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The Dark Side of Eclipses

Religion & Spirituality

Our ancestors didn't understand why eclipses happened, but their meaning was clear: The gods were not happy. Ancient Greeks figured out the mechanics sufficiently to predict their occurrence.

Why bother if they were meaningless?

The "Enlightenment" threw anything unproven in a laboratory based on 18th Century science out the window as "myth and superstition," such as astrology.

If so, why did certain elite groups such as the Rosicrucians and Catholic Church continue to practice it? A devious move, perhaps, to keep this powerful tool out of the hands of the common man? Why else do they claim, "Millionaires don't use astrology but billionaires do?"

Ignoring the truth doesn't change the truth. The heavens still speak. The Holy Bible states the stars and planets were given "for times and for seasons." God hasn't changed and neither has His promise.

Sadly, even churches no longer pay attention, but condemn astrology as "of the devil."

How can God's creations be from the devil? Who would say that other than the devil himself?

Biblical prophecies are corroborated by similar predictions from other religions and indigenous peoples. They're coming to pass at an astounding rate, though the dumbed-down masses remain oblivious to their importance.

The Great American Eclipse in 2017 was visible from coast to coast. Its symbolism indicates a country divided. In October 2023 another solar eclipse path crossed the country with another coming in April 2024 that will cross them both.

What did the October 2023 eclipse tell us? Its path paralleled the U.S. Southern Border. Did it implicate the immigration crisis?

What will the total eclipse on April 8, 2024 deliver? The paths of all three form two ominous "Xs" on the United States. Do these figurative crosshairs indicate God has had enough?

Discover how these "signs in the heavens" predict the downfall of the United States as physicist and professional astrologer, Marcha "Whobeda" Fox, interprets their symbolism alongside subsequent events.

Buckle up, America. You ain't see nothin' yet.

Book Bubbles from The Dark Side of Eclipses

Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge

A day after the March 25, 2024 lunar eclipse the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed. The astrology associated with it was indeed fascinating, showing that it was a fated event that was triggered by the eclipse the previous day. The map that showed planetary placements as they related to the Earth indicated the Trans-Neptunian minor plant, Hades, cast its destructive influence over the entire Chesapeake Bay area during the eclipse. In this excerpt, written before the eclipse occurred, the threat to infrastructure was noted, which is exactly what occurred. Detailed information on the astrology of the bridge collapse itself is available on in the blog section.

What's the Message?

The April 8, 2024 eclipse is now only a few weeks away. What will it bring? The internet and social media are loaded with speculations. Many point out startling connections with scripture and Bible Prophecy. The parallels to the Old Testament story of Jonah and the city of Nineveh is particularly noteworthy since the eclipse path of this one touches 7 cities by that name in the United States. I checked it out myself, since it seemed impossible, but it's true. Furthermore, the pattern the three eclipse paths make represent Hebrew letters for Alpha and Omega. There are no coincidences. The odds of this occurring randomly has astronomical odds. Pay attention, folks. This is not a drill.

Message from the 2017 Eclipse

Since the eclipse in August 2017 referred to in the excerpt another one darkened a path in the USA in October 2023. Yet another is coming April 8, 2024. When an eclipse path crosses a country it indicates it will be divided. What will three do? What about the comet appearing at the same time? What did the ancients know that's been maliciously covered up to keep us in the dark? See how eclipses over the past several years have reflected exactly what's been occurring in the United States. The only way to censor heavenly messages is to tell people it's only an astronomical event. It's not. It's a message.

The Family History Fun Factor

Biographies & Memoirs

Wouldn't you give blood and pay money to go back in time and converse with your progenitors? Find out what their life was really like?

But wait--what about your ggg-grandchildren? How are you preserving what makes life shine for you and your family?

If you need some inspiration, this entertaining and informative book is for you!

Book Bubbles from The Family History Fun Factor

What's your favorite summer memory?

What does summer mean to you? What do you cherish or remember most? Family reunions? Vacations? Summer camp? What new memories will derive from this year? Have you ever gotten together with family or old friends and spent the entire afternoon playing "remember when?" Having these experiences written down provides ongoing enjoyment for you and personal glimpses for future generations. Get started today.

Show Mom Some Love

What better way to show mom some love on this special day than to remember all the little things she did to make life fun and interesting when you were growing up? Family traditions come in all shapes and sizes, which is what makes them special. Such memories are what comprise Family Folklore, those unique practices and traditions that made your family different. Whether you're still living at home, a parent yourself now, or the kids have all grown, this short guide will help you preserve all those priceless moments to hand down to future generations. Many will cherish them as much as any family heirloom.

What are YOUR Thanksgiving Traditions?

The holidays are coming up fast, a time when family traditions come out as in no other time of year. Do you realize that they are an important part of your family history? Do you know the origin of them all? Are you passing this knowledge on to your children as an important part of their heritage? Family traditions are the fun part of doing genealogy and family history work. You take them for granted, but what about your grandchildren and great-grandchildren? There's no better time to start recording them for posterity, especially with how easy it is these days to do so. If you have time to post to Facebook, you have time to do it right!

Family Holiday Fun!

Halloween is almost here, soon to be followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and so forth. How does your family celebrate these holidays? These occasions are loaded with Family Folklore, whether or not you realize it. What about when you were growing up? What are your favorite memories for different occasions? Which traditions would you like to revive? I promise this little book will give you dozens of ideas worth recording as part of your family's history.

Inspiring Future Generations

I saw a meme today that implied the Mayan who said the world would end in 2012 was dyslexic and really meant 2021. How have you made it through the past year and a half? Certainly 2020 and 2021 have been epic as far as life's challenges are concerned. Have you been recording any of it in your Family History? This has been a target-rich environment for such stories, just like the early pioneers, people who survived the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, Civil War, etc. Remember that crisis + time = humor. And if there was nothing funny about it whatsoever, then what inspiration might future generations derive from it? If you need ideas, this book is for you!

Weather Memories

Family Folklore should always include weather stories. These can relate surviving a drought that lasted several years or a single event, like a tornado, hurricane, or ice storm. How you handled such a situation can be an inspiration to subsequent generations. Just think about it: What's the "go-to" topic everyone tends to shift to when a conversation lags? The weather is part of everyday existence anyone can relate to. A few years ago, where I live in Texas experienced a horrible drought for several years. I feared it would never end, yet it did. Such stories can lend a ray of hope to something in the depths of similar trouble. The familiarity of family folklore stories to everyday life make them easy to identify and build generational bridges. Don't know how or where to start? Then you need this book!

Summer is Here!

Hopefully this year we'll resume something resembling a normal life after the 2020 COVID debacle. What are your plans this summer? What are your favorite vacation memories? How did you preserve them? Photos? Journals? Videos? You didn't? Shame on you! Holidays and especially vacations are a major category in Family Folklore. Vacation albums, whether hardcopy or electronic, can include photos, pamphlets, maps, ticket stubs, and yes, even receipts. Believe it or not, those that take a downward turn are often most popular later for their humor value. Here's an example of our vacation in 1995.

What's for Dinner?

Often our best memories of our family include holiday dinners. What made them special? Was it the people who were there? The food itself? What family traditions do you have that fit the "Foodways" category in family folklore? Easter is particularly filled with tradition, whether it includes attending a religious service (especially those who only go to church on Easter), Easter egg hunts for the kids, or a traditional dinner. These are all wonderful areas to start your family folklore collection because they're easy to remember. You may not think they were that special until everyone moves away and they're over forever. What will you capture the next holiday?

Your Smart Phone is Your Greatest Ally!

When you think of a genealogist what image comes to mind? In days past it was typically someone who was contemporary with the dinosaurs hunched over yellowed documents with a magnifying glass. Today it can be anyone. Family History came in vogue a few years ago, supported by the scrapbook craze and the Internet which was the researcher's dream come true. Nonetheless, writing was still required to some degree, a skill that was intimidating enough to stop some people in their tracks. Fortunately today's technology is your new best friend!

No More Excuses!

If you don't think life is short then you need to ask someone who's a decade or so older than you. It is. Believe me. And often by the time you start to wonder how it was fifty years ago anyone who could tell you is dead and gone. Gathering family stories and such may seem like work but you probably have a device that makes it as easy as the touch screen on your smart phone. Literally. What are you waiting for?

What's Missing from your Family History?

Every family has a wealth of stories, traditions, habits and behaviors that make them unique and contribute to each member's identity. Whether they relate to ethnicity, cultural roots, economic class or DNA these are the heart of why we have family reunions and the memories that last forever. If you're not preserving these gems in some way they could be lost to those who would appreciate them the most. Doing so doesn't have to be work but can be tremendous fun, especially with the variety of helpful electronic media available, often as close as your smart phone. Don't let your family history scroll into oblivion on Facebook! Find out how to preserve and keep it starting today, not only for your family to enjoy but for generations to come.

Star Trails Tetralogy Box Set

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Immerse yourself in a sci-fi world of adventure and intrigue!

This expansive family saga of the Brightstar family follows them from their orderly homeworld to a planet unfit for human habitation.

Their only choice if they want to survive is to use their knowledge of science and engineering while being pursued by evil sources determined to tear the family apart.

This box set contains all four Star Trails volumes for a total of over 1500 pages of hard sci-fi. (See individual novels for descriptions.)

The Star Trails Compendium is part of the set. It includes a glossary of terms, background information on Cyraria, and a special section for parents and educators, making it the science teacher's and homeschooling parent's dream for making STEM topics fun, exciting, and relevant.

Discussion and lesson plan suggestions therein provide multiple ideas for using the science in the stories to stimulate interest in physics and engineering in an entertaining manner.

Ready-made assignments designed for using the books as extra credit for advanced students assist science teachers by making science not only fun and interesting, but relevant to life.

Book Bubbles from Star Trails Tetralogy Box Set

Survival on a Hostile Planet

Do you ever get the feeling you're living in a sci-fi world? A few short years ago we never could have imagined what our world would experience the past two years. So it was for the Brightstars who left their comfortable home planet to become space-age pioneers. Circumstances land them on the wrong side of the powers that be, who cancel the comfortable life they'd been promised. Their only chance to survive the hostile climate lies in Laren Brightstar's science and engineering skills. In this scene, from "A Dark of Endless Days," Laren's son, 17 year old Dirck, takes a break with a friend where he gets even more bad news. News that may have a familiar ring to where we are today.

Culture Shock on Steroids

"Beyond the Hidden Sky" kicks off the Star Trails Tetralogy adventure when Creena, the Brightstar's teenage daughter, gets fired off in a supposedly malfunctioning escape pod from the starcruiser taking them to their new home. The family is leaving Mira III, a fog-shrouded planet of nearly perfect order where creativity and individuality were discouraged. This suited Creena's brother, Dirck, just fine. Not making decisions worked for him since it made life relatively simple and carefree. Creena, however, whose personality was not conducive to enforced control, disliked it tremendously, even more so because she was often in trouble for not following The Laws. As the family leaves this world behind, most of them will experience culture shock, an unsettling feeling accompanied by a variety of insecurities when a person's world changes in both subtle and dramatic ways. You get a glimpse of how how the changes are already affecting Dirck in this excerpt. The suggested discussion for this part of the story explores some of the effects, which may be familiar to those who have moved a significant distance from their original home, such as to another state or country. Download a free copy of The Star Trails Compendium to see the suggested discussion questions for this chapter.

Entertaining Hard Sci-Fi with a Bonus

Don't you hate serials? Doesn't it drive you crazy when you're deeply entrenched in a plot and its characters then abruptly thrust to the edge of a cliffhanger? Worse yet when it entails a wait of months or longer before the next episode is released? A box set assures that those frustrations no longer exist! No waiting, no additional purchases, everything is right there, all 1500 pages of hard sci-fi just waiting to transport you to another world! Each book has been released separately to 5-star reviews. In addition, this set includes the Star Trails Compendium with terms, definitions, and detailed background information on the stories' planetary setting. Science is an inherent part of this series which is exploited in a special section for parents and educators with ready-made discussion ideas and lessons plans tailor made to stimulate an interest in physics and engineering. Whether you're simply a hard sci-fi fan or a teacher looking for a ready-made science education extra credit package, this series is for you! So what are you waiting for? Join the Brightstar family now for a gripping interstellar ride across the galaxy!

Return to Dead Horse Canyon: Grandfather Spirits

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

5-Stars from Readers' Favorite! "The depth of ethnology packed into both novels is meticulously researched and beautifully detailed. Co-authors Marcha Fox and Pete Risingsun are a dream team with this saga and I’m really looking forward to the third and final installment of their trilogy."
--Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite

When Charlie Littlewolf and Sara Reynolds discovered why her husband, Bryan, was murdered, their lives changed forever. While Charlie swore to avenge his white brother's death, the path to do so remains unclear.

His job drilling for oil allows him to use his college education and earn a generous income.

However, it conflicts with everything he knows to be right.

Is violating the Earth wrong or not? Will there be consequences?

Little does he realize that his work will ultimately return him to the Northern Cheyenne reservation where his true destiny will manifest in ways he never imagined.

Sara is determined to fulfill Bryan's dying request to expose the government corruption that stole his life. Releasing the scandalous Top Secret data via WikiLeaks infuriates those with much to lose, which places her in the cross-hairs of a hired killer.

While miles apart, each struggles with life-threatening situations as a result of their dedication to Bryan's legacy. Their lives remain entangled through a series of fateful decisions and circumstances that define a future fraught with unknowns for them both.


Readers' Favorite 5-stars

Firebird Book Award

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Book Excellence Award Finalist

Page Turner Award Finalist

Book Bubbles from Return to Dead Horse Canyon: Grandfather Spirits

A Beautiful Ceremony

This scene describes a beautiful Northern Cheyenne healing ceremony. It's seen through the eyes of Charlie's young cousin, Winter Hawk, as his medicine man father performs the ritual. The depth of understanding and spirituality of native cultures is seldom recognized. This is because it's expressed in an entirely different manner than the usual Western religions. Their singing and dancing seem strange, even irreverent, yet their connection to God is established through these emotional expressions of faith and belief. They have much to teach us about finding life's answers all around us and expressing gratitude for what we have.

Indigenous People Day

In case you're unaware, some no longer recognize Columbus Day, preferring to call it Indigenous People Day. Those unfamiliar with the true history of the United States no doubt shake their heads, wondering what the problem might be. Well, for starters, saying Columbus "discovered American" is pretty inaccurate when there were millions (yes, millions) of indigenous people living there at the time. Erasing history isn't the answer, but being totally honest would be a step in the right direction. In this excerpt, Sara ponders some of those historical events that aren't in the history books.

Indigenous Cultures

Most people have no clue how spiritual indigenous cultures really are. Rather, they're often portrayed as uncivilized savages, the symbolism of their rituals and practices entirely misunderstood. I'm not comfortable with shameless self-promotion, thus I'll share excerpts from the 5-star review this book received from Readers' Favorite. One comment the reviewer made reflected his understanding of exactly what Pete Risingsun and myself as authors wanted to achieve with this story. He said, "My gosh, the depth of ethnology packed into both novels is meticulously researched and beautifully detailed." While the reviewer was only tasked to read this book, after a few chapters he decided to read the first, saying, "It was an excellent decision. The building of the Cheyenne history is critical to the story and had I not understood Sara’s complete motivation and Charlie’s fully fleshed-out roots, I’d have missed out on so much more than just a good read." This excerpt represents one scene that includes some of the "ethnology" to which the reviewer referred. The fact he went on to call Pete and I a "dream team" made my day.

Drilling for Oil

Drilling for oil isn't simple. It involves complex coordination between multiple workers, each with a well-defined role. Charlie's is one of the most important, monitoring what's showing up as the drill bit penetrates the ground. The big day arrives, with everyone in position, when Charlie is given another assignment he'd tried to avoid. Little does he realize until much later it was a huge mistake.

Reliving a Nightmare

Sara is invited to be a guest on a local television show to share her story. Her previous TV appearance was a nothing-burger because she stayed cool. This time she wants the audience to witness what she'd been through. In this scene she's putting together excerpts from the dashcam videos that recorded the deliberate wreck that killed her husband. The only problem is she'll have to watch it herself, which means reliving the worst day of her life. The reaction it garners when aired is far more than expected.

Technology vs. Intuition

Have you ever struggled with a decision? Did you gather as much information as possible, yet remain unsure? How do you resolve such dilemmas? With your head? Or your heart? Which do you think is more accurate? Your unconscious mind feeds your intuition while your conscious mind feeds your direct thoughts. Native Americans have a direct connection to the Earth which others lack. How would that link bolster their intuition? Does everyone have it, yet not know how to listen?

Blowing the Whistle

After Sara goes on TV telling her story, she's surprised to hear from a cadre of attorneys suggesting a wrongful death suit regarding Bryan's death. That was one angle she hadn't thought of before besides telling the world what her husband found that resulted in his murder. She discusses it with her father, who has another suggestion for her as well. Clearly, there are significant risks to going public.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

Charlie's job pays well and his bosses are impressed with his abilities. Working for an oil company, however, conflicts with his Native American view of honoring the Earth Mother. As he struggles with whether or not it's right, he returns to the Medicine Wheel for answers. The answer is not what he was expecting.

The Dead Horse Saga Continues!

If you've read "The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon: Cheyenne Spirits" you probably wonder what happened next? That's what this book is all about! In this scene, after much discussion and soul searching, Sara releases the Top Secret data Bryan found to Wikileaks. Her actions are discovered far sooner than expected, however, the consequences that follow far different than expected. If you love a good thriller, don't miss this suspense-laden story. Reading the first book in this series first, though, is highly recommended!

Star Trails Compendium

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Star Trails Universe backstory, glossary, and educator guide!

This companion volume to the Star Trails Tetralogy includes a glossary of terms, expanded information about the Cyrarian star system, its extreme weather from it's binary system figure-8 orbit, indigenous species and political structure.

It also includes a section for educators or book club members who wish to explore the science and other concepts at a deeper level. Ideal for teachers who wish to provide advanced STEM students with extra credit  reading materials with ready-made followup assignments and discussion ideas on a chapter by chapter basis.

Book Bubbles from Star Trails Compendium

The Science of Star Trails

When I was in elementary school I got hooked on science fiction, but was always disappointed that there was little if any actual "science" in it! I made sure no one could say that about my novels by including real and speculative science that wasn't just tacked on, but relevant to the plot! I believe that the natural curiosity kids are born with prompts them to enjoy learning until it is stifled by ineffective (can you spell B-O-R-I-N-G?) teaching methods. This excerpt describes the planet Cyraria, the setting for much of the ground-based action of the Star Trails Tetralogy. I had all sorts of fun figuring out what the weather would be like on a planet tilted on its side and in an orbit shaped like a figure-8 around a binary star system. For true science geeks, this information was too cool to remain in my research files. Thus, The Compendium includes factoids like this and much more! Are you a science teacher or parent encouraging your child to love science? Lesson plans and discussion ideas are also included for educators who take a creative approach to teaching. You can download an electronic pdf version on the website or other ebook formats for free from Smashwords.

Example Lesson from "A Dark of Endless Days"

Cyraria is a planet with lethal weather extremes. It orbits two stars in a figure-8 pattern plus its rotation is on its side rather than closer to upright like the Earth. This results in complicated and extreme weather patterns which play an important part in the story. Many people fail to notice that the position of the Sun changes throughout the year. They notice the seasons, which are the result. However, they often miss the fact the Sun rises and sets in a different location each day and its elevation above the horizon at noon varies as well. Lessons regarding how the relationship between a planet's orbit and its host star affect its livability are inherent in "A Dark of Endless Days" and make Earth Science more interesting. This excerpt is an example of Compendium content that can be useful to educators in using Star Trails to stimulate learning.

Science Teachers, I'm on your side!

Learning should be fun, which is often antithetical for math and science. Yet kids and adults alike love science fiction. How many of today's engineers and scientists were inspired by the original Star Wars movie that came out in the late 1970s? So how can today's teachers, who are already overworked and challenged enough, not only teach these subjects but make them fun? How about a science fiction series that contains real science and demonstrates its relevance to life? And while we're at it, let's include a companion volume which expands upon a variety of principles introduced in the stories. Then let's throw in a special section for educators with chapter by chapter lesson plans and discussion topics, providing ready-made extra credit for advanced students. And best of all, let's make it FREE! (At least everywhere but Amazon who's a bit uncooperative and makes me charge $0.99.) Here's a small sample of the education section for "Beyond the Hidden Sky." But what are you waiting for when you can get the entire volume for free?

The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon: Cheyenne Spirits

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Multi-award winning novel including 5-stars from Readers' Favorite: "Exceptional. The intricate plot and dramatic storyline create a breathtaking and intense story."

A scandalous Top Secret project is under construction in the Colorado wilderness. Bryan Reynolds discovers that its roots lie in the same greed, corruption, and exploitation of the Earth that precipitated a 19th century Native American curse.

Before he can expose the project, he's killed in a suspicious accident that his wife, Sara, miraculously survives. Her memory of where they were or what they'd discovered, however, is gone.

Neither Sara nor Bryan's life-long Cheyenne friend, Charlie Littlewolf, will rest until they discover what Bryan found that resulted in his death. Charlie knows the only way to solve the mystery is through connecting with the grandfather spirits. To do so he must return to the teachings of his medicine man grandfather.

His journey back to the Cheyenne way includes ancient rituals and ceremonies that guide him and Sara to the answers they seek.

As a descendant of Black Cloud, originator of the curse, his destiny is deeply embedded in its fulfillment, which was triggered by the scandalous government project Bryan discovered. Charlie's quest has only just begun.

Book Bubbles from The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon: Cheyenne Spirits

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Sweat lodge traditions and ceremonies differ from tribe to tribe, but they all see them as a sacred ritual that cleanses them, mind, body, and spirit. The symbolism inherent to native cultures demonstrate their spiritual depth, of which the majority of people have no knowledge or understanding. Fasting has become popular the past few years, yet it was part of native cultures for centuries to petition the Great Spirit Father for help and answers. Reverence for life and all living things is something supposedly "civilized" cultures have lost. There is so much they could learn from indigenous people.

One With Nature

Rather than viewing humans as conquering heroes with some sordid obligation to take over the planet, Indigenous peoples see themselves as an integral part of nature. Everything is alive and deserves respect. In this scene Charlie seeks information relative to Bryan's death. The answer comes from an unexpected source, one that most would miss. Tuning in with compassion can reveal startling revelations. Messages surround us. Are you listening?

Native American Heritage Month

If there's one thing that was definitely left out of the history books it was any hint at the spirituality of indigenous peoples. Their connection with their creator and all of creation was a reality of life. Symbolism and spirit animals reminded them daily of this link to all living things. The sweat lodge ceremony and fasting are common to many Native American tribes, though each has its own traditions. This excerpt provides a glimpse of fasting for a specific purpose as done by the Northern Cheyenne. Charlie is determined to find out who killed his best friend and why. He is thus petitioning Maheo (the creator) and the grandfather spirits for answers.

A Glimpse of the Truth

In this scene Sara's father speculates on what Bryan may have been doing that cost him his life. Until now, with all memory of the accident gone, she had no clue. Bryan had never so much as gotten a speeding ticket in his life. He was an Eagle Scout and Air Force veteran. What could he have possibly done to put him on a hit list? Sometimes honesty, integrity, and commitment to the truth drive good people to do things that are not necessarily legal. Who is really in the wrong? Those who have to cover up unethical actions or those who try to expose them?

Ignoring it doesn't make it go away....

Have you ever dismissed something as unimportant, then later discovered that doing so was a huge mistake? Dealing with life can be difficult, crowding out the very thing that would make it easier. What have you not had time for that you later regretted? Exercising regularly? Watching your diet? Feeding your mind and soul as well as your body? Sometimes our priorities are all out of whack. It's not always possible to go back to recover what was lost. But in some cases, it's never too late. What are you waiting for?

Finding Peace

Pete Risingsun, coauthor of this book, is Northern Cheyenne. He has said, "A white man has a mind that sleeps without peace. A red man has a mind that sleeps with peace." Perhaps this is because Indigenous people consider themselves an integral part of all nature, not its master. In this scene, Charlie, the main character who is part Navajo and part Northern Cheyenne, is seeking spiritual guidance in the midst of a storm. Most white men and women do not understand the symbolism behind the many rituals and ceremonies Native Americans embrace and their spiritual connection with Earth and all of creation. If they did, they, too, could find peace.


Everyone deals with emotional issues in their own way. Some talk it out, some cry, some go for a walk or jog, some go on a cleaning frenzy (my personal favorite), and some keep it all inside. I'm sure just about everyone at some point has been so upset they wanted to scream. Often we don't have that luxury because people would hear us and think we'd lost what little sanity we have. However you deal with your emotions, it's important to do just that: Deal with them. Acknowledge them, understand them, and manage them. COVID has wreaked havoc on people's lives for over a year now. It has been frustrating, heartbreaking, and infuriating. How have you coped?

Step into Another World

As a physics major in college, it was pointed out quite emphatically that anything that couldn't be proven in the lab was no more than myth and superstition. Astrology was included. I decided to check it out. Much to my surprise during the process of debunking it, I discovered that it worked! I was hooked. It wasn't until I neared retirement I was able to study it in depth, to the point I became a professional astrologer. I wish I'd had it earlier. It would have helped me understand my children so much better and thus done a better job as a mother. When rough times came along, if I'd understood what lessons the Universe was trying to teach me, it would have been easier. In this scene, Sara's step-mom introduces her to her astrologer. The astrology in this novel is real. It blew me away all over again to find that astrology can work for fictitious characters. Just because we can't explain it doesn't mean it isn't real.


Much of what we want to receive depends on what we're willing to do to obtain it. Wishing for something to magically appear without any effort on our part is not how it works. Believing we'll receive what we want is only part of the equation. Action to back up our intentions is required. In this scene Charlie is fasting to obtain answers regarding his best friend's murder. His medicine man grandfather taught him how to get such answers, but for years he dismissed them. Now that he's desperate and willing to try anything to get the answers he craves, he returns to those sacred teachings. He is not disappointed.

Assessing the Situation

In this scene Sara and her father, who's a former FBI analyst, are discussing her situation based on what they know so far. Besides the wreck that killed her husband, she's recently been involved in another one with suspicious circumstances. Little by little clues are coming out, but she still can't remember what happened the day of the first wreck, other than random fragments. During the discussion Sara confesses something she DOES remember that she hadn't mentioned before. It takes him by surprise and really throws him for a loop.

The Plot Thickens

Being an author is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun. I love it when my characters take over and I just follow along for the ride. This is one of those scenes that evolved like that. Sara thought of something she needed to do that I hadn't thought of and the result was another twist. It was a simple task, go by her late-husband's work to pick up his personal items. What she found, however, added another twist to the mystery. When I, as the author, don't know what will happen next, surely that adds suspense for readers, right? It also contributes tremendously to the fun of creating living characters and chronicling their stories.

Feeling Stuck

This past year has been one of the worst ever for millions of people. As if a global pandemic wasn't bad enough, the lockdowns were undoubtedly the worst. Besides the social aspects, what a person does for a living is part of their identity. Furthermore, having the resources to take care of yourself and your loved ones so you have a sense of independence is likewise important to your self-worth. Feeling like a failure or a victim is difficult. Like they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." In this scene, Charlie realizes he needs to find a job. Life has been hard and he's languished for too long.


Mothers are expected to have intuition. Without it you have to wonder how many children would not have survived? Women can multitask easier than men due to the structure of their brains which allows them to process information on the right and left side simultaneously. This is due to a more cooperative corpus callosum between the hemispheres of the brain. In men it acts as a barrier, allowing them to focus on one task without distraction. When you think of conventional gender roles, this makes sense for survival. In this excerpt intuition plays a big role. Have you ever had that feeling that something just isn't right or as it seems?


What would we do without our friends? Especially when life isn't treating us very well, they can be our lifeline. This scene between some minor characters was fun to write, showing the dynamics between a couple where the husband is a retired USAF colonel. Military wives are a special breed. They know more about what it means to be a good friend than just about anyone else. May we all have a friend like Liz who's there, come what may. My dear friend, Liz, upon whom this character is modeled, passed a few years ago. I miss her.


Today is Earth Day, which nudges my thoughts toward the Native American view of our planet and everything it contains. If you're unfamiliar with panpsychism, it's the philosophical term for everything having some level of consciousness: humans, animals, plants, minerals, the Earth Mother herself. Science has explored this concept and, as expected, is divided whether or not it exists. Even religions have differing views. Pet owners know animals have personalities. Some of us talk to our trees and plants. The question is whether or not they talk back? Charlie Littlewolf has a close tie with this aspen. What might it tell him to help solve his white brother's murder?

Don't be Fooled by the Cover

Between the cover and previous Book Bubbles, you may think this story is strictly about Charlie Littlewolf returning to his Cheyenne roots. That's only part of the story! He's using the Grandfather Spirits to help solve a mystery where the clues are often concealed via high tech. Bryan Reynolds, whose murder he and Sara are trying to solve, was an IT guru with a big secret. He knew it was sensitive information and the evidence had to be hidden in a clever way, in many cases where only Sara or Charlie would find them. In this scene Sara, stumbles upon another clue that helps her remember where they were that day.

Tuning Into Nature

One of the most distinctive features of many Native American beliefs is that all nature is tied together. Rather than seeing humans as the conquerors of the planet, they see us as stewards and integrated with nature in all its forms, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral. In this scene, Charlie tunes into the spirits at the site of the accident that killed his best friend. Still wondering what he should do to solve the mystery of his death, he obtains a bit of help from what the white man would consider an unlikely source.

The Sweat Lodge (Part 2)

In the previous excerpt Charlie began the task of building a sweat lodge. In this one he completes it. While Native American culture is of great interest to me, when the book was released I wondered if perhaps readers' eyes would glaze over at the detailed accounts of Charlie's journey back to his roots. I've been thrilled, as has my co-author, Pete Risingsun, that the many wonderful reviews we've received have often mentioned that such detail was the most interesting part with Charlie their favorite character. Here's the rest of the sweat lodge scene. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working with Pete to write it.

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month so it seemed appropriate to include an excerpt that represents an integral part of Native American culture, i.e. the sweat lodge. In this scene Charlie builds one, as he was taught by Eaglefeathers years before. The physical labor, recalling the exact procedure, and connection he feels with his grandfather are all part of his return to the Red Road. Building the lodge is only part of the process. Constructing the fire pit and stacking the 44 stones is likewise steeped in tradition and detail and will be included in another excerpt.

"We've got problems"

Taskforce commander, Bernie Keller, thought the Reynolds job was done. It was not good news to find out that Sara survived the accident. Their contract to provide security for the PURF site is no longer simple. His only hope is that she and her husband were no more than cross-country skiers who unknowingly wandered onto the site. If their trespassing was deliberate, then they'll have a whole lot more work to do.


Native Americans are acutely aware of their surroundings. Anything that catches their attention holds a potential message. When they need advice, some use small, hand-carved animals called fetishes as surrogate spirit animals when they need inspiration. In this scene Charlie is consulting his fetishes for direction concerning accepting a job he has accepted. Its premise violates his core beliefs, but he needs a source of income. What will the fetishes tell him?

A Grim Task

Determined to check Bryan's wrecked truck for evidence, Charlie paddles to the site in his canoe. When he gets there he's assaulted by nostalgia, making the task far more uncomfortable than expected. He has no idea what he's looking for, only that there is something there that will give him more information about Bryan's murder.

Waking Up

When Sara finally wakes up in the hospital a few days after the accident, she's acutely aware that Bryan's dead. However, the details of the accident or why she's there are gone. Thus, she's startled to see a cop in her room along with numerous medical personnel. Why was he there?

Charlie Seeks Answers

Charlie is uncomfortably aware of what he needs to do to obtain the truth about Bryan's accident. Such information lies in the world of spirits and his medicine man grandfather taught him how to access it. It has been many years since he's pondered such things, but now he's desperate enough to pay attention to what the old man taught him years before. Thus, he returns to the accident site at dawn and begins a ceremonial fast. After spending the day there, he receives an unexpected prompting.

Bryan's Plea

Rather than end with a cliffhanger, this story begins with one. Literally. One moment you're driving along a treacherous mountain road in the Colorado Rockies. The next thing you know, someone broadsides your truck and sends it over the edge. The accident was deliberate. But this is all you remember.

Where is he?

Charlie and Bryan were best friends since their early teens. Having the same birthday, they considered themselves cosmic twins, even though Charlie is Native American and Bryan is white. Their adventures growing up and loyalty knew no bounds. Charlie is 36 and has already lost too many people in his life. His father, his grandfather, plus his wife left him. The news he's about to receive is devastating, but will set him on a path of transformation and discovery he never could have imagined. My coauthor, Pete Risingsun, is Cheyenne and provides detailed and accurate descriptions of the culture that Charlie must embrace to find the answers he needs.

The Definitive Guide to Astrological Reports


What can you learn from astrology?

Will your career take off next year? Will your love life improve if you move to Denver? Are you and your latest flame a good match? When will you finally sell your house?

Millions of satisfied customers and clients seek guidance through astrology. The advent of computers and the Internet have made astrological interpretations and predictions not only available but comfortably private for a reasonable price.

This brief yet comprehensive guide describes several types of computerized reports typically available online, what information each will usually provide, as well as any inherent limitations.

Additionally it includes descriptions of some unique astrological readings for which computerized versions may not be available, but can be provided through a trained professional.

Includes a handy table that directs you to which report you need for what, as well as a listing of resources for finding a reputable professional astrologer in your area.

Full length samples of eleven different types of reports are included in the appendix.

Book Bubbles from The Definitive Guide to Astrological Reports

Figurative Asteroid Collisions

Those familiar with astrology are usually aware that asteroids also have a strong influence on a birth chart as well as transits. These often explain individual characteristics which are not clear from looking at the basics such as planets in the various signs and houses. I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil yet there was nothing in the planetary placement in my natal chart which explained that. Years after studying astrology I discovered that the asteroid, Kalliope, muse of writing, was conjunct my ascendant, which explained it perfectly. If you want to know which asteroids of the thousands out there that have a bearing on your personality, you can obtain an asteroids report which is described here.

Did you know your zodiac sign changes with time?

Nothing in the Universe is static, including human beings. They move, they grow, they learn and they evolve. While most people are aware of their zodiac birth sign, few realize that this also changes with time and reflects their progression as an individual. If you have ever woken up and felt like an entirely different person it's very possible that you experienced a sign change. No, I am not making this up. The degree of your natal Sun changes by approximately one zodiacal degree a year and will eventually move into the next sign which will introduce you to its characteristics. Your natal programming remains at your core, but you will find yourself gradually assimilating the world of a new sign. Your Moon changes signs every two and a half years and has an important impact on your emotional nature. If you want to know what your current zodiac sign is, this is the report that will explain it.

The "Birthday" Chart

Every year when the Sun returns to the same position as your birth chart a new cycle begins. The official astrological name of this event is a Solar Return. Oddly enough, this does not always occur on your actually birthday as far as the date is concerned, but may happen on the day before or after since the Gregorian calendar does not match up perfectly with the Sun's zodiacal placement. The cool part about this chart is that it maps out the cosmic plan for the year ahead. Obtaining a Solar Return report (which is my personal favorite and one of the most popular ones with my clients as well) will provide insights into what to expect in the coming year. Important life events such as a new job, moving, or financial issues will show up, which can help you plan accordingly. For example, on a positive note, you might go ahead and plan for a nice vacation if the financial prognosis looks positive. Conversely, you probably would pass on that new car if you knew your job was in jeopardy. Forewarned is forearmed and the Solar Return can provide a wealth of information.

How Can Astrology Help You?

The majority of people think those daily horoscopes you find online or in the newspaper are all there is to astrology. Not true! As crazy as it sounds, your life's path was set in the sky at your moment of birth. Skeptical? So was I. I have a physics degree and was taught in college that astrology was so much myth and superstition. Then I checked it out and much to my surprise found out it worked! During difficult times you want answers. You want to know what you can do, how long it will last and even why you're in such a fix. Whether it involves money, career, your children, a relationship or your health you have a lot of questions that it seems no one can answer. The answers are out there and this book will show you where to find them.

The Sapphiran Agenda

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A telepathic walking plant?

Thyron, one of the characters in the Star Trails Tetralogy, is just that, a flora peda telepathis, and this back story explains how his life came to cross with Creena Brightstar's in "Beyond the Hidden Sky."

If you're a Thryon fan, don't miss his very own book, "The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51!"

Book Bubbles from The Sapphiran Agenda


If you're familiar with "Beyond the Hidden Sky" where Thyron first appears, you may have wondered what he was doing hanging out with a disreputable bunch like the Sapphirans. This excerpt at least partially explains this unique yet mutually beneficial partnership between the flora peda telepathis and a race of cannibalistic pygmies.

A Dark of Endless Days

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Things are never so bad they can't get worse. For the Brightstars they just did...

Laren Brightstar knows his family's in serious trouble. If he doesn't finish the heat exchanger before Opposition's heat sets in they'll all perish. Then what little money they have is confiscated and he's hauled off to territorial prison in a midnight raid, leaving his teenaged son, Dirck, responsible for the family's welfare.

Above everything else, Dirck is acutely aware that none of this would have happened if his missing sister, Creena, had followed the rules.

Unaware of the chaos left in her wake, Creena only wants to get back home. The planet where she hopes to find assistance complicates her situation even further, stranding her on a backward world where evil forces follow her wherever she goes.

Will each of them survive long enough to ever be together again?

Book Bubbles from A Dark of Endless Days

Never Put Off 'Til Tomorrow

There's an old saying, "Never put off 'til tomorrow what should be done today." Have you ever put off doing something you knew you should do? Of course you have. Everyone has. But have you ever done so and then lived to regret it? In our busy world it's easy to find something else to do when a task looms you don't like. Unfortunately, the task seldom goes away. If someone else has to do it for you, then you lose their respect as well as anyone else's who was impacted by your failure to meet your responsibilities. In some cases you may be genuinely occupied with another important task. Time may slip away from you so much that you forget about it entirely. The consequences, however, of not meeting an obligation may be harsh, regardless of how valid your excuse may be. In this excerpt from "A Dark of Endless Days" Laren ponders his current situation and how he should have avoided it. But now it's too late.

Welcome to Earth

The technology Creena grew up with is advanced enough to have achieved inter-galactic space travel. What she encounters on Earth is pitiful in comparison. Her arrival is anything but hospitable and it doesn't take her long to realize she has a bigger problem than she did before. In this excerpt, they've set down at Hill AFB and have just exited their ship, hoping to find help even though Thyron warned her it was a bad idea. Aggie, however, thinks everything will be okay once they find out they mean no harm and only want to repair their vehicle and leave. Guess which one was right?

An Entirely Different World

The Brightstars' home on Mira III was luxurious, a spiral tower overlooking an artfully sculpted city bathed in wisps of eternal fog. Everything was controlled or at least predictable, including the weather and seasons, which never changed from 19 degrees Celsius/66 degrees Fahrenheit. Their circumstances on Cyraria, however, are the antithesis of what they left behind. Everything has changed, their home now a primitive structure in the middle of nowhere where lethal weather changes threaten their very existence. In a child's eyes, however, change is exciting. Deven, the Brightstar's six year old son, has been exploring and his discoveries ultimately have a tremendous impact on the family's well-being. Join him and Dirck in this excerpt for a leisurely hike through the Cyrarian wilderness which holds more than a few surprises.

What are friends for?

Who's your best friend? Why? Have you ever had a friend who brought out your mischievous side , someone who motivated you to do things you wouldn't have done on your own, perhaps even getting you into trouble? Has a friend ever bailed you out, literally or figuratively? Conversely, what have you done for them? We all need friends, especially when things go wrong, and Dirck is fortunate that he met Win Sendori. When Dirck's father is arrested, Dirck knows that it's now his responsibility to take care of his mother and little brother, which is overwhelming and frightening. He doesn't know what to do first but knows he needs to tell Win. His first trip to the supply depot (SD) where Win works gives him another scare in addition to the one he's already suffered when his friend isn't there. Even worse, no one knows where he is. Needing to know, one way or the other, if his friend was also arrested, this is what happens when Dirck returns to the SD later, hoping to find Win and unload his bad news.

There are no mistakes, only detours

The theme for this story is reflected in the Ledorian proverb, "There are no mistakes, only detours." What exactly does this mean? Everyone makes mistakes. Some are well-defined, such as the incorrect answer to a math problem or misspelling a word. But when you make a mistake you learn from it and make sure you don't do it again. That is one benefit of testing. If you miss something on a test you are likely to remember it. Sometimes knowing what you don't know is more important than what you do. The characters in this story made mistakes. Sometimes big ones. Serious ones that had consequences that splashed all over other family members. But were they truly mistakes or simply another step along the way? Sometimes a small mistake helps you to avoid a bigger one. For example, a minor car accident can teach you to be more careful which could help you avoid a major or even fatal accident later. An expression here on Earth states "Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions." This captures the same idea, to look at your mistakes as a lesson that will prove valuable later.

Mingling with Earthlings

When Creena gets stuck on Earth she's quickly introduced to a variety of things she's never encountered before. Her naterra, or planet of birth, produced very limited quantities of food in structures referred to as biodomes, with most of what they eat imported. Thus, the sights, sounds, smells and labor involved with living on a farm in Northern Utah is mind-blowing to say the least. The routine of helping with everyday chores is comfortable, however, and takes her mind off her dilemma by giving her something to do. In this excerpt she's hauling hay with the Benson boys and telling them about Mira III, which they find just as strange as she does Earth. Some elements are the same in both worlds, however, like getting along with siblings. What occurs in this conversation with Allen comes to bear in an important way much later in the the series, in it's concluding volume, "Refractions of Frozen Time." See if you can figure out what it might be.

How Does it Work?

How many devices in today’s world do you take for granted? Your cell phone? Television? Transportation? What about something even more fundamental like air conditioning? I live in Texas where temperatures up to 108 degrees and sometimes higher for days on end are commonplace. I can’t imagine how people survived here without it but they did. But a hundred degrees is nothing compared to what the Brightstars are facing on Cyraria where temperatures can reach over 200 degrees for longer than an Earth year. Air conditioning is not a luxury, it’s required for survival and their primitive shelter doesn’t have one. They have only one choice: Build one themselves. But how? Do you have any idea how an air conditioner works? In this story it’s called a heat exchanger which is its official name based on its function. Could you build one if your life depended on it? There’s a saying that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” But you need to know the basic scientific principles first. Do you?

UFO Lands at Hill AFB

I had a tremendous amount of fun writing this sequence where Creena, Aggie and Thyron set down unsuspectingly at Hill Air Force Base, expecting to find interstellar transportation. It's set in the 1970s and written from the point of view of the officer in charge who is having to deal with the fact that a UFO has not only landed at the base voluntarily but in addition its primary occupant is a human, adolescent girl. Have you ever had to deal with a situation that was entirely off the charts? See how Colonel Jenkins handles it until something happens that blows his objectivity out of the water.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Everyone has had one of those impressions before. They usually come as a feeling though sometimes actually words come into your mind, as if from an outside source. These subtle nudges are your subconscious mind trying to tell you something important. The subconscious picks up an amazing amount of information beyond what you see, hear, taste or smell and deserves your undivided attention. Ignoring or procrastinating its direction can have serious consequences as Dirck and Laren are about to discover.

A Psilent Place Below

Science Fiction & Fantasy

You get away with a lot when they think you're dead...

Without proper shelter, Cyraria's extreme heat season will prove fatal, forcing Dirck Brightstar and his family to seek refuge in a network of caverns.

They quickly discover, however, that their new abode emanates a strange and mystical presence.

Where did that mysterious dream come from? And how is it possible that his mother shared the same vision, down to the remotest detail?

Its message that they orchestrate a prison break to rescue his father is so formidable that even  his indomitable friend, Win, claims it's impossible.

But if they don't, the result is unthinkable.


Book Bubbles from A Psilent Place Below

No Second Chances

Dirck knows that rescuing his father from prison is a formidable task. Not doing so, however, will have dire consequences so he and Win try to figure out what to do. Dirck has a feeling that his father's physician brother, Jen, is a key player. Using the Think Tank, the pair teleport to Jen's clinic, hoping to gain not only another player but additional input toward developing a successful strategy.

"Okay. He's yours..."

Augustus Troy is a ruthless and persistent antagonist. He knows what he wants and doesn't give up. His original intent to convince Laren Brightstar to lend his talents and experience to his despotic aspirations, however, has repeatedly been defeated. Now he just wants him dead. His superior, Rohtik Spoigan, Epsilon's Deputy Territorial General, hasn't agreed. Until now.

Welcoming Creena

At long last Creena is back with her family though their reunion is not yet complete. Laren can't join them because the risk is too high that it would reveal their location in the Caverns, deep within enemy territory. Getting Creena to the Caverns is not simple, either. Aggie's and Win's electronic and hacking skills hijack a transport but it fails to get to their destination. As the darkness of Dead Drop Winter creeps across the planet power problems set in. Now they're not only stranded in the Cyrarian wilderness but they've been spotted by a patroller as well. Will Dirck and Win's fake ID's hold up to their scrutiny? And what about Creena, whose ID doesn't even indicate she's a human?

The Clique

Cyrarian politics are complex and unstable, which is typical of a newly populated world. Each territory comprises twenty-four regions which are independently overseen by Regional Governors, of which Augustus Troy is but one. The Territory functions as a facilitator, supporting the fledgling regions with services such as advanced healthcare, import/export regulations, immigration coordination, manning the territory's assigned Cyrarian Space Facility or CSF, provide general security and law enforcement and provide facilities for the territorial prison. Territorial Generals oversee the regions, arbitrate disputes between them and attempt to gradually bring them together as a cohesive, cooperating body. Laren has been appointed the Minister of Regional Development by, Bryl Woeyel, Governor of Delta, a competing region to Troy's Sigma. While he'd prefer to concentrate on economic development based on his terralogist skills, his participation in the political arena is part of his responsibilities. Thus, he's present at a regular conference of dignitaries which turns out to deliver much more than expected as far as his future is concerned.

Jen Brightstar, A Quieter Hero

Jen Brightstar is Laren's older brother who's a physician. Much different in temperament, he adapted more easily to the Miran culture of compliance. He was less inclined to rock the proverbial boat and more likely to follow the path of least resistance. When his brother is imprisoned as a political ploy he's annoyed but when Laren's sentence is about to turn lethal he's ready to help Dirck and Win stage a daring rescue. According to plan, Laren is rendered unconscious using the Think Tank's ability to amplify psi. Jen, who has volunteered to conduct health screenings at the prison as part of their escape scheme, is waiting for his services to be requested on behalf of his brother at which time he'll get him transported to the hospital, known as the ALSIC. This excerpt includes the sequence where Laren "dies" as part of the plan of which he is unaware, under the impression that his family has preceded him in death during a massive Cyrarian tornado that destroyed their meager ballome.

Thoughts Become Things

You’ve probably familiar with the concept “thoughts become things.” Of course this makes sense because everything starts as a thought before you could possibly create or accomplish it. However, many believe it goes even farther, proposing that your thoughts have some magical, god-like power which can create what you want. I’m inclined to believe this because it has worked for me numerous times. I decided I wanted to get two Bengal cats and the next thing I knew my daughter sent me a picture of two darling Bengal kitties looking for a home. I decided I wanted to retire to my lakehouse and within a few years I did. I wanted to get my books published and as you can see that, also, occurred. But what if you could go somewhere that gave you an extra boost? A place that magnified your thoughts such that they would manifest immediately, even to the point of taking you somewhere else via teleportation? A place that allowed you to see what was going on in other places past, present and future. Such is a place the Brightstars discover within the caverns where they take refuge far below Cyraria’s brutal surface. What would you create? Where would you go? What if that place was inside your mind all along?

The World of Psi

Psychologist Dean Radin specializes in psi research which includes telepathy, clairvoyance, prescience and other psychic phenomena. In his book “Entangled Minds” he has stated, “Psi is not tightly bound to ‘now’ in either space or time.” While some individuals are more inclined to these abilities than others, it nonetheless clearly exists. Proving it scientifically is not easy because these energies reside in a realm beyond what current technology can detect. However, the mysteries of quantum physics support psi as a very real possibility. What if you suddenly discovered a place where you could see the future, communicate telepathically and teleport to any location you could visualize? Would it solve all your problems? Perhaps. But what if, as they so often say, “restrictions apply?” What if you couldn’t use it directly to break the law or violate anyone’s free will? Even with your intellect greatly enhanced it’s still up to you to do the necessary work. This is Dirck’s predicament as he faces the formidable task of rescuing his father from prison. Even with this extra help it’s still all up to him.

Beyond the Hidden Sky

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Moving to another planet is never easy. . .

Laren Brightstar knew refusing to work for Augustus Troy would make him a target. Accepting the chief terralogist position on the other side of the galaxy seemed the simplest solution.

Getting there, however, isn’t.

Not with a teenage daughter like Creena.

She’s intelligent. She’s a rebel. And now she’s missing. In deep space.

Was it an accident? Or abduction? Either way he has to find her. Before Troy does. And somehow he knows life will never be simple again.

Book Bubbles from Beyond the Hidden Sky

A STEM-friendly Family Saga

While the Brightstar family is en route via starship to their new home on another planet, the unthinkable happens--their teenage daughter, Creena, turns up missing, lighting the fuse on a chain of events that will change their lives forever. The Hostii galaxy is not a friendly place. Evil forces are taking control through whatever means necessary. The Integrator's determination to recruit Laren Brightstar knows no bounds. His repeated refusals have left no other choice. What better pawn to convince him than abducting his only daughter? Thus begins the Star Trails Tetralogy, a series of science-packed novels intended to entertain as well as inspire Science, Technology, Engineeering and Math (STEM) students. As a child, I was always disappointed by the lack of science in the science fiction stories I loved. I eventually earned a physics degree and worked for NASA 21 years. The Star Trails Tetralogy comprises the stories I was looking for many years ago. The entire saga is available in print or audio, narrated by actor T. W. Ashworth.

The Saga Begins

It's been quite a while since I've posted an excerpt from Beyond the Hidden Sky, the first volume of the Star Trails Tetralogy. This family-friendly saga is a cross between Star Wars and Lost in Space, plus has the added bonus of some real science. It's the story of the Brightstar family whose move to another planet goes horribly wrong, scattering them across the galaxy separated by space and time. If you're planning a road trip and your family loves science fiction, you're in luck! The entire series is now available in audio, which comprises over 53 hours of professional narration by actor T.W. Ashworth. That's going to make a lot of miles go a lot faster! Check it out!

Creena's Not the Only One with a Big Problem

What was supposed to be a simple move from one planet to another has become a nightmare. The Brightstar family is scattered hither and yon with Creena on a deserted planet being bombarded from cometary debris; Dirck and his father have lost a significant amount of time in a timebump; and Sharra and Deven's original plan to stay with Jen and his family until her bondling's return has encountered serious complications. In this excerpt the Aquarius arrives on Cyraria and the family proceeds through emigration where Sharra is confronted with the most difficult decision of her life.

The Flora Peda Telepathis

Everyone's beliefs evolve from various factors such as personality, culture, race, education, environment and experience. Anyone who has moved to a state or country other than the one they consider home notices cultural differences such as accents, slang, food, manners and communication protocol. If another language is involved there are even more since language defines our thoughts. Cultures evolve according to their heritage and numerous other factors, making it impossible to judge one fairly without understanding their origins and their customs' rationale. Lack of understanding causes wars, a fact that's apparent by listening to the news. If humans can't understand members of their own family, much less a neighboring state or country to say nothing of some culture across the globe; if they can't even connect with their own species, how will they ever deal with one that is truly alien? This excerpt provides a glimpse into the mind of Thyron, a telepathic walking plant, whom Creena encounters somewhat later in the story. It's not apparent from this clip, but Thyron not only uses psi to communicate but does so in rhyme. How would you react if you encountered such a being?

A Terrifying Alien World

At first Creena is relieved when the escape pod lands. Finding help, however, won't be as easy as she'd hoped. There's no sign of civilization and the planet is being bombarded by space debris as evidenced by smoking craters and devastated forests. Coming from Mira III, a sterile world where the primary ground cover comprises cement, Verdaris' jungles and wildlife are a terrifying new experience. Creena is also about to discover weather phenomena, another shocking difference from her fog-shrouded naterra or native world, where meteorological changes are non-existent.

Thinking Like a Robot

Humans multiplex, or do several things at once, all the time, even if it's as simple as watching a game on TV while texting a friend. But how would you code a robot or computer to do that? How could you break it down to a step by step process, especially when there is more than one action taking place at the same time? One clue is a technique known as parallel processing, which is what people and computers do all the time. Using different parts of your brain, or in the case of a computer, its memory and processing capability, makes doing more than one thing at a time possible. Computers have been beating humans at chess for years, but that isn't actual artificial intelligence because it is accomplished through an algorithm known as an "If-Then" statement. In other words, "If a certain condition exists, then do this." True AI goes much farther because it includes the ability to think and act beyond specific commands. In this excerpt you get a glimpse into the thought process behind the 'troid, Aggie, when Creena meets her for the first time. Note how Aggie analyzes the situation and responds.

Decisions, Decisions

Raising a family can be a daunting experience. Kids bring challenges but above all else they’re individuals following their own path. They make mistakes which can come home to roost and drive their parents to the brink of insanity. Yet when push comes to shove, parental instinct demands that you protect them, whatever it takes. Mira III offered a controlled environment where decisions as well as problems were minimized. Clearly that is no longer the case. With his daughter jettisoned into deep space through what only appears to be an accident, Laren contemplates not only his obligations regarding Creena’s situation but how much their lives have already changed as a result. Being a parent is seldom easy.

Consequences Can Bite

Everyone has made a decision that has not ended well. No intelligent person deliberately makes a bad decision, but, “Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.” Sometimes the consequences of a poor decision are worse than the initial situation. This is especially true when fundamental laws of the Universe such as the laws of physics are violated. In this chapter Dirck and his father, Laren, encounter one of the risks of space travel. Knowing that their vehicle isn’t going fast enough to get to Creena’s destination before she does, Laren tries to remove the inhibitor from the warp drive which results in a timebump, throwing them forward in time which further complicates an already complex and dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Creena has problems of her own. The pod had no gravity simulator which meant that her muscles deteriorated during her journey such that she is now unable to walk or move about, all because she refused to do the exercises she was told by the onboard tutor, DORAI. Now everyone’s situation, which was already serious, has become substantially worse. They didn’t fully understand the consequences until it was too late and then had to pay the price.

Refractions of Frozen Time

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A discovery that links two dimensions of time. . .A prison ship’s dirty little secret. . .Esheron has answers but will they arrive before it’s too late?

Creena Brightstar believes the crystals discovered in the caverns can bring her family back together at last. But before she can finish unlocking their secrets Integrator forces discover their underground hideout, forcing a harrowing escape loaded with unexpected consequences.

The dark and lonely days that follow change Dirck forever as fate plays out a hand dealt on Earth years before. Will time relent and give everyone a second chance? Meanwhile, Augustus Troy is on the move again, this time armed with a weapon capable of wiping out anyone opposed to his despotic goals.

Do the Brightstars have what it takes to survive their final battle? Or will the family’s longed-for reunion take place in another dimension of time and space?

Book Bubbles from Refractions of Frozen Time

What if you cell phone could read your mind?

In this scene, Laren discovers that his c-com, a device comparable to today's cell phones, can do more things than he ever imagined. He has a plan, but needs more information. The device does not disappoint him when it reveals a new level of which he'd previously been unaware.

Timestamp Discrepancies

When Dirck and Win arrive at Apoca Canyon their first assignment is to figure out why their conclusions based on the data they processed at the Caverns differed from those determined by the Intelligence Processing and Synthesis division at the base. As they compare the information, the inconsistencies produce more questions then answers. Why are the timestamps of the same intelligence items. a.k.a. double-i's, different at the two sites? Even more confusing, they received some earlier, some later, leaving them mystified. Finally deciding not to waste any more precious time trying to solve the mystery, they focus on what Win's new sorting program might reveal. What they discover confirms Dirck's worst fears regarding those left behind in the Caverns.

Meet Berenices Tucana, Woeyel Industries COO

Bryl's Chief Operating Officer at Woeyel Industries is another character who barged into the story, auditioned, and assumed an important role. Bernie's life has not been easy and, as we say here in Texas, this "ain't her first rodeo" as far as dealing with sensitive situations. When Antara and Spoigan arrive on Esheron it's up to Bernie to handle the situation in a manner that won't put her, Antara, or anyone else at risk. Spoigan's reason for the visit is to obtain a c-com which he believes will provide him with a considerable advantage personally as well as boost Integrator research efforts in the mind control arena. But who's really in control, Bernie, Spoigan or Friar Johann?

The Bezarna Express' Dirty Little Secret

Onboard the Bezarna Express, Laren's thoughts take a different turn. No longer thinking like a victim, he considers factors that suggest the prison ship may have a dirty little secret. One he may be able to exploit. . With blatant executions forbidden by the HIO, those worthy of a death sentence are instead exiled to Bezarna, a blackhole from which there is no escape. But the real question is do they ever arrive?

A Difference of Opinion

Integrator scientists are under considerable pressure to perfect a reliable technique for mind control. As with the development of any such technology, the only way to know for certain whether or not it works is to use human test subjects. As they close in on this ability, however, they accidentally kill off several individuals and leave others catatonic and apparently brain dead. Troy and his superior, Spoigan, have diverse views of this event which demonstrate two different approaches to world domination. Each has their own supporting rationale but Troy discovers that his own approach could possibly bring his own demise. In spite of what is sometimes an adversarial relationship, these two somehow manage to move the Integrator's agenda forward. Have you ever worked with someone with different beliefs yet still been able to work together in a beneficial way? What advantages can you think of for differing opinions?

Time in Different Reference Frames

Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity tells us that time is just that, relative. When you're dealing with a science fiction world where travel near the speed of light as well as warp drive are the norm, it's difficult to keep track of how much time is passing for the individuals involved. That is unless you simply ignore these effects, like most authors. Since I try to keep my stories reasonably accurate as far as the science is concerned, this is something I have to consider. In "Beyond the Hidden Sky" this problem was explained in detail and handled with "Time Adjustment Stations" under the strict control of the Hostii Intergalactic Organization. Otherwise, unscrupulous individuals could exploit this ability and cause considerable chaos. It's hard to imagine time going faster or slower, even in a spacefaring society, thanks to the HIO keeping everyone on the correct time flow. With Laren on a ship heading for Bezarna, a blackhole from which there is no return, however, those on Cyraria hoping to save him have to keep track of how much time they have to do so. In this sequence Creena discovers that their calculations for his arrival time were wrong.

The Heart of the Scorpion

This volume of the Star Trails Tetralogy introduces a few new characters as well as providing a closer look into Rohtik Spoigan, villain Augustus Troy's superior. Integrator forces have once again hijacked one of Bryl Woeyel's research teams, this one led by a gutsy young woman named Antara. Named for the star, Antares a.k.a. "the heart of the scorpion" in the constellation Scorpio, she emanates the warrior spirit of Esheronian women. Like most of my characters she just showed up and asserted herself in a winning way such that she didn't wind up on the author's equivalent of the cutting room floor (which of course these days is obsolete with the advent of strictly electronic media.) The interaction between these two exceptionally strong individuals is the start of something big, sparks definitely flying later as this confrontation takes its natural course. Where do you think this encounter will lead?

Commandos Raid the Caverns

When Igni finally returns to take everyone from their hideout in the Caverns to Apoca Canyon, Creena insists on staying because of her and Deven's recent breakthrough with the crystals. Thus, Creena, her mother, and Deven remain behind. Sometime later, Dirck discovers that Integrator forces have discovered the Caverns, so he and Win grab a transport and rush to the scene hoping to rescue them in time. The raiding party arrives first, however, leaving Creena and the others no choice but to use the malfunctioning Think Tank to escape. Suspecting complications, Dirck and Win await word of their safe departure a short distance away. The outcome is even worse than Dirck ever expected.

The Fickle Finger of Fate

Exactly why are Laren's terralogy skills such a valuable asset that Augustus Troy was willing to employ any means necessary to commandeer them? Then, upon failing to do so, see to it that no one else would ever use them, either? Onboard the Bezarna Express, Laren does some reminiscing along the path which led him to his current fate.

Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology

Humor & Entertainment

"Fun, witty and informative. An absolute must read!" --Amazon Review

If you want to learn more about astrology but  know nothing more than your own Sun Sign, this is the book for you! This easy to comprehend guide provides all the information you need to understand astrology's basic principles and terminology as well as its many applications. Understand yourself, family, coworkers, and friends at a deeper level as well as why you get along with some people better than others.

Book Bubbles from Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology

The Cosmic Key

If there's one area in which astrology excels, it's in explaining human behavior. Everyone is programmed a certain way and astrology is the key to figuring out what that might be. This comes in handy in multiple ways, whether in human relationships to help understand where another person is coming from to figuring out what they like and don't like. Of course not every person fits the mold (which can always be explained by anomalies in their natal chart), but in most cases there are certain traits you can count on. Here are a few tips for the gals regarding what guys like.

Taking the Mystery out of Human Behavior

As an astrologer I often ponder how much people who dismiss astrology are missing. You can try to debunk it all you want, but when something works it doesn't matter whether you understand why that's the case or not. Every person is programmed at birth in a certain way. What this comprises can be discovered through astrology. As a physicist, I suspect this all ties into the mysterious world of quantum mechanics. But all that aside, wouldn't you like to understand this crazy world and some of the people in it? "Whobeda's Guide" is Astrology 101 to help you do just that.

Moon Signs

Most people know their Sun Sign, or which sign of the zodiac the Sun occupied when they were born. Far fewer realize that the sign the Moon was in is important, also. The Moon rules your emotional nature and that will be determined by its sign placement. Many discredit astrology because people born under the same sign are so different. This is because that is only one small part of your natal chart. The "Big Three" are the sign placements of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, which is which sign was rising when you were born. Even people with the same "Big Three" will be very different, but share a variety of things in common.

The Best Parenting Trick Ever!

Do your children ever mystify you? Do you ever think that maybe the hospital made a mistake and that kid can't possibly be yours? Would it help to know how he or she is programmed? You bet it would! And the good news is that it's easier than you might think to access this essential information so you can help your child develop to their full potential. If you're skeptical about astrology, rest assured that as a physicist I was too! But when I set out to debunk it I made an amazing discovery! It works! There's no better means for understanding the people in your life. Check it out!

The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Holy guacamole! A cross between ALF and Audrey!

"5-stars! Scintillating science and side-splitting humor!"-- Amazon Reviewer

Tome Tender Book Blog: "UFOs, aliens, Area 51…no science fiction geek worth their salt hasn’t wondered what secrets lay beyond our planet or what secrets lay buried in one of the government’s most secretive facilities. Are you one of us Sci-fi geeks? Do you believe anything is possible? You’re in luck, Marcha Fox has a tale to tell, one that will entertain non-stop from start to finish!"


Gabe talked to plants his entire life, but they never talked back...

In May 1978 a UFO lands at Hill AFB in Ogden, Utah. NASA astrobiologist, Gabe Greenley, is called in to investigate a strange plant found onboard. Psi-sensitive, he quickly learns the specimen is highly intelligent and potentially dangerous.

Taunted by a ground-breaking discovery he can never share, his security oaths eventually result in an ethical dilemma with treasonous and deadly implications.

Book Bubbles from The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51

How to Escape from Area 51

Nearly two Earth months have passed since Thyron was captured and imprisoned at Area 51. For any number of reasons, it's time to escape. Leaving is not simple. Not only is there the matter of his habitat and Area 51's isolated location, but there are things about Earth he likes. He's even forming an emotional bond with his captor, NASA astrobiologist, Gabe Greenley. Nonetheless, events involving his fellow captors indicate it's time to leave. With necessity the mother of invention, he explores his psi abilities for options.

Extraterrestrial Abilities

What can space aliens do that the typical human can't? Thyron, a flora peda telepathis, or telepathic walking plant, can do several things, at least on the mental level. But even Thyron has limitations, especially when he's not taking care of his physical needs. He's been covertly gathering data at night when he should be resting, which eventually catches up with him. Thryon is hands-down the most popular character in the Star Trails Tetralogy. Get to know him in this story described by one reviewer as containing "Scintillating science and side-splitting humor." What would a sentient plant think of you?

Alien meets Researcher

UFOs are in the news a lot lately, with more information coming soon from the Pentagon. Will we find out anything we don't already know? Are they just 'fessing up at last? In writing this tongue-in-cheek book I nonetheless did a lot of research about Area 51 and discovered many fascinating things. Many of the details of that place are accurate in this story. In this scene Thyron, a telepathic walking plant, meets his researcher, Gabe Greenley. Greenley is the only one who can hear Thyron so his research assistants are suspicious.Do you ever talk to your plants? Do they ever answer? What would they say if they could talk? Think about it. Plant intelligence, like Area 51, is gaining more and more credibility.

Exploring Area 51

Thyron's thirst for knowledge cannot be thwarted, even though he's confined. Since he possesses an entire suite of psychic skills, he can observe his surroundings through remote viewing. Thus, he begins to investigate Area 51. In writing this story, I researched Area 51 extensively and what Thyron finds is based on actual descriptions of this infamous base.

Clearly a Prisoner

Thyron has no idea what will happen to him now. Naturally suspicious of omnivorous humans who routinely torture vegetation on this awful planet, he's now confined to an environmental chamber. What will happen to him now?


[NOTE:--Telepathic communications are italicized in the original book, which failed to register in this version.] Thyron is not going to go quietly into the night. While the base commander thinks Thyron is little more than a suspicious plant, he's about to be out-smarted by a vegemal far more intelligent than he could possibly imagine.

Dream Job Gone Bad

Gabe's decision to protect Thyron as the moral thing to do doesn't set well with Area 51 commander, Colonel Franklin Watkins. Not only do they violate Gabe's research agreement and security oaths, but are interpreted as treasonous, leading to the scientist's arrest and incarceration in the subterranean depths of Area 51.

HIO Monitoring

The Hostii Intragalactic Organization keeps a close eye on civilized worlds for compliance. Some planets are full members, others affiliated by treaty. In this excerpt, Thyron finds some information regarding Earth a.k.a. Terra, and her status with this powerful galactic organization.

An Astrobiologist's Dream Job

There's nothing more exciting to a scientist than discovering something new and Gabe is no exception. Finally, he's in the lab examining Thyron's sequenced DNA. He has a host of questions: How similar is the vegemal to Earth's version of oxalis? And what about his other features, such as eyes and mobility? This scene depicts some of Gabe's discoveries and speculations that provide a glimpse of the science contained in the story, though his most exciting revelation would constitute a spoiler, so you'll have to read the story yourself to discover what that is!

Resurrecting Aggie

Thyron and AG4MI, commonly referred to as Aggie, have never liked nor trusted one another. If you've read "Beyond the Hidden Sky" or "A Dark of Endless Days" then you've already witnessed this ongoing battle between a highly evolved vegetal lifeform and advanced AI robot. When both are imprisoned at Area 51, Aggie is dismantled, Thyron charged with putting her back together. However, he was unable to resist the temptation of making a few modifications. This scene depicts the moment of truth when Aggie is activated for the first time following his efforts.

Experiment Ethics Present a Dilemma

Experimentation on animals is controversial enough. When humans are involved, it gets more complicated. But what about a sentient plant? What rights, if any, would one possess? Especially one from another world?

Mutual Scrutiny

While Gabe wants to learn everything he can about this new alien lifeform, Thyron is likewise learning about Earthlings. Human behavior is an enigma to him in spite of his high intelligence and ability to read their minds. He is thus subject to over-analyzing something as simple as gastric disturbances as he seeks for meaning and understanding.

An Alien Lifeform

Suspicions are elevated on both sides as Thyron, a flora peda telepathis from the planet Sapphira, meets Gabe Greenley, a NASA botanist called in to examine the strange plant found onboard the UFO that landed at Hill AFB. What would you do if a plant communicated with you?

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