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I'm a poet and writer that creates thought-provoking content about different aspects of life. My goal is to write as many poetry books on societal issues that we all face in today's age. Through writing poetry, it is an easy read for others and it's a gateway to getting inside of my mind and how I write.


Jamell  Crouthers

Code Blue An Oath to the Badge and Gun

Literature & Fiction

This story deals with a police officer who has been on the police force for a few years. He feels he’s doing a great job of serving and protecting his community. Soon he realizes that he’s part of a police force where there are some police officers who dishonor the oath they all took to protect and serve their city and he knows what is going on around him is all wrong. He has a decision to make, whether to report it and risk his career and his badge or be part of the cover up. He chronicles all of these events where he talks about different cases and everything that occurred during that time period. This book addresses racial issues and whether good cops know who the bad ones are and what can be done about it.

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America Under Mind Control

Literature & Fiction

What happens when society takes control of your mind and how you think? This book speaks on all of the issues going on in today’s society and how the rich, wealthy and elite do everything in their power to keep the American people under mind control. There are different tactics and ways they use to make sure we as a people don’t strive for greatness in life. It starts from when you’re a child in the education system and how we’re taught to be obedient and to respect authority all the way into Corporate America. Our minds are programmed on a daily basis and whether we realize it or not, we don’t take the time to see the bigger picture of how the world is run. From the music we listen to, to the television we watch, the politics they control and infiltrate, this book deals head on with how we the American people are controlled by so many messages on a daily basis. It’s a book that speaks truth into how this country and the world is in shambles and how we need to come together as a nation and as a people and do better.

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Technology Takeover

This chapter addresses how much technology has taken over our lives. The biggest aspect of it is how much technology has advanced but also how these companies are always releasing new things to make people feel like they need to buy something new. It's the drilling into people's minds that they can't fall behind in technology.

Fashion Brand Advertising

Everyone has their favorite fashion brands, but the advertising that's done to get you to shop is crazy beyond measure. This chapter delves into how fashion brands advertise to you and do anything to get the hard earned money you have into their pockets. You work tirelessly every week to make your money only for you to go spend it on something you want but not necessarily something that you need.

Gun Control

This chapter deals with gun control and the constant talk about it when catastrophic events happen and the media covers it all day, everyday. Meanwhile, gun violence is a major issue that goes on every year. I wrote this chapter to shine light on what a gun would be saying from their point of view. This is the start of the chapter.

Print Media Is Everywhere

This chapter addresses print media and how messages are sent to people everyday. Print media is everywhere and there's no escaping it, it's just a matter of how we interpret these messages conveyed to us. Print media is there to make you feel insecure and question who you are and how you feel about yourself. What we fail to do sometimes is to be confident and comfortable with ourselves.

Television Corrupting Your Mind

This chapter hits head on with how television controls and corrupts your mind the minute you turn it on. Not saying everything is bad on television but most of it is and we don't even realize it. Maybe we do but we don't care but we should because there are messages being conveyed to us daily, it's just a matter of whether we pay attention or not.

Music and Radio Infiltrating the Mind

This chapter deals with how music and radio corrupt and infiltrate your mind. I'm speaking from the perspective of how music controls your mind. The question is whether you realize it and know the messages behind all of the content that you constantly listen to on a daily basis.

The Rothschild Family

The start of this book, I wanted to introduce the readers to the family who runs and control the world. It's not necessarily the politicians. They run and control the Central Bank (they control all of the money in the world). We get mad at the politicians for not doing what they're supposed to but it's this family who runs the show.

The World We Live In A Poetry Book On Societal Issues Part 2

Literature & Fiction

A continuation of the series, the characters in the book have gone through life changing experiences, some it has changed for the better, some for the worst. How are they dealing with and coping after these life changing events? How has Christine recovered from being raped at a party? How is Michael dealing with the summer months being homeless? So many things have happened to these characters since the first book, it's only fitting to read the continuation from part 1.

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The Loss of Family Hurts Deeply

Eric losing his aunt shook him to the core of his soul and he doesn't know how to handle it. His mind is racing full of thoughts and as the chapter goes on, his emotion shows as he feels he needs drugs to help him escape. This was the one family member he was closest to. While people handle death in different ways, Eric has to figure his way through this. It's just a matter of whether he'll make the right decisions after losing his aunt that he considered his mother.

Acceptance Of Yourself Is The Biggest Battle

Nathan finally decides to come out and tell the important people in his life that he is gay. He felt it was time to tell his mom, his best friend and a few other people his sexual preference and his feelings for men. It has been an ongoing battle since the first book and he felt that if he didn't, it would be a battle that would eat away at him in his mind. As the chapter goes on, he reveals his sexual preference to other people in his life and there were mixed reactions and it changes him as a man.

A Woman's Success Is Always Scrutinized

Michelle is starting to get college letters in the mail. This is a chapter where she'll confront all of the critics at school with her acceptance into colleges. She also talks about her mother becoming successful and how the world can't handle it along with her discussing her father and how her parents didn't workout because of her mother's success. This is a brief start to the chapter but in order to know the full story, you have to buy the book to see what happens.

Suicidal Thoughts Almost A Reality

Tyler's depression has led him to try and kill himself. His overdose made him realize how much his family loves him and want him to get better. He's having a hard time coping with life and sometimes your mind takes a toll and gets the best of you. His thoughts and recollection of his suicide attempt comes out and he's full of emotion as he survives this scare. He comes to realize it's not his time yet and there is a purpose for living now. The question is whether he gets better or ends up back in a tailspin of pain and anguish from losing his parents and his sister being a drug addict.

Domestic Violence Should Never Be Tolerated

This is the continuation of Veronica's story. While she is dealing with her own domestic violence case, there is something brewing in her parent's home. She learns of her parent's violent encounter and it sends her into a whirlwind of emotion as she doesn't know how to handle it. This chapter goes in depth into her mind and how she's processing everything that's going on around her. She thinks of all of the times things have happened and goes through guilty conscience in her mind as the chapter goes on.

Chronicles of a Lost Soul

Steve reflects on what happened in his young childhood after being molested by his stepfather. He still struggles to accept what was and what will be. He is questioning who he is and where his life is going now after all of these events have occurred. He wants to get over it and move on but sometimes things just aren't as easy as it should be. This chapter is a brief beginning into a range of feelings and emotions that he is experiencing. As you read more, you feel his pain, sorrow and sadness coming from his heart and mind.

Mental Struggles With Weight Loss

Stephanie still struggles with doing things the right way regarding her weight loss. It was easy for her to eat it and then purge it back up to get rid of the food in her body. She is coming into her own by expressing her emotions and what she's dealing with mentally on a day to day basis. She wants to continue to do things the right way but her mind is trying to get back to revert back to her old ways. Sometimes in life trying to deal with the mental struggles with personal issues aren't always easy. We should always be sure to make sure we are mentally healthy more than anything else.

Life Struggles and Drug Addiction

Larry is now facing some tough times in his life. He's tired of taking his medication to control his PTSD. He ends up partying his life away and before he knew it, he started taking drugs. This chapter chronicles his journey from hard times to even tougher times in his life where drug addiction, partying and a range of emotions kick in. He knows this isn't the way to relieve himself of the tough times in his life but in his mind, he knows that drugs are his escape from the pain he deals with in his heart.

Meeting Her Biological Mother

Catherine goes through a lot trying to find herself along with learning who her mother is. She finally builds up the courage to ask her adoptive parents to meet her birth mother. This is an emotional roller coaster of feelings that she deals with and this is a small snippet of the beginning of the chapter. The exchange of letters is what gets them to finally meet face to face and what happens when they do is emotional as it gets.

Summer Nights Being Homeless

This chapter deals with Michael going through the summer months being homeless. He expresses a range of emotions and feelings along with reflections on life and where he's been. We forget what it's like to not have much so this chapter perfectly explains how Michael has to hide from the hot sun, not having air conditioning, still not able to shower daily, and fighting to survive summer nights with bugs around and pending thunderstorms. He still speaks about struggling to make it and also trying to find a way out of him being homeless. This chapter makes you show a little compassion for the man who sits on the sidewalk daily trying to get others to help him survive the day.

The Aftermath of the Rape Case

Christina is dealing with a lot after being raped, waking up at night dealing with PTSD. She's struggling with the aftermath of being raped, questioning why she went through it, why her. This is the emotional battle I wanted to create in Christina because a lot of women deal with this after a rape case. A woman starts to question her worth, can she move on with her life, dealing with being around people, not trusting anyone. It's a range of emotions that I want people to understand and feel with her as this is a traumatic experience for her and so many women in this world on an everyday basis. Something needs to be done to prevent this from happening.

The Struggles and Growth of a Man

Literature & Fiction

A book about a young man named Robert who chronicles a poetic diary about his struggles through childhood of having a drug addicted mother and a deadbeat father. He is working his way through life learning a lot of rights and wrongs while being a role model to his younger brother. There's one man who cared about him and his well-being, his guidance counselor Mr. Marble who molds him into a better man, is a role model to him and shows him a better way of life. Through the trials and tribulations of life, Robert chronicles his thoughts and experiences on various issues such as family, love, relationships, his neighborhood and growing into the man he wants to be. This book shows that men struggle in life and that sometimes we all need an ear to listen, a talk to clear our minds, a heart that is kind and warmth to comfort our souls. Robert finds a purpose in life for himself after the mistakes he's made and he wants to prove to his family that the cycle of pain can be broken and that needing help and guidance from others doesn't make him weak, it only makes him mentally stronger. A book that everyone will enjoy from beginning to end.

Book Bubbles from The Struggles and Growth of a Man

Everyone Has Potential In Life

I wrote this chapter because there is always potential in people no matter what they go through in life. It's important to know that life is full of trials and tribulations but at the end of the day, you can get through anything. Robert is writing this chapter to give himself hope and confidence that he has a bright future even though he's had a rough childhood and life. He realizes that a lot of people in his life weren't paving the way for him to go in the right direction and the rest of the chapter shows that through his writing.

When You Don't Feel Love, It's Hard To Give Love

In a world where love and compassion is so important, this chapter deals with Robert talking about never receiving love from his parents or his family. I wanted to share Robert's struggles with love in different facets and how he wishes he had it growing up. He learns how love is and how it's given in a family environment through his mentor Mr. Marble. This is the first time Robert is in a functional environment where he can see how loving a family is through words, actions and emotion. They say when you don't grow up in a loving environment, you grow up trying to find it in others and you struggle receiving it from others.

Be Thankful For Your Family

Michael, Robert's younger brother pens a poetic letter to his older brother from prison. He shares his thoughts on their lives together and how thankful he is to have him as a brother. Even though Robert blames himself for Michael getting a prison sentence, Michael doesn't blame him at all, he blames himself. Michael knew right from wrong and he's facing the consequences. Sometimes in life, you need encouraging words and they both provided that in the letters they penned to each other. Be thankful for your family, it's all you have in life. That's the biggest goal in this chapter it's to make everyone see that.

Guilt Lives In Our Minds Sometimes

Robert writes a poetic letter to his younger brother Michael. It was only fitting that he do this because he lives with the guilt of his younger brother getting a prison sentence for drug dealing. This chapter is Robert telling his brother sorry for not doing his part to keep him going in the right direction. We all live with guilt for certain things we do or say in life. This was a chapter where I had to show some emotion of guilt in Robert. No one is perfect and sometimes we as people have a hard time admitting we are wrong or have done wrongs in our lives. Admitting we've done wrong doesn't make us any less of people who are growing and learning from experiences. Robert has had struggles in his life but he's growing slowly through self-expression of poetry.

Everyone Has A Past

Robert confronts his past in a letter to his father. He finally lets out all of the emotion bottled up within him. It was time he put the pen to the paper and let go of all the anger, frustration, disappointment, hurt and anguish. This chapter is a range of emotions that Robert expresses and he also writes this letter for his brother because it details how they both feel about their father. This is more of a no love lost poem and when you have a past like Robert has had, eventually you have to face it and confront it head on and these poems are how Robert expresses himself.

Your Family Is All You Have Sometimes

This is a letter that Robert writes to his mother. He felt that it was time he shared his feelings to her and to let her know he still loves her after all of the bad experiences he's been through with her. This chapter is Robert letting go of the past in a lot of ways because he could be the man who holds a grudge against his mother but he is empathizing and sympathizing with her because of her own problems and inner demons. Sometimes healing, forgiveness and comfort is what we have to go through in life to grow as a person and as a human being and Robert knows that his mother needs help in getting better and this letter is the start.

True Feelings That Need To Be Shared

True feelings come out from a person when they've seen the light. This is the chapter where Robert shares his true emotions to his family about life, his struggles, growing into a man and learning about the world and how tough it is and can be. Families aren't perfect and they never will be but Robert didn't have the best guidance and love from them and it made him stronger and wanting to be a better man than any of the men in his family. Sometimes struggle makes us better people because we don't want to be like others. Life lessons always come along with struggles and hardships, we just have to realize that.

Our Minds Get The Best of Us

This is the one chapter we all deal with as human beings. All of the things we think in our minds that end up getting the best of us. At some point we all tend of overthink and overanalyze things no matter what it may be. Robert is writing about things that we have all thought about or experienced at some point in our lives. He wants answers but there's more questions than answers and he's trying to figure it all out slowly and progressively. We sometimes forget to take a deep breath and let life happen the way it's supposed to. Sometimes we just let our minds get the best of us.

Thoughts on Changing the World

This chapter has some substance as Robert talks about having a cultural revolution. He talks about all of the things we can do to make the world a better place to live in. We seem to always want change but don' t know how to do it. I felt that it was a good chapter to write about Robert and his maturation into a man by expressing himself in a different light. He's talked about all of his struggles and how he sees the world, I felt it was best to show a more sensitive side but in a more positive light.

Thoughts On The World

Robert is speaking about what he was never taught about the world. As a grown man now, he has realized that school doesn't teach you a lot about the world along with family members teaching you certain things. This chapter deals with the harsh realities of the world and what we encounter as we go from adolescents into adulthood. There are struggles amongst us and Robert speaks about that. We live in a world where we learn so much on our own and Robert has finally understood that and knows that goals, dreams and aspirations can only be achieved through learning about yourself and also the world.

Emotions Running High for Robert

Robert is at a place of complete vulnerability in this chapter. He's speaking from the heart and not as much from the mind. He emotes more than he ever has and this writing becomes a sense of therapy for him. He talks about how he never loved himself but loves his brother more than he loves himself. He speaks of his childhood and what he's experienced and dealt with a long the way. While it is hard for a man to verbalize all that he is feeling, Robert lays it all on the line and you begin to love and respect him for who he is, what he once was and what he's becoming as a young man. Sometimes we don't give men enough credit for being open and vulnerable and we frown upon them for being too emotional.

Men Aren't Comfortable Being Vulnerable

This is the chapter where Robert allows you inside of his mind and also his heart. While this isn't an easy task, he manages to put his heart out on the line to let people know what men think and feel. We are a range of emotions but we all show it in different ways. Robert makes himself vulnerable which isn't easy for him. He's grown up in a tough environment which forced him to grow up faster and hold a lot of things in. We fail to realize that men deal with a range of emotions and thoughts in their minds, sometimes it's hard to put it all together but Robert is able to express himself in this chapter.

Men Deal With Internal Struggles Too

Robert is speaking about all of the struggles he's dealing with internally. He starts to openly talk about things and learn more about himself, life and society. He's no longer afraid of speaking his truth and what he's going through. He learns that he's comfortable in talking to Mr. Marble his guidance counselor, mentor and father figure and realizes that it's okay to have feelings, emotions and struggles in life. This chapter is to shine light on everyone that men go through struggles and sometimes we need an ear to listen, arms to hug and comfort in our souls.

Pursuit of Happiness and Goals

Robert has gotten to a place of reflection where he talks about his life as a drug dealer and not having many goals in life. He either wanted to be a drug dealer (which he knew would have a bad ending), a professional athlete or a rapper. His life in a bad neighborhood with the media brainwashing and perpetuating certain stigmas, they tell you what your life should be. Robert is finally learning what it's like to be in control of his life. He's seeing the broader perspective of life and understanding that you can strive to be anything you want as long as you put the time and effort into it. All that Robert has been taught most of his life has been nothing but lies and a road that sees a dead end of bad results. This is where you start to see the mature Robert start shining through in this book.

Learning What Marriage and Kids Are About

This chapter delves into Robert sharing his thoughts about marriage and kids. Growing up, he never saw a family setting of a man being married to a woman and the father being in the home. Robert grew up in a crazed world full of drug dealers, drug addicts, violence and a plethora of other things. So it is refreshing for Robert to see a functional, loving family who engage in daily conversations and living in a comfortable environment. He sees this in being around Mr. Marble's family in the suburbs and Robert shares his thoughts on seeing this and how it has impacted his life and what he strives for as he gets older. Sometimes you don't know what life is like until you leave your environment and comfort zone and see things for what they are.

The Dating Scene Is Not What It's Cracked Up To Be

This chapter focuses on Robert's mindset of relationships and dating. He's realized that the media and society perpetuates a certain mentality and persona about dating and being with someone in a relationship. This chapter is written more from my personal standpoint but more in Robert's voice. I put more emphasis into this chapter and how I think about society and why women are disrespected so much. Robert is learning that we don't value relationships, mental stimulation and love in today's society. He's going through changes of trying to break the cycle of how his father treated his mother along with how his uncles conducted themselves and treated women. Learning how Mr. Marble values and loves his wife, that is the life he wants to have in the future.

Everyone Has Different Perceptions of the World

This chapter delves into Robert's thoughts on the world and what he deals with in his neighborhood and what the media portrays in society. He learns that what the media delivers as messages aren't all that good. He also is learning of the world and what it is outside of his neighborhood. He was enclosed into his surroundings and it takes him leaving his crime filled neighborhood to see there are different races, ethnicities and sexual orientations of people in the world. There's was once a struggle of his perception of the world but as he gets older, he learns more of what the world is about and what the media tries to brainwash people into thinking.

Robert's Mindset On The World

Robert is starting to grow and see the world for what it is and he learns a lot about how society and media control people's mind. He delves into how society and the media have had an affect on his mind until he took control of it. The goal of this chapter for me was to write about how easily the world can affect your mind until you start reading in between the lines and start understanding how the world really works. I wanted to write this chapter to shine light on how we come from all walks of life and you learn that as you read the rest of the chapter as Robert addresses other issues that he never really knew about because of the environment he grew up in.

Robert Has No Positive Role Models

This chapter deals with Robert talking about not having a good role model to look up to. Living in a tough neighborhood, he looked up to the drug dealers along with people in the media such as music artists. I wrote this chapter to make people realize that we emulate and look up to those who are around us the most. Sometimes we head down the wrong road in life if we don't have the right people around us and the proper guidance. Robert struggles with drug dealing, being on the corner, trying to make money to survive since his mother is strung out on drugs and also caring for his younger brother who looks up to him and everything that he does.

Some People Have Tough Childhoods

The first chapter, Robert talks about his childhood and what it was like growing up for him as a kid. He reflects back as a young man in his 20s, writing and chronicling his battles with family issues, having to make adult decisions and growing up faster than he wanted. He goes in depth about his mother's drug abuse, having a younger brother to look after and aunts and uncles who didn't care about him or his brother much as they were engulfed in their own lives. The goal here is to get you to understand Robert, his mindset, his perception of the world and how he wished his family cared more about him and his brother along with caring for themselves.

The World We Live In

Literature & Fiction

This book focuses on fictional characters that chronicle life experiences that they've dealt with through poetry. Each person discusses an experience that has changed and impacted them in ways they never thought of. These people only have names, race or ethnicity is not discussed because the goal is to feel, understand and relate to their experiences as human beings. Too many times in today's society we base things off of social stigmas, race, ethnicity, social class when we are all human beings with daily struggles that no one will ever know. Life is a journey and a gift and we should cherish it with the time that we have. We also should be more open to discussing societal issues, having an open mind and respecting each other's opinions, thoughts and feelings no matter if they're good, bad or indifferent because at the end of the day, experiences shape who we are.

Book Bubbles from The World We Live In

Terry's Speaks on Women's Issues

The last chapter of the book is about Terry, a woman who is addressing her battles in a considered, "male dominated society." She has become a CEO of her own company and because of her name, the perception is that she's a man. People learn quickly that she's a woman but she's judged based on her accomplishments in how she got to where she is. She talks about how it's a struggle to get respect in a chauvinistic society. She goes on to talk about women issues that she deals with and she wants it to end. She feels women should be respected in all professions and that hard work pays off no matter the circumstances.

Dennis' Insecurities Within Himself

This chapter discusses Dennis and his insecurities as a man with his physique. He talks about being uncomfortable in his own skin and how he wants to change that. This story is about how men struggle and deal with insecurities within themselves. While it is not openly discussed in society, Dennis is willing to share his story with others to shine light on how some men will do anything to get bigger, stronger, and get noticed more. Too many times in society, the media pushes these physically fit men who we should be like and want to emulate. There has to be a point where we can be comfortable in our own skin and be proud of who we are.

Ingrid's Scary Stalker Case

The world is a scary and cold place and this chapter deals with Ingrid being stalked by a man in her community. She speaks about her experience and dealing with it. Women are always at risk to be stalked, sexually harassed, assaulted, raped, killed and this chapter deals with that. Women aren't protected enough and looked after and Ingrid comes too close for comfort in dealing with a man who is infatuated with her. We must get to a place where everyone feels safe and we speak out on these issues because one person's experience can change how we take measures to protect ourselves and others.

Charlie's Porn Addiction

This chapter is about Charlie being addicted to porn. Millions of people struggle with this daily and it is never discussed. Some people don't even realize that they're addicted to it but Charlie speaks on what goes on his mind daily. The goal of this chapter is to get people to realize that addiction isn't just drugs and alcohol, it can be other things such as porn, gambling and a plethora of others things. Charlie needs help and he is not just about getting the pleasure from the woman he loves, but also pleasuring himself daily and wanting his girlfriend to do what is on the porn he watches.

Charlene's Struggles In Hollywood

Sometimes in life, we fail to realize that celebrities are human beings too. We hold them to a higher standard because they make so much money, live the lavish life and enjoy certain freedoms that other people don't have. This chapter is about Charlene who talks about being in Hollywood and how she struggles between keeping her sanity and appeasing and pleasing others. She loves the life she has because she gets to do what she loves but then there's those days where she wants to leave it all behind and go live a normal life with her family and closest friends.

Barry's Gambling Addiction

This chapter focuses on Barry, someone who is struggling with a gambling addiction. He chronicles his struggles to stay out of casinos and to stay away from gambling. He gets an exhilaration and excitement from being in a casino and gambling. He tries to shake this bad habit but he gets too deep into it and it affects not only him, but other people in his life. He loses a sense of who he is and he's trying to find himself again along with fighting the battles to not gamble every dollar that he gets or earns in his wallet.

Heather's Struggle With Alcoholism

Too many times in life, we lose focus on how serious alcoholism is. This chapter focuses on Heather and her struggle with alcoholism. She talks about her turning a blind eye to the people she's let into her life and into her home around her kids. Heather's alcoholism has hit an all-time low where she does anything to get some into her system to satisfy her cravings and make her feel better. Her insecurities within herself have also caused her to become an alcoholic and alcoholism is a serious disease in today's society. This chapter goes in depth into Heather's struggles with it and how there is someone who knows someone in their family or has a friend who struggles with it on an everyday basis.

Eric's Drug Addiction

Eric deals with a drug addiction that he can't shake at all. Millions of people all over the world everyday deal with drug addiction because of experiences they've dealt with in their lives. We forget that people deal with struggles all of the time and Eric chronicles his drug addiction. He speaks about how drugs make him feel, the things he deals with and goes through being a drug addict. Too many times we are quick to judge a drug addict. I write this chapter because I've had family members addicted to drugs and they went through things that got them to the juncture that they are at. Eric is a prime example of millions of people dealing with drug addiction everyday.

Nathan Trying To Come Into His Own

The sad reality of the world is people are never completely comfortable in their own skin. This chapter deals with Nathan coming to terms of his sexual preference and how he is dealing with it internally. He wants to tell his family and friends but is too afraid to because of him being an athlete and also a growing adolescent. Nathan goes in depth about his feelings of being gay, how he deals with it on a daily basis and his battles in his mind on whether he's going to come out and tell his family, friends and teammates on the basketball team. This chapter hits you to the core and goes into how some people cope with their inner thoughts, emotions, feelings and struggles on a daily basis.

Michelle's Struggles As A Teen

This chapter focuses on Michelle being a smart young lady in school and how it's a gift and a curse. She strives for greatness while her friends and peers settle for mediocrity. Michelle struggles being called goodie two shoes, too smart for her own good and it makes her question why people make fun of her for that. Too many times in life, the smart people are considered nerds because they're focused on a bigger goal which is their future. This chapter goes to show that either you were the one being made fun of, or you were the person making fun of people. Sometimes we have to be careful of making fun of people who are striving for greatness, they may be the future doctor or lawyer you may need.

Tyler Deals With Depression

Tyler is just a man who wants to live life normally but he experiences and deals with depression regularly. He chronicles his daily life and how he deals with it along with his feelings for people around him. He talks about how he gets to the place he's in and his family history which gives you the reader a better understanding of how and why he's been chronically depressed for so long. People deal with depression on an everyday basis and Tyler is one who hides it and does it well for long periods of time. This goes to show that you never know what someone is going through until you take time to ask and care for others.

Veronica's Childhood of Domestic Violence

Veronica's character was created to discuss domestic violence in the home which affects a child and sometimes the environment they grow up in, they think it is normal and that's what they deal with as adults. Veronica had a rough childhood with her parents being abusive toward each other. This not only goes on in homes where people live average lives, her family had money, nice home, nice cars but there was still dysfunction. Society trains our minds to think that domestic violence doesn't go on with people who have money or live a certain lifestyle but that is far from the truth. Domestic violence is a major issue in society and this chapter is only a piece of what the core problem of it is.

Steve's Childhood of Hell

Steve dealt with child abuse and molestation at a young age. His stepfather would forever change Steve's life as he grew into a teenager and eventually into a man. Too many times in life, young women adolescents are sexually, physically and mentally abused but men aren't discussed. It's like it's taboo and young men feel ashamed to speak on it because they feel it'll make them feel weak. This chapter addresses Steve's childhood but also the aftermath of the events and how he copes with it, gets through it and how he tries to avoid having any setbacks with healing.

Stephanie's Personal Struggles Within Herself

Stephanie's character was created to show how people struggle within themselves to be happy. She is a bigger woman and has always wanted to do well in life and aspired to be a model. The only thing is she felt that by losing weight (but doing it the wrong way), she will feel better and more comfortable in her skin. The reasoning behind speaking on bulimia, anorexia and purging food was because there are so many people doing it in today's society. The world has trained our minds to look, feel and act a certain way and to emulate what is seen in magazines, television and what's in the media instead of loving ourselves for who we are no matter how we look and our size, it's what in our hearts that matters most.

Larry Becomes An Orphaned Child

This chapter deals with Larry losing his parents. One moment they're riding in a car and the next, a car smashes into them, killing his parents. Life drastically changes and Larry expresses a plethora of emotions of what he deals with and goes through on a daily basis. He is learning to live life without his parents that he loved so dearly. He speaks on things that are going on inside of his mind to what he is dealing with when he's around people. The goal of this chapter is to get people to appreciate life for what it is and cherish the ones around you because you never know what can happen in the blink of an eye.

Catherine Finds Out Who She Really Is

This chapter delves into a few things which is adoption, race and society. Catherine is growing up a teenager and coming into her own but also learning that she is an adopted child. Eventually she puts the pieces together and decides to ask her adoptive parents the story behind it. Granted Catherine is one race and her parents are other races (which is not told to the reader for a reason), she learns the story behind why she is adopted and starts to understand her life story. Being an adopted child is hard and a lot of people don't completely understand that and Catherine tells her story and how she learns to accept her life and how she is lucky and thankful to be in the situation she is in as not many young kids get the good home with good parents around her.

Kevin Living On The Streets

My goal was to capture the life of a homeless man and the daily struggles that he and so many other men and women deal with from day to day. How they are going to eat, where they can sleep without loitering or trespassing, if they'll be able to shower, all of the things a lot of us take for granted in life. I want people to realize that homeless people are human beings too with struggles and we shouldn't look down upon them because they are in the situation they are in. We are quick to judge homeless people with saying, how could they let themselves get to that place. We also create stigmas of what a homeless person should look like, dirty ripped clothes, no shoes on their feet, scruffy and they look rugged which is drilled into our minds. It's time that we become a little more sympathetic and empathetic of people's life situations and count our blessings.

Christina's Life Changing Event

The goal of this first chapter is to get straight to the event that happened in Christina's life. I want to put the reader there through imagery of the party, the house, the room she was in when she was attacked. This was written to capture the reader's attention and get them engulfed in this story of a young woman who is dealing with a catastrophic event. She is dealing with so many things in her head and the social stigmas that come with rape cases all over the country and the world. I wanted to paint a picture of how society handles rape cases and how we victim blame. This chapter was written because there are so many women who speak on this issue but there aren't enough men speaking for women. Every man has a mother, a girlfriend, a wife, sister, aunt, or cousin and the goal is to make people realize it's a societal issue, not just a woman issue.

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