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This novel is a five star award winner!! Chosen as a Readers Favorite, this book proves hard work and perseverance is worth the reward.


Carnal Moon


Two lost souls, one powerful connection. As a Dom for Club Moon, Nick Santos uses bondage to alleviate his anger at being forcefully changed. And when he meets Gwen Waters, his carefully controlled world is turned upside-down. Through her, he'll learn what true self-control is and that being a vampire has its benefits. Freshly divorced from an abusive ex-husband, Gwen doesn't want another domineering man. But when she meets Nick, a world she only fantasized about is laid before her. Can she trust a Dom who's also a vampire? And can Nick be the man she deserves?

Book Bubbles from Carnal Moon

A distinct disadvantage

With Nick wounded and the sun blazing in the sky, he can't protect Gwen should their attackers return during the day. With him unable to tolerate sunlight, Nick couldn't get Gwen out of the apartment without burning his retinas. And now that Gwen's ex-husband knows Nick's weakness, he can use it to his advantage. But once Nick is on his own territory, then the rules change. But surely Marcus wouldn't come after Gwen at Nick's house. Or would he?

A toxic combination

Vampires can't handle silver. It burns them and is poisonous to them. Being knifed with a silver blade isn't to be taken lightly. It can take a days to recover and leaves behind nasty wounds. Luckily for Nick, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, But don't worry, revenge will come...

A cunning opponent

Since Marcus, Gwen's ex-husband, knows what Nick is, he also knows how to hurt him. And armed with a silver switchblade, he plans a nasty attack...

An unwanted visiter

Gwen has moved on from Marcus, but he hasn't done the same for her, and may never do so. Little does he realize how pissed a male vampire can be if his mate is threatened. But Marcus isn't unprepared. He knows vampires are real and his silver knife is ready to slice immortal skin. Caught in the middle is Gwen. She knows Nick must remain secret, but with an impending fight, that may prove a difficult task. Maybe after his encounter with Nick, Marcus won't want to see Gwen. But sometimes, people just don't learn...

Trouble is brewing

After a pleasant night, it had to be ruined by a vengeful vampire. One rule all vampires abide by is to never intrude on another vampire with a human. It risks exposure (not all humans know they're with a vampire) and is against proper etiquette. And with Hugo's intrusion, he's demanding a fight. Unbeknownst to Hugo, Nick is a Bonded male. And they're the most dangerous of all...

A bitter ex-husband

Gwen's ex-husband, Marcus, doesn't take kindly to her being with another man. His jealousy is one of the reasons she left him. Except the man she's with currently isn't human and won't appreciate Marcus's intrusion. And Marcus will quickly prove he can be a threat to vampires, Nick specifically. But he'll only get one surprise attack. Better make it good...

Letting go of negative thoughts

While Gwen wants to be intimate with Nick, hateful voices from the past hinder that. She knows they're wrong, but after a lifetime of hearing negative words aimed at her, forgetting them isn't so easy. Nevertheless, she's determined to forge ahead, past be damned. Nick offers new opportunities she only dreamed about. Her deepest fantasies can come true, if she has the courage to speak them. With Nick, anything is possible. And they've only just begun...

Burning desire

As things get more heated, Gwen has to push herself to not be embarrassed by what they're doing. She'd been told it was the woman's job to please the man, her needs didn't matter. But now Nick wants to pleasure her. She's not sure what to do. Her experience is limited to one man whom she married, what if she disappoints Nick? But she wants to discover the world of sexuality. And Nick will be there to lead the way...

Just a taste

Vampires don't always bite people to drink their blood. In sexual situations, their bite is surface only and the little bit of blood is enough for a vampire to taste the essence of their lover. Once a vampire tastes a person's blood, they have a minor bond with them. They can be tracked anywhere by the vampire, but only for a short time. With Nick and Gwen, that ability goes both ways and its permanent. And once they have sex, their connection goes to a whole new level...

A new path to freedom

Gwen knows she has to believe Nick or their relationship will go nowhere. But how do you trust a vampire who's intimate with other women? All she has is his word. Yet she doesn't feel deceived by him, not like her ex-husband, Marcus. She also knows that as a Dom, Nick doesn't have patience for deception. He expects her to be truthful with him, and vice versa. For once Gwen doesn't feel used. Nick isn't into total domination like Marcus or her mother. There's freedom being with Nick she hasn't felt before. And they've only just begun...

A Bond revealed

While very rare, vampires and humans can form intimate bonds. If it's between lovers, their bond goes deeper than say a Master/student relationship (like Ambrose had with his Sire). And it's not something Nick wanted to happen. What woman would give up her future for a vampire? Yet he may have found that woman in Gwen. Welcome to love.

Gwen's inner fears

Thanks to her ex-husband, Gwen never felt sexually adequate as a woman or wife. Now with Nick, it's the opposite. Yet overcoming years of programming isn't so simple, but Gwen's determination will leave her past in the dust.

A new experience

Nick's desire to perform oral sex on Gwen brings out nervous tremors as she fights to overcome her bashful nature. All her life she'd been told how dirty it was. It's no surprise she's so nervous. But she wants new experiences and with Nick she'll get plenty of those.Time to escape the past and embrace the future.

A carnal moon awaits

To be bitten by a vampire is to know orgasmic pleasure. However, you must be fully aroused or it's excruciatingly painful. Considering Gwen and Nick now share a Bond, his bites will be more intense, for both of them. And once she's Turned, Gwen will also experience a whole new level of sensuality...

The beginnings of trust-building

One thing Nick learned as a Dom is patience. Gwen comes from a past filled with betrayal, she needs time to adjust to his vampire life. As much he wants to taste her blood, he won't rush her. It's not worth the guilty feelings. Plus he wants Gwen to crave to be bitten by him. The more sexually aroused she is the greater the pleasure, for both of them. Mistrust ruins that. And if Gwen wants to be with him, trust is essential.

Taunting a jealous ex-husband

Hugo enjoys egging Marcus into becoming more irrational. Marcus has been rather pompous lately and Hugo wants to break him of that habit and teach him proper humility. What better way than having a pathetic human go up against a powerful vampire? Especially one who's Bonded...

A sneak peek into Nick's past

Nick tells Gwen she's special, but what woman hasn't heard that from a man? More specifics please. But once Gwen learns of his past, she gains a new understanding of what he's been saying. Considering he feeds exclusively from women, how many opportunities has he had at finding a new lover? But he never did. And now that she can appreciate what he says about her being special, she just has to believe it.

Understanding Nick's world

Now that Gwen knows Nick is a vampire, she has to readjust her world view. So many questions. Where to start? However, no matter the question Nick will answer it. He has nothing to hide. And with her past, he needs to tread carefully lest he scare her away. Ironically, its not him as a vampire that scare her, but being betrayed again.

Can Nick be trusted?

Considering Gwen's ex-husband cheated on her, knowing Nick is intimate with other women doesn't sit well with her. Except Nick isn't like Marcus, he isn't having sex with them, so he says... Can Gwen really trust a vampire who has to sexually arouse women to feed from them? How intimate does he have to be? Yet with bondage, arousal comes in different forms, all of which suits Nick's needs. Once Nick helps her understand this, a whole new world will be opened to her...

A steamy hello

After their sexy texting, a fiery kiss was inevitable, not that Nick and Gwen are complaining. His natural dominance meshes with her submissive nature, making them perfect for each other. There are hurdles ahead, but determination can overcome anything.

No simple relationship

How much is love worth? Its a question Gwen has to answer. Going underground won't be easy. She's known in the public and her shop is popular. Becoming a vampire means losing all of that. But with love, sometimes you have to think outside the box...

Who knew vampires texted

This is originally a text between Nick and Gwen, but italics don't translate very well and I apologize for the confusion. That's why there aren't any quotation marks. However, I really like this scene and the natural humor between them. Nick flirting with Gwen draws her out and she welcomes the fresh air. And soon, the sun will set and the real fun begins...

Girl talk

Gwen dating a Dom amuses Beth to no end. She finds it ironic that someone so sexually repressed would go for such a man. But Gwen has always been full of surprises. And Beth is in for the biggest surprise of all...

Nick's worst fears

Nightmares aren't new for Nick. Even when he feeds he sees his mangled dead wife. This dream is a reminder of reality. For Gwen to stay with him she'll have to be Turned. Nick doesn't like her having to give up her future dreams. Or having children. Is he worth the sacrifice? And is their love strong enough to last for eternity?

Pancakes served with advice

Having someone for support helped Gwen through her worst times. Beth is the sister she never had. They've known each other for years and Beth was the first person Gwen called when opening Artfelt Expressions. And it was Beth who revealed that Marcus was cheating on Gwen (although she suspected it). Now, how will Beth react to Gwen going out with a vampire? Who's also a Dom? Maybe Beth has a few secrets of her own...


Now that Gwen has liberated herself from her domineering mother and abusive ex-husband, she won't go back to a life in a gilded cage. After her divorce, she proved she was perfectly capable of living on her own. With degrees in Interior Design and business management, she took a dying shop and turned it into a thriving business. And with the growing success of Artfelt Expressions, Gwen can hold her head high and know she doesn't need anyone to help her.

Rebuking an abuser

Gwen's ex-husband, Marcus, controlled every aspect of her life. From where they ate to the clothing she wore, he made all the decisions. With her meek attitude, it wasn't difficult for him to override her desires. He also thought she couldn't get by on her own, and thanks to her mom, Gwen believed the same thing. When Gwen finally walked out after 8 years in a horrible marriage, she didn't look back and proved she didn't need a man to survive. Marcus harassed her until she cut off all forms of communication. However, Marcus won't give up so easily, even after 2 years of being divorced. And when Nick's adversary Hugo reveals Gwen's new beau, Marcus doesn't take it very well...

A gamble unlike any other

Nick realizes sharing a Bond requires adaptation for both parties. Since he doesn't enjoy being a vampire, why would he want to inflict vamprism on someone else? Especially someone he loves? Yet the reward could potentially outweigh the negative. It's a big gamble for both of them, but if they're willing to take the risk, how deep will their love go?

A new insight

Since Gabe has Turned two women, he's the most knowledgeable about the process. However, he doesn't see being a vampire as a bad thing like Nick does. And when he discovers Nick may have a Bond with a human female, let the aggravation begin...

Where does a vampire sleep?

Much to Gwen's relief, Nick doesn't sleep in a coffin. That'd make for cramped sleeping. She does wonder what his bed looks like? Is it a Gothic masterpiece or simple wooden platform? Whatever the style, this is the first time since her divorce she's actually interested in another man's bed. And Nick won't mind her in it...

Breaking the rules

Going after another vampire's Donor is a major faux pas. They wear a black leather bracelet with a silver moon to signify their position. Most vampires don't like sharing and harassing their Donor will certainly cause a fight. This is what Hugo did and was banned from Club Moon as a result. And now that he revealed Nick's true nature to Gwen, his sins keep adding up. And his punishment won't soon be forgotten...

Nick's bondage history

I've been studying BDSM for nearly five years now. One thing I've learned is that there's a psychological aspect to it. Being a Dom is more than tying ropes, its about being in full control of yourself at all times. Its about carrying yourself with authority but not arrogance. A Dom guides his submissive to pleasure. And that's exactly what Nick plans on doing with Gwen. Once she trusts him, of course...

Bite of a vampire

To be bitten by a vampire during sex is to know ultimate pleasure. Vampires refer to this as "tasting". They receive a small amount of blood but not as much as if they were feeding. This creates a temporary bond that allows the vampire to track that human. Fangs also makes a devious defensive weapon. If an attacker is bitten, the agony will stop him. And when used the right way, fangs make a painful statement...

First kiss

Being an introvert myself, I understand Gwen's perspective. Voicing inner thoughts is a monumental task at times, especially when it concerns a handsome Dom. Regardless, Gwen pushes herself forward. When it comes to business she's fearless. But with men, not so much. Time for that to change...

The truth revealed

Once Gwen realizes Nick can mentally manipulate her, she isn't too happy. What else is he capable of? What powers does he have over her? And how often will he use them?

A musical moment

Like humans, vampires also have varied tastes. Nick prefers glam rock and heavy metal music over the boring tones of classical music (to him anyway). Gwen prefers more laid back music but does enjoy dancing to Madonna as she cleans. Now, she'll have an audience...

A secret revealed

Nick despises using mind control on Gwen, he himself was manipulated by his Sire Amara. Despite Gwen having a difficult time with intimate talk, she still does it. Using mind control would devalue her accomplishments, no matter how small. Nick has a lot of respect for Gwen and wants her feelings to be true. He may have mental abilities, but that doesn't' mean has he to use them.

A blushing moment

When it comes to Artfelt Expressions, Gwen is fearless and headstrong. She brought a dying frame shop back to life and meekness would get her nowhere. Yet with men, she's the complete opposite. Growing up doing Glitz pageants didn't leave her much time for boys. The only man she's slept with was her ex-husband. How much emotional risk should she take with Nick? She relishes her freedom and won't go back to being oppressed. If that means leaving Nick then so be it.

A rare invite

Since her father's death five years ago and her divorce, Gwen hasn't had any men in her apartment. Nick is the first one who hasn't been a domineering ass. And now that Gwen knows he runs a bondage club, new possibilities were open to her. And just when she finds a decent man, he's not even human...

An unusual gift

Normally, humans can't smell vampires unless they've been bitten. Gwen shouldn't be able to detect Nick's scent since she wasn't bitten. In this case, it signifies something deeper. Nick knows this and it fills him with dread. Not for himself, but for Gwen...

A vampire revealed

Hugo, wanting a way to screw over Nick, reveals himself to Gwen. With blazing red eyes and elongated fangs, he makes a scary sight. And so does Nick. His sapphire blue eyes were now changed to furious red at the exposure, his own fangs revealed. That night, Gwen learns that there are scarier things than spiders.

Teasing banter

Nick uses humor to get past Gwen's defenses. He understands her wariness and knows she's had an abusive past. One thing you learn as a Dom is patience. Nick wants Gwen to be comfortable with him and open up and it takes time to earn trust. And so far, she thinks he's human...

A vengeful enemy

Hugo is another vampire who resides in Louisville Ky. He isn't so amiable towards humans as Nick is. Not being able to use Club Moon and its convenience grates at him. They've never gotten along but tolerated each other because they had too. Then Hugo stepped over the line and was punished for it, unjustly in his mind. And ruining Nick's night would be a perfect revenge...

Dinner with a vampire part 2

Using mind control on Gwen eat s at Nick. His Sire used such tactics on him and he despised her for it. However, keeping vampires secret came first. Unless another idiot ruins his plans...

Dinner with a vampire part 1

Nick's submissive, Ana, secured a private party room at a local restaurant for him at the last minute. Having human allies are valuable assets to vampires. Nick hasn't been in a restaurant for almost 200 years. Thanks to Ana's connections, Nick looks the hero. But don't worry, he's a proper Dom and won't let Ana go unrewarded...

Suggestive talk about bondage

Gwen has always been curious about bondage, but wouldn't dare pursue it with her ex-husband. Nick however, offers new possibilities with a world she only read about (secretly of course, her ex thinks BDSM is disgusting and unnatural). Now she has the opportunity to explore her naughty side...with a vampire.

Small talk

Gwen isn't good with men and sitting in a confined space with a Nick terrifies her. Yet she persists because she knows her fears are irrational. But old habits die hard. Having a domineering mother then husband leaves her wary of men. Especially one who is a Dom for Club Moon.

First impressions

Considering Nick was Turned in 1840, that's a lot of women he's seen. Yet Gwen stands out from them. Her sharp intellect causes a burning desire in him long forgotten, and her submissive nature calls to his dominant side unlike other women. And tonight, their journey begins.

Preparing for a vampire date

Gabe is the third vampire and is the primary Dom at Club Moon. No way is he passing up the chance to aggravate Nick. That's what Gabe does. He may have once been a viking, but that didn't mean he doesn't have a sense of humor. And yes, despite Ambrose being the most powerful of the three, Gabe won't let that deter his teasing. But if you need a battle ally, Gabe is the one you want.

Sage advice

Ambrose isn't as dismissive of romance as Nick is. There's potential for a romantic adventure and the scenario amuses Ambrose, a rare feat. After all, how often does a vampire go on a date?

Nick confesses

Nick and Ana have an unusual relationship. She's a Donor (someone who freely gives blood to vampires) as well as a submissive, but they're not romantically involved. Nick mixes bondage with blood drinking that satisfies both of them. And soon, Gwen will experience it too...

Gwen's reflections.

Gwen's worry about domineering men stems from a lifetime of being under their thumb. First her father then Marcus, they used fear and her demure nature to control her. Then she broke free and refused to go back to that comfortable but oppressive life. Sacrifices had to be made to achieve her freedom, and no one would take it away.

A vampire's nightmare.

Nick has bittersweet memories of his human wife. They lived happily and like many newlywed couples, wanted to start a family. Except Nick had that dream ripped away from him, and all that's left are nightmares. Then Gwen comes to bring light back into his life. All he has to do is let go of the past.

Hidden in the woods...

I went with a plantation-style house b/c it was a popular style when the house was built in 1861. Club Moon was built later on the property where they can better monitor patrons. Through a little vampire magic, no one notices the three handsome Doms who never seem to age...

Can vampires date?

Nick believes he can't be happy because he's a vampire, but why not? I see vampires as people, they were once human. Why can't they live fulfilling lives? And considering their longevity, think of all they could accomplish. In secret of course...

Real smooth, Gwen.

The gallery is hosting a show in which Nick's fetish photos are being displayed. And considering Gwen isn't good with men, such intimate displays promise an interesting night.

The vampire's lair

The book takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, and while names have been changed, the locations are real. Club Moon however is fictional, but is based on real dungeons. I enjoyed designing it and look forward to revealing more of it as the books unfold.

Artfelt Expressions

I was a professional picture framer for ten years. Having Gwen in a frame shop felt natural for me. And with the book, I designed Artfelt Expressions as a fantasy shop. And let's face it, what vampire lover hasn't imagined a sexy vampire walking through the door?

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