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Jeanine Lauren began making up her own stories when she was still in primary school and since then enjoys conjuring up characters in her imagination and bringing them to life on the page. Most of what Jeanine writes has to do with mature women, their dreams and hopes, and their relationships with the people in their lives. She writes about the value of friendship, community, love, and second chances in the second half of life. Jeanine writes from her home in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada, not far from the fictional town of Sunshine Bay, where many of her characters live.


Come Home to Love: Friendship, Love and Second Chances


Should she stay in a stale marriage with a man she no longer trusts? Or should she leave and face life on her own terms? Susan McNeil has a list of unfinished dreams - some small, some larger - and she has decisions to make. Should she stay with her husband, Richard - the man she built her life with, but no longer trusts - or should she step out on her own and do all the things she's always wanted to do? And what should she do about the attractive, newly divorced Sid Jones, who wants to rekindle their former love? The same Sid Jones who makes her heart beat a little faster whenever he's around. Richard regrets the secrets he’s been keeping from Susan, and now he’s stuck in Mexico with his brother. When he learns Susan is spending time with Sid, he knows he has to get home and make things right or lose her forever. But how? And is he too late? Will Susan choose life without him? Or will Richard come home to love?

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Some Good Turns Don't Go Unpunished

Susan is about to find out that communication is key to a marriage working, Unfortunately she discovers it after her attempts to communicate with Richard have broken down. Come Home to Love is not your average romance. It is about a married couple of over thirty years finding their way back to each other. And, in the process, they find themselves. If you like stories of friendship, love, and second chances in the second half of life, this one may be for you.

Angel and the Neville Next Door: Friendship, Love and Second Chances


A year after a difficult marital separation, Helen is alone for the holidays for the first time in years and agrees to cat-sit for a friend. All is well until she meets the neighbors: Neville, a devilish Westie determined to escape his yard to pursue the cat, and Joe, Neville’s reluctant dog-sitter, who makes Helen’s heart beat a little faster whenever he’s around. The more Helen and Joe try to keep Neville happy and out of trouble, the more sparks fly between them.

Book Bubbles from Angel and the Neville Next Door: Friendship, Love and Second Chances

When Your World Falls Apart

What it your husband left you for your best friend and set up house next door? And what if you were left alone at Christmas knowing they were together? What would you do? Helen leaves. She takes a job cat-sitting and finds a new neighbour. A neighbour who is single, and attractive and who hates dogs... We can't all be perfect. If you like a story of Friendship, Love, and Second Chances in the Second Half of Life this one may be for you!

Love’s Fresh Start: A Novella


A broken-hearted widow, a man discouraged by love, and the abandoned cat that brings them together. Alone since her husband died, with only the company of online friends and long-distance phone calls, Sylvia yearns to rediscover life's joys. Convinced exercise will help, she reluctantly ventures out to the local park. There in the shrubbery, she discovers Angel, a skinny feral cat that needs someone to care. Jack was blindsided. After a lifetime of working toward a comfortable retirement, he was hit with a double whammy. A heart attack forced him to stop work early and his wife left just as he was getting back on his feet. Now his life is empty and his future uncertain until he meets Sylvia in the park trying to befriend a cat. Can these two lonely souls find each other? Or are they destined to be alone?

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A Walk in the Park

This is the first of the stories from Sunshine Bay, a fictional community on Vancouver Island Canada. This story started with a walk in the local park where I saw a woman feeding a feral cat. I stopped and spoke to the woman for a few minutes and learned she had lured the cat over several weeks, offering it food, trying to gain its trust. Several weeks later I saw them again, this time the cat was sitting on the bench between a man and a woman. The cat, I imagined, brought them together. This is the story I made up to explain how that happened.

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