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A well sourced and important workbook/toolkit, Take Action: Fighting for Women and Girls covers the basics of activism and advocacy and gives the reader specific information about four issues related to girls, women and gender equality. The power and importance of education, expanding economic opportunities, eliminating gender-based violence and participating in politics and public life. This book will help would-be activists start their work and stay focused and goal-oriented.

Book Bubbles from Take Action:

Gender Equity in Electoral Systems

Think that women have a fair shot at winning electoral office? Think again. Even before a woman announces her candidacy for political office, the deck has been stacked against her. From societal messages telling her not to run for office, biased media coverage, cultural expectations about who looks like a leader and even unwelcoming political parties, women generally have many more obstacles than men. Want to learn how to fight for change in the system? If you believe political representation should be equitable, Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls will guide you through clear, strategic steps to obtain greater equity. It starts with you.

How to Speak Out..and Be Heard!

Everyone has a voice they can use to change the world. Whether you care about women's rights, environmental policies or social justice, we can all speak out. But effective change can be more elusive for many advocates and change makers. In Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls, Stephenie Foster guides advocates through concrete steps anyone can take to move the needle forward on important issues. She covers, how to narrow your focus, how to ask the right questions, how to create a power map so that decision-makers are reached. Simple, time-tested steps to bring your advocacy issue to the forefront.

How to Help Women & Girls Globally

Education. Access. Equal Opportunity. Safety. These are the fundamental human rights that any of us need in order to succeed in life. Women and girls are consistently denied these rights and continue to fall farther behind in climbing out of poverty. Change doesn't happen overnight...but our collective efforts..focused and consistent, can make incredible strides towards a brighter future for all women and girls. If only we Take Action today...small actions every day make a difference.

Three Things To Do Today to Champion Women

Women experience Gender-Based bias everyday and particularly in the workforce. Two things you can do to champion women are 1) make sure women are given ample time to speak in meetings. That they are not interrupted and call out the behavior when you see it. 2) Bring women to meetings you have so they can gain leadership skills and take part in conversations that might elevate their career. 3) Make sure that women are equally represented on panels and in speaking opportunities. All of these are options that most of us come across daily. Being Aware of how to champion women in the workplace is the first step towards greater gender equity and hopefully pay equity.

Bring Women into the Spotlight

If you want to do something today that advances women and girls...include more women at the table. In meetings, in networking events, in opportunities, the more women are brought into the fold where they can contribute and learn, the more likely they are considered for advancement and leadership positions. Next time you are involved in a business conversation, make an effort to introduce a woman. If you are heading to a meeting, invite a woman to join in and contribute. The collective effort of spotlighting women's leadership in everyday work, in our community, in the media, leads to expanded opportunities and equality. Every single effort counts. What can you do today to help raise someone's profile?

So you want to be an Advocate?

Advocacy is critical to changing policies and laws that discriminate against women and girls. But before you jump into the activism arena, take a moment to do a little research. What is the issue you really care about? What are the organizations that are currently working on that issue? What role can you play? Who can you talk to about getting the local level and at the national level? Everyone has a special skill they can bring to the table, but pace yourself and figure out the best role for you. These sample questions can help guide you....and there's so much more in the book to support you on your advocacy journey.

Business Capital & Women = Inequality

We know that women have less opportunity in business than men - whether it's access to capital, participating in supply chains, or obtaining credit. What can you do to change that? Here's a guide of actions to help you identify the issue you care about and take the right steps towards change. For yourself and for the millions of other women in business around you. Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls has created a groundswell of advocates and activists paving the way.

3 Things to do to Support Women Everyday

Advocacy is more than a protest or a speech or a boycott. It's often the small things that all of us do everyday that make the biggest impact. Speak up at a store and ask if they source from women-owned businesses, register to vote and use your voice when elections are held, bring a woman colleague to a meeting where she can share her ideas or skills. Small actions have a compound effect over time. Be a part of that change!

Top Tip For Changing the World?Buy From Women

When women businesses succeed, their communities, families and countries become stronger. Women are more likely to reinvest their capital into their communities. They build schools, health facilities and community centers. As we approach the holiday season, invest in women...purchase gifts from women-owned businesses. If you want to support women throughout the year, Take Action is full of tips that will take your advocacy to the next level.

10 Questions For Your Elected Official

Elections create shifts in leadership, staff, policies and laws. As we close in on elections in the United States, we recognize the changes that are sure to take place over the coming months and years with new leadership and staff. Asking direct questions of both existing and incoming elected officials will provide a picture of how supportive they are of women and girls and how they work to change gender inequalities. Here are ten key questions to ask your elected official in order to understand their commitment to women & girls and where they might focus their energy during their service.

Why Girls Education Matters

Globally, there are millions of girls not in school. This has an enormous impact on their economic prosperity, the prosperity of their family, community and their country, not to mention their own health and wellness. This year, on International Day of the Girl, (October 11), millions of girls around the world remain with an uncertain future and potentially a life of poverty. Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls lays out a simple framework for supporting girls in school - nationally and globally.

Women & Student Loan Debt

In the U.S. women have made incredible gains in pursuing higher education. More women than men graduate with college degrees and more women pursue advanced degrees. But women also hold two-thirds of student-loan debt. Find out how this causes inequity in certain loan forgiveness programs.

Women's Equality Day

August 26 is celebrated every year to commemorate the 19th amendment which prohibits states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens based on sex. While women have the right to vote, women are not considered equal in so many other areas of their live..equal pay, educational opportunities, protections from violence and support for running for elected office. We need to Take Action and fight for women and girls to reach true equality. Find out what you can do to advocate for a better future.

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Activism and advocacy are about asking the right questions to the right people. Who has the power to make the change you're seeking? Who would be impacted by that change? Women and men are treated differently throughout society...learning to ask the right questions makes a difference in effective advocacy/activism. Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls walks you through how to create a power map of the decision makers and how to identify the most concise questions to ask. This guide will help you narrow your focus, get motivated and ask the questions you need to make the change you know is possible in the world.

How To Be An Advocate

You care about an issue, you feel perhaps angry? injustice? the need for change? But you aren't sure what to do..where to start. In Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls, you are guided through every step - from identifying an issue, determining how you want to play a role in changing it, what questions to ask and how to identify who holds the power to change it.

How to Fight for Women & Girls Right Now

Whether you want to fight for women & girls reproductive rights, support women business owners or run for office, Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls outlines tangible steps you can take everyday towards gender equity. Learning to be an advocate and use your voice - in your school, your community and your workplace is critical - today more than ever before. This guide helps you get there...through identifying the issues, targeting the decision makers, creating a power map and plan of action. If you want to Fight for Women & Girls, this is the road map to effective advocacy.

The Gap in Girls Education

Why do so many girls worldwide drop out of school or lack the opportunity to attend? In most countries girls have more demands for family chores, obligations and caregiving than boys. They might need to walk hours to retrieve water from wells, help a parent at the market, or with cooking, cleaning, farming. Families often only have the funds to send one or two children to school and predominantly they choose to send boys instead of girls due to cultural beliefs and norms. Take Action: Fighting for Women and Girls, outlines what you can do support girls education simple steps based on your desired engagement level

Want Your Business to Grow? Hire More Women.

Diverse companies, with women in leadership at every level, show growth and creativity. How can you help create a culture of inclusion and promotion for women and girls in your company? Ask questions. What are our hiring strategies? What is our history of paying women? How can we create more equitable work environments? Is there high turnover for women at this company? Then follow the steps outlined in the book Take Action: Fighting for Women and Girls to create lasting change.

Investing in Women Builds Stronger Companies

When teams - whether organizations, business or government - are diverse, they experience stronger outcomes, more productivity and better workplace culture. Fair compensation, greater inclusivity and safe environments for sharing ideas are shown to foster more successful companies. Women are often found at the helm of these ideas and strategies.

How to Take Action in Your Daily Life

How do you take action in your daily life in order to make the world a better place? Did you know that advocacy ..whether for environmental sustainability or for women's rights follow a similar course? In Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls, Stephenie Foster guides the reader through a step by step process on what you can do every day to create monumental change. All of us have the power to do our own comfort zone, on the issues important to us and in a way that fuels progress.

A Better World for Women Begins with You

Each of us have the power to use our voice, to speak up and advocate for women and girls. Particularly if you are in a leadership position in your organization, your workplace or your community. Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls guides you through the steps to explore changes you can make towards a better world. From changing the culture in your workplace, creating job-sharing opportunities or supporting pregnant women. This book will guide you through tangible steps and questions in order to meet your goals

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: What to Know

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Do you know how to respond if someone is signaling for help? Do you know what to do once you realize they are reaching out to you? Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls is a guidebook on how to take action in your daily life and how to recognize signs of distress. It also covers activism in Education, Economic Opportunity and Leadership. Follow the step by step guide to taking action in your life.

How to handle Implicit Bias in the Workplace

So often implicit bias leads people to assume those in charge are someone older, male and often white. How do you handle implicit bias in the workplace? How does your company address this and can you have uncomfortable conversations?

Women's Voices

There's so much you can do to champion women's voices. Less than 15% of the millions of quotes shared daily are quotes from women. Here's how to change that.

Today's Women's History Makers

During Women's History Month it's critical to honor not just those who came before us and opened the door for those that followed, but also the many women scientists, engineers, technicians, politicians, CEO's and leaders creating a stronger more inclusive society for all of us.

Role Models Matter (a lot!)

There's a saying "if you don't see it, you won't be it". It's why women need to be portrayed equally and in the places they work, study, lead and live. Unfortunately, text books, art museums, memorials, literature and even music play time on the radio are still dominated by men. This book raises awareness about women trailblazers and history makers. A perfect gift for the women's advocate in your life.

Trailblazers...International Women's Day

Women all around us should be celebrated during women's history many of us are role models and trailblazers. And if you don't yet feel like you are, maybe you don't realize what you are already doing in your daily life..and most likely, you're interested in doing more. This book is a guide to the steps you can take - within your comfort zone - to become the advocate you want to be for gender equality. Are you interested in girls education? economic opportunity? equal pay? gender -based violence? or running for public office (at any level)? Take Action identifies the step by step process that we can all follow to engage in fighting for women & girls in whichever area you want to change. All of us are trailblazers, role models and history makers....let us help you participate in the fight.

Women & the Nobel Prize

Did you know that out of 603 Nobel prizes awarded to date, only 58 have been to women? With the approach of International Day for Women & Girls in Science (Feb. 11), it's the time to honor the Women Nobel Prize winners like Marie Curie (1903 & 1911) Yes, she won it twice. Her daughter Irene Joliot-Curie won the prize in Chemistry in 1935. Learn more about women in history, trailblazers and what you can do to fight for women & girls in your schools, community and country. Take Action is a step by step guide tailored for individuals at any level who want to make a difference and create change. Perfect for International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

Women Making History....right NOW

Because people like you....have used your voice....more women than ever before have run for President of the United States. It takes everyday actions to create a groundswell of activism. Whether speaking up at a store about disrespectful merchandise, or asking a question at work about how many women sit on the corporate board, or making a statement at your community meeting. These collective voices are the key to positive change for women & girls. Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls outlines clear steps everyone can take in their daily lives to create a more equal future.

MLK, Advocacy & Crayola

Advocacy takes many different forms - from the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marching in Selma and fighting for civil rights to Bellen Woodard, asking why the default crayon for skin tone is always peach. Without both of these crucial voices, change might not have happened. In Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls, Stephenie Foster outlines the steps anyone can take to advocate issues important to them and to society. From asking a question in your classroom to creating a movement. Everyone can use their voice to be heard. If you've wanted to speak out more this year or change something in your community, this is the guide for you. An easy to follow toolkit full of actions to take, questions to ask and who to persuade, Take Action should be part of any leader's toolkit.

This Year, Resolve to Use Your Voice

What if your resolution this year was to use your voice to change the world. What if you resolved to speak up in a meeting, have a conversation, write a letter, and Take Action for Women & Girls? What most people don't realize is that these small steps create a groundswell that can change laws, policies and the lives of women and girls worldwide. What if this year you took a small action every day - whether asking a question about the ratio of male/female students at a school, why a store doesn't source from women's businesses, why a company or school doesn't provide women's hygiene products in the bathrooms. What took one step every day? Take Action can lead you on that journey. Let's see how much we can change in a year.

How to Take Action in your Daily Life

It takes all of us to participate in changing policies, communities and organizations for a more equitable world. This book engages everyone but particularly young women by providing tangible lists of what they can do in their daily life to use their voice and speak a way that is comfortable for them. Perfect quick reading for the holiday list or the new year's resolution!

Be An Interrupter!!!

Often people want to advocate for women & girls but aren't sure where to start. One easy way to jump in is to become an interrupter! If you feel something is discouraging girls or hindering education or opportunity...say something. Even pointing it out to one person makes a difference and starts the conversation going.

Rethinking Gender Norms

Although more women are in the workforce today than ever before, women still carry the emotional and physical list of what is going on with the household and the family. We saw this clearly during the pandemic lockdowns. Changing the culture takes all of us, it also takes everyone speaking up..whether in their home, community or workplace. Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls shows us steps that anyone can take any comfort level to create a more equitable world for women & girls.

Including Women & Girls in Decision-Making

"Nothing about them without them" says it all. Include women and girls in the decision-making process. Without their input, policies, laws and community needs will not have the appropriate impact if women and girls aren't sharing their insights.

Small vs. Large Organizations

Is your issue something that needs a nimble organization? or do you need a broader reach with perhaps a larger organization? Find out what's best for your goals in Stephenie Foster's new book Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls

Take Action at Home

Every small step we take has ripple effects in society. Whether your action is large or small it matters. Start in your home, school or community

Taylor Swift

Men/Boys are often interrupting women and girls. Remember when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye West during her Grammy acceptance Speech? We all need to work to change this culture.

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