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Leading others to rediscover their JOY! Author & Motivational Speaker. Trauma Survivor. Living through the light of my Angel Son everyday.


Just Be: How My Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender


Just Be, is an inspirational memoir about Lindsay's 13 - year journey with PTSD after an attack at the age of sixteen. One summer night, she found herself in the hands of an ugly rapist who had plans to kill her. She escaped, but her heart stayed frozen and in the dark until the birth and death of her stillborn son, Joseph. His loss awakened her to love and made it necessary to face her past. This is a story about how she did it and found her way back to light, love and joy.

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Losing my son and birthing him, only to say goodbye was gut wrenching and threw my already traumatized soul into something so deep - I didn't think I would make it out. For thirteen years prior to that - I was already in a very dark and suffocating place, suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a violent attack and rape at the age of sixteen. Losing Joe was more than I thought I could handle - however his loss turned out to be the awakening I needed to finally heal. What happened in the birth room was where it all finally began after years of silence, shame and pain. My story will take you through the entire thirteen years and how I finally learned to breathe into what happened, lean into love and just be.

Terror at 16

August 13, 2000, a hot and muggy summer night. I was sixteen-years old, innocent and just beginning to discover life. With brutal force and violence - that innocence was stripped from me - leaving me in debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for thirteen years. This preview was how it all began.

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