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With a career spanning more than 30 years of entrepreneurship and executive management, Joel Goobich has advised startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprise-level companies. Through his business consultancy Big Picture Advisors, Joel helps business leaders explore a wider business canvas and create a new strategic vision—one that leverages all of an organization’s assets to realize an optimal return on investment.


HyperLeverage: Do More With What You Have For Exceptional Results

Business & Investing

In HyperLeverage - Do More With What You Have For Exceptional Results you will learn how to create HyperLeverage, the proactive, intentional and systematic use and exploitation of leverage. You will learn how to create the mindset that allows business professionals to fully capitalize on their assets, resources and opportunities in order to create added value and realize optimal returns.

Book Bubbles from HyperLeverage: Do More With What You Have For Exceptional Results

Talk to me like an Adult

Communication is the invisible human fluid that allows us to live together as adults. Successful individuals, and organizations understand this and leverage it wisely. Making sure to communicate with their workforce, vendors and of course customers as adults. Never condescending nor rude. Always with a touch of empathy, compassion and respect. Unfortunately, I have found that the level of discourse in our country has deteriorated to a point where everything has become binary. You are either for or against. You are either Democrat or Republican. You are either for wearing masks or for personal freedom to do what the heck you want. That is not leveraging communication. Exactly the opposite. Getting poorer results not exceptional one.

Change in the time of COVID-19

We are reading more editorials and articles about how our lives and businesses will change once we open up our economies after the ravages of the COVID-19 virus. But are we really going to change? Or are we just going to slowly over time go back to the 'good old days' and the way we conducted ourselves beforehand. Effective change can happen. Change can be leveraged. This is the time for all of us to do som e deep thinking about what we really want to change in a permanent manner and what how that change will provide us with better lives.

When is a good time to exit?

The COVID-19 crisis has presented a unique case study in when to plan for exit events. The first exit event decision was when to shut down each states economies, when to shut down stores, schools and anything that was not deemed essential. The second exit event decision was when to loosen the Shelter in Place regulations and reopen the economy. There has been a lot of controversy about both of these exit events and how they were timed, managed and leveraged to ensure the safety of the population and mitigate economic damage. With hindsight, we can safely say that the first exit event was not HyperLeveraged. Limited adherence to public health plans that had been considered for years, or lack of any planning by authorities whose job it was to prepare. The second exit plan's success is yet to be determined. However, there has been more time and thought put into this it appears. Time will tell. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy

We need better measurement

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of measurement. However, measurement without a systematic and agreed upon technique can often yield conflicting and incorrect results. This makes it hard to leverage the intelligence that is collected. In my book, I write about how to systematically leverage measurements for better results. I see unfortunately that we are working in a haphazard manner when it comes to measurement and defeating the pandemic.

Content has to be personal

I sign up for a lot of newsletters and take advantage of the offer of good quality content. Because of this I get a lot of follow up emails. The problem is that these are all 'canned" - preformated and not personal. I very rarely open then up and almost instinctively hit the unsubscribe button. What is the problem with this picture? Simple - if you want my business or want me to pay heed to what you have to say or offer, then make it personal. Find out about me and what I'm interested in. Don't take me as a 'number' in a mailing list.

Watch out for the Chicken Little Syndrom

in the famous children's story Chicken Little sows panic amongst the animals in area. We are witnessing a similar situation with the dual whammy of Coronavirus and the Wall Street meltdown. Humans are unfortunately quite adept at falling into this so-called Chicken Little Syndrome (The sky is falling!). We let our imaginations run wild with pictures of doom and gloom. Not to belittle the situation though, much of this worry and hand-wringing, especially in business can be mitigated through better strategic planning. We almost always plan for the most positive outcomes and forget to protect our downsides with appropriate disaster planning.

Don't be a Dummy

It used to be a significant challenge to find relevant content and information. No more. In fact, the Internet has created the opposite situation. We have access to too much information. Too much of what is not relevant and simply information that is incorrect, fake or misleading. It's important not to be a dummy. We have to continue to think critically in order to leverage the amazing tool that the Internet represents. My book bubble is about a company, Greneker, that leveraged 3D printing to revolutionize the world of Mannequin (Dummy) development and production.

Leveraging a Challenge

I have always thought of myself as an 'ideas man', someone who saw both the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of me and could come up with solutions on the spot. When it came to writing my first book though I found that the challenge was not the lack of ideas or topics to write about. It was exactly the opposite. I had to train myself to play "small ball" and only focus on a smaller selection of ideas that was bouncing around in my head. This was quite difficult at the beginning of my writing journey. I kept adding more and more to my book outline and had to keep culling the nectar and discarding the rest. At the end I looked upon this year long exercise as a way to leverage and hone a necessary skill that had become weak; the ability to stay focused almost entirely on a singular objective at the expense of working in parallel on multiple goals.

Change is in the Air

I am fascinated by our feelings and approach to change. Sometimes it's what we crave - a change of pace or a change of place like during a vacation. Other times we abhor it like when certain things in our lives that we have gotten used to are changed arbitrarily (I'm talking to you software developers who keep changing how my apps and software programs work). And then there are times when we know change is necessary and we must take action to make it happen. This latter situation is where HyperLeverage can occur. If we can proactively and intentionally create the change that will make our lives better then we can bend it to our advantage. Alas - most people rarely do this. Instead the waves of change sweep them along the current to often unknown and less advantageous positions.

Carving out time to think

To me, writing in general and writing this book specifically is/was exercise in thinking. And thinking is hard work. Maybe that's why we don't do it as much as we should. We rarely give ourselves the freedom to think, the conditions to think nor proactively and intentionally carve out the time to think. Thinking is perhaps the most powerful action that we can leverage to attain success, happiness and fulfillment. Instead we spend most of our time being reactive and using our conscious brains in 'auto-pilot' mode. What a shame that we don't tap into our strongest asset - our brains more than we do.

The Power of a Prism

We tend to accept what we see, hear or experience at face value. It's a singular view that is more often than not comprised of a collection of aspects that we can always discern. This is my bubble for this week - It's about a simple methodology I call the Leverage Prism and how anyone - can deconstruct a singular notion and uncover the underlying components to see what is truly important and adds value.

Why HyperLeverage

There are few memories from our early years that we can truly point to as being transcendent and determinant in the approach we have to the our future lives. For me, that experience happened when I was 12 years old. And it has been such a strong factor in my success as a professional, entrepreneur and my development as a husband, parent and friend. I learned the concept of leverage. How to take advantage of what I had to get the results I desired. My first bubble is from the preface to my book and gives a 'peak' into the reasons that I dedicated more than a year of my life to writing my first book.

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