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Johnee  Cherry

I live in Texas with an old dog and my imagination. I garden and pull a lot of weeds. For Sunday afternoon fun, I hand feed my pet tortoise, Little Miss Prissy, tomatoes on the front porch. I spend a lot of time traveling dirt roads, and not necessarily to fun places, since the closest grocery store is too hell and back. I never forget my ice chest when I leave home, and always come back with a full tank of gas and a loaf of bread. I write about the people in my head. My characters often travel with me, telling me stories, and I do find a new one or two on my adventures in the backwoods, when I can find a tree, here in Texas.


Johnee  Cherry

Working Title: Wood Bent

This Book Is In Development

Wood Bent

Literature & Fiction

Dominic Duarté must keep a family secret from widowed Natalie Green when she falls for the bewitching Northern coast of California hoping for a fresh start. She rents a stunning house with a view of the Pacific, but she does not know of the folklore that tells of the jealous dueling wives of the Duarté brothers who cursed the willow. The curse warns that whoever weaves willow will become so entangled they will never escape its grasp. She brings her purse, her sullen daughter, Andie, and her therapy dog, Stella, hoping a change of location will heal their broken hearts. When rebellious Dominic Duarté stands in her way of renting her dream house, she charms him into leasing the house for six months, if she works out, he'll let her stay. However, she falls hard for the mansion by the sea, and the willows, and the man. Can Dominic protect his secret? Will Nat fall prey to the Duarté curse?

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Wood Bent

Edited Chapter One

I know it says Chapter 2, but this is the revised version of Chapter One. You can compare each chapter. I've had some learning difficulties figuring out how to make the bubbles work. I changed Andy to Andie. He has become a she. I nixed Dixie's name and changed it to Sheila. I changed Doug's name to Steven, and changed it back. Doug is a thug. LOL. Steven was too civilized for this character. I'm still editing. I'm notorious for leaving off the little words, the, a, of. Makes for hard work when your brain reads what's not there.

Chapter One

This is a WIP. More edits to come most likely. I never finish without several deep cuts or rearranging the sequence of events.

A Home for Wayward Husbands

Literature & Fiction

You have to get off the freeways in America to find a by-road town like Atlanta, Texas where folks thrive on gossip, tie swayback horses in their front yards, hang washtubs on the back porch like a coat of arms, and plant petunia beds wrapped in old tires that hug dilapidated back porches. Simple, honest houses. The roads are dusty in summer and sinkholes in winter. Bitzy Smith lives in Atlanta, Texas. She's spent her whole life trying to do the right thing but keeps coming up against the brickwall of life. She loves one man, wayward husband, Beau Smith. Beau is trying to rebuild a past he can see and smell and shape with his hands. His luck runs about as true as a bent horseshoe. He's been leaning in and out the easy curves of life until a straight road lands him back in Atlanta, Texas and into the arms of Bitzy... he hopes.

Book Bubbles from A Home for Wayward Husbands


You gotta love a giant a-hole. Leon Smith is a shining star of dysfunction. I wish I would have killed him off. Later, another book!

Black X's

Bitzy is counting the days since Beau left town. Her best friend, Wes, is the last person she needs to ask for advice.

Beau comes home

Beau escaped Atlanta for the summer. He loves his Aunt Lori and Uncle Ralph, sweet people who live a simple life. Beau is drawn to them for the relief from his own parents.

Phillipa comes to town

Phillipa is Wes's adopted mother. She has some different ideas than the Atlanta norm and teaches Bitzy how to appreciate her way of life.

Over the Yahoola

Literature & Fiction

What happens on Blood Mountain must stay on Blood Mountain! When sexy, sweet Hudson McGee shows up on Lilly Corn's doorstep looking for a place to camp for a few days, she's not too pleased with the idea. Hudson is a prospector, infected with incurable gold fever, and nothing will daunt him from his goals, not legend, nor mountain, thieves and especially not a skeptical woman. Will Hudson infect Lilly with his desire for gold? Can Lilly learn to believe in the magic of things she cannot see or touch?

Book Bubbles from Over the Yahoola

Lilly doesn't want a man around.

For years Lilly's father, Yonah, has hired a summer worker for his blueberry farm, and Lilly has to run off the bums. She doesn't want to have anything to do with a lazy man this summer.

Sandy Reagan

Hudson's college sweetheart, Sandy, shows up with more than a map in a leather cylinder, she's still carrying a torch for her lost love.


Sandy Reagan is Hudson's old girlfriend!! Sparks fly once again when she sees Hudson once again.


Rusty is Lilly's brother. You don't want to be his friend or girlfriend!

Lilly wants Hudson gone

Lilly doesn't know what to think about the stranger Hudson McGee.

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