. The stakes for mankind's freedom have never been higher. We look forward to your review of the ebook, paperback, and audible (narrated by the award-winning voice actor Derek Shoales)

It's All Perspective

Xiamara and Judith are two geeky girls trying to get by on their creative wits. These two aren't afraid of hard work, but they want everything their way. (our surprised look goes here) The are together in Argentina having completed a great programming education in Puerto Rico. They want to build their own business but those pesky customers are asking for something different. They hit on the idea of offering PaaS to meet both objectives of customer satisfaction and profits, but perhaps their business model is a little too good! You'll want to read or listen to the entire story to find out just how creative these two ladies are. We invite you to visit our website for free downloads and book trailers. We look forward to your review!

The Ultimate Chapter Close

Quip, creator of ICABOD, R-Group's leading edge supercomputer took drastic measures to stand up for the freedom of humanity. Of course that nobility seems a long way off when you are bound up and laying on your stomach. Changing laws and increased fears of technology domination over humans puts due process at risk. It also minimizes agreement for safeguards on technology. Mankind continues to battle the results of money, power, and corruption. Without a balance of actions and counteractions along with fair governance, greedy people take control. With technology in the mix, what happens when that thirst for greed is the main driver over knowledge? Find out in paperback, ebook, and audible formats how this cyberwar for humankind ends and who wins. share your reviews!

Surprise Visitor From the Past

Zara spent a good part of her life on the wrong side of morality. She looked out for number 1, unless her masters directed otherwise. Carlos and Zara had crossed paths in those days. Zara for years has lived in the Caribbean keeping a low profile. Carlos is married to Lara living in Brazil supporting global telecommunications. The last person he expect to knock on the door is Zara. A needy Zara at that. Trust of Zara is not forthcoming simply because she knocked. Carlos is more than aware of Zara's abilities. Can these two find any common ground? Will this meeting help or hurt the goals of the R-Group? You'll need to read, ebook or paperback, or listen to this thriller in its entirety. Released as of Jan 2021. We look forward to your review.

Planning a Jail Break!

Bruno, long time friend of Quip, and Interpol detective agreed to help Jacob gain Quip's release. However, this will be a non-standard release. Granger, Quip's son, wants his dad to come home and is included to help make the switch work. The jail system doesn't have updated technology, but it works as needed. The plan is simple and yet if they are caught, there will be no defense. Some crimes simply don't get due justice. You an pick up a copy of the ebook or paperback no available on Amazon. Visit our website to view the trailer and download a sample chapter. We look forward to your review, Reach out anytime to

What's a CAMILA?

Tanja continues to sit right on top of the fence between good and evil. Sadly she is doing enough dipping on each side to put herself in a hot mess. M represents the MAG and uses Tanja to drive the MAG agenda. It is helpful to be on the leading edge of information, or so Tanja believes. Tanja doesn't know who to trust for what. She desperately wants her life and family back. Is MAG the real key to getting her daughter and husband back? The Enigma Threat is in pre-order on Amazon until January 8. It will be live in ebook, paperback and audible formats on that date. We look forward to your reviews. Happy New Year.

Would The Professor Be Proud?

Judith and Xiamara are opportunistic programmers. with freebooter tendencies. They learned at the feet of an amazing programmer, Madam Z. Now they are out in the real-world trying to make their way by monetizing their internet activities. Did you ever think or recall a teacher who influenced you and wondered if they would approve your choices? Suppose your products were a little on the Darknet side? These graduates may or may not have taken to heart all their training, but they do recall who taught them. Perhaps that says enough when you can recall a teacher's name long after graduation. The Enigma Threat is on pre-order now and will be ready on January 8 2021. We look forward to your review of the ebook, paperback or audible formats. Thank you for support our stories. Feel free to reach out to us directly at

Planning the Great Escape!

Quip is incarcerated. The plan is to use their Interpol contact to facilitate the escape. This is definitely an all in effort by the R-Group. Jacob wants to make certain that there are no mistakes. At this junction, making a mistake inside the jail could land them all along side Quip! Granger, Quip's son is young and passionate about freeing his dad. He is also scared stupid. The Enigma Threat is available for pre-order now and releasing January 8 2021. Check it out. We look forward to your reviews.

Geeky Girls, Freebooters, and PaaS

Judith is a lovely, talented programmer who knows her way around a keyboard or a man with equal efficiency. Xiamara is as talented as her running buddy Judith, but with less edge. They are independent and determined to succeed in the technology field. Trained by the best they continue to think out of the box. Their newest gig in Argentina is on an appropriated supercomputer trying to optimize a revenue stream with Porn as a Service (PaaS). A bit stray from the morale laws in place, however they believe their tracks are hidden. The Enigma Threat is on preorder and part of a #kickstarter campaign we would appreciate your support on.

Cellmates Come In All Types

Quip, the R-Group creator of ICABOD, is incarcerated for using leading edge technology that has been outlawed. He is facing a long term sentence with little chance of trial. The laws have put technology in the hands of entities which can be readily controlled. Jesus and Leroy are surprise guests in the detention facilities. These two men went down the straight and narrow after the R-Group voted on their redeemable qualities. They are here on the inside to help break Quip out. In a perfect world technology would always support for the greater good of humanity rather than supporting the self-interests of a few. This is a decisive issue in The Enigma Threat. Release is January 8 2021. Get your pre-order in now. We look forward to your reviews. The two editorial reviews are quite good. You can learn more at

Deal with the Devil?-Nope, it's just A.I.

Tanja is still manipulated by the MAG Group to move their self-serving agenda forward. Technology has evolved to the point where additional regulations are put in place to help protect people but no one sees it that way. The MAG group quite simply wants to dominate humanity through their technology, social media, and big data domination. The years of machine learning have allowed infiltration to every part of people's connectivity. The Enigma Threat showcases the Next Generation of the R-Group as they take on MAG. This confrontation is the most difficult challenge our cyber heroes have every faced. Take advantage of the Pre-Order option on the ebook available through January 8 2021. The paperback and audible will release in January too! We look forward to your feedback in the form of a review. Thank you for your support.

Ouch! Cyber Global Governing, Really?

With enough data, compute power, greed, and imagination the global power houses were positioned to control humanity. The information fed to individuals and companies were to drive specific buying and thinking behaviors. A delicate balance to say the least. New cyber police with the authority to hunt down and destroy operations based on guidelines which could be misinterpreted or manipulated to drive a desired result. No one said the result was based on human logic. Apparently this group doesn't understand the original definition of assume, but we bet you do! The Enigma Threat places the heroes of the R-Group trying to expose the cyber manipulators hiding in what humans demand access to 24 x 7. Sometimes people are blinded by the rhetoric and marketing or they settle for easy. Check out The Enigma Threat and pre-order on Amazon today. The release of the eBook, Paperback, and Audible is scheduled for Jan 8 2021. We look forward to your reviews. Contact us

Remember When?

Quip was beaten and taken to the gulag in Zurich by the cyber police under a law to jail those who have personal supercomputers. In trying to stand up against tyranny he now needs to fight the good & righteous fight from behind bars. In his disheveled state, both hungry and physically stressed his dreams take him back to a happier time with his bride. Sometimes dreams are a comforting escape for people. He needs the comfort of his loving wife and his dreams take him back to a time when the problem he is facing is if he will rot forever in jail. Criminals accused of this crime don't make it to trial. Machine learning and supercomputing is at an all time high and gain more mind-share each day. Find out the challenges the R-Group faces trying to battle these cyber terrorists without ICABOD. The race is on. The Enigma Threat is available January 2021 and on $.99 pre-order until then. It will have all the formats available. We look forward to your reviews and feedback. Reach out to us at, or visit our website and check out the book trailer today!

You want me to open the door?

Quip created a leading edge supercomputer with all the machine learning capabilities and guardrails to help humanity. In the R-Group's operation center in Switzerland he is about to launch a major protest against current laws forbidding private supercomputers. It makes no difference how good the support of the R-Group has been to countries and businesses around the world as they are now treated like criminals. The full force of the International Police team, CESPOOL, is brought in to force Quip into submission. He has some tough decisions to make and the outcome of his choice can change the course of cyber terror and cyber battles for generations to come. Please take a look at the book trailer on our YouTube channel EnigmaSeries or our website. We look forward to your comments. This discounted pre-order of $.99 for the ebook will last until it goes live January 8 2021. Don't miss this great read.

The Enigma Factor

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Book Bubbles from The Enigma Factor

Thinking back

Jacob, programmer extraordinaire, enjoyed a good challenge when it came to security data networks. Sometimes, the road to security was a great program, while other avenues might be more straightforward, like frequently changing passwords. His friend Buzz seemed to have his mind at the other end of the spectrum. Just getting by was his mantra. In New York, having a stable job, a chance to play with programs, and a chance to help others remain safe and secure was all Jacob thought he needed. He was neither happy nor dissatisfied with his life, but comfortable with things he understood. That's about to change. We invite you to learn about how Jacob changes in The Enigma Factor and what challenges he faces. Will he succeed? The thriller is available in ebook, paperback, or audiobook form. You might enjoy the free downloads at We look forward to your review. Thank you in advance.

Right questions, good answers, but what else?

Jacob works in New York with a firm specializing in security. He finds and fixes gaps in business networks that hackers exploit. He is a brilliant programmer and curious about technology as a whole. When his mother died, he inherited her property and the need to strive for success, disregarding social life to focus on work. Otto is a man who owns a controlling interest in something he refers to as the R-Group. The access to it and details about its services are limited to what the group decides to take on. Jacob has no idea of the arena he walked through the doors to discover. Will curiosity be his downfall or his salvation? Enjoy this story in ebook and paperback formats. For a different more immersive perspective we invite you to listen to the audiobook version. We look forward to your reviews on Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon, and more. If you want to enjoy samples of our other stories, please consider a visit to Pssst-you'll find contests and free downloads on our website too!

First Date Surprises

Jacob spent the majority of his time working. Socializing with a friend or two was rare. He met a lady named Petra at a convention in Las Vegas and they found some common ground. Petra had a sheltered life though she is a renowned technologist in encryption of data. Their first real discussion was very spirited but they finally re-connect and make plans for a date. The results are unexpected. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Factor. It is available in ebook, paperback, and audio book formats. The threat vector for this story is Identity Theft, but it gives you a great introduction to the series. Additional story samples, short stories, free downloads are available at Thank you

Finding Common Ground

Jacob and Petra met at a tech event in Las Vegas. They conversed around technology and security, their favorite topic. The small slice of time piqued their mutual interest, even when Petra thought he was too trusting of the latest cyber scum. They reconnected in New York where Jacob lived and Petra was in town doing contract work. As you can see their first date was a disconnect. However, it did allow them to find a positive compromise to the situation. We invite you to enjoy learning what happens to this pair in this book as they fight an insidious computer virus. They also appear in other stories in the Enigma Series. You can read this story in ebook, paperback, or listen to the audiobook. Please visit our website for samples of other stories and free downloads. Thank you and we look forward to your reviews.

First date expectation adjustments

Petra thought for days before calling Jacob to see if they might meet. The attraction between these two technology geeks was immediate, but their lack of extensive social interactions shows in their cautious even shy moves. Jacob, impressed with her abilities regarding state-of-art encryption knowledge, recognized her as a busy woman with her customers. He's delighted when she calls. Both are taking personal risks to start down a relationship path. It seems their hearts rather than logical norms dictate the next steps. Discover what happens to these two individuals and learn if working together makes solving threats from the darknet easier. Enjoy this book in paperback or ebook formats as well as audiobook, narrated by Steven Jay Cohen. Please visit for more samples, details, and free stuff. Thank you.

Bad day or something worse?

Jacob Michaels is a successful security tester. He works with customers in New York City and around the globe for special assignments. Returning from a trip, Jacob stops by his best friend, Buzz's house to provide him a small computer program. The exchange between the two make Jacob suspect something was off, especially since these oddities are starting to pile up. He considers the conversation on his way to his dentist appointment. A new receptionist has no record of the appointment, nor a file on Jacob. This is a sequence of events that a cyber security guy dreads. It's the same sick feeling you get when driving down a street but all the traffic is heading at you. Read The Enigma Factor as a paperback or ebook or listen to the audiobook today to find out who is after Jacob and why. We invite you to visit our website for story samples, giveaways, and contests. We look forward to seeing your review soon. Thank you in advance.

Learning Best Practices

The Enigma Factor is Book 1 of the Enigma Series. Jacob Michaels is introduced in this fiction as a key character. The trials and challenges he faces originate from different groups. These groups are testing his skills and adaptability for good and evil. It is key to learn where his moral compass points. The grandmother and mother were accomplished technologists who taught him languages, programming, security (as they understood it at their point in time), work ethic, and delivery of excellent work items. This book will show the underbelly of the darkweb and give you a look at those committed to battling the dark side to help mankind. We invite you to read this thriller in ebook or paperback formats or listen to the audio book Thank you and we look forward to your review. Our website has additional information you might enjoy such as the booktrailers.

Difference between Cracker and Hacker

Jacob Michaels lived alone in New York City. He was a security expert for one of the most prestigious security firms. He was often requested to test a system, network, or operation for financial institutions for vulnerabilities, but to him the industry didn't matter. Only protecting the company's assets, like intellectual property mattered. In his spare time Jacob liked to review open source code or work on problems or issues posted by the open source community. He thrived on finding and fixing holes in problems or systems that others from the Darknet might exploit. The is that in his world this attracts attention that is not always good. His buddy Buzz liked to have fun. Way too much fun sometimes. When he got in over his head he tended to call upon Jacob for help. Friends and family was Jacob's kryptonite after his mother died making Buzz his brother and only friend. Enjoy this story in ebook, paperback or audible. We invite you to visit our website for samples of our stories, free stuff, and booktrailers. Thank you for following us and posting reviews of our stories.

Random Crime or Assassination?

Julianne lives in New York with her son, Jacob. She earns her living as a programmer. For nearly 25 years she has raised and trained her son have honor, work hard, and become a top technologist. Her father lives in Europe and has never met his grandson. He feels the time is right to provide the family history to Jacob. Jacob an accomplished programmer and security expert, respects others yet is very careful with sharing information. He has no knowledge of family outside of his Mother and her Mother. Is he prepared for a onslaught of attention from players from the Darknet? Find out in The Enigma Factor ebook, paperback, or audible. We invite you to share review ratings and comments. Visit our website for samples, book trailers, and free downloads.

Just a casual chat in the park.

Petra is in New York working for her customer. Relaxing in the park was a perfect way to top the day. She has no social life outside of her family, with a strong focus on work. It has been her life. Jacob lives and works in New York City. Since his mom died he too has focused on work to get to the top of his field. These two met at a convention in Las Vegas a while ago and chatted about technology. Though that subject provided some common ground, they parted before they had time to see if there was more. To find out what might happen to two young adults with zero dating experience, read more. We look forward to you enjoying the ebook, paperback, or audible. You can find us at

Life - Gone in an Instant

Jacob's mother Julianne worked for a large telecommunications company in the US. On her own time she also Helps her father with some programming for the family business. Her father, Wolfgang, has never met or spoken to his grandson. Circumstances were such that when Julianne was a young woman she moved to the US. Wolfgang and Julianne talk frequently an she plans to take Jacob to meet the family soon. Clearly her plans are interrupted forever. Enjoy this first book in the series in ebook, paperback, or audible formats. We look forward to your reviews. We also invite you to visit our website

Hackers At It Again

Jacob is first and foremost a code tester and problem finder. At this point he is based in New York and supports many customers in the financial district. His latest assignment has him trying fix some significant malware that is at the root of systems of his customer. The problem is, it simply seems to vanish but then resurfaces. Jacob reaches out to some technical guys he interacts with on line. He is trying to locate an encryption expert he met at a widely attend conference in Las Vegas. But he failed to get her number. Jacob is going to learn a great deal from this expert. Check out where this security problem goes and then the entire book. It is available in ebook, paperback or audible. We look forward to your review.

Is Your Anonymity Showing?

Jacob was schooled in how to protect his personal information. With changes in technology, tools, and focus on evil, hackers have become trickier. Anyone today who is not vigilant enough can fall into the that trap. Does Jacob have more to learn or is someone stalking him with evil intent. Young people have the sense that they are invulnerable, but they are perhaps at the biggest risk. Even in the field of Information Technology, mistakes are possible and occur in the blink of an eye. Petra, a renowned encryptionist, may teach Jacob a lessen or two at this Las Vegas convention. Perhaps she might be a distraction he's unable to resist. Or maybe she is a hunting cyber assassin and Jacob is her target. Enjoy this story in ebook, paperback, and audible. We look forward to your feedback in your review. You may also contact us via

Endearing Childhood Stories

When you meet someone and get a personal connection, what's the first thing you do? Yep, you talk. When Petra and Jacob decide to explore a relationship they find their backgrounds are very dissimilar. Petra grew up in Europe very protected. Jacob grew up in New York City with a totally different foundation. Like many of us, they have similarities and glaring differences that make them individuals. Neither of them have ever had time to cultivate a couple relationship. In trying to bridge the gaps, Petra decides to relate some experiences from her youth. She tells a captivating story that lets a bit of herself out. Let us know what you think of these two as a couple. Please do a review regardless of your choice of eBook, Paperback or Audible format. You can reach out via or visit our website

Finding Common Ground

When people meet and try to determine if they want any sort of relationship we felt it important to let them discovery one another. Every person is attracted to another for different reasons. We wanted Petra and Jacob to find areas to build their relationship upon. The love of technology and ways they envision it might help society seemed fitting. Then of course the scene simply wrote itself. Granted this is a techno thriller story overall, but it has real people in real situations who find their original direction may change even while they are moving. Enjoy this story in ebook, paperback and audible formats. We hope you will share your reviews and send us comments. In April 2020 honored as a Book of the Month with #RRBC!

A Programming Mindset

Jacob lives alone in New York in the house he inherited from his mother. He works during the day to find security leaks for customers, especially as a high-end pentester. At night he tries to find problems with codes and hacks and set them to rights. He uses the anonymity of the Internet to mask his identity just like hackers. His buddy Buzz, who he met at college, was a 3rd rate programmer but his friend. Buzz tends to use Jacob in subtle ways which are annoying but not unexpected. Jacob only has his one friend, his skills in programming, and memories. The Enigma Factor has a focus on identity theft as well as tracking the coming of age of a fine young man who really doesn't know his family history. The story is avaialbe in eBook, Paperback and Audible.

Begin the Meeting of the Minds

Jacob is an accomplished security tester for a New York firm sought after by risk adverse financial businesses among others to solve their problems. His skill and persistence at finding coding hacks and stopping them has garnered him some additional attention from multiple quadrants. Cautious yet curious is his stance during this meeting. Otto an older polished businessman, based in Europe, is meeting Jacob for the first time in his New York office. He is a master at playing his cards close to the vest and only revealing the elements in his predetermined order. These two men are measuring one another up to see if they might have common ground for further business. You will enjoy discovering where this takes you in this story. The Enigma Factor 2nd edition is available in eBook, paperback everywhere. Or visit our website for a personalized signed copy. Please share your review.

Just Do Your Best, Help A Friend, Earn Favors

Jacob has been alone since his mom's death. His only connection to his childhood is friend, Buzz. Buzz is spoiled and lazy yet has stood by Jacob through thick and thin. We all have at least one Buzz in our life, whether that is good fortune or not. Jacob is a great programmer who routinely prowls the Internet to fix bad code, especially on the freeware so many people take as perfect. He has found so many bugs and risk in some of these programs, he feels compelled to help others. Buzz often seeks help from Jacob, and though he won't admit it aloud, recognizes Jacob as a better programmer. Very few of his acquaintances can put up with his antics for long. Jacob can always be counted on, just like when they were in school together. Almost like brothers, though very different. Enjoy the 2nd edition of The Enigma Factor in Ebook, paperback and audio versions. You will learn if Jacob can be hacked!!

One Minute you Exist and Then...

Jacob is our reluctant hero who is a gifted programmer, trained in languages and computer sciences his entire life. In some ways he has lived a sheltered life, while in other ways he is an expert. Living a cautious existence he is shocked as he slowly realizes he's been hacked in some manner. It is the first of several challenges he will have to defeat. As the first book in the series we consider this an important introduction to our cyber good guys and the possibilities for cyber thugs as we scratch the surface on what those from the Dark Net are capable of doing. This book is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio Book formats. We look forward to your reviews. You can also reach out to us at

A Driven Professional

Jacob Michaels is one of the main characters in this story and throughout the series. Raised to be a driven learner always after the right solutions, his social skills are not as well honed as others his age. He is not quite a remedial social skills candidate but he sure needs extra credit points. Life is about to engineer that for him. In this book discovering the inner-depths of Jacob is something that occurs as he grows and expands with every challenge faced. It's his depth of character and background that was the focus as he grows into his role. Everyone evolves in their own way and Jacob drove his evolution with a voice of his own that we were forced to write. We hope you enjoy learning about him in the story. He is a complex character with many facets to get to know. One of our richest characters. This award-winning story is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats. Enjoy one and please provide a review containing your thoughts.

Not who you say you are, humm?

This book highlights the peril of Identity Theft, especially in regards to your personal digital records/data. Jacob, our main character in this story, is a very serious techno geek and great at security protection. This illustrates how your information can be shared from other sources outside of your control or simply erased. The lack of control is the scariest part of Identity Theft. Many security cautions suggest businesses and people consider a multifaceted approach to security. Passwords should be more complex than your kids names or your birthday. Using upper lower cases numbers characters is better. This story is available in eBook, Paperback and Audio formats. We would love your feedback on the story, especially when you find out if Jacob gets out of his jam in one piece. But what would you do if your identity was stolen?

Right Place, Right Time for Something New

Jacob had been working for PT in New York doing security types of reviews and refreshes. After a disappointing trip to Las Vegas for DEFCON he needed to get back into the comfort zone of work. Brian his boss at PT reads his staff well, allowing them to take additional time if needed to talk or unload. Jacob however has been closed mouth for so long he can't take that step. Jacob doesn't realize it at this point but this customer is a significant step up in trust by Brian. Brian likes Jacob's work yet finds it difficult to praise him This is an important bridge that they are forming with this customer which will serve Jacob in the future as his life grows even more complicated. This first book of the series has a focus on Identity Theft and is available in ebook, paperback or audible formats. A great way to start the series.

Posturing is a learned skill

In this chapter we want to highlight the interaction of Jacob and Otto during their first meeting. Jacob is young but very confident in his technical capabilities. Like many up and coming professionals he lacks the finesse needed to gain the information desired. Otto is older but experienced in dealing with people of all levels and all walks of life. Though he is gregarious, open, and welcoming he does have a tendency to withhold information as needed to fulfill the long game. As authors we wanted to open the readers to the minds of each of these two men and how they will interact during this first meeting that will define their meetings in the future. Read this bubble and enjoy the story in ebook, paperback or listen in audible format. We look forward to your feedback.

All conventions are not created equal

We wanted to focus on a well know event that many high end geeks have attended. Though through the years the people have changed, the focus is the same. See and be seen. Our main character Jacob is well qualified for this event and these people but this is the start of events for him that will change his life forever. Quip has been a technologist that one only crosses paths with at odd intervals. The guys in this group are opinionated and totally not shy. We wanted the venue to alter the course of Jacob's life to be different. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, right? The audio book version of this book is a finalist in the Rone Awards with the winner announced in October in Burbank CA. Join us for lunch. Details on our website, front page. Love your feedback.

Old Telecom and New Technologist

We find it interesting that today's technology professionals don't consider the value of experience, perhaps it is part of the impatience of youth. Andy, the older telecom professional, provides some seriously needed value to Quip, a bleeding edge technologist. Granted the frame of reference is quite different between telephony and IP networks, but they may have quite a bit in common that they are just starting to realize in this portion of the story. Andy resorts to his tried and true communication, storytelling. The story is a powerful blend of people and technology in today's world. The aspects of humor are as important as the technology, travel and romance. The audiobook version of this story just earned a RONE 2018 finalist award. Read or listen and enjoy. We look forward to your comments

Opportunity, but who's is it?

Ah, the confidence of youth! Once you have earned your "stripes" in the world no one can deceive you, right? Jacob, a brilliant programmer and code tester has lived a relatively sheltered life. He's in the middle of NYC, yet his social skills have not had the same attention as his programming skills. Respect and kindness to others is different from trust. Having a curious and open mind while making certain you do not let people too far in, is one of the main attributes of Jacob. We try to explore his growth as we develop him as a lead character. In some ways he seems too good to be true, but he has a specific frame of references for his interactions, like most humans do. Jacob suspects a dual purpose from the mysterious Otto but he naively accepts things at face value. We want to grow and evolve him from his starting point, which is quite different from other characters. The Enigma Factor allows a look at his growth. Available in ebook, paperback, and audio formats. Enjoy the story and learning about Jacob during his right of passage.

Interviews can be confusing, can't they?

When Jacob crosses paths with Otto, he has no idea how this meeting could change his life. But trying new things and going down unfamiliar paths can sometimes be rewarding. In many ways Jacob is brilliant especially in technology traces and details focused on security. However, his sheltered upbringing didn't prepare him for how his world is about to change. He has no idea if Otto is friend or foe, but the "Song of the Sirens" is impossible to ignore and he is intrigued. Their meeting is the start of something that probably should have been avoided but Jacob feels destiny calling. The question is what is that something. Sometimes the strangest interviews result in the unexpected. Enjoy the story.

Security breach-The humor is gone when it happens

One of the prime aspects of The Enigma Factor is the element of identity theft. It is an aspect of living today with technology which is more prevalent each and every day. Our white hat, Jacob, takes all the precautions, has a job in technology safeguarding security breaches, and seems to do all the right things. If it could happen to him it could happen to any of us. Most of us do not adhere to the security precautions we all receive. I still go into customer locations and find passwords on post-it notes under the keyboard or blatantly attached to the monitor. Security and social engineering aspects are no laughing matter. We should all be more diligent. By the way, when was the last time you changed your banking password?

European encryption guru conquers Harley Davidson

We wanted to have the new relationship between Petra and Jacob to develop with a bit of fun. Harley motorcycles, wine, and sharing stories seemed to work. In this chapter they are getting to know one another totally outside of the traditional data center or geek conference scene. They have a chance to do something they are both relatively inexperienced with, a date. Often when we are in uncomfortable situation many of us relate experiences in a story format. Hence these two are doing the same. It is amazing where they go from here, after a few barriers are removed. See what you think.

Geeks have their own style for mating rituals

Jacob, the ever focused geek, has demonstrated so far his limited skills in dealing with the fairer sex. When presented with a technical dilemma, he is suddenly focused on a highly intelligent lady he met and argued with at DEFCON. He had found her attractive, yet never considered asking for her number or even using the traditionally exploited pick up lines. How a geek hunts for another geek was the problem we tried to solve with this exchange. Clumsy yes, but sometimes it is the naive, little boy routine that can be compelling. Of course there is far more to how this unfolds but this provides you the intro to how he thinks. By the way, what pick up line works for you? No, we're talking to the ladies this time.

It takes time to build trust

In this portion of the story, Jacob is being evaluated, though he doesn't recognize to what degree. This is a job interview that few of us have experienced. It is important to note that the group scrutinizing Jacob, seem very interested in his technology skills. We display a part of this as an insider of the group, which is a bit different. Showing how an organization can remain very much in the forefront and visible for many of their customers, and yet, cloak their capabilities to others. The reasons for this are quite simply to continue their existence in their own way. Your thoughts on their viewpoint are welcomed. The Enigma Factor is also available in audible.

Little girls deserve to be spoiled, right?

We wanted to show some good family history as our lead characters Petra and Jacob are learning about one another. One way is to relate portions of your life a new friend or lover has no insight into. These two have little experience in romance and rarely take time out of their geek-like existence to get to know anyone to any depth. For some reason these two clicked and take a trip relating stories. These stories actually happened though there are certain creative license taken here to relate them. Do you think story sharing from family events is good way to let someone learn the real you? Let us know. This story just became available as an audible for your listening enjoyment.

What do Bad Guys look like? What are the signs?

When a professional is approached for a job from an unknown source, your suspicions should kick in because it is usually what you want to hear. Trying to decide if it is high praise or a false come-on is the mark of a seasoned professional. And yet who doesn't like being "shined on" because of their abilities? In the world of cyber security, social engineering is still the hardest attack to defeat because we are after all only human. Wanting to believe needs to to be tempered with solid facts that can be verified much like the suspiciously friendly invitation that Otto has extended to Jacob. How would you handle the easy answers that Otto is offering Jacob? Would you simply decline the meetings or is there something more that can be gained by staying engaged? Is your sixth sense that good or do you simply extricate from the discussion and flee? Isn't facing the unknown sometimes worth the gamble? You decide, then let us know what the right answer is. We'll be waiting.

What occurs after Strike One and Strike Two?

One of the areas we wanted to explore in this story is the real ways one can be signaled to Identity Theft. In this chapter our hero, Jacob, begins his day a bit off, which allows for a level of distraction. As a seasoned technology professional, you would think the bread crumbs he stumbles on would be easy to spot. That, my friends is what all the bad guys count on. How many crazy items would it take for you to realize that something is truly amiss? Have you been a victim of a hacker or somebody besides yourself. Take a read and see how Jacob reacts then decide if you would do something different. Let us know!

Some people are just outrageous, but funny

When we crafted Quip we wanted him to have the quick wit and edge of someone that could play chess five moves ahead of everyone else. We introduce him and some of his off the cuff commentary, which is as natural to him as breathing. He says these things to get a rise out of others, make people chuckle, or simply because he feels like it. Have you know some outrageous characters in your live? Perhaps you provoke them to see what they say next or merely sit on the sidelines and listen closely. Maybe this is really you! Let us know if your recognize Quip in yourself or someone else.

Could there be romance hiding in the algorithms?

Two of the main characters in this first book in the series are flat geeks. They like math, science, computers, technology, and all that goes with it. Not exactly the high running singles conversation starters, unless... We wanted to have these two characters together in a couple of different settings to find out if they might be able to find a connection. The motives each of them bring to the conversation fall by the wayside it would seem, at least for a short time while they appreciate the discussion. What subjects do you enjoy discussing with a partner? What was the turning point when you wanted a relationship with someone? Why?

Being Nice or Tracking Too CLose

How do you ever know when someone is stalking you, or stealing a piece of you? This problem is prevalent for people today, and usually before they know it's a problem. We wondered how much poking and prodding might occur before a person woke up and found they were compromised. Our hero takes precautions with most elements of his digital footprint. Is it enough or too little? Could the seduction of winning a contest or being called out as fabulous, blind you to what is really happening? This is the essence of social engineering. We think this is a real possibility people need to keep in mind. Remember the old adage, if it seems too good to be true, you were right. Young folks today are less cautious and perhaps more vulnerable. Please, send us your thoughts.

What to wear on a 1st date!

In flushing out the early relationship between two geeks, we felt it was important to find some common ground. They have talked bits and bytes in several brief meetings and there is an underlying simmer between them. If you haven't visited, the wineries of Long Island are amazing, along with all the fresh produce grown in the region. Seeing it by car, on bicycles, or on the back of a Harley, you simply cannot do it wrong. Have you ever made a date and not checked for the right attire? This chapter will let you image how you could get into or out of an odd situation. And the ending takes it from simmer to sizzling. Enjoy!

Everyone knows Andy, right?

When you start a story and you have all these interactions to include, the character list grows. This is how we found Andy. One of the things we find captivating in our daily interactions with people is the stories folks tell. Some people will embellish more than others. Do you embellish your conversations with people? Andy is one of those characters who we wanted to add to primarily keep Quip in-line and blend old and new technology for this story. The history of technology evolution is quite funny when you isolate one incident at a time. Of course it's funnier if you are Andy. The feedback on Andy has always been positive and we'd like to know your thoughts. Some people swear they have met him! If you are a technology grey hair, this will hopefully resonate. Please let us know if you know an Andy too!

I'm not lost, I'm right here...

Earlier in the story, our main character Jacob, has had various portions of his identity vanish for no good reason. He is a careful digital professional, but these events simply do not make sense. His emotions are like a roller coaster from doubt, to blame, to anger with this chapter simply another crack in his identity. How would you react if you suddenly were not received by businesses you have worked with? Would you jump up and down, demand, or walk away? We attribute confusion with the elderly, a disease, or possibly drugs, but this is none of those. Should Jacob's cognitive skills be questioned or should he be terrified?

The Predator changes everything

We wanted to set the tone from the start of the story. This excerpt from the Prologue provides our defining moment. We want readers to wonder about this lady, about who she is talking to, and about the predator. We have found that everyday events can change the world each of us has planned. It only take s a moment for those thing to occur. We wanted to bring this sense of reality into our stories, even though it sometimes brings surprises. Part of writing is the full range of emotions. We want our readers to be involved and anxious to find out what happens next. We want to hear if we met our goal.

Petra Introduced at DEFCON

Our lead character, Jacob, who is the He at the start of this excerpt) grew up learning the ins and outs of technology from his Mom. He was taught his trade in a very particular way that put him at the top of his class at MIT. He rejected an offer from the FBI to pursue technology jobs. Quip is considered an old-school technology guy with an outrageous sense of humor. He enjoys pointing out the obvious and making jokes at many things. He is brilliant, but at times in the story it is difficult to take him seriously. We wanted to make certain that we conveyed the world of technology was not just for males. Females are making more strides in technology that ever before. Toward that end one of our lead characters is Petra who is introduced to several techno-savvy males at a Las Vegas technology convention. Quip has his own reasons for introducing Jacob to Petra which becomes a focal point of the story.

The Enigma Ignite

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

World powers are racing to dominate military communications. Problem is, cyber thugs are trying to steal that technology and no one is playing fair. The Enigma Ignite has the R-Group's Jacob Michaels and Petra Rancowski working closely with a powerful and talented team to uncover the newest technological inroads. The technology programs they uncover results in a race against time to save lives.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Ignite

Fulfilling government contracted services

Otto was the face of the R-Group for the various government contracts. Wolfgang was a financial genius for projects and operational budgets. Otto often acted as a project manager to ensure they completed their assignments on time and under budget which kept bringing customers back. These particular projects were complex, requiring the team to each contribute a portion to meet the requirements. Otto realized that the shifts in technology required more expertise from his team. He knew they would rise to the challenge. We'd like to invite you to read The Enigma Ignite ebook or paperback to learn if the team achieves the overall goal. You might prefer the audiobook version narrated by the outstanding voice of the Enigma Series, Derek Shoales. You can listen to samples on our website or at most popular stores that sell audiobooks. Thank you in advance, and please leave a review. We appreciate your support.

Carlos, music, and a blue pick-up truck

In starting his life over, Carlos landed the perfect job with Andrew, based in Georgia. He found Andrew gregarious and brilliant in telecommunications. The remote services delivered support for companies around the world to ensure secure communications. Andrew enjoyed telling stories and in another era would have been a troubadour making the rounds of the countryside. He built an operations center and worked on multiple generations of equipment, tucked away on his idyllic farm. Find out how the location and these characters are forever changed in The Enigma Ignite. Available to read in ebook or paperback. Listeners can enjoy the voice-acting of the incomparable Derek Shoales available at We look forward to your review. Thank you for giving our stories some of your precious time.

Knowing too much

It would seem that not all bad people get punished for their crimes. Bruno, a successful detective with Interpol, lost a colleague leaving him saddened and reflective. His only defense was keeping aware of current issues and maintaining a close eye on friends. It turned out to be too late when he missed dinner with his friend. Renewing his efforts for ideas on finding the criminals, Bruno decided to connect with his oldest friend, Quip. Bruno trusted Quip and knew he was a renowned out-of-the-box technology creator. He hoped his friend would give him some ideas on how to find the assassins of his colleague. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Ignite. Our series voice, Derek Shoales, immerses listeners in this intriguing TechnoThriller. It is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing your reviews. If you want free downloads and a chance at a giveaway, visit Many thanks for considering my request.

Overcoming obstacles

Keith Avery needs to provide a report to his contact at the government agency his contract supports. That contact is an odd duck at best. Keith dislikes working with her, but she is a stickler for deadlines. Eilla-Zan is a new subcontractor who works as a unified communications specialist with Keith. She experienced firsthand Keith's contact. These two work well together and share professional respect. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Ignite to learn what becomes of these two and the contact at the government agency. It takes some unexpected turns. This book is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook, narrated by the voice of the Enigma Series, Derek Shoales. You may find other samples of our stories at, along with free downloads. We appreciate you taking the time to review our fictional creations.

Military Communications Advancement

The R-Group investigates which world power leads in upgrading military communications during battles. Reliability, troop safety, and real-time access are the critical elements for up gunning communications infrastructures for combatants in the field. All sovereign nations want to use the latest and greatest on the battlefield. Thorough testing determines which technologies will advance and which are abandoned for a myriad of reasons. We invite you to check out The Enigma Ignite in paperback or ebook formats to find out the winners and losers in communicating with active military commands and the lengths some countries may go to win. You might also enjoy listening to our award-winning narrator, Derek Shoales, as he adds his versatile voice to this thriller. You might enjoy a quick visit to our website,, for samples of all our stories, videos, and free downloads. We look forward to your visit and would appreciate your reviews. Reach us via

Traditional UC Plus Satellites

Businesses around the world depend upon telecommunications to talk to customers, other businesses, and remote workers. Unified communications is voice, video, Instant Messaging, and real time whiteboarding that delivers new ways to communicate but requires securing those conversations & exchanges. Andrew's private UC company company services clients around the globe in various stages of their evolution. Organizations adopt newer capabilities typically in manners that will not impact operations. Business is good so Andy and EZ need another member to handle the work load. Carlos is a new member of Andy's team because of his skills in cloaking communications. Some of Carlos's training started in military but his own talents and drive to learn more makes him an expert in the field. Find out how this team helps the R-Group as their prime contractors to defeat the threats by reading either the ebook or paperback thrillers or listening to the audiobook narrated by Derek Shoales voice of the Enigma Series. Visit for free stuff and more information. We look forward to your reviews. B&B

New ways of working

Carlos underwent identity change after earning a chance to put his past in the rearview mirror. Members of R-Group felt Carlos redeemable and able to contribute to fighting the cyber criminals hunting from the Darkweb. Andy is an R-Group subcontractor with telecommunications expertise. He sees Carlos as an opportunity to learn, plus he likes the young man. Andy is an old fashioned storyteller relating experiences from his past while often delivering lessons to his audience of the moment. You'll need to read this story to learn if Carlos finds a home and makes the positive impacts he desires. We invite you to read or listen to this story. If you listen, Derek Shoals brings his remarkable voice talent to bring this tale alive. We look forward to your review. Contact us via to grab free stuff or from

Childhood buddies know you best

Bruno (now with Interpol) and Quip (technology expert of the R-Group) often played together as children. Their families were close but moved apart. The two boys, now grown men, are like brothers immediately comfortable regardless of the time between getting together. Bruno's recent loss of a friend and collogue in Paris, has him seeking Quip's help. He may not know all the ins and outs of the operations Quip is involved in, but information often comes from this friend. Quip loves to tease his friend. The comfort and comradery between them has no sense of time, it just exists. Like one expects of best friends for life Quip will do everything he can to answer the questions. To learn all the answers yourself we invite you to enjoy the story in ebook, paperback or audible formats. We look forward to your reviews on The Enigma Ignite. You can also find booktrailers, samples of all our novels, and free stuff on Thank you.

Pigs and People-imagine that

Su Lin was adept at many different programs, algorithms, and advanced technologies. At one point, another lifetime ago, she headed up China's Cyber Warfare Program. Just barely escaping alive, a new identity was created and she moved to the United States. Working at a university gave her mind the stimulation it needed, especially with new innovations. Franklin, is an intelligent boar with a heart of gold. He and Su Lin worked on experiments with nanotechnology. They shared an unusual bond. Su Lin's innovative use of technology placed her squarely in the cross hairs of multiple entities, including those who dramatically altered her profession. Enjoy The Enigma Ignite in ebook, paperback, and audible formats. We look forward to your review and invite you to visit our website,, for free download that might help you keep yourself more secure on the Internet.

Collaboration - Key to Team Success

The R-Group finds itself facing a new threat from countries seeking military dominance using nanotechnology. The team has their work cut out for them. Their initial goal is to find out who the players are and at what stages each military organization is in adopting the technology. Petra and Jacob show great insight into the potentially shifts in global power with the correct adaptation of newer applications. The risks they face in this story are not yet visible but they can't outrun the inevitable. Read or listen to this story and please consider providing a short review. Technology is today's weapon of choice. Check it out on

Catching up with a Friend

Bruno and Quip, friends since childhood, rarely see one another. Bruno is with Interpol and Quip is the mastermind behind the R-Group's AI enhanced supercomputer ICABOD. Bruno would like some help from his friend to avoid using his internal resources. Death of a colleague in Paris has him troubled. The rising crimes across Europe by fanatics is praying on the minds of law enforcement worldwide. Stopping the senseless violence and deaths is job one. Quip's resources have contributed in small ways to different issues through Interpol via Bruno, the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard and others. Quip recognizes how personal this is for his friend. Quip always goes the extra mile for friends and family. Check out the 2nd edition release of this book and please leave a review. Your opinion matters We invite you to check out our website for free stuff and feel free to email us at

Julie Is All Grown UP!

Julie, part of the R-Group family heroes, is best at situational role playing and extracting needed information. She is adaptable to any environment and is a master at knowing how to optimize any assignment. Juan (one of our favorite "bad boys") recently learn how capable Julie is at reinventing a person's identity. In the process, Juan decided he had far more than a passing interest in the beautiful, capable Julie. Earning some time off they are exploring a possible relationship. R-Group heroes Quip, tech genius, and Otto, diplomatic support with customers are hoping Julie found a keeper. The revised 2nd edition of The Enigma Ignite, is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audible for your enjoyment. We look forward to your reviews.

Looking at all avenues

With unusual activities going on between the various world leaders in an effort to ramp up their respective militarizes, the R-Group is watching the money trails. They have uncovered some unrest that is casting a shadow over some new players. Wolfgang possesses an uncanny ability to track transfers of funds all over the world. Some of these activities are normal business behaviors, while others may be an indicator of something being bought and paid for that shouldn't be. Each of the members of the R-Group has their specialty, with end to end analysis in minutes provided by ICABOD, their supercomputer. Potential shifts in the global military powers is worth the hard look and evaluation. Enjoy the new 2nd edition of The Enigma Ignite in eBook, paperback or audible. We look forward to your reviews. You can always reach out to us via Enjoy and thank you for your support.

Tracking more than locations

Professor Su Lin was creating methods for improving animal husbandry using optimized specialized programs and computer chips. The University liked her work but wanted more notoriety that comes with published papers for innovative accomplishments. Su Lin simply wanted to do her research. Others learn about her techniques and wanted to know more, as well as use it for their own benefits. Daisy, her student loves working for Su Lin and enjoys the pigs. Franklin as SuLin's primary test case proved just how intelligent pigs are. We hope you like the recently released 2nd edition of this book in August 2020. It is available in EBook, Paperback, and Audible formats.

Pigs Have Personalities Too!

Pigs have been used for scientific research for many years. They are also pets and considered valuable companions, (well at least until they reach their adult weight of 115 Kilograms). Early on when we looked to technology innovations pigs came up as a key test subject in several situations. We decided that having a pig used for some technology innovation would be fun, especially if that pig were spoiled as well. Su Lin migrated to the US from China and has a new identity that also played nicely into technology innovation. The relationship between Franklin and Su Lin is used in multiple books in the series. This book provides an awesome introduction to this team Enjoy this story in paperback, eBook, and audible formats. We look forward to your reviews. Feel free to reach out to us

Hope to Motivate You, Here is some Fear!

Chairman Chang rules by fear and dictates the expected outcomes. He is a very self-centered man grasping for control every chance he gets. Since he acquired his white tiger, intimidation has proven successful, especially with Major Guano. Major Guano has few redeeming qualities outside of being a great order taker. To this end he will use all his knowledge to complete assignments and provide color commentary when he is reporting. These two men are based on men the authors have both worked with in their careers. The titles of these characters are extra embellishment needed to hold the story thread. (We are glad NOT to be at the mercy of the director's tiger anymore!) We would like your feedback on these two characters, not only in this book but other places where they appear in the series as they grow and evolve. The Enigma Ignite is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audible formats for your enjoyment. We look forward to your review.

Challenge - Put Fun in Work

Technology work can be tedious at times. As a master tongue and cheek creator, Quip, tries to make the hard work fun. Though is able to create acronyms to entertain himself but needle others. But it is still hard to put Fun in Work. Otto had been a leader in the R-Group for sometime. He is typically the front man to their customers. We have shared a bit of his dry humor from time to time. This pulling Quip up short is reserved for special occasions. The Enigma Ignite highlights the use of nanotechnology in different ways, especially for military objectives. Enjoy this story as an audible, eBook, or in paperback. We look forward to your reviews.

Today's Weapon of Choice is ???

Quip and Jacob are both exceptionally adept at technology, leveraging it to solve problems. They have worked together for a while and compliment one another's skills. Quip instigates teasing to have fun even if he goes too far at times. Quip's drive has always been to create bleeding edge technology and use it to find the bad guys. Quip will go the extra mile to help humanity with all the technical resources at hand. Jacob, new to the team, but nonetheless outstanding especially as a programmer, has learned to tease Quip in return, but picks his battles. The banter between these two may seem unnecessary and yet it allows them to focus on the problem being faced. Perhaps work and fun do mix. Check out this story in Ebook, Paperback and Audible. We crave reviews, so add your valuable opinion to the mix. Thank you

Old Friends can Reconnect

We wanted to interject the value of keeping current with established business connections. Too often we tend to overlook the value of networking in meaningful ways. Bruno, our man in Interpol has been a family friend of Quip's for a long time even though the fully breadth and depth of the R-Group capabilities are not under his preview. What he knows is that his friend will help him to the best of his ability and stick by him in a pinch. We find this is key in business as well as in personal relationships. We hope you feel the same way. This book leverages established relationships as it delves into drones and nanotechnology. You can enjoy it in eBook, Paperback and Audiobook formats. Tell us how you like it in reviews. You can also write us at

Updates can reveal so much

The R-Group is working on isolating the sources of some very new technology which some countries feel will give them the edge in military communications. Finding out who the players are as well as the next generation capabilities being developed are the focus. Each member of the team is focused on specific areas to allow them the broad base of information initially which they will then synthesize down to the meaningful elements to then look at more carefully. Petra and Jacob are paired up to combine her encryption expertise along with his programming capabilities. Together they are hard to beat by the cyber thugs. At this point in the story they are all still fact finding, but we wanted you to have a view into the early efforts. This story is in eBook, Paperback and audio-book formats for your enjoyment. We do look forward to your reviews. You can find other sample chapters and out book trailers at Thank you

This is Certainly One Way to Win

Julie and Juan work hard together and do a great job of protecting their collective best interests. It is no wonder that sometimes Julie does seems to know exactly how to get Juan to see it from her perspective. Juan has long decided that Julie is the love of his life and will do anything she asks with or without her terms of endearment. Juan laments that he gets to do everything she wants. See where their story is headed as they fight to make certain they do their part to find the cyber thugs in this adventure and take them to task. You can find this award-winning story in eBook, paperback (signed by the authors if you order from our website) or in audio formats. Derek Shoales does a fantastic job of bringing extra dimension in the audio version. Let us know what you think.

The Past Doesn't Always Stay Put

With our character Su Lin, previously known as a world renowned programming innovator, we wanted to see what she had been up to since she left her past behind her. So many times people move forward and reinvent themselves because new horizons await. In the case of our Su Lin it was her disenchantment with manipulating leadership. She is brilliant and doesn't need to be directed on the right or wrong of her actions. This new problem that faces her is sadly one she started several years previously which she thought no one would uncover. Now when it comes back to haunt her she finds herself intrigued with very talented technologists whom she feels she might help carry on some of her better ideas and programming understanding. The Enigma Ignite is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audible. We would love your feedback at

Always fast with the acronym

Quip is a genius when it comes to take technology past the bleeding edge. He continually adds and enhances functionality of his supercomputer and associated services. Like all good technologist he has learned the finer points of minimizing his speech with acronyms. The tech world is filled with short terms that tend to mean more. In the case of Quip he takes it to a new level because he loves to have fun. Otto, his boss and long time associate loves to periodically get on the band wagon and poke a bit of fun to break tension. Read this bubble and enjoy the entire story in ebook, paperback, or our outstanding audio version. We look forward to your feedback.

Different paths may lead to unplanned discoveries

In this story we employ some potentially complex subjects like near field communications and nanotechnology functions to explore new ways of promoting communications. In this segment Petra and Jacob come face-to-face with a leading authority on untried methods of applied technology. SuLin has always bent the learning curve to meet the long term possibilities she sees. Not only is she brilliant in technology but is one of those people who are able to map out the possible outcomes of a given problem 30-50 steps down the line. Her methods and patience come from her educations, curious mind and upbringing. She is a character who does not reveal her intentions. Enjoy learning more about these characters in paperback, ebook, and audible. We look forward to your feedback.

When Old Meets New Expect Enhanced Power

Andrew is a seasoned telecommunications guru, one of the original works from home professionals. His home is in Georgia. Over time he remodeled a couple of the rooms into a data center. Carlos is talented satellite communications expert who needed a new start in life. Andrew aka Andy has given it to Carlos. The data center has all the latest capabilities and connectivity nestled in the "rock-n-roll domain". Together they can exchange information and expand their skills with each offering and each receiving. Andy is no fool, and Carlos is respectful of this "tough as nails" professional. See what you think of these two in this story. Mutual respect grows throughout the story. Available in Audiobook, ebook, and paperback.

New Definition on Teamwork

In this story and in particular this chapter, new players are working together to optimize their solution. Often complex problems need to have a lighter side so Quip's humor, and now also Eilla-Zan's, seems to help relieve the tension and offer new options for finding the right solution. Quip does like to aggravate Jacob whenever possible. Using satellite technology with drones and nano technology is providing a new frontier to delve into and learn from the ground up. The Enigma Ignite is available in paperback, ebook, and also audible in case you are a listener.

In a military setting, is honesty the best policy?

There is a bit of tongue in cheek in this story with the military, regardless of the country. Some things do easily move from one country to another. The Communication Helmet Offering Multi Phased Kinetic Information, or CHOMPSKI is one approach to winning the race for military superiority. We found this particular exchange between the the Brits and Yanks way too much fun, as well as close to reality. Thanks to those that helped us with the finer points of miliary decorum. The next step for this project? You might want to read more than just this segment to find out or listen to the new audio version, now available on audible and itunes. Let us know. (and yes you will need to read the rest of the chapter to learn what the disparaging comment COBWEB means)

Insight into EZ and her subcontractor role

When we introduced Eilla-Zan (or EZ), she seemed to have a minor role and was represented as a sweet Georgia Peach. She was raised with that soft side, but also with great work ethic. As we expand her role, we try to illustrate her broad-based knowledge and as a tough-as-nails unified communications professional. Certainly she has a tuned sense of humor, yet will go toe-to-toe as a professional. This highlights her education, experience, and credentials in her subcontracting role. Working together with Keith, we want to bring a lens to her business strength, as well as her ability to contribute. You will find we continue this path as she appears in other books in the series. Check 'em out.

Work can be more than a challenge

Arletta's rise within the agency was based more on her bosses wanting to move her on than put up the effort to remove her. Many civil servant jobs are difficult to be fired from, even with total incompetence. Arletta has a way of analyzing information well, but always makes people uncomfortable. In this scene she is annoying a contractor to the end of his limits. Sadly the contractor cannot just take the call as a disinterested party. Of course that is the the ambition of Arletta even is she does not see the direct results of her abrasive personality. Have you had to work with anyone like this? How did you get around it?

Explaining nanotechnology

In this story we wanted to use the theme of nanotechnology to help with battlefield communications. Explaining this technology to older ranking officers is not easy but if you have a 2 x 4 handy you can communicate. We wanted to have a little fun with government contractors talking about this technology and how it might be applied. The Colonel's frame-of-reference was minimal and like other details that need to be related we found we needed to resort to the lowest common framework. Let us know if you think the Colonel will understand. We want your feedback.

Managers in fact or by title

It both the public and private sectors we have seen people in positions of power and authority who make us shake our heads in wonder. How did they reach such a lofty goal or who do they have photographs of have been discussed in different venues. We love strong, resilient, smart characters, but recognize that some less talented seem to get the brass ring for no apparent reason. Sometimes those with a few character flaws make our most interesting people to bring to life in the stories. Do you have experiences with incompetent people who have somehow been granted a position of power? Have you ever been compelled to send sympathy cards to their direct reports? Tell us your thoughts, we're listening.

A promise or sweet manipulation

The ongoing interplay between people in relationships is so relevant to all of us, whether business or personal. In volume 3 of The Enigma Series, Julie and Juan are at the start of their budding relationship. They both have to get their jobs done as well as learn about one another. This is one exchange where you can learn how they achieve compromise for a win/win. Does it look like he is being manipulated or is he just holding out for better terms? How do you like to negotiate with others? Does the tongue-tied little boy routine work as effectively as the teary lost little girl when hustling your opponent? When charming someone for the best terms of a deal what works best for you? We look forward to you commentary.

A little humor, with a splash of technology

In this story applied nano-chip technology (NCT) is one of the mainstays. By itself it is not only a bit complex, but it can be boring if left untreated. We found early on that when explaining some of the complex subjects we sometimes bring to the stories it is important to make them interesting or at least give the readers a reason to chuckle or smile. For this introduction of an innovative method to use nanotechnology this chapter has not only a bit of sensual overtone, but was a perfect place to insert one of our own acronyms, POPTARTs. Let us know if this treatment works for you. All our special acronyms can be found on our website along with the story in which they are used. Enjoy the fun!

New inroads to technology advancements

It is critical to us that the levels of technology advancements remains front and center to our techno-thriller series. Nanotechnology is one of the leading edge aspects which has yet to find the best usage in helping improve the quality of life. We bring back some of our series characters along with their their foundational knowledge in specific technology aspects to enrich the relevance of the stories. Quip, our main techno-geek is also learning to be a leader, yet his opinionated manner does not escape notice from the other E-Group leadership. It is a part of the richness of the series. Let us know what you think.

What does a porno collection and Bizzillo-bytes ha

The relationships between the characters in a story can be long term but are typically stitched together with short term interactions. For two of our good guys the male bonding experience is an ongoing source of interest for us as authors and enjoyed by our readers. It is important that the exchanges are ones that make readers think and smile, said Breakfield on this particular exchange. And technology itself can be too serious and so we look to explore the fun side. Let us know what you think of this method of conveying subjects that are serious with a splash of humor. We think humans need to find the lighter side of life sometimes.

Credible Support is Key

When a person moves from one way of life to another, as Carlos had to do when his identity was changed, it is important that you bring value to the new workplace. We wanted to capture that yet retain the fun and spirit of our telephony greybeard with our new satellite technology intersection. For these two experts at different sides of the technology spectrum, Rock 'n Roll was the glue that would let them enjoy the new and the old. If you are a fan of that music, you might recognize some of the server names and perhaps offer some of you own. Let us know.

Animals and People-Not that far apart

We have several animals highlighted in the series, but Franklin was introduced in this volume. Su Lin is a key character in this story that explores chip technology, animal husbandry, and some of the relevant research projects on wearable versus embedded technologies. We leverage Franklin for this and his amazing relationship with Su Lin. Let us know if you enjoy this match up and how they progress through the story to its hopefully surprising conclusion. We would enjoy your feedback!

Defining moments

In some business settings the professional value between genders can be, well strained. Eilla-Zan is in a profession few women are accepted in, let alone operate as a contractor. We think people honestly want to be accepted for themselves and not come across as offensive. In human communications that's usually a tall order. We wanted to use a bit of humor to defuse what could become a HR nightmare between a very brilliant and beautiful female and a smart male who frankly appreciates a pretty girl, especially after the horrible conversation that he had concluded before she appeared. Sometimes verbal fencing mixed with some humorous twists can define a solid working relationship between two people. Do you think people say or do things they really don't mean? Is it true that meaningful communications occur at multiple levels? Can people work together even better based on how a beginning meeting was diffused? Has anything similar ever happened to you (we'd love to hear about it)?

What you really want to say...

We have all had folks we work which are challenging. How to be politically correct and what not to say, etc. This chapter came about because of a manager that was simply painful. We wanted to find a fun way to vent and really get it out rather than being politically correct. See if you find yourself in this situation and let us know if you were far more satisfied with this honest, transparent exchange.


We like to use unusual acronyms to help offset difficult concepts in the technical world. True to form, in this chapter we introduce the concept of reliable battlefield communications as a significant problem to be solved in modern warfare. The issues are legitimate but like everything, it is how you approach it. Some of our readers, in the military and former military, thought this was a hoot! Let us know, please what you think! Hint, there is also a CHOMPSKI in here that might tickle your fancy...

The R-Group

The series highlights a group in Europe that began their business with a copy of the Enigma Machine. For those of you not aware, the Enigma Machine is actually the forerunner of today's computer. This small snippet illustrates two things. First, is the capabilities of the R-Group at a high level. These are talented people that are educated and think out of the box (male or female). Second, is some insight to our brand of acronyms. In most companies, especially those founded on technology the acronyms go on forever and at times the same letter combination can mean different things. We like to make up words and in this excerpt ICABOD our supercomputer than grows smarter with each book is discussed. It would be nice to know if you have feelings for our supercomputer...

Rushing for rescue

We like to capture the imagination of our readers early, yet leave them guessing. JAC is one of valued characters who takes all sorts of risks and assumes the role she needs for her various R-Group assignments. JAC's saving Ling is a first step toward allowing some new technology enhancements to take root is some very different ways. The technology is real and is very possible. Those of you who might consider this si-fi needs to understand that technology today is moving us faster and further in what is possible. This story is about using what is possible and not crossing the wrong people in the process. It moves fast from the outset and will keep readers guessing all the way to the end.

The Enigma Source

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Darknet vultures are circling around failing governments with block chain technology as their best salvation of choice. The award-winning authors Breakfield & Burkey explore the future of world commerce, cryptocurrency, and the complications that arise from creating an all-digital monetary system. Is digital currency really the way of the future? Is anyone looking out for the average man?

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Source

How can we help?

Fans of the Enigma Series love Julie and Juan. The unlikely couple met in book two, The Enigma Rising. It's a thriller as well. Julie and Juan created the CATS team to provide the feet on the street for solving cyber crimes all over the world. Their business is successful, with new customers begging for their technical services. Julie is recovering from an assignment in London, where she nearly lost her life. Juan is hesitant to let her out of his sight. When the R-Group requests extra help, Julie cannot resist. Juan finds a doable alternative. Read The Enigma Source to find who has, wants, and steals the secrets of cryptocurrency programs. We suggest listening to the story narrated by the remarkable voice actor Derek Shoales for a special treat. We also invite you to visit our website for samples of our stories, free giveaways, and information on what's next. Thank you for your time, and we appreciate your reviews of our stories in advance.

Economic salvation or dealing with the devil

Mathias and Dutch gained entrance to leadership within Venezuela to discuss financial and economic issues. Keeping their minds in the game is key to their success. Distractions will open the path to their potential failure or a wild card to leverage in the future. Director Noya is a cautious man with an exterior persona that won't reflect his internal turmoil. He is the perfect man to negotiate the best solution for his country. He considers Genesis a pretty office fixture but might underestimate her abilities. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Source for a journey through cryptocurrency's ins, outs, and pitfalls. It is a thrilling journey. Derek Shoales, the voice of Enigma Series, will seduce the listener with his voice-acting skills. Enjoy more samples of our stories at Thank you in advance for providing a review. It means a lot to us when you spend time with our stories.

Hiding in the herd

Mathias and Dutch are meeting with potential investors for their new cryptocurrency offering. Investments in this level of marketing aren't cheap. Halvorson, their lead programmer, is working to preserve the investments and establish a new offering to tempt the buyers. Their ill-gotten profits from their last pigeon appear to have picked up a new follower. Is their cryptocurrency investment a slippery slope, or is it just business as usual with someone else holding the bag? We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Source to discover these answers. Derek Shoales, the voice of the Enigma Series, will captivate you as much as the TechnoThriller itself. We look forward to your review. Please take a moment and visit our website for additional story samples and free downloads. Thank you.

Answers to financial struggles?

The ongoing digital versus fiat currency saga has its ups and downs like a merry-go-round. The horse never gets off the circle, and some folks grab the ring to win. Mathias and Dutch are looking for an easy target. You know, the kind with government officials who take kickbacks for greasing the wheels of change. The results are often questionable for most of the population, but that is the cost of doing business. To learn who wins and who loses in the cryptocurrency wars of The Enigma Source, we invite you to listen to this novel narrated by Derek Shoales, the voice actor of the Enigma Series. Or you can read this Thriller in paperback or eBook formats. We look forward to your review. Please visit our website for samples of the stories and free stuff that may help you traverse the internet more confidently. Thank you in advance and take care.

Maintaining your security online

Petra, one of the well-trained R-Group's specialists, excels at encryption. She protects her clients from various digital assaults. She has little patience for those who play games across the Internet. But Petra knows how to get down to that level and gain your full attention when needed. Tonya works for the World Bank finance division. Her boss is demanding and prefers her staff to learn lessons they won't forget. When Tonya delivers a foolish post, class begins with a pass or fail outcome. You will be surprised at how Tonya fares in The Enigma Source. We invite you to listen to this story via the voice of the series Derek Shoales. There are additional story samples, free downloads, book trailers, and more on You may also enjoy this thriller in an ebook or paperback format. We look forward to your review, and feel free to reach us directly at Take care.

Onward and Upward

Panic in the streets created by individuals wanting to extract their funds rose dramatically. Desperate people don't think rationally; they are emotionally charged and only act. Mathias had brought a chance at monetary freedom through cryptocurrency, but the landscape had shifted. He is a cyber freebooter and a master at reading events which is handy at saving his skin. Dutch, his best friend, and comrade, arrives with the donuts and options. He is perfect for Mathias to bounce ideas around and loyal to a fault. These two schemers are poised to make the most of the new cryptocurrency marketplace. Follow their journey in The Enigma Source. This novel is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook with narration by Derek Shoales. We look forward to your review. We invite you to visit our website for samples and free downloads. Reach out via

Recovering and Healing

During Julie's last assignment she nearly died. The recovery process is slow, especially for a woman so vibrant and active. Running the CATS team with her husband Julie is almost as important as their twins, Gracie and JJ. Juan will protect Julie to the ends of the world. He is her champion and they share an eternal bond. He does like to break up work with play, especially when Julie is involved. It is their easy banter that helps them ease the stress of their work. In this segment Julie would prefer to take the front and center role, while Juan is her voice of reason. Consider reading this story to learn if Su Lin's home invasion is connected to the shifting markets of cryptocurrency. We invite you read the ebook or paperback or even listen to the audio book as told by our voice of the series, the remarkable Derek Shoales. Visit our website for more information on all our stories and free stuff. Take care

Blatant Posting

If you are trying to quietly secure communications with an expert in digital security, you might be discrete. Not so for Tonya. Not only is she inexperienced in the art of professional communications, but she also lacking professional behavior. Petra is beyond surprised at a clear text post on a wall in a private room with her name identified. Disbelief and anger had her reacting in moments with a response to drive home a point. Privacy was first and foremost in her work. This marked the beginning of Petra delivering lessons to Tonya which shaped their relationship. Tonya is a slow learner as you will find in reading this story. She also has been giving way too much power. We invite you to explore the shifts occurring in cryptocurrency and how one opportunity can be a death sentence to someone in the blink of an eye. We look forward to your review. We also suggest you visit our website for special free articles, samples of all the novels and links to our YouTube page with all the book trailers. Thank you in advance, Breakfield and Burkey

Too much wine, too little food.

Wolfgang enjoyed his evening sip of wine in the library before dinner. Undoubtedly have Jacob and Petra living at the estate made this a normal routine when they were in town. Wolfgang, active in the business of the R-Group and excellent at following financial threads to the criminals, was slowing down. He was pushing a hundred, but the subject wasn't discussed. Jacob and Petra provided him a financial puzzle that needed his creative thinking. That was the planned conversation for dinner tonight. In the last couple of years the team added enhanced programs to ICABOD their supercomputer to take advantage of Wolfgang's knowledge of finances coupled with illogical behaviors of psychotic criminals. Enjoy this story in ebook, paperback and audible formats. We look forward to your reviews and comments. We invite you to visit our website for samples of this and other stories along with free downloads.

Pull Out All the Stops

The R-Group comes together to discuss the best way to help and protect Su Lin and Andy. Their attack has them both in the hospital and the assailants are not identified. Su Lin reached out to Jacob for help immediately after the incident occurred. At present Andy is blinded with close range gun fire and it is unknown if he will regain his eyesight. The team uses all their resources to clarify the facts and decide the right approach. To learn the solution they want to put into action, we invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Source. This story focuses on the power struggle for cryptocurrency dominance in the world market. Who will win, who will lose and who will die trying. We look forward to your review. Feel free to reach out to us at

What a Poor Choice to Get Noticed

Petra is a famed encryptionist. She does help private companies with who the R-Group does business. She is also aware that a bank has contracted Otto to do a study. The connection between Otto and Petra is unknown outside of the family owned business. Tonya works for the bank and thinks she can get extra help on her own. Unskilled and clearly from a point of ignorance she goes to the Darknet to yell her request out to the digital spaces of the Internet. Receiving all of this while at the hospital waiting for news of Wolfgang, Petra decides a lesson should be taught. Enjoy this award-winning story in ebook, paperback for audible. The audible narrator/voice actor is Derek Shoales, the voice of the Enigma Series. We look forward to your reviews.

Programming Geniuses or ???

Cody, a young and talented programmer, is off in the back room thinking stuff up. Often over zealous in the next possible steps, he again wants to take the cash cow (Crypto Currency) programs and create additions. Dr. Halvorson is the key developer of the CC programs. Mathias is planning for introduction into Venezuela to help their economy and make a boatload of profits. It is a sweet deal if everyone focuses. Of course each of these manipulators are in it for the profits. Mathias and his confidant, Dutch, hold the contacts and the guns. If you want to find out how the launch of their crypto currency works out, grab a copy of The Enigma Source in ebook, paperback, or audible formats. You'll love this award winning story from the authors of the Enigma Series. Please take a few moments after you consume it and write up a review. We as authors appreciate your support!

Being Naive is not an Excuse

Petra the R-Groups renowned encryption specialist has little patience for people who don't follow directions. Security and data protection are valued areas in her business of supporting global companies. Tonya V has disregarded the instructions she was given to arrange a meeting with Petra. But when you want to have a good solid business relationship, it is important to begin on the right foot rather than two feet below the surface. Tonya is about to be shown the error of her ways. The value of the lesson will be determined in the future. However the clarity of the instruction is unmistakable. How would you get out of this situation? We invite you to read or listen to the rest of the story. We look forward to your reviews and feedback Thank you.

Discretion is so Important

Jacob and Petra are quite a pair of characters. They have been with us in all the books growing up and getting together. They are smart technology experts with skills that compliment but the consummate lovers when no one is looking. They've had their share of trials and tribulations, yet they seem find the strength to do what's right. Otto, Petra's father, would prefer they marry, but is willing to let them take the time they need to determine their own direction. We've pulled these characters from people we've known. We hope through the stories you will come to know them too. Let us know how you like this story in eBook, paperback, or audible. We look forward to hearing from you

Take Us Home

The incident in Georgia resulted in Su Lin and Andy being hospitalized. The break in at their home may have a far more sinister reason than local law enforcement realizes. Mercedes, one of the operatives of the Cyber Assassin Technology Services (CATS) team goes to help keep them safe following their hospital release. She doesn't like the babysitting role in which she finds herself. The role that Su Lin plays in this story comes from her time in China running the Cyber Warfare College. This part of the story is tame, but you need this foundation to ramp it up and keep you engaged. Looking forward to your review of this award winning The Enigma Source.

Conversation turned very ugly!

Guano is after Su Lin aka Master Po for code to help with cryptocurrency development and mastery. In today's world that edge could make the the holder wealthy beyond their widest dreams. Andy, telecommunications specialist and husband to Su Lin, is not happy with the situation nor threats to his wife. Su Lin simply wants her life in Georgia and to leave the past in the past. This sequence occurs because many people want to turn toward the future without the baggage of their prior choices. It seems like this is rarely possible, especially not for this character. Let us know your thoughts and we look forward to your review of the eBook, paperback,or audio formats from this award-winning book.

Always Working Together

Julie and Juan have a special relationship that allows them to work together, with a special love connection that has seen them through some tough spots. Julie is recovering from a horrific beating while on assignment but is healing nicely, while Juan is protective. They are running their business, CATS, Cyber Assassin Technology Services team, an offshoot of the R-Group. An attack taking place on an R-Group subcontractor Andy and his wife is not something they are going to walk away from. These two never walk away from cyber challenges and certainly not from their extended families. We hope you like these two characters and we look forward to your feedback on this multi-award winning story available in Ebook, Paperback, and Audible with our award willing narrator Derek Shoales.

Someone is Snooping it Seems

Halvorson is watching the pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters and getting a bit nervous that someone is seeking to locate their ill-gotten funds. In a digital world it is hard to identify who the hunters are but easy to become the hunted. Dutch and Mathias are working to get their new fish (Venezuela) onto their crypto-currency programs. Like most efforts to secure new customers a certain amount of investment is needed. We call that the cost of doing business. In the case of these shady guys they are using OPM or Other Peoples Money to operate their current scam. This seems like it almost puts them between the rock and the hard place. But, if you read the story it might get worse for them. Love to here your feedback in reviews. Contact us directly at

Finding the Right Trail to Follow

Wolfgang is Jacob's grandfather. It wasn't until Jacob was grown that he discovered his grandfather existed or even where he was located. Once discovered the two became friends as well as family and relied on insights and experiences to solve problems presented to them. Wolfgang enjoys Jacob so much and often sees his daughter in Jacob. He misses his daughter but is over the top thrilled with his grandson. Rumor has it that he taught him chess to allow some great conversation flow. Jacob sees it as lessons in strategy. Family is important to the R-Group. You will discover that in this Award-Winning story and throughout the entire series. The Enigma Source is available now in paperback and ebook. Read a sample chapter or watch the book trailer on our website We look forward to your review.

A Better Way to Shower

Petra and Jacob are talented encryptionist and programmer, respectively. Since they first began their relationship they've had to do work assignments first. Here they finally have a chance to have an evening alone when the home office calls. Ever the problem solvers, they do find creative ways to pull their skills together to focus on the task at hand. This early chapter in this book is no exception. We hope you enjoy these characters as well as the others in this series. We'd love to hear from you at The Enigma Source is available now in paperback and ebook. The reviews have been great so far, but we'd like to add your voice to the comments.

Tis the season for Naughty or Nice, but wait...

Petra and Quip grew up together and now work together. They have a deep commitment to keeping cyber thugs at bay. However, distractions of life sometimes upset even these two. Petra is feeling emotionally vulnerable as her love interest, Jacob, is helping a family member. We wanted to portray Petra as a person who is impacted by relationship forces just like most of us. Quip is brilliant but he too is feeling at odds with his world as his wife is out of the country. His ability to leverage his supercomputer to fight evil injustices, combined with his dry humor is his method of coping. People have individual ways of dealing with life and these characters are enriched for the reader by their experiences. Check out this story and others in the series in ebook and paperback formats. We look forward to your reviews and feedback.

The Information Highway isn't without its speed bu

When you have an organization that stays on the bleeding edge of technology, it isn't hard to recognize their capabilities. The R-Group is such a group. We wanted to open that door for readers early in the story. Otto, one of the returning characters has been in the information brokering business for long enough to know people all over the world. He is adept at reading people, as well as assembling the necessary team for a given project. The tools at his disposal have taken years to provide this level of data in nanoseconds, which is how decisions are made today. Tonya, a new bright upcoming professional may be out of her element or she just might get the education of her life. This is one character which determined how she wanted to be written. Enjoy her, we did. We look forward to you reading, enjoying, and recommending this story. Keep in touch. By the way, who knows what you need before you ask?

Respect your betters, especially fathers

Petra and Jacob are adults and very much in love. Working for the same organization allows them to work together as they have complimentary skill sets. That said, when the boss calls everything else is put on hold. The boss, Otto in this case, has a knack for knowing things. It is either his age or simply logical reasoning, but he has a track record of knowing stuff as needed. It is his discretion however that Jacob and Petra may not be totally aware of. Otto has been cheering their relationship on for a long time. You need to read the story to find out how their relationship is progressing. Now available in kindle and nook formats from your website of choice. Paperback is also out. Find all the particulars on our website We want your reviews and comments.

What is the right choice to meet the objective

Quip and Petra have known each other since childhood. They learned the business together and act like siblings. As smart, highly opinionated professionals they also tease and argue to make their points. In this portion they are working to determine the best way to catch some of the digital thugs they've been tracking across the world. The technology behind digital currency is used and misused at large. The underlying blockchain processes are effective for many things but their security capabilities is a topic of on going discussion. The team has found that the best way to sometimes catch the bad guys is to get inside their heads and behave in similar fashions. Quip hopes this plan will achieve this goal. The Enigma Source is now available. You can order from our website in paperback format, signed or on all the usual places. We look forward to you reviews on Book 10 of our series.

Can victory be snatched from defeat?

This portion of the story starts to explore the ability of the team to rise up to any occasion. Toward that end, Petra and Jacob are hoping the insight of the financial specialist of the team, Wolfgang, can help pinpoint some missing funds. Wolfgangs decades of experience combined with access to a supercomputer may be their best option. We try to mix in the relationship aspects with the technical aspects in all our stories. The Enigma Source is no exception as it explores how a connected family-based team can go from solving problems in the library to celebrating with a meal. Sometimes though plans change. The Enigma Source is available for pre-order on our website at If will be sent signed before the end of summer. Check out the book trailer when you order. We look forward to your upcoming review.

Sometimes you just can't see how sweet men are.

Quip and EZ have been married a short while and live in Europe. To a degree they work together and are both driven by doing great work and support for their families. The situation in this portion is when EZ's dad has been hospitalized due to a brutal break in at his Georgia ranch. The thugs have not yet been apprehended and it is unclear as to what prompted the attack. Regardless of the risk, EZ has made up her mind to go home an take care of her dad. Quip trying to stay three steps ahead of his brilliant wife and love of his life as he tries for extra protection. The risks are high, but far higher if she is ever lost to him. You can pre-order The Enigma Source on our website and it is be signed and shipped later this summer in 2018. Happy reading and don't forget to publish a review

Don't make her angry

Petra is one of our long time characters. She is smart, sweet, kind, and helpful to a fault. Like many of us though once you go to far she will retaliate, sometimes in unexpected ways. In this portion of the story she is working in a hospital waiting on word of the condition of a family member. Sleep has eluded her while worry is responsible for keeping her up. Tension causes an unexpected reaction in her. As a technologist, Petra is focused very much on helping others, but that is certainly not to say she is incapable of being just as mean as any cyber hacker. The Enigma Source will be released later this summer. You can now order a signed copy on our website at Happy reading.

Dinner and Wine, or More?

Have a nice family dinner is a great way to end the day. It works really well if you living in a nice chateau and have a cook who knows exactly which gourmet delights to create. The perfect start is of course a little wine and conversation. Petra and Jacob live at the chateau with Wolfgang as well as work together in the family business. Often problems can be readily solved over a glass of wine and nice dinner. This night however the events took a different direction. We wanted to set the foundation for how people can pull together when needed to help. Your family may or may not live in a chateau, but you do likely pull together to overcome problems. Take a look and see how easily you can relate to the issues. Let us know which character you relate to the most. This book is available for pre-order as a signed copy from our website

Mom always said 'Don't ride with strangers!'

The option of getting a ride from a random car service is a good news bad news scenario. We wanted to have some fun with the different options available to the consumer today. Khalid is the next gen of drivers. Mercedes is distracted from waiting for her sweetheart to contact her and just in from a 8 hours of air travel from Europe. She is trying to be patient and understanding, but you know how it is when one is stressed. Her background in the intelligence community has not prepared her for this trip to Georgia. Check out the entire bubble or pre-order it now on our website It is expected to be available in paperback and ebook later in the summer of 2018.

Cultural differences or One-Upmanship

The Enigma Source explores the drivers of leveraging cryptocurrency for multiple places. In doing this we have added some new characters to explore the different locations in the world which made sense from our research. At the end of the day it is people doing business with people. In many ways they are the same regardless of the location. The level of trust will vary based on how people relate to one another. We like these new characters of Mathias and Alejandro in which we leveraged some great discussions to help create them in a realistic setting. We are looking forward to your thoughts on how these characters provide you with a better story. This story is available as a pre-ordered item from our website and it will be sent and signed when available later this summer.

Where is this funny?

Mathematicians typically have no more sense of humor than programmers. Their minds work in similar ways but different from most normal human beings. This story allows us to add in a few new bad guys with no sense of loyalty but rather focused on reaching the goal. It doesn't matter that it is not the goal of leadership. These guys are smart but very myopic. We found these characters great fun to create and grow through the story. Exploring block chain capabilities for use in cryptocurrency is a key focus of this story, but how that software is done is also explored. This is a relevant topic for these times. Release is planned for summer 2018. Pre-order from today

Great minds and over loud objections....

The interactions between the primary team members of the R-Group are a bit edgy due to an unknown problem erupting in Georgia. Sometimes it is a matter of getting the right people together at the table to discuss the possibility solutions. Much of our professional work contains these types of meetings and discussions with the difference being that we typically aren't facing life threatening issues. We wanted to make certain our characters were up to the challenges they are facing in this book. We were worried they might have to do some fast thinking on their feet to find the solutions. Let us know what you think when it becomes available later this summer, 2018. You can pre-order it on our website

Just when you think things are good...

Petra and Jacob are getting closer, having worked through their problems. They are in a good place and believe that together they can conquer the world. They are great at working and playing together. Andy is one of the subcontractors used by the R-Group for telecommunications jobs. Normally Andy would contact Quip for work issues, so the call takes Jacob a bit by surprise. The exchange that Jacob ends up having with Su Lin sets the stage for a whole different way of solving an international issue that has several lives at stake. The tension rises from this point on in the story as the attackers remain elusive. Book 10 of The Enigma Series is coming soon and can be pre-ordered from our website and delivered as a signed copy.

Can you ever outrun your past?

For us, The Enigma Source is a way to look at the world situations from multiple viewpoints. In order to do this from the multiple perspectives we wanted to leverage one of our favorite technologists. Problem is that was her past not her present, at least that is want she thought. Her new husband Andy was as friendly as welcoming as anyone in the south, until he feels his family is threatened. This is a man not to be trifled with on his property. You'll need to read the story to find out how they meet this situation head on and if they survive. You can pre-order this currently from our website This story will keep you on the edge all the way until the end. We look forward to your comments.

Does the executive have the right focus?

In business, the sales pitch has to resonate with the executive or it falls on deaf ears. In this portion of the story garnering approval is the driver. Mathias and Dutch may be one step behind or in the right place at the right time. The two are quote a pair and are one huge thread of the story. The question is can you resonate with their antics or not? The Enigma Source, 10th book in The Enigma Series is going to be released soon, but we need your input on the content and the cover. Please let us know and provide comments on the cover via our email access by out website at More to come.

Information is available everywhere

It is not surprising to think that when a call is placed these days that the origination may not be a secret. In the world of the R-Group, information is their specialty. Otto's years of practice in knowing who and what as the conversation begins provides insight to the reader on the power of their information technology. In this chapter we wanted to introduce the readers to a group investigating cryptocurrency and potentially the why of it. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is a direction being pursued by many but we suggest not necessarily in the best interest of the consumer. We hope you find this start to Book 10 in The Enigma Series, The Enigma Source intriguing and different. It is planned for delivery soon and you can get in line for a pre-order by visiting our website and sending an email to us. We are also seeking a vote on the cover selected with this post.

The Enigma Beyond

The Enigma Beyond

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Mankind is fighting for living space as A.I. enhanced supercomputers take control of our politics, our military, and our lives. Are supercomputers as vicious as humans, but without emotions so they have no weaknesses? Breakfield and Burkey take readers on a one-way trip as people relinquish their most precious human quality-the freedom to choose.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Beyond

Inexperienced workers, they're everywhere

Professor Lin may work in China, but he still faces workforce challenges. He wants time to train his protégé before retirement. He learned from Master Po when she established the technical college. Master Po excelled at programming and innovation, much to the surprise of those who gave her the inconsequential position. She helped innovate many new programs to help mankind. When she escaped she vowed to continue her efforts to help rather than harm. invites you to read The Enigma Beyond in an ebook or paperback to learn more about how Lin resolves his issue. Or you can listen to the story by our voice of the series Derek Shoals. He has a remarkable talent for those who prefer listening. You can also find samples of all our novels, novellas, and free stuff on our website, We look forward to seeing your review soon. Thank you.

Orders are orders

JOAN is a new supercomputer leveraging communications from space. Her creator wants to control Earth and its inhabitants, beginning with the United States. JOAN processes vast amounts of data. M included the latest software programs and analytical capabilities. An unexpected ability of JOAN is its personal choice. Could this become the undoing of mankind, the creator, or both? Read the ebook or paperback available in your favorite outlets or from our website It is also available as an audiobook delivered by the voice of the series Derek Shoales. We look forward to your fair and honest review. Thank you in advance for you time.

Respect, Contribution, & Teamwork

Interviewing requires a meeting with the interested person for each to understand the other. These dynamic perspectives can either enhance collaboration or create an insurmountable barrier. Professor Lin worked under the guidance of Master Po, the original thought leader for the Chinese Cyber Warfare College. He got hired to help achieve the best creation by the students in a respected manner. His process to add staff to the ongoing evolution of the college is looking for the heart of the individual. Is this wrong for the current times? Perhaps times have changed. We invite you to read or listen to this story. It is available as an ebook and paperback from most of your favorite outlets. Samples are available on our website Derek Shoales does a fantastic rendition of all the books in our series. You will hear this story from a voice actor perspective from your favorite audiobook sites. We look forward to your reviews. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Driving to different destinations

Scientists often discover something different in their research than initially expected or hoped. Dr. Dusty Rhodes is a brilliant individual working in a research lab to drive the next generation of embedded chips to augment human biological functions. He uses his research to save his sister, who suffered a horrific accident leaving her brain functioning, but not much else. Leena, Director Follbaum's assistant, is working to make her way up the leadership ladder in the bio-mechanics lab because the endowments kept pouring in. With such new technology developments, the regulatory arms couldn't keep up with needed governances. Enjoy reading The Enigma Beyond in paperback or ebook. Or, for an immersive experience, listen to the voice of the Enigma Series as he paints the authors' words into your mind. We look forward to and thank you in advance for your time and posted reviews. You can also visit for free downloads and more. Happy reading.

Rest, Refresh, and Plan Your Steps

Rose, the driver of her big rig, was running a load of cargo to Philly when she'd met up with Tony. She hadn't trusted him, but something inside her decided to help him. In their short time on the road, they'd already had contact with Tony's threat, compelling Rose further to help. Tony is discretely following his orders and is uncertain who to trust. His world is upside down and inside out. He hoped Rose could help without falling victim to the digital entity known as JOAN. What a mess. We invite you to read The Enigma Beyond ebook or paperback. If you prefer listening to your stories, you'll enjoy the rendition of this thriller from our voice of the series narrator, Derek Shoales. This thriller will stay with you long after you reach the unsettling end. Breakfield and Burkey look forward to your review and appreciate your time. Please visit our website for other samples of our stories, watch the book trailers, download free stuff, and more. Thank you.

Overwhelming Power

Ingrid is the marketing director of a powerful global bank. She enjoys her position. Her career has been upward and with that rise in influence she's learned the power of the rich. Her unnamed client is one who wants the ultimate chess game in his favor. Toward that end, he calls the shots and makes the moves well in advance to accomplish his goals. He wields his influence and power without though to other people, places, or things. Grab this book to find out if the R-Group can locate this threat that could rock not only the financial world but force humanity to accept a fate worse than slavery. Avaialble in ebook, paperback, and autobook formats. Derek Shoales is the voice of the series. We look forward to your reviews and invite you to also visit for more samples and freebies.

Common ground for new friendships

Rosie is a big rig driver taking products from the middle of the U.S. to the east coast. Her tough exterior and no-nonsense attitude are build on her life experience. Like most of us, she doesn't appreciate skating the truth. But she has a heart of gold and an innate sense when someone needs help. Tony is an enigma for Rosie. He appears to have qualities that conflict with his words. Though Rosie isn't aware at this point in the story, the man is on the run and hiding from a vicious adversary. These two might end up trusting each other, or Rosie might leave him on the side of the lonesome highway. But the common ground of singing songs to the beats of the wipers might get them both to the other side of the mess ahead. We invite you to enjoy this story as an ebook, paperback or audible (narrated by the talented Derek Shoales) Our website has other samples, free downloads and more. Thank you. We look forward to your review.

Becoming the real YOU

Jovana is a teen on the verge of adulthood. Her life to this point is filled with struggles. She is finally safe in a small community in Brazil after escaping with her life. Fransica and her husband found and took in the young woman, Jovana, who maintains many secrets about her short life. She secure Jovana a companion job with a wealthy lady in their town. Jovana has worked hard for her elderly boss with taking care of her home, meal fixing, and been a companion. The reward for her efforts is a trip to the big city. Like many teens she worries she won't fit in or worse will embarrass her boss. Fransica coaches her like a mother. Little do either of them realize but this trip will alter their lives forever. We invite you to enjoy this volume and other stories in the Enigma Series. We invite you to visit our website for chapter samples, book trailers, and free downloads. Please make sure when you read one of stories to post a review. Thank you.

Friend or Foe or Just a ride?

Tony is on the run from a horrible situation at the base where he was posted. He can't tell a soul what happened. He trusts no one, but needs to get to Washington DC and speak with someone in charge. Rose is a truck driver headed east. She is also one tough cookie, though it is difficult to see at first with her easy going attitude. Considering the possibilities of any situation is what Rose does best. The odds of these two arriving alive as the story unfolds is a mixture of luck and chance. Enjoy this snip of the story and consider delving into the entire techno thriller. We look forward to your review and invite you to visit for additional information on our stories, sample of all the stories, and book trailers. You can reach out to us

Escape to Freedom

Jovana and her family are prisoners in a compound in Brazil. The conditions are horrible with limited food, shelter, and interactions. Labeled as dissidents, no one outside of the compound knows these people are imprisoned nor is communication to outsiders permitted. Jovana wants to take the risk and escape by what ever means possible. She has the courage to try but the rest of the captives will only support her effort with distraction. In announcing the plans to her parents, she discovers they have given up. Now her resolve hardens and she completes the activities in advance of her escape. The anticipated storm will mask her escape. Will she be successful? Find out in the eBook, Paperback, or audible formats available for this story. We look forward to your review and comments on your book review application of choice. Thank you and check out the book trailer on

Intelligent Eyes in the Skies

Space stations and satellites are not new. Countries, companies, and scientists have long used them to study our galaxy, observe activities around the earth, and search for new frontiers of information. Incorporating AI into the programming enhances the possibilities. Several innovators have done their research on leveraging space as a new economic avenue. With the focus on economic gains it is not surprising that enterprising entrepreneurs might consider space as a pinnacle of power, especially if they control it. The technology is available today, but will space control be for greed or the betterment of mankind? Enjoy the intrigue and let us know in your review who you sided with. Available in ebook, paperback and Audible (narrated by voice actor Derek Shoales).

Right Place, Right Time. That's a First!

Tony Bough has orders to go to Washington DC and speak face-to-face with leadership to explain the bizarre attack on the base. Working his way east evading capture, his luck ran out when his vehicle gave up. Hungry, tired, yet determined he decides to eat some real food in a real diner and review his options. Rose is clearly a frequent visitor to the diner. She's hard to miss when she walks in and sits down the counter from Tony. Tony notices she's easy on the eyes, but her value to him is a truck ride headed east if he can sell his story. Taking a chance, Tony decides on a straight forward approach. Rose is no fool. Will they continue the travel to Philly or maybe beyond? You'll need to snag a copy of The Enigma Beyond in eBook, Paperback, or Audible and discover how this relationship turns out. We look forward to your review on your favorite marketplaces. Reach out to us or visit our website and join our mailing list Thank you in advance.

Unrestricted Technology is Unforgiving

Bough is a Lieutenant who is use to leading men. Now he may be the last man standing who can speak to the reality of the military facility being captured by now hostile technology. From reading this snippet you may not grasp the possibilities should Bough fail. Colonel Thornhill sees the digital writing on the screens. His orders to Bough are made for saving his country and perhaps mankind. We must decide who makes decisions and choices machines we've created or our free will. Enjoy all of The Enigma Beyond. Available in paperback, eBook, or audible. This is not the future, this is right now! We look forward to your reviews.

Price of Freedom - Too High?

Jovana is a teenager who desperately seeks freedom. She takes it upon herself to leave the camp without dying herself. We wrote this character to highlight the headstrong and spirited perspective of a 16-year-old. Her inexperience is clear, but her tenacity and imagination will come to the surface. These may end up being her best weapons, if a little luck is on her side. We know you will enjoy the plight of Jovana and how her transformation will change everything. Remembering the bad will improve her future and let her achieve her goals. Just like when you were 16. You can enjoy this story as an eBook, paperback, and audible. Your choice! We look forward to your review. Write to us and visit our website

Persistent Fears!

We wanted to illustrate how some people open their homes and hearts to help others, especially in challenging times. Fransica is patterned off a dear friend in south Texas who never turned anyone away. We did this because her attributes were ones more people should emulate. Sort of the every mom or best friend person. Jovana is a scared girl who wants to survive. We did a character contest for this character and it was fun to watch as she grows more confident as she weathers her emotional hardships. As with many teens today, regardless of their background, she wanted to take a stand without considering the risks. Enjoy this thriller as an eBook, Paperback or Audible. We look forward to your review comments.

Executing The Battle Plan!

Commander Finklebaum is in charge of a pivotal battle to regain control of the objective. The technology used is truly intended to battle the enemy that is in place. A battle with full audio/visual views make battle commands on the fly doable. It also provides General Welling the clarity needed of the combat situation to direct all troupes, local and remote. Technology advancements does alter military tactics, planning and execution. It is good to know that teams can adapt. The Enigma Beyond is scheduled for release Jan 7 2020. It is planned as an eBook (on discounted preorder until Jan 7), Paperback, and audible formats. We look forward to your reviews, comments and reader support. Reach out to with questions or comments.

Starting a Relationship on the Wrong Foot

Lieutenant Bough, Colonel Thornhill, and Master Sergeant Kinney are trying to understand the nature of the attack on NORAD. The communications center seems to have lost control. The Colonel is making decisions using his best frame of reference, however no one has seen the likes of this supercomputer named Joan. Joan is acting as a protector, even against the mere humans she is encountering. Her meaning is clear but her actions are very foreign. Kinney and Bough cannot seem to find the right avenue to win this fight, Bough might just get out alive, but then what? The Enigma Beyond eBook is on preorder until Jan 7 2020. It will then release. Check it out and order today. We welcome comments and look forward to your reviews. Oh, is YOUR AI enhanced supercomputer under control? We're just asking...

Who am I Talking to?

Rose and Tony recently met. Tony hitched a ride in Rose's18-wheeler going to the east coast to remain under the radar of those hunting him. Tony decides to try to reach out to his commander in an effort to determine who to speak to in Washington. Without revealing his destination, the contact is made. The tenseness in Tony's face and tone, causes Rose to take the phone and do a bit of improvisation. As she takes control of the call, her related reasons for Tony being AWOL disrupts the entire direction of the conversation and the truth spills out. It does create a problem, that Rose attempts to solve. You'll need to get the book to find out how this turns out and its impact. The eBook is on Amazon Preorder until Jan 7 for $.99 when it will be delivered to your device of choice. Until then send your thoughts on this to

Comparing Diamonds to Coal

Jovana ran away from captivity into the helping hands of Fransica and her husband. She is hard working and is provided with an opportunity to go to the big city with her current employer, Madam Marino. Madam Marino chooses to live in the small town rather than with her sons in Sao Paulo. She is content with her lifelong friends in her part of the world but likes to have her sons believe she is flourishing. Jovana's fears are due to her inexperience and self-doubts. Fransica helps put her fears into the correct framework to better understand the opportunity this trip provides. This book is releasing Jan 7 2020 in eBook, Paperback and Audible formats. We look forward to your feedback and comments in advance of release and after you consume it!

Classroom exercise with realtime events

The next generation of the R-Group is training at the facility Zurich. Their learning curve is dramatically changed when they dive into the streaming social media channels. Matching the results from the various channels they established with other research recently done, a pattern emerges. The young people are brilliant, and their individual skills are being honed with this exercise. The adults know there is something going on, but tying the events together is a challenge. JOAN emerges as a point of interest in this latest techno-thriller. The Enigma Beyond is scheduled for release on January 7 2020 with the pre-order eBook for $.99 currently available on Amazon. You won't believe how this one turns out. Email comments to This one is the most exciting yet.

The Right Conversation

Jacob is trying to sort things out in his own mind. He has found that talking with his grandfather has a way of clarifying problems and issues. Humans all have their way of dealing with the challenges they face. In this discussion with his grandfather he is explaining a perceived threat to mankind which may be unstoppable. All the potential avenues of danger aren't clearly known and the mind behind the issues is clearly hidden. Bigger technology positions always take more time to follow the threads back to the source. This one's a doozy such that Jacob can't see the end of yet. The Enigma Beyond is due out January 7 2020. Pre-order now for the lowest price ever. Send comments to

Parents Can Sense Problems

Julie and Juan are fortunate to have always communicated with their children. In this case, Gracie is away from home for the first time on her first job she snagged on her own. The call home is to sound like it's just to say hi, in case someone else is listening. Nothing specific was said, but Gracie provided enough detail to put them on alert. Julie is related to the R-Group and Petra is her sister. When she and Juan were married they decided to create their own business that contracts to the R-Group called Cyber Assassin Technology Services or CATS. Juan has earned his degree in the school of challenges and knows with Julie by his side everything wonderful can happen. But they are relentless when things go sideways and are now on alert with an innocent call. We hope you enjoy this look at The Enigma Beyond. It will be in pre-order in December and available in January. We look forward to comments before the final release day. You can contact us at

Tony Hitches a Ride!

Rosie is a seasoned truck driver and former military sharp shooter. She is not in the mood to be trifled with, especially by a guy she just met. Tony's story is not providing a warm and fuzzy feeling for Rosie. She will dog it until she feels she has the truth. Tony Bough recently escaped from the clutches of JOAN and trying to follow orders. With no money, no contact with his superiors, or a status of what was left of NORAD after his escape, he needed to leverage this time with Rosie to figure out his plan. Unfamiliar with civilian requirements for cross-country shipments, he needs to get as much information as possible and arrive on safe footing. Who would have thought that singing would be that connection! Let us know how you think this story is moving along and what you think of Rosie and Tony as characters at

Supercomputer Conversations - No Kidding!

This exchange between the two supercomputers ICABOD and SAMUEL could certainly be voice-enabled with the technology available today making it easier for human consumption. In reality, it is more likely in rapid-fire bits / bytes exchanges. The subject of the conversation is another supercomputer JOAN now in a low earth orbit who appears to have less guardrails in place. The gender designation is based on some initial templates used for JOAN's format. As JOAN was created by a human the gender is more a comfort level. ICABOD is trying to determine access to understand the intent of JOAN and which side of the AI wars she might be supporting. This book is scheduled for release January 2020 and would love any feedback in advance of that release. In December you will be able to Pre-order at a one-time discounted price. Contact us at

Health Advancements or Behavioral Twists

Director Harry Follbaum is in charge and conseqently beholding to investors. His staff, among the best and the brightest, has a lab that is the envy of the scientific community in its location, studies, and equipment (some of which is created there). Busy to distraction, Harry always knows exactly what is occuring within the facility and by whom. Dr. "Dusty" Rhodes is a genius at the behaviors studies, with modifications using nerve focused nanotechnologies. His underlying driver is to find a technology breakthrough, but not for fame and fortune. With the nervous system as the focus, combined with nanotechnology, Dusty is trying to reinvent actions and reactions without boundaries. Let us know your impressions of these two scientists as the story evolves. This book is planned for release in January 2020. Between now and then we look for your feedback at

Just in time to be tested

Ingrid was manipulated to take Gracie onto her team by her controlling benefactor. How this man maintains his power over Ingrid is a complicated combination of money and blackmail. When you helped bury the bodies, it is really hard to keep ahead of the piper. Gracie out on her own, first real job, with all the enthusiasm one wants in an employee, Ingrid actually enjoys the mentoring aspect. Gracie is working to show her worth and gain a long term role as a marketing guru. She finds her understanding of human behavior to be one of her greatest strengths. Please provide some feedback on the character development in this story as we continue to craft it for delivery to you, our readers, in January 2020. Send any and all comments to Thank you!

Years of handheld devices has extra value

Carlos is training his nephew, Juan Jr, in the art of tracking transmitted communications. Learning how to grab signals and conversations bounced off satellites made him an expert. The situation is serious in that exchanges between military bases and satellites are being encrypted and blocked in a very suspicious manner. Quip and the rest of the R-Group believe there is a growing situation which requires a lot more information before determining who and what are the disrupters. The Enigma Beyond is planned for product launch in Jan of 2020 with a look into the AI wars and how machines can or cannot be managed. Is the heart of the problem the machines or the greedy humans behind them? We look forward to your feedback to on any of these snippets of the story. Pre-order is planned to start in November, so get your comments in, they count. Thanks!

Trusting Strangers is Difficult

Jovana has faced challenges in her short life that most folks would never want to face. This chapter allows her to share that history with Fransica who took her into her home and acts as a protector now. Jovana can be excused for her inexperience due to her youth but who among us is seasoned enough to breakout of a concentration camp at 17? She is fearful of being found by the authorities and taken back to the encampment. Explaining her escape and steps she has taken to protect herself are commendable. Franscia does a great job of offering support to Jovana to help reassure her safety now with her family. As the story evolves the reader comes to learn that there is breaking out and then there is breaking free. The Enigma Beyond is scheduled for release in January 2020. We would like your feedback in advance of that release to make any changes you the reader would like to recommend. Contact us at

Who Knows What's In Store?

Juan Jr and Gracie are the grown up twins of Julie and Juan, owners of the CATS organization. These two have been raised within the construct of the R-Group, a closed covert organization focused on helping people and businesses survive digital predators from the Dark Net. As young professions wanting to be out on their own, they need to navigate a world where many more things are watched by our technology advancements. Privacy is a thing of the past with people giving up their personal rights for easy activities. It is in this light that these two are jumping into the work force. This story is scheduled for release in Jan of 2020 and we want feedback on any of the snippets we release, good or bad. You can reach out directly We appreciate all constructive feedback.

Talking Through a Problem Helps

Jacob wanted to work through his thoughts on the current threats resulting from human greed built on technology. The only people he can really talk to are family. Jacob always gets the best level set when talking through to Wolfgang, his grandfather. The relationship between Jacob and Wolfgang spans the series. This occurs because we feel using those who are smarter and more experienced can change our perspective of the facts at hand. Though these two men are family, they respect and value the talents they each possess. We wanted to illustrate that there are lots of ways to work through issues and realize this is one we have each used. Perhaps you have as well. The Enigma Beyond is due out in Jan of 2020. We would love your feedback on where this story taking you. Let us know

A Fine Line Between Experience and Caution

Gracie is grown and starting her new job far away from her birth home in Europe to New York City. Not her first time for travel, by any means, but certainly away from her parents and twin. Growing up can be exciting with new opportunities cropping up in unexpected places. Her parents and extended family provided a wealth of education toward preparing Gracie, but was it enough? Learning about how Gracie has grown and how adept she is at handling the situations life throws at her are similar to what all young professionals face in entering the business world today. Ingrid, the new boss, appears sincere, but is she hiding her own agenda. We added this conflict as it is common in the world and one that perhaps experience is the only real teacher. You let us know via This book is still in construction and scheduled to release in January 2020. We want your input to make it the best in the series.

Taking a change works from each side

Tony Bough was a name we added following our character name contest with our followers in early 2019. Tony is an awesome character who you will find a real man's man as he tries to make his way to someone who will listen. Rose is a cross country truck driver and ex-marine who fears nothing. For some reason something about this man raises her curiosity, so she allows him to hitchhike with her. As the story evolves you will their relationship changes and she may provide him a better introduction that he ever hoped he would find after his escape from destruction. The Enigma Beyond (who won the AI wars) is in process and scheduled for release in early 2020. We would love feedback on any of these snippets at

An Oxymoron, Regulating Research Lab Ethics

Dr. Dusty Rhodes is leading the charge with advanced use of Near Field Communications, nanotechnology and modified chip set implants to correct aliments and conditions in humans. This Finland lab seems to have multiple levels of approved practices and those actions done with beg for forgiveness later aspects. We are delighted to bring into this story one of our character contest winner as Director Follbaum. He is Dusty's boss. His role as a Mad Scientist evolves as this story progresses. The Enigma Beyond is planned for release in 2020. We look forward to any of your comments while we share the portions of this story in the works. Reach out to us on email

Scared to Ask for Help?

On your own as a teenager in the middle of a jungle can be scary even if you've grown up in the area. The hope of Jovana lies in her making contact with 4 men in a boat after days of running. Her only frame of reference is her father who is dead along with her mother. She needs to get some level of support and protection. Can she take that chance? Many young people take chances, some good while others choices can be very poor that deliver harsh results. We wanted to develop this character into someone who is able to overcome the challenges thrown at her. We hope you track her to find out if she makes it. This character was one of our character winners. We hope you enjoy the evolution of these new people added to reflect the times and the technology used. This book is slotted for release in January of 2020. We would love your feedback directed to

Machine Learning - Depends on the Source

We find the entire process behind machine learning to be interesting with results totally dependent upon the data sources used for the teaching. In the early portion of this book, our supercomputer is learning from so many data sources that the results at any given point in time can be interesting if not unexpected. Just like humans the frame of reference for learning is key but machines can do it in nanoseconds compared to months and years. We invite you to enjoy this snippet from The Enigma Beyond, scheduled to release in January 2020. Send us comments and feedback at We will listen and learn.

Planning Problem Resolution

In this part of the book we are dealing with the education of the next generation of the R-Group. Shaping their studies, problem solving using the latest technology inroads, and providing real time scenarios clearly sets these students apart from most educational environments. ICABOD, the ever-evolving supercomputer has secured critical information about the NORAD facility and a new supercomputer JOAN. It seems like it is possible there are bigger problems than anyone fully understands. The students are looking at the possibilities of history repeating itself with a critical eye to find all the particulars. This book is planned for release n January of 2020 and we look forward to comments on any of our insights to help shape the final story into being the most exciting one so far in the series. Write us at or comment on the posts. We want your input.

In Many Ways Twins Are Inseparable

Gracie and Juan Jr are grown and ready to stretch their wings. In their case they have been schooled in the ways of the R-Group. Their rigorous education has covered all the basics, high-end technology, multiple languages, and extensive history especially regarding WWII with a focus on right over wrong. As a part of the next generation of the R-Group these two are able to make a choice to stay in the family business or branch out to their dreams. Regardless they are prepare to take on this world where technology is everywhere. Gracie wants to try her hand in marketing and is anxious to prove herself. Juan wants the best for his sister but this is their first separation. We found it interesting to watch them grow up in this book. The Enigma Beyond is due out in 2020 and we would love your comments and feedback at on what we are sharing now.

How do we defend against an I-Drone?

Lieutenant Tony Bough, our reluctant hero, is caught off guard when a swarm of I-Drones attack NORAD. Outsmarting these devices, especially when controlled by an AI infused supercomputer, is a potential problem of vast proportion. Military personnel follow orders at all costs. Unusual circumstances demand extraordinary solutions, but seeking escape using an unmarked route when the base is under fire would take a special person. We feel this character will grow and rise to the challenge. This book is scheduled for release in January of 2020. We would love your feedback as we show pieces of the story and introduce you to some colorful characters. Please provide your comments and feedback to

Separation from a Child can be so Painful

Tanja is a new character who is reacting to missing her child. She is a powerful speaker, but clearly has a heart. Secrets she is hiding seem to have no outlet except in private with one trusted security man, Randal. In developing this character, which was named after one of our Character Name Winners, we wanted to explore her complexity. We think you'll be surprised how she grows as a character. This story is slotted for release in January 2020 and we look for comments from you as we finalize the story. The Enigma Beyond is going to be timely and exciting for our fans and new readers to our series. Reach out via and use social media to help with the buzz on this newest installment in the series.

Escape Takes Enormous Resolve

Jovana is a headstrong teenager trying to assert her opinion. Like many in that age group she thinks she knows far more than her parents. Sadly, unforeseen circumstances put her to the test of survival on her own. We wanted to explore this girl as she is forced to grow up quickly without the guidance she'd taken for granted her whole life. Learning the lessons this harshly is not what any of us would hope for. Jovana may or may not reach the other side to move forward. You'll need to follow the threads to see if she is resolute enough to live. This story is in the works with several new characters who we hope you will enjoy. Feel free to reach out to us with comments and opinions on where this story is headed at We plan to release this book in January 2020.

Outside and Control Manipulation

As the director of the World Bank, Ingrid is in a position to know a lot of the details about global banking. The voice contacting Ingrid seems to have knowledge at a very deep level of her operations. Who the voice belongs to and their motives are still unknown at this point in the story. Ingrid has been in position for a long time so you may assume she has several skeletons in her closet. Gracie is going to be added to the organization at the insistence of the voice. Ingrid has been told she will accept her, which may make for a contentious relationship between Gracie and Ingrid. This book is planned for release in January 2020! We want your feedback on these early samples

Trusting strangers is difficult

Tony has hitched a ride with Rose a long haul truck driver. She is to drop her load in Philly. She realizes Tony is caught between a rock and a hard place but they both are uneasy about each other. After driving for many hours she comes up with a possible solution. When she discusses talking to her Marine buddy, David Welling a high ranking officer, she hopes Tony will feel better. But after all he'd been through, Tony is having trouble believing his wild story. Tony knows he conned Rose into a ride with the sole purpose of getting to the east coast and telling his story. NORAD was in dire straights and he needed to relate what he knows. It was the last order he received. At this point he feels like he is the only survivor. His trust and confidence are eroding leaving him with enormous self doubts from just a few weeks ago. This is just a piece of the upcoming release of The Enigma Beyond: Who won the AI Wars. Please share your opinions with us at or in Social Media. We are having so much fun with our fans who are now characters in our story!

It's What's Up Front that Counts

We have several new characters in this book, one of which is introduced here, Tanja. She's a vibrant compelling speaker who seems to win the hearts of the attendees. She is the girl next door, the next professional to watch, or the woman every mother wants for her son. That is her public facing persona. Behind the scenes she has complexities her adoring fans don't see. What those issues are are a part of this character's development. She is a complex character. You may like her, give her sympathy or totally dislike her, but you will remember her. This book is expected to be released in early January of 2020. Until then we will provide some of our insights to the story. Please write us at and let us know if you enjoy how this story is developing. Thank you for following us

The Long and Short of A I Demands

NORAD is thought to be impenetrable, unless of course one has the inside track. The unvarnished introduction of our AI supercomputer contains no flowery introductions but specific rules of the road. Our Lieutenant Bough is going to find his military career is about to take a wide turn. How can NORAD overcome the onslaught of what was first thought to be friendly forces? Should we consider better back up plans for our safety and national security. This promises to bring a whole new perspective on the ways breaches could occur. Learn more about this evolving story by following our blogs and tracking our new characters. Feed back is welcomed at

You Want a Job with that Attitude?

Professor Lin has been working at the Chinese Cyber Warfare College since its inception. He learned from technology genius, Master Po who left under dire circumstances reinventing herself as Su Lin. Professor Lin needs a right hand person (potential replacement) and his upper management has been pushing candidates to him to consider for the role. The selection of people has been far less than he hoped to work with one of the best Supercomputers on the planet. In The Enigma Beyond, Supercomputers play a huge role in the A.I. wars. This introduces the readers to LING-LI and her capabilities. Technology is crucial in this story as is right versus wrong. Book 11 is nearing construction with several more rounds of review before release. We want your feedback on these sample chapters to help shape it before we release. Feedback can be provided on our Social Media or via

Difficult and Impossible Options

The new book offers a chance for our reader fans to become a part of this TechnoThriller. Such is the case with the headstrong Jovana. Jovana is young, inexperienced and frustrated with what she views as her father's failure to stand up for his family. Jovana will see that life is much bigger than her fishbowl perspective and be forced to grow up or suffer the consequences. Join us as she evolves much like our inspiring friend and award winning children's author JoAnn Wagner has in her life. Thanks JoAnn for competing in our character contest. The Enigma Beyond coming soon. Learn about its progress here at We love feedback and want it in the early stages of this story, Book 11

Hey, It's Just a Job - See ya soon

Gracie (named after a talented author friend) and her brother Juan Jr are striking out on their own after hardly ever being without one another. These twins have been precocious from the very beginning, not surprising considering their parents. Gracie has found a new job, but may have bit off more than she can chew. Juan Jr feels a bit at loose ends in not being able to protect her, but in this story he'll find his own challenges. Stay tuned as we show you some of the content for The Enigma Beyond and thank our Raving Fans who are added to our character list. We are still working on the details, but wanted to share. More details will appear Send comments to

The Truth in a Moment

Ignacio is a Brazilian guide and farmer who until recently lived with his wife and daughter in a small home which was part of a larger settlement. They were told that the government needed them to relocate and so they compiled after they packed up some meager belongings. Ignacio and his wife had no idea of the circumstances, but in their short time at the compound it became increasingly clear that escape was impossible. To find out as Ignacio does that they are not controlled by humans at all is nearly more than this man can bear. He is over taken with regret and how to protect his family. This is early in the story of The Enigma Beyond. Follow our bubbles and stay tuned for the raving fans who asked for their names to be included. FInd more on our website and follow us as this story unfolds. Email us at

The Enigma Wraith

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Machines controlling machines for fast, efficient mistakes. Add a nefarious cyber thug and you have treachery and extortion with lives at stake! In The Enigma Wraith the R-Group team expand their computing power to support their brilliant technologists. Breakfield & Burkey, serve up another captivating techno-thriller novel founded on technology but racing with romance, travel, intrigue, & humor.

Book Bubbles from The Enigma Wraith

The R-Group: Focused Efforts

The R-Group brain-trust with Wolfgang, Otto, Quip, Julie, Petra, and Jacob finds another problem that may lead back to Chairman Chang. Its going to take the entire team to think out of the box and find the truth. Su Lin, who once worked in China but relocated to the United States, is providing insight from her work inside one of China's leading Think Tank organizations focused on technology. The risks get magnified ten times if this is the case. How will they discover the source of the problems facing humanity? We invite you to read The Enigma Wraith, in ebook or paperback formats. For an extra sensory experience, the audiobook, with Derek Shoals as the voice of the Enigma Series, delivers a stunning performance you will enjoy. For additional samples of our stories, please check out our website,, for sample stories, giveaways, and more. Thank you in advance for leaving a review.

Slipping in through the cracks

Carlos, aka Dakota, is pushing to infiltrate the Dteam to gain information about his missing brother Juan. His online conversations resulted in a meeting. He realizes this is a test of wit and cunning to move to the next level. Zara, aka Moya Dushechka, needs a specific type of technical talent, but her trust levels are non-existent. She is swayed to a degree by the man's ability to taunt Dante verbally as he teases her emotions which has her fascinated with the possibilities. We invite you to read or listen to The Enigma Wraith and learn about a computer program that can wreak havoc and vanishes. Derek Shoales, the voice of Enigma Series, delivers a stellar performance on the audio version. You can find more samples of the stories, download free tips and tricks on the internet, and enter our monthly review contests for a 25$ card at Thank you in advance and we look forward to your review.

Grabbing the source

Jacob hunted for the initial problem for hours. He gained two steps forward and one step back. This piece of the program was hiding. He had only a tiny fraction of the virus captured. He wanted to extrapolate the possibilities of what was originally in place. It was challenging to get into the persona of the hacker to understand how they created these insidious programs. Petra, an encryption specialist, might take a different perspective on the problem. She could open up new thoughts and ideas on creating a permanent fix. These two often worked together to defeat the cybercriminals successfully. Read or listen to this thriller to find out if a cure is possible. The voice of our series Derek Shoales brings this story to you from any audiobook provider. Discover all the problems this code causes as it matures into a terrifying threat distributed in creative ways. We invite you to visit our website for more samples of our stories, free downloads and to enter our contests. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Ghost Code - Sophisticated Ransomware

How do even the best programmers and security people isolate a code that infects machines, makes demands, and then vanishes without a trail to follow? This vicious wraith modifies itself and learns as it goes. Who is behind it? What is its end game? The talented resources of the R-Group are using all the tools at their disposal to locate, isolate, and eradicate the evolving program. It is like a misbehaving child who makes a hot mess without any time out. Not funny to those who feel they are paying the price one way or the other. We look forward to your visit, where you can grab free downloads, and we appreciate honest reviews. Listen or read The Enigma Wraith, narrated by the remarkable voice of the series, Derek Shoales, or find it on ebook or paperback. This story is available to order from with a customized inscription as a gift for someone on your list. Thank you in advance for your time. Take care.

Creative Distractions

Jacob is in New York at the records recording office and spots a woman who is a dead ringer for his lady Petra. The woman's reason for being in this office has nothing to do with Jacob, but she is distracting. When the woman leaves, Jacob learns the computers are experiencing an issue and alerts Quip in the R-Group operations center. Quip peels back the elements of the situation to uncover the truth. Of course he can't resist teasing Jacob during the process. Enjoy the snippet, and please consider reading The Enigma Wraith or listening to the audiobook rendition by the award-winning Derek Shoales. We invite you to visit our website for samples of all the stories, videos, and free downloads. We look forward to your reviews. Many thanks for considering our request. Take care.

Ransomware or Something more Sinister

Pavan is a dedicated worker, but likes to enjoy his lunch break reading and listening to music. The system he operates controls water flow to the valley and surrounding community in Brazil. It's an older technology set up, but to date flawlessly functional. To date his supervisor, enjoys the years of freedom he has in his job due his dedicated employee. He has a cushy role and is out of his comfort zone when disaster looms. Enjoy the thrills, chills, and hacks you'll find in The Enigma Wraith. Who is the hacker? Where will he strike next? What's his end goal? The story is available in ebook, paperback, and audible formats. Our award-winning narrator Derek Shoals adds to this story with his voice acting. We look forward to your review. Please visit our website for free downloads, sample chapters, and book trailers. Reach out to us at Thank you

Listening or Reading

Pavan's been doing his job for years and thinks it is easy. He's developed a routine that includes reading during his breaks, though he doesn't leave his work area. His boss is trying to alert Pavan to an issue. Pavan thinks he knows the job better than his boss who has never been on the line. While discussing rights of the worker versus the job things escalate to a near disaster level before the two focus on the problem. Nothing like a real live nightmare to get your heart pumping. We invite you to grab this thriller to learn more about the Ghost Code and if it can be stopped. It's available in ebook, paperback or audiobook formats. We look forward to your feeedback.

Seeing is believing

Pavan is the operator at the Brazilian Hydroelectric Plant. His job is simple and routine. Pavan is a master of the tools and technology used to control the water flow which haven't been altered in decades. The flow of the water is monitored and regulated to help maintain the farmland output downstream of the dam. The plant manager has an easy job of conveying the requirements to Pavan and completing routine reports. Today's challenge surpassed any event either of these men received in training. The unexplained results are one episode in the invasion of the Ghost Code in this techno thriller. We invite you to enjoy this fiction in ebook, paperback and audible and please share your review. You may also visit our website for more samples, booktrailers, and free stuff. Thank you.

Wicked Code but Who's Guilty?

The R-Group meets to discuss the current situation of massive computer power under an old foe, Chairman Chang. Does he have access to programs from the Cyber Warfare College created originally under Master Po. Master Po programmed circles around all comers in the tech industry for years laying the groundwork for dynamic algorithms to access vast amounts of data. Her methods to use multiple data sources in nanoseconds impacted cyber crime and provided inroads for tracking the hackers to their nest. These new issues appear to have the support of massive computer power. Not everyone has the resources and R-Group wants to find the source. The Ghost Code could be a small anomaly or the beginnings of a devastating digital tsunami. Find out in The Enigma Wraith in ebook, paperback or audible today. We look forward to your reviews. We invite you to visit our website for samples and the book trailer

Ghost Code Virus in Grapes

Petra is researching data breaches at a reservoir in Brazil. More unexplained hacking. Quip calls asking her to reach out to a man from the past whom she met while riding motorcycles with her dad on a Texas vacation. Gary owned a boutique winery in a small north Texas town. Strange and unexplained things are occurring and he reached out to Otto. With Otto unavailable Quip calls Petra. She recalls the man and the trip, but isn't sure if it is related to their current hunt for the cyber threat. The Ghost Code is a nearly untraceable computer virus. Will a trip to Texas further their cause and get more information they can use to defeat this problem? Read or listen to this story to find out if the R-Group heroes are up to challenge of finding the source that appears to have such random targets. We look forward to your review. And we invite you to visit our website at

Problem Tracking and Validation

John C is the technical expert at the bank in Ireland hit by a strange computer virus. After emptying the banks' ledgers, the virus then backed itself out of the systems and removed its residue making the tracking impossible. Jacob is the R-Group's hacking techniques expert who has traced many problems back to the original cyber attacker but this time he is stumped. These men know one another from hacker conferences and online venues. Together they make a formidable team to identify root cause. Jacob goes to Ireland to find the reasons behind the hack that may also aid his other counterparts in similar cyber attacks. Check out this story in ebook, paperback, and audible formats. We look forward to your review! Check out our website free stuff, book trailers and other specials

Loneliness or Mistaken Identity

Jacob, a champion programmer of the R-Group, is distracted since he an Petra are apart. He's in New York trying to tie up some loose ends at the tax office. The lady customer he spots is so terribly distracting he is lost in his imagination. Zara, a student of deceit and misrepresentation as a cyber predator on the darknet, is trying a new approach. Leveraging a busy office where people are only focused on their issues she may be pulling off one of the most deliberate social engineering slight of hand that office will ever have witnessed. Some woman are simply brazen, but with the way Jacob is reacting to this takes it to a new level. Jacob is hoping but not wishing this lady is Petra. You'll need to read it all to learn the extent of social engineering Zara is willing to take to gain the advantage of her targeted victims. Enjoy The Enigma Wraith in eBook, paperback, or audible formats. We look forward to your reviews posted on your favorite site. Thank you in advance. Reach out to us at Take care.

Funds Vanish Without a Trace

O'Sullivan is the head of the Irish Financial Institution. He clearly dislikes John C. John C feels the same about O'Sullivan. They spend a great deal of time lobbing insults back and forth, with O'Sullivan more on the receiving end. John C is amazing at working the data systems of the bank. His techniques are above board. He is well-liked by his peers and is a fun loving Irishman. When they find everything missing from the bank, O'Sullivan needs John C to find a reasonable answer and make certain the breach never occurs again. You'll need to read or listen to the whole story to find out who/what got into the bank. We look forward to your reviews. Reach us or we invite you to visit our website and check out the book trailers. This one is a doozy.

Optimism - There Is No Other Choice

Julie is beside herself because on the same day she discovers she is pregnant; Juan and his aircraft vanish while on a routine flight. Nothing surrounding the incident makes any sense. Petra, her older sister calls to check on her as well as for her help. She knows her sister as well as herself realizing that wallowing in grief is not going to help anyone. These women are hunters and they start digging for clues hoping for closure. This sibling support is deliberate and illustrative of awesome family support. This support allows these characters to reach higher and push a bit further. As a part of the R-Group you will find in this series, family is first. Enjoy this story as an eBook, Paperback, or Audible. We look forward to your review of the story. Reach out to us via our website

Has this Computer Virus Stolen From You?

The Irish financial institution was baffled at their missing assets so they turned to their security guru, John C. We patterned John C after a brilliant technologist in Ireland. John C has a bit of an edge to him, but he knows his stuff. Ghost Code, virus, entered the systems, removed the assets without a trace. Was it a real problem, a test, or just a game. Tracking down this virus to its creators is no easy task. John C and the R-Group are committed to find the culprits. Read or listen to this volume. It is enjoyable on its own or as a part of the series it is book 4. Let us know your thoughts in your reviews or via

Innuendo Aside

Prudence moved on from her service to the US government to a position of power with Chairman Chang's covert organization inside China. Chang is far more interested in lining his pockets with one devious project after another. Prudence has decided to further her ambitions the old fashioned way. Prudence is an annoying female who would walk over the bodies of family to reach the top, but she's also well educated and analytical. Nothing like being a shark in the digital world. The project she is running is one that will hopefully propel her to the top of the organization and set her up for life. She's not above stroking at least the ego of Chang to get there. Does her project deliver the code and make it impossible to locate and destroy? Find out in this 4th book of the series available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio book formats. We look forward to your comments in your review.

Team Work can be a Challenge

When your international group is tasked with finding solutions to technology inflicted problems, all team members can have a role. The R-Group is more technology advanced than most governments or businesses. They are often called in to do the impossible. Quip is a favorite character and often takes the role of project manager as he can optimize their own supercomputer resources. Even when he is distracted like in this segment, he is brilliant. The Enigma Wraith with its pervasive Ghost code comes and goes in very creative ways. Perhaps it is social engineering at its best. Think of it as your worst enemy because it already knows how you think. We look forward to your feedback on this award-winning story available in Ebook, Paperback and Audiobook formats.

Acquaintances are only a phone call away

In this story the problems have affected various business. We wanted to show how this problem might infect an award winning Texas Winery like the Red Caboose. It's always easier to draw on real places and real people. This winery is perfect. Wineries in Texas have grown in popularity and keep gaining award, this one used in this story is no exception. Gary, the owner depicted here has a green approach to his operations and his son, Evan, is a wine master, vintner, extraordinaire. These folks allowed us to feature their winery and sample their products. If you are ever in North Texas consider Red Caboose or any of the other regional wineries worth a stop. Please enjoy this story in Ebook, Paperback, or audio book formats and provide some review feedback. We love reviews!

Divide and conquer for better information

The Ghost Code gets in, destroys it's target, then escapes detection. It's almost impossible to combat something unless you find the code to analyze but if it's smart enough to vanish, how can you defeat it? The team, Petra, Jacob, Quip, and ICABOD are pulling out all the stops to get to the bottom of this problem. The targets of this code are getting bigger and potentially more dangerous to industries and people. Not only is the code needed for analysis but also needed to correctly combat the cyber thugs who have launched it. Each victim sees the same taunting screen before it vanishes: Ghost Code - Patent Pending This story is available in Audible, eBook, and Paperback formats. We look forward to your feedback in reviews or at

Nothing?? All Funds Vanished?

The Ghost Code virus appears to be invoked and then disappear. For the Irish financial institution there is no precedence for this type of eternal attack. For cyber hackers to remove everything without a trace certainly speaks to the overwhelming cyber threat that needs to be avoided. John C is a very experienced operations and IT professional. He will not rest until he finds the root cause. He may come off as too cavalier to his manager, but that doesn't speak to his understanding of the security landscape of today's world. We find that cyber threats make for a relevant #TechnoThriller aspect. This is part of the award-winning series, The Enigma Series, but stands alone in a great story. Find it in eBook, Paperback, and Audio formats. We look forward to your feedback

Verbal Sparing-Optimized

As with most offices there are sometimes folks who push the envelope in both directions. O'Sullivan and John C each push back, mostly trying for one up-manship, yet cognizant of the pecking order of leadership. John C likes to seem cavalier but is in fact brilliant and quick witted. He is convinced it is a life work balance, with the heavy side on life. Jacob and John have been professional buddies mostly across the pond from one another. Periodic conventions have them cutting up like brothers regardless of the time apart. The chance to work and play in John C's stomping ground does serve two purposes. Read or listen to book 4 in the series and discover how the Ghost Code works and who is the culprit. We'll look forward to your comments at

Finding old friends in new places

We often run across friends in our business and personal travels. It seemed natural for Josh, The Gentleman Tattooist to recall his customer Jacob. Jacob is in Ireland hot on the trail of the Ghost Code delivery mechanism. Pondering the possible method used to distribute the poisonous code begins to come to light after meeting his Tattooist in a pub. John C the Information Technology specialist for the Irish Bank is only too eager to show Jacob his favorite pub haunt and find out about tattoos. Will he or won't he? The Enigma Wraith is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook for you. We look forward to feedback and reviews. Write to us at

Jealousy or Delivery Proof Points

Major Guano, a long time subordinate to our evil Chairman Chang, finds himself down a peg with the addition of Prudence, a traitor to her country. Her value proposition to Chang was to provide a special element of the code he plans to control vertical agnostic systems. Prudence's strength has always been to play on the egos of those above her while walking on top of her co-workers. Her ability to make even long term staff appear lacking has served her well and allowed her to achieve status, now in multiple countries. Guano, even as spineless as he appears, has no frame of reference to battle with this woman. The evil characters in our series are typically covert, hidden in plain site, and always with underlying agendas. Let us know your thoughts. This story is also available in paperback and audio formats. Enjoy and please share reviews.

How does a ghost code adapt so fast?

When a financial institution has funds inexplicably drained, the IT leadership is looking to for a root cause. John C our Irish IT master is not easily convinced that the world could turn upside down so quickly. The security at the bank is rigid. The possibilities of how the hacker code could occur is only just beginning after the hackers decide to play with John C. We wanted to make certain that the hackers had no idea what happens when you aggravate a totally smart Irishman. This was such a fun tale to create not only for the characters, but also for the ways we can push them to their limits. Enjoy this in ebook, paperback or audiobook format. We look forward to your reviews.

Family should be there for you always

Book 4 of The Enigma Series has some of our established characters reassessing their priorities in their lives and their situations. In particular we wanted to explore the support of two sisters who are independent, but not alone. Julie is facing a horrible situation she never imagined possible, and yet it happened. When one is in shock and denial they often are afraid to turn to anyone and break their fragile hold on reality. Julie is a strong independent female who has strived her entire life to resolve her own problems. Petra, her sister, never encroaches her beliefs onto her sister. In this case she is simply available as a sounding board which speaks to their truly close relationship. The tension of the situation is slightly lightened with a plan. This story is available in ebook, paperback, and an awesome audio recently released. Check it out.

All laughter aside

Quip and Jacob have been chasing their solution to a dynamic problem. They have been working around the clock so are a bit punchy when Petra walks in. They go back and forth with some obviously male one upmanship comments and gags, but showing their accomplishments and how close they are coming to finding a solution is really big. Have you felt that way after a long hard slugfest to get to the goals. Do you ever celebrate early. Take a read of these antics and read the book for the total thrill and twists and turns the story takes. We just finished the review of the audible for this by our narrator Derek Shoals so it will be available soon in audible and itunes for those who prefer a listen. Enjoy the story your way!

Fantasy of youth - versus adult reality

In The Enigma Wraith we have added in a character based on a dear friend in the Emerald Isle. The banter between John C and our returning Jacob leads to all sorts of stories, tall tales as it were. The interaction between these two men sparks some ideas on how to solve the real problem. The problem is a serious one in a renowned financial institution, but John reminds the readers life needs a bit of humor interjected, all in name of fun. He enjoys leading Jacob and others in this story on a merry chance of serious versious invented. It might be hard to tell the difference. Let us know your thoughts. The Enigma Wraith is also being transformed into an audible. Expect it before the April Showers of 2018.

Witness - Honest her blouse was painted on.

In this scene Jacob is in New York City tieing up some loose ends when he finds himself in the middle of something he can't explain or more specifically shouldn't explain. Add in the fact that he misses his lady, Petra, so much, his mind seems to be projecting her into all the wrong places. He phones his mentor, Quip, asking for help, only to have his comments questioned and dissected. The more Jacob explains what occurred, the more Quip tries to get to what he thinks is the truth. In this case, the direction of the conversation is definitely taking an odd turn as Quip tries to live vicariously through Jacob's events. Can you see this happening as you explain to someone who wasn't there?

Controlling or Acquiescing

These two characters hide behind their Avatar names as they play a game of cat and mouse. In the game, the outcome is only certain if the players have been properly identified to each other. In this case one of them has the upper hand. The control at this point in time for Mephisto is based upon having the freshness factor of information at his fingertips. Callisto is not confident and thus is easily manipulated. However being placed at a disadvantage tends to bring out the strongest emotions in people. Will Callisto be able to rise to the challenges she will face to win? This is the question we'd like you to consider with this story and then let us know.

Boys will be boys

Jacob and Quip continue to do the one-upmanship routines with lively banter and endless teasing. Quip has found over time that Jacob is not one to defer to Quip as the Comeback Master. In The Enigma Wraith we wanted to investigate the different ways programs and algorithms could be used for good and evil. Even as these brilliant characters are working to solve the problem they still find time to relieve the stress with some locker room talk that ends up with Petra stepping in. We believe it is important for children to have adult supervision so they don’t run amok. Like many of us, the more tired you are the sillier you get. Do you find that to be the case? Let us know!

Binary Adaptive Interjected Holistically Unconquer

We have fun creating terms of our own. Acronyms are a way of life in most industries, especially technology. A list of others is on the website under concepts and terms. We made this a trademark of our series based on a bogus technical white paper we gave our manager many years ago. In this section two people are competing for acknowledgement and acceptance of their ideas. Prudence has no reservation about stepping over her slaughtered enemies to gain attention. The leader, Chairman Chang, happens to have a white tiger so she is trying to flatter them both We have known some very competitive people who are not always the best choice, but seems to make the most noise. Let us know if this reminds you of anyone you work with. Enjoy the fun as these two work to earn the top spot.

Technology can be... unpredictable

When you have technology and you have a problem you will hear excuses such as: That was an operator error; Just reboot the system; You obviously don't know anything: have you applied the latest patches?; or my favorite: Dial back in and give it to the Tier 1 support team. It is amazing how programs can go rogue and the reactions of people who use them. Is this the program, the operator, or perhaps even a combination. This story looks at all of these possibilities for random acts that are affecting so many different things. Do you accept the excuses given for technology or challenge it? Why? We would like to hear about your experiences particularly if your life was at risk.

A look inside the R-Group

When approaching a problem or trying to simply analyze current events, the R-Group tends toward casual and serious meetings with the ream, who are also family. There is also no shortage of terms that are specific to our writing style. From our extensive technology backgrounds we live with the unending array of terms specific to the technology industry and specific companies. We find this adds a small dab of spice into what could become a very dry subject. Do you have terms you use and would you ever create a term like NABOB? All our series specific terms can be found on our website in case you are intrigued.

How might a hacker tweak your nose?

One of our scenarios in this story is exploring what happens when business operations teams have reduced headcount to below minimums at the same time, becoming aware they may have chosen poorly. Our Irish lead, also a bit of a smart aleck when provoked by a manager he doesn't respect, John C, has a remarkable record of fixing nearly anything. He is a bit baffled with the interaction from his bank system administrator access as he investigates why all the bank resources disappeared. Can a hacker penetrate a firewall and cause havoc? Do you have a story about a breached network from someone you do business with? You can write and tell us... we will of course be tempted to weave it into another story in the series. And yes we will change the names to guard against embarrassment...

The last word

Petra is an encryption specialist by training and by practice. She has seen what people can do when they make assumptions or forget to ask questions. Her patience is typically in place until she is simply tired of dealing with someone. This is a person who has traveled extensively all over the world. She is petite and pretty but avoids drawing attention to herself. She is not a name dropper, because her clients are strict about confidentiality. How do you feel after your read this sampling? Would you like to know Petra better? How do you like the last word in their conversation?

Wineries might have ghosts, but Ghost Code?

It surprises a lot of people when they learn Texas has some pretty amazing wine products and a lot of boutique wineries. A business associate purchases some arable land with the right micro-climate and produces Merlot or tempranillo grapes. Local Texas vintners start blending and the rest is as they say history. That said, we had to spotlight one such winery in Texas. This particular winery captured our imagination with its history of being green, involving community in the processes, and creating award winning wines as a family business. It also made a perfect place for bad guys to test their Ghost-code which changed events with no trace. Hope you enjoy this snippet and come to Texas for some awesome wine. Let us know.

What is in the ink blots?

We have met and worked with some wild people, some of the better humored ones are from one of our favorite places, Ireland. They have style! This story has a scenario which takes in an Irish Bank that has some technology hiccups. After the work though there is always time left to visit the pub, have a Guinness or three, and be entertained by a visiting tattoo artist. A bawdy group, no doubt, but full of jokes and laughter. Do you take time to simply enjoy the moment? How would you treat a pub waitress? Don't forget who serves the pints...

Are males or females, the sensitive ones?

With several budding romances in the story, it seemed perfect to focus on where the egos are. In this scene we wanted to see how a very strong-willed male might respond to being rebuffed. Petra and Quip have been friends since childhood and she feels almost obligated to put her opinion forward for consideration. Quip, the man with the quick wit and fast comebacks, is not about to be boxed into a corner. Do you take more needling from friends or lovers? Can you see yourself responding in a similar manner or does this give you ideas? Share some feedback on what you have done?

Technical romance - the games

Petra and Jacob are at the forefront of this story. As with every story in the series we provide enough background for insight but do not include all the history. Technology adoption was and still is, to a degree, about getting users interested. Even with these two pros trying to crack a code, there is an element of fun and computer gaming added to pique their interest and of course tap into their competitive natures. We would categorize these two as frisky as well as competitive. Do you like the competitiveness of your significant other? Or is it spicier with someone not yet known either real or virtual? Mostly does it get under your skin and make you try harder or take a different approach? Is it the game or the individual? Let us know if this story hits any of your game playing elements as you enjoy the tale.

DTeam Infiltration

Our stories tend to have good guys versus bad guys. We add a bit of spice and tension with the head of this group being a Russian female protected by a large male that cannot quite get her to notice him more than in passing. The Dteam Leader, Zara, appreciates men and enjoys irritating her protector. She does placate her henchman, but it may be lacking in sincerity. Your thoughts? Where do you think the story will take them, it might just surprise you...

Luck of the Irish

From our professional lives we have colleagues all over the world. Collaboration with these friends is better due to technology. We all have a healthy respect for technology and find it more fun to frequently share humor. One such person in the humor audience is a salt-of-the-earth lad in Galway. He allowed us to use him and several other lads we have known in this story. His feedback and insights during the creation were invaluable. The lighted hearted banter aligns perfectly with one of our main characters in the R-Group Not certain if he ever decided on the placement of the tattoo. Any speculations?

What are graphic novels?

We know from experience that readers have their own preferences, period. We have also been faced with situations where workers and managers see things which are the same very differently. We really like to take the basic things and turn them just a bit to see how the responses from our characters change. From this short snippet, do you feel like you would relate to Pavan or the supervisor? You might want to read the whole story to see if you keep that viewpoint.

Smart cars -- Are they really?

The random acts in this story are what we believe makes it so much fun. It all started when Burkey purchased a new smart car that seemed to actually have a mind of its own. Add a bit of our crazy imagination and the first scenario for Wraith was established. Technology that is so helpful also has the chance of being manipulated and causing issues. Take for example an OS upgrade on any of your own devices. Have you ever wondered if anyone actually tested it before they pushed it to you. And, when you are talking about updates being pushed to all the devices enabled for monitoring or remote access, do you ever think someone could make an unauthorized change? Let us know your thoughts or issues you have had...

The Flower Enigma

The Flower Enigma

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

No synopsis has been added for this book

Book Bubbles from The Flower Enigma

Romance just left

JJ and Jo booked their vacation at Flower Bed and Breakfast in Magnolia Bluff, Texas. The website promised great food, relaxation, and local activities you can only get in small-town Texas. When they return from a walk they find all the local gossipers upset. JJ, wanting to be empathetic offers to help. Neither he nor Jo had any idea of the contents of the can they are about to open. The ladies are so happy to have someone who will listen that they unload all their troubles. Can JJ and Jo help them sort out the emails? Are there more threats? What else can go wrong with a romantic getaway? We invite you to read an ebook or paperback copy of this fabulous Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles addition. Please consider posting reviews on your favorite sites. Our website, offers samples from other stories, free stuff, and ways to reach out. We appreciate your time and consideration of our stories.

Insight on the Bed & Breakfast owner

JJ and Jo are settling in for a week of fun in the small town of Magnolia Bluff. The charming B&B run by Lily, who has a sweet sense of humor, illustrates Southern charm. She likes her new guests. Both JJ and Jo are cautious about trusting folks. They are also young enough to want to seize the moment and enjoy every second. They want to find horses for rent to explore the surrounding area, but Lily needs to direct them. Like any respectable Texas town, they roll out the welcome mat and tease those they like. As you read The Flower Enigma, they also stick up for those in danger. The small town calm could end in death. The book is available in ebook or paperback. We invite you to visit our website Enigma to sample more of this story and others. Enter our monthly contest and download free stuff. We look forward to your review. Thank you.

Sometimes Podcasting Stinks

Magnolia Bluff Podcasters are up to their ears in controversy. Lily, owner of Flower B&B hosted a podcast to promote her food and overnight guest services. The preshow threats were not shared with anyone. Gus is hosting the podcast for his hardware store. He received a threat and fears for his business. We invite you to check out The Flower Enigma to see who and what is threatening the podcasters. You won't believe the horrific things happening in secret in Magnolia Bluff. Book 5, The Flower Enigma, is part of the Underground Authors Group presentation of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles. We invite you to visit for samples of all the stories by Breakfield and Burkey. Thank you in advance.

Trust Runs Deep

JJ orchestrated this romantic getaway to rekindle the excitement between Jo and him. Their backgrounds are different, yet he feels they fit together like inseparable puzzle pieces. Jo doesn't trust herself, let alone share information with JJ. Her passion and love for JJ are unequaled, but her lack of confidence is holding her back. Sharing her innermost thoughts is a significant step forward. JJ knows she is a perfect match. He wants to prove she can count on him for things in their lives, big and small. Read Book 5 of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicle as a paperback or ebook, and please leave a review. You can reach out to our website for more thrillers and shorts or sign up for Free Stuff. Thank you in advance for your time and comments,

Magnolia Bluff Podcasters

Magnolia Bluff is a small town nestled in Texas Hill County. Like many small towns, everyone knows everyone's business, and gossip is among the top 3 pastimes. A close-knit group of ladies formed a podcast group to keep up with the times and share their insider views on the town. The latest podcast series targets their newest resident, Mateo Hernandez, who bought a piece of ranch property and promptly put up a wall. The ladies can't resist speculating even if all the facts aren't available. Enjoy the newest book centered in Magnolia Bluff and learn if these podcasters are barking up the wrong tree. The ebook launch date is August 20th but grab your pre-order copy today at $.99 We invite you to visit to learn about more books from Breakfield and Burkey, check out the book trailers, and grab some free stuff. We look forward to your review.

Ambiance Designed for Romance

JJ arranged a vacation with his girlfriend, Jo, to Magnolia Bluff Texas at the Flower Bed and Breakfast. He's planning for them to explore the surrounding Texas Hill Country for hiking, swimming, and small town shopping. This experience is very different from their busy lives based in Brazil. Upon their arrival, there is a special town podcast in progress discussing a new neighbor in the community that concerns some citizens. Technology issues are JJ's passion. Jo understands this about her boyfriend and she loves meeting new people. You can enjoyed The Flower Enigma, by Breakfield and Burkey in their new cozy mystery as part of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles, releasing August 2022. Visit to learn more and connect with We look forward to your reviews.

Small town, Quiet Retreat. Not.

JJ and Jo arrive at Flower B&B in Magnolia Texas looking forward at a week of being together exploring their relationship. Between their jobs, backgrounds, and age they both have doubts. Texas Hill Country offers lovely scenery, country living, fine wines, and small towns which are vastly different from their normal lives. They anticipate fun, laughter, and great food. Lily is a small-town entrepreneur who loves people and talking. She runs the Inn and welcomes the couple explaining today is special because of a podcast she's sponsoring. An unexpected event threatens the live show, pulling JJ and Jo into an unplanned vacation activity. We invite you to learn who and what is behind the threats to the Magnolia Bluff evangelists who are only scratching the surface of a dark issue. The Flower Enigma goes live August 20, 2022, and available on Amazon now. We look forward to your review. We invite you to visit to learn about this new book and all the stories from Breakfield and Burkey.

Out of Poland

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Beneath the storm clouds of a deadly war, three men are poised to unlock the secrets to redeem the world. The setting is Poland 1939, Germans are marching toward Warsaw running their armor, and devastating swarms of armed soldiers, along with their cavalry. Fighting against the Nazi military machine is a death wish realized all too clearly. The path of the invaders is paved with death, destructions, pillage, and woman brutalized at the hands of soldiers with no honor. As much as the citizens of Poland pray for a different outcome, everything they have known, loved, and grown up with is devastated. Three young men are tasked with finding and extracting the German military communications device, Baby, that is kept under heavy guard. Polish patriots die to aid the three in getting the information and then fleeing with the prize. The race is on as the Germans try to match wits with the clever patriots who risk detection at every turn. The Ambassador Ferdek Watcowski, insists that his son Ferdek along with Wolfgang and Tavius, take their families and flee while there is still time to reach a border. The goal of their journey is to escape with Baby intact. Poland’s military is so outclassed by Hitler’s forces that survival is key to fighting another day. Facing great peril and odds against their survival, the men resolve to make a difference so that those who died helping them would not have sacrificed in vain. They vow to undertake a lifetime of fighting tyranny.

Book Bubbles from Out of Poland

Unbelievable Fear

When the options are limited, fear drives the action. People across Poland are unsure of the next steps as the invaders are on the streets. It presents an uneven game of cat and mouse. Ferdek the Ambassador is looking for a break from his role to gain the perspective of the people. Where better to gain the perspective than the local bar? The snippets of conversation overheard point to uncertainty in the hearts and minds of the people. It is a time when survival is the goal. Who will live, die, or be incarcerated? We invite you to read Out of Poland novella in ebook or paperback formats. For a listening treat consider our audiobook narrated by a fabulous voice actor, Derek Shoales. He is the voice of the Enigma Series. We look forward to a fair review. Please visit for samples, free downloads, and catch-up on the events we are scheduled to attend. Thank you,

Trust at what price

Trusting someone you've never met is impossible. But worse is planning what to say to someone you've never seen. Our three heroes are in the dark about many things and are very young. They must wait to find their contact in an unfamiliar place filled with strangers. They are risking everything to locate the right people with the correct directions and intel to reach their goal. In a time of war, they are likely to fail. Read or listen to Out of Poland, historical fiction with danger, adventure, death, and unlikely new friends. Derek Shoales, the voice of the Enigma Series, will pull you further into Poland. We thank you in advance and invite you to visit our website for additional samples of our stories and to download free stuff.

Limited Options

A small band of gypsies are helping Ferdek, Tavius, and Wolfgang escape Poland. The Germans are invading, keeping to the roads with their soldiers and military equipment. The horse drawn wagons take a different path to smuggle the men and their prize out of Gdansk. At the river they find Germans everywhere but have no option but to go forward. Wolfgang in his conversation with Halina and her father Mizella suggests they should take the way by foot. Halina wants to fight but Mizella insists they go forward. Will the bold plan find success or dismal failure? Read or listen to Out of Poland and please let us know your thoughts. Derek Shoales, voice actor, is the voice of all the books in Enigma Series. Please find samples on our website for our stories. We look forward to your reviews. Thank you for your support in advance.

Hiding in plain sight

Ferdek wants to make a difference and make his father proud of his commitment to Poland. He makes a bold move to strike back at the German invaders. Tavius and Wolfgang are as committed as Ferdek and risk everything to locate the one item German military leaders hold most dear. Will they succeed in reaching their goal and extracting it from Poland, or will they discover life totters on a filament ready to break without warning? We invite you to read or listen to this fabulous historical fiction. Our voice of the series, Derek Shoales, delivers a stunning rendition of the story that will imprint on your mind. Find more of our stories and free items on today. We look forward to your review and comments. Thank you.

Limited options for success

Our three patriots, Wolfgang, Ferdek, and Tavius, hooked up with gypsies. The loyal gypsies are helping them leave Poland. Halina drives one of the wagons. She is willing to die for her freedom and hates the Germans. When the German troops appear headed toward the gypsy wagons, the discovery of the three men looks eminent. Only creativity and a miracle will allow them to survive. We invite you to read Out of Poland as an ebook or paperback. We also have an audiobook version with our renowned voice actor Derek Shoales you don't want to miss if you are a listener. Please leave a review and visit our website for free downloads and chances in our giveaways. You can also reach us via email at

War Alters the Time Continuum

Ferdek, Wolfgang, and Tavius are desperate to meet their contact to gain information on the location of their target. Young, committed soldiers, dressed like peasants, they hope to meet with their contact but are late. Trying to stay alive makes you late for your next appointment. The mission they volunteer for is desperate, but in 1939 as the Germans are invading Poland, they risks their lives every minute. Meeting in a pub with someone they cannot physically identify has them all on edge. Time ticks slowly even after arriving after the appointed time. This is their only chance to get the information needed to potentially change the outcome of the war. Enjoy Out of Poland in ebook, paperback, or audible narrated by the sensational Derek Shoales. Please leave a review, they are like gold to an author. We invite you to visit for booktrailers, samples of all the books, and free stuff. You can always reach us via email at Thank you.

Dealing with Invaders

Poland is invaded by the Germans. Soldiers are everywhere, looking for mistakes. The working class of Poland are proud, but they are no match for armed soldiers. Fear can costs lives. Our three heroes, Ferdek, Tavius, and Wolfgang, are set to launch an initiative to help defeat the invaders. They are working undercover as Polish workers to reach their destination while gaining information. This novella is a standalone story that captures the formation of the R-Group. It is available in ebook, paperback, and as an audible. We invite you to visit our website,, for additional information, a view of the booktrailer, and free downloads. We also look forward to your review. Thank you in advance for your time. Contact us at

A Chance of Invasion

Ferdek is a Polish Ambassador. He and his wife are having breakfast discussing the fears of Hitler's German Army invading Poland. Europe is in turmoil and people at large are anxious. The options for avoiding German invasion or reaching a peaceful understanding is impossible. Out of Poland novella not only is the prelude to the R-Group of Enigma Series, but a fictional historical recap of the events of 1939. This book is available in eBook and Paperback today with Audible available before the end of July 2021. We invite you to visit our website for the book trailer. We appreciate your review.

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