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The Last Known Survivor- a Lou Jasinski Novel Book 1

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Seventeen-year-old Kaylee Jasinski is bright, and college bound. She has everything to look forward to. Joanna Stemple is a seventeen-year-old runaway struggling to survive. The only thing they have in common is that they are dead ringers for one another.

But then a car accident leaves Kaylee the last known survivor. Or is she?

Sex trafficker Dr. Gerald Newell, has a problem. He promised Joanna, who’s presumed dead, to a multibillionaire Greek man, and he’s desperate to find a replacement.
A treacherous game of mistaken identity is the answer to his dilemma. It has to work.

Enter Clearwater Deputy Sheriff Lou Ann Jasinski, who just wanted a peaceful vacation from her duties and from her annoying ex, FBI Special Agent Harry Boxer. That is until she’s notified she’s the sole guardian of Kaylee, who she hasn’t seen since her niece was a toddler. Sadly, she couldn’t pick her out from a line up.

But when Lou Ann discovers that the girl she brought home isn’t her niece, and worse, that the girl is the victim of Newell’s ring, Lou Ann fears her real niece was sex trafficked by the same perpetrators.

Now Harry’s back in Lou Ann’s life when he joins her from Miami to Greece to find Kaylee before it’s too late.

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Relationship Deal Breakers

Have you ever been in a relationship deal breaker? Most of us have, and if you haven't, that's great. But even the "best relationships" can go awry at times. We wouldn't be human if they didn't. Some deal breakers are permanent and some are in flux. Significant partners and even roommates can be annoying! For Lou Ann Jasinski and Harry Boxer, characters in The Last Known Survivor, their relationship, although on CPR, just might be resurrected! You'll have to read on!

Pretending to be Someone You're Not

We've all probably at one time or another fibbed, and maybe even lied. Perhaps we padded a resume. But assuming someone else's identity? That would be criminal, right? For Joanna, she assumed Kaylee's identity to survive. And she was unintentionally encouraged to do so. After all, Kaylee was no where to be found. So assuming Kaylee's identity made perfect sense. Who was going to find out anyway? And if Kaylee showed up, what was the harm? Joanna would hit the road like she'd done most of her life. So the next time you fib, lie, or pad your resume, you risk getting caught. And you can't run away from that.

Diabolical Decisions

We've all made bad decisions in our lives—those we've regretted. and for some of us those decisions stick with us to this day. But then we're normal. If we're fortunate, our bad decisions affected mostly us and didn't cause life long damage to others. In the Last Known Survivor, Dr. Gerald Newell ,and his deviant sidekick, Otto, decided to ditch their trafficked victim, who they swore was dead, along a roadside, only to come across the answer to their dilemma—a look a like girl to kidnap. That decision made on that roadside would begin their undoing.

Everything was going well...until

I wrote The Last Known Survivor to expose the seedy world of human (sex) trafficking. Traffickers don't care about a girl's (or boy's) background, all they need is to seize on the perfect opportunity to capture their prey. The character, Kaylee, is a bright 17 yo who's college bound. She has a family, friends, a boyfriend, and plays soccer. But after a horrible car accident, Kaylee is the sole survivor. Out of the middle of a rain soaked highway, she becomes the perfect prey.


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Right before the Christmas holidays, Detective Maggie Doyle and her prosecutor husband, Ian, put away a major drug kingpin in a Manhattan court room. When the kingpin vows revenge while behind bars—and he has the connections outside to stalk and kill Maggie and Ian—their annual Christmas get away to a rustic Vermont cabin isn’t the peaceful one they’d hoped it would be. Maggie relives the takedown that involved Allia, her canine, and Brian, her rookie partner, who was shot during the melee. While Brian is recovering, Maggie deals with the guilt that she failed to protect him. But when Maggie and Ian’s Manhattan friends arrive as their holiday guests, Maggie tries to forget that chaotic day. However, the kingpin’s threat continues to echo in her head. Now she has four people, including herself, to protect. While surrounded by Ian, Allia, and her friends, Maggie manages to get back into the holiday spirit… that is until while walking Allia outside, just before a snowstorm, Maggie falls into a snowy trap. Injured, Maggie looks up from a hole she’d fallen into, only to see the drug kingpin’s henchmen staring down at her. They got her! Knowing, Ian, and her guests are in danger, her only hope is that Allia could run back to the cabin and summon for help before it’s too late.

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The Perfect Tree

What is your favorite holiday? I bet a lot of you would say Christmas. Next question: Do you pick out a tree, or put up an artificial one? No wrong answer for both! For my characters, Maggie and Ian, visiting their remote Vermont Christmas cabin invigorates their holiday spirit. They chop down the perfect Christmas tree every year. Maggie always picks out that special one! However, this year, someone is lurking! I hope your holidays are more peaceful, and safe, than are Maggie's and Ian's! Read what happens to Maggie and Ian in SNOWFALL!

Canine Heroes

Canines provide multiple important, and brave roles. Some are service animals for disabled people, adults and children, guiding and taking care of them. Some provide comfort to the sick, visiting hospitals and nursing homes. And some like Allia, in Snowfall, serve in police capacity as canine "officers". They are police and military partners, risking their lives as well. In Snowfall, I purposely gave my canine character a point of view to bring to attention what bravery and loyalty canines of every breed and size exhibit. I salute everyone of you! Woof!

Christmas Get Away

Whether gathering at home or on a vacation destination, everyone deserves a peaceful holiday, and that includes, Narcotics Detective, Maggie Doyle, and her prosecutor, husband,Ian, in my novella, Snowfall. But fictional characters or not, the holiday season should be memorable and hopefully in a good way. Yes, holidays can often be stressful. There are decorations, parties, gift shopping and gift wrapping, cooking, and baking, and sometimes family squabbles. But I'm sure many of you would do it all again, year after year!

Fang Wedding- Dr. Gabriella Van Court Book 4


Maxine Cade thought she was the only hybrid vampire/mortal that existed, and so did her vampire parents, Gabriella and Max. That is until Maxine met Benjamin, surprisingly a hybrid too. That they both straddled two worlds only brought Maxine and Benjamin closer, and now that they had grown, exponentially, to young adults, their engagement was inevitable. Time off from her duties as a vampire ER doctor, Gabriella drives everyone batty with her compulsive, over-the-top, wedding planning, especially Maxine, who feels left out in more ways than one. Becoming a full-fledged vampire is all she ever wanted. With Maxine and Gabriella distracted with a wedding planning tug-of-war, neither saw what was coming—evil lurkers, who would do anything to stop the vampire wedding event of the century.

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Bridal wedding gown fitting is a rite of passage for all brides, mortal and vampire. And in Maxine's case, a hybrid vampire/mortal, it's both. It's during Maxine's wedding gown fitting that she particularly struggles with straddling two worlds, desperately desiring to "fit" in. Enter every bride's person, or vampire, of reason, the maid of honor. For Maxine, that is Princess Nina, who soothes Maxine's tears and fears. And the fitting is only the beginning of pre-wedding jitters, especially for Maxine Cade, whose survival is the endgame.

Cold Case

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When Dr. Tara Ross’s teenage laboring patient refuses to deliver her baby on Halloween, Tara discovers that the teen wasn’t just being superstitious, but that the holiday left her forever scarred. Her young patient’s mother and father were murdered on Halloween fifteen years ago, the double murder remaining unsolved. Enter her detective husband, Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, and his longtime sidekick, Lieutenant Michael Price, now both disabled. But that hasn’t stopped them from doing what they do best—solving cold cases—the Halloween murders being their hottest cold case. But when they begin to unearth details of the case that had been suspiciously left cold and sealed away, consequences follow.

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Family Ties

How far would you go to protect a family member? I think far. Family is all some people have, and whether that family member did something wrong, chances are you would stick by them. I would even venture to say that even if a family member is "disowned", one can't erase that member from one's mind. In Cold Case, Martin, a police captain, was left in charge of his mentally disabled sister, Pauline, who he genuinely loves and protects. Pauline is a challenge, but Martin never abandons her. Martin definitely has his faults, but watching over his sister, Pauline isn't one of them.


Whether it's Friday the 13th or walking under a ladder, many of us have our own superstitions. Halloween, in particular, spawns scary traditions that are at the same time exciting. Pranks are one thing , but murder on Halloween is devastatingly different. For seventeen year-old Ginger, in Cold Case- Dr. Tara Ross Series Vol 5, the murder of her parents during Halloween when she was a toddler, has haunted her ever since. No wonder Ginger refused to have her baby born on Halloween. The scariness of the holiday was too real, and too personal for her, and it would always be.

When Life Changes, Unexpectedly

Life can change in flash, or in Detective Captain Jeffrey Corrigan's case, as well as for his sidekick, Lieutenant Mike Price case, their lives changed over hours of torture. And they survived...but only after a long and hard road, as any disabled person can attest. Things like a quick shower, pumping gas, running a quick errand, or even attending to basic hygienic needs, are some of the things that we take for granted—things that take planning for the disabled. But life does go on, and Jeffrey and Mike see to it that it does.

Fang Vacation-Dr. Gabriella Van Court Book Three

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Gabriella Van Court planned out every last detail for a family vacation to Vamp Land, the premier vampire amusement park. But the last thing she expected was to contend with her brooding teenage daughter, Maxine. The girl was coming on this vacation whether she liked it or not. Maxine, a hybrid vampire/mortal being, sprouted into a teenager right before her vampire family’s eyes. Now that her mortal father, Max, whom she loves dearly, is 100% vampire, courtesy of her mother turning him, Maxine pleads for the same to truly fit in. But her mother finds every excuse to deny her. Maxine would show her. She’d escape this doomed family outing as fast as she could, and spend the summer with the man who’d saved her as an infant, King Cecil, monarch of all vampires and her best friend. Unlike her mother, he understands her. Running away has its perils, including encountering the queen of the witches, who not only threatens Maxine, but her whole family, and the vampire kingdom. King Cecil saves her again, banishing the witch…for now. Safely back at the castle, Cecil has a surprise for her—Benjamin, a teen hybrid just like her. It’s love at first sight and all is too well until there’s a witch’s bounty on both their heads and their capture to be used to reel in her family and the king with death to all the queen witch’s ultimate goal. But Maxine and Benjamin have a secret plan of their own.

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Vacation Fail

Have you ever planned a family vacation, anticipating that the whole gang would have a trip like no other? You may have booked an awesome hotel with every amenity, including adjoining suites with cushy beds. Perhaps you paid for advance tickets to an event or to an amusement entrance. Then there are restaurant plans. And how about nonrefundable air fare? Then there's all the pre-vacation packing, locking up the house, and the anticipatory glee to get away from it all. Vampire families are no different. All Dr. Gabriella Van Court wanted was for her family to have a fun-filled vacation. Well...that's not what happened.

Dying to Fit In

Maxine, a vampire/hybrid, just wants to fit in, like any normal teen. But caught between two worlds is the last thing she wanted. But life, or rather the undead, can bring unpredictable changes. Tell that to any teen. Growing pains hurt, and for Maxine, the hurt is quadrupled.

Code Pink

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When OB Dr. Tara Ross secretly delivers a New York senator’s granddaughter in suburban Brewster Medical Center, all goes smoothly until the baby becomes ill, necessitating her admission to the neonatal intensive care nursery. Complicating her granddaughter’s guarded condition, a violent gang threatens the senator’s life for her stance on illegal immigration that directly impacts the gang’s recruitment pool. Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, captain of the Brewster PD, and Tara’s devoted husband, would rather be solving a nail-biting case rather than spending his and his squad’s time mixing it up with the glut of media arriving once the birth of senator’s grand daughter is leaked to the press, but once he’s notified of the threat aimed at the senator’s life, he springs into action to protect her. Confident he has a safe hiding place for the senator, Jeffrey and his longtime sidekick and now lieutenant, Mike Price, embark on a conjoined sting with the FBI and ICE to uproot the gang’s Long Island nest. Their main target is the notorious machete- yielding gang leader. But when the operation nets member’s of his gang, the leader vows revenge and orders the kidnapping of the senator’s granddaughter to smoke out the senator and to capture Jeffrey in retaliation for the loss of his men. It’s a showdown to the death when the gang leader demands the ultimate payback.

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Cringe Worthy Violence

Warning. This excerpt from Code Pink is graffic. There is no other way to describe what a violent gang MS-13 is. Their medieval torture and killings and extorsion have been exposed on the news. In Code Pink-Dr. Tara Ross series Vol 4, Tara's Police Captain husband, Jeffrey Corrigan, in conjunction with ICE and FBI work together to rein in these gang members who particularly prey on vulnerable immigrants. Anyone who questions them or seeks to eliminate them are in great danger. Ask my characters:Jeffrey Corrigan, his police partner, Mike Price, and Senator Fenwick, whose newborn grandaughter is abducted by MS-13 in retaliation.

Family Crisis

Any overwhelming majority of newborns are born healthy and adjust to life outside the womb without any problem. However for a few, their journey into the world is bumpy. In my novel, Code Pink, that's what happens to a baby—a grand daughter of senator. When the baby struggles to breathe shortly after birth, her parents are distressed, as they normally would. However the senator's alarm further inflames not only her daughters and son-in-law's heightened sensitivity, but also sets off needless finger-pointing. Family crises happen, especially when perceived expectations are not met. Enter the referees, doctors and nurses.

Hot Button Immigration

The present debate on how to handle illegal immigration at the US/Mexico border leaves many on different sides of this hot button issue. But for sure, no one wants MS-13, a violent gang, to enter and set up in nests around the country, especially those in Long Island, NY. In my fictional novel, Code Pink-Dr. Tara Ross series Volume 4, I address those issues, specifically how a senator's stance on MS-13 sets off the abduction of her newborn granddaughter.

Fang Hospital - Dr. Gabriella Van Court Book 1

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Vampire doc, Dr. Gabriella Van Court is content mingling with mortals at Fang Hospital. In love with a mortal colleague, Dr. Maxwell Cade, she's happy to stay a closeted vampire. She thought she was safe in the New World and away from her evil progenitor, Volk, who had vowed to find her and make her his queen. That is until her uncle who she thought was "vampire dead", shows up in her ER after Volk attempts to assassinate him, preventing him from warning Gabriella that he is coming to get her. While battling Volk, Gabriella risks not only her “vampire life”, but also revealing the truth about her immortality to Max.

Book Bubbles from Fang Hospital - Dr. Gabriella Van Court Book 1

Not Your Ordinary Doctor!

Working the night ER shift was perfect Vampire Dr. Gabriella Van Court. But working with her fellow mortal doc, Max Cade, was an added bonus. He was just "too delicious"! But he didn't know she was a vampire—at first. All he knew was that he was attracted to her in the strangest way! Vampire and mortal love aside, have you ever been attracted to someone for an unknown reason? You just knew you had to be with that person. And maybe when you found out who that person really was, was it a deal breaker, or was that person , or "being" even more desirable? For Dr. Max Cade, it certainly was love at first sight, or first bite! Happy Halloween!

Vampire Halloween Party

All vampires wait year round for their biggest holiday, Halloween, and Dr. Gabriella Van Court is no exception! Even her mortal husband, Dr. Max Cade joins in the festivities, who dreams to one day to not be the only mortal at the party. But who could not forget their problems while dancing to "The Monster Mash" under orange and black balloons. Sounds like bloody fun!

Not Your Normal ER Doctor

Waiting to see an emergency room doctor can take some time, especially in a busy ER. But if you come to Fang Hospital during the night shift, vampire doc, Dr. Gabriella Van Court will see you "vamp fast" whether you're mortal or vamp! Get well soon!

Fang Baby-Dr. Gabriella Van Court Book Two 2

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When Gabriella Van Court, covert vampire emergency room doctor, fell in love with and married mortal colleague, Max Cade, she broke all vampire rules. Or so she thought…until she discovers she is pregnant with their hybrid baby. When her pregnancy progresses at an unprecedented pace, Gabriella and Max are stunned, not to mention having difficulty explaining this to mortals, especially her obstetrician. But Gabriella and Max, and their vampire family, can’t wait for baby Maxine’s debut. Gabriella’s labor and Maxine’s birth are well…unique, however the instant Maxine arrives, Gabriella and Max are “over the moon” with their daughter. Discovery of the hybrid child’s birth sparks interest among the Old World European vampires, including their evil ruler who has his own plans for the special child. That Gabriella is the child’s mother is a win-win for him. After Gabriella had killed his predecessor, he has an axe to grind with her. When Gabriella and Max discover the malevolent king has taken hostage not only their precious daughter, but also their dear friend and babysitter, they rush to rescue both. Gabriella and Maw will risk anything and everything to have Maxine in their arms again, hoping upon hope they’re not too late.

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Vampire Nursery Decor

Expecting a little bundle of joy is an exciting time for prospective parents. There's so much to be done. One major item on every parent's list is decorating the nursery. There are color schemes to choose and infant furniture, not to mention the classic rocking chair where mom and dad can rock the baby in their arms. Vampire parents-to-be are no exception! Well...perhaps the decor is a bit different!

Pregnancy Growing Pains

If you've been pregnant or I'm sure know of a woman who has been, then I'm sure you can relate to pregnancy growing pains, or at least discomforts. But for Vampire Doc, Gabriella Van Court, her strange, unprecedented and rapidly expanding belly, has definitely put a crimp in her normal vampire existence. Whether you're a mortal or vampire mom-to-be, you can count on your family o get you through this journey. And Gabriella needs her vamp clan, especially since her special baby has a bounty on her little head!

The First Star- a Tara and Jeffrey Christmas

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

While on a much needed holiday break from the hospital, all Dr. Tara Ross wants is a traditional family Christmas. When her detective husband, Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, comes home early from his precinct with no cases pending, and his son, James, has his film production on holiday hold, Christmas preparations are in full swing. Presents would soon be stacked beneath the tree, only to be opened the minute the first star lit the Christmas Eve sky. That is until Tara's daughter, Abbie, along with Abbie's friend, Lexie, are uncharacteristically late while driving home from college. While the snow falls faster, and their Christmas tree waits to be decorated, Tara is urgently called to the hospital. When she returns home, not only is Abbie's car still missing, but also Jeffrey's vehicle is gone, too. Her suspicion that something is amiss is confirmed when Jeffrey texts her that he and James are en route to extricate Abbie's car that is stuck in the snow. Concerned about the deteriorating weather, Tara hits the highway to join in the rescue. Meanwhile, Abbie and Lexie wait inside her vehicle. But when a stranger discovers the two vulnerable young women and threatens them, Abbie makes an emergency call to Jeffrey. As he races to Abbie's side, a roadside accident delays him, Tara, and the police. Knowing help may not arrive in time, Abbie is forced to battle the evil man. Christmas may never be the same.

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BRRR...It's Freezing

Record cold has gripped most of the US, including Florida! Preparedness is key, especially for those at risk for frostbite. So stay inside during those frigid nights, and days, too, and read about those characters that have no option but to venture out to rescue the ones they love!

Slippery When Frozen

Except for those lucky tropical inhabitants, those of us who have had to brave winter weather driving,can relate to "white-knuckle" driving. I know I've done it! Winter driving is definitely part skill and part luck, or at times unlucky. There's nothing more scary than hitting a patch of ice, sometimes camouflaged beneath a layer of pristine white snow. And bam! The next thing you know your car is spinning like a crazy top! When writing Abbie's car scene in The First Star, I imagined myself whirling in a car without control. I felt everything she felt in that seemingly slow motion pitch to a harrowing landing. I hope everyone keeps safe on treacherous roadways this winter. Go slow, be vigilant, and watch out for that ice!

Dead of Winter

Winter landscapes can be pristine and picturesque. However, the elements can be harsh, especially for Abbie Lexie, two young college students braving not only inclement weather, but also the horrific memories of a catastrophic summer threatening the pure enjoyment of the holidays. Fight they do, to shelve the past. Because Abbie and Lexie deserve a winter break, and a break from the nightmares that haunt them.

Holiday Plans

Dr. Tara Ross and her husband, Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, and their family are back in this suspenseful holiday novella. Of course Tara is full of the holiday spirit. Decoration are brought from the attic in preparation for the tree to be brought to the home and set not far from a roaring fireplace. Beautiful, isn't it? We all want nothing more than family by our side during the holidays. But most of us concede that plans may not go as smooth as we dreamed they would. And Tara's plans definitely do not.

Brush With Death- Dr. Tara Ross series Vol 3

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

After nearly killed twice, Dr. Tara Ross swore not to pry into her husband’s homicide cases. Having closed her OB/GYN practice in Brewster, NY after her sociopathic ex- partner murdered their young associate and attempted to kill her, Tara has taken a teaching position at Westchester Hospital and Clinics, mentoring OB residents and medical students. Putting her past behind at Brewster Medical Center, Tara has happily settled in her new career. It was the perfect move until one of her medical students is suspected of being “The Lingerie” serial killer. Once her daughter, Abbie, who has a summer job at a lingerie store, is targeted, and after her friend and co-worker is assaulted, all bets are off. Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, homicide commander of Brewster Police Department, is on the hunt for the killer. He’s put his men into action, casting a net to ensnare him. He’ll do anything to protect the love of his love, Tara, and his stepdaughter, Abbie. Despite Tara’s vehement disapproval, and Jeffrey’s warning, Abbie, a budding criminologist, dives into her own investigation to avenge her friend’s assault. Between Tara’s mission to protect her daughter while revealing the medical student, Abbie’s revenge, and Jeffrey’s rush to not only solve a homicide, but to guard Tara, Abbie, and Abbie’s friend, will they be quick enough to cage “The Lingerie” killer before he strikes again?

Book Bubbles from Brush With Death- Dr. Tara Ross series Vol 3

Anatomy Lab

Anatomy lab is the right of passage for every medical student. It is a chance to cut inside a human body without harming the patient—the cadaver. Medical students work in assigned groups, dissecting their cadaver, learning from someone who donated his or her body. It is a big deal, and is to be approached with dignity for the dead. But it also is an arena of stiff (no pun intended) competition. Medical students have had to compete with one another from admission to medical school, through med school, and the ultimate competition, to secure a residency slot where they really hone their skills before being unleashed into the real world of medicine as full-fledged doctors. But there's always that med student who will do anything to impress his professor.

Excuses and Lies

When plotting their next victim, excuses and lies are necessary for every organized serial killer. After all, it takes quite a bit of multitasking to pull off their plans. They need to convince their family, wives, girlfriends, not to mention law enforcement, all the while keeping their cool. Such is the two-faced killer!

Love is Blind

Certain persons who do despicable acts often have "double lives." Some have spouses, children, families who love them, and would never believe they would harm anyone. But a serial killers through theories of altered brain function and/or with a mix of psychological/physical trauma, can't resist their awful compulsion. Yet, in this excerpt from Brush With Death, I aspired to paint "my killer," with some redeeming qualities. Sweet Sara, his fiance, loves him. Even though he lies about the origin of his gift to her (a trophy from his victim) she believes wholeheartedly in his love for her. And in his own way, he does.

False Safety

We'd like to assume most people are good, ready to help someone out. And, I believe, most people are. But politeness combined with charisma, are also tactics serial killers use to gain the trust of their victims. They go out of their way for their victims. So, who do you trust?

Stalking a Serial Killer

Serial killers are known to blend in with society. Interestingly, most people have passed a serial killer on the streets, or in their everyday life. Creepy, huh? Often narcissists, they are also intelligent, well-spoken, and well-groomed. In Brush With Death, I give insight into the mind of a serial killer who is also a top medical student. Enter my protagonists, Dr. Tara Ross, and her detective husband, Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, who race to reveal him, and stop him before he strikes, again. Brush With Death, Dr. Tara Ross series, Vol 3 is now available at a special pre-order price at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo books, and Smashwords, and soon Barnes and Noble.

Hidden Obsession

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

After her husband dies, Boston emergency room physician Dr. Maura Kelly ditches a frosty Boston winter for sunny Miami's Mount Zion Medical Center. Chief of Emergency Department, Dr. Andrew Dodd's quest for an emergency room doctor ends when he recruits Maura. He can't get her beautiful face or her exemplary CV off his mind. The timing couldn't have been better for Maura or Andrew. The tropical city agrees with her, but not everyone is happy to see Maura sign on, including her competitor, Dr. Stacey Minkoff. But Stacey Minkoff isn't Maura's worst problem. A stalker who begins to show his love for her in creepy ways is. He would do anything to see her crowned as co-chief, including getting rid of anyone standing in her way. While Maura has second thoughts of having moved to Miami, and Andrew feels guilty he'd pleaded for her to join him only to have her be the target of a psychopath, they work together with a detective, setting a trap to find the stalker before he claims Maura as his prize at any price.

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Friends and Family

Friends and family are the people you love and trust. But sometimes, perhaps to your benefit or not, you may disagree with them. The ties that bind may be too tight. Well, that's a double-edged sword, isn't it? On one hand, they may be annoying, meddlesome. They may stand in the way of a decision you've made. On the other hand, they will never abandon you, even it it's they that think you're making a mistake!

He Comes Bearing Gifts

We all like surprise gifts. It lifts our spirits to think someone cares. What woman wouldn't want an unexpected box of chocolates and bottle of wine wrapped so prettily and waiting for them? Maura Kelly surely couldn't wait to dive into those truffles. Most of us would have an inkling about our "secret admirer," just as Maura had happily thought Andrew was behind this sweet surprise. But when she discovers the gifts weren't from Andrew, but truly from a twisted stalker, the pretty wrapping suddenly wasn't so pretty anymore.

The Watchful Eye

When I wrote Hidden Obsession, I decided to interweave the stalker's point of view in between scenes. I wanted the reader to be in the stalker's head, to have a grasp of his thought processes. At first he's more mischievous, perhaps behaving more like an immature school boy fantasizing about a woman (Maura). Love from afar. He's not ready to approach her, yet. But as the story unfolds, he gradually becomes more twisted, and bolder. He becomes more irrational, convinced Maura and he were intended for one another. He becomes "a runaway train."

First Impressions

Have you ever spoken on the phone with someone or viewed their photos, only to be surprised when you meet them in person? As much as we don't want to admit, we are visual beings. Our eyes evaluate a person before that person speaks. We look at their face, and their physical posture. We make note of what they're wearing, and whether their dress is appropriate. Are they neat? Are they messy? How is their hygiene? Dr. Maura Kelly certainly wants to impress Dr. Andrew Dodd. Despite his fatigued appearance, they hit it off. But is Andrew Dodd really the man she grows to trust?

When a Heart Breaks

Dr. Maura Kelly and her husband, Dr. Sean Malley, had a bright future together..that is until Sean dies, losing his battle with brain cancer. Being at his bedside during his spiral downward, kept her mind busy, as well her hopes he'd live, despite scientific reasoning to the contrary After she buries him, the pain and heartbreak of losing the love of her life begins to sink in. Grieving is a process. And like Maura Kelly, many of us go through these stages at our own pace. Death is always hardest for the ones left behind, for sure. Although death of a loved one changes us, we must find our way to a new life, and yes, happiness, again.

Do Not Disturb

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

In 529 A.D. Cybele and Diana are the Thelma and Louise of Rome. Both are on the lam to Constantinople, Cybele from her life as a prostitute and Diana, a socialite, from being framed for the murder of her groom on their wedding night. Despite their contrasting social status, they forge a lifelong friendship, ultimately one sacrificing her life to save the other, burying her in a sarcophagus in a burial cave. Dr. Chloe Anderson is head of an archaeology team excavating the Byzantine burial cave in present day Istanbul, Turkey. Traveling with her pregnant archaeologist sister, she meets two young archaeologists, one head of the Turkish team, and one a contract archaeologist, both of whom compete for her romantic attention. But when the sarcophagus is removed, misfortunes surround her team, including her sister and one of the two archaeologists who become gravely ill. Chloe, certain that she’s caused these catastrophes by unearthing the tomb, scrambles to replace missing items taken from the sarcophagus in hopes of saving their lives.

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Hot Persistence

Nothing was going to stop archaeologist, Dr. Chloe Anderson, from finding out what woman lay in a sarcophagus, deep inside a Byzantine burial cave, not even the relentless summer sun in Istanbul, Turkey. The romantic heat between Chloe, and Turkish archeology team leader, Mehmet, and that between Chloe, and contract archaeologist, Dr. Wesley Childs, adds to the blistering dig. I had a memorable time imagining what my characters were going through when I visited a long abandoned dig site while I was in Istanbul. That particular site had harvested relics from the Great Palace in Constantinople, where of course my ancient characters, Cybele and Diana end their journey from Rome. So, is it Cybele or Diana in that sarcophagus? Hmmm?

Cybele and Diana, and Thelma and Louise

Do Not Disturb takes place in two time periods, the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople in 529 A.D, and present day Istanbul, Turkey. When I wrote my ancient characters, Cybele and Diana, I didn't intentionally pattern them after Thelma and Louise of the classic film, "Thelma and Louise," but they have strikingly similar personalities and relationships. Cybele, a pregnant prostitute, is running from her pandor (pimp) who would force her to have an abortion and put her back to work. Cybele like Louise, is strong and adventurous. She'd rather risk flight than remain in her miserable life. Diana, like Thelma, is married to an indifferent man. Diana is framed for her groom's death, and has no option but to flee. Both Diana and Thelma start out as meek women. However, both bloom while having to survive on the road, including murder in self-defense. It is Louise that comes to Thelma's aid, killing the man who is about to rape her. But it is Diana who musters the courage to kill Cybele's assailant. The interdependence on one another and ultimately a bond blossoming between them, is what makes Cybele and Diana and Thelma and Louise, kindred spirits.

If Memory Serves-Dr. Tara Ross Vol 1

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

It’s New Year’s Eve but obstetrician Dr. Tara Ross isn’t celebrating. After a catastrophic delivery, Tara, a workaholic who’s sleep deprived, and already stressed to the max, lapses into a post -traumatic memory loss. Wandering the streets of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, she is mistakenly swept up in a narcotics sting operation and lands in Jeffrey Corrigan’s precinct. Divorced but married to the job as a dedicated homicide squad commander, Detective Lieutenant Jeffrey Corrigan has his hands full chasing a sadistic drug czarina, and now murder suspect, with ties to his corrupt captain. The last thing he needs is another woman to complicate his life. That is until he encounters Tara in the precinct’s holding cell . Unable to drive her home during a blizzard, he has no choice but to bring her to his house. As a temporary guest in his home, Tara and Jeffrey build a relationship they’d both like to make permanent. While enlisting the help of the precinct psychiatrist to restore Tara’s memory, he fears for her safety when threats mount against both their lives. The evil drug czarina and her cadre of corrupt cops will make him pay for nosing around in their business. They’ll start with Tara.

Book Bubbles from If Memory Serves-Dr. Tara Ross Vol 1


Have you ever had that one friend that was so different, that really stuck out, the one that often embarrassed you, but also the one you'd do anything for, and you know your oddball compadre— your wonderful friend— would do the same for you? The reader is introduced to Lieutenant Detective Jeffrey Corrigan's sidekick, Detective Mike Price, in If Memory Serves, Vol 1 of the Dr. Tara Ross series, and remains ever-present in all the Dr. Tara Ross books because you can't help but laugh at, be shocked by, and yes, love Mike Price. He's that sort of guy. I molded the character, Mike Price after Detective Andy Sipowicz of NYPD Blue,both Irreverent, mouthy, opinionated, but crackerjack homicide detectives who any detective would be lucky to have at their side. Jeffrey and Mike go back to their boyhood days in the Bronx, NY, where Mike more often than not got Jeffrey in trouble. And that hasn't changed much! Now both Manhattan homicide detectives, they work side by side, and they always will.

Holiday Stress

It happens every year, the holiday frazzle, starting earlier and earlier. The hustle and bustle of holiday prep can overwhelm all of us. Chronic stress calls, especially for overworked Dr. Tara Ross. How much is too much? Find out in IF MEMORY SERVES.

Memory Melt Away

Readers may wonder where I got the idea to have my protagonist, Dr. Tara Ross, have a little known memory disorder, fugue. Fugue is a rare time lapse amnesia. It is defined as one or more episodes of the inability to recall one's past events, or information about one's life, and is often accompanied by unplanned travel. Significant stress or a combination of stressors can catapult one into a fugue state. Fugue is almost always self-limiting, and eventually resolves within days, weeks, or months, leaving the person unaware of occurrences during the fugue state. As an overworked OB resident (physician training after medical school) I often drove home so fatigued that I had no idea how I had ended up in my bed. I didn't experience fugue, but I sure thought about it!

The Embalmer (Dr. Tara Ross seies) (Volume 2)

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Dr. Bethany Witt wasn’t well liked, but Dr. Tara Ross was sure nobody wanted her colleague dead. That is until Tara finds the young woman embalmed and posed in the Barn, an annex of her office once used for embalming 100 years ago. It’s a slam-dunk case when Troopers arrest Bethany’s ill-tempered ex-boyfriend, a local funeral home employee, based on forensics linking him to the crime scene. Although it looks bad for Bethany’s ex, Tara, and her fiancé, NYPD Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, aren’t convinced he’s the right guy and search for another possible killer. Their investigation takes a twisted turn when Brewster Medical Center’s CEO suffers the same gruesome fate. With Bethany’s ex-boyfriend jailed, homicide investigator Ty Marchinski insists a copycat killer did in the CEO, dismissing Jeffrey’s theory that the murders are related. Neither murders in his jurisdiction, Jeffrey has no choice but to heed Ty’s request to back off the case. However, Tara persists in her own secret investigation, determined to find The Embalmer. After she disappears, Jeffrey’s back in the game, racing Ty to find the woman he loves before The Embalmer silences her.

Book Bubbles from The Embalmer (Dr. Tara Ross seies) (Volume 2)

The Dark O.R.

Unlike the 24/7 action of a major medical center's operating rooms, smaller suburban hospitals close up their ORs at the end of the day when scheduled surgeries are completed. Except for emergency cases, the operating room lights are turned off and the hallways are eerily silent. Briefly abandoned and segregated from the hubbub of other hospital units, the OR is the perfect place for The Embalmer to work on you!

Morgue and Murder

One of my favorite medical school experiences was at the Dade County Medical Examiners Office in Miami, Fl. I learned so much from the great medical examiners there. When people die in a suspicious manner, the medical examiners must put the puzzle of their silent patients' last moments together, to speak for the dead. I went into OB/GYN, but I live vicariously as a forensic pathologist in my writing. In this excerpt, my detective characters, just as in real life, attend the autopsy of young, bizarrely murdered doctor.

In the Middle of the Night

Have you ever watched a horror flick where someone goes searching for someone else in the middle of a creepy night? I'm sure you have. But Dr. Tara Ross is different. In The Embalmer, Tara can't sleep because her fiance Detective, Lt. Jeffrey Corrigan, is out of the house while on a high profile case. She goes to her office, intending to catch up on some paperwork. When she sees her young associate's car the office parking lot, naturally she thinks the young woman is inside the office. But she's not. Tara searches for her, only to find.... Now that's genuine concern!

Death Imitating Art

I am a traveling OB/GYN doctor, and my assignments in a variety of locations and settings provide lush inspirations for my writing. One of the most intriguing stops and the impetus for THE EMBALMER-Dr. Tara Ross Vol 2 ,was an Obstetrics and Gynecology practice that was a former funeral home over 100 years ago. In the quaint Victorian home/office, black and white photographs grace the walls, displaying the home as a funeral parlor. To this day, the apparition of a man appears, periodically on a staircase landing. Spooky!

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