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More Dammit ... It IS Menopause!


150+ Meditations for Thriving through Menopause and Beyond

Author Sally Bartlett guides you in discovering the power of menopause 2.0! With humor and her personal revelations, you will know:

  • You are not alone.
  • Why your time to embrace the transition, thrive + flourish is NOW.
  • How you can confidently navigate this eminent, potentially confusing + pivotal life experience.
  • Ways for you to attain new levels of self-love, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • There is much more living for you to do beginning today.
  • And ask the question: What will your new contributions to the world be?

Yes, Sally Bartlett 2.0 has gone out into the world and spread her wings. And you can, too.

Book Bubbles from More Dammit ... It IS Menopause!

Food Cravings over 40...Friend or Foe?

When food cravings come, pause before acting. Get clear about what you want right now. Is it worth the cost to your body? Is it worth the inflammation? Or would a reasonable facsimile work just as well? #Perimenopause #BodyImage #LongevityMatters #QualityofLife #DammitItISMenopause #OneDayAtATime #ForksOverKnives

Mothers and Permission to be Mediocre

As Mother's Day approaches, I cherish memories of my Mom and me in the 1970s as she taught me to clean the oven. We wore rubber gloves and protective aprons. Do you remember SOS pads? *** I don't know what memories you cherish about your Mom. Even though my Mom wasn't perfect, I try to focus on the good times. *** And for today, I let my oven be clean enough. Once upon move-in and once upon move-out and call it good. Mediocre oven cleaning frees me up to be present for the people in my life. What can you give yourself permission to be mediocre at in order to be present for the people in your life?

Connection, Criticism, & Silver Linings

Is it possible that even the Pandemic virus has a silver lining? For me, the pandemic caused me to feel a stronger connection to my fellow humans worldwide than I’ve ever experienced. This connection begets a craving for still deeper connection. Intuition in me knows there is no place for fear or perfectionism in this equation. Hence, this spiritual moment of clarity frees me to risk being more authentic than ever. When stagnation becomes 51-percent painful, you will find yourself shedding fears and taking new risks. What aspects of your fear and perfectionism are you willing to let go of today to gain deeper connection with people in your life?

Parents, Elder Abuse & Letting Go

To say the situation has hit me hard doesn’t come close to describing its impact on me. It has influenced my health, my job, my self-confidence. It has affected me deeply on the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels. Dear God, Please watch over this man and his companion. I pray for their health, happiness, and prosperity. Please bring me the self-confidence to believe in my heart what I know is true, no matter what they say about me. Thank You for this opportunity truly to let go of what all others think of me on a much deeper level that I ever thought was necessary. #elderabuse #emotionalintelligence #holistichealth #longevitybytes

Touching Testimonial & Midlife Call To Action

"I’m still reading your book and it is so poignant and beautiful, I’ve welled up quite a few times, bless you for sharing this xx." --- Testimonial from Linda L, age 57, Australia.---------- IT'S TIME TO ASK YOURSELF what your new contributions to the world will be! You still have some lingering passions inside. The problem is...fear is keeping you from exploring them. Read Dammit or give it to a loved one. It will be as if someone is holding your hand while you demolish those fears and gift the world with your talents!

Body Dysmorphia & Menopause

Sally Bartlett returns with another book filled with relatable, heart-felt situations and affirmations in More Dammit…It IS Menopause! Each section of Bartlett’s work is short, yet poignant, allowing the reader a snippet into the author’s life as well as a point to focus and reflect on. The book reads as something between an autobiography and a self-care suggestion guide. The result is a refreshing self-help book that can be read for the tips and affirmations or for the heart-felt experiences of an individual woman’s life. There’s no need to be going through menopause in order to enjoy or relate to situations in this book. More Dammit…It IS Menopause! shows strength can come from open vulnerability and how aging is a learning process. – Review by Book Excellence

Writing, Vulnerability, & Connection

I write a lot. I freely share writing techniques I love with others who are in pain, in the hope that it will bring them relief and inspire their healing journey. Writing is healing. I love writing because it results in my feeling better. Call to Action: Be willing to try writing and risk being vulnerable. Commit to write one sentence with the option to write more. What have you got to lose but your isolation and discomfort? #MenopauseSupport #MentalHealthMatters #WomenWriters #AmWriting

Ban Negative Self-Talk Rather Than Foods

Call to Action: Be willing to look beyond finding the “perfect diet” to find joy. **** Could menopause in yours or your mother’s midst? FREE FREE FREE Grab FREE ebook—More Dammit … It IS Menopause! TODAY Through Sunday May 8: #menopause #perimenopause #womenshealth #free #holistichealth #healthandwellness #bookboost

Disappointing Others vs. Self-Abandonment

I am not willing to abandon myself. Not. Even. One. More. Time. Thank you, Glennon Doyle.

What's "Shiny" in Your Day Today?

Making the decision to “live no matter what” requires faith and willingness. I have faith that whatever uncomfortable feelings I am experiencing now will pass, even when there is nothing shiny in my future. I demonstrate my faith by becoming willing to make and keep daily self-loving contracts physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The tone of each day is contingent upon my faith and willingness.

What's "Shiny" in Your Day Today?

Making the decision to “live no matter what” requires faith and willingness. I have faith that whatever uncomfortable feelings I am experiencing now will pass, even when there is nothing shiny in my future. I demonstrate my faith by becoming willing to make and keep daily self-loving contracts physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The tone of each day is contingent upon my faith and willingness.

In Search Of Fiddleheads Unfurling

Call to Action: What beliefs and behaviors are not serving you anymore? Be brave enough to look within. It may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. You deserve to have your breath taken away.

Grieving and Gratitude

This is my first father's day since my Dad died. I am holding a space for my sadness and everyone's sadness around their father, whatever that looks like. You are not alone.

Right-Sizing Exercise

Just as it is vital to right-size my attitude and self-talk, so too is it vital to right-size my attitude about exercise. I exercise for disease prevention and for cardiovascular strength. I exercise to help me sleep, to lift depression, and to combat sarcopenia. The following are NOT reasons I exercise (or excessively exercise): • To eat bigger portions and avoid uncomfortable feelings • To counter a recent episode of binge-eating • To apologize for my body’s appearance

Crying + Unrealistic Expectations

Just when I think I "have menopause down" hahahahahaha! I decide to go off HRT after ten years and begin to experience hot flashes all over again at the age of 61. Just then I am reminded by a Dr. Jen Gunter podcast that hot flashes are an indication that I am strong beyond belief!

If I'm Kind to All People...

If I'm kind to all people, could I still be racist? This excerpt (#331) was written in June 2020 and addresses willingness to look at my white privilege with my eyes open...admittedly for the first time. The beginning of discovering what it means to be an ally; an anti-racist and take action. I have a long way to go, but I am willing to unlearn and relearn. I'm still listening and open to what that looks like. To all midlife women...I'd love your company.

Expletives & F-Bombs v. Compassion

Every day I need to check my judgment. Every day I need to remember compassion. Every day I need to put myself in your shoes. Every day I need to check my stress level. What can I do to support my nervous system?

And I Thought I was Fairly Healthy...

Sobering Scientific Fact: As we age, the master reproductive hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone) produced in the brain DECLINE, which causes many changes to occur in our cells and tissues. These changes make us more vulnerable to inflammation and therefore, disease. Remember, you are not alone... Good News!: There are MANY self-care actions you can take to ease your transition! The best is yet to come!

Dammit … It IS Menopause!


Is Menopause Freaking You Out?

  • Are you way too young to be considered menopausal? Yet, you’re finding your body looks and feels inexplicably different from the one you’ve known and loved for years?  
  • Are your favorite exercise modes now less enjoyable?  
  • Is the healthy plan of eating you’ve successfully used now resulting in weight gain?  

Dammit … It IS Menopause! Delivers a collection of daily meditations and experiences of author Sally Bartlett. You will find hope, comfort, and clarity amidst the frustration of hormonal transition—a transition that impacts millions of women yearly.

Book Bubbles from Dammit … It IS Menopause!

Body-Confidence vs "Padding Food"

Mom ** Aunt ** Sister ** Grandma ** Friend. For whatever role she plays, wrap her in Body-Confidence this Mother's Day. #MenopauseHealth #HeartHealth #MentalHealth

The Secret of Menopause Body-Confidence

How is your Body-Confidence? The journey to your best Body-Confidence ever can be accessed through my simple P.I.E.S. journaling technique. Since March is International Women's Month, what an ideal time to connect with your self, your body, and your fellow women-kind. The journey to love your life, starts with connection and a pencil. What if you could spend the 2nd half of your life LOVING your body? Listen here for more:

International Women's Day

The world needs you to come out of isolation...Loads of women want to connect with you to help destigmatize menopause and aging for generations to come. Now is the time! It’s time to take this new, Varsity YOU out into the sunlight and make new contributions to the world. Successful aging requires the acknowledgement of your extreme worth and potential in some small way, every day. I know it has taken a crap-ton of courage to get this far, but we’re just getting started. Take the time to invest in yourself. Are you ready to stop believing the lies your head tells you? Are you ready to start the most inspired chapter of your life? You’re worth it! You’ve got this! We’ve got this! —Sally #internationalwomensday #DEI #menopausesupport #workplacehealth

Antidote to Menopause Weight Gain

I've combined a tool called "Bookending" with discipline to maintain a 35-lb weight loss for over 30 years.** Taking small actions like bookending make me feel loved and cared for … by me! By doing this, I take responsibility for my own health and sense of well-being. Over time, it adds up exponentially. It’s empowering and uplifting! Dr. Patricia Allen writes: Discipline leads to happiness; Spontaneity leads to chaos. I know how much I love myself by the contracts I’m willing to make and keep. #menopausehealth #hearthealth #discipline #drpatriciaallen #menopauseweightgain **spoiler alert: my primary goal is heart health, but the side benefit is living in a body that feels so good!

Self-Care PIES for Galentine's Day?

Indulge yourself with Self-Care P.I.E.S. this Galentine's (or Valentine's Day)! Dammit … It IS Menopause! I was SO hoping it was just a hangnail or something. This was my first response when the symptoms began at age 45. This is the behind-the-scenes story about how I have maintained a 35-lb. weight loss without dieting for over 30 years. I consider myself a former volume eater and exercise bulimic who has recovered from disordered eating for more than three decades now. This excerpt tells the secret of how I maintain a healthy homeo-stasis with food...EVEN post-menopause. #ditchdiets #menopauseselfcare

How Does Food Know My Name?

The holidays are upon us! Opportunities to eat spontaneously abound. Of course there is nothing wrong with ANY food choice; food and eating are not moral issues. However there comes a point when excess food robs me of intimacy opportunities with my loved ones. Try this quick emotional agility CTA to keep your self-talk healthy and your loved ones close: Write yourself a letter of encouragement, telling yourself what a great job you did on something. It can be from God, your wise inner self, your compassionate parent, or anyone you feel safe with and loved by. For more tips on how to improve your emotional intelligence during midlife (and the holidays), read the Amazon #1 Bestseller book of meditations, Dammit...It IS Menopause! Meditations for Women to Achieve Clarity and Confidence Beyond Their Wildest Dreams. #menopausehealth #emotionalintelligence

Varsity Menopause Quiz

Could this Be #PeriMenopause? October is World #Menopause Month! If you answered YES to the Varsity Menopause Quiz questions, you’re in the right place. Get ready to regain clarity and conviction about your identity and your purpose in life. It’s time to improve your self-acceptance, body-confidence, and self-esteem, both during and after the advent of hormonal shift. Hear Sally speak Saturday, October 22: Unshakeable, Resilient Women over 40 Speaker Series! Register Free: I’m honored to share my insights and experiences as I wove my way through the menopause maze. Are you ready to ignite your passions and embrace this amazing new you? Would you like more peace and confidence and to be kinder to yourself? Develop a more current self-image with respect to aging, whether you have had self-image issues all your life or issues are just now arising for the first time with the onset of perimenopause. Attend Free: #selfcare #authors #freebusinessevent

Mediocre Meditation

Reflection: Just do it .… even if it’s mediocre.

Midlife Women: You are Not Alone!

2022 BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER in Women's Health: I invite you to join me on your aging journey. I strive to act as the dean to help you see it as a Varsity menopause experience. The best is yet to come. I have been exactly where you are right now. Perimenopause and menopause are not something that you would have added to your “to-do” list when you had your first period. After all, a young girl most likely doesn’t have those words in her vocabulary. But you and certainly I do several decades later … and I wished I hadn’t had to learn them the hard way. Dammit ... It IS Menopause! is me talking to you and sharing with you. And yes, pulling out my hair and crying with you. I’ve been there … wish I hadn’t … and yet I survived.

Holiday Stress Alert!

How to Cope Without Overeating Next time you’re stressed and tempted to reach for nutrition-sparse, sugar laden treats, consider reaching for pen and paper instead! Access a FREE journaling worksheet at Evidence-based expressive writing (AKA journaling) is a surprising way to reduce holiday stress. As an Amazon bestselling author and Health Coach, I teach evidence-based journaling techniques to women year round in my books and courses to: 1. Make friends with their body 2. Improve immune and mental health 3. Transition from negative self-talk to self-acceptance

Gratitude Leads to Acceptance

Is your world or the world of a loved one upside down from Hot Flashes or other hormonal shift hell? Learn how to shift from chaos and uncertainty to confidence and gratitude.

Take the Varsity Menopause Quiz!

If you answered mostly YES, get ready to regain clarity and conviction about your identity and your purpose in life. October 18 is WORLD Menopause Day!

We ALL Do It (self-talk)!

Self-talk definitely has its proper place, but what happens when it becomes a non-stop critical loop? ...AND you're peri-menopausal? Learn journaling techniques to avoid unbridled eating and subsequent bloating in Dammit...It IS Menopause!

The Power of Music and Tears

Is this you? You're not alone. Join the movement and talk about it!

When You're Hot You're Hot...

Noticed anything odd lately? It's ok to talk about it. #NormalizeMenopause

Peri-Menopause?...But I'm Too Young!

Free on Amazon till Saturday, March 20: I wrote this book for YOU if: You are having trouble sleeping, You are experiencing crazy mood swings, You're having hot flashes, You suddenly don't recognize yourself in the mirror. Find comfort HERE! You are not alone and you are certainly not crazy. The best is yet to come! Breathe...

Free eBook Today!

Get this book free today on Amazon at: You will get through this. You are not alone. The best is yet to come!

Possible Upside to Menopausal Symptoms?

Reader EW of California writes: "I woke up this Monday feeling like I didn't want to get out of bed but then started beating myself up for not wanting to get out of bed. I grabbed your book and started reading it and began to smile and giggle a little. I didn't feel so alone. Ty!" I received this message from a reader and it made my day. I wrote these books for precisely this reason! You are not alone...

Not Feeling Like Yourself Lately?

Have you noticed some traits in yourself lately that just don't feel like "you"? I did. When I was about 45 years old, I started noticing this A LOT. At first I thought I was going crazy. Once I learned it was peri-menopause, I wrote this book so you will know you are NOT crazy. And you are not alone. The best is yet to come! Breathe... Sally

Give Yourself This Valentine!

Have you not been yourself lately? Could it be peri-menopause? Give yourself this gift of finding out what you can do to rock your second chapter of life. You are not alone. The best is yet to come!

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