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Award-wining author, T. A. “Terry” McMullin knows as well as anyone that hard times are a part of the journey of life. During Terry’s journey, she was an orphan, an adopted child, and then made a foster child by her parents. Terry learned how to turn rejection into success as she struggled with a reading disability. As a child in the 1960s, hardly 
anyone understood the struggles
 associated with dyslexia. But
 Terry turned her struggles into strengths as she taught herself how to read while working her way through college. Terry received two degrees from Texas A&M University while becoming a teacher and writer. Her life transformed from a broken-hearted child who could barely make out words in elementary school to a distinguished teacher who encourages young people to achieve their greatest aspirations. At crucial points in Terry’s life, she found people who cared and understood, who became her encouragers. The encouragement from others made Terry’s life better so she vowed to be an encourager for others. Terry gained great gratification, emotional, and spiritual support by working with dogs and horses. Terry lives on a small ranch in Texas with her horses, donkeys, and rescued Border Collie dogs.


Gathering Courage

Religion & Spirituality

Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey Through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability is an award-winning book about a child who was adopted and then rejected by her adopted family. This child was sent to a foster home at the age of nine because she was dyslexic and struggling to learn. The story goes on to show how walking through the pain and suffering of losses and hurts built a strong faith in the Lord and the courage to be successful.

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On Monday, April 24, 2017, I kept the promise I had made to Katie Lynn when I signed her adoption papers. I wanted to give this elderly, special, dog with a history of trauma a happy home with unconditional love. Katie loved to play in the water, ride in the truck, and leisurely walk the pasture with no concern for time. She taught me to enjoy the moment, to love unconditionally, and just have fun. Lessons learned from Katie Lynn will forever remain...


Read about the power of ENCOURAGEMENT.


Turning struggles into success was hard but it build strength of character and achievement. Writing "Gathering Courage" was a 3 1/2 year journey, a pathway to receiving the 2017 Enduring Light Silver Medal Award for a Christian Book with an ENDURING message.

Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey

Gathering Courage is my story, my journal, my struggles, and my accomplishments. I share with you my heart-filled life to serve one purpose—to encourage you to be the best you can be. Life at its best is tough and it is in the tough times that we all must gather the courage to be our best and to do our best.


The spotlight is shining on this exemplary Christian book, Gathering Courage, with an enduring message because it is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit to survive setbacks and fulfill their own dreams despite all odds. It answers the question, “How do some people find success despite hardships?”

Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey

I remember the day in 1963 when I was sent to a foster home. At the age of 9, while in foster care I wrote a prayer and from then on strived to live within my prayer. Read Gathering Courage: A Life- Changing Journey through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability to see how I became successful. You will be encouraged.

Writing from the Heart

The 2017 Illumination Book Awards honored Gathering Courage, with the SILVER, Enduring Light Medals Award, for Christian Thought. The spotlight is shining on this exemplary Christian book for an enduring message because it is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit to survive setbacks and fulfill their own dreams despite all odds.


For three and a half years I worked hard writing, re-writing, and praying over the words that would become a sentence. Slowly the sentences formed the paragraphs that stacked together to form chapter after chapter. Pictures were added to bring life to the pages. A glistening mountain river scene, on the front cover, helped draw the reader to the words, Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability. The attractive cover was designed but it was the heart-felt message between the covers that I hoped would inspire the reader. My burning desire to encourage and inspire slowly took on a life of its own as it received 1st place in 2015 North American Book Award, 2016 Readers’ Favorite 5 STAR Award, 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award- Honorable Mention, 2016 Best Book Award- Finalist. Today, I am honored to say, Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability just received the 2017 Silver - Enduring Light Medals Award for “Christian Thought” as an exemplary Christian-themed book with an enduring message. My encouragement to you is to never give up on the burning desire in your heart.

Encouragement Does Make A Difference

ENCOURAGEMENT does make a difference. I know it did in my life. Read about how you can make a difference.

Rewards of a Good Education

I still remember the day I received my Aggie ring. Today it is worn and the shield is hardly visible but the set of values behind the ring stands strong. gatheringcouragemedia.com

Encouragement Does Make A Difference

We all have a journey to share, a word of encouragement to pass on to others, and a life to be best lived. Read and pass on a copy of Gathering Courage.


Watching the mustangs in Ft Worth, Texas has become an annual event, a tradition, for me. It is amazing to see the results of unconditional love and training. Unconditional love can change a life.

Let The Dream Soar

Dyslexia is why I tell my story to a group of students who struggle to read. They know if they work hard that their struggles can turn into success and their dreams can soar higher than they ever imagined. Read my story - Gathering Courage by TA McMullin

Thankful for Friends

Friends can become family. I look forward to hearing your life story, your journey, and how God has walked beside you. He rides with us through the rough terrain of life. Visit me at gatheringcouragemedia@gmail.com

Inspiring Others

The Lord wants us to share our hope and our future to encourage others. Each of us can share words and deeds of kindness to help encourage the lives of others right where we live and work. Life at its best is tough, but together we can make a difference and endure the hard times together.


Encouragement, kindness, and a simple prayer can change a life. Striving to live a life of compassion and purpose is the true meaning of life.

Pushing Against the Head Winds

Thank you to Charmaine Carraway of The Visionary Woman for asking me to be a guest on The Visionary HotSpot Talk Radio Show. Tune in to hear our talk, "Can We Have A Step Forward With Life Pushing Us Backwards".

Kindness and Love

A word of encouragement, a simple smile, an act of kindness does make a difference. I know it did in my life.


Read about a archeological hunt on horseback through the mountainside of Cody, Wyoming.

Bit by Bit - Success comes

Big ideas, dreams can become reality - one step at a time. Read my story and how I earned my senior ring from Texas A

Writing From The Heart

My life went from a orphanage to success. I would like to encourage you to reach out and bless the friends and family around you. We all need each other.

The Voice in Your Heart

Tough times comes to all and life is full of constant change. The voice in my heart strengthen my faith and showed me the importance of gratitude.

Let The Dream Soar

Struggles with a disability can either hinder you or make you stronger. My reading disability made gave me the courage to move forward in life. Tell me about how your struggles gave you strength?

Rewards of a Good Education

Big ideas and dreams can come true one small step at a time.

A Step Forward

Thank a teacher today! My teacher in college was the first person to understand my reading disability. Her teaching style changed my life and helped pave a pathway for me to become a teacher.


Friends are a gift from God. It was over 53 years ago when Mr. Luke brought one of his horses to me when I was in a foster home. My parents placed me in a foster home for failing grades. I was dyslexic and no one knew how to help me. The encouragement from Mr. Luke changed my life and taught me to encourage others. “Encouragement Does Make a Difference”


During my early years, dyslexia was like quicksand pulling at my feet. Through shear grit and determination, I received a college degree from Texas A


The endurance and strength of the human spirit over emotional and physical pain is amazing. The day after Christmas, I was told by my mother, “You are failing the 5th grade and your school administrator wants us to send you to another school and another home.” At the age of nine, I was sent to a foster home because I was struggling to learn. I had a reading disability, dyslexia, and no one knew how to help me When a friend from my hometown found out I was sent to a foster home he brought his horse for me to ride. My friend's act of kindness helped me to build a strong faith in the Lord and the courage to be successful.


"Gathering Courage by T.A McMullin is an American story filled with adversity, triumphs, heartbreaks and great personal victory. T.A McMullin will transport your mind through the epic words of a female pioneer who never gives up no matter the challenges she faced! ​I give this epic book five stars, I held my breath after every chapter and you will too!" Charmaine Carraway writer for the Huffington Post Follow T A McMullin and share your story of compassion and kindness. gatheringcouragemedia.com #courage #inspiration #memoir #adoption #dyslexia #healing #thevisionarywoman


It is my desire that this book will encourage you to reflect on your life, to overcome your hardships, and to accomplish your dreams. The journey is within and I look forward to hearing from you about the courage and accomplishments in your own life. Please share Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey Through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability with your friends. T. A. McMullin


Thank you for reading about Gathering Courage: A Life Changing Journey Through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability. My faith in the Lord and the friendship with animals helped me to conquer mountains of challenges and taught me how to celebrate the joy of success. Every year I go to Ft. Worth, Texas to an event sponsored by the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Mustangs that once were freely roaming on open range, in their natural habitat, had been rescued, adopted, and trained prior to the Fort Worth event. These beautiful, majestic equines are shown love, guidance, trust, and respect from the trainer who worked with them. I will be sitting in the arena to cheer for each the partnership and strong bond formed by each horse and trainer.

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