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Victoria Schwimley is the author of the Jessica Crawford romantic suspense series: Coveting Love and Confronting Truths. She also writes children’s mystery/adventure stories, and a YA Faith series: Capturing Faith and Twisted Faith. Her stand-alone novels are In The Victim’s Shadows and Lacy’s End. Victoria lives in Elk Grove, California with her husband, children and many loving grandchildren who entertain her with wild antics and loads of laughs that give her plenty of story ideas.


Coveting Love


Jessica Crawford wasn't looking for romance when she met Brandon Phillips, but one look and she knew she was headed for love. Brandon, however, has a dark side that is fueled by jealously, and his brother knows how to work it. Torn between the two brothers, Jessica flees the country in search of a reprieve. What she gets is even more trouble with a third suitor.

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In this scene, the group has just returned from the country club, where Brandon has just announced his and Jessica's engagement, which she agreed to reluctantly. She's been avoiding Jeffrey since their meeting in the hills, at Brandon's insistence, but Jeffrey isn't going to let her marry Brandon without hearing what he has to say. How far will Jeffrey go to have his say?


The rivalry between the two brothers has gotten out of hand, and Jessica needs a break... a chance to regroup her thoughts. What she doesn't know is Clair has duped her into accepting an assignment that will put her life in danger.

Just like Mom

Although Mrs. Cooper's appearance in this story is minimal, it makes me smile every time I read it. Mrs. Cooper is patterned after my mother's curiosity to see what was happening in the neighborhood. With every noise she heard outside, she would run to the window to peer out through the curtains. Thanks for the memory, Mom.

Jessica meets Jeffrey

In this scene, Jessica meets Jeffrey. She tries to remember what Brandon told her about him, but his charm sways her. How could someone this charming have any bad in him. You'll need to read on to find out what happens.

The meeting

In this scene Jessica and Brandon meet for the first time.

What will be Amy's decision?

When I wrote in Amy's character as Jessica's best friend, I wanted to give her a strong personality, but Amy is soft and gentle. She needs the love of a man in her life--not because she can't make it on her own--she definitely can do that, but because she is a loving person. Amy needs to nurture people--as you'll see throughout the book when you see her try to mother Jessica. I will say Amy's decision will return to haunt her in Confronting Truths-- the sequel to Coveting Love.

Phillip makes a threat

Phillip forces Jessica to dine with him. In this scene he lets her know how powerful he really is.

Jessica meets Brandon

In this scene, Jessica meets Brandon and it's instant attraction. What will this spark ignite?

Coveting Love - Chapter One Excerpt

In this scene we are introduced to Phillip Stewart. Phillip has a roving eye and treats women ruthlessly. We'll see more of Phillip later in the book.

Twisted Faith

Literature & Fiction

Abby was young, only a junior in high school. Her entire life waited before her, with big plans to go to college. Her parents were strict, stricter than most parents, and sex before marriage was not tolerated in her church. Jimmy was a high-school senior with a basketball scholarship to an ivy-league college. When they meet at a party, one that Abby snuck out of the house to attend, their lives head down completely different paths when she ends up pregnant. Jimmy is determined to stand by Abby, but when her overbearing parents, and their extremist church find out about the pregnancy, the young couple is torn apart, with devastating consequence. Pastor David Owens answers Abby’s call for help when she appears at his church. She is on the brink of suicide, threatening to take her infant daughter with her.

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Always another side

In Abby's household, scripture reading is meant to scare into fearing God, He is not a loving God; he is the Almighty who must be obeyed at all costs. Pastor David does his best to show Abby that there are just as many scriptures filled with hope and love as there are fear.


As David and Abby's time nears an end, David feels the urgent need to save this young mother's life, and makes a desperate attempt to get through to her.

Searching for Jimmy

David knows that finding the father of Grace could be crucial to saving both Abby and Grace. But he's about to get a shock.

Story perspective

Readers spoke. I listened. Twisted Faith has a new look that's better suited to the story, but it's still the same great story inside that is earning five-star reviews. Twisted Faith is told in first person from the perspective of two people: David, the young pastor we first met in Capturing Faith, and Abby, the young mother whose life has turned tragic due to overly religious parents. I chose first person so my readers could experience the full impact of the effect the situation has on both David and Abby. What my readers should know: This story, although religious in nature, is by no means a way to throw religion at anyone, but more of a way to let people know God as a loving, forgiving God. Even nonbelievers will enjoy this story as is state by the review of an atheist. "4.5 stars I was totally and completely engaged in this book, and I'm an atheist. "

David grows desperate

With Abby's and Grace's lives on the line, David grows desperate for a clue. What had led this young girl to such a drastic point? What had led her to his doorstep? And what about Jimmy? Why wasn't he around to help her?

David feels Abby's pain

David compares the past and starts to get the feeling of pain Abby felt.

David's challenge

In the opening scene, David Owens, Pastor of New Hope Christian Church, is looking forward to a night at home with his pregnant wife, Betty, and her Stewed chicken and parsley dumplings. But when he decides to answer a last minute call, his plans immediately change. This scene is based on a sermon my pastor once gave about how a desperate man saw the light on the church office and was drawn to it for help.

In The Victim's Shadow

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Katherine Winters witnessed her mother's murder at just five years of age. The man is still free but living in his own prison of regret. Twenty-seven years later, his son Chad is tired of being shoved to the background and he wants revenge on Katherine.

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Amber's killer runs free

A big part of this story is Katherine's inability to deal with the unsolved mystery of her mother's death. Unbeknownst to Katherine, her best-friend, John also obsesses over the case. In this scene, we can feel the love John has for her and the disappointment of another anniversary of the killer running free.

Wooing Katherine

Wooing Katherine isn't going to be as easy as Chad first thought, but instilling himself in her life is crucial to his plan.

How the others live

For years, Spencer has lived with the guilt of leaving the little girl an orphan, but in this scene, he gets a glimpse of her "true suffering."

Austin matures

Although Austin was not meant to be a major player in the story, I created him as a challenge for Katherine, a sort of distraction. He quickly became one of my favorites. I especially love the way he grew from a whiny boy to a somewhat mature expectant father. In this scene, we see just how much depth there really is to Austin Reynolds.

Katherine's longing

In this opening scene, I wondered what it would feel like to see what I was missing and be unable to deal with the loss. Katherine aches for a normal life. She's getting older and the biological clock is ticking. But Katherine can't get past the pain of losing her mother, and it's interfering in her ability to build a loving relationship with a man. As she peers at the family that very well could have been a replica of the family she would have had, had someone not snubbed her mother from her life, we get a glimpse of her pain.

Fight For The Kingdom

Children's Books

It’s summer vacation and all Aiden can think about is the coming camping trip, where he is going to convince his dad he’s mature enough to join the Adventure Scouts. Aiden gets plenty of opportunities to prove this when he and his brother, Trystan, follow a mysterious light behind a waterfall and step through to the other side, and into the Kingdom of Anka—where they must defend the kingdom from an angry dragon, who is intent on retrieving her stolen egg. On their quest, they encounter some interesting characters, including the beautiful Queen Aryana—the youngest ruler in history; the peddler, Jay James—who possesses a magic stone the group desperately wants; Zachary—keeper of the foxes, who can’t seem to keep track of a single fox; the two beautiful fairies, Jayden and Jacy—who help the group out of some sticky situations; the competent guide, Alyssa—without whom the group would be lost; and Fizzle girl, who will help them rise above their problems.

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A sword

In this scene, Aiden discovers he's expected to carry a sword. Let's just hope he doesn't have to use it.

Just like Trystan

I love writing for kids, and with eight grandchildren sharing my life, I always have humorous scenes, that if nothing else, bring a smile to my face. In this scene, Trystan suddenly becomes aware their weekend-camping trip might not be all that safe. The closing comment here is something the real-life Trystan would actually say.

So much fun

The best part about writing this story was creating all the fun characters. In this scene, we meet Zachary, keeper of the foxes, who is desperately seeking his lost flock. Fight for the Kingdom has now received five, five-star ratings- including one from Reader's Favorite.

Aiden meets Anka

I love this scene in chapter three, which reveals to the boys the Kingdom of Anka. I loved writing this book. It is my first effort with a fantasy adventure. Aiden is confident he can prove to his father that he's old enough to be an adventure scout, but when faced with the prospect of confronting a dragon... well, his doubts begin to surface. I wrote this story so that other members of my family, mainly my grandsons, could be a part of my storytelling. My children's detective stories star two of my granddaughters, who you'll see as a little bit different in this tale. Imagine my thrill when Reader's Favorite rated it with five-stars. I hope you enjoy it.. I see a sequel on the horizon.

Capturing Faith (volume 1)

Literature & Fiction

Chelsea Warren is the most popular girl in school, and the leader of the tightest clique on campus. The most important things to her are her looks and the respect of her followers. But Chelsea has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. Amber Walker is compassionate, trustworthy, and the most well-adjusted girl in school. The most important thing to her is serving God and her community. When an argument between Chelsea and her best friend occurs, she runs straight to Amber for help. Amber discovers Chelsea’s secret and turns to Pastor David Owens for assistance. Ryan Evers is the smartest boy on campus, but when a careless accident leaves one of the girls clinging to life and Ryan the object of hate, he also turns to David. Can David help these three trouble teens before it’s too late? ***Capturing Faith is the first in the Faith Series featuring Pastor David Owens***

Book Bubbles from Capturing Faith (volume 1)

Amber's strength

In the opening scene, Amber is taunted by Chelsea's clique. However, self-assured Amber, doesn't succumb to the groups taunts, a fact that angers Chelsea. We see how much the group follows Chelsea's lead, especially the younger girls. My purpose here was to show that you can turn away from bullies if you concentrate on being sure of who you are.

A lesson from the grave

This scene was inspired by an after-death experience I had with my father. Although exaggerated, it is the moment in which I was finally able to come to terms with my father's death at a much to young age,and also the moment in which my faith in God was sealed.

Chelsea conflicted

In this scene, Chelsea is trying to make sense of her new life. She reflects on her new friends, her old life, and even her new faith. When she questions her mother, her mother evades her question and suggests they watch television instead.

Charlie grows concerned

Ryan and Charlie are hanging out when Charlie suddenly becomes aware that Ryan has a problem.

Chelsea stalks the old gang

This is a humorous scene in which Chelsea tries to get back her spot as head cheerleader.

A glimpse of a problem

Chelsea doesn't want her friends to know her family is having financial problems. What she doesn't know is her entire world is about to change.

Fire Dodger

Literature & Fiction

A fire rages through the mountain. Mandatory evacuation is in force, but a child is lost and feared trapped in a burning house. One mother is determined to find her, even at the risk of her own life.

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A daring rescue

So, I'm in between books right now, working on editing Lacy's End and Grand Theft (in different stages) and I thought I'd try a short story. They are fun to write but challenging. Here's my finished result. You can read the entire story for FREE by downloading it from Smashwords.

Grand Theft

Children's Books

Karrine and Jayden are back with two new mysteries to solve. When the neighbor's car is stolen Karrine is ready for her first

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Karrine has been hoping for a big case her entire career as a crime solver. Now she's found it! Grand Theft Auto! She's so excited.

Lacy's End

Literature & Fiction

For most of Lacy Waldrip’s life, she and her mother, Brenda have suffered abuse at the hands of the man who is supposed to love them, cherish them, and protect them. To make matters worse, their abuser wears a badge and uses it to keep his deputies from interfering in his right to discipline his women. Both women have accepted, each determined to stay in the relationship to help the other. Then one day, the sheriff goes too far and Lacy and Brenda end up in the hospital where they meet Dr. Allen Petoro. Together with a determined social worker, Angela Martin, Dr. Petoro vows to help the two victims break free of their abuser. However, Sheriff Peter Waldrip isn’t going to let his family go that easily.

Book Bubbles from Lacy's End

A little support?

This was a fun scene to write. In it, Lacy is in the bathroom with her best friend, Millie. Millie is getting a little personal in her inquisitions to Lacy's abuse. A group of girls enter the bathroom and start picking on Lacy. She can't help but have a little fun at their expense.

When Peter gets angry!

Don't they always blame the victim? This was a difficult scene to write. I could really feel the victim's pain.

A knight in shining armor

Brenda has no recollection of meeting Dr. Alan Petoro on the night Lacy drove her to the hospital, but he makes an instant impression on her when a self-inflicted accident sends her back to the emergency room. Unfortunately, nobody believes her when she tells the truth about how the accident occurred.

Brenda's folly

In this scene, Brenda speaks up for herself with devastating consequences. Is Peter starting to lose control over his victims?

Too little - too late

In this chapter, Lacy's teacher attempts to help, but sadly she is prevented. I know teachers and other school officials can be a valuable first step in obtaining help for abused children, but they can't do it alone. Throughout the book, you'll see several people trying to get involved in Lacy and Brenda's plight.

Lacy's agony

In this scene, Lacy is sitting by the pond while her father is beating her mother. She knows she needs to go and help, but the beatings have worn her down, and she just can't make herself get up and go inside the house.

Finding Christmas

Religion & Spirituality

Dr. Lauren Spencer is missing something in her life. Her medical practice has become mundane and ordinary. Her children are growing older, and her husband is rarely home anymore--since he got a promotion at work. Frustrated on Christmas Eve, after her "thoughtless" husband sent her to the department store for a last minute gift for his boss, Lauren engages in an altercation that will change her life.

Book Bubbles from Finding Christmas

The perfect gift

A few years ago, I was going through an emotional crisis in my life, and I had a difficult time summoning the Christmas spirit. Friends stood by me, some even tried to encourage me. Now, as I think back on that time, I wonder how it could have happened. The spirit is so strong in me this year, and I thank God I found it again. The memory of that dark time in my life has inspired me to write this Christmas story about a woman who has lost the true meaning of Christmas.

Crime Solver's

Children's Books

Karrine is smart, Karrine is fun, and she's a twelve-year-old detective. Along with her quirky cousin, Jayden. They solve mysteries around their neighborhood. Come along with them for a few laughs.

Book Bubbles from Crime Solver's

Jayden's first case

In this scene, Jayden comes for a visit and gets to help out on a case. Writing these scenes is so much fun, and although both girls are growing up quickly, that just means they'll get bigger cases. I hope you enjoy.

Introducing Karrine

This is the start of this series. Read the first story here and then head on over to Amazon to check out the rest of the book.

Grand Theft: Crime Solver's Detective Agency book 1

Children's Books

Karrine has her first big case, but is it too big? Ignoring her mother's instructions to stay away from the case, Karrine investigates, anyway and ends up in over her head.

Book Bubbles from Grand Theft: Crime Solver's Detective Agency book 1

Another car goes missing

In this scene, Karrine and Jared are at school when another car goes missing. Could it be a coincidence? Or is there a serial car thief on the loose?

The big case

Karrine gets her first big case when her neighbor's vintage Mustang is stolen from her garage. Read about it here.

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