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Sonya Ruff Jarvis is the Managing Member of Jarvis Consultants and the Founder of the eRetailer Summit and JC Event Group. Sonya earned her M.B.A. in Marketing from New York Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Communications from Hiram College. She is a life-long marketer a former corporate executive, bible study teacher and organizer of events with tens of thousands attendees. She has run the New York City Marathon, survived breast cancer and created an innovative business-to-business customer relationship model. She and her husband live in Connecticut with their daughter who is a fierce basketball player and their Havanese dog, Sadie, who completes their family. This is the debut of a series of books currently on Amazon. Additional information can be found on


Mindful Minutes: A Marketer's Journey Through Business

Business & Investing

Sonya Ruff Jarvis writes a captivating book using everyday experiences, identified and used as “Mindful Minutes” to help you leverage common mistakes and accomplishments made by others while building a successful business. Mindful Minutes: A Marketer’s Journey Through Business, captures learning moments from everyday encounters through the eyes of an MBA marketer, Entrepreneur, SBO, wife and mom. Sonya chronicles the journey with like themes, while putting the lessons in context to allow the reader to see the commonalities and occurrences; ultimately allowing you to learn from them. This is the first of a series of “Mindful Minutes” books with similar themes. Start collecting yours now with this one - “A Marketer’s Journey Through Business” and look for future Mindful Minutes: “A Marketer’s Journey Through Branding” and “A Marketer’s Journey Through Events”.

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March Madness

I know it's not March nor is it March Madness, but we are definitely in the midst of some major sports events. Congratulations to the Washington National's for their HUGE World Series win, for starters! This excerpt from Mindful Minutes: A Marketer's Journey Through Business, provides an interesting view of teamwork and how it contributes to the "win". We need to encourage and recognize the potential in our colleagues, partners and employees and when we do that, we set ourselves up for success. These tips will help challenge you to contribute to others' growth and opportunities.

Don't Forget About the Old

Sometimes we forget to value what we already have! In business, it is so important to pay close attention to your existing customers. Value them. But most importantly, don't forget about the old while you're chasing the new. Keep investing and focusing on your existing customers. It will always pay off. This excerpt demonstrates the importance of valuing what you already have and how to balance that with courting the new customers. Don't forget about the old while chasing the new!

When Was the Last Time You Checked Out?

Sometimes, you just have to check out. Hopefully, when you do that, it is for a good reason. I had a good reason the last time that I checked out. I received a call that my mother was on her deathbed. I checked out. The only thing that mattered was my mother, and getting home to her. We don't often feel that we can just drop everything, but in this situation, that is just what I did. And it was well worth it. When was the last time that you checked out?

Rhetorical Questions?

Isn't it ironic that we sometimes expect an answer to a rhetorical question? When you think about shopping, do you really expect an answer (and action) when you are asked, "Can I help you"? Yes, you can help and I expect that you will! I didn't think that was a rhetorical question and I do expect that you will take action. So, I ask you, when did "Can I help you" become a rhetorical question?

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It!

I am a firm believer that "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It"! One of my biggest business dreams was to create an event that would transform the home improvement industry. I listened to my customers and created the Home Improvement eRetailer Summit which provides an intimate setting for retailers to meet with premier suppliers in the industry. This dream became a reality and has sustained and grown each year. I am excited that this will be the 4th Annual Home Improvement eRetailer Summit this November and it is all because of great partners, perseverance, progressive leaders and great speakers. This chapter is all about if you can dream, you can make your dream a reality too - "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It"!

Part 4 - Experiencing

In Marketing, the experience of the customer is everything. It is the difference between the original sale and more importantly, the repeat sale and the referral. Here we will experience the "delight" of the customer!

Executing Your Strategy

I’m sure that you have heard the phrase, that the “devil is in the detail”. That phrase is spot on, because you have to think of every possible detail in order to execute your strategy or it could take a nasty turn. It’s important to consider all options in your plan and play it out. So, here are some good, bad and ugly (not really) experiences of executing business objectives or goals.


We are all learners but sometimes we need a little help to understand the lesson that is right in front of us. It is my belief that the lessons that truly stick with us come from our up-close and personal experiences. Learning through those types of lessons make lasting impressions and allow us to continue on the path of becoming the best that we can be.

Part 1 - Creating......

What heavy questions do you need to ask in order to know and fulfill your dreams? Don't let life pass you by before you get to ask, and answer, those questions.

How Hard Is It For You To Just Say No?

It's interesting to me that people find it hard to say "no". I am talking about the people that don't say "yes" either. Right, you know what I'm talking about. If you have been in business for any length of time, you have come across people who can't say no, but they don't say yes.


This is an excerpt from the Foreword of the book, Mindful Minutes: A Marketer's Journey Through Business by Sonya Ruff Jarvis. The Foreword was written by Deborah Shearer, CEO Table and Dine, and she tells of her relationship with Sonya and the passion that she has for marketing which resonates throughout the book..

Mindful Minutes - Do You Believe?

When my daughter was 10 she asked me if Santa Claus is real. Before I answered the question I was curious as to why she was asking. Well, a classmate (a year older) told her Santa didn't exist. My next question to her was, "Do you want the truth?" She assured me that she really wanted to know if Santa was real. This is insight into how business lessons can be learned through everyday occurrences and conversations. Enjoy!

Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success


Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success, is an anthology like no other! In this book, fourteen remarkable women narrate their challenges and their ultimate successes in both their personal lives and their careers. These women have “been there” and made it through—and are ready to share their takeaways. You will discover the qualities of a good mentor in the book’s introduction and then each chapter is dedicated to a particular woman who through her real-life experiences, models how to think through UNexpected life situations and make appropriate decisions along the way. These women’s discoveries and breakthroughs can inspire you and show you the way toward your own quantum leap. At the end of each chapter, you will have the opportunity to assess and identify some “Mentoring Moments” that will allow you to move forward and achieve your own successes.

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How to Propel Forward

As one of the "14 Remarkable Women" authors of the book, Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success", my chapter on perseverance and persistence is a "must read" for anyone who struggles with staying on task and getting things done. In this chapter, I describe how I was able to propel forward with perseverance and persistence and give you tools so that you can do the same. Enjoy.

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