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Anton Roeger IV serves as Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer for APC Data Analytics, LLC. where he works in conjunction with customers and partners to develop analytical tools to fit their desired applications. He works closely with the software development team to launch and implement the application to the end user. Anton began his career as an engineer at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI and became a senior engineer at Robert Bosch Corporation in Charleston, SC. During his time as an engineer Anton began investing in real estate in Charleston SC which spurred on his development into a full time real estate consultant. His personal investment knowledge include over 60 residential and commercial properties in the Charleston area including rentals, renovation flips, new construction and office buildings. During his 18 year career as a real estate consultant he sold over 1,000 properties for over $350M in total volume becoming the top producing agent in his town.


The Future of Real Estate Home Pricing

Business & Investing

Today's real estate agent is caught in the middle of an epic battle between technology, big data and corporations. Giant tech companies have introduced business models with fancy tools that encourage home buyers and sellers to go it alone, without the guidance of an agent. The public is being misinformed and your business is on the line. Current home valuation tools are subjective, unreliable, outdated or just plain wrong concepts. How can you win your clients' trust when they are confused about home values?

In The Future of Real Estate Home Pricing, Anton Roeger, founder of APC Data Analytics, shows you how innovative new tools, processes and data can help you gain your clients' trust and become a sought-after authority on home buying and selling trends in your area. In this book, you'll learn how to:

  1. build credibility with your clients through accurate, powerful, current and comprehensible property valuation
  2. combat online pricing giants that are misleading your clients with unreliable automatic valuation models (AVMs)
  3. automate your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) with real-time tools that provide visual and accurate results

A perfect book for real estate agents and brokers as well as real estate lawyers and investors.

Book Bubbles from The Future of Real Estate Home Pricing

Not Just an Average

Pricing a home is complicated; there are lots of factors for which agents must account. APC Residential and these eight pricing methods allow agents to account for property features and adjust the list price accordingly.

Innovate Today, not Tomorrow

The tools are out there to solve the most pressing issues of the real estate industry today. Innovation isn't scary; it's progress.

Trust in Pricing

Stop making excuses for flawed systems when there are solutions out there! Regain the trust of your buyers and sellers with a proven system that prices a home using real-time, accurate MLS data and validates the results with an easy to understand pricing report. This method is the most innovative in real estate technology today.

Trust in Pricing

Agents are the buying and selling experts, but the trick is convincing their clients to listen to the advice they are given. It's getting harder and harder to do this with today's AVMs and CMAs giving them conflicting information at every turn. Use the one tool and the one method that gives you an accurate price based on real time MLS data to create trust in pricing.

CMAs Solved!

CMAs have long been the accepted pricing method for real estate agents. The problem is that these systems are fundamentally flawed. Don't settle for flawed when there is a solution out there.

Battles in Real Estate Today

With all of the real estate industry disruptors and their Comparative Market Analysis tools (CMAs) and Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), where do the real estate agents and public consumers fit in?

The Real Estate Agent is Still the Expert

The discussion of the best methods for agents to price a home using analytical data has taken on a new life over the last few years with multitudes of CMAs and AVMs. The real estate agent is still the expert that can provide the knowledge and input which, when matched with the right data and algorithm, can provide the highest level of accuracy.

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