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The Secret Cornell

The Secret Cornell

Politics & Social Sciences

It’s not surprising that a world-class university and the uber-powerful Agricultural lobby can combine to thoroughly crush the most marginalized and unrepresented sector of New York’s population – it’s also not surprising that no one is willing to speak up for us.
Abraham Lincoln said: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
Empowered by 30,000 blissfully ignorant students, with a four-year memory and a six-figure future: Cornell University has led an overwhelmingly Progressive policy front to steamroller any resistance from the neighboring municipalities in a rural county of only 105,000.
Our CAFO run rural “government” – whose lead planner publicly stated that no one but farmers “deserved to live there” – helped create the County’s most recent “vision of the future”: in which the rural communities no longer exist.
With policy making that has closer ties to the Khmer Rouge than Martin Luther King, Jr. – Tompkins County is a college destination with the sort of moral compass that lands people a spot on American Greed.
What is the Secret Cornell?
Something that makes the College Admissions Scandal seem like throat-clearing at a political rally.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from The Secret Cornell

The Secret Cornell 31

The book is finished – “basically.” Like building a house; all the details of arranging, editing, and finishing will take as long as the “built” structure that is first constructed. I am adding a final piece; recounting my progress in getting the Agricultural District disclosure notice revised and brought into line with modern farming practices and current agricultural policies. This “bubble” gives a snapshot of where things are today — you can’t get to first base if they won’t put you in the lineup.

The Secret Cornell 30

A few years ago: when a nearby home was being sold – I was curious about the sale. The listing claimed that it had been in one family for 50 years. I remember the times I passed by and seeing the front porch half-filled with firewood; and half family members. It was the kind of rural subsistence home that was not trashy; but everywhere in need of unaffordable maintenance. A home that was not at risk from bank payments; but from the one-two punch of the rising assessments/rising taxes tag team that has KO’d rural Lansing. The listing sat unsold for 6 months at its assessed value; and the assessors came around again and upped the assessment another twenty percent. It finally sold for a price that in no way reflected the official judgement. I was able present this situation to the County Assessment Director at a public meeting; and he replied: “We always find that when a house sells for less than the assessed value; the owner is hiding something from us.” It’s the sort of self-serving statement that populates every poorly attended, meaningless public meeting. Tompkins County Assessors claim they are not political; but then, neither is greed.

The Secret Cornell 29

How much of a difference will it take to make a difference? The most often used response to most anything today is: “I’m busy.” Since making a difference has devolved into blaming and complaining – what are you “busy” doing? It’s a “dogs in a pit” climate change society that never stops fighting long enough to ask: “Who made the pit . . . And why?”

The Secret Cornell 28

At a recent Town Board meeting; I was told by the new Supervisor: “It’s good to place a face with the name.” It’s clear that government has no problem placing my address with my name: as my recent 87% increase in taxable assessment attests to. I have already protested at an informal hearing — I had the facts: they have the authority. If only I could get them here when Helena Chemical is spraying Roundup. . .

The Secret Cornell 27

All the “Secret Cornell” excerpts have not been sensational enough. The deliberate nature of Tompkins County’s rural destruction has not been highlighted with enough contrast. The greedy selfishness of its leaders has not been illuminated with a critical enough light. The impact of rural policy making has been chiseled into the bedrock of the rural community — but it has not been related with sufficient clarity or crispness. Tompkins County has become a doctrinaire abscess; a year away from book burnings — I want to feel proud of what they’re throwing into the fire.

The Secret Cornell 26

Chesterton wrote: “One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.” While the poor rural families of Tompkins County live in the shadow of an Ivy League colossus of power and influence – Cornell bends down to gather the little people at their feet; and fit them into a design that is pleasing in their sight. “A cat can look at a king” – but it had better not spit: I received my preliminary tax assessment two days ago – my “taxable assessment” went up 87%. Government departments operate seamlessly in rural Tompkins County – like a plastic bag over your head.

The Secret Cornell 25

Like the pretense of a “Tompkins County” – Cornell’s planners create the appearance of a “greater good” to benefit a larger community — in order to hide their targeted and discriminatory policies against the poor and marginalized rural residents.

The Secret Cornell 24

They used to say: “Who watches the watcher?” – but maybe they should ask: “Who’s plan are the planners carrying out?”

The Secret Cornell 23

Cornell’s elite have taken everything of value from Lansing’s rural community; even their future – but that’s not enough. We still exist. The Cornell Agricultural Planner’s statement that we “don’t deserve to live there” was not just an outburst of bigotry — it’s the expression of a belief that underlies all of Lansing’s rural policy making. The proclamation of a dictatorial and repressive government.

The Secret Cornell 22

Tompkins County Government has all the legitimacy of an election with only one slot for a candidate. Meaningful Public Participation is a pretense – and they don’t care if you know it. Tompkins County is run for the benefit of those who control the machinery. They don’t represent: they rule — and Cornell rules them all.

The Secret Cornell 21

Lansing has a growth: a suburban pastiche of country club aspirations and sit-com sensibilities. Its rural history is no longer a living trust; but a piece of old monument – lost in the perks and privileges of a self-serving government. Its future, no more than a husk.

The Secret Cornell 20

Rural policy makers, Corporate Agribusinesses, and Land Grant Agricultural Colleges, are knit so close together that not one right or recognition of worth reaches the poor rural communities they lord it over. Cornell’s College of Agriculture is the propaganda and rural policy arm of Urban Colonialism – presenting a vision of rural America as a place of farms and of recreation: and seeing the rural community as a threat to that vision.

The Secret Cornell 19

Why is it that; in an area, and a state, dominated by giant CAFOs with thousands of cows kept in endless metal sheds, serviced by fleets of tractor trailers: government websites always illustrate farming with red wooden barns, and cows in a pasture? To fool you, of course.

The Secret Cornell 18

Agriculture is the biggest contributor to climate changing Methane emissions; and the only sector that is still increasing these emissions. The 2021 White House U.S. Methane Emissions Reduction Plan removes “Agriculture” from the featured Methane Emission by Source pie chart – and moves it down to number four in the Reduction Plan list: replacing regulations with “Incentive Based and Voluntary Partnership Efforts.” When you have that sort of power; and apply it to a powerless rural community — welcome to rural Lansing, NY.

The Secret Cornell 17

Herbicide is everywhere in rural New York. People see it drifting over their wash lines — if they’re lucky. How would you like to dress your children in Roundup? What does this have to do with Cornell? Ask their College of Agriculture.

The Secret Cornell 16

When I recount the abuse of rural people – I am frequently met with apathy. It’s hard to decide whether this miasma of low-level emotion is the result of being beaten with issues, or due to the non-appearance of rural America in the media. If the world is a spectator event – then the theater doors are locked. “Fire!”

The Secret Cornell 15

How do you fight a town government – that is defended by a lawyer that is paid with your taxes? When they are backed a County that is controlled by a world-class university with its own law school? And you don’t have the money to fight – and no one will stand up for you? I don’t know.

The Secret Cornell 14

I received a notice of some AI book writing opportunity — I showed it to my copy machine. Our future of combining AI and self-worth will result in a flood of books from people who can’t distinguish between self-expression and communication. AI is a “lossy” technology: and when you want to remove the clutter and conflict from AI-Human interaction – what [or who] will you remove? That’s not our future? Who told you that? The same people who told you climate change was a fable? What does this have to do with my Bubble? Conformity and authority are creeping into everything.

The Secret Cornell 13

The Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan is as carefully crafted as a legal loophole: and as neighborly as a home invasion. From beginning to end; there is no place for dissent or divergence — or rural independence. It’s Putin politics in Progressive clothing.

The Secret Cornell 12

So much misconduct – so little concern. Where’s an investigative journalist when you need one? Probably lunching in a trendy restaurant: concerned with profitable stories on worthwhile issues. Rural people are the “outliers” in the journalistic data set – never a part of the Summary or Conclusion.

The Secret Cornell 11

It’s been more than five years of effort to effect a meaningful solution: Following the required routes – that always lead us away from any possibility of a happy destination. It’s a Kafkaesque bureaucracy without a beginning or an end. An “Official Use Only” door at the foot of the Cornell monolith.

The Secret Cornell 10

If there’s an elephant in the room – and it’s dead: you have to keep the windows and doors closed. There would be a hell of a stink if Cornell’s policy making was ever exposed.

The Secret Cornell 9

Residents of the old rural community in Lansing have not all been driven out; but in the minds of its new rulers – they no longer exist. A recent message and plea for support of traffic control on a rural road that has become overrun with a high volume of reckless drivers; including weeks of speed/volume statistics, photo documentation, letters of support from two authorities, and federal guidelines showing it conformed to “best practices,” was sent to Lansing government. There was no response. No response at all. It’s a government that suppresses, a government that refuses, a government that denies. Like Scrooge; they measure everything in terms of gain – but there will never be an epiphany.

The Secret Cornell 8

Money clubs with money – and all money trails lead to Cornell: along with the corruption, cronyism, duplicity, greed . . . and arrogance that so often accompanies money. The rural poor know: “Cornell don’t care, Cornell don’t share.”

The Secret Cornell 7

If a fraud takes place and nobody does anything – is it still a fraud?

The Secret Cornell 6

I have often been told that I will get into trouble for what I write about Tompkins County – but I have never been told that I’m wrong. In a county where the overwhelming opinion is that the government is corrupt, and that there is no meaningful participation by the people; why do people put up with it? Because they have been convinced that they are in a lifeboat – with dangerous seas all around. An old-time farmer scoffed at the term “free range”: stating that; when chickens were raised packed in a giant shed under artificial lights; cutting a couple of small doors in the walls to allow outdoor access fulfilled the “free range” criteria – but the chickens were terrified to come out into this strange and different environment. 2024 is an environment locked in time, space, and thought: every Where, When, and How is portrayed as a dangerous choice. But what is more dangerous than having a corrupt and tyrannical government decide for you?

The Secret Cornell 5

People like to say “polarized” these days; for the same reason they label issues “controversial” – so they can file them away as finished business. “Polarized” is a blanket term that poorly covers the mound of intolerance and hate that this millennium keeps adding to. Were the Nazis and the Jews “polarized”? I think there are better words for the relationship.

The Secret Cornell 4

Cornell is a rich tax exempt corporation that decides the where public taxes should be spent – on themselves, of course. And Ithaca’s preening advocates and institutions think no more of the county’s rural population; than fair goers do of the day-workers behind its existence. The county’s rural areas are the perfect dumping grounds – and its residents are the perfect victims. And as climate change, immigration, and economic woes increasingly impact New York State — this policy will only become more widespread.

The Secret Cornell 3

I remember streaming a reality crime show where the prosecutor said that they had so much evidence: their biggest problem was how to present it all to the jury. This is my problem. I have so much documented evidence: and it all points in the same direction – a conspiracy. No journalist, politician, or authority at any level has acknowledged my request for help. But no one has dared to debate the evidence. Like Dorian Gray; Tompkins County’s Collegiate Progressives feel that their public persona is safe: as long as the results of their actions can remain hidden.

The Secret Cornell 2

This is a good place to recap the four step defense of politicians, bureaucrats and criminals: 1) Discredit the source, 2) Discredit the facts, 3) Discredit the situation, 4) “It’s legal.” Their quibbling is frequently not with any intent to correct or clarify – but to avoid the issue. If they make the questioning too difficult: they hope you will give up.

The Secret Cornell

It’s common for the lesser to be described in terms of the greater. We are the oppressed of Cornell. Like so many lands around a dictator’s domain; we are seen as a territory to annex and remake: a colonial outpost to settle, a resource to use, and a place to dump all the unwanted and unsupportable. And, like so often in history – an existing people to dispose of. It’s a story of arrogance and oppression that is both untold and unreported. Cornell is remolding Tompkins County: and some of us are just excess material.

“The World According to Doctrine” — Evil Recycles

“The World According to Doctrine” — Evil Recycles

Politics & Social Sciences

This book uses a mix of “activity book” games and puzzles, social awareness bumper stickers, advertisements, billboards, posters and re-imagined old school videogame screenshots that deconstruct the impenetrable façade of government policy making, and help promote critical thinking through interactive play.
A unique book for hungry minds.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from “The World According to Doctrine” — Evil Recycles

I’m not “non-Hispanic” – I’m Irish!

“Just as a tree without roots is dead, a people without history or cultural roots also becomes a dead people.” ~ Malcolm X

Native Americans bumper sticker

Our new society is built on a foundation of privilege and hate. It fosters a polarization through its insistence that society needs to be stratified by race, gender, and ethnicity: under an overarching Authority. Like all privileges supported by bigotry – its foundations are not open to debate: But they are ever-vulnerable to satire.

“COEXIST” political bumper sticker

Is nothing sacred?! Religion is one thing; but politics? – Now you’re getting serious. Today’s politicos like to downgrade and subordinate every belief – except their own. This bumper sticker satirizes the anything-but-tolerant political beliefs of those whose only tolerance is in the trivialization of others.

Second Hand Drugs” board game

There is no strategy: just be in the right place at the right time to avoid the consequences of second hand drugs. Good luck. Printable game board, player tokens and spinner. Print, cut assemble, and play. [Second Hand Drugs poster is included to satirize the government’s all-out attack on second hand tobacco smoke.] Go to the Downloads page of “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials] for a free download.

“Escape from Tompkins County” board game

An all-too-real slice of rural life under the heel of Ivy League authorities. Be the prole. Printable game board, player tokens, cards, and more for this game are included [2 versions of card back images are also included.] Print, cut assemble, and play. Go to the Downloads page of “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials] for a free download.

“The Great Divide” poster download

A human worth poster debating our government’s high-profile “greater good” people-as-a-commodity policies. Printable in two 8 ½” x 11” sections. Go to the Downloads page of “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials] for a free download.

New Game Notes

Since the free game downloads on my WordPress site: “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials] are still increasing in popularity — I’ve decided to plink outside the box [and make a few more ripples in the unruffled pool of self-satisfaction] by creating and adding some new games to the list. These are my first rough notes.

Most Popular

“Escape from Corruption” – “Proctors” – “Road Trip” While the books that first presented them were published years ago – the number of downloads of these games has been steadily growing in recent weeks. Go to the Downloads page of “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials] download the games and see what led to their popularity.

The World According to Doctrine is Published

It’s been said that the greatest enemy of democracy is corruption. And when the very idea of democracy has been corrupted; we are without compass on a dangerous path. Once more we must win through what we thought was behind us. Evil recycles • Doug Baird, Cornithaca County, September 25, 2023 • Amazon link:

“The Great Divide”

This may be it – I’ve been thinking about stopping, putting the book together, and moving on to other projects. The quotes in “The Great Divide” not only expresses the main threads of my books much better than I can: they highlight the extent to which that thinking has been discarded in our journey to the New Dictatorship. This climate change winter; I hope to be sitting in a comfortable leather armchair, in front of a woodstove, with a glass of single-malt, a pitcher of water — and books that no dictatorship would ever approve of.

The Industrial Agriculture Anthem

The background is an aerial view of dirt pens in a factory farm. The black dots are cattle. This was taken before photos of factory farms became illegal. Imagine three views: overhead from a distance, up close on the ground, and when you put it into your mouth. That’s the name of that tune.

A CAFO Carol

When they already know what they’re doing – education isn’t enough. In rural America no one can hear you scream.

Ithaca Bookburning Festival Poster

Next month? Next year? It’s coming! You can feel it in the air. It’s not smoke from Canadian wildfires that’s fogging the air and keeping people indoors. It’s a Doctrine of privilege and hate.

How Urban Colonialism sees the World

A take-off on the famous New Yorker cover: Urban Colonialism doesn’t see the rural community – only vacant land – somewhere between Deliverance and the Dukes of Hazard.

Bumper Sticker layout H

More bumper stickers; less space. More of your thoughts – no text added. Does thinking increase or reduce stress? It adds some stress of course — but it helps to remove that “Oh, My God!” moment — and increases your lifespan.

Fast Food Justice Menu

Go with the flow and over the falls with our updated, Doctrine-rich, Victim’s fault, Judicial System. Getting picked for Jury Duty is more of a hardship than committing a Felony in today’s legal world – so use your cell phone to cut your cell time: turn the crank of Justice and throw some money in the cup.

GMO Groceries

Food tastes best – when you’ve never had anything better. If you’ve never had the taste of an old hen made into a soup or a fricassee; then the tasteless poundage of today’s juvenile fowl is the standard — and “Everything tastes like nothing” is the new paradigm. Like setback contactor homes: our food producers push right up to the legal limits to maximize their profits at the expense quality – and rely on additives for any pleasurable eating you think you’re getting. And what is that strange itch you’re getting down there? Maybe you’re changing with the times.

Lies, damn lies, and Scientific Theories

“Scientists have long warned what our fossil fuel addiction will unleash” lectured António Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations. Oh, yes? For decades; scientists have not warned the people of the Climate Change precipice we were heading towards. Anyone without long-term memory problems will remember that scientists talked of “naturally occurring cycles” and continued to cite the lack of convincing data to legitimize their scientific silence. Career longevity and funding are the yin and yang of scientific life; and unwelcome theories are a poison in the body of the scientific community. Do scientists have a better understanding of the world than the rest of us? You could say that: Scientific theories have the authority of law — and the accountability of an election promise. The robes of a judge; and the soul of a politician.

The New Farm Statement

It’s easy to see the bad times are coming — we’re not doing anything to stop it. It’s the New Normal of death, disaster, and fear – and we’re being taught to accommodate it with a Total Daily Maximum Load of suffering and denial. First we’re taught to blame, then we’re taught to demand, then we realize the reality. With the New Normal of sticking our head in an anthill; we’re all expendable — Well, that’s what the people who aren’t expendable tell us.

Topsy Turvy Class E Felonies Solution

Temperature has degrees, right and wrong has degrees, lawyers have degrees, and criminality has degrees — but only a frying pan has de grease. Out of the fire; into the frying pan — probation.

Topsy Turvy Class E Felonies

Everything is illegal to some degree – and you need to pay up for the lawyer – and plead down for the DA’s office. These New York State Class E Felonies have been split into three parts and then jumbled up. Can you put the parts in correct order so they make legal sense? [The next bubble will have the solution – without even a postponement.]

Doctrine Hopscotch – 2-page spread

Finished 2-page spread. There’s nothing more to say. Doctrine is everything. The kids are our future.

Doctrine Hopscotch Layout

I wanted to get this out for the Labor Day weekend – before school starts up for the fall. It’s based on the “Obey! OK?” Cornithaca County warning sign – and played: 1, 2-3, 4, 5-6, 7, 8-9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14-15, 16, 17. The finished page will include a suitable doctrinal rhyme, of course. Maybe something like: “One is for the doctrine that protects you — Two is for you doubly to take care — Three is for the sign that you’re conspiring — Four is for the footsteps on the stair . . .”

Campaign Media: I sPY – A Conforming Game

The elections of the future are won in the public education of today. Many years ago; in classroom used for an adult education course – I saw a stack of new books about Affirmative Action. Their text wasn’t geared to thought or debate: just acceptance of the government’s decision. It was a text of indoctrination and even propaganda. If you think we have freedom and individual worth: just ask your kids – they’ve been taught how dangerous those things can be.

Undercover Election –tHE eVIL oNES

The games are over. Now begins the fight for human worth. The undercover electorate will speak out on the street corners.

Bumper Sticker layout G

Selected bumper stickers displayed without additional text.

Bumper Sticker layout F

Selected bumper stickers displayed without additional text.

Bumper Sticker layout E

Selected bumper stickers displayed without additional text.

Bumper Sticker layout D

Selected bumper stickers displayed without additional text.

“Progressives Progress” Poster

Which came first: The revolution or the oppression? Maybe the real question is: When was there time for enlightenment? Evil recycles. Everything made of evil recycles. And if you toss it in a landfill — never build there.

“Similes . . . as you please”

As guilty as . . . As fat as . . . As dead as . . . As right as . . . As white as . . . As strong as . . . Download and print the game board – flip a coin – and play. When you reach the Conforming Area: you are judged. Free download on the “Downloads” page at [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials]

“Factory Farm Days”

“Old MacDollar had a Farm” – what very few people realize is that the non-farming population in New York State is living under Agricultural Law. What’s “Agricultural Law”? Think of the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Robin Hood movies. It’s the lock-step power and influence of rich Agricultural interests, along with the lack of money and political power of the poor non-farming rural residents; that have resulted in an overwhelming bi-partisan support for “farms.” Rural areas now have “Ag Ghettos” – with the same drugs, crime, and hopelessness as their urban counterparts — but nobody knows they exist. What do you know about what goes on in rural America? It’s a story that nobody has the courage to report.

“Fish Skimming”

Fish Skimming begins in the impaired waters where Noodling goes belly up. It a sport and a living [well, some of it is] laboratory in the same rural setting. Under Agricultural Law: what’s a “nutrient” when spread on a farmer’s field; and spreading into the waterways – is only “toxic waste” when it’s spilled on urban streets – so it’s safe for rural children if they stay clear of the meth labs. Fish Skimming is to the “Old Swimming Hole”; what Xbox is to Howdy Doody. “Kowabunga.”

“Rural Sorrow Hopscotch”

Hopscotch, like sorrow, is a repetitive action – part memory and part rhythm – fading into the background of life. Is anger urban; and sorrow rural? I don’t know.

Party Games – “Pass the Buck”

Children’s Learning Party Games are back! And maybe it’s time that adults took a refresher course in how these games are played. It’s all about money – “and what’s paid in the darkness, will be spent in the light.”

Scientists: They’re not Sorcerers

The Myth of Responsible Science: If scientists had taken the responsibility to speak out to the public about the dangers of climate change – something would have been done to prevent the hopeless situation that we’re in now. Science could have warned us; but scientists didn’t. The same is true of so many of the world-wide problems: from pandemics to the loss of clean water and arable land, to famine and overpopulation. Solving these problems would require regulations and oversight that would restrict the actions of politicians, corporations, and institutions: so scientists take the money, deplore the end uses, and claim a dedication to “pure science.” There is nothing pure about science — because there’s nothing pure about its funding and uses. Emerging technologies represent an unprecedented opportunity to oppress, remold, and destroy humanity . . . look for it to happen.

Undercover Party – The World We Live In

Never have so many been unable to do so much. The bigger government gets – the less willing they are to tackle their biggest problem: Government. It won’t surprise many readers to know that this quote was only the beginning of one-page shrug-off – shedding responsibility like a dog shaking water. If adjudicating government Conflicts of Interest is a “conflict of interest” – where does that leave us? Waiting for the next bus . . . “Sorry, were full up and we can’t offer assistance.”

“Everything They Do Is Capitalized”

“On this site will be constructed . . .” No matter how big the sign – it can’t hide the decades of unrealized progress. The only things our government has ever built are the mechanisms to increase their own power and prosperity. All their loud talk over the grumbling has achieved nothing but being heard. And all the convictions of their followers are based on a place in the lifeboat. “This Is The Future!” – the audience knows there are only two doors out of the lecture hall. Be Convinced or Be Gone.

U.S. Agriculture claims they “Feed the World”

The USDA may talk about three healthy meals a day; but that’s nothing compared the bite they’re putting on the public. First, we pay for the food. And then – since Agribusinesses are some of the biggest contributors to climate change [and the only ones that are still increasing their emissions] – we pay for the cost of that climate change in our lives. And on top of that: When that same climate change impacts their profits – we pay taxes to insure they are still profiting and expanding. We “Feed the Corporations.”

The second one off the back of the sleigh

They say: “Don’t look back!” when the evil is overtaking you – but what happens when it’s riding with you? If you jump; what are you jumping into? Our world is spinning like a top towards the edge of the table — and it’s a long way down to the floor.

Science only discovers what already exists

Of all the modern shibboleths; the belief in Science is perhaps the greatest. It can do anything – except make us happy, compassionate, giving, forgiving, and wise . . . all of those human things that make life worth living.

rISE OF THE eVil oNES – Averaging Extremes

One of the most annoying trends in government handouts is the way they minimize the situation; instead of acknowledging the extent of the problem. In previous books I have written about the four layers of bureaucratic defense: 1) Discredit the source, 2) Discredit the facts, 3) Discredit the situation, and 4) It’s legal anyway. Decades of evidence and natural disasters have broken through to the third layer of “Climate Change” defense: but they’re still fighting it. And if our government won’t acknowledge the seriousness of the problem — how far away are they from implementing an effective solution.

rISE OF THE eVil oNES – No Fire Escapes

Death is not the final word. Life alone is too absurd.

rISE OF THE eVil oNES – Drugs

You can never stop being addicted to drugs – you can only stop using them: and not using drugs any longer is still all about drugs. Whether you get out and stay out; or get sucked back in – drugs create a new center for your life — replacing all others.

What is the worth of public excuses?

Our leaders take a strong public stand to promote Social Policies that treat people as a commodity without individual human worth – while refusing to reveal the harm done to those that these policies target for discrimination. It’s like signing a blank check for evil. By their acting, and excusing those actions, in a way that directly contradicts the lives and beliefs of everyone we respect as fighters for human worth and equality: they have nonetheless reveled their agenda. You can’t follow someone by walking in the opposite direction. Full disclosure – Full exposure of all government policies and statistics. If there was nothing to hide; it wouldn’t be secret.

“Based on actual names”

So much is made up these days; that there is really nothing left but words and names: and the very useful images that they have acquired over time. When our government coins “new” terms to sell discredited social policies: they’re just following the same useful path that corporations have used for decades: buy trusted brands and use trusted catchwords to add legitimacy to their own inferior product. At the time when the USDA decided to take over organic certification; they marketed it to national agribusiness’s – not as being good for the environment, or healthy for the consumer – but as being a trusted brand in the public’s consciousness – and proceeded to certify industrial farming as “organic” – with the same lack of regulatory concern and oversight that has kept the Dead Zone unabated into its third decade: and the same suppression of evidence that has kept industrial farming communities unhealthy for generations. All that’s left is the public’s trust – in something that no longer exists.

“does not unlawfully discriminate”

The more things change: the more evil stays the same. Whether it’s “Equitable,” “Inclusive,” “Affirmative Action,” “Separate but equal,” or “No Irish need apply” – it’s an Evil that endlessly recycles: made with 100% bigoted materials.

Find the differences – Now what?

Leaders of the past like Lincoln. Martin Luther King Jr, Frederick Douglass, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X; all found reasons why people were the same and should be treated the same. Leaders of today look to find reasons why people are different and should be treated differently. You can’t follow someone by walking in the opposite direction. Now what are YOU going to do about it?

First Nations videogame: Ethnic Conflict

“First Nations” weren’t the first to defend what they had; and take what they wanted – everybody did: and they were no less, and no more to blame for doing it. The debunked “Noble Savage” myth has been recycled in a “hate beats debate” New Millennium style of doctrine — teaching that “First” means “better” and “more deserving” in their mealy-mouthed and pussyfooting historical indoctrination.

“Under New Management”

Everything must be passed for suitability. The pretense of caring has never been more artificial than in the post-recent-Pandemic days. It’s almost as if what we used to consider humanity has been reimagined in its most Darwinian and mechanistic terms. Compassion is a tool for acquiring; and empathy is a fable for the reality impaired. Art, music, and literature are no longer a means of creation; but of replication – a mechanism covered with human skins. One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice. One — and then none. “Under New Management” and “Going Out of Business” in a single generation.

Their views – but not their viewpoint

Progressives are willing to accept the pain, suffering, and death of others in order to ensure their better world – but maybe there are better worlds than theirs; ones that same acceptance could bring about more realistically. Progressives share Mao’s views of people as a commodity – materials to use or discard according to their dictates of change. And yet how much less suffering and death would be required to have brought about a better China without Mao, without the bureaucratic tyranny and regimented repression, without those who see people as faceless numbers: denying them any individual worth. If your scales can weigh life and death: then why restrict those who can be weighed? It’s time for Progressives to realize that they’re not the solution for what’s wrong in our society: they’re a part of the problem – and they’re lucky that others don’t share their views on the kind of sacrifices that are acceptable to ensure a better world.

“To market, to market, to buy . . .”

When every word, phrase, and title that has any recognition is being used to sell something – how can we hold onto our cultural heritage? We can’t. [Sorry, “We can’t” is the name of an upcoming movie . . . Oops: “Upcoming” is the name of a personal finance app . . . Oh, no: “app” is . . . “Oh” is . . . “no” is . . .]

AI: Why?

As machines learn how to think; you must learn how to obey. It’s more than just following the rules at the self-check-out – it’s your behavior in the line before you get there – and analyzing how you reacted to the displays . . . and enhancing what you mumbled in your sleep.

Don’t ask a woman to do a man’s job . . .

In a society where discrimination IS the law; and “equitable” is a cover story – “non-sexist” laws and behaviors are a matrix of privilege and profit.

How many planners does it take?

An important fact about planners: their career longevity depends on how well they get along with the people that hire them – how well they get along with the people that hire them – how well they get along with the people that hire them.

The only “everyone” left in our Society . . .

In the “difference without distinction” government lens: we are all subordinates. It’s the hierarchy of usability that differentiates us in the eyes of the Elite – different tools from the same toolbox. And if that tool causes an injury? You don’t think it’s the Elite that use the tools, do you?

Cronyism? We call it “networking.”

“Groupisms” are blurring the line between public and private policies and policy making. The privilege concept of “importance” has been appearing more and more frequently; and the public is treated as buyers – rather than participatory stakeholders. It is as a member of a group that rights and protections are conferred: not as an individual. It’s a structure for the transference of power – moving it from the people – on up to higher and higher levels of authority. It’s both amusing and frightening to see the turmoil in Collegetown – as its residents maneuver to align with, and profit from, upwardly mobile power groups. It’s a rising tide that sinks those still anchored to ethics and a belief in individual human worth.

It’s a grammar that excludes certain phrases

It’s not just “wiggle room” – it’s enough room to maneuver a categorical position and a grant of any size. The concept of “pure” science is like the “made with” on a container of processed food – there’s some in there somewhere. Scientists love to ridicule the public’s perceptions and beliefs; but refrained from correcting the “no climate change” stance of politicians – and are now backed into a corner of “surprised,” “unexpected,” and “unprecedented,” statements about the very predictable aberrations of a seriously unbalanced system. “Science” has become the same as every other bureaucratic sector: a crutch the breaks when you lean on it – but covering it all up to maintain their level of funding.

The Greater Good is a goal; not an excuse

The “Greater Good” was only a rest stop on the way to total power. A spin-doctoring twist that wraps all the lies into a neat package: “We’re doing it for you.” As our limited access participation has turned into a one way street to a doctrine dictatorship – we realize that our road trip has taken a far darker path than any that could lead to a good destination.

Forbidden Proverbs

Like those gooey sweet sayings out of the mouths of calculating users – today’s “togetherness” is no more than a tool to get closer to their victims. Is there a school system that doesn’t rip the last penny from the elderly on fixed incomes – that doesn’t express concern for their hardship; and gratitude for their generosity. As in the scene where Woody Allen brings Marshall McLuhan to the movie line: wouldn’t we all enjoy seeing the insincere smiles of those “kid friendly” manipulators publicly wiped off their faces – exposing the shark teeth in hiding.

Education Flow Chart

Education has become a clerical job: and all the bureaucracy has come along with it. No more fellow students saying: “You got a hard teacher!” – everybody grades the same, everybody teaches the same, every student is taught to conform. Even “diversity” is limited to that which conforms to a strict definition and even more restrictive categorization. We’ve created a society of Skinner Box kids; where thinking “out of the box” is strictly “off the shelf.” How can you meet the challenges of the future when you can’t even meet the challenges of the present? In a pass/fail reality – we’ll just have to do the last millennium all over again. “Bring out your dead.”

They’re always right sometimes

From probabilities, to possibilities, to assertions – a ramshackle bridge of bigotry that can’t stand the weight of reality: is supported by an inflexible Doctrine. “He is this, she is this, they are this, this is this” is the whispered chant that underlies all education and policy making. One thought, One taught, One voice, One choice: When there is nothing to oppose it – it flows to fill everywhere. A great shallow of human activity; where institutions can grow to any size – supported by hunger and want . . . until the peace of oppression – becomes the silence of the grave.

County bus transit for rural residents?

In Tompkins County; when sacrifices have to be made: they don’t ask what? – They ask who? And the county’s rural residents are at the top of the list. We are the stumbling block to Cornell’s completely homogenized and conforming community vision – and their Legislature is always removing our services and increasing our taxes. How can they do this? Why don’t you ask the 30,000 students that give them that power – they’re our future.

Women and Equality

Is nothing sacred? Modern shibboleths are working hard to enshrine themselves in custom and regulation. Everywhere you look; everything is sexist. From Selective Service to Maternity Leave: it’s a bio-centric universe where everything revolves around a woman’s body; and for a woman’s benefit. Men are now only glorified as sacrifice objects – whose role is to ensure that others more worthy enter a promised land that they will never see. Single mothers are praised as doers of everything – but single fathers aren’t; and are further disrespected by having their children characterized as “growing up without a mother.” The gender inequality of men in traditional women’s jobs and roles is dismissed as societal perceptions – but traditional men’s jobs and roles must be “equalized” and societal perceptions must be changed. Maybe the only reason feminists came down from the pedestal; is because you have to be put on a pedestal – and they wanted a throne as a birthright. You could debate that there is a deliberate molding of our society to promote this gender inequality; but there is no debate – there can’t be – only Doctrine — a Doctrine of privilege and hate.

New Bell-shaped Curves: “The Flatline”

Tompkins County’s Progressive government has progressed beyond democracy and representation — to a flat-out dictatorship. Citizens get to attend “Public Hearings” – where they get to hear what will happen; and submit comments – that are filed and stored and then discarded to make room for more comments. Take it or leave it; there’s nothing you can do about it. “Questions? . . . We’ve had trouble with you before. . .

More Urbites 11: “Traffic Jamming”

It’s all stonewalling and pushback when rural residents try to implement traffic control measures. The same County that enforces a maximum speed limit of 30 mph on all roads traveling through the City of Ithaca; refuses to post any limits in their County-controlled rural roads. And in spite of the accidents and entreaties of residents: they have refused to patrol these roads – encouraging an ever-increasing flood of reckless workers, students, and commercial vehicles who know they’ll never get a ticket. Even with documented evidence of the most blatant disregard of law and human life – the have never once acknowledged that there is a problem. They sit there like stone-faced judges in a wall of indifference. They covet our land — without us. Urban Colonialism.

Gain power by trickery – retain power by law

When you’re as mealy-mouthed and pussyfooting as today’s leaders; you slide into the room with a smile and shut the door with a policy.

Connecting all the DECs and DOTs

Officials love to move you on: to a higher and even less approachable level of bureaucracy – while giving advice that’s as useful as: “Why don’t you become famous and get on a national talk show to influence policy.” Rural people can only plod from department to department; connecting all the DECs and DOTs — It’s a picture of helplessness.

AI and Climate Change

There are many ways you could answer that question: 1.) The path is straightforward: it just goes through places they want to avoid – and they don’t want to encourage that sort of thinking. 2.) To get the people used to less of everything – and control them more. 3.) They could never get the funding from government and industry. 4.) AI is only good for totaling up things at the “check out” counter. 5.) Politicians are looking to emerging technologies for the magic bullet. Sure it’s risky – but if they can’t have the world: what good is it? 6.) “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.” “Then stop doing it.” — Of course; there are some superior people who will ask: “Who do you mean by ‘they’?” It’s the sort of superiority that couples “surprised” and “deceased” halfway through the movie.

First Nations videogame: Buffalo Falls

Even if we’re all created equal – we’re not treated that way. On our crooked way to a doctrinal future; every bend is a different lens – and every categorization: an excuse for a different treatment. Once everything has been taken from those who are unworthy; it will be the turn of those who are less worthy – into a dogs-in-a-pit future of a domed and doomed climate changed world.

I’m not Non-Hispanic!

Going . . . going . . . gone. The cultural heritage of people all over the country is being fed into the shredder by a doctrine of privilege and hate. Government, institutions, and profit-hungry merchandisers are all lock-stepping to the tune of ethnic genocide. Just look around: where has your ethnicity gone? While American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Pacific Islanders” have become elevated to the status of races – many ethnicities, with thousands of years of cultural heritage, are being demeaningly discarded as “Non-Hispanic”: not even important enough to be mentioned or respected – and fancy-dancing bigots excuse, minimize, and obfuscate these actions with a disdainful attitude. Don’t take the palliative of “not stating” to be of any worth; “not stating” is not existing; and that serves their purposes just as well. Today’s socialist “New School Nazis” have all the hate and bigotry of their fascist predecessors – they’re just hiding the armbands – for now. If you doubt the seriousness of the situation [as you’re supposed to]: just try to get any of it changed and see what happens – you’ll learn a lesson — or they’ll teach you one.

Reflecting Pool

Some people think I want to do nothing but drink beer . . . and scotch — but I write poetry and stuff like that.

whir . . . “turn it off”

Like a circular saw with a sinus headache: you squeeze your eyes shut in reflex – but it makes no difference. Today’s aggressive insistence on doctrinal thinking is not just a buzz in the background – it’s a tool that can cut off your . . . lifestyle. So, if you can’t get to the switch — pull the plug!

A pubble in the blunder

We all make mistakes – and the biggest one is assuming you know what something is without taking a good look at it. As a well-known fictional character said: “I’ll play the odds on occasion; but I like to pick the occasion.” Trusting to luck; is trust misplaced – so take a good look at what people hand you before you take ownership — it just might be the murder weapon.

A pebble in the blender

“Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good!” You know how you can just hear something and know without looking – and not want to look? That grinding, stuttering sound isn’t the wheels of progress: it’s the wheels of our ride – pulling off to the side of the road. Are you going to wait for repairs? Or walk? What if it’s too long a walk — what if it can’t be repaired?

Climate Change Remix 2

Climate Change is not an arena for solutions; it’s an arena for politics: “Climate Change disproportionately effects people of color” is more useful than “It’s going to destroy us all” – why do you think they don’t spend money on the infrastructure.

Climate Change Remix

I can’t say our extreme weather events of the past 12 months are the “New Normal” – because each of them is merely a nostalgic snapshot compared to what’s already been booked for us down the road. Our Climate Change predictions are like those billboards that continuously update our national debt or the world’s population: interesting, informative, and totally ineffective in halting our progress towards the final excess. In the meantime: at least a 3-month supply of food and water would be more prudent than the “3-days” that our government recommends — how many years are some of those blue tarps out there waiting for a roofer?

Fool’s Gold?

I wanted to put “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” on consignment in a College Town bookstore. I sent in the online form – twice; with no response. When I emailed the Inventory Manager; she contradicted the instructions, and said I should have dropped it off so they could “read through to make sure we think it will do well here and be worth your time” – so I did. Five weeks later; I inquired if they had reviewed it yet? She gave me the brush off: “I did give it a once over, and I'm not sure that we'd be the best place to host your book . . . and I'm just not sure it'll be worth your commitment to our terms.” Pushing the envelope – I assured her that I was committed; and still wanted to place the book on consignment. A few days later; I got the response: “your book reads more like a first draft than a finished manuscript. If you ever reprint your book - edited for grammar, punctuation, and clarity, with a list of works cited at the end - then I would encourage you to bring us that version to check out.” My book was not worthy. The Doctrine in College Town is just one step away from book burning: and maybe this year or the next — they’ll take that step. Tompkins County: Higher education at the lowest level.

Caught between a rock and the fool

We’re on a moving platform: a raft of excuses – riding on a deteriorating society – in a deteriorating world. When everything is going down the shitter at the same time – do you have a sense of movement? Is it really worthwhile to enumerate all the areas where profit, power, and politics have placed a glowing billboard of the future to block our vision of reality? In “Aguirre, the Wrath of God”; soldiers are trapped on a raft – circling a whirlpool – and beyond any means of saving – and without hope. Our government’s “socialist” policies aren’t about people – they’re about authority – the madness of Aguirre – and it they can’t have the world — no on can.

A pebble in the unruffled fool

It’s not like any of our problems are being solved – they’re just being regularized. Remember the “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico? It’s still there. The government’s 2001 Action Plan to “reduce, mitigate, and control hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico and improve water quality in the Mississippi River Basin” – was followed [after 4 years of reassessment] by the 2008 revised Action Plan – that called for a reassessment every 5 years – and the 2013 reassessment led to the 2015 Goal Framework that updated the time of attainment for the original goal – establishing an “interim target” for 2025. When does the unconscionable become the conventional?

Eldercare Card Deck

Download, print and cut out this card deck – card back images are included for double-sided printing. Can be used as a regular card deck: or use with printable “Early Harvest” organ cards for the Eldercare game. Instructions are included. Free download on “Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials”

A pebble in the unruffled pool of self 2

Like in the “Princess and the Pea” – some thoughts are good for proving who you are — no matter how an uncomfortable process it may be. Or maybe not.

More Urbites 10: “Urban Planning”

Tompkins County planners don’t counsel – they conspire. We no longer create our communities by living in them – we just inhabit the communities our government creates. They do all the planning. They have all the planners. They have all the power. They have all the cards.

A pebble in the unruffled pool of self

Being alone with your Self can be an uncomfortable experience — so can thinking.

A pebble in the unruffled pool: How many?

Humor is a wellspring of humanity – I refuse to be around those who are afraid to be splashed.

A pebble in the unruffled pool: Abortion

That’s OK; they’re not human beings. That’s OK; they’re too old anyway. That’s OK; it’s a male’s duty to sacrifice themselves. That’s OK; they’re Jews. Historically: categorizing people as disposable; is the first step in disposing of them. And while it takes two to tango – it only takes one to dance. Or pull the plug.

A pebble in the unruffled pool: Prostitution

A pebble in the unruffled pool of self-satisfaction. More than the arrogance with which they pronounce their doctrine of privilege and hate – it’s the smug self-satisfaction of their “one thought – one taught – one voice – one choice” enthronement that makes a perfect target. Is nothing sacred?

Find the Differences from “Cornithaca County”

Download, print and mark the differences in these three two-page sets of images from the “Cornithaca County” book –solution pages are included. Free downloads on “Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials”

Farm-cheesi: The Game of Flies

Download, print, and play this modern farming version of a centuries old game. Players win by moving their maggots from the “carcass” and guiding their journey to fly fulfillment. Instructions and tokens are included. Free download on “Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials”

Urbites: “Where there’s smoke . . .”

Folks in rural areas don’t live under the same laws as other people – or have the same worth. But, what would you know about it. And why don’t you?

“When ethnicity is important . . .”

“Non-Hispanic white” is not only demeaning; because it categorizes people by what they are not – it’s a further step in the cultural “genocide” program of our current political Doctrine. Even while apologists are downplaying its origins in government policy making; and minimizing its effect – citing its use in census taking – they still refuse to change it – an intransigence that gives the lie to their claims of “discrimination is against the law.” Ethnicity, along with gender and race, are the sole determiners of worth in our Social Policies – and Inclusion, Equitability and Social Justice are restricted to named ethnicities. The poor and marginalized “non-Hispanic white” rural descendants of poor and marginalized “non-Hispanic white” immigrants have no existence in the minds or media of our city-centric millennium. Government policy makers have taken the broad brush of bigotry to slap a coat of evil onto those they oppress as “non-Hispanic whites” – Don’t be patsies for the New School Nazis – rescue your ethnicity from the melting-pot and display it publicly – and with pride — before it becomes illegal to do so. I’m Irish-American – not “non-Hispanic white” – Póg mo thóin!

Were the Canadian forest fires designed to?

Were the Canadian forest fires designed to promote electronic media? Sorry, just [starting?] another conspiracy theory.

“If you divert the stream . . .”

Changing the natural course of human interaction and community; and blaming the same as the cause of the resulting problems – is “go-to” shield of today’s progressive policy making. Did Mao’s restructuring; that caused the death of millions – lead to a global-warming-industrial-pollution that may cause the death of billions? Or does it just fall into a “make the trains run on time” grayed-out area?

“Ribbon cutting” to “Cut to ribbons”

Tompkins County is a “multi-collegiate” governance of experts and office-holders: who resent questioning and refuse debate – treating the residents like children, serfs, and slaves.

“Surprise” is no surprise

The announcement that scientists are once again “surprised” at the “unexpected” climate change progress; should come as no surprise – governments [and those relying on government, institutional and corporate funding] have been shuffling the bad news back into the discard pile for decades. All the in-house talk about Total Daily Maximum Loads, cyclical climate phenomenon, carbon offsets, quotas, and incentives can be summed up in one simple, non-technical statement: “Things are going to get worse – much worse.” There — equivocate that!

New Bell-shaped Curves: Ship of State

The rich and powerful make the rules; while the criminals and layabouts crack the whip – and the poor workers are “hood”winked into believing they can’t change things.

I don’t need social media to do my thinking

It’s not rhetorical – it’s categorical.

How many politicians does it take?

Isn’t it true that the annoyance of old-time bureaucratic form filling has been replaced by the repression of political control? Even the simplest acts are now subject to approval by authorities who nitpick trifles while the world is unraveling – the better to avoid blame.

How many scientists does it take?

In our current societal paradigm: survival equals importance – the more important something or someone is decided to be; the more likely the chance of surviving and thriving through government intervention. Our “science” is an example of a shamelessly self-promoting groupism – seeking an ever-increasing share of societal “importance” – translating quibbles into schisms, and meaningless discoveries into revelations. It was raining when I went outside yesterday; and it was forecast to be cloudy . . . maybe I can get a grant to study the problem.

Rural America: It’s not like anybody cares

Social Justice is all about using the pretense of “everyone” to cover up a systematic oppression of the rural community. Urban Colonialism is the planning paradigm that has been adopted to remold our rural communities – a combination of self-righteous hypocrisy; and dismissive superiority: bringing civilization to the natives. In the cold outer circle of our city-centric government – marginalization is inevitable — and unrecognized.

I have to get my ducks in an array

It used to be enough to get them in line – now, they need to be present and correct – each one a conforming element; in a planned position. One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice. One array — O.K.?

Men have responsibilities: Women have excuses

The Draft? It’s blatantly sexist; and a matter of life and death. Why aren’t they marching in the streets? It’s all “Cry for me – lie for me – die for me” demands: with a thin coating of “non-sexist” Doctrine. We are living in a time beyond rationality – of a pecking order based on plumage; a Doctrine of privilege and hate. How will we avoid a disastrous collision with the self-serving bigotry, arrogance, and greed that is breaking off from our polar attitudes? We are under control of a Doctrine that is wholly incapable of stopping the ship from sinking – merely deciding the manifests of lifeboats. “Die for me” is not a request.

“Making do” is Old School

“Why have less when – you can have the best?” New Schoolers have been told that they’re better than everyone who came before them; and that: “Doing for others is the duty that is owed you.” So when the drug/population/climate change/inflation/debt problem starts to cut into your lifestyle: reach deeper and take more. “You CAN always get what you want” – as long as you can find someone who has it. “It’s not fair that they should have something you don’t.”

How many Authorities does it take?

We’re screwed; and we’re still in the dark. The only problem Authorities have solved: is how they can become rich and powerful.

“Poetry Bonus – 39 Limericks”

Whether or not it’s a “bonus” – depends on the reader.

“Some creatures seem to have the knack”

Life doesn’t chase you – it just comes right on through — so trying to twist and dodge it isn’t a good choice.

Social policies: They’ve built a wall

We’ve come a long way since the liberal “absolutes” of the sixties, and “ethnic mixes” of the seventies — now, with blame game rules and inclusion to the exclusion policies: we’re characters in a puppet show of propagandizing power-trippers – trapped in a “Monsters on Maple Street” drama projected on the backdrop of our disintegrating world – like a dream of urinating; and waking to the fact you did.

Find the three identical cats

Is it easy? I don’t know. But it’s furry, and it’s fair; because there’s a solution — and that’s more than you can say about most of the challenges in front of you. Free download with solution on “Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials”

We’ve passed the “nick of time”

In a way; I can relax. The stopping distance is greater than the distance to the cliff. It’s like one of those slow motion accidents on ice – where you can see what’s coming – if only there was time for a cigarette . . . maybe I’ll get out and buy one . . . you think?

Modern Doctrine Deconstructed

There’s nothing more to say. Do what you’re told.

“There is no more adamant a fool”

Authorities follow doctrine; and their doctrine gives them authority – manipulating symbols of symbols – and deciding which end of the egg to break open. Luckily; their decisions don’t require debate – lucky for them.

“All roads lead to the horizon”

“Surprising, unexpected, historic”: Honesty is what we expect – “anomaly” is what we get with today’s scientific reporting. The “If I can’t have the world; no one can” attitude of the power elite leads our taking pandemic — And the “naming and blaming” of our adolescent society is as likely to save us; as a toddler driving you to the hospital. If you can’t hear the waterfall: listen to the screams of those going over it — they’re getting louder.

What does being the poorest, most . . .

Exposing misconduct, corruption, and cronyism in Tompkins County is not just digging into the past – it’s yesterday, today, and tomorrow. “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” documented only small piece of the overarching policies and actions that dominate and control the lives of the county’s rural residents – and includes nothing that has occurred since its publication. An unfinished and unpublished companion piece to the “Truck Route” chapter [Road Weary] has even more jaw-dropping disclosures of the actions of local and County authorities; and their ongoing displacement and oppression of the rural community – actions that only those who feel beyond the reach of social justice and legal oversight would commit. I have sent copies of the book to many people who, I thought, would be open to change – without even getting an acknowledgement – and bringing readers up to date would do nothing to change the situation – it would only increase the “body count.” It’s hopeless – but I have a plan – as my cousin used to say: “Don’t force it; get a bigger hammer.”

More Urbites 8: “Redacted Policy Making”

Looking at the inner workings; without being able to see the inner workings – is a common occurrence with those trying to participate in Tompkins County government. Public policy is decided and ratified privately. Take it, or leave it: there’s nothing you can do about it.

“How to remain an agent for social change”

“How to remain an agent for social change without becoming an agent for social control” I came across this the other day – something to think about. It’s a question our government has been unable to answer.

The second one off the back of the sleigh

If you’re going to be thrown to the wolves – is it lucky not to be the first? Under the bus, off the back of the sleigh: you made it through last night – but it might be today.

“Right is of no sex, Truth is of no color”

The most grinding thoughts in our oily Social Policy machine; come from those we most respect — While apologists and toadies scour their writings: Gathering fragments of their broken dream – to reassemble an entirely different one.

“Insert excuse here ______”

When authorities are forced to give up silence: they give out excuses. And while stonewalling and ghosting are the bureaucratic “go-tos” of government regulators and policy makers – excuses provide a spectrum of fallback defenses for every occasion. There is the “ambushed” excuse: “The results were surprising and totally unexpected” – the “aggressive” excuse: “You don’t understand the complexities/technicalities/economics of the situation” to the “defensive”: “It’s a political/personal attack” and the “plaintive”: “I didn’t know anything about it” excuse. But no matter what their excuse: Today’s unchecked government bureaucracy is like a hydra of hyenas — ripping the carcass of our Constitution.

More Urbites 7

Who do they think they’re fooling? You, of course. Just as there is public participation and meaningful public participation – there is regulation and meaningful regulation. How can we affect a slowdown in Climate Change – when those most responsible are held the least accountable? When the reduction of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions is due to the production of our goods in other countries – and the shipping of electric vehicles creates more pollution than those electric vehicles actually save.

More Urbites 6

The word “hearing” conjures up clips of hard hitting, hard questioning Congressional Hearings — but nothing could be farther from today’s local and county hearings. Along with all he public participation of a royal proclamation, and the transparency of bullet-proof glass – government planning is sold with a carefree lack of accountability: Comments from the public are met with an indifference that underscores the absence of any meaningful public participation or oversight. The only hard hitting going on in public hearings is the way their planning hits the public.

“How do you know you’re Old School?” 2

It’s time to shed the “AARP-Ineffectual” image that’s been laid on old folks – it’s a long road to being old – and those New School yearbooks will be pulped long before you get there. Old School? It’s how the people who lived to be old; lived to be old.

More Urbites 5

It’s not what you do: it’s who you are – never more so than now. In a country that’s still covering up for their biggest polluters; how far away are we from doing anything about it? If they can’t have the world: no one can.

NYSDEC two-timing

At the same time regulators are in bed with corporate agribusiness: they’re fucking the rural community. It’s not a question of proof: it’s a question of how many times it has to be proved before New York does something about it.

Why is the Scientific Method like a net?

In our world of Doctrine: “This is this”; and everything becomes an absolute. Science; professing to be based on facts – is the perfect compartmentalizing decision tool for avoiding questions of compassion and human worth. Everything it catches is categorized — and everything it cannot: does not exist.

Form Based Code Cornell [formerly Lansing] NY

Form Based Codes are a simplified form; for a simplified government: themselves. Form Based Codes bring zoning into line with modern authoritative thinking: 100% public comments – 0% meaningful participation. Form Based Codes are the perfect tool for Urban Colonialism: the preservation of urban spaces – and the resettlement and destruction of the rural community. A “streamlined” tool for taking. "The real tragedy of these small enclaves of marginality and poverty is that people are playing a game of life that has been structured in such a way that they are required to play but prevented from winning.” — Janet Fitchen, “Poverty in Rural America” In rural New York; No one can hear you scream.

Cornell is remolding Tompkins County

Every day it seems: Cornell’s foot comes down harder on the necks of the county’s rural residents – Cornell’s resettlement of the surrounding rural towns and takeover of the town governments is aided by a lockstep media; and by a stream of planning experts: all presenting and promoting the plans that best suit Cornell’s corporate agenda of expansion and profit. Cornell’s “Agriculture Protection Plan”: “protects” a small group of influential millionaire farmers from the increasingly poor and marginalized “non-farming” 95% of the rural population – whom Cornell states: “don’t deserve to live there” – living in trailers and 3-and-4 generations in old wood-framed houses — that the County just assessed up another 5% this year. And, contrary to the American Planning Association’s teachings; to redevelop urban areas with existing infrastructure, mass transit, and walkability to jobs – Cornell has pushed through approval to bulldoze our rural greenspaces; and build a new infrastructure with municipal water and sewers for thousands of housing units for Ithaca’s unwanted poor, and its workers: young families with children; needing schools and many other services — while the Town’s [Cornell ghost written] Comprehensive Plan defends it by claiming that this will actually decrease taxes and maintain the rural character.

Is there a “Robbery gone good”?

With victims dismissively reduced to “complainants,” and murders spin-doctored down to “a robbery gone bad” – we should ask our increasingly distant government: “Is there a ‘robbery gone good’?” Would that be a robbery with just the threat of violence? Or is it any amount of injury short of death? Authorities seem able to rationalize, and minimize, our suffering – and while some people may admire their ability to make so measured a judgement: it brings little relief to the nightmares of victims – only the closure of a file drawer.

Does legality give legitimacy?

“Discrimination is against the Law.” That’s a lie. Discrimination IS the law – “lawful discrimination,” that is. You can walk both sides of a one-way street – If you’re certain that your talk and all your actions never meet. Full disclosure – Full exposure of all government policies and statistics. Goodness doesn’t need to hide.

They don’t go by rules – they go by rulership

Tompkins County is the template for the New Dictatorship – a Triumvirate of government, institutions, and corporations – policy making with all the transparency of a proclamation — and all the meaningful participation of serfdom.

“How do you know you’re Old School?”

What’s the difference? “Time will tell.” Just using this phrase is Old School – young people don’t need time to find out – they already know everything. It was amusing to read the conclusion of a thirty-year old; that “in his experience” – young people had better ideas than old people. Young people think old people are fools. Old people know young people are fools. In a humanity that only seems able to learn the hard way; maybe those decades of experience are more important than authorities admit — Old age may not bring wisdom: but you certainly get to know what bullshit is.

“A tool of Cultural Genocide”

No it’s not–Yes it is – The evidence is everywhere. Cultural Genocide is “the systematic destruction of traditions, values, language, and other elements that make one group of people” – and the best way to do that is by removing that culture from public observance and awareness. It’s demeaning to be categorized by what you’re not: and while apologists point out that the category; “Non-Hispanic white” was created by the Census Bureau – what is their excuse for our government refusing to change it? Our government’s institutional partners, like AARP revise their calendars to designate March as “Women’s History Month” – with no mention of Irish History at all — and the History Channel banners “Women’s History Month” continuously; to the exclusion of Irish contributions to our country’s history.

SILENCE: the lid on our Social Policy cesspit

Silence is the solution our government applies to the dangers of questioning, disclosure, and debate: Silence through power – silence through fear — a bureaucratic stonewalling to keep out public participation; and keep in all decision making power. Deciding Social Policies that have to power to discriminate against whoever they want, whenever they want, for as long as they want – in secret. Did we given them that power? Or did they take it? And will they ever renounce it?

“The Lincoln–Biden Debates”

It’s not satirical – and it’s not far-fetched: Biden, like Stephen Douglas, sees people as a commodity; whose lives and worth can be decided by others – through the power of government. I there a difference? Yes, Douglas was willing to publicly debate his position.

“Hardwired for dogma”

Whether you think of it as “The Revealed Church of Secular Self-Interest,” or programing – today’s Doctrine is all about the one answer: the only answer. If you disagree: you’re wrong – and if you can’t be converted — you must be punished — or killed. How far along that road are we? When there’s only one road — there is no exit.

“A tunnel vision of the future”

“One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice” • More than a tunnel vision – it’s a culvert of conformity – a wastewater conduit for the Elite – Don’t think you will profit: anything of value has been sieved out before it reaches your level.

“Nice work if you can get it . . .”

Everybody wants to be a messenger – and everybody wants to make money without getting their hands dirty. This may be the essence of today’s taking: standing outside and reaching in. Messengers only report – they don’t soil their hands with pity.

Global Warming: Science sees a thermometer

Even when Science is about people – it’s not for people: it’s a detached attitude that sees Global Warming as a matter of degrees – not disasters. It’s a perspective that elevates observation above compassion, or responsibility. We’re cooking a pot of unsustainable policies; while Science monitors the safe temperature guidelines. How hot is it? Hot as Hell.

The New Occam’s Razor: the only explanation

These days; the bell-shaped curve only rings true in the center – and the only explanation is the authoritative one. In the past; people thought – now they’re just taught

The New Normal: 200 miles on a 50-mile spare

Don’t look back; we haven’t escaped anything: the next time we break down — it’ll be on us before we know it. We should have taken the time to get things fixed — not just take a piss.

Governmental Ghosting Poster 1

In our current government; citizens have been relegated to an annoyance – and if they can’t be dissuaded: they’re “ghosted.” We don’t need a paranormal investigation to expose these “new normal” ghosts – but we may need a new government to get rid of them.

Society Survival Store 7: “Darkness calling”

Humor: it’s a Crime of Survival in the pompous victory parade over humanity and nonconformity. Our never-anything-but-superficial “diversity” is but another chapter in a Gulliver’s Travels authoritarian manuscript filled with Kafkaesque bureaucracy and Lord of the Flies social interaction. Coming next: The Big Event Horizon.

New Term: “Presumptive Statistics”

Along with a self-serving reasoning based on assertions and bigotry; presumptive statistics are used to give the appearance of legitimacy to the studies that support Social Policies.

Science News

There’s nothing like wars and other human enabled disasters for ensuring scientific progress; and employment. The same scientific community that was so closed-mouthed as we raced into an industrial-pollution death spiral — has become proactive in protecting their sources of funding and fame. Is this news story really so farfetched?

It takes more than saying

Like a revealed religion; today’s societal doctrine is an unalterable statement of what everything is – and how everyone must act. That is why there is no questioning or debate; and why those who attempt to do so are scorned and attacked. Although phrases like; “talk is cheap” and “it’s your actions that define you” show a long held concern with reality based social engineering – modern policy making streamlines the real-world decision making process into a non-participatory public proclamation. In Tompkins County, where doctrinal thinking is firmly in control; any questioning is met with a wall of silence – on the surface – because if that was all: why are people so afraid to speak out?

“90% of addicts” Drugs poster

This drug poster is so much like a CDC Teen Tobacco poster – it’s almost as if they care.

It’s their actions that define you

Let’s face it – the first and most important thing that you are judged on today is your race, gender, and ethnicity. It is the actions of government and institutions that categorize and codify how you should be perceived and treated. These entities are insistent to the point of intimidation that you accept their judgements – and terrified of disclosure and debate. Full disclosure – full exposure of all government policies and statistics — it’s time to out the Dorian Grays of Social Justice.

They weren’t created to end discrimination

The underlying message of every Social Policy is that it is acceptable behavior to discriminate against people because of their race, gender, and ethnicity. What does government get out of it? The power to subordinate human worth to their profit and control – the exact actions and attitudes that Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr and Frederick Douglass fought to end. Social Policies and Slavery: separated by time – joined by evil.

Behind the Curve

Even if the shoe doesn’t drop – they’ll be running out of them when they see the wave coming.

It’s an ill wind that fills their sails

Acquisition in adversity has become a bureaucratic basic for the expansion and empowering of government agencies. It’s not by chance; but by design: that we always seem to be on the brink of disaster – a disaster that only additional government powers can avert. Is it cynical to believe that our Government’s continual “surprise” at the reality and extent of Climate Change is part of a roadmap to Martial Law – and the planned acquisition of total power.

The New Normal: Averaging Extremes

Abnormal drought; followed by abnormal rains: equals the New Normal “average” rainfall. Authorities bring extremes into the mainstream by using a viewpoint that allows freedom and oppression, and life and death to be quantified, weighed, and adjudicated. Discrimination one way and discrimination the opposite way results in equality. But if someone kills; killing them is an injustice. And an equitable balance is a finger on the scales. So what is the guiding principle that authorities use in deconstructing and constructing our New Society? One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice: Theirs.

When you turn on the light

If there is anything that our Social Policies can’t handle: it’s anything that exposes them to inspection, questioning, or debate. They demand secrecy instead of transparency – and promote bigotry instead of equality. What is done in the dark; is undone by the light.

More Urbites 4

Agriculture is more than just a “cash cow” – it’s a regulatory carousel that goes around and around to the tune of money and votes. If you want to predict what the future holds for a reduction of Agricultural Pollution; just look at the past 50 years: gathering data, updating “Best management practices” [BMPs], voluntary programs, and incentives that have resulted in increased in levels of pollution – and a flood of tax money into farming pockets – over and over. Even as we enter the drain that we’ve been circling; Agriculture isn’t changing — if the climate disaster they’re helping bring about harms their profits – tax dollars will be found to fill the gap.

More Urbites 3

Rural policy making isn’t just about indifference – authorities use deception, misrepresentation, and misconduct to actively target rural communities for urban sprawl problems. When Lansingville Road residents complained of high-speed, reckless through-cutting traffic and no law enforcement; the County produced a 48-hour traffic summary that showed a decrease in the 85th percentile speed. When research uncovered that it was conducted in the fog – they had no comment. And provided no law enforcement.

“Secondhand Drugs” poster 1

In this reimagined government “Secondhand Smoke” poster – I’m pretending that the victims of drug users and dealers have the same level of importance. If only there were anti-drug non-profits with the same deep funded pockets and campaign clout as the American Cancer Society: it would change our country’s institutionalized, form based agenda.

“Girl Card” bumper stickers

Just tossing out a few bumper stickers – but with such a big [and smug] target; it’s easy to hit the mark. You can work all your life; but you’ll never be free; in the Single-Mom Society: where all white males are always wrong – and only Women can be strong.

Who can say anything against them?

Today’s Doctrine is anything but a beacon of love and diversity – it’s an ever-present threat of “conform or be punished” – intimidation by example. While so many claim to believe: how many are afraid to say they don’t?

If prostitutes are now “sex workers”

Modern doctrine’s selective vision is good enough for an attack – but it has no defense against questions of bias and hypocrisy – so it keeps attacking.

Pouring excuses from every orifice

Politicians don’t work up a sweat; just excuses. Our government always takes a position that helps their cronies and supporters – regardless of the potential dangers. As revelations of long building problems are forced to the surface: 2023 will be a year of unparalleled excuses — and disastrous quick-fixes.

Change the beat – grab a couple notes

It used to be said that the best way to make a million dollars was to write a book about it and sell a million copies – but today’s advice would be to jump on the “profits of change.” In our paradigm shift from “movers and shakers” to users and takers – “changing the rules; picks the pockets of fools” – and why should you spend a lifetime saving; when you can spend a lifetime of savings? So change the conditions, regulations, policies, methodologies, categories, or perceptions – and make a New Millennium pipeline from what’s theirs; to what’s yours — and go with the flow.

Destroying sustainable rural communities

Everywhere in rural Tompkins County; Cornell is stepping in – and stepping all over – the existing rural communities. There used to be a bumper sticker: “Ithaca – 10 square miles surrounded by reality” – but when reality began to intrude on and erode Cornell’s magical kingdom: Cornell created the myth of Tompkins County – an autocratic vision of Urban Colonialism: “allocating burdens” [their problems] to the surrounding rural communities – and marginalizing the rural population by “bringing civilization to the natives.” Tompkins County’s rural communities are disintegrating under the rulership of a collegiate elite who despise them – and covet their land.

What happens in First Nations

The evil is back – and once again parading as “good.” Not only are people definitively [and legally] categorized on the basis of their race, gender and ethnicity – the compartments are “waterproof.” Even though the “First Nations” perpetrated all the same outrageous actions of people all over the world; throughout history – the compartmentalized concept is propagandized with a 19th century “noble savage” myopic romanticism – and a full helping of 21st century entitlement. Unsurprisingly; hierarchical terms like “first” and “important” are smugly emblazoned on a viewpoint with as much the arrogance and bigotry as any the world has seen – and lubricated with the same hate and sense of privilege that has led to the death of millions.

Slave Merchants and Social Policy Makers

Social Policy Makers’ pretentions of temporary and reasonable discrimination have about as much reality as “being a little bit pregnant” – and are no more distancing then the nothing-personal acquisitiveness of Slave Merchants. Bigots are as bigots do – so if you do like a bigot – then the bigot be you.

They’re not Droids

“Every grain of sand is different – but they’re all grains of sand” describes the “distinction without a difference” of today’s diversity. Like Henry Ford’s “you can have any color you want; as long as it’s black” color choice: “diversity” is limited to a selection of conforming offerings: only those allowed by a revealed doctrine of undebatable givens. You may argue that conforming is not the same as believing; but from the viewpoint of the repressed, abused, marginalized and murdered victims of “diversity” and other historical discriminatory policies — it’s not a very convincing argument.

Science only discovers what already exists

The next time you stream, or read a web science blurb; be aware of the superlatives that scientists heap upon their works; and upon themselves — If they used that same passion to stand up for people – instead of standing in line for a handout: they might actually earn some of it.

Shuffling the same marked deck of cards

Whatever the changes in our government: we never get to examine the deck.

“Science is what we expect . . .”

What is the “Scientific Method”? Get a grant. So it’s not surprising that our profit-driven – government-managed Climate Change playbook is useless in defending us against a reality-driven universe. Scientist’s cries of “astonishment” at the “incredible trend” of ocean-warming are about as convincing as a suspect recounting their fourth version of the event. Meteorological predictions describe this disastrous El Niño as a “natural phenomena” – but then, so is pandering – and murder – so what’s their point? Yes, things will get really, really bad – and Science will admit it — in a way that satisfies funding opportunities and career longevity.

Society Survival Store 6

Like a product development deconstruction on the eve of destruction – you can’t teach sense to a fool: but you can sell him almost anything. That’s why sellers have become shamelessly self-promoting: of themselves. Buy the image and feel good about yourself. Swallow the hype and buy the tripe.

Society Survival Store 5

As the old world passes – there’s a new world of opportunity for those who can ride the collapsing wave. Business and education can always profit from new policies: especially government mandated ones – so pull yourself up by your bootstraps, have a generous helping of free lunch, and ensure greater profits from the Greater Good.

Society Survival Store 4

“A finger on the scale – will prevail.” Living in an Ivy League ruled county – whose authorities and planners despise rural people and covet their land: takes away the legitimacy of any “outrageous” and “preposterous” comments on this more-scary-than-satirical piece of blatant oppression. The collegiate elite are molding the future of Tompkins County – and the rural population is just excess material.

Society Survival Store 3

It’s not wildly satirical – it’s not even moderately satirical – it’s a projection of today onto the near future. I don’t make any distant future satires; because our future ends before then. “Earth’s poor will be replaced – by billionaires in space.”

Undercover Party: “The Party’s Over”

The days of freedom are over. The piñata of public participation has only showered us with comment forms and bureaucratic feces. The thrill of eluding oppression has turned into a fear of the open sky: with no safe place to rest. Everything is gray – without difference or distance – “The party’s over.”

Doctrine Warning Page

Like those smiling drug commercials that cure your appearance; but whose side effects include dangerous conditions and death – the Doctrine that claims it will cure our unsightly society; can lead to equally negative outcomes from the application of their “one thought fits all” nostrums – and from the refusal to apply them. Attempts at public participation in government will only lead to a wall of negation – but publicly criticizing Doctrine can result in a much more participatory experience. And while there are no requirements to post a “Beware of” Doctrine warning sign; take care: it doesn’t always bark before it bites.

Social Policy Flow Chart II

When race is the basis; The whole place is racist. Don’t do the crime – if you can’t take the rhyme. Our Social Policies are like giving the power of attorney to a stranger – with delusions of grandeur.

What’s at the bottom of Policy making?

What’s at the bottom of government Policy making? Nothing – nothing that you can cling to for help – nothing that they can be held accountable for – and nothing that calls for commitment or integrity. No matter how long the pole: you can never find anything you can build a foundation on. Any unwelcome outcome is excused – and when the excuses prove to be lies – the lies are excused. There’s only one thing government policy makers prefer to excuses . . . silence.

“Socialism isn’t about people”

“A Socialist means a man who wants all the chimneys swept and the chimney-sweeps paid for it.” “But who won’t allow you to own your own soot.” — ran a conversation in Chesterton’s “The Flying Stars.” Socialists [and Progressives] have no more concern for the people; than gardener has for the twigs cut from a hedge – And while they declare they’ll pass laws to control and manage wealth: they would never pass a law against being poor.

“I’m Old, and you’re In the Way”

A second collage of selected bumper stickers from the “Cornithaca County” book – or could be used as wall art.

“Sustainability and the Greater Good”

A collage of selected bumper stickers from the “Cornithaca County” book — the other kind of road signs.

Bumper Stickers: “Less Space – More Fitting”

Revisiting bumper stickers in a more compact design – and hoping that people remember to read the fine print before signing off on anything.

“Cornithaca Billboards Multi-page”

A collage of billboards from the “Cornithaca County” book. Even in modern times; billboards still capture your attention and intrude on your thoughts – the perfect size and “volume” for doctrinal persuasion — and for the threat behind the persuasion.


Is it amusing or is it troubling; that in recent weeks I have had many more people view my author profile than have viewed my work? Since the profile is only meant to be an appetizer to whet your appetite – or a sideshow barker; to arouse your curiosity, and tempt you inside – this “turnaround” at the threshold reveals a kind of disconnect in today’s social etiquette: people don’t believe in it. Soviet rule enforced order; but did not bring about peace – as soon as their power was removed; all the hate, history, and bigotry returned. Our current Doctrine; likewise enforces a superficial social togetherness – while winking at all the harm being done to those it targets as enemies. In a world where the concept of individual human worth will only survive if we work together – our “people-as-a-commodity” government is pulling us apart. Everything is Doctrine – everything is profiling — and everything is unraveling. Only Authority is getting stronger. Profiling is human — it’s when you stop there; that inhumanity takes over.

“Plea Bargain This!”

Detectives may “speak for the victims”; but our Criminal Justice System speaks for expediency — and they always have the last word. With criminals waving guns and money all over social media – maybe it’s time for the victims to waive their social contract: “If you gotta do what you gotta do; then I gotta do something too.” [Banned in 50 states; but still available to the public.]

“hard-wired people”

Looking past the who, why, and what of our “hard-wired” society – past the “new and improved” merchandizing and high-pressure fear-driven sales techniques: how do we rate our satisfaction? These days; when trying to fix their mistakes is the best we can hope for from authorities – and our societal repair department is bigger than the showroom — “crossed wires” are the leading cause of injury; and death. And out-of-the-box problems are not covered by any social contract. But since our government has changed from a democracy to a monopoly; your choices are limited: “You can be anything you want to be: as long as it’s Doctrine.” [All other products have been discontinued.]

DRUGS: there’s no room for anything else

You can’t beat an addiction: you can only fight it — every day for the rest of your life.

Who is accountable for the failure?

Who’s accountable for the failure of our Criminal Justice System? The victims. Our societal authorities have become so bureaucratic that “fighting crime” is a sufficient answer to the grief and loss of the people. There’s no excuse for taking the law into your own hands; but there’s always an excuse for the law dropping you at the first opportunity. Authorities are ensconced behind a desk of immeasurable privilege — giving us forms to fill in our lives.

I stubbed my toe: maybe it’s a brain tumor?

Not only is it difficult to gauge the credibility of information from internet searches — it’s almost impossible to pin anything down. That white spot on your nail might mean or be anything – from house paint to “call the ambulance and have an MRI scheduled” or even the Pole Star in a bi-polar medication drama. Are you living with the Millennial chagrin of “differentness” or cringing in mortification during re-pigmentation to regain your racial purity? In our “garbage pizza” world of authoritative toppings – how do you decide which is truly Supreme? Doctrine: One Thought • One Taught • One Voice • One Choice. It’s special, it’s the most popular, and it’s the only thing on the menu.

What’s better than feeling . . .

Entitlement doesn’t stop with what is due to you – it expands to include what is due to others as well. Do you know anyone who believes they’re entitled to decide what they can or can’t do: and doesn’t decide for everyone? I thought not.

Cornithaca Doctrinal Billboard

Our emerging dictatorship follows an old path: in their quest for power; our representatives have become deciders, and now rulers. How could this happen? That’s old too: greed is the bait on corruption’s hook. Spoiler: The click of our shackles will come with the enactment of Climate Change Disaster Laws.

Climate Change revelations

What is the most believable part of government UFO cover-up stories? That our government would cover up things they don’t want the public to know – things that would cause public unrest or upset existing quid pro quo policies. So do you really believe that the “bad news, bad news, bad news” about Climate Change is news to government authorities? Climate Change weather is increasingly destructive and increasingly moving into previously unaffected areas of the country. Hazzard insurance costs are rising at an incredible rate – and insurance companies are worried about being able keep up with the tide of destruction. Those who are responsible for talking it up can tell you not to worry — but those who are responsible for paying up need to take a much more realistic view.

Dramatically lower the crime rate

Don’t change the situation – change the definition. Today’s government has more lenses than an old school planetarium: and the sky’s the limit for their fatuous policy-making. Tompkins County authorities have recently reassessed the value of rural properties up another 5% – in spite of still refusing to provide the County services of municipal water, sewers, mass transit, and Sheriff’s patrols – and while at the same time as enacting an Agricultural Zoning District that removes almost every “as of right” land use from the predominantly non-farming rural residents – and additionally promoting the construction of “satellite lagoons” on land next to non-farming residences: open cesspits of fermenting manure and heavy metal barn wastes, filled with antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant pathogens; and off-gassing hydrogen sulfide and methane gasses. This is what County authorities call the “allocation of burdens”: a euphemism for what was meted out to servants, slaves, and serfs in equally oppressive, but less hypocritical, times.

“Equality” is the new vaporware

Our government’s much heralded “Equality” is no more than political vaporware: announced to the public – but never actually produced. Like gold from seawater: the theory that their Social Polices can achieve equality is used to cover the much greater loss of equality needed to make them work. It’s not their actions that define them – it’s their excuses for these actions — and in the real world of dead-end jobs, overdue bills, and mortgages: their vaporware has a familiar odor — bullshit.

Group Names

Putting a bureaucratic touch to skepticism; is like a cautionary tale on April Fools’ Day – confusing: so here’s a way to match the group with the poop.

“Designated Disposable” Sampler

Do you know how to find out if you’re disposable? Listen . . . nothing. Question . . . nothing. Die . . . nothing. Tompkins County’s rural population is considered disposable by its Ivy League ruling class. They covet our land; to expand. In the County’s most recent comprehensive plan — we don’t even exist.

That’s why nobody’s doing anything about it

It’s an epitaph for our society: but it’s one that we can’t be bothered reading — and won’t be around to remember.

If you’re not special – you’re nothing at all

Today’s divisive government has many special categories – and a dumpster for those they leave out. Reimagined historical contexts like “First Nations” bestow a doctrine-gifted ascendancy that all peoples should aspire to – so why not self-gift our own? It’s a crime of survival.

New York Legislators have an answer

The future is no longer as dark as you feared – because you’ll be dead before it happens. Whether it’s unborn children, the elderly during the pandemic, or assisted suicide – New York State is in the forefront of eliminating the helpless and infirmed. New York State has a vision for the future . . . and if you’re unlucky; you’ll live long enough to see it.

“meaningful participation in government”

How much nicer if government had to ask our permission: “I’m away from the phone right now doing something interesting or fun: Please leave a message – and if the mailbox is full; try again later – we value your guidance.” I feel better already. “Can you get me a beer from the fridge – no, one of the 16 oz. ones.”

What do you call hypocrisy when. . ?

“Q: What do you call hypocrisy when it surpasses all rationalizing? Policy.” If you can have policies instead of individual judgement – then you can have policies instead of individual worth. At least that’s the reasoning that coats the self-serving hypocrisy of today’s societal authorities. Even though they consider themselves rulers and deciders [rather than representatives] – they use public policy as a means of cloaking the very personal gains that are a result of their decisions — even if it’s only the frisson of power.

Not because policy makers believe in freedom

“Social Policies: Not because policy makers believe in freedom and human worth – but because they seek to benefit from discrimination and oppression.” All our revered figures of freedom and equality were unalterably opposed to the concept of flexible principles – especially those that subjected anyone to oppression or discrimination. Our Social Policy makers are addicted to power: spending all that we have gained as a people in an effort to write themselves into history – risking everything on the gamble of a big payout. Whether through expediency or ignorance: the actions of our Social Policies are like throwing gasoline on a fire – like a fool at a barbeque — or policy makers in Congress.

What happened to Irish-American Heritage?

Now, it’s become Women’s History month; and Irish-American Heritage has been relegated to a secondary position; and in recent Institutional materials like the AARP 2023 calendar – only Women’s History Month is mentioned for March. In a sort of bureaucratic ethnic purge: Irish-Americans are now categorized as “Non-Hispanic whites” – and in spite of it being recognized as demeaning to be categorized by what you are not — institutions and government authorities refuse to change this act of bias. And if you offer the argument that this is a petty complaint: try doing the same with African-American Heritage Month. Or try categorizing Hispanics as “Non-Irish whites,” using “Men” and “Non-Men” as gender category descriptions, or designating “blacks” as “Non-whites” — and see what happens. You can begin to understand why we’re a society without questioning, and without debate: One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice.

Millennial Definitions: 24-hour Service

“24-hour Service: The amount of time your @#%*! works before it breaks down.” Sales & Service – when what they sell you is garbage; can its service life be far behind? 2023: Twenty-eight different brands – all selling the same cut-cost product from a bottom-level manufacturer.

Justice delivered to your door – for a price

“Ask and you shall receive – but don’t expect to receive what you asked for” – is a moral for government intervention: their only help is in taking control — of everything. Our post-representative society is plagued with problems – every problem that we gave government the power to stamp out. How is this possible? Like the gaming consoles that make their money from software, or the products that profit through selling refills: our government maintains its authoritative ascendency through fixing the problems it never fixes – and through its assertions that no one else can. Serving a public need that is never fulfilled; that becomes a hope; then a wish; and then a part of life’s burdens.

“Quitting Cigarettes . . .”

Drugs, drugs, drugs – in some communities: 95% of the crime is drug related – but the big splash is always for tobacco. Like the “don’t text and drive and run over people – you may get injured” spots: the drug epidemic is handled in a low key “don’t litter: because it’s bad” kind of way. Blaming tobacco has become a historically remunerative “boogey-man” campaign theme – but the drug epidemic, and the effect of second-hand drug use is treated as a “victim’s fault; wrong place at the wrong time” low-grade fever. In a way; it’s true that drug related deaths can be classed as tobacco related deaths – the marketed health mid-share of tobacco abuse overshadows that of drug abuse in the public’s awareness; and undercuts the efforts and funding to eradicate drugs in our communities. Maybe if the American Cancer Society would admit that drugs are the more dangerous cancer in our society; things would change — but what are the odds of that happening?

“Hell has no fire escapes”

It would be nice to think that when things get hot as hell – you could get the hell out: but our world is so enmeshed and entangled – that the only way out is a fantasy [light or dark – it’s your choice]. Now is the time to separate what works; from what sounds good – that’s why I subhead my blog: “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials.”

“The reason they have parents”

Being biological productors is fine – but kids need parents. Bringing up your kid until the “streets” got him – is like caring for your baby until you left him in the car with the windows rolled up on a summer day: an inexcusable act for any parent. “An ounce of prevention is better than a postmortem.” Maybe you could own dogs trained in narcotics detection; so they could indicate who in the area, including your children, is involved. A well planned, publicly funded, community based camera system could leave predators with no place to hide – and document the comings and goings, and actions of those who do harm to your children – “Stay in school – jail the fool.” Why do this? For the same reason parents use baby monitors — so they can intervene on behalf of their children; instead of grieving — because they’re parents. Doing nothing and being blameless is not an option for parents. It’s your call; and it’s your calling.

Is it a sign of apathy?

Tompkins County government is unresponsive to the petitions of its residents – but sometimes they open the door a crack to shine you on. Here are a few apocryphal, but possible, bits of bureaucratic advice: Cure cancer and become a famous benefactor; and use your influence to obtain an appointment with an official. Start a national committee on your issue and get it all over the news – so local officials know you’re serious. Get elected to County government – and change its policies from a minority seat. Make a moving appeal in your voicemails – they could decide to call you back. Be persistent – try again: maybe the 28th time is lucky. The vast majority of Tompkins County residents believe that their government is corrupt; and that they have no meaningful participation. “Residents don’t decide . . . Petitions hold no merit.” — Anonymous County Superintendent Try, try, again.

Is Streaming an activity?

Is “spinning your wheels” an action? Streaming, like the water in a circulating fountain, goes around and around; making a pretty show. Always going somewhere – but never getting anywhere. So stream on and dream on – and leave the world the same . . . the same . . . the same . . . as if you never existed. **Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this commentary do not reflect those of the writer – and the streaming of UFO Conspiracy and Reality Crime Shows has not yet been proven to be an indication of criminal tendencies – or mental instability.

“When the law says you can’t . . .”

Being corrupt doesn’t mean that you’ve done something – frequently corruption is about not doing anything at all. You don’t investigate complaints, you don’t see issues or conflicts of interest, you don’t respond to the needs or respect the rights of the people. In our post-representative government – “a vision for the future based on a set of principles that reflect the values of the community as expressed by the County Legislature” – there is no room left for meaningful public participation or decision making. It’s a corruption that refuses to recognize our individual human worth and reduces us to a commodity – like slavery: it’s a corruption of the soul.

“Bad Science” is more than just being wrong

As destructive and polluting moneymakers are finding less room to maneuver in an unraveling environment – politicians are faced with the paradigm of sustainable cronyism: how do you fix the problem without addressing it? This is where “bad science” becomes the good option – weighting the factors of cost and convenience; and building our houses of straw – or opting for miniature umbrellas; because they’re cheaper and easier to carry. With so many people living in low-lying coastal cities – you would think that rising oceans and strengthening hurricanes would effect a massive awakening – but instead; our planning is for sea barriers, elevating buildings, and evacuation scenarios. One sorcerer’s apprentice idea actually has us laying compressed air pipes under the ocean; to bubble up cold water and cool the waters that fuel hurricanes – but what about the ocean’s ecology? And what will we do as the oceans continue to heat up? – “from sea to bubbling sea.” And after all; worrying gives you wrinkles – and why fix the climate when our science claims they can build us domed cities? “Bad Science. Bad Science. Heel!”

Realizing their worst fears — Responsibility

Our “adolescent” society no longer requires responsibility from those given the privileges of adult actions and decisions – and accountability has devolved into a badge of guilt. In the “Simple Solutions” series; I spoke up for the enactment of universal DNA testing: bringing together parents – and making them Both responsible for the support and upbringing of their children – for the good of their children, and a better society. I can hear the howls of protest – and attack. In back of all their objections, doctrinal rationalizations, and vituperations lies a thing they fear even more than responsibility: equality — an inflexible recognition of the individual worth of every human being, even those not yet born — a simple and glorious concept that will send the walls of their “inclusion to the exclusion” policies tumbling down.

Does playing Xbox count as a disability?

The ADA defines a person with a disability as “a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity.” So the answer is: Yes. On the flip side; and since “disability” is a legal term rather than a medical one – could having a full-time job be categorized as a disability? How about acting in a responsible and compassionate manner? Or thinking? There seems to be only one path through the quicksand of this defining bureaucracy: “If you’ve got an itch; scratch it. If you’ve got an appetite; feed it.” Life without limits.

Laws are what we expect

You may think that you’re getting protection under the Law – but your protection under Policy is so much less. Victims have become downgraded to “complainants”; and Law Enforcement should be renamed Policy Enforcement – clearing out the jails has become more important for authorities than cleaning up the streets. In truth: our government has so little regard for our individual worth and safety; that we are all probably categorized as “complainers” – it’s all a matter of Policy.

Why make the hard choice?

What’s an example of a hard choice? Electric trains – they can easily travel at twice the speed of our highways; and can move people and goods much more efficiently at more comfort, and at lower cost. Train systems can be powered and fitted more cheaply to make use of any current or emerging means of generating electricity. Moving people and goods to and from stations and depots would also benefit in cost and efficiency; by the design and production cost saving of not having to allow for long-distance/highway speed parameters in their construction. So what’s the hard choice? Changing the status quo – quid pro quo of policy making – displeasing powerful interests, the manufactures, the unions. It’s our future; but it’s their comfort and profit – so keep believing the phase-out reduced-emissions carbon-zero rhetoric: driving electric cars is like snuffing out a candle in a house fire. We’ll keep making the easy choices – until there’s only one choice left on the table – a choice that will make all the hard choices look easy — dying.

OK, that’s your excuse for why you did it

“Non-Hispanic white” is a demeaning term that disrespects and suppresses ethnic and cultural heritage and classifies people by what they are not. Apologists point out that it was a category created by the Census Bureau – so why don’t they change it? Because they don’t want to. “The gun went off by accident” carries little weight when the victim has five bullet holes.

2023: Everything depends on who you are

Sure, protections are for everybody – but unless you’re somebody, and a somebody of politically recognized worth – good luck with getting any. Social Justice is a house with many doors – all of them locked — and only some of us have the key. Not only are Martin Luther King, Jr, Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass dead — everything they believed in has died along with them.

“Don’t look at the regulation . . .”

There’s a simpler way of understanding government policy making than scocio-economical-enviromental-multi-cultural-wide-spectrum-doctrine-ajudicated analysis: Does it work? With today’s shameless self-promotion, and the public’s inability to examine untainted statistics and reporting – there is still a simple and reliable test: What do you feel? The feeling in the air in Tompkins County is one of unease – an unlocatable miasma of fear. County government and the county elite can never stop praising their policies and their beliefs; but the people keep squirming in their seats — like there’s a predator in the room.

Government Officials

Just as there are 4 layers of defense to protect government misconduct: 1. Discredit the source, 2. Discredit the facts, 3. Discredit the situation, 4. It’s legal anyway – there is a defense in depth for their bad decision making. I once worked in a corporation where the top managers banded together to profess that they weren’t responsible bad decisions – it was always the fault of those below them. The receipt of bad information, and the acting on understandable ignorance are as convincing excuses as: “The dog snuck into my house and ate my homework to get me into trouble.” I haven’t made a “bad decision exculpatory hierarchy” – but it would add a touch of bureaucratic dark humor to our descent into dissolution.

Old Folks – it’s what’s on the menu

Today’s society is not just about using and taking – it’s about consuming — and old folks are just the wrapper for decades of earned savings and goods. The seniors they feature in AARP are people of position and security – but those who are unprotected are for the chop — and the knife – just slice them open and dig in. Lambs to the slaughter; without quibble or quarter.

Government is telling the same lie . . .

In attempting to enlist the support of New York government to protect the poorest, most underserved, and unrepresented group in rural Lansing from the machinations of the town’s rich and influential agribusiness owners – I appealed to the state’s Environmental Justice staff through its “Environmental Justice Hotline” and was told to leave a voice mail message and they would get back to me. Three times I left a message; and never received a reply. Next, I emailed the DEC Commissioner: using the supplied form: “The Commissioner and staff would like to hear from you” it stated – but I haven’t heard back from them yet either. Not only did the Lansing Town Board’s “AG Zoning District” plan deny the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of those living within the new District – it openly announces its intention to override the state’s new Environmental Rights Amendment. The lie that New York government is committed to “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people” and “the right of each person to clean air and water and a healthful environment” is a lie that is cloaked with an unnatural silence – punctuated by the cries of its rural victims.

Lansing’s rural policy is simple . . .

Town of Lansing officials are molding the future – and some people are just excess material.

New Definition: “Keyword”

Is there anything today that is untainted by the use for profit: or not broken through that use? When the search for meaning is declared to be fulfilled – that day; our freedom will end.

“Find the Differences 5”

Fifty-six framed pictures are hung on the wall: but the decorator isn’t happy with the way they look . . . After the frames have been rehung – eleven of the pictures have changed. Can you spot them? Download, print and mark the differences between these two pages of images – a solution page is included – Free download at “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials]

New Millennium Sampler

Suitable for quilts and shrouds – this New Millennium sampler design brings a 19th century hominess to our 21st century callousness. Make a “State of the Union” statement today.

“You Are Here” DNA Locating Service

If you can’t beat them – get behind them. How many Nazis disapproved of – and hated – Nazism? Is it a crime to want to survive? Tens of millions today are hiding behind an unquestioning silence — hoping they’ll never hear that knock on their door.

Proud to decide – scared to debate

When did our government change from representation to rulership? Progressives have set themselves above the people by enrobing themselves in the power to decide – a sense of importance that derives from their beliefs; and empowers their decisions — And is there any word they enjoy to roll around their mouths more than “important”? This is “important” – that is “important” – and especially: they are “important.” Slaves were treated; both by those who enslaved and sold them – and those who bought them – as a commodity; without individual human worth: The same attitude of “people as objects to use” – and judgements based on race, gender, and ethnicity – infuses today’s social policies. Through their own actions and beliefs: today’s progressives are no different than yesterday’s tyrants and slave masters — would they dare to expose themselves and debate that?

Disparity of treatment

There is a greater disparity between the treatment of rural and urban poor – than there is between black and white. Suppression of evidence is a large part of the media’s responsibility these days. If you don’t believe it: take 830,000 elderly deaths, the overwhelming sense of entitlement in our society, and COVID-19 – and try to squeeze out a story about the murder of an aged relative to speed up inheritance. The same is true about the plight of our county’s predominantly “white” rural poor: it contradicts the profitable “city-centric” doctrine of race, gender, and ethnicity that relies on a narrow viewpoint to prove its case. Like our country’s elderly: the rural poor are disposable – and when you’re disposable — you can’t be a victim.

Displaying the facts – but hiding the truth

Separating the facts from the truth is one of the most important duties of bureaucrats in our society. A local before-school breakfast program announced that they served thousands of complete, nutritious breakfasts to school children – publicly praising their own actions. The truth is that the children threw almost all of their breakfast into the garbage. It was more important that the program was fulfilled, than its aims. In the same way; our social programs are being fulfilled – while a society of compassion and individual human worth is starving to death.

“In the wrong climate at the wrong time”

“In the wrong climate at the wrong time” – or “A climate change gone wrong” is how authorities will be describing the circumstances of the victims in our eco-unraveling civilization. The 2002 BBC series “The Weather” – gave a glimpse of our 2050 future; if we didn’t change our path — and twenty years later; the predictions for that date are even grimmer. Like a drunken driver telling you that everything is under control –government officials are “driving impaired” – under the influence of powerful lobbyists – and topped up with fossil fuels and eco-excuses — we’re racing with a “pedal to the rectal” to have all our asses killed.

“What is Tompkins County’s rural policy?”

Constructive eviction is a situation where the tenant’s use of the property is so severely hindered by something under the landlord’s control that a reasonable tenant has no choice but to leave. Rich and influential farming interests have taken such control of the rural community that, like Ireland under British rule, Lansing’s rural residents have become tenants on their own land – heavily taxed, without rights or representation – with all law and regulation in the hands of their corporate agribusiness “landlords.”

Find the Three Identical Windmills

The same old, same old, same old: Download, print and mark the three identical windmills – a solution page is included – Free download at “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials]

Science’s “Garbage Pizza” explanation

Whether they call it a “Perfect Storm” or a freak combination of events – Science is increasingly relying on the shotgun approach to replace the magic bullet. Just as any possible solution that fits their needs becomes “the” solution – shotgun science riddles the problem with possibilities that somehow become an aggregate probability — and are presented as a theoretical certainty; an explanation that has become the go-to scenario of authorities: It’s an approach that removes accountability from the table – our societal problems are due to “environment, heredity, profiling, opportunity, lack of funding, compromised policy making, bias, and every other ingredient they can toss onto the problem [no anchovies, please]. Ordinary people say; “I don’t know, it could be anything” – but scientists say: “I do know; it’s everything” — one small step for science: one big leap for equivocation.

The “toothpaste tube” paradigm

“You can’t get blood from a turnip” – and who would try? But you can get money from people who have worked and saved for a lifetime – and our government has enacted new policies to extract as much as possible. In our disintegrating society; the new millennium has become a time of relentless acquisitiveness. The bottom of the barrel has risen to the top – and they’ll suck us dry to the very last drop.

“Your Lossy is my loss”

“Lossy” technology strips out data regarded as either unnecessary or redundant to reduce data size for storing, handling, and transmitting content. The process is irreversible. This modern method of identifying and handling “disposable” material; has been eagerly adopted by New York’s policy makers: Unborn children, the elderly, and the rural population have been “stripped out” by a political doctrine of use and profit – and left defenseless in our New Normal frenzy of taking.

“Blocking justice for the rural poor”

When it comes to rural Lansing – Census Blocks are used to implement a gerrymandering of Social Justice: the lower density of rural the population allows Census Blocks to be drawn so that they include both the multi-million-dollar lakefront residences of the Cornell elite; and poorest trailers in the rural hinterlands – in a methodology that “blends” them together to deny access to Social and Environmental Justice programs for the town’s marginalized and unrepresented rural poor.

“Spinning Climate Change Disasters”

Meteorologists are eager to predict the paths of destructive hurricanes – but when it comes to predicting the path that our climate driven world is taking — their utterances are strictly by the numbers. People have a right to be concerned by the ongoing announcements of findings that are many times bigger, quicker, and more serious than expected — history has shown that the more desperate the weather situation: the more likely our technological protections are to break down completely. So what plan do I think our government has prepared for its citizens during a climate change crisis? Martial Law.

Lovely Lansing Videogame: “No Services”

Urban Colonialism, like many colonial forms of government, has no place for the native population. Once their initial usefulness is ended – their troublesome existence is eliminated through a series of repressive and marginalizing policies. Tompkins County’s rural communities are being rapidly destroyed by high taxes, no services, an unhealthy environment, and no representation – and in the County’s recent “vision for the future” — they don’t exist at all.

“TDML: Influence tops effluence”

As the pollution levels rise higher and higher – influential polluters grab an ever greater share of the regulatory process. TDML is what these interests do when they don’t want to stop polluting. It gives them the legitimacy of regulations – without any of the bothersome restrictions. TDML: Totally Deceptive Meaningless Legislation

Plea Bargaining “Double-play”

It’s a “two-fer” or in Criminal Justice vernacular: “running concurrently” – Plea bargaining is the catalyst to our burgeoning petty career criminal life-style: so much so that criminals are now characterized as “doing what they need to do” – and victims have been relabeled as “complainants.” Only the most violent of offences seem worth putting any effort into controlling; and plea bargaining follows the arrest – like sunshine follows the rain.

“Reducing the number of poorly paid workers”

A financial expert once used this example: Two men; both working the same job, at the same pay, each buy a house. One man pays the only minimum monthly mortgage payment and puts the rest in the bank – the other uses all his additional money to pay off the principle. They both lose their jobs. The first man uses the money in the bank to continue paying his mortgage – the other loses his house: he thought the equity was in his house; it was in him. We live in a country where the government believes that spending money will fix everything: but when we run out of money — we’ll lose everything. Our country’s equity is in its people – not its policies — and there’s a pink slip coming in our pay packet.

“One world: One beach”

Feeding scraps to beggars at the kitchen door; won’t make a dent on poverty – and cleaning up a few bits of plastic on one beach; does nothing to stop the avalanche of plastic on another. If you’re doing something for the planet; then feeling good about yourself should be far down the list. Spaceship earth is leaking like a sieve — and patching one hole won’t stop the whistle of our air into a cold and indifferent universe.

Future Predictions: “In the year 2220 . . .”

Whether we’re an accident of physics with biochemical trimmings; or spiritual beings – is there any basis for assuming we will still inhabit the earth in the distant future? Maybe that’s saying something.

“Hardwired for use”

The term “hardwired” is frequently used these days to deny accountability and responsibility – but hardwiring opens the possibility of re-wiring and programing. What is there to support this theory? Just look around: intolerance, violence, disregard of individual human worth – the opposite of everything that naturally makes us a community. It’s rewiring for a purpose. It’s programing; not by “nature,” or by “nurture” – but by another.

“The Un-Scientific Method”

Science. Science. Science: If you say it over and over it gains a sense of importance. But say it a thousand times: and it still won’t make you happy.

“Politicians always take the easy way”

When you don’t lead by example: it’s those whom you designate that clear the minefield. And when your power base is “quid pro quo” – your biggest risk is stopping the flow. That’s why politicians see our welfare in a special way: Business as usual – instead of taking care of business.

Undercover Party II: “Flip the Switch”

You can smell the fear. It’s not just the fear of reprisals – it’s the fear of not getting a place in the life boat. It’s a Doctrine so far above the law; that there is no law anymore. “Unaccountable, unapproachable, and unconcerned” describes the policy makers of our disposable society. In a world that’s unraveling on all fronts: the pandemic, climate change, drugs, overpopulation, adolescent violence, emerging technologies – only those worthy will find a place in the “ark” — shortly before it’s sucked into a black hole near Geneva.

Bigoted Billboard: “There is no ‘us’”

They might as well put it on a billboard: Every policy is an affirmation of divisive and discriminatory power brokering – autocracy and acquisitiveness; cloaked in an “emperor’s new clothes” of fearful acquiescence. Like most of today’s fraudulent policies: they’re sold on their mechanisms; not their results – convincing an uneasy public that they need to give over all their freedoms to protect themselves from oppression. Then one day the policies disappear — and their freedoms along with them.

“Find the Differences 4”

Scribbles and symbols and icons, Oh My. Download, print and mark the differences between these two pages of images – a solution page is included – Free download at “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials]

“If we can’t get together to combat it . . .”

Looking past the carefully quantitative scenarios of our weathered future – we can glimpse the plummeting quality of life it will bring. When whole sections of the earth become too hot, too draught afflicted, and too far under water for human habitation: how will we share what’s left. Post-apocalyptic movies depict a family doing anything to survive — what happens when it becomes a billion families? Our hot, greasy pan will be sizzling — just sprinkle the water and watch it dance!

“Find the Differences 3”

Stone Monuments and all. Download, print and mark the differences between these two pages of images – a solution page is included – Free download at “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials]

“It’s the second washing . . .”

We live in a profit-driven-policy world; where Doctrine has replaced cause and effect in political and social decision making. In order to validate and legitimize unequitable and unrealistic “using and taking” – Academics and bureaucrats are creating categories for each of us — scouring away our individual worth; and then erasing our memories by “washing” them with doctrinal studies and reimagined facts. The ferment of their greed has wrecked our navigable society – and a fearful population crowds the shores in search of any salvageable fragments — until the unthinkable tsunami washes away everything.

“Find the Differences 2”

That the leopard can’t change its spots is one reason why its hide is tacked up on walls. In a society where our differences define our treatment in government policies: spotting differences is a survival skill worth cultivating. Download, print and mark the differences between these two pages of images – a solution page is included – Free download at “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials]

“Find the Differences 1”

Download, print and mark the differences between these two pages of images – a solution page is included – Free download at “” [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials]

“An extinction without a difference”

So what if we’re supposed to be intelligent – when we become as extinct as any dinosaur. Maybe our technology will allow us to chronicle our demise; and preserve it and codify it so future extraterrestrials can learn about our civilization and its achievements – and how stupid we [are] were.

Martin Luther King Jr Mask

It’s always easiest to claim what people believe when they are no longer around to refute you. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. That old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind. Forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is an attitude.” — Martin Luther King Jr If you would honor his life; then honor his beliefs – not the policies of those who make a mockery of his beliefs. Being much more of a sinner; I sometimes imagine him coming back and not just speaking out – but “bitch-slapping” those who claim that goodness can only be achieved through doing evil. “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Lovely Lansing Videogame: “Public Hearing”

It’s a “takers” society – and as the events, policies, and media hype swirl around us: there’s an erosion of individual worth and the “work ethic” – and all ethical conduct. Rewards come; not from the persistence of hard work – but from the persistence of a fox circling the henhouse. Life is not the opportunity to achieve – but the opportunity to take. The legitimacy of our government is no longer based on ethics; but on the profitability of its policies. Politicians and experts have swelled their egos to become the deciders: They are reshaping the world — and some people are just excess population. If you want to experience the futility of our future: attend a Public Hearing.

New Definition: “Public Hearing”

What fools we are! Our taxes pay for the lawyers that advise our local governments on how to legally minimize or eliminate public participation in the decision making process – and all the new regulatory programs enacted – like Form Based Codes and Nine-Point Plans – remove the public from any authority or oversight; even in the most radical and far reaching policy decisions. It’s hard to blame the public for being apathetic; when the sole result of attending public hearings is the legitimizing of decisions that are anything but public mandates. Publicly presenting your thought out and well-documented criticisms; to a Town Board that approves the policy within seconds of your speaking — is like voting in an election with only one candidate. The sound of one hand clapping? It’s meaningful public participation.

Lovely Lansing Videogame: “Lakeshore”

Radical re-zoning, ruthless reassessments, and rapacious taxes – clear a path for the luxury homes of Cornell’s patrician oligarchy. From their boats on the lake; the rural community can no longer see their summer memories – all they can see is money.

“Everything They Do Is Capitalized”

It was never unusual for billboard egos to hide tiny souls – but these days; it has become the usual. The exploding of the “New World Of Compassion” myth through the treatment of the elderly during the pandemic; did nothing to slow the flow of taking and using that these billboards camouflage — their owner’s sole contribution towards making a better world being: singing and dancing and presenting a “colorful” appearance. There’s a current media promotion of “Doing Anything To Protect My Family” – and while the actions include robbing, killing, drug dealing, and fraud — respecting the individual worth of others is not on the checklist. In extrapolating a “dogs in a pit” future: I can dimly glimpse the billboards of those who are pulling the strings of our puppet world – “Evil Recycles; But Stupidity Ends Up In The Garbage.” It’s Our Epitaph.

New Definition: “Particularly”

Today’s tyranny is so mealy mouthed and pussyfooting that you need to clarify what is actually being said in every policy statement they make. “Particularly” is not used to give emphasis – it’s used to give special status – to create a separate, exclusive category in the hierarchy of righteousness – while at the same time pretending that it is merely expressing a preference.

New Definition: “Political Science”

Science has increasingly viewed the universe from a human perspective – greed, vanity, and arrogance – and “fact-based” science has become the silent partner in a congress of regulatory fraud. Codifying profitable viewpoints to exclude debate and oversight is an important part of mainstream science in our disintegrating New Millennium world. But the slow dissolution of our lives isn’t my greatest fear – what happens when the shape a disastrous reality begins to appear through the scientific smokescreen? If what’s happening now is the result of their palliatives — what will their desperate solutions be like?

Plea Bargaining is “Professional Courtesy”

While the victims of murder have no opportunity or ability to lessen their condition – those who kill them can cut a deal to reduce, or even eliminate the consequences of their actions – and the victim’s family is not a party to the plea bargain and has no standing to prevent it. Giving the victims “the right to offer written input into whether a plea bargaining agreement is proper,” and “making a reasonable effort to provide them the opportunity to comment on the agreement terms”; is as meaningful an action as putting up your hand to stop a lethal bullet. Professional courtesy generally refers to the etiquette extended between members of the same profession. It’s a situation that places career criminals and career law enforcement on an equal footing. And the victims? You’re a victim: get over it!

The New Normal: Obliviousness

There comes a time when you have to do something – even if you don’t know it. “Due diligence” is more than just a legal satisfaction: it’s the price of survival. Whether it’s “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” or “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – people speak of a hard won wisdom: that we need to take care of business – before the business gets out of hand. Preparing for the future used to part of the responsibility of adulthood; but in our adolescent society – the importance of immediacy is wrapped up in the testing of boundaries; not whether there’s food for tomorrow. There is a tsunami of problems that will inundate every shore – and no self-righteous obliviousness can ride that wave. If we are morphing into a society [and a world] that blames everything on the past; and won’t take responsibility for the future – the time we have left is slipping away.

Bigoted Billboards: “Don’t do what they say”

The makers of modern social policies want you to associate them with beloved figures of equality and human worth – but not too close an association – not one that allows you to make a comparison. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa all believed that the only way to a future of human worth and equality was by never discriminating against others – modern social policy makers claim that discriminating against others is the only path to that future. You can’t follow someone by marching in the opposite direction — but you can carry their likenesses — in the secure knowledge that they can’t speak out.

When race determines policy . . .

Truisms have become subordinated to doctrine in our society. It was a truism that repeatedly telling people not to think of “elephants” – would invariably cause them to think of elephants. But we are now told that “race, gender, and ethnicity” are the touchstone for every policy – and the mantra for every conversation – and by always made being aware of our differences — we will cease to think of them or count them of any importance. Like the old joke about the businessman who; “lost money on every sale; but made it up in volume” – our social policies graft together these two incompatible thoughts — and create a sideshow barker of salesmanship to appeal to our fears and prejudices. While the legitimacy of these policies is certainly questionable: The more basic question is: “Was slavery any less wrong when it was made legal?” Then ask yourself: “When individual human worth is denied; and people are treated as a commodity for use or disposal — is there any difference in the people who perpetrate the injustice: or in the source of their arguments?”

There’s no workaround for human worth

Human worth cannot be set aside, or postponed, or subordinated. Human worth is not a commodity to be packaged and portioned. It is indivisible by race, gender, and ethnicity. It cannot be regulated in a way that does not diminish it. It cannot be fenced by policy, or deconstructed by law. And those who seek to do so – are the enemies of all that make us human.

More Urbites 2

Agricultural farming practices are the biggest contributor of the Methane emissions that are “turbocharging” our planet’s Climate Change – but when the weather that these modern farming practices help create cuts into agricultural profits — we’re taxed to make up the difference. Agriculture is also the greatest polluter of our water and our waterways; and their use of fossil fuels is actually still increasing. Our government is trying to curb agricultural pollution by “voluntary programs” and “incentives” – decades of voluntary programs that have proved completely ineffective; and the incentives are limited to just pouring more tax dollars into Industrial Agriculture’s pockets. Could there be anything worse? Yes, there could – for those living in our country’s rural areas: where Industrial Agriculture is steamrollering a carpet of poverty, crime, toxic fumes, and impaired water over their communities – and nobody cares. It’s Urban Colonialism; bringing a self-serving “modern agriculture” to the backwards rural natives — profiting at any cost.

Society Survival Store 2

Another year to survive. Can you make it to the next Pandemic? Survival begins in your mind – so protect your behind and think ahead. Remember: only the tough will survive to live in a world that nobody wants to live in.

Society Survival: A Piece of the Action

“Justice” is codified by those who make the laws – not those who are the victims — and they’re frequently a community apart. That’s why victims are tossed “closure” – like a barking dog a bone — to shut them up. Sheep with the teeth of a shark will stop the depredation of wolves better than a shepherd — especially an uncaring one.

New Term: “Ongoing Nowhere”

Government has made great strides – in pretending it’s actually doing something. All of their “On this spot we will build” glowing rhetoric is good for selling; but the results confirm that selling and profiting are the sole concerns of their policy making. “Transparency,” “participation,” and “ethics” are stickers pasted on the sides of an impenetrable monolith – and our involvement is reduced to reading the proclamations of their “black box” decisions. While our politicians are “ongoing nowhere” — we’re “going nowhere” — and it’s nowhere we want to go.

“What are Biden’s policy guidelines?”

Since when did our government get so predatory? Politicians and their conies are swollen with privilege and pillaging – deceptive and manipulative policies reach deep into the life savings of the hard-working poor – proclaiming it’s equitable to give to those who distain low-paying, dead-end jobs — by taking from those who worked them.

How do Progressives Balance Justice?

Tompkins County government brags about being Progressive – but when you question their decisions – they go silent – and feel no need to answer. They see themselves as rulers; not as representatives. This excerpt from the county’s Comp Plan is revealing: “The Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan presents a vision for the future of the community. It is based on a set of principles that reflect the values of the community as expressed by the County Legislature they have elected.” It’s a fancy-dancing way of say that they will make all the decisions – an interpretation that is supported in every page of their plan for how others should live. There’s no need to cook the books when you can’t be called to account. Theirs is the burden of rulership; ours is to carry their sedan chairs.

Millennial Definition: Affirmative Action

Our government doesn’t share – so everything they give you; they’ve taken from someone else; and plan on taking back. It’s a basic divide-and-conquer technique to manipulate one group of people by targeting another for hate – and then “cleaning up” whatever opposition is left. Do you really think that giving our government the power to discriminate against whoever they want, however they want, for as long as they want, in secret: is a wise thing?

When you expose the truth . . .

Did I hear someone say; “What is truth?” It’s a pity to live in a time when people so often quibble at details to avoid dealing with the larger issue. I believe in the simple case that overrides the boundary conditions – so I believe that we can discuss “truth” and “lies” as human actions that directly affect people – without prejudice to the finer shades of their character. Why expose the truth; instead of just the lies, or the liars? For the same reason that people use constructive criticism: to build a path to something better.

They always run home to Doctrine

Doctrine is like your mother – you are forgiven and protected within her embrace – no matter what you have done: so it’s not surprising that doctrine holders run from unpleasant historical facts and ethical prohibitions; to hide in a political doctrine whose teachings are unconditional and unjudgeable.

Their ethics are so flexible . . .

There’s corruption – and then, there’s collegiate corruption: the sort that’s wrapped in so many layers of studies, credentials, and pretty mission statements – that the essential ugliness is hidden from all but the most determined of searchers. And most people don’t want to search. The prevailing atmosphere of our “college-destination county” is fear. When a County Highway Director made public claims that were proven to be blatantly untrue – no one in the County’s Ethics Committee, the Ithaca Tompkins County Transportation Committee, the County Legislature, and no Lansing Town Board member, or any other Town or County official approached would comment on it, or even mention its occurrence. How’s that for an Ivy League University town that pretends to be a beacon of free thinking and equitable illumination? How’s that for a conspiracy of silence?

Turning “have-nots” into the have-nothings

When the rich, Cornell-sponsored agribusinesses decided to take over north Lansing, NY for their sole benefit and profit: Cornell’s planner stated that the existing rural residents “didn’t deserve to live there” – and rather than this being denied – all of the Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, and Cornell officials continued to use this bias statement as the foundation for their every policy decision and regulatory agenda of the last 15 years. Tompkins County’s rural people are disposable; and in the County’s “vision of the future” Comprehensive Plan: they no longer exist — they’ve been disposed of.

“An ounce of prevention”

Isn’t it better not to be robbed, beaten, raped, and killed? This is not an option available to those in the victim pool of our criminal justice system. Like today’s one-click companies; that can’t seem to deliver the right product to the right address to remain unbroken to do the job they claim it can do – the criminal justice system relies on a “customer service” approach to fix things that never should have happened in the first place. The victim’s only option is for them to try to apprehend the assailant to build a case to plea bargain down to a shortened jail term with early release on parole that is broken and obtain a ho-hum warrant while the assailant commits another crime or two before being apprehended and the whole futile process starts all over again. The criminal justice system has changed over the years: murders used to get the death penalty; then life in prison; then a few years in prison; then no prison because they are not accountable for their actions — but the outcome for the victims has remained the same: they’re dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

Their favorite cover crop is bullshit

The Town of Lansing is about to turn the rural community into an AG Zoning District for the sole benefit of a handful of rich farmers. Non-farming residents [the poor 95%] have had all their land uses removed except for having a house – this will force them to sell all other land to famers; or face the regressive tax burdens of AG structured assessments. The rural community have had no meaningful participation, representation, or respect from the unilateral planning authorities. This is how Progressive government works: the rich get richer – and the poor get stepped on . . . and demeaned . . . and disposed of

My facts can beat your assertions

No wonder debate is dead – Doctrine is a revealed belief: there is no need for debate or thought. The insistence on facts brings denial, anger, and then . . . Facts may beat assertions — but fists can beat you senseless.

“They were in the wrong place . . .”

Everybody in the Criminal Justice System knows: it’s the victims that cause all the trouble – they’re the grit that fouls up the smooth running cycle of plea bargains and paroles, cause unnecessary paperwork, and drive up departmental statistics. So the victims are now “complainants” – and the criminals? They’re victims of complainants.

Recipe for Disaster: Emerging Technologies

The dangers of Emerging Technologies are like the iceberg the Titanic hit – best avoided by foresight; only officially accounted for in hindsight — but the protocols are so good that we don’t need to carry lifeboats.

More Urbites

The farther from the bright urban center – the less your worth. In rural New York no one can hear you scream . . . it’s not important, anyway.

Thinkin’ like Lincoln

When did we change from believing that people were so important; we should form policies around them – to believing that policies are so important; we should form society around them? When did “important” change from the raison d'être for rights – to the raison d'être for restrictions? Lincoln believed that; “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” When did we begin to bend them to fit our desires?

They keep changing lenses

Tompkins County policies are all about following the money – and their policy making is all about finding a usable lens that excuses it. The Town of Lansing’s AG Zoning District re-zones agricultural activities along the lake to Lakeshore residences: because those areas “are environmentally sensitive” and “potential problems related to steep slopes” [and because rich people want lakeshore houses] – but ignores mile after mile of equally steep slopes of unbuffered agricultural activity along nearby Salmon Creek: one of the major sources of agricultural pollution and impairment of the lake. Preservation of agriculture is so important that the AG Zoning District radically changes the zoning and allowed activities of a 200 year old rural community: leaving poor non-farming landowners no choice; but to sell out to the rich farming interests – or go under through a regressive tax structure. And behind it all is Cornell: making lenses for their friends. Tompkins County: where the rich get richer – and the poor get stepped on — all according to plan.

Agricultural Law is a Hate Crime

Non-farming rural residents in New York straddle a line between unborn children: who are not human beings by law – and farmers: who are preferred by law — they are a forced-to-admit-they-are-human classification that is demonized and disposable – the grit in the smoothly oiled Agricultural lobby. “A hate crime is a crime that is motivated in whole or substantial part by bias against certain personal characteristics.” Agricultural bias is documented in every policy statement they make, and every regressive zoning law they support – But according to New York State law, there must be an underlying crime in order for an incident to be classified as a hate crime — and if you are disposable: you can’t be a victim – so there can’t be a crime. In our uncaring society: the line between good and bad is licensable — and Agricultural Law is bought and paid for.

Slavery isn’t based on hate

Slavery isn’t based on hate – it’s based on a denial of individual worth. A belief that people can be used as commodities. The same belief that fosters slavery – is the same belief that populates today’s legislation. Beware.

Rebranding Bigotry

Rebranding isn’t just for changing the corporate image of an organization – it’s become a marketing strategy for every evil that has oppressed people throughout history. The idea behind this rebranding is to create a different identity for evil in the minds of the public: evil as a force for good. Rebranding may relabel evil by pasting “equitable” or “affirmative” on the same acts and attitudes that have destroyed everything they touched; or claim these acts are made from 100% “Greater Good” – as if the steps of evil will eventually lead us to a higher plane of existence. Rebranding is the tyrant’s tool: Denying the individual worth of human beings – and focusing on profit as the goal of all social interactions. Evil: Ride for the brand – and be the hide with the brand.

Agricultural Regulations?

Agricultural interests always talk about regulations; because they never want to talk about the results. Agricultural regulations legitimize polluting by creating worthless standards that legally shield the polluters. The TDML [Total Daily Maximum Load] paradigm sets the maximum level of pollution possible before environmental disaster – and then requires polluters to “try” to meet it. Decades of Voluntary Guidelines and Nutrient Plans have proven worthless to curb Agriculture’s destruction of the environment – and the health of the rural communities they politically dominate. The Agricultural sector is the only sector in the US that is still increasing its polluting; and increasing it across the board – from use of fossil fuels, to methane emissions, to nutrient pollution of our water: they are the fuse for global destruction. The next time you see one of those “green” farm promotions; realize — it’s the polluting that you don’t see that will kill you.

Feet of manure

The foundation of modern animal agriculture is a lot of manure: in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Industrial farming practices have same relation to traditional manure spreading as the BP oil spill to a grease spot. Modern farming is a destructive and greedy giant: leaving a toxic print on the rural landscape – a bully trying to sell the image of a much abused victim while getting more perks and privileges than any other interest group. Take a good look at the feet that our agricultural “progress” is standing on — a shitload of money.

“It is the duty of children . . .”

The problem with Proverbs of Wisdom is that they are “broad spectrum” – and those who want to use one are in danger of being undone by another; or by many others. Today’s Doctrine forsakes the breadth of wisdom – and extracts and codifies the most useful parts of proverbs from around the world as societal regulations: a way of leveraging taxes and obligations – always taking instead of giving. There is nothing more foreign to the Doctrine of Entitlement; than the concept of “duty” to anyone but yourself — unless it’s “waiting on elders.” It may take a village to have a village idiot — but you can’t teach sense to a fool.

modifying ABSOLUTES

In the 60s: Liberals would judge everything by an Absolute measuring stick – “Absolutely this” and “Absolutely that” – until I began calling it the “Litany of Absolutes.” Today’s Progressives however; never met an absolute that couldn’t be trimmed, shaped, or forced into accommodating anything they wanted. Channeling Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao — becoming Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao. A power that forces our ends — Absolutely.

Tompkins County: Corruption isn’t denounced

When the County Highway Director proclaimed a blatant untruth to block a through-truck regulation – and it was proven to be untrue – he never changed or retracted his statement — and not one member of the County Ethics Committee, the County Transportation Committee, or any Town or County official at any level would even mention it. There was just a wall of silence. And not one of them would speak on the reason for their silence. Why won’t any of them respond? Sometimes not saying – is the same as lying.

Making connections

There’s nothing easier than making connections – and the closer to our being; the easier they are to make – that’s why we can make faces out of so many random elements. But with so many connections: what are the connections that ring the truest – that have practicality at their core? Yes, there is tremendous amount of gold in sea water: but Gold + Sea water + Investment is not a connection I would recommend to anybody. Our politicians want to choose what connections we make: and People + Laws = Political Power is the connection they see in every issue. What if chose our own connections? What a frightening and glorious thought: People + People = Community – how’s that for a connection.

Salmon Creek Drug Sanctuary

Like the “Landfill Park” in The Mask – the public is always the recipient of that which is unsuitable for “people of influence and obligation” – a bureaucratic wrapping up of garbage for those “gift giving” publicity photos. So what does local government do with a dark and polluted bit of rural woods at the bottom of a steep valley? Make a gesture. It’s a gesture that rural people are familiar with.

Agricultural Law

A picture may be worth a thousand words – but there are some pictures that the public doesn’t see. Farmers are sometimes just referred to as the “rich people” in the poor rural communities. One dental technician told me that she knew the farmer crying for subsidies on television: he has a 40-ft yacht. “Farm Friendly” doesn’t begin to describe the deliberately biased and un-equitable treatment that exists in the rich farmer – poor unrepresented and disposable “non-farmer” rural communities. Agricultural Law protects farming; like beheadings protect a tyrant.

You won’t save the Titanic by bailing

A few years ago: it would have made me cry – but now, I just shake my head and laugh: electric cars. Electric cars will make no meaningful difference. Electric cars are what you do along with meaningful changes — not instead of. Did you know that the Agricultural Sector in New York State and elsewhere is allowed any amount of open burning, and the unlimited use of smudge pots? And not only is Agriculture a significant user of fossil fuels – in states like New York: they are Fuel Tax Exempt – undercutting any regulatory attempts to curb their fossil fuel usage. Methane emissions are driving Climate Change – and the Agricultural Sector is the largest producer of methane in the US – and the only sector where emissions are still increasing. And the farming methods being promoted by the USDA and Land Grant Colleges are the largest emitters of methane of all farming methods. All the biggest producers are transitioning – from claiming Climate Change doesn’t exist: to claiming they’re doing something about it. Climate Change is here to stay – and it’s already too big to get out the door. Drive happy!

Ithaca: where everybody wants to live

Ithaca is the place where everybody wants to live: because it’s the only place in the county where people have individual worth. While Ithaca rules the county – it never leads by example. Their plan to blanket rural Lansing with CAFOs is balanced by their own petition to the New York State Supreme Court: enumerating serious concerns about lack of CAFO and Agricultural regulation and oversight, lack of disclosure, and the possible effects of modern farming practices on their own residents and their own town’s environment. Lansing’s puppet government has expressed no concerns at all. Ithaca is Camelot: A castle community where people dump their slop on the unprotected commoners outside the walls – without a second thought. Where would you want to live?

Policy making in Tompkins County is a purely

Policy making in Tompkins County is a purely mechanical process: every outcome is decided before the issue is revealed. The round of comments, and meetings and surveys is only a meaningless backfill for an edifice whose foundations have already been laid. The “meeting” for a radical zoning change for the rural Lansing community is called an “Open House” – a PR phrase for an exclusionary paradigm shift that denied that same rural community any participation in its planning. When you connect all the dots — it’s a picture of money.

Tompkins County Definition: Homeless

Politics is all about convenience – and there’s nothing more convenient than a vague and nebulous classification: Especially one with emotional leverage. How many communities have allowed housing complexes that will serve elderly residents – that turned out to be high-crime, felon and sex offender dumping grounds — with a scattering of elderly as perennial victims. The “Homeless” designation is the perfect heart-tugging catch-all to disguise the problems of drug addiction, violent crime, and under-the-radar serial killers passing through. Dumping your problems on someone else is more convenient than trying to solve them yourself – and more practical. It changes: “I’m no good for not solving them” to “you’re selfish if you don’t accept them.” The Cornell-Ithaca machine “allocates burdens” to the other towns in the county – while keeping all the benefits to themselves. It’s not that residents don’t understand what’s going on – it’s just that Tompkins County is not a representative government – and these days: it doesn’t even bother to hide it. When corruption reaches a level of blatant display and whispered stories — it’s past remediation.

The bad news is – The good news is

When you’re only a passenger – there’s no guilt in throwing up your hands and shouting: “we’re all going to die!” — and having your arms broken by the airbag.

In our entitled world:

Too many cooks may spoil the broth – but too few rowers becalms the boat – in the middle of the channel – approaching the falls. Can you hear it? Puffing won’t fill the sails.

Their only care is for patching their purse

In Tompkins County: the colleges, corporations, politicians, and institutions work closely together to ensure that they catch every penny before it can trickle through their fingers. And a policy of denying mass transit and law enforcement to the poor rural communities puts that much more coin in their coffers.

What’s good for the gander –

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” – refers to a concept of gender equality that is no longer permissible in modern Doctrinal Society. Acceptable behavior is set forth in law at a higher level: by people who refuse to reveal what they are giving, what they are taking, and how they are weighting the scales – or to have their decisions questioned.

“Using doesn’t define you: It empowers you.”

“Doing unto others . . .” is just an out of date homily in this time of naked greed. People who distain menial jobs; have no problem taking from those who work them. And “compassion” is just a tool to shame those who have it; into giving to those who use it. The only crimes left are not getting what you want — or someone not giving it to you.

Only men admit to being sexist

Women always defend or excuse their sexist behavior. “Always sexist – always an excuse” is an amazingly accurate paradigm — but then, there’s no more room for truth in modern Doctrine than there is for gender equality.

Why do people who disbelieve in religion –

You can knife five people to death at a party – and you’re not accountable. But if you have non-conforming beliefs – you’ve committed an unforgivable crime. We’ve moved from “saints and sinners” to “users and losers” – and the self-serving Doctrine that facilitates an endless taking has no place for ethical or religious restrictions. A greed-driven media goes out of its way to link religious beliefs with everything bad – and promote a guillotine-crowd of targeting haters. Welcome to a time where victims have been downgraded to complainants – and are just one politician away from a “not human beings” status. Embrace the feel-good conformity — and drive your electric car in climate change weather.

“If psychiatrists were accountable . . .”

It’s a world of power – without accountability. Of authority – without oversight. Whether it’s the Girl Card, the Race Card, or the Official Card – it’s a game of bureaucracy that allows some players to play by a different set of rules. It’s a corruption that balances the books – and won’t allow any auditing. “If you want to know the end, look at the beginning.” – African Proverb It’s not going to end well.

“Ring in the changes – ring up the cash”

It’s no longer change for change sake – it’s change for their sake. Every change in our changeable world is leveraged with behind-the-scenes levers: Your stocks go down – they profit. Your stocks go up – they profit. Every life, every death, every education, every disability, and every natural, unnatural, and financial disaster — is another opportunity to siphon off the cash. We’re living in a time of change: cha-ching.

Tompkins County Definitions: “Coincidence”

Tompkins County is all about coincidences – but those days are about over: the strata of the New Society is clearly defined by Doctrine. There is no longer any reason to obscure the facts – just be more “important,” be “owed,” or “identified as a need” – and your ascension is a matter of public proclamation. As for Tompkins County’s poor, marginalized, and underserved rural people – Well, there can’t be a higher; unless there’s a lower — and those “Good-old boy, hillbilly, redneck, lily-whites” don’t deserve to live there, anyway.

“What’s more destructive than. . ?”

Forget about the flooding of cities – and think about the floods of refugees. It’s Nano-bombs, not rising seas that will change the face of the planet. How ironic that emerging technologies; instead of saving us from the mistakes of old technologies, will deliver the coup de grâce. One world to grab in the tumult – and if they can’t have it: no one can.

“Politicians: subordinating our ecosystem”

I was speaking with someone who was blaming the attendees at the Climate Change Conference for the state of inaction. What will that person do? Nothing. In 2022: blaming someone else is enough. The doctrinal world is more “real” than the real world. While those “blameless” ones have been assured of their place in line – politicians know it take’s money and connections to get past the rope. Our childish population won’t need to hold their breath until they turn blue — it will be a naturally occurring phenomenon. So many lenses – so little lens cleaning.

“They’re so self-centered . . .”

What does analogy this add to the canon of “self-centeredness”? Possibly the notion that self-centeredness is never sufficient unto itself – it must reach out to take more. What happens when two “self-centers” collide? Will they become “we-centered”? If two black holes – emptying into other spaces – collide — will they be consumed with each other – and leave us alone? One mouth with two stomachs? The BOGO origin of parallel universes?

“What can’t be cured . . .”

Sometimes it seems that the only problems politicians insist on curing are the result of the human condition – and they plan to cure them by removing our humanity and human worth. They remove argument and opinion by banning debate and defining only one correct viewpoint. They remove inefficiency in government by removing the people from every decision making process. They remove the pain of human interaction and human progress by putting barriers to every action and interaction: that only they can lift. If human beings can be “cured” from their humanity — wouldn’t that cure be worse than the disease?

“The NEW Constitution”

I’ve tried to move things along – bring about a change in the treatment of the rural community documented in Tompkins County and Tammany Hall. I’ve sent emails, letters, and books – to authorities in government, college programs, newspapers, even to investigative media – with one result: nothing. No encouragement, no dismissiveness, no acknowledgement — no response of any kind. It’s rejection beyond rejection: it’s non-existence. Our whole structure of authority and oversight is not one of a functioning government – but of a gang. And all those who might be able to help: are involved, unwilling, or afraid. Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not considered a threat – or I might end up as the victim of a “robbery gone bad.” You don’t think that could happen? Our lives are of no importance to our government – just ask them — and wait for their answer.

“How does government balance Social Justice?”

If there’s anything we know about “Social Justice” – it’s that we don’t know anything. It’s carried out in secret and justified on the basis of restricted information and selective disclosures. Even the simplest inquiries are hindered by a forest of FOIL forms – breaking any straight forward request into a maze of bureaucratic roadblocks. There’s only one fact that our government can’t conceal – every program and policy they enact gives them more power and more control — and that’s what government is all about these days, isn’t it.

The superstitions of our time

Politics and Science are supposed to make everything good in the real world — They haven’t. We are sheltering in a poisoned and deteriorating ecosystem – divided and isolated from each other – with the wolf clawing at the door — and all they can say is: “Disasters and predation are naturally occurring phenomena.” Science and Politics are the idealization of human practicality – and if they don’t work: they don’t work. Period. Following leaders like that gives you a place in history — written by those who didn’t.

“It takes a village” . . .

The arc of using. Traditions are fields where the fruits of generations can be harvested. When one crop is consumed – they move to another field. “When the music changes, so does the dance.” – African Proverb

Free Download: “Burglertime Card Game”

Free Download on my WordPress Blog: [] “Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials” You’re immersed in the Criminal Justice System — Good Luck! Each player builds a case with the Evidence on their cards. Once everyone is out of cards, the player with the most points in their Case File wins in this “bureaucratic closure” card game. Download the instructions and artwork for 24 Evidence cards and 32 Adjudication cards. Print, cut out, and play – card back images are included for double-sided printing.

“Burglertime Preview – Evidence Cards”

You’re immersed in the Criminal Justice System. In Burglertime: each player must build a winning case with the elements on their cards — Good Luck! Free printable download coming soon.

“It’s not tradition – it’s survival”

It’s time to put traditional values and cautions into their proper sphere – the voice of experience. We learn by doing: and recount what works. It’s practical, and reasonable, to consider that tradition is the survival blueprint for society. Traditions are no more confining than the clothes that we wear to survive winter’s cold — and those who refuse to do so: merely prove their own foolishness. The only lasting effect of 50 years of government bias programs: is an all-powerful government – that can’t get the job done: First because there was not money enough; then because they were not powerful enough; and now because we are not worthy enough — enough is enough! Sawing the board that you’re sitting on is funny in cartoons – but disastrous in life. It’s time to stop our cartoon government before “That’s all folks!” is our epitaph.

“Just go with the Prole”

“Proles” in George Orwell's "1984": are a social class that forms the lowest level of society. That’s us – conforming, categorized, and caught in the flow of an authoritarian restructuring of government. Long before we get there — comments like this will no longer be allowed. Nor the people that make them.

Millennial Definition: “Necessity”

Persistence may overcome resistance – but why bother; when Big Brother can step in with a club. Having a mandate; is only second to having a child or a recognized disability for leveraging a better life. Does that sound unfeeling and unfair? As unfair as making people who worked a lifetime – still keep working into their 80s to survive? To paraphrase: “Work a lifetime in their shoes.”

“Being less in the Equitable Society”

Putting the finger on the scales means that you’re buying things on their terms. And when you’re paying with everything you own: how can that be ethical? Competing on an unlevel field is a common situation for rural people – but being excluded from our government’s “Equitable” policies; is like locking the gates. “The real tragedy of these small enclaves of marginality and poverty is that people are playing a game of life that has been structured in such a way that they are required to play but prevented from winning” – Janet Fitchen, “Poverty in Rural America”

“Life is simpler these days”

It’s easy to be “diverse” – it’s all written out for you. Expressing your individuality is just following the script. You can choose anything you want – as long as it’s on the menu. It’s following the House Rules of the Adolescent Society. Life is simpler these days – but being yourself is more difficult — and more dangerous.

“The Agenda is no longer hidden”

The Agenda is no longer hidden – the hate is no longer sugar coated. It’s in every “editorial decision” – in every script – it’s in the profiling used to cast every commercial and every drama – the basis of every “reality” based show and documentary – the underpinning of every social policy. It’s in your face with a shouting crowd that fills your doorway. Don’t question “what will it lead to” — just look at what it led to in the past.

“A Commonality of Corruption”

It’s a corruption that can’t be talked about — a corruption that’s spread around – a corruption that always puts something in the pocket of those who could, and should, do something about it. How often these days; is the attitude of “there’s nothing I can do about it” – a cover for the quid pro quo corrupting of our Society? There’s no need to answer — we all know it.

“The protruding nail gets demonized”

The force that reduces us to automatons is no longer impersonal – it’s a gibbering, hate-filled monster. Doctrine is Everything: and those who do not conform must be punished; and used as an example. People and beliefs that are non-conforming are not subject to debate, dismissiveness, or even to exclusion: but have become the objects of mob injustice and violence — while those who incite the mob merely whisper in the background.

Poison Apples Playing Cards

“With some deals – it’s best to throw in your hand.” • FREE Download at: – “Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials.” • Print and cut out this card deck – card back images are included for double-sided printing.

“When studies can’t be replicated”

The actions that authorities take to maintain and to regain their authority is always interesting. When the “replication crisis” uncovered the wide-spread existence of studies that could not be replicated [Replication is the peer-review basis of validation for studies and study results] – it was a serious blow to the mantle of authoritative power that psychology and social science studies have enrobed their results in – and to the politicians and special interests that manipulate that power. How can this authority be regained? First: control the situation – “deliberate misrepresentation and fraud are rare.” Second: control the public perception – “there is a ‘naturally occurring’ variation due to sampling size and content; that can produce widely differing study results.” Third: spin-doctor the mix – the “replication crisis” is not a scandal; it’s a good thing — it enhances our knowledge by showing that you need to take study results with “a grain of salt.” Results of studies can “widely differ” – but at the same time: any one of those results can be selected and cited by politicians and special interests as authoritative. And if you think they’ll tell you to “take them with a grain of salt” — you’re the sort of buyer they’re looking to sell to.

“You may beat down the questioner”

There are so many unanswered questions these days; because questioning is not welcomed. Not only does questioning slow up the legislative process – it raises doubts in the minds of citizens: doubts about the legislative agenda, doubts about the need for more government powers and prerogatives, doubts about the infallibility of experts. And those unanswered questions are likely to remain unanswered — because we are questioning a government that is no longer answerable to the people.

The only thing more damning than their lies

In “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall”: I documented the County Highway Director claiming to a Legislator: “I have researched the area and talked to highway officials in Lansing and they report there are no large through haul trucks utilizing Lansingville Road. What is using the road is as I thought, Agriculture Vehicles.” And in spite of many photographs that were submitted; showing tractor-trailers, cement mixers, gravel dump trucks, and semi-flatbeds carrying industrial equipment using that same road – he never changed that claim. When this conduct was brought to the attention of the County Ethics Advisory Board – their response never acknowledged it. When it was brought to the attention of the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council – they never acknowledged it. When I sent the book to Town, County, and State authorities – none of them would acknowledge his conduct [or even acknowledge receipt of the book.] No one would address it, and no one would talk about it — and as a consequence: they said everything we needed to know.

Equal treatment for all, always

Martin Luther King, Jr. is under attack, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln and Malcom X are under attack. Anyone who believes that equality and individual human worth are absolutes – and cannot be recast, revised, or revoked – is under attack. Everyone who believes that others are no less than themselves, and no less deserving than themselves – is being disrespected and dismissed by those who see a better world as the reflection of their own gain and satisfaction. Let’s debate it – and better than that — let’s see who wants to change it, what they want to do, and who they want to do it to: Full Disclosure – Full Exposure — whether they want it or not! If you feel conflicted by contemporary Social Programs – that’s the big step – now take the little step and come back to where we all belong — where everyone matters.

U.S. Agriculture: Paid to pollute

It’s not surprising that most Americans don’t know what’s going on in the Agricultural Sector – they’re not supposed to. You may know that methane emissions have the greatest short term effect on Climate Change: greater than the CO2 gasses produced by cars, trucks, and industry. What you may not know; is that Agriculture is the greatest contributor to methane emissions – and that the Agricultural Sector is the only sector where methane emissions are continuing to increase. And that the farming methods being promoted by the USDA and Agricultural Colleges are the biggest producers of methane of all farming methods. Or that our government is only using voluntary programs and incentives [paying them our tax money] to fight this pollution. To cut straight to the punch line: When all their activities that contribute to Climate Change affect their crops —government subsidies and funding pay out our tax money to ensure that our country’s corporate agribusinesses get every penny of profit they’re destroying our climate for. Are they fools for what they’re doing? Or are we fools for letting them do it?

“Life is what they make it”

Life is not “what you make it” – we’ve lost all control over what our life is; and what it will be. The circumstances of our existence are what the government decides – by gender, race, ethnicity, age, and any other useful handle. Don’t think of it as the loss of your freedom – think of it as practice for the unfolding dictatorship.

New Normal Corruption – “Herbicide Spraying”

This hits home – because I was sprayed with a cloud of Roundup from an agricultural boom sprayer while mowing my lawn – and ended up dazed and vomiting all over myself and the bathroom in the early morning hours. The investigation of my complaint by the NYSDEC [documented in “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall”] did nothing to help their reputation for corruption in the rural community. Most rural families are too poor to move and powerless to use politicians; and when the mega-million dollar factory farms took over rural Lansing, NY – they owned us and everything in it. The only thing worse than the environmental racism of the rural blacks – is the environmental erasism of the rural whites — we have no help, no hope — and no worth.

Tompkins County’s “Separate but Equal” Policy

Important corporations in Tompkins County: like Cargill and Cornell, receive tax cuts — while the rural areas receive cuts in services. Having basic services in rural areas, like Sheriff’s patrols, cut entirely; because they’re “too expensive” – is the definition of “unimportant” in Tompkins County’s Ivy-league-corporate planning – and it helps the bottom line – while the County’s rural tax assessments are the closest thing to Prince John since Robin Hood’s time.

“Discriminating over and over”

Progressive thinking is always based on their own superiority – not the recognition of the worth of other people: and the foundation of their policy making is not having that superiority questioned – ever. The lie of Biden’s Social Policies is their claim to be the instrument of equitable treatment for all those who are poor, marginalized, and underserved. Tompkins County’s rural population, like rural communities throughout America, is the poorest, most marginalized, and underserved segment of the population — and is beaten, robbed, and disrespected in every trumpeted policy of its overwhelmingly Progressive government. When a lie is the basis – like the Emperor’s New Clothes: anyone who claims to see through it is labeled “unworthy.”

“Murder is a naturally occurring phenomenon”

Some doctors claim that all human deaths can be ascribed to “heart failure” – and yet its causes are as varied as our interactions with each other and the world around us. If human emotions, drives and beliefs are naturally occurring aspects of the human condition – does that make murder “naturally occurring” as well? “Naturally occurring” has been the ethical loophole through which government authorities and their cronies has squeezed environmental wrongdoing for decades. The saltwater that is slowly creeping up the Mississippi River is just the latest disaster that our government labels as “naturally occurring” – Naturally occurring if your greed and arrogance count the results as less important than your profits. Unceasing human driven climate change has morphed into an alibi where anything that happens in nature is “natural” – leaving no culprit for adjudication. I won’t say the future is dark: because the disastrous outcome of our inaction is clearly illuminated in every choice we make. There may not be time to fix things — but there’s plenty of time left to blame. “Fiddling while Rome burns” is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

“Include this!”

Blacks and women don’t include anyone else. The idea of single fathers, although there are many, as a pioneers breaking gender barriers is suppressed – and their children are characterized as growing up without a mother. The lack of men in gender skewed professions; like nursing – is dismissed with talk of public perceptions: the same perceptions; that when applied to women — are unconscionable and must be changed. And have you ever seen “white males” portrayed in traditional black cultural and neighborhood roles as the equal or even better or more skilled than those around them? Women and blacks are overwhelmingly portrayed as excelling in professional and authority roles — unable by race and gender to commit hate crimes, or discriminatory behavior – but always discriminated against — While “European-white-males” are profiled into every negative role: the fool or the scammer in TV commercials and the “bad guy” in every doctrinal-morality story – an original sin that can only be atoned for by sacrificing themselves. This is the ugly Nazism behind their new-world-change millennial rhetoric. Inclusion; like so many other finger-on-the-scales social policies – is merely a tool for self-serving and bigoted pressure groups. You have an excuse? But if you really believed in inclusion – why would you ever want to have one?

“Patrician, heal thyself”

Progressives always set themselves above other people – assuming their right to question and judge everyone else on the basis of their own beliefs. This Holier-than-God attitude relies on themselves being unquestionably and unjudgably right. My investigations show Tompkins County’s braggingly Progressive government to be self-serving, bigoted, and oppressive; and riddled with misconduct and cronyism – but they refuse to disclose or debate anything: The hubris of their pride is only outweighed by their instinct for self-preservation.

“Pit Bulls get a bad rap . . .”

In 2019: 69% of the human dog bite fatalities were from Pit Bulls, with an additional 7% from “mixed-breed” Pit Bulls. It’s not surprising that Pit Bulls are the most popular dog for criminals – they attack, rend, and even kill people – and usually with no jail time for the owners. When the Pit Bulls are destroyed; the owner gets new Pit Bulls. It’s like putting the blame on the murder weapon. The rise of Pit Bulls is a defining statistic in our Victim’s Fault society — as we move inexorably towards Colosseums, guillotining, and our final dissolution.

New Normal Corruption – “Lines of Defense”

In our government’s protective reflex to swat away any annoyance, its first response is to “Discredit the Complainant” who is causing the trouble. When it comes to discrediting the facts that conflict with and undermine government policy making decisions; authorities can choose from a number of passive and proactive methods. A bureaucratic favorite is to present the public with background information that deliberately misrepresents, and even omits key facts; in order to validate their chosen course of action. If getting government authorities to admit the facts is difficult; getting them to accurately report a situation and make appropriate policy decisions is almost impossible. Not only do they occupy a “high ground” that allows them to cite everything from jobs to jurisprudence as an excuse; they can change the ground rules to suit their objectives. An important part of today’s regulatory process is how well it works to protect the interests of those who are regulated. Our government continually legislates ineffectual regulations; that effectively protect the wrongdoers.

“The shortest running musical on Broadway”

“It is what it is” young thugs say dismissively – not worrying about what’s coming round the corner. It’s not that experts don’t know the disaster rolling towards us – they’re keeping quiet – and bidding for a place in the lifeboat.

“If representative government isn’t dead . .

What’s the biggest stumbling block to representative government? Silence. The first choice of politicians to address any unwelcome problem is silence. The second is to pass you on. The third it to blame someone else. The fourth is silence. The fifth is silence . . . Tompkins County politicians’ “vision of the future” is “based on a set of principles that reflect the values of the community as expressed by the County Legislature they have elected” – does that sound like representative government to you? Since Tompkins County residents overwhelming believe that their government is corrupt and there is no meaningful participation – they don’t either. The response of Tompkins County officials to their decisions is: Take it or leave it – there’s nothing you can do about it. And if you want to question, debate, disclose, or document issues — silence.

New Normal Corruption – “Gown and Crown”

When a Tompkins County Department Director blatantly lied about existing conditions to avoid regulating influential corporations — nobody did anything. When the County Ethics Advisory Board was informed of this — they would not even acknowledge the incident. When I told residents that I was writing a book documenting the circumstantial case for widespread misconduct and corruption in Tompkins County — they frequently said: “It’s going to be a big book!” When I sent copies of the book to County officials — they would not even acknowledge they received it. When I sent copies of the book to University and College authorities and professors — none of them would acknowledge they received it. The County Code of Ethics declares: “Public officers and employees must observe a high degree of moral conduct to maintain public confidence” — while the overwhelming opinion of the public is that the County is corrupt. Everybody know which is correct.

“Policies are just adding locomotives”

We’re living in a time when every bigotry, hate, and cronyism that is turned away at the front door; is welcomed at the back door – and inequity is the only means our government will use to achieve “equality.” Politicians pretend that treating the needs and worth of some people as being more important; is somehow different from treating the needs and worth of other people as being less important. It’s not surprising that these “back door bigots” want to cloak everything in secrecy — they know that once they’re exposed: the train ride is over.

“When there’s no one left to blame”

Uneasy are the minds of tyrants – and today’s Hate Gangs are the froth of that dark churning. When it’s your nature to destroy everything and everyone you hate and fear – it’s not in your nature to care. If you can’t have the world — no one can.

“Meaningful Participation Flow Chart”

It’s almost comical how annoyed our public servants are with the public. The last fifty years has seen a steady erosion of public participation in government at every level. Each new policy and program enacted – streamlines the government process by eliminating the greatest obstacle to their smoothly running rulership — the people. An informed public are those who read the whole proclamation – and our electorate are more interested in voting self-interest; rather than self-rule. Clinging to the robes of the powerful won’t save you; and more surprisingly — it won’t save them.

“Sayings: New and Remixed”

Thirty-two sayings that I’m saying again. It’s up to the reader to decide if it’s worth it — duty is in the lie of the beholden.

“Pandemic-proof HOA”

How sure is sure? If one person doesn’t follow instructions – or only pretends to follow them — what can happen? With pandemics – with emerging technologies – with invasive species – with terrorists . . . How can you prevent everything from collapsing? That was a question. How can you prevent everything from collapsing? “No plan is an island.”

“Anxiety that Won’t Go Away – Won’t Go Away”

It’s a world that is driven by fear – even if it’s only the fear of not getting your share. Anxiety coats everything like volcanic dust – slogging and pushing through the day to reach yet another day. If only you could sit down and rest — but then the dust would cover you up – another lump in the dust — another dream undone.


It’s a Vision of the Future that’s already here. On every topic; they have an opinion – the same opinion – the same phrases – it’s what they’ve been taught. And if you contradict them – they get angry. OCD: Obsessive-Compulsive Doctrine – scrubbing over and over — till it’s down to the bone.

“New Normal Government”

The Pandemic not only gave government greater powers – it let them shut out the public in many ways. And unless we force those doors back open: they will remain shut. It’s a government that continues to disrespect us in the coming elections – running hot button campaigns; and stirring in the hate and fear to a mindless frenzy. In the sunset of our society – all thoughts of human worth are submerged in a mad scramble to grab everything we can. We are dogs in a pit; who never stop to wonder who built it — or why.

“An explanation is as good as a solution”

Don’t worry – there’s no cause for anxiety. No matter what’s wrong; there are experts to tell you exactly what it is. Our modern Social-Political Society knows everything about its every problem — but doesn’t have a clue how to solve them.

“First Nations” is a term created to excuse

A favorite technique that Doctrine holders use to support their beliefs is to create categories that fit those beliefs. The fact the first peoples to come to the Americas committed the same evil acts and atrocities as every subsequent group is suppressed by a “groupism” that denies historical fact – in favor of propagandizing. “First Nations” is a term that sets people apart and above other people — the perfect “Nazism” for the New School Nazis.

“Tompkins County’s Best Planning Practices”

Contrary to the American Planning Association's Policy Guide on Smart Growth’s guideline of “refocusing a larger share of regional growth within central cities, urbanized areas” – Tompkins County planners are destroying the rural town of Lansing, NY by bulldozing it’s woods and meadows; and building thousands of new houses for Cornell’s workers along with affordable housing units for Ithaca’s unwanted poor, criminal, and substance addicted. The City of Ithaca is frequently listed as the best college town in America and is characterized by wood-frame houses and small shops. This artificially maintained “small town feel” city is also one of the most expensive cities in the country to live in – and is surrounded on three sides by the Town of Ithaca’s parks, preserves and many tree lined winding roads with small houses that only the rich can afford. Lansing’s rural/agricultural community has been fragmented and destroyed by an Ithaca urban sprawl bedroom community “mini-city” — with sewers, water, utilities, and Form Based Codes being added to insure its continued growth. Tompkins County’s “Best Planning Practices” are based on career longevity and cronyism — and Cornell calls all the shots.

“Equity is not for the disadvantaged”

To be worthy of “equitable” treatment; one must have the advantage of political recognition. Those people and groups who do not have this recognition are done down twice: rural people are done down because they are poor, marginalized, underserved, and unrepresented — and done down again because they are excluded from the government programs that would change this. In spite of documented need for a Rural Social Justice – not one step has been taken to politically recognize and address this need. It’s a black urban overclass that receives the advantages of Equity – and a white rural underclass that is dying from crime, drugs, and a policy of neglect – victims of Urban Colonialism and political cronyism. Categorizing and treating people differently is a defining feature of Progressive policy making — and kicking people when they’re down — an unreported abuse.

“Successful behavior pattern”

Poor honest workers can’t make ends meet – while those who won’t work always have enough to eat.

“What sort of people . . ?”

Just as their actions allow you to know what people are; even without knowing who they are – some actions are enough for an indictment of anyone who is willing to commit them — regardless of who they are. “Discrimination by race, gender, and ethnicity – denial of cultural heritage – negative stereotyping and profiling by race, gender, and ethnicity – denial of human worth through government policy” These are actions that are condemned by every revered figure of human worth and equality: and embraced by every member of Biden’s administration. What sort of people would do something like that?

“When the shit hits the fan”

Disasters and accountability are like oil and water in government circles – and it’s this same immiscibility that comes into play whenever we hear breakage in the next isle. “Unexpected,” “unforeseen,” and “unprecedented” are the much-used drop cloths that protect government’s oh-so-exposed ass from the results of their blunders. So the next time you’re blinded by the disastrous backsplash of government policies – realize that the bland, spotless façade of Big Brother is due to taking precautions at the crime scene — as they quickly assert their right to lead any investigation.

“The American Dream: Welfare”

Let’s get real – The American Dream was about the opportunity to achieve a better life through your own efforts – but when you tell people that others are responsible for taking care of all their needs — where’s the incentive? “Welfare,” of course, means much more than just that segment of actions that our government labels as Welfare — I expect that our “Student Loans” financed more cars, apartments, and parties than educations — and only a fool or a knave would claim to have believed they would ever be paid back. If we had the same attitudes and policies in previous generations; there’d be nothing left for this generation to live off — instead; it’s a problem they’re leaving to their children . . . along with the debt.

“Same old, same old – with more trumpets”

Announcing the ordinary with extraordinary fanfare – Yesterday’s mediocrity; made over for a naïve generation: because the older generation would be yawning by now. Today’s battle of images has no more effect on the descending reality than closing your eyes — the same old disastrous response to approaching disaster.

“Opening Social Security to entitlement”

The elderly are just the wrapper on Social Security’s package of benefits.

“Three strikes and you’re out”

In today’s secular Doctrine of privilege and hate: Original Sin is a decided with categorized list – where the checked boxes are totaled up to decide your fate.

“Stop talking your talk”

Goodness lives in actions – not excuses; that’s why our government is so desperate to hide the actions of their social policies; but so quick to claim the correctness of those same policies. All this hot air quickly floats government decisions out of the reach of the people. It’s time to bring them back to earth — where we are. Full Disclosure – Full Exposure of all government policies and statistics.

Not with a bang but a “duh?”

There’s the horror film’s: “Let’s split up so we can die separately” – and there’s believing the rhetoric of leaders who have everything to gain by lying to us. Watching both scripts unroll; you have the powerless feeling of knowing that something bad is going to happen – and being unable to alter the outcome. What is the most unpopular behavior in today’s political script? Questioning. Asking “Why?” And worse: to keep asking. “Why should we believe you?” “Why should we follow your leadership; when everything keeps getting worse?” “Why should we split up; when there’s strength in numbers?” It’s time stop the horror show; and think about our survival. It’s time to change the script.

Cutting Transportation Pollution

We gave Nature the problem – Nature gave us the solution. If you look at it with an uncolored lens – the Pandemic, the recent natural disasters, the global rising of the oceans: are all making it a better, more sustainable world – by removing us.

The New Normal – “The Next Pandemic”

Was the 2019 COVID-19 bad for you? What about future Pandemics that don’t discriminate by age? Pandemics that strike to the heart of a millennial age-driven smugness? Viruses like MVD’s hemorrhagic fever: that dare to not care who is there. Our runaway science – stirred into an already overcrowded and disintegrating world has had the World Health Organization uttering pandemic warnings for decades. In the aftermaths of increasingly common and globally disastrous Climate Change “events” – prevention of pandemics may be impossible – and the cure: “anyone’s guess.” Time to Google those kid-size hazmat suits.

MORE “Drug-dumb”

They’re everywhere – their stupidity has changed the way we live – if they want to drive off a cliff — they could at least give us time to jump out.


Dumb and dumber isn’t two people – it’s the natural progression of drug taking. In honor of those brains cooking like a rotisserie chicken: here are a few jokes to help you keep in mind that those dumb-asses can get anyone killed.


“I don’t have any animal slaves.” Would this response surprise you and take you aback? Putting people on the defensive is a common Doctrinal trick to put Doctrine-holders in the position of “questioner” and authoritative judge. This is a very effective technique in most situations. Our current Social Policies segregate and combine people into groups – so people can unilaterally be treated differently and put into a guilty position that requires they prove their worthiness or admit fault. The most important point in Doctrinal policy making; is not to allow any unwelcome facts or disruptive interpretations – that’s why the need for secrecy is imperative. Black Box policy making. One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice. Tip: When Doctrine-holders begin to question you – turn the tables and question them instead.

“What percentage of unborn children . . ?”

What percentage of unborn children support abortion? If you could take a poll: I suspect the answer would be 0%. Politicians have created an election time poll to show that 78% of New Yorkers approve of abortions. If 78% of New Yorkers polled thought that their politicians were corrupt: would those politicians still run for office? What if a poll showed they thought those politicians should be executed? What if 78% of those polled thought that you should be executed? Evil is a road that goes down and never comes back up — and we’ve already lost sight of home.

“The Future of Rural New York”

I was talking to a neighbor today about the weather and the state of things – and he announced that his family had made plans for leaving New York State. Since the County removed rural sheriff’s patrols as being “too expensive” – He won’t even let his kids ride their bikes on Lansingville Road. “I’m planning on leaving” is a phrase that crops up in almost every conversation with younger families – while “I can’t afford to leave” is the sad statement of the elderly just trying to survive. The millionaire farmers who have taken over give criminals free rein; as long as they don’t cut into their profits – and our once neighborly and hard-working rural community has become a dumping ground of rentals for the county’s unwanted: an Ag Ghetto of drugs, poverty, and crime. New York policy makers are like someone who refuses to learn to swim — but when they start to drown — they pull down everyone around them while trying to keep their heads above water.

“Debate with facts – Not assertions”

When New York Gov. Kathy Hochul bragged about a 140% increase in illegal gun seizures - she meant that if it was expressed it as a percentage of the illegal guns that are still out there: you would laugh in her face. And Hochul’s election timed announcement of a 12% decrease in gun violence does nothing to help the thousands of victims and their families. Politicians talk a lot of shit — It’s time to rub their faces in it. Full disclosure – Full exposure.

“All the colors of Bigotry”

When Pride supporters; support race, gender, and ethnic bias programs – where does their righteousness come from?

“With eager feeding . . .”

“With eager feeding food doth choke the feeder.” We’re choking on evil – and our reimagined “race consciousness” Social Policy – is a Heinrich Himmler maneuver that will certainly kill us.

“Smug as a thug on a drug”

Humility is a no-show in today’s self-inflated society: where greed, ambition, and arrogance combine to make a name for people who would have had a very different name in the past. When the only crime is not getting what you want – victims are just collateral at the waterhole.

“Let’s share what we’ve got of yours . . .”

“We can share what we got of yours, 'cause we done shared all of mine” — Grateful Dead. “Jack Straw” While much is made of sharing out Social Security and the benefits of a lifetime of toil – we are living in a time that is notably lacking in togetherness and empathy. Once we pass the threshold of our giving; we reach a deserted plateau indifference – where even the cries of our COVID “die off” are sucked into non-existence. Our sharing is a Millennial Judgement – the expiation of some kind of Doctrinal “Original Sin” – a giving of tribute: a recognition of superiority. Maybe their sharing would reduce their perfection by some small amount – or acknowledgement of us would make them unclean. They won’t even share the time to try to understand.

“Dear Politicians”

The froth of unhappiness and discord that rises to the top of every issue is a product of the divisive politics of our time. Politicians use hate, fear, and envy to pry apart communities into voting blocks – more concerned with getting themselves elected; than the welfare of the electorate. Ruling over a society in turmoil only increases their chances acquiring more power and control. Divide and conquer is as old as ambition. The new millennium is so naïve: they believe they’re different. We’re making a history that will serve as a cautionary tale — if we live that long.

“State of the Union 2023”

Unlike the 60’s – today’s social upheaval is not fueled by the recognition that everybody is deserving of human respect and worth — but by a self-serving denial of that truth. Our social policies are 180 degrees away from the beliefs of people like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr — and are excused with the rhetoric that doing evil to some; will bring about good for all. It’s not a belief that builds and nurtures -– it’s a rioting mob that destroys; and uses the violence of that destruction to protect the looters and intimidate their victims. These New School Nazis have adopted all the old Nazi paradigms of “place by race” and reinterpreted historical postulates. The biggest irony could be – that all this mindless looting and hate filled taking is in the shadow of our extinction. There are no U-Hauls to Heaven – or to Hell . . . or to the event horizon. Welcome to the Future — this way to the Exit . . . for everybody.

“Sustainability: Meeting the needs of . . .”

What does “sustainability” mean? It’s too useful and too usable a word not to have been stretched out and fancied-up to cover everything possible. “Sustainable” sounds like a solution – even if it’s not. “Sustainable” is keeping to the same story – as long as the facts don’t come out. “Sustainable” is taking less fish – in a massive dying off. “Sustainable” is doing too little – until it’s too late.

“Scientists: They’re not the Sorcerers”

Like children puzzling out words in a book and pretending they wrote it – today’s scientists seem unable to grasp the scope of what they are unleashing – or admit their inability to control or stop the process. Emerging technologies more dangerous that any nuclear proliferation are being put into the self-serving hands of politicians and corporations – and proclaimed to a rhetoric-reassured public. Scientists are betting the end of our existence against the achievement of fame, fortune, and the realization of their dreams – knowing that no matter how the cards fall — only they will ever collect. Alarmist? Scientists have discovered everything from microplastics in our blood to accelerating Climate Change. Are these recent discoveries? Or are they unable-to-keep-the-secret-any-longer admissions?

“If you can flip a switch . . .”

Why were unborn children declared to not to be human beings in New York State? Because it was a convenient way to bypass their legal protection. New York has become a place where every right; even your right to exist – has become conditional. Conditional upon the profit of those in power. Human use, not human worth, is their grounding ethic. It’s not surprising that in the instant of birth: these same children who are not human beings – become the most important human beings of all – follow the money. New York’s political gang-in-charge is washing their corrupt and conniving image clean with money, money, and money— but after Election Day; when the money stops flowing, and their media frenzy abates – they’ll be just as corrupt, and just as conniving. You can’t wash dirty politics clean with dirty money — you can only muddy the waters. And you can’t stop a victim from being a victim; by declaring them disposable. That’s true for unborn children, the elderly, and the growing list of victims in the New York State of disposables.

“Reproductive Rights for men”

To give one party all the rights; and the other party only the responsibilities is not equitable – it’s not a partnership: it’s a fraud.

“There’s a method in their badness”

The back of the bus – the end of the string – by putting rural people last; they’re able to oppress by exclusion – we get less, or nothing: because there’s nothing left - someone measured wrong – it’s unexpected – there isn’t enough money – enough workers – enough government interest. They always run out of everything; by giving plenty to everyone else first. There are exceptions: the tax assessors are never too busy to give us the highest possible assessments. Tompkins County’s policies are forcing the same rural families that its roads were named after out of their homes. Does that mean that policies will be changed? Of course not — it means they’re working.

New Word: “Acadumbic”

There are none so dumb; as those who will not think. No questioning, no debate, no critical thinking, NO dissent — today’s “acadumbic” institutions are not beacons of light: they’re towers of surveillance. If any unconforming concept, study, or proposal appears anywhere in our Society: its originators are shouted down to quiet them – and beaten down to punish them.

“Politicians are locking the hatches”

We all won’t survive – and those in the know; know it’s time to start throwing people off the back of the sleigh. Is there a moral in the troika and wolves story? It’s hard to tell. Maybe it’s that the people on the top are willing to sacrifice anybody. Or maybe it’s that in certain situations; no matter what you do — you can’t escape your fate. Unborn children, the elderly, and rural people are all disposable: and when you’re disposable – you can’t be a victim. Maybe we’re all disposable. Maybe we’re all victims. Maybe none of us will survive.

When the ‘house of cards’ is your neighbor’s

Security built on taking; is built on there being something to take. The shakiness of the post-COVID economy – that makes it easy to take – is a shakiness that taking will bring to collapse. It’s so easy to see the many ways that policy and behavior will lead to our destruction – but not to our survival. We embrace the mantra of the Adolescent Society: “Somebody had better do something” and “It’s your responsibility.” Please listen to the menu; because our options have changed.

New Word: “Irrationalizing”

Politicians are always finding new words for their actions – it’s only fair that we help them.

“When everything you do is evil . . .”

When everything you do is evil – how can you claim good will come from it? Our Social Policies are acts of discrimination, profiling, censorship, oppression, and secrecy — in the good sense: because the end justifies the means – for the Greater Good. Fifty years of Affirmative Action; and there’s still no end in sight for this policy of secrecy, bias – and no disclosure — a policy that has spawned a thousand evil iterations – and a million evil acts — for the Greater Good. You’re not killing people – you’re throwing them overboard to lighten the lifeboat – you’re doing it for the survival of everyone in an overloaded lifeboat. The Greater Good. “Shall we draw lots?” “It’s not THAT kind of Greater Good!”

“Great fleas have little fleas”

“Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, and little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum.” The lines of this poem; derived from an earlier work of the Anglo-Irish satirist Jonathan Swift – so aptly describes the hierarchy of taking that delineates our Society. In a science fiction story; there is a descriptive passage of a planet with wildlife so mindlessly voracious: that one creature; while being eaten by a larger predator – still reached out to grab and begin eating a smaller prey itself. In the maelstrom of our Climate Change fueled apocalypse to come – “if you’ve got an itch scratch it; and if you’ve got an appetite feed it” has become the societal mantra — as we ride the dog-eat-dog wave to the shores of our destruction.

“Proud to be non-hispanic”

There is no “us” – and every difference carries a benefit – or a stigma. Try this little test: “Proud to be Black” – “Good.” “Proud to be Hispanic” – “Good.” “Proud to be a Woman” – “Good.” “Proud to be Gay” – “Good.” “Proud to be White” . . . “Proud to be Heterosexual” . . . “Proud to be a Man” . . .

“Putting your finger on the scale is fraud”

Every time you ask; “what are you doing?” – they answer why they are doing it. Their Doctrine is like a maze in a fog that always leads you to one place: their decision. Ask once – and you’ll get an excuse – Ask twice – and you’ll get silence – Ask three times – and you’re a trouble-maker – Ask four times – and they’ll need to do something about you . . . “What?” “To make things Equitable.”

The definition “non-hispanic” . . .

Being categorized by what you are not is widely agreed upon as being demeaning – so why does our government continue to use this ethnically biased term? Because they want to erase some cultural identities; while supporting and creating others. Recently, they’ve been trying to trick us with a palliative: pretending that not being required to check race, gender and ethnicity boxes – is the same as not having those boxes. We hear many arguments from people for preferential race, gender and ethnic policies – but no arguments for disclosing how often, how much, who, or how they’re decided. If there was nothing to hide; it wouldn’t be secret. And people who really believe in equality and human worth; would never compromise those beliefs.

“Be the worm.”

Like a computer worm – today’s malware social policies replicate themselves in order to spread to every part of the country. Politicians use policy infected communities as a host to scan and infect other communities. When these new “worm-invaded” communities are controlled, the worm will continue to scan and infect other communities using these communities as hosts, and this behavior will continue — a malicious government program that replicates itself, automatically spreading throughout society. Political malware policies use recursive laws to copy themselves without host communities and distribute themselves by exponential growth, thus controlling and infecting more and more communities in a short time.

“Reverse Discrimination” – A bigot’s lens

There is no “us” anymore – so it’s useful to see how we’ve been divided and treated differently. Raising some up to a higher level of respect and politeness – one that reflects a higher level of esteem – while demonizing others. [This issue will receive in-depth treatment in the book – including documented examples from the Media, a Check List and an all-too-revealing Sampling Questionnaire] In our hypocritical society of mealy-mouthed “equity” – the new social conventions embrace all the old patterns of bigotry and relative worth. A new “slavery”? Of course – we’re already indentured servants to an all-powerful autocracy – but they’ll call it something else — how about “Equitable Freedoms”?

“New Normal – Fly Me to the Moon”

When the going gets tough – the rich get going. Whether it’s war, taxes, or Climate Change: those who have the most – and the most to lose – know when it’s time to check out. Giving “there’s money in space exploration” a whole new meaning.

“What is the price for ascendency?”

Being on top – means there’s a place for you at the bottom. And being placed on top – means you don’t have the power to decide. Giving up all safeguards for a promise – is the essence of a confidence trick. Your children? They won’t even know what they’ve lost — because you’ve given them up as well.

“Imagine the world in ten years . . .”

Before we started making such big footprints in the world – How we lived didn’t make such a big difference to the future — it does now. Old Man River doesn’t “just keep rolling along” – it can not only flood all along its nutrient polluted length — it can dry up. Not one of the governments or groups in the world is doing anything that will meaningfully change our path to disaster. It’s easy to look into the future at a changed world: but our own future is far more problematical. We’re in an overcrowded life-boat – with no hope of rescue — and no place to land.

“What’s the similarity between . . .?”

It’s Doctrine that’s important – not people. In its church of revealed materialism: human use replaces not human worth – and all things can be solved by the application of elitist policy making. Psychiatrists are among the elite – and the welfare of their patients is more important to them than a few dead people. Today’s social policies display the same mad logic as General Buck Turgidson — and reflects the same madness in its makers.

“New Normal Screenshots – Climate Change”

“It’s a small world after all.” Climate Change is showing how small our world is – and how little regard we have for it. When you’re accelerating into a stone wall — letting up on the gas isn’t much of a solution. COVID was just the splatter: Wait till we get dumped in the fryer.

If they called ‘oppression’: ‘kindness’ . . .

It’s your actions that define you – it’s the “acts of kindness” – not the talk of kindness excusing acts of cruelty. The modern insistence that an excuse can re-define the act: leaves us all the victims of those who oppress, lie, or discriminate for their own profit. If you call “negative”: “affirmative” – is an act any less repudiating?

“Survey questions they won’t ask”

When people ask you; “How are you doing?” – just say “Good” or “I’m doing OK” – because most people don’t want to hear your problems — the same thing is true of surveys. Our Town survey, like everything to do with policy and politics, comes from Cornell. The cold-call telephone questions were loaded, open for interpretation, and asked well in advance of public awareness of the issues they would be used for. When the agenda of the survey emerged – its authors quickly backpedaled in an angry Town meeting: claiming it was only a preliminary indication; and of no great importance — this same survey was later used as the sole determining mandate from the residents for the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and all future development. Surveys are used to provide an appearance of public legitimacy to the unilateral decision making of Cornell County planners. When residents claim that they are inadequate, biased, or deceptive – county officials merely defend the results; and make no changes, People may not make the right decisions — and surveys are an important step to prevent that.

“Equity: Where does it leave those . . ?”

“Equity: Where does it leave those who are left out?” There is no rural social justice – there is no such thing as Rural Social Justice in any government policy making. Rural communities are excluded from our national consciousness: a vacant space in everything from “Cost of Living” calculations to cultural identity. They are subordinated to political agendas, corporate profits, and agricultural pollution — bullied and deprived unseen in the shadow of a Black urban overclass. “The real tragedy of these small enclaves of marginality and poverty is that people are playing a game of life that has been structured in such a way that they are required to play but prevented from winning” wrote Janet Fitchen in her groundbreaking “Poverty in Rural America” – four decades later: nothing has been built on that ground — and the poverty, neglect and drugs have long since taken it back over.

“Where’s the Equity in competition?”

Equity is portrayed as “some people needing a bigger ladder to pick apples from the tree” – but what happens when there is only one apple? Should they be given a cherry-picker? Equitable policies are always presented within the framework of a Peaceable Kingdom: where there is enough for all – but from a Government that covets all power — this paradigm of sharing is only a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“– Jumping through the hoop”

“The trick is to make even the stupidest dog jump through the hoop.” Our government uses every kind of psychological and emotional artifice of repetition and indoctrination to make us perform – and jump through the mists of uncertainty to a future worldly paradise. And if you’re unable or unwilling to do that — they’ll give you a little shove.

“Two-Timing: Equitable-Discrimination”

Even if you have the ethical “flexibility” to twist the principle of Equality into “unequally” – you still have to get around the continued existence of groups who are systematically denied this help. In Tompkins County: there are so many mass transit busses in the Cornell campus that it’s hard to drive a car around – and there are bus stops every few hundred feet in urban and suburban areas – but there are no buses serving rural county residents. Rural people are given the ‘separate-but-equal’ policy of requesting volunteer drivers [if available] in advance [and paying more] – for every trip. Rural areas have no sheriff’s patrols – you call in incidents; and they’ll come out and write a report. I’ve twice has medevac helicopters land in my front yard to airlift road accident victims – and we’re still unable to get law enforcement or speed limits on our lawless road. These are just two of the “equitable” policy solutions of Ivy League Progressives to the needs of the county’s poorest, most underserved and disadvantaged [and unrepresented] population. Progressives that can toss off these inequitable policies with a “difficult” or “no money” in a single sentence. They pretend that our rural communities, and our problems don’t exist – and create “equitable” policies to speed up the process. Equitabullshit!

“Be the Overclass”

The overclass is not the top – the overclass is only the top of what you can aspire to — the top is already taken. The scrambling for perks and power by those below keeps those on top where they are — and us where we are. Be the overclass – be the tool – be the fool.

“The equitable Cinderella story”

Who decides what’s equitable? And how? And why? — Or more precisely: Who decides on who decides? And how? And why? Back when Science valued wisdom over technology – they used the analogy of a gorilla congress deciding to make the perfect gorilla: the congress would always decide on having greater specialization; to better do what gorillas had always done — they would never envision an unspecialized human being. The wisdom and compassion needed for “equitable” decision making is the same as would be needed for an enlightened and beneficent dictatorship. History has shown us the foolishness of installing such a “benign” rulership — and that even in the small chance of it happening: it was certain to be followed by a succession of tyrants.

“New York government is consistent”

You could say the NYSDOT response to our Town’s request for a speed reduction on Lansingville Road is the same as every other response we’ve received to our pleas for rural health, welfare, and inclusion: No. Why would the NYSDOT refuse to reduce the speed limit on Lansingville Road? The answer, I suspect, is the same as why the County Highway Director claims – in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary – that all the truck traffic on Lansingville Road is agricultural. The Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council concluded: “the petition signed by residents and the letter of support of a speed reduction signed by the sheriff, and add our Traffic Count Report, which shows a marked increase in traffic along Lansingville Road in the past two years, as well as our Vehicle Crash Data Report, which includes the road segment of Lansingville Road from Rt.34B to Jerry Smith Road on its list of top 10 highest crash severity road segments between 2015 – 2019. These documents together seem to make a clear and simple case for the request.” The NYSDOT refusal was “Based on the existing roadside development, crash analysis, and test drives.” A bland and uninformative stone wall — the same stone wall that surrounds every rural community in New York State.

“You are owed a special place”

It’s an old evil that has worn many faces — Mao and Stalin were unsurpassed in butchering the innocent. Evil has no ideology: The seeds to do evil are in all of us – but most people don’t want to cultivate them. Watch out for those who do.

“Slavery: People are a commodity”

Is there really any difference? Denial of individual human worth is the platform that oppression, bigotry, slavery – and our Social Policies are built on. It’s a present to the People – wrapped up real fancy – with the note: “Do not open until I say so.” — the confidence game.

“How can you trust anybody who . . .”

The essence of today’s social policies isn’t equality – it’s secrecy. You have no alternative to their story. “The dog snuck into the house and ate their homework; to get them in trouble.” Take it; or leave it – there’s nothing you can do about it.

“New Normal – Anxiety that won’t go away”

Like the proverbial Summer Cold – it just hangs on and on; until you realize it’s not going away. It’s not the fear of COVID – it’s the knowledge that we’ve traded people who care and can’t help; for people who don’t care and won’t help. It’s the anxiety of being alone.

“New Normal Videogame – Circling the Drain”

Is it the opening to another dimension? Or just a garbage disposal? Society is changing. Like a worm virus; always traveling; and always taking; always looking for more – until there’s nothing left to take – Then; the reasonable disposal of the useless husks. If they believed in an afterlife – they’d attach a string to pull us back for another taking — if there’s more to be had than in this life: They want that too. It’s the New Normal.

“New Normal Videogame Screenshots”

Victims from the Form Based Evil board game will reappear in the “New Normal” videogame. Also returning are a supporting cast of familiar faces – as Evil Recycles to collect a new harvest of users and losers. Play through to the End of Days level and collect a bonus — or not.

“They scream their hate; to shut out debate”

Fearful silence never stopped evil yet – and compliance never stopped the ax. If you believe that today’s oppressive policies will lead to a future of equality and human worth: why don’t you try a virtual debate with Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and Frederick Douglass. • Piling evil on top of evil won’t lead you to the gates of Heaven — only back to its source.

“Climate Change: A rising tide”

It’s so much more than weather disasters – it’s changing life on earth. From adding one more breeding cycle for rats in New York City; to reducing phytoplankton in the world’s oceans – the effects of Climate Change are everywhere — a multitude of changes; like the noise of a giant waterfall that blocks our hearing their cries of danger.

“Flow Chart Poetry 4”

Evil not only recycles – it has traditions and ceremonies. Oppressors needs the oppressed to acknowledge their position – even an attempted “uprising” is an acknowledgement of a subservient position – and resistance reason to grind the heel with ever greater force. The kernel of their satisfaction is an emotional one: they get off on what they are doing — enthroned in that place that Evil likes best.


Mono-droids – no matter how relevant and pressing the issue in front of them – they refuse to focus on anything that does not support Doctrine [or undercut everything else] – it’s what they’ve been taught: If you step out of line; the big, bad world of non-conforming will get you. • Freedom starts in the mind – not at the gate.

“Global Warming: We’re all in the same boat”

Our policy makers have gotten us so used to treating problems in isolation – that we can’t see the bigger picture to save our lives. • The feeling of being without sin and blaming others won’t make our society whole – or promote meaningful solutions — but it’s an addiction we can’t seem to kick.

“Always looking for the next trough”

Pigs are good for finding truffles because they contain pig sex hormones – it incentivizes them. The same analogy holds true for our government and money – they eagerly sniff out the profit buried at the bottom of every issue and policy; and if there’s none there – they move on. • There’s no profit in helping the rural people in this country; and a great deal to be made by helping the people who exploit them. And there’s no profit in writing articles about rural issues; it would anger the people [advertisers] who exploit them. • Our government follows a policy of Urban Colonialism: Rural people are a disposable population – and when you’re disposable — you can’t be a victim.

“Can you hear the dogs barking?”

It used to be that a barking dog signaled that something was wrong – these days: a barking dog is just the accompaniment to the jitter-bugging staccato of cellphone texts and white-noise background of television streaming. There’s no need for an attention span; because nothing receives your full attention. • Maybe it’s barking to be let in — maybe it’s barking because . . .

“The New Normal: Pandemic-proof HOAs”

You could imagine – but there are probably some out there already. It makes some sense: HOAs profit the commonality – while government profits the elite.

“Letting things slide on the slippery slope”

As we slide down the un-leveled field towards the abattoir in our future – glimmers of the truth shine through the coarse mesh of deception we’re enveloped in. We don’t decide the path; we just obey the rider . . . and the spurs. • When you’re consumed with surviving — today is enough.

“The New Normal: You’re not jumping for joy”

It’s not over – it’s just beginning. But who are the victims? The elderly are disposables; so they can’t be considered as victims. The unreported victims of the Pandemic are our freedoms – the freedom to choose – the freedom to decide – the freedom to be different. • Hearing lawyers talking about tossing out contracts due to COVID [we used to be told that contract law was the basis of our law] – they used the phrase: “somebody has to take the hit” — how far is this from our beliefs of human worth and freedom? • Somebody takes the hit so you can benefit – then you take the hit so they can benefit – and in the end; we all take the hit so those on top can benefit — because they can. • While we were on the COVID Carousel; they moved the exit – and we got off a few doors closer to Dictatorship. It’s said that the trick is to make even the stupidest dogs jump through the hoop — that’s why they use whips.

“an anxiety that won’t go away”

You feel it, don’t you? The need to do something against a coming catastrophe – something you should already have done. Like a wild animal sensing danger; but not knowing what it is – or which direction it’s coming from — high alert: tiring over time – so tired. . .

“Today is less than yesterday”

It’s as if the world is dribbling out between your fingers – and you can’t hold on to your dreams of building – of achieving. Maybe you’re not using the right measure of success – and maybe that’s not an accident. • In the 1960s: people were taking action to achieve a society of human worth – until the scaffolding began to be kicked apart underneath us; and we grabbed ahold of anything to survive. • Maybe everything that we’re now being told is important; is important to the profit of those who do the telling. • If you could live in a community where you did not fear your neighbor, where you could do things that you thought were worthwhile and at the same time realize who you could be, were people would band together to help those in need of help, and nobody would need to be alone — what more would you want? What accumulation of “things” would you need? • For the people who want to control us — that’s the scariest future of all.

“Rural America: Party boys and baby mommas”

As rural America dies – a strange new society emerges from the carcass: Government Modified Organizations [GMOs] have ushered in a cycle of drugs and dissolution to replace the old neighborliness and caring that existed – Creating a community with all the death and despair of the urban poor — but with none of the hope. In rural America no one can hear you scream.

“The new centers of rural society”

The rural paradigm is no longer centered around places that help others – it’s centered around places that help you — just like everywhere else.

“Recipes for Disaster 1”

Talk about a “fusion” – and if not a popular creation; these unhealthy servings will be ladled out world-wide in the coming decades. The high ground of today will be the beach front of the future; but what will the property tax be like? — and the insurance!

“A town too poor to afford a lawyer. . .”

There is no place too small and no one too poor to escape today’s frenzy of taking and using. In fact: the downtrodden and defenseless are the first targets of corrupt officials and their cronies – taking without restraint, and using their clout to skim the cream off any remediation or development. • One of the takers referred to my book: “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” as a “lamentation” with a mocking smile. It’s an indictment — and the day of Rural Justice will bring a smile to the oppressed.

“What goes around; comes around. . .”

Evil recycles – and the same evil can take many forms: but evil cannot just exist – it must act. The small evil is the key that unlocks the door to a bigger evil. • The “lens” of evil is a lens of distortion. If you have three children; and always praise and recount the goodness of two of them – and use the third one as an example of everything bad: the evil would claim that this is to promote recognition of the worth of those two – disguising that evil with a coating of self-serving gain, and cloaking the action with secrecy. Another day: one of the remaining two children would be found unworthy – and then; the last child will fall. Evil does not share. • If you give a government the power to discriminate against whoever they want, whenever they want, for as long as they want, in secret — there is nothing that you receive in exchange that will not be taken from you.

“Everybody wants to be the Overclass”

Today’s social conscience has all the impact of a forgotten greeting card. While people complain about the evils of privilege and wealth; everything they do is calculated to put them there. TV commercials are all about the ascendency of prestige and material goods; and giving is done to validate the giver.

“People are famous for being famous”

In a time when being a cult has itself earned cult status – and public images are used to manipulate public images: our Society orbits the real world; without ever coming into contact with it. • What’s in our future? People are famous for being people who were famous for being famous? Now that’s what I call a Legacy!

“Their actions and policies”

Discrimination, secrecy, censorship, profiling, stereotyping, and demonizing are not the actions of people or governments that believe in human worth and equality — and the more you question it; the more they possessively hug it to themselves. Disclosure and debate? Never. One thought – One taught – One voice – One choice — and enough mob mentality to fuel any action.

“How would I describe the world in 2050?”

A day without rain is just a day without rain; but three months without rain is a drought. A historic storm is a disaster we can recover from – but put enough of them together. . . It’s a big world with only a small margin for our survival – and we’ve filled it up. With Climate Change eating the edges — what will people do to cling to what’s left?

“Smack Down” Card Deck Download

“Smack Down” Card Deck – Free Download on [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials] download page,

“Smack dab in the superficial”

With all the adolescent horror of a newly discovered pimple – popular culture works to create a façade of conformity; and avoid any ridicule or criticism. Teeth, hair, skin, clothes, odors, attitudes and opinions, kids and dogs, must all mirror the merchandising they consume – and that consumes them. • In our Great Shallow world of “lots and lots of not very much”: celebrities grow to a size impossible without the support of their teaming acolytes; eating and defecating in the same wallow — like Fantasia dinosaurs on the eve of extinction.

“Smack Down” Card Deck

COMING SOON! • • "Smack Down" - The card game where players get to smack down any one of 13 targets; or as many targets as they like. You can choose from "Your Ex," "Your Neighbor," "Other Race," "People who make you feel small," "People who have something you want," and eight other categories - or choose them all! And with four "smack downs" for each category; it's the perfect release for impaired players. "Once the game starts - it has a life of its own." Don’t worry – If your favorite targets aren’t included: there are blank cards where you can write them in!

“Today. . .”

What are people actually doing about real-world problems? Nothing. We have reached a stage where the value of actions has been subordinated to excuses, and it’s more satisfying to blame others than to set an example yourself. If we continue to do nothing; things will still correct themselves – the way a car stops without brakes.

“Planting and watering in a desert. . .”

You could look at this as an indictment of the people who see more efficient autos as an excuse to drive more and leave the engine running. • Or of Agricultural policies that pay farmers for the damages done to their crops by the same climate change weather that they are major contributors to. • There are many other examples. It’s not surprising in a time when millennial families are constantly advertised as driving long distances, to out of the way places, in large-engine SUVs. Sustainability isn’t an electric car or a farm subsidy – it’s a way of surviving. • That’s not a living room on wheels you’re driving – it’s a mausoleum on wheels — and you seem to be in a big rush to find a parking spot.

“An ounce of prevention. . .”

Not all problems can be cured – so doesn’t it make sense to prevent the problem and avoid the use of dangerous poisons? Not to our government. • Politicians and Policy Makers are clearing the fields of our Society of all unwanted growth with wide-spectrum poisons – destroying the families, institutions, and religions that compete with the varieties they wish to grow. • Decades of experimentation and reformulation have led to the creation of GMOs [Government Modified Organizations] designed to be resistant to these poisons – and replace our non-conforming heritage society. To carry the analogy further; these “GMOs” do not have the ability to reproduce and survive on their own – but must be seeded, grown and harvested; generation after generation: in the forms and varieties chosen by those in charge. • “Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind” — and our government plans to profit from them both.

“The New Normal: If you want something. . .”

The New Normal is an Adolescent Society wallowing in entitlement. And those with the greatest sense of entitlement are its predators. That goes without saying; and these days – without much to hinder them either.

“There’s no difference between. . .”

Morality is oppressive, and compassion is conditional upon the recipient: today’s doctrine is stripped down to the basics – privilege and hate – what’s in it for you; and who do you have it in for. • “It’s only a temporary condition – and it will all blow over” – I bet there were many Jews who counseled the same viewpoint.

“When you’re waving on the roof. . .”

We live in a world where an authoritative explanation is considered the same as a solution. We’re told that the recent “1,000-year floods” are due to climate change, and “what would normally be a small and consistent trickle of water over the course of the year, becomes a large bucket dumped all at once” – concluding that “we need to rethink everything about how we build where we build.” • Ya think? Don’t fix the climate change; fix the building codes? Maybe we should rethink everything again.

“When Progressives have it all their own way”

When Progressives have it all their own way – They have it all. • Tompkins County, NY has the highest percentage of student population of any county in the country – and while the students are partying: their “representatives” are using Party-partisan policies to crush the surrounding rural communities; and install a ruling collegiate overclass for the greater glory [and profit] of Cornell. The rural communities have nowhere to turn – when every authority turns to Cornell for their decision. All we can do is show the world how the poorest, most underserved, and marginalized segment of the population is being treated by a vainglorious Progressive government — but when you call Presidents by their first name; who would dare report it?

“Stages of Disclosure”

It’s not true that “the People are always the last to know” – sometimes the People never know.

“Science has created new ways for us to die”

“This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a black hole”

“Science isn’t Science anymore”

Shamelessly self-promoting: science has become a platform for the destruction of humanity – a tool of the rich and powerful; selling a vaporware future to an anxious population. • In our unhappy world: Science keeps piling block on top of block; to make a bigger pile of blocks – with the singlemindedness of a Scrooge – never admitting the need for responsibility and accountability – and with no epiphany in sight. • Science has traded the adult wisdom of fallibility; for the adolescent; “Look what I can do!” Now what can they do to fix it?

“Six of one; half a moment of the other”

These days: there is no such thing as a balanced argument. No time given to opposing views . . . and no mercy is given to those who hold them.

Everything is “check the boxes”

In our Standardized world: You no longer need to decide anything – the answers are placed right in front of you. Who would dare to demur? .They’re watching.

“Will you be ready for the next pandemic?”

The biggest cause of death in fires is not panic – it’s lack of panic.

“What’s good for the goose. . .”

Our government is on hair-trigger alert to add to their power with every possible excuse – but no excuse is sufficient for them relinquish any of it. • We no longer have a dialog with our government; it’s a monolog of policies and precepts – with no meaningful participation or oversight by the people. Congress is not filled with our representatives – but our rulers. • The time left to change all that is running out: Congress is deftly juggling the disastrous fallout from their Climate Change Cronyism; and when they let the pieces drop – they’ll find out that they need to control everything.

“Why is our government like cheap insurance?”

Like the cheap insurance policy that refuses to pay out when you have an accident; the mirage of our government’s caring persona blinds us to a desert of bureaucracy and self-interest. You can distance yourself from the real-world consequences of a policy — until you need to use it.

“When you’re disposable. . .” Bumper sticker

How does our government deal with the victims of their policy making? The same way the Nazis did: by demonizing and dehumanizing them. They can only be one of two things: trash waiting for pickup – or litter.

“They take by means of law” Bumper sticker

If only they took ownership of the blame; the way they take ownership of our future.

“Leave no idea behind” Bumper sticker

Politicians talk about “leaving no one behind”; but if you don’t allow for individuality and human worth – you’re just moving boxes

“OPPORTUNITY by Edward Rowland Sill”

It’s how people were taught to succeed – before they were taught that they couldn’t.

“Politicians are following the path. . .”

When your path is in the opposite direction from the one you know you should be on – maybe it’s time wonder if it leads to the same place — while there’s still time to go back.

“Forever adolescent” Bumper sticker

Children are being taught life in processed, blended, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-swallow portions. But life isn’t easy to understand – and frequently not so easy to swallow. • Adults are responsible – and that responsibility brings a thoughtful acceptance of the need for freedom of thought and of action – real diversity. • At the same time as science has been moving from a classification by form; to a classification by behavior – government has been moving from a democracy of behavior; to a dictatorship of form — Form Based Evil.

“Hard-wired for privilege”

It’s a privilege that comes at a price: paid for by others now – and by themselves later. What’s in it for those who do the “wiring”? Everything. • Mechanistic concepts of humanity are proliferating; especially those that promote human use over human worth. • Mechanistic science involves breaking down the universe into its component processes and parts – without knowing or ensuring that you have all the parts or understand the processes. It’s a “lossy” technique that throws out everything that is too complex or superficially unclear; in order to prove its thesis. • In our disintegrating world; swirling with ignorance, poverty, and famine – the trumpetings of science seem more like the unveiling of a golden throne, than a compassionate hand to the fallen.

“Tompkins County: everybody at the top. . .”

Everyone praises those in authority in Tompkins County – if they want to keep their job. It’s a networking, quid pro quo hotbed; where the elite skim their lifestyle off the top. BMWs speed through our rural communities; looking around with the attitude of sightseers at an Animal Park — if we don’t wither away soon; they’ll have to use a stronger poison.

“Did you ever think. . ?” Bumper sticker

When you check government policies and regulations; you will find that everything they do seems aimed at gathering more power and control — but did you ever think; that everything they don’t do may have the same aim?

“Government: They never have the money. . .”

In the course of my activism; there were many instances where I appealed to State and Federal representatives for help on local rural issues — they invariably did nothing; claiming they had no jurisdiction or authority in the matter. • Only a fool or a knave would claim this: In today’s partisan-political world; they have considerable influence on the local and county deciders of their Party. • They did nothing to help because they didn’t want to.

“Modern Progress as shown by screws”

Not only is this an analog for today’s un-usable government policy solutions – any history of how things could and did work in the past is suppressed. One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

The government push-back to transparency is as old as authority – Bureaucracy. It’s buried in transcripts, broken into sections, indexed esoterically, in part everywhere; and in whole nowhere — it’s a FOIL request for each document – a Black Box policy process where only the results are viewable. • When I enquired at the Town office about the status of our hamlet’s petition to NY State for a speed limit – I was told it would take six months to a year; and we would only know if they put up signs. • It’s government by the book; by Kafka.

“Sweetkins and Light” Bumper sticker

“Sweetkins and Light” It conjures up images of cuteness, simplified pastel shapes, and kid-friendly xylophone melodies – images that hide the Lord of the Flies “kill the pig” underpinnings of today’s social doctrine. • Children are educated to conform to this doctrine; and they are all the more eager to do so – to avoid the fate of those who do not. • Their candy-colored future is no more than building sand castles against the rising tide.

What will a ‘100-year flood’ look like. . ?

As flooding gets worse – our government’s “hundred year flood” criteria bobs on the surface; constantly being revised to meet ever-higher levels of water – a damage control that substitutes reassurance for regulation. It’s as if the definition of “serious illness” had been changed from “bed-ridden” to “riding in a hearse.” • The USGS explanation doesn’t even mention Climate Change as a cause. And if you won’t even admit the problem – how far away are you from doing something to solve it? • Like those science fiction movies where authorities have only so many days to act before the public is aware of the oncoming cataclysm – the true magnitude of climate change and its fallout is racing towards us from the future.

“Victim’s Vault: ATV DOA”

People tend to distance themselves from victims – maybe they’re afraid it’s catching. Even those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting them; take a distant and clinical view. Let’s face it; victims have a pathetic image – and they’re the result of a problem that authorities don’t want to address. • Maybe that’s why those vigilante victim movies are so popular: because they’re victims — like so many of us.

“The greedy are destroying our planet”

“Domino Effect” Climate Change ripples are giving employment to those who help the moneyed move to higher ground in an ever-rising flood. Our politicians are still covering up for, and subsidizing, Climate Change polluters. And the Science that helped get us into this hole – is busying themselves with measuring just how deep the hole is; instead of finding a way to get us out. • How bad is it? “Astounding,” “Historic,” “Surprising,” “Unexpected.” [It would be smart to always be prepared for at least a week without power, water, heat, food, shelter, and medical attention.] • Those Climate Change ripples are from a Scientific viewpoint — they look like tsunamis to me.

“769,656 Elderly COVID deaths”

When you’re disposable; there’s always a reason for not doing anything to help. It’s just another untold story – that is telling in its absence. • Authorities could have warned seniors that if they felt threatened; they should temporarily change their will and inform the beneficiaries – but that might cause problems: when you’re disposable; you’re not a victim. Shhhhhh . . .

“Theirs is the burden of rulership”

It’s an observation I’ve made before; but every year seems to bring their intolerant autocracy more blatantly into the forefront of policy making – and their display of dismissive elitism cloaked with a greater snobbery. • In Tompkins County, New York; they actually proclaim their right to decide and “balance” “the burdens placed on individuals and businesses” as part of their “vision for the future of the community.” All rights of individuals are subordinated to the “greater community” – which in turn is subordinated to their “Plan.” • Can there be anything more dictatorial and oppressive than their vision? Yes, their actions. • • Read “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” – free eBook download at

“Everything they do is important”

In a time when people say; “I’d do anything for my kids,” and really mean; “I can use my kids to justify any act” – importance is a label that justifies overriding public participation and riding over the barriers that protect us from tyranny and technological abuse. Peel off the “important” label – and see what’s underneath.

“Government: One excuse leads to another”

They excuse it – and keep on doing whatever it is they want to do. Today’s dictatorship is more mealy mouthed; but no less immovable than any in history. Take it or leave it — there’s nothing you can do about it.

“Everybody wants to be an authority figure”

So many people want to be Authority Figures these days – flashing honors and credentials like patents of nobility. Or Messengers: racing from place to place – filled the importance of delivering the News; without the danger and drudgery of involvement. A society of elite people holding themselves above or outside of the oppression and evil of our times — with an eye on the lifeboat.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

Outreach is important. The “If they want our help; they can come to us” attitude of our institutions leaves people to rot in place – or suffer until they are willing to take that big first step. Instead of making people ask: “Can you help me?” — We should be asking; “How can we help you?”

“When your gardening encourages weeds”

We work harder and harder to put aside crops that we cannot eat – for the glory of those who only count warehouses.

“Congress: The little picture finds wall spac

There is no room for the Big Picture – for us; it’s all filled with Doctrine.

“Discrimination will bring about equality?”

Like the joke about losing money on every item sold; but making it up in volume – today's Social Justice policies have little connection to practicality – or reality. • I’m still waiting for an explanation of why it’s a good idea to give our government the power to discriminate against whoever they choose. It will probably be something like: “We lose rights for every citizen – but we make it up in . . . .”? I can’t imagine.

“Crimestoppers?” Bumper sticker

Crimestoppers? Case-solvers might be a better name for it – with everyone doing their part to solve the case – But stopping crime is not about process: it’s about results. • I remember being told by a coworker that when she replaced the carpet in her condo unit: the floor underneath was found to be covered with cigarette butts and unswept construction debris – the original carpet layers just rolled the carpet and pad over whatever was on the floor: just doing their part. • Maybe the problem is not a case of “falling through the cracks” but of being hidden under the Criminal Justice System carpet.

“Don’t fix the problem – enshrine it”

The squeaky wheel gets the disability payments.

“Millennial Manipulations” Bumper sticker

It evades the issue; and puts you into a defensive position of having to explain yourself.

“The New Naiveté” Bumper sticker

Of course they tell you to eat all you want – to fatten you up for the Feast.

“Truck Run!” Screenshot

“In rural NY no one can hear you scream.” • When we tried to stop the invasion of large gravel trucks and industrial tractor trailers racing through our rural backroads; by requesting a 4-ton weight limit for through-truck traffic – the County Highway Director claimed they didn’t even exist. And when we documented it with photographic proof – he suddenly put up 20-ton weight limit signs. • But that’s only the beginning of the conduct of officials and their legislative oversight: read “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” – free eBook download on and paperback on Amazon. • As they say: “You can’t make this shit up” — and in Tompkins County, NY; you don’t have to.

“Society Survival Store” Graphic Version

This is the graphic print version of “Society Survival Store” – the text version is on the previous posting.

“Society Survival Store” Text Version

It’s tough to communicate without feedback — and even tougher when you can’t know what is being received. I gain a considerable amount of quality time by not having a cellphone or viewing material on social media platforms – but I’m unsure about the quality of presentation – even of the low quality graphics I post. This page will be posted in two versions: This is the text version.

“Discrimination: Any excuse is no excuse”

Like a distinction without a difference – there is no such thing as reasonable bigotry. The feeling of being “owed” is something that no one on earth is fit to adjudicate — it’s a feeling that has opened the door to much of the evil in history.

“Affirmative Action is a victimless crime”

How can there be “us” when no brother or sister would treat you that way? How can there be “us” when it contradicts the beliefs of everyone who fought for equality and human worth for all? • Affirmative Action was not the door to a new beginning — it was the door to a new dictatorship. • Now that human worth is off the table; it’s time for the lovers of evil to feast.

“Shark Park” Screenshot

“Made so conditional – as to void the volitional.” While staying healthy these days takes so much time that there’s no time left to enjoy it — and litigation ass-covering has reached the point of warning you measure the cooked temperature of each part of your frozen entre — Your only guarantee from the government is an unaccountable “doing the best they can.” • “A walk in the park” used to mean something that was very easy to accomplish — it still can be . . . but only if you follow the instructions.

“Non-Conforming Thoughts”

I give you thoughts • That’s all I do • Their ending place • Is up to you

“Global Warning” Screenshot

Don’t shoot the messenger: bribe, intimidate, or muzzle him [if he can’t be stopped from reaching his destination.] The scientific investigations currently underway are about as useful as a postmortem is to the victim — and as academic. There is no “shock value” left: 150,000 views and it’s just old news.

“Evil is no longer deplored” Bumper sticker

“Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” — Abraham Lincoln. • Once again: It’s time to shine a light on those actions that hide in the shadows of shouted assertions. It’s time to stand up to the intimidation of unchecked bigotry, hate and greed – and rip down the mask that they hold up between themselves and those they lecture and oppress. • In direct contradiction of Lincoln: Everything today is conditional – and the condition is that it must benefit those who set the conditions. In New York State; unborn children are no longer human beings – it’s an attitude towards the principle of Human Worth that matches that of the most evil people in history. If unborn children are no longer human beings — who will they pick next? • Evil thrives in our shadow government. Full Disclosure and Full Exposure of all policies and statistics — and the evil they represent. • “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” – It’s the only barrier that can protect us from a growing evil.

“Doctrine: because. . .” Bumper sticker

Let’s not “quibble” the point away by claiming that “truth” is a philosophical concept; and accept the everyday usage: “Tell the truth.” • Doctrine is a useful tool for avoiding debate – because its “truths” are so frequently revealed and not built upon everyday experience and consistency. • The prevalence of the word “lens” is an avoidance of the word “viewpoint”– and the admission of a subjective judgement — “lens” implies a detached and scientific “truth” [although Science itself has subjective underpinnings.] • • The “Lie of Wikipedia” if you will; is the “doctrinal” structure that allows every article to use a different lens and present a different “truth.” The “Potato Famine” is presented in such a way as to minimize and deflect ethnic and religious oppression; and portray those “truths” as whining and irrational – Whereas the Wikipedia article on “Atlantic slave trade” uses a “lens” that selectively maximizes the role and guilt of “Europeans” in every possible way. • Both these “truths” are presented separately – each lens creating a different universe: with different elements and different laws, and even a different logic. • • The “truth” is that your beliefs don’t have to be proven or debated – but when you insist on making them Our beliefs, and Our truths — you damn well better.

“New Word: Atmosfear” Bumper sticker

The fear and apprehension is palpable these days – it’s not the world; because people have always faced disasters, and even wars, with heightened commitment and determination to act — it’s the tones of a new Nazism that reverberates back and forth across the nation – social policies fueled by privilege and hate — and eager to use rioting and targeted violence to intimidate. Biden’s Brownshirts: One Thought, One Taught, One Voice, One Choice — or else!

“Night Stalkers” Screenshot

I remember Intellivison Burgertime creating a level of anxiety – the longer you survived; the more difficult the game and the more persistently you were chased — and when you lost; you had to start at the beginning and relive it all over again. • Arcade-style games were based on an emotional paradigm that emptied you of quarters as quickly and efficiently as possible. • A similar paradigm in our Criminal Justice System disposes of the victims and their families with the same speed and efficiency. The criminals themselves, however, have almost risen to a management position in that System – with “frequent felon” insider plea bargains sliding them out jail in the time it takes to inscribe a gravestone. • Victims are the grit in the mechanism of Justice. They are now called “complainants” – Why do we make so much trouble?

“Advanced Dummies and Drag-ons” Screenshot

When government has no contact with the people – the noise of critical legislation is just the spinning of tires. Government’s “tell a pleasing story” messaging does nothing to change our course of inevitable death and disaster. • Government will need to step in to manage things like water distribution, economics, food, health, and housing. This means that the big players will get their cut — and the little people will get managed.

“5K Run for Racism” T-Shirt

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? – Is that anything like “violence begets violence”? How about; “Fix the problem, not the blame.”

“The foundation of government policy making”

“What constitutes Fraud”: A material false statement, Victim reliance, and Damages. • In November, 2021; The White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy released the U.S Methane Emission Reduction report – “Critical and commonsense steps to cut pollution. It describes Methane as “a particularly destructive greenhouse gas” and that “one ton of methane in the atmosphere has about 80 times the warming impact of a ton of CO2.” • “A material false statement” – Agriculture is largest contributor to methane emissions at 38% of the total; but it’s not listed by name in the Emissions by Source “pie chart” and it’s pushed down to the bottom of the list [after oil and gas, landfills, and abandoned coal mines], and while Gas, Oil, and Landfills include their percentage of the total; Agriculture is just called “a major source.” Even though every other sector has reduced methane emissions – and only Agriculture continues to increase methane emissions –the Biden-Harris Administration is relying on “voluntary partnership efforts” and refusing to regulate agricultural pollution. This same report still claims that the Administration is using “all available tools” including “commonsense regulations” and “transparency and disclosure of actionable data.” • “Victim reliance” – We have nowhere else to turn. • “Damages” – We’re just warming up.

“Climate Spin Doctoring” Bumper sticker

It’s not the light at the end of the “Climate change” tunnel – it’s the light that blinds us to where that tunnel is heading. It’s interesting and revealing that our disintegrating world is serving as the means to make exciting discoveries about those peoples and animals that have died in the past. • It’s a century that has given us the technology to be able to record and preserve the details of our own extinction — but not the wisdom to prevent it.

“Biden’s Social Policies. . .” Bumper sticker

Today’s leaders aren’t “Movers and Shakers” – they’re Users and Takers — and those who spent a lifetime in honest labor and crime free innocence are their biggest targets. • What a contrast between our government’s “COVID Shrug” as the elderly die in their hundreds of thousands – and the week after week of night-and-day efforts by Congress to take all they can from those remaining. • There’s no love lost in their Social Doctrine of privilege and hate — because there was never any love to begin with.

“A spoonful of profit” Bumper sticker

“A spoonful of profit helps the genocide go down.” • You can sweeten the pot with other things than sugar – and some people will gobble it up. • It doesn’t have to be money; it can be power and position, wish fulfillment, legitimizing acts of hate and harm to others, or just a target for the belief that everything bad in your life is someone else’s fault. In other words: the opposite of everything that Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Malcolm X believed in, and fought for. • • A spoonful of profit helps the Holocaust go down.

“Biden’s ‘Social Justice’” Bumper sticker

I used to joke about “the next Nazis claiming to hate Nazis” — and then it happened. Biden’s New School Nazis are a pussyfooting, mealy-mouthed iteration of the same evil — from their demonizing targeting; to their reimagined history of racial and ethnic purity. If they won’t come into the light; we’ll bring the light to them. Goodness doesn’t need to hide. Full Disclosure – Full Exposure of all government policies and actions.

“Black Market Profiteering” Bumper sticker

“Black Market Profiteering” has a new meaning: the act or activity of using race and preferential racial policies to make an unreasonable profit on the sale of essential goods and services especially during times of social and economic upheaval. • • So far all these little pieces are just outlining the program – prep work for the operation: a dissection. Does Evil have a heart?

“Zebra Mussels to the rescue” Bumper sticker

Many modern Studies aren’t intended clarify or educate – they’re intended to obfuscate. Today’s academic “replication crisis” investigations show that the results cited in many recent studies cannot be relied on; and many are just made up. • All of a sudden; “you can’t say for sure” – and every supporter and beneficiary blasts out this new report to the exclusion of reason or debate. • It can’t be a coincidence that so many studies have appeared to patch the holes in Doctrinal assertions – maybe they could do a study on that — or a Monty Python sketch. . .

“Government Policies are like. . .”

“Cui bono: 1 : a principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain” • Government Policies are enacted to help particular entities and institutions – to the exclusion of everyone else. It’s not a government of the People — it’s a gang.

“Buy the lie ™” Bumper sticker

The Lie is that “it’s a little thing” – while in reality: it’s Everything. Today’s Social Policies are not a “correction”; they’re an oppression – a cage of unquestionable assumptions; a privileged bigotry raised to the level of Manifest Destiny. • Dare them to debate – and they will be afraid to. Demand full disclosure – and they will refuse to. So how can you make an informed decision? • This book will include printable “checklists” that can be used to gather reliable information for your own conclusions: A list of the acts that constitute Fraud under the law; with spaces to write comments – use one for each policy and pronouncement. A list of the most important beliefs and acts of historical leaders in the fight for human worth and equality; with spaces to write down those of today’s leaders, who claim to be carrying on that fight. [Will they coincide? Or contradict?] Lists of Questions to ask; that will reveal so much more than the responders intend to. • Don’t buy the lie: “Everything is a matter of opinion – except Doctrine” — expose it.

“Form Based Evil” board game – Free Download

“A Clue-type game for a clueless Society” • • Download at: [Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials] • • Welcome to Form Based Evil. Your hope for the future, Public Participation, has met an untimely end – the victim of a foul Doctrine. To win back freedom; you must answer three questions: Where did it happen? How did it happen? And who should be held accountable? • Each player represents an iconic motive in a society gone wrong. Players need to move their tokens around the board and gather clues by entering different rooms. Every time they enter a new room; it’s another chance to get closer to the truth by using the process of elimination. • Printable game board, player tokens, cards, and more for this game are included [a page of card back images is also included.]

“You’ve made your bed. . .” Bumper sticker

“You made your bed; now die in it.” This updated expression more truly defines the unpleasant results of government policies world-wide; than all the official hand-outs people are scared not to believe — believe it. The recent heat wave in Europe is nothing compared the severity and frequency of climate change disasters coming in the next few years – tumbling into migration, starvation, poverty, global unrest – and “conflict.” • Our government is possessed of a megalomania that allows them to think that they can solve life-and-death problems by just repressing the little people, while still keeping their “business as usual” cronies flush and plush. Extinction-risking emerging technologies are the “magic bullets” offered by their scientific counterparts to make this happen. They’re gambling the world — but if they can’t have it; no one can.

“The New Normal: if you’ve got an itch. . .”

Delayed gratification is wrong – ethics are repressive – empathy is Old School – don’t think about the future — it would take away your appetite. Best not to think at all; and get an expert to do it for you.

Simple Solutions: “Styrofoam Coffins”

The possibilities are endless – mold them in the shape of your favorite anime characters – go sarcophagus; have your face replace the Pharos’s – your favorite car; to speed you on the way [maybe that’s how you got there in the first place] – Stackable and interlocking to create a whole family tree – and the franchise potential . . .

Form Based Evil board game

“A Clue type game for a clueless Society” Is it a “beat down at the puppet show?” or an “adjudication by stone the unbeliever” the “wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time in the green space” – or even an “organ harvest in the school room”? Ms. Green, Halfaman Yellow, Megalomania Magenta, Racial Red, Patrician Plum, and White-boy Blue are the characters – the game board is done – I’ll just finish the cards – and free download for fun.

“Using isn’t about who you are”

“Reasonable,” “acceptable,” “equitable,” “necessary” — there are many descriptions for the acceptance of corruption, discrimination, cronyism and misconduct into our modern society. Everything moral is a gray area – and if someone else is doing it; you can too. Be a user; or be a loser. There’s no shame when you can shrug off the blame.

The elderly are no longer a source of wisdom

Elderly COVID deaths for inheritance – unreported and un-prevented. With 750,000 people over the age of 65 dying from the COVID virus, and the current entitlement mind-set in the country — do you really believe it’s not happening? Government and the media [and AARP] don’t want to upset them — isn’t that the same as animals in a slaughter house? The elderly have been targeted for use; until they’re all used up. Then it will be someone else’s turn . . .

“Who’s Janet Fitchen?” Bumper sticker

Caring about people because they’re poor, disadvantaged, and underserved is no longer an acceptable reason – they must pass a demographic hurdle as well. Rural people are too “white,” too different, and too . . . well, rural – to be the objects of anything but urban ridicule, bigotry, and racist profiling. Rural communities across the country are being destroyed to fulfill the expansionist dreams of the New Urbanism: Urban Colonialism. Who’s Janet Fitchen? The answer to that; is the answer to many questions.

“Discrimination IS the law” Bumper sticker

Discrimination: “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.” If you publicly proclaim you don’t do something – and you do it in secret — it’s still lying – it’s still deception – it’s still fraud. If someone did that to you – you would know they can’t be trusted. When your government does that to you – you know they can’t be trusted either.

“Adolescent Society” Bumper sticker

“In an Adolescent Society: Who do you pick for leaders?” It’s long been a question of responsibility vs self-interest in citizen voting – and when voters believe that responsibility is the duty other people have to take care of them – and accountability is the burden others must accept – what sort of leaders will they pick? Scammers, schemers, users, fat-cat corruptors, wannabe dictators . . . well, just look around.

“Science investigates” Bumper sticker

Science glories in theories – that are more changeable than a Global Warming weather forecast. “That was then; this is now” certainty that comes without any accountability; it’s the perfect platform for political pronouncements. Modern Science is permanently tethered to money — follow the money/follow the Science.

“Appearances are . . .” Bumper sticker

It’s a world that’s run on appearances – a reflective surface that is bonded to a changeable, but inflexible, Doctrine – reinforced by a limited-access information highway – a straight line path to bookmarked/favorite/followed social media distribution points. Maybe appearances are all that matter; because anything deeper requires thought —

“Three-card Monetary”

It all started in the 60’s – the people got above themselves and started to demand a quality of life; an existence of humanity and human worth – a validation of their life. Fast forward to the present: The people are clawing on the precipice of destruction. Life, art, culture, religion, and humanity, are no more than letters in an alphabet soup of bland distinctions. There is only one true and unique thing left for us to cling to: Doctrine. Did we get here by accident? – Duh!

“Be the change – chump change”

There’s a thought that comes from experience; when things are going easy – it’s “too easy.” The millennial “be the change” is so prevalent; because it’s so ineffectual. I can’t think of a single actual change in the business-as-usual paradigm that all the singing, dancing, colorful costumes and cosmetics has made. The feeling of being on the verge of great things is the perfect environment for scam artists and manipulators of all sorts – from “get your song on the charts” promoters – to “lead you to a better world” politicians. If there is a change – It needs to be a change you can measure – more than that — it needs to be a change that fills the world around you.

“Non-Hispanic white” Bumper sticker

Supporters and sycophants quickly distance themselves; and attribute this policy to “government” – as if a government that commits acts of bigotry, discrimination, and suppression, has legitimacy. And while it’s widely agreed that classifying people by what they are not, is demeaning – our government adamantly continues to retain this discriminatory policy. Irish immigrants [both voluntary and involuntary] have a history and culture that deserves to be respected; not suppressed and erased. They are lumped together, with a dismissive indifference, with those who long oppressed them for their ethnicity and religious beliefs — while having a much cleaner “pedigree” than those who hold themselves separate and special. It was Black Africans who enslaved the people; and Black Africans who sold them as a commodity – and Hispanics are the descendants of those who enslaved and oppressed the indigenous people of the Americas. “Social Justice” is a policy of discrimination; seen through a “lens” that denies our individual worth as human beings — a mirror of the “people are commodities” attitude of the slave masters of the past — and the future. Terms like “Non-Hispanic white” are a deliberate step in this realization.

“Dictatorship isn’t the next step”

“It’s for your benefit”; but not for your approval. That’s the way the New Dictatorship works. If you have read my book “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” [free download on]; you will know that in more than 10 years of attempts, at local, county, and state government levels – I was never able to open a crack in the decision-making door — or get a meaningful response to my documentation of misconduct by government officials. With every new policy or regulation; demand that your government officials clearly state what decision-making authority the public has – and where the power of the final decision resides. If they put you off, assure you of their intentions, or shut down — you have your answer.

“They don’t use logic – they only use words”

Today’s policies are all about words, about labels, and especially about intimidation. Logic is useful in debate – but there’s no debate: questions are met with silence – leaving the questioner as an isolated target. In an Adolescent Society; nothing is more important than conforming – and no one wants to risk the consequences of adulthood. I’ll take care of the dog, I’ll fix global warming . . . “Somebody had better do something!”

“When you suppress history” Bumper sticker

Some people claim that the only use of history; is to learn from it — and if you suppress it, even a part of it: you are liable to make the same mistakes over and over. This is why there is so much scurrying in the background of academia – history is being erased and rewritten to conform to an overarching Doctrine — in every history book; and everywhere. This is why old people no longer portrayed as a source of history: If they told what they have experienced — young people might believe them. One Thought – One Taught – One Voice – One Choice — at any cost.

“If the world of compassion was a stage”

Looking at compassion quotes; they all have one thing in common; they are not conditional: they use words like “all,” “everyone,” “our,” “together.” Compassion does not see race, gender, or perceived worth. All our government and institutional policies have one thing in common — they lack compassion.

“The ‘New Normal’” Bumper sticker

What’s “new” about it? The Pandemic brought out all the profiteering and prevaricating of every other war, famine and natural disaster. Business as usual. Spinning old sins around under a COVID shell is a game for taking in fools.

“It’s the lens they use” Bumper sticker

Lenses limit our field of view and magnify what we choose to look at. [No quibbling about types and properties of lenses to avoid dealing with the merits of the issue.] In the Edgar Alan Poe story “The Sphinx” – a distant “monster” seen through the window; turns out to be an insect crawling upon a spider thread, along the window-sash. The “lens” in this case; is the Cholera epidemic that pervades the author’s thoughts. “Lenses” built of fear and ignorance; can make a monster of anyone.

“They can’t see the mountains” Bumper sticker

Whether it’s drugs or Doctrine or race – impairment is obscuring a reasonable and rational appreciation of how people need to live together. Impairment not only blinds us to others; it blinds us to the dangers of our actions. We may wake up to our regret – or we may not wake up at all.

Simple Solutions: “Collect DNA profiles”

Since government abuses and abrogates our rights already; maybe they can ratify something useful for a change. Current DNA collection laws disproportionately target the societal challenged — it’s time for a more equitable solution. Support “DNA is the way ™” – it’s Scientific: Believe It!

“It’s not a government – it’s a gang”

From the Federal definition of a gang: An association of three or more individuals whose members collectively identify themselves by adopting a group identity, and whose purpose in part is to engage in criminal activity. The association may also possess some of the following characteristics: 1. The members may employ rules for joining and operating within the association. 2. The members may meet on a recurring basis. 3. The association may seek to exercise control over a particular geographic location or region. 4. The association may have an identifiable structure.

“Emerging Technologies” Bumper sticker

What’s not clear about the phrase: “Out of control” — and how long will it be before politicians take the easy way out?

“No time like the pretext” Bumper sticker

Our government uses every opportunity to grasp more power – and pretexts are their most effective tool for achieving that goal. At the center of every solution is the opportunity acquire greater power: the power to decide and control everything and everyone. Do you think this power will be used to help you? — Power does not work like that.

“When people have no reason to respect”

Our government has no ethics; and no legitimacy. It persuades by its arguments; not by its acts. There was a vacant lot in the neighborhood. One day a pile of discarded trash was noticed by the people living around it. Soon, it began to be filled with trash. You could say that’s human nature — or you could say that’s our government.

“You can never be” Bumper sticker

It’s a new world: you shouldn’t have to earn money or respect – just take it: you deserve it. There are only users and losers — so who do you want to be? Take everything you can – eat everything you can.

“Some people are first” Bumper sticker

“You’re nobody ‘til somebody loves you . . .” and you’re nobody until you are designated as worthy of regard. The best part of Social Justice Policies; is the overarching power they give government to classify and treat people differently – very differently. Giving government power is the kernel of every new policy and regulation — and it’s the gold they wash our human worth away to find.

“When the cat’s dead” Bumper sticker

Tompkins County is in the forefront of our New Dictatorship autocracy – they insist that there is meaningful public participation; and in the face of pointed criticisms – merely continue to insist – never changing anything – never feeling the need to change anything – insisting and insisting — When the cat’s dead; stop stroking it – you’re not fooling anyone.

Bigoted Billboards: “Proud to support”

LGBTQIA+ support of bigoted government policies undermines any legitimacy to their claims of fighting for individual worth and choice. When you make a deal with the devil; you have the devil to pay — good luck with getting a discount.

“The World According to Doctrine”

As my older brother lay dying of terminal cancer/COPD; he told his daughters: “I will not go gentle into that good night – I will fight,” and proceeded to live that statement day after day when doctors predicted he would be dead. If there can only be one end; then it matters all the more how you face it – so I’m returning to the battlefield of human worth with a renewed commitment. And . . . Oh, yes; I’ve been pulling my punches with the previous books – it’s time to go toe-to-toe with our evil times. This book is an in-your-face challenge to those people who refuse to show their face: And if they won’t come into the light – I’ll bring the light to them.

All Roads Lead to Cornithaca

Politics & Social Sciences

This book has grown; not as a sequel; but from the same roots. It embodies my decision to be more confrontational – and my beliefs of human worth, and worth of creativity and independent thought. In some ways; this book gives graphical life to the documentary evidence set down in “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall”; but it also is more open to solution and love than a recounting of the past, even an impassioned one, can be. To those who say; “How dare you claim that we are doing evil” – I reply: “How dare you do what you are doing; and claim otherwise.” “All Roads Lead to Cornithaca”: another Satirical – Teaching – Thinking – Investigative – Activity – Game – Puzzle – Poem – Essay – Troublesome – Inspiring – Non-Conforming – Ranting – Embarrassing – Inexcusable – book.

Book Bubbles from All Roads Lead to Cornithaca

“Disposability has replaced deniability”

Things are much simpler these days. Politicians used to have to pretend they didn’t know the harm they did to people — now they only have to pretend it’s unimportant.

“The side-effects of ignorance”

What are the side-effects of ignorance? Bigotry, poverty, abuse, neglect; and like the disclosures in all those smile-filled drug commercials — it includes death.

“How do you get . . ?” Bumper sticker

Old age may not bring wisdom – but you certainly get to know what bullshit is. Nuff said.

“Slaves & Drugs” Bumper sticker

The descendants of African slavers and slave sellers defend their ancestors as seeing people as legitimate “commodities” to be sold for profit. Likewise; they were also seen as commodities by the buyers - Legitimately bought and paid for. So it’s not surprising that “social justice” policies that directly contradict the beliefs of every fighter for equality; from Abraham Lincoln to Malcolm X – also deny any individual human worth; and act to segregate people as commodities for personal gain. Their supporters aren’t denouncing the precepts of slavery — they’re buying into them.

“Precautions vs Protocols” Bumper sticker

“Protocols” are just one more example of a proactive shield that protects government policy from accountability. One of the first stages in the Doctrinal absorption of society; is to protect all those who work for that Doctrine: “professionals,” hangers-on, bureaucrats, and especially those rich and powerful private “partners” and supporting Institutions. You cannot find a sector of people’s lives where “shit happens” is not an acceptable government response for the pain, poverty, and hopeless fear that so many in our country experience. I’ve heard murders described by authorities as “an armed robbery gone wrong” — and if they don’t kill anyone, or the wounds are just debilitating: is that “an armed robbery gone right”? If “Career Criminals” are given the dignity of a “career” – what are those who work a lifetime at low-paying, dead-end jobs given? “The wrong place at the wrong time.” Doctrine does not recognize human worth — just human use.

“New Book” – “Flow Chart Poetry 3”

Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice; modern science takes great pride in its knowledge of how to make things happen — without wisdom of learning how to make them stop. Our world is like a giant Jeopardy show; with scientists guessing at the answers – in a competition for fame, fortune, and the realization of a dream. And if they guess wrong, and it’s Game Over for all of us — at least they got their time in the spotlight.

“New Book” – “Flow Chart Poetry 2”

It may be pointless bureaucratic chatter to you, but for them; it’s money in the bank – and traditional “Quid Pro Quo” politics. It may be wasting your time – but they’re being paid to waste your time: and the tip they’ll receive is to insure their career longevity. The real power of public meetings is in the ability of those in charge to delay and deflect important matters with unimportant questions, quibbles, and investigations – and postpone the vital issues that you came to hear and comment on for a month, or two, or six . . . until they can be short-circuited, reimagined, or reformulated. Unimportant matters are the grit in the wheels of public participation — a grit that’s never allowed in the smooth running machine of power.

“New Book” – “Flow Chart Poetry 1”

It’s all about the process. Whether it’s “Flow charted” or “Templated” – if your ends are relegated to the completion of assigned tasks; you lose half your humanity. And if those tasks can only be undertaken by following pre-designed paths, and through pre-designed forms; you lose the other half. Work and play is what people do — Art is what people are.

“It’s the wind that prevails” Bumper sticker

In our authoritarian society; it’s all about force – whether it’s doctrinaire or regulatory, social or emotional: everything and everyone must be made to conform — or be destroyed.

“Releasing predators” Bumper sticker

Whether it’s wolves and sharks; or drug dealers and murders – the elite are ensuring right of predators to roam the communities of poor and undefended prey. Protected by privilege and law; they see human lives and suffering as only one part of a bigger picture — their bigger picture.

“Emerging Technologies: in a race”

Is it a coincidence that we now have world destroying technologies at the same time we have technologists eager to play with them? And it gets worse . . . we have authorities willing to overlook any consequence — as long as they can solve desperate problems; while keeping business as usual. Black holes, Nano-technology, Gene splicing – “why not.” The human race has become a plaything for those in power; and as for the world — if they can’t have it; no one can.

“There are only two categories of people”

Which category are you? Since that decision is made at a higher level – we’re all disposable; aren’t we?

“Knowing what they’re not; Is enough”

In a time when actions are disguised with doctrine – and profiling stereotypes, and discriminatory policies are defended as tools of change – knowing what people are not doing and how they are not acting; is a way to pierce the smoke screen of self-righteous arrogance that hides their intent. If their actions directly contradict the lives and beliefs of everyone we respect as leaders in the fight for human worth and equality — knowing what they’re not; Is enough.

“Climate Change is what you expect . . .”

Even when admitting to the existence of Climate Change; politicians present the big picture — one that doesn’t include the people. • Global temperature changes are what they debate — death and destruction is what we get. • The climate in Congress is definitely chilly.

“Inactivism – Global Warming” Bumper sticker

Just being self-righteous and blaming other people has never been enough to make a meaningful change in the world. As is exampled in the 2021 “White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy” report — a government that is still covering up for the polluters; is a long, long way from addressing an already desperate situation. An efficient electric train network for moving people and merchandise is a solution that can be achieved by upgrading and adding to the existing infrastructure. Don’t accept the “we will make a difference tomorrow” foot-dragging of powerful truck-car-union-fuel interests; there may still be a crack in the door: Today. Tomorrow: it will be shut.

“Everything is Doctrine” Bumper sticker

Have you ever examined a government policy and found out that it doesn’t make sense? That’s because it doesn’t need to: the ‘reasons,’ ‘causes,’ ‘fact finding studies,’ ‘statistical tables,’ and ‘sociology’ are just backfill – a sales campaign that undercuts any legitimacy or benign intent. • Doctrine is Everything — and everything else is made up to support it.

“When everything is great” Bumper sticker

When VCRs first crested popular entertainment; I used to wander through Blockbuster looking for a movie I wanted to watch. It might seem incredible, but movies that I made time for to watch on TV; were unappealing when I could choose my own time. It was the change in context – or maybe just having the power to choose. I have no interest in fame – but maybe that’s because the context has changed: it’s no longer based on accomplishment; just social media and marketing — just talking the talk. In a world with no answers and so many explanations; where COVID-19 was the only thing viral that made a lasting impact, what does this bumper sticker mean? You can choose — or move on to the next rack.

“They’re so vain” Bumper sticker

Is too much ever enough? – “that depends” is a reasonable answer; but since when have people been reasonable. In our rococo society; shameless self-promotion has turned into an in-your-face demand for appreciation – and like power; it’s an insatiable appetite. Vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity.

“Voluntary Guidelines” Bumper sticker

Like the receding rumble of a thunderstorm before the bolt that strikes your house; or the coffee that spills all over you because you tried to stop it from spilling — bumper stickers are back! Although the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy [November 2021] report states; “one ton of methane in the atmosphere has about 80 times the warming impact of a ton of CO,” it removes Agriculture [the biggest contributor of methane] from its pie chart of “2019 U.S. Methane Emissions, By Source” – and breaks its contribution down into non-attributed pie sections — naming all the other sources; and leaving “Natural Gas and Petroleum Systems” as the largest and graphically enhanced culprit. Agriculture is moved down to Section D, after Coal Mining; even though it releases 5 ½ times the methane – and while stating: “methane is a super-pollutant that disproportionately impacts climate change in the near term” – agricultural regulations are replaced with a request for “Voluntary Partnership” and with “Incentive-based” government funding that is on the same level as stopping your automobile pollution by buying you a new electric car. Biden’s Global Warming remediation is business as usual with a smokescreen of race and ethnicity: When statistics and corruption come together — it’s a match made in Hell.

“All Roads Lead to Cornithaca” Published

This book creates bumper stickers, road signs, advertisements, billboards, posters and re-imagined console and old school videogame screenshots that deconstruct the impenetrable façade of government and government policy making. Card and board games help promote thinking through interactive play. A unique activity book for hungry minds. 240 pages - Color Available at

“Form Based Codes with Tardigrades”

Nothing so exemplifies the modern “greater good” fiction as Form Based Codes. It expresses the “community’s vision” – as decided upon by authorities. It replaces neighborly conversations with authoritarian regulations. And it imposes an all-controlling “New Urbanism” Colonialism on the ignorant and unthankful rural communities. New Urbanism Planners replace debate with declarations and people with projections – turning communities into cages for an ordered future. Their overarching principles are Efficiency, Authority, and Legality — Humanity has no place in their New Millennium mix. Form Based Codes channel Stalin and Mao in creating an invasive doctrine of order and force. It’s a planning so detailed — not even a Tardigrade could survive Transection.

“The Last Tardigrade” Poster

Playing the odds is never a sure thing. When my high school alumni posted a 50th reunion – I was surprised that so many of my classmates were dead: that’s the reality behind the statistical façade. Human beings can only be fit into statistics as numbers, as units – but their reality is as human beings. The reality of life expectancy is that every last minute is important to someone; and no one is disposable on the altar of averages. For a government that has eschewed the teachings of every respected figure of human worth and equality – numbers don’t just represent people; numbers have replaced people. What’s the best way to beat the odds? Change the rules of the game: and bring back Humanity. What are the odds of that happening? Ask the last Tardigrade.

“Cell Phone Deprivation Therapy” Poster

You can prove anything; provided your outlook is narrow enough. You can exclude anything provided your outlook is narrow enough. A limited access information highway leads only to extinction — that narrows down your choices.

“Bread and Circuses” Bumper Sticker

“Equitability – the ‘bread and circuses’ of the New Millennium.” • When the cat’s dead – stop feeding it. When your car’s stolen – don’t detail it. When you’ve burned your bridges – don’t worry about the water rising. When you’ve given up all power – stop giving orders. • When you’ve helped the government usurp the power to discriminate against whoever they want, whenever they want, for as long as they want; in secret – what’s in it for you? Nothing but shame. If there’s not another term for “street stupid”; that will do.

“Agricultural Pollution” Bumper Sticker

“Agricultural Pollution: Since Voluntary Guidelines caused it – how can more Voluntary Guidelines cure it?” • Q: If Voluntary Guidelines have always proven worthless in preventing Agribusinesses from polluting to increase profits – why do we keep on affirming them? A: Because they’ve proven worthless in preventing Agribusinesses from polluting to increase profits. • Like a felon with five warrants – Agricultural polluters used the uproar and confusion of COVID to fade from the environmental scene — leaving their cronies to clean up the evidence. • Now that Algal blooms, the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, depletion of the aquafers, and the impairment of our lakes, and waterways have sunk below the level of public awareness – it will take great effort to raise them out of the political muck. • Think Global Warming should be the priority? Phasing out animal agriculture represents “our best and most immediate chance to reverse the trajectory of climate change,” according to a new model developed by scientists from Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley. • Would you like to bet that the increase in global warming from your fast-food burgers is greater than the decrease from using your electric car?

“No time like the press-gang” Bumper Sticker

Force has always been the persuasion that works best for autocracies. Our government doesn’t create an environment that inspires a better society; it takes, it forces, it intimidates – our “Stalinized” government.

“Public Participation” Bumper Sticker

“Public participation is to government planning; like sawdust is to a cabinet maker – a byproduct of the process; having no place in the final design.” • Government policy is pre-decided behind closed doors; without any meaningful public participation — everybody knows that. The only question is: will we demand entry – or wait outside for a handout?

Future History Bumper Sticker

“The billionaires escape to space – We’re dead: all genders, age, and race.” • It’s a question of priorities – all the fancy dancin’ equitability won’t stop the downward spiral of our living earth. • We’re all concerned about getting a place at the Captain’s Table — while the Captain is concerned about getting a place in the lifeboat. • [And our current government policies that directly contradict those of the Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Malcolm X; are unlikely to result in human worth and equality – no matter what happens.]

“Studies-to-Go” Advertisement

It’s an ill wind that doesn’t fill somebody’s sail – and boost the sales of those who take advantage of it. Today’s “replication crisis” landscape is just crying out for enterprising “landscapers” – Studies-to-Go isn’t the first — just the first to go public. It’s all happening in Cornithaca County.

“Cornithaca Shop-mart Advertisement”

Buy in; Buy local – advertise it so it sounds good, and looks good, and people will pretend it’s true so they don’t have to do anything. If you can be convinced that cleaning trash off a beach makes any meaningful difference – in the shadow of a tsunami of ecological disaster – then you can buy hard soda and party on. • Our deteriorating earth is stripping away the thin layers of our ‘good intentions’ – like house paint under a sandblaster — and this 5G social media cleaning-the-beach awareness makes sticking your head in the sand seem in-depth.

“Write a story” Pages #3

One writer’s garbage is another writer’s inspiration — and one picture can generate a landfill of language . . . or a single memory you can share.

“Write a story” Pages #2 Who-done-it or what

Who-done-it or what-is-it? – This write a story image means as much as you want it to.

“Circle of Lies” Road signs

Excerpted from the satirical “Rabid Lemmings: The Musical” – these road signs evoke a state of mind that is not consistent with road safety; but is all too consistent with “I’m not taking my meds” drivers. • You’re not a victim; you’re a “complainant” – and if you persist: a “troublemaker.” Government has much more important things to worry about than people: policies.

“Write a story” Pages

This book will also have “Write a story” pages: this page is one example where the reader is urged to “Write a story using as many of the elements on this page as you wish.” And how many time have we wished coming up with a story was this easy?

“Emerging Technologies” Bumper sticker

“Building the future of human existence on the vagaries of human nature.” With emerging technologies; there is no safety margin – because we don’t know what is safe. There is no remediation – because we may all be extinct. And there is no responsibility – because holding a scientific theory accountable is like enforcing an unsigned contract. • The safety of Emerging Technologies is not “an exact science” – it’s a gamble — and we’re putting more and more of our chips on the table.

“ZapJack” Card Game – Free Download

ZapJack combines the autocratic power of instant decision making with the human fallibility of being wrong. • The deck contains 44 cards: four “ZapJack” cards and forty mistakes. Print and cut out the playing cards – a page of card back images is included for double-sided printing. • Free Download at – “Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials.”

“Disposable Old Folks” Icons

“Everyone’s disposable” – except those who decide. It’s a motto that openly hides the truth: If it’s not you – you may be next. There are no lives greater than the Greater Good – except those who decide. Like all predators: they go for the old, weak, and infirmed . . . first. The distant howling is getting closer.

“When Words Collide” Movie poster

It’s Social Science! It’s Documentary! It’s Socumentary!! Movie goers everywhere may remain unmoved by the incidents described in this wide-screen screamer – but watch out! With all the creeping COVID corruption you’ve swallowed — your next stimulus check may need to be with a defibrillator.

“Equitable – Bigotry has a new name”

Saying Equitable and Equality are the same; is like saying robbery with violence and honest labor are the same because they’re both seeking money to support their families. It’s your actions that define you — not your excuses for those actions. The prevalence of excuses without any responsibility or accountability is a hallmark of our Adolescent Society.

“must watch TV” #3

Pricking more balloons than are at a memorials for victims who should never have been killed — a scenic overlook on the sick state of our society.

“must watch TV” #2

“Everything is doctrinaire in its own way . . .” Especially the commercials, and also the scripts, the casting, the direction . . .

“must watch TV” #1

Ramping up the satire from smiles; to “Is nothing sacred!” – these blurbs will cut deeper and deeper into the soft underbelly of today’s hypocritical doctrinaire media. Be warned.

“COVID” Road signs

We’re not out of the woods yet — but we’re on the highway. It’s a good time to remember where we’ve been.

“Zero population by 2050” Bumper sticker

Zero Population by 2050? You say; “No way!” So what. “It’s unthinkable!” Maybe we ought to think about it. • The Big New Idea: It’s the magic bullet scientific solution to clean up decades of missed opportunities and misconduct – what could be more appealing to politicians. • When will we find out? When it’s too late for scientists to fix their mistake; and too late for politicians to cover it up. Just enough time to wonder why you gave up cigarettes. [Thanks to the Bunny Rabbits font from GemFonts]

“Reasonable Rhymes XXIII” Road signs Human n

Human nature doesn’t change; and good advice is good advice.

“Reasonable Rhymes XXII” Road signs

It’s a sour satisfaction to wipe the smile off of bigotry and see the layers of evil beneath. The real satisfaction of calling it to account and ending that repression and cronyism will take the power of many. • As documented in “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall”; truth, reason, and the good of the people can gain no traction for change. It will take the power of public opinion and a responsible electorate to make a difference. • While it’s not too late; it’s already too late for some.

2022: “The Post Ethical Society” Bumper stick

2022: The Post Ethical Society – It’s just a mechanism covered with human skins.

2022: “The elderly demographic”

“2022: The elderly are no longer a deserving demographic.” — they’re hardly even a statistic. • Just as unborn children are no longer human beings under New York’s Progressive lawmaking; the state’s elderly have been shunted into a position of voiceless helplessness . . . and hopelessness — a caricature of fragility; under the synthetic smile of an indifferent bureaucracy. • While colleges clamor ever more loudly for aging alumni to give and bequeath: how many have reached out to help those alumni in their isolation and disconnection? • The Silence of the Virus – the voice of compassion stilled.

2022: “We’re running around and around”

“2022: We’re running around and around an abattoir . . . with only one exit.” One thought – One taught – One voice – One choice — and only one exit. Conforming is no guarantee of survival – just a mindless blur of compliance. If you stop to look around; you may see them coming with the prods. • How have we gotten into this situation? Not by accident.

2022: “The end justifies the means”

The strikethrough of “It’s your actions that define you” is indicative of recent changes in the moral climate in our country. With much scurrying in the background of our academic and intellectual landscape: moral precepts have been erased; and replaced. ANYTHING that conforms or furthers Doctrine is the new normal. • Scary times. Scary people.

“Quote Remix” Bumper sticker

Quote Remix: “With evil feeding food doth choke the feeder.” Evil is the ultimate User. You can’t grow fat by feeding on evil: evil grows fat by feeding on you. It will swallow you whole. From the outside — or from the inside.

“New Millennium Science” Bumper sticker

“New Millennium Science: There’s bad news and there’s good news. The bad news is; we may all become extinct. The good news is; it will end discrimination.” • Our government has its priorities straight: inflexible Doctrine. Reality takes a back seat to Centrality — until it’s time for the reality check-out.

“The cost of doing business” Bumper sticker

“Victims are NOT ‘the cost of doing business’ in society.” Once again; people are no more than the detritus of real world government planning — the “real world” of expediency; and the byproduct of an uncaring doctrine. • Our government will take away our most cherished rights for the “greater good” — and then toss that “greater good” away in favor of cost accounting. • In modern Society: There is nothing more than Government; and nothing less than the people.

“So those who distain . . .” Bumper sticker

“Entitlement: So those who distain low paying, dead-end jobs – can live off those who worked them.” I wish I could supply the respect due those who have worked a lifetime for little: because they don’t get any from Congress. • “People are meant to be used,” is the motto and guiding star of today’s government policy making.

“Their tornado of taking” Bumper sticker

“Congress: Their tornado of taking has reached F5 status.” The same attributions of “incredible damage” and “monsters” used to describe the effect of F5 tornados; could just as well apply to the frenzy of taking and using embodied in current government policies: “homes, and small businesses are swept away” could hardly be more apt.

“The truth is out” Bumper sticker

“Entitlement: The truth is out – and Congress is locking the doors.” Bumper stickers are back! And what better way to raise the level of confrontation with those secretive deal-makers. • You don’t need to know who they are; to know what they are — and what they’re doing. If they won’t come into the light; we’ll bring it to them!

Rise of the Evil Ones – Expediency: “Lying”

Lying is just another way to get what you want — and it’s a way that has seen a phenomenal growth in recent decades. With a government that cannot be questioned or held accountable — lying is the only form of public involvement left. • If you question their lies; they shut down. If you question anything; they shut down. If they feel like it; they shut down. What are you able to do about it? • In Tompkins County; the people just say that their government is corrupt and there is no meaningful participation — and go back to doing whatever they’re doing. • There may be a little cause and effect in this situation. • • • “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” has been published and is available as a free ePub download on; and as Kindle and in paperback on

Lossy Biosphere: “Affordable Housing Unit”

A friend of mine once picked up an ecosphere in a doctor’s waiting room, and thinking it was a snow globe; shook it vigorously — only to see the disaster that external forces can wreak on an isolated and internally balanced system. • It’s equally true that an isolated and balanced system can wreak havoc on anything external to that system – and particularly true of our “quid pro quo” government bureaucracy. Affordable housing programs are not acts of compassion and humanity; they’re acts of regulation and bureaucracy. • The weighty spinning of government is in a balance that is threatened by the willful externality of the public. Affordable housing is not about making a place for people: it’s about putting the people in their place — and keeping them there.

Expediency: “Planning Flow”

With “black box” Planning Flow; there’s nothing to trip you up – a few quick steps and “fait accompli” you’re done. • For a more detailed examination of how planning is approved in “Cornithaca” County: “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” has been published as a free ePub download on; and as Kindle and soon a paperback on

Expediency: “Compartmentalization”

There is no feature of expediency that is so marked as convenience. A box, or a bin; named or coded for ease of use – is more important than what it contains. Compartmentalization. It’s the bureaucratic lens that autocratic governments use. “One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.” • We are a factory farm cow with number “17052” on an ear tag – we are “16D hot-dipped galvanized common nails”: milked or hammered as the case may be — but always coded for use.

“Expediency: Secrecy/Suppression”

A wide-screen, well lit, high-resolution view; of everything you can see with your face pressed against the window. • Nothing behind the scenes – nothing behind the camera – nothing behind their reasons for restricting your view — Your view ends there; but the world goes on, beyond.

Rise of the Evil Ones – “Expediency”

Expediency is all about finding the easy way to get what you want – and that’s why today’s government is all about expediency: The expediency of not having public participation – the expediency of bypassing regulatory oversight – the expediency of shutting up troublemakers. • Removing everything, in fact, that makes us a democracy — but it’s expedient for them to keep calling it so.

“Addiction” Bumper sticker

“Addiction: It’s not the size of the waves – it’s the distance to the shore.” You can’t beat an addiction: you can only fight it — every day. And you have to win — every day. • No matter how hard it is not to start; it’s easier than stopping. That’s why anyone that goes in that door; never come out whole – and most never come out at all.

“Rich, dark evil” Bumper sticker

“Tompkins County: Rich, dark, evil – covered with a thin candy excuse.” Vibrant, reimagined, progressive – Yes. Compassionate, caring, giving – No. Tompkins County evinces all the New School next-gen networking and brand sloganizing savvy that moves people ahead today — while eschewing all the Old School ethics that caused people to stop by those who had fallen. • The silence of the COVID exploded the “caring” myth and exposed them for what they are: elite of the New Dictatorship.

“Their disclosure statements are blank pages”

“Cornithaca County is so corrupt: Their disclosure statements are blank pages.” Government corruption is prevalent in New York — so much so that just saying “government” is enough for most residents. And the ethics codes are so detailed in what they cover – so that they can be made to exclude everything they don’t detail. • But one place where details are notoriously lacking is in the state’s disclosure statements. The Ag Disclosure statement for prospective buyers in Agricultural Districts merely states “farming activities may include, but not be limited to, activities that cause noise, dust and odors” — failing to mention that these activities have locally necessitated the removal of eyelids and caused brain damage among their neighbors. Tompkins County Legislators called the County Board of Realtors and the Agriculture Committee the “stakeholders.” If they’re the stakeholders: what are the prospective buyers? Patsies. Victims. Fools.

“They can’t see the forest for the fentanyl”

It’s not that government policies to legalize marihuana won’t increase the chance that you or a loved one will be killed – it’s that drug impaired drivers will now face the same laws and penalties that alcohol impaired drivers have ignored for decades.

“We haven’t decided” Bumper sticker

“Tompkins County speak: ‘We haven’t decided’ means they don’t want to give time for opposition.” It’s a given that when authorities list several options in their planning – it’s always the least popular/most repressive one they eventually choose. Is this a coincidence? No. The appearance of choice [and in particular: public choice] is an old dodge to make people feel less pressured – less at risk. And by keeping planning decisions up in the air; they undercut public opinion.

“They don’t see people – only pawns”

“Tompkins County: They don’t see people – only pawns.” Your importance is of the smallest size and least value – a thing to be used by others. In a seamless society of sameness – only the Elite have value. Only the Elite get a seat in the game.

Mind Games – “Users” Car Game

Use it or Lose it. “Using” is like a computer worm; replicating and spreading itself through our society. Selfishness has become the “self-help” career jump-starter. • "Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness." — Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Tompkins County is a planned community”

“Tompkins County is a planned community: Their plan – your community.” Government is taking control to make the “best communities”: but even if it’s not for the best of your community; and they never intended it to be — they’re still taking control. Their planners and planning decisions are completely outside the approval and oversight of the people. • “Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” will detail and document the jaw-dropping truth behind this emerging dictatorship. • They refuse to be questioned, they refuse to be accountable, and they refuse to allow meaningful public participation in any government process — that’s Tompkins County today; and everywhere tomorrow.

“It was an unlevel playing field”

“It was an unlevel playing field; but it was the same playing field – Now you can’t even get through the fence.” • The “unlevel” playing field presents a problem: you can still win. So level the playing field – into many levels — and they decide the outcome. What level did they put you on?

“The New Urbanism” Bumper sticker

“The New Urbanism is entitlement for planners.” If you want to gather money and power – enable those richer and more powerful than you. That’s the main ingredient for success in today’s stratified bureaucracy. The New Urbanism and Form Based Codes are elitist mapmaking of a new territory — all that we had left of us. • Our communities; always growing and changing to meet the needs of those who lived in them — were “inefficient” – or more accurately; did not conform. Form Based Codes give planners the chance to create building block neighborhoods; and officials the power to control everything within them. • It’s a ground up paradigm of the new society: People are encouraged to make comments – and officials do whatever they please.

“Don’t need to believe” Bumper sticker

There comes a time in a scam, when the scam is revealed; a time in politics when the Dictator is announced — a time in every manipulative deception when the perpetrators know they are beyond justice; beyond questioning — this is that time in Tompkins County. • Most people in Tompkins County don’t believe – so why don’t they speak out? • It’s a time when that is not wise.

“It’s not local government” Bumper sticker

“Tompkins County: It’s not local government – it’s a franchise.” • Just like a business franchise – In Government Format Franchising; the franchisor provides to the franchisee not just its political rhetoric, policies and services, but an entire system for operating government. The franchisee generally receives customized surveys and planning development support, operating manuals, training, conforming standards, media control, a marketing strategy and expert advisory support from the franchisor. • It’s not about thinking — it’s about “branding”: brand visibility, brand loyalty, brand conformity — an ever-changing menu of reimagined sameness; from the same source.

Mind Games – “The game”

A simple game for “brainstorming” government strategy. The schisms and arguments between players mimic the daily bureaucratic and political infighting of our would-be and be leaders. • The addition of alcohol quickly brings out the characters of those who will rule – and those who die in hotel rooms.

“COEXIST with Crime” Bumper sticker

COEXIST with Crime? Not a good idea. You think you’re getting along with criminals — and they just haven’t gotten around to you yet.

“Obliviousness = Oblivion” Bumper sticker

It’s bad enough to become extinct when you have no chance to avoid it. But when the roof is falling on your head and you blame gravity — you’re too clueless for a clue-filled universe. • Things are bad and they are getting worse. And if we don’t wake up; they’re going to get much, much worse. And much, much, much, much, much, much worse. • Somewhere; there’s a “much” with our extinction written on it. And it can’t get much worse than that.

“Not doing” Bumper sticker

“Not doing will be our undoing.” So you’re committed to sustainability. That’s nice. And then? Gold stars won’t get you anywhere with fixing the environment. The target is that dot in the distance — and you have to catch up to it before you can slow it down. Strip down to meaningful actions; and leave the mirror behind. “A stern chase is a long chase.”

“Underserved” Bumper sticker

2022 – Using the word “underserved” can be a trademark infringement. Everybody’s in the race to merchandize righteousness — and what better tool for personal gain — it’s the “virtual reality” that obscures a conflicting reality: wisdom.

“CO-Void” – NEW Word

Like the Monty Python sketch where the insured’s “no pay” insurance was a great deal – if he never had to use it — our new world, “be the change” advertisement was a smug Peaceable Kingdom paradigm – until the Pandemic – until the predators sensed an injured prey. • It wasn’t just the media noise of the pandemic that should have caught our attention — it was the silence and emptiness where our humanity used to be. How far have we moved from the “caring and sharing” 1960s to a “using and abusing” 2020s? And if we keep traveling around our spinning world – will we meet up with that time again?

“Freedom” Bumper sticker

“Freedom – It’s not ‘rent-to-own’ – it’s only rented.” It’s been endlessly repeated in stories and in life — if you give up your responsibilities; you’ll give up your rights. Government was a burden – now it’s a Boss. • Will they tell us how we can change that? Or just tell us not to worry. • When one door closes; another door opens – it’s a good description of an abattoir.

“2022 – Bigots as usual.”

“2022 – Bigots as usual.” Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi — The farther away we get – the smaller their voices become: “Following in their footsteps” – “working for the same thing” – “working for a change” – “getting what we’re owed” – “they deserve to be punished”. . . “In the future, there will be fewer but better Russians.” — Joseph Stalin

“The road to hell” Bumper sticker

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions – but the slide to hell is greased with bad ones.” It’s not just about the destination; it’s about being able to stop and check out the view . . . and take another look at your map.

“Devil take the hindmost” Bumper sticker

“Devil take the hindmost: don’t look back.” It’s a good survival policy for today’s society. “Whew! That was close . . . I better stop daydreaming and pick up the pace.”

“The only transparency . . .” Bumper sticker

“Tompkins County: The only transparency is the thinness of their excuses.” It’s filling in the form without accountability for what you write. It’s giving an answer . . . without answering the question. It’s the throng that cheers the dictator; because someone might report that you weren’t there – or didn’t cheer. The reasons for their policy decisions carry the weight of no alternative. Who cares what you believe.

“Stop pretending you care” Bumper sticker

“Stop pretending you care.” Some bumper stickers have more right to be on bumpers than others. Wouldn’t you like those behind you to see what you so often would like to say? In this world of shameless preening and self-promotion; the pretense of caring is one of the most insulting poses.

“The Shroud of Policy” Bumper sticker

“The Shroud of Policy” Religious beliefs must be open to examination and proof – but secular beliefs are too sacred for dispute. • Aren’t you tired of people just “saying” – and demanding unquestioning acceptance of their policy decisions? Materialistic beliefs are amenable to materialistic examination. • When they put lead into one end of their black box; and take out gold from the other end: it’s called fraud. When they put lead into one end of their black box and take out nothing from the other end: it’s called “policy.” • O.K. That didn’t work. So then they bring out another black box . . .

“Bobble-head Bigots” Bumper sticker

“Bobble-head Bigots: Nodding at nothing.” It could be that they’re nodding in empty agreement; but I believe it’s in agreement to keep something hidden — and not for our sakes. • Now is a time of assertions, of attitude, of arrogance, of bigotry; but it’s not a time of questioning . . . they could be nodding in agreement not to publish what happened to you.

“Public Government Meetings” Bumper sticker

Public Government Meetings: “Closed due to COVID – and something else later.” There is nothing that so defines bureaucratic flexibility as the ability to use anything as an excuse – except possibly their ability to get away with it — let’s see you try to use “I’m understaffed,” for not paying your property taxes on time. • And nothing that so defines politicians as their desire to embrace more power. • That’s why COVID was a windfall event in the Darwinian playing field of politics – every disruption is a chance for corruption. • The COVID ban on public meetings streamlined the whole acquisition and approval process – and it’s a perk they don’t intend to give up.

“Destroying rural communities” Bumper sticker

“Tompkins County: Destroying everything that enables rural communities – enabling everything that destroys rural communities.” Rural residents don’t need to see written confirmation from authorities — they see it everywhere around them. County policy of denying representation, remediation, and even basic law enforcement to rural communities [Tompkins County refuses to provide more than one deputy sheriff to police two rural towns] – and their constant tax and assessment increases on poor rural property owners is driving out those who were the community’s foundation – and leaving a vacuum to suck in the drug dealers, law breakers and unwanted. • A recent “Adult Entertainment Ordinance” was enacted to limit all sexual businesses to the town’s rural and agricultural zones [where the families are unprotected and more isolated] “to promote the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the citizens of the Town.” • There’s much more . . . but you get the picture.

“Petitioning” Road signs

Petitions are a democratic tool for meaningful participation in policy making; but in Tompkins County; there is no meaningful participation – because it’s not a democracy. • “Petitions hold no merit.” — Unnamed county superintendent • Like those lesser-born of the past; laboring under royalty and at the mercy of repressive autocracies — the validity of residents’ requests is entirely dependent upon the approval of those in charge; those at the top. • Tompkins County’s Elite have it all their own way — they’re used to having it all their own way. And with the “representative” power of 40,000 uninvolved student transients, and Legislative districting out of Gerrymandering 101: it’s not likely to change. • They decide. For you . . . and for themselves. Everything. Always. It’s a drug.

“Nano Nano” Road signs

Trusting the judgement of someone who has Fame, Fortune, and the realization of a dream in the balance can come at a price. • “Nanotechnology” proponents refute the doomsday scenario of The Extinction of All Life On Earth with: “the danger of gray goo is far less likely than originally thought” – and “such dangers lie too far in the future to be of concern to regulators” – or the “more realistic threats associated with knowledge-enabled nanoterrorism” — none of which sounds like, “it can’t happen” or “impossible.” • While the loss of human life from the “unexpected consequences” of emerging technologies falls under the “shit happens” umbrella of scientific progress – scientists do labor under one constant fear — loss of funding. • In an ever degrading and irremediable biosphere; Our technological morality play reads like the script of a horror movie: And no matter how much you shout at the screen — they never learn.

“Grand entry egos” Bumper sticker

“Grand entry egos – and back door ethics.” This pretty well sums up the attitude going around today. • Their “equitable” façade hides the entrance to a back room of bigotry and bias. A secret that everybody knows; but no one speaks of. If you want to be vilified at the Celebration of Themselves; just quote Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., or Frederick Douglass.

“Rise of the Evil Ones” – “Lossy Abattoir”

The New Urbanism is Urban Colonialism; and their “vibrant” urban centers require that rural lands be used for food production, recreation, and the unwanted. • They’re bringing civilization to the rural natives by destroying their cultural matrix and setting them adrift in an elitist society that has no use for them; except as consumables. • In Tompkins County’s Cornell led planning “vision” of the future — the county’s rural communities will no longer exist.

“Playing a game of taking and giving”

“Government: They’re playing a game of taking and giving – that will end by their taking it all.” • While our government won’t take ownership of their mistakes or their responsibilities — they want to take ownership of everything else. All roads lead to Cornithaca — and to the new Reich.

“Simple Solution 1”

Simple Solution 1: “Randomly sterilize 50% of the world’s population.” In a world filled with simple solutions born of illogical precepts — any logical solution that undercuts the foundations of self-interest and gain is unacceptable. After all, what reason could be great enough to enact equitable, across-the-board policies that would end so much of the pain, suffering, and death in the world? It’s ridiculous; don’t you realize what a negative effect this would have on corporations, and non-profits – and on governments whose power and privilege are based on manipulating want and need.

“Farm Harm” Gameboard

“Farm Harm” is a game where you are constantly moving forward, and moving backward; but never getting anywhere — like the mothers in “Ikiru”: passing from one section to another and ending up back where you started. That’s if you use the Bureaucrat’s Rules – if you change the rules; you can change the outcome.

“No one left behind.” Except . . .

“No one left behind.” Except the elderly, those living in rural areas, and anyone of the wrong race, gender, or ethnicity. Like the “people beloved” titles of dictators; the titles of our government’s policies, and policy actions, are a mockery of human freedom and worth — a lie that remains unexposed out of fear. • The most blatant discriminatory actions are carried out while claiming that “discrimination is against the law” – and with a “diversity” that speaks, not to ethnic mix; but to ethnic purity. • It used to be said that an elephant was a mouse “built to government specifications” — it can now be said that our government’s social policies are: “discrimination in pursuit of a goal – that would have already been reached if they had not enacted those policies.”

“You’re not playing the System . . .”

“You’re not playing the System; the System is playing you.” Like all good hustlers – politicians coax their marks into wagering it all – and then they run the table. • You’ve given them the power: so they can give you what they promised – or not. It’s their choice. Is there a term for “street stupid”?

“Form Based Codes are for Authority”

“Form Based Codes are for Authority. Behavior Based Codes are for Humanity. Which one will Politicians choose?” Do you need to ask? They’ve already shown us their choice. • We are living in a society that is at odds with our knowledge of humanity and dignity. Everything that is natural in human interaction and community can only be achieved through the permission and intervention of Authority. • Those who support the power to discriminate against any of us; are those remove the freedom from all of us.

“Honesty may be the best policy”

“Honesty may be the best policy – But it was never enacted by Congress.” With all the transparency of a transparent liar – our government leaders say whatever it takes to get their plans approved. • While every court show warns of the dangers of cosigning a loan – Congressional leaders forge our names on every credit acquisition scheme they can think of — and lead us by throwing the first stone. . . and getting in the first lifeboat.

“You live and you learn” Bumper sticker

“You live and you learn. You learn and you live.” There’s more than a symmetry to this pair – there’s a utility: Learning means survival. So it’s important to learn from your living; and not just from what you are taught. Although, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” Learning that a flame can burn; may stop you from learning that a flame can give warmth and illumination. • What does this mean? No matter what you’re given, and no matter what you’ve learned – you can still fuck things up. That’s us.

“Discrimination is the infection”

“You can’t heal the wound until you stop the infection. Discrimination is the infection.” You might as well pull yourself up by your bootstraps; as end discrimination by a policy of discrimination — so what’s in it for government? Unstoppable power and privilege. • The evilly sharp wedge of the “greater good” excuse has prized open the door – leaving society unprotected to this New Millennium Predation. Gender, Race, and Ethnicity has become the all-important reason and aim of everything – a doctrine of profit, privilege and hate. • The end may not justify the means: but the means, more often than not, preordains the end.

“Slaves & Drugs” Bumper sticker

“Slaves & Drugs: It’s not just those who buy them; it’s those who supply them.” Many of today’s policy decisions are presented with isolated “facts” to obfuscate the actual historical situation. Full Disclosure - Full Exposure of all government policies and statistics is the only “level field” that will ensure our freedom.

“Lossy Government”

Lossy Government strips out whatever it regards as either unnecessary or redundant – it is capable of reaching decisions without help. People have become the objects of government; not the participants.

“2022: ‘Equality’ isn’t bona fide”

“2022: ‘Equality’ isn’t bona fide – it’s stratified.” One proof that we are living in an adolescent society is the prevalence of excuses. • They are “reasons” without the backing of facts; or the clarity of debate. • They are adjudications that suppress one side of the argument. • And more simply: they are actions and ideas that directly contradict the lives and beliefs of every respected figure of human worth and equality. • If you don’t believe me; believe them — and not the evil that is done in their name.

“1982: ‘Can’t find work.’” Bumper sticker

2022: “Can’t find workers” — When the early eighties want ads read: “Machinist wanted – 5 years experience” – my skills as an artist only qualified me for temporary, entry level employment; and it was up to me to make something of the opportunity. These days; politicians discourage the “work ethic” – so they can make something of the opportunity.

“Rise of the Evil Ones” – “Lossy Problems”

“Don’t fix the problem – embrace the opportunity” is a fitting motto for today’s autocratic government: every problem is used as an excuse to take money, power, everything – and spin-doctor it all clean afterward. • Debate is a thing of the past — we are living in a time of edicts, pronouncements, and authorities — of silent conforming to an unquestionable threat. We’re like rabbits: frozen to immobility in the sights of a rifle. What are the odds of surviving?

“Lossy People”

We’re all disposable — and the more conforming we are; the more easily disposed of. Doctrine does not recognize people as of primary importance: There is no longer an inflexible standard of human worth to protect us from oppression. • Of course we’re disposable: There is not one new policy or regulation that does not add to the power and control of those who crave power and control. • We are a society of adolescents: we want; but we don’t know what — we demand respect; but we don’t care to earn it — we give up power; to avoid responsibility — and we embrace an inflexible group doctrine; to avoid thinking or acting alone. • We are running in an abattoir of our own making — we are the guards of our own prison. • We’ve told them something is wrong — now someone had better fix it. Someone had better.

“How bad are things?” Bumper sticker

“You think you get no respect . . .” How bad are things? The comparisons are always with the worst happenings; never the best. The People have been whipsawed between Power and Policy until they are ground into a “gray goo” of nutrients. “No it’s not” has become the universal response to our suffering. And like a pantomime comedy: every time our leaders come and bend down to pick us up; they kick us out of reach with their clumsy locomotion. • “How bad are things?” There may be no one left to be told how much better off they are.

“Reimagining Integrity” Bumper sticker

“Reimagining Integrity – Don’t give up your principles: reimagine them!” • There’s a workaround for everything. Just as there is a greater good than good – there is an integrity that is more than a mere adherence to basic principles: a greater integrity. • The History Channel is premiering a new series on Abraham Lincoln: Would anybody like to bet that Lincoln won’t be “reimagined” into supporting things that he never would have agreed to if he were still alive? • How about you, Nietzsche?

“Who is the slave owner?” Bumper sticker

“Who is the slave owner?” Africa: the Old World birthplace of slavery? Hispanics: descendants of New World slave-masters? • Certainly; the Irish immigrants have less ties to slavery than the people who continue to benefit from it. Start the debate. • Today’s dictatorial doctrine is the product of hate and gain; not history. Their arguments rely on the assumption that their premise is the only possible one – and that their conclusions Must be accepted. • The fragile underpinnings of their “Pseudo-sense” fake logic can’t stand the light of public inspection. Everything is kept in the dark; so we can’t find the threads that will cause it all to unravel. • If they won’t come into the light — we’ll bring it to them.

“♥ - ♥ = Tompkins County” Bumper sticker

They’re cunning as weasels And slicker’n snot But compassionate humans Is one thing they’re not. • Tompkins County – the grayness is built in – there is no right or wrong; just a flat gray — and the flat refusal to see any other solution; but the one that is most profitable to the policy makers. • It’s emblematic that the gray fog of their excuses and justifications – hides the cold and unyielding gray of their immovable Doctrine. • A heartless gray – a gray of the change; the new chapter – and the closer one gets to the source; the greater the influence of its corruption.

“An equation has two sides . . .”

“An equation has two sides . . . Our Social Policies have one” – the dangers of mathematics and the dangers of government – both systems only need to be self-consistent to maximize their utility – and what’s more self-consistent than a dictatorship? • Mathematically speaking; the only “equals” left is: “conforming = survival.”

“Liberty and Justice for . . .”

We live in a time when Justice is so important; we put a finger on the scales – when Equality is so important; we dispense it selectively – and when Accountability is so important; we act in secret and refuse to keep record of those actions. • Can there be any greater Justice than justice for all – always? And can there be any “greater good” – than not giving our government the power to make that decision for us?

“Love my race; love my racism.”

“Love my race; love my racism.” [A bumper sticker for our times] • You had better bring more than an over-the-top arrogance to the table; if you want to overturn the wisdom of human history, the safeguards of our freedom, and the stability of common ground.

“The people aren’t listened to. . .”

Tompkins County appears so often in this book; because it is so often what affects my life – and because its causes and effects are both ubiquitous and accessible – although “in your face” would probably be a better description. • Tompkins County is important because of its overwhelmingly Progressive government and policy agenda – in a Liberal dominated county – in a Liberal dominated state — it’s the perfect laboratory to study the reality behind their “Vision” – a dictatorship for the benefit of the Elite. • It is uniformly agreed upon by Tompkins County residents – regardless of political affiliation – that their government is corrupt and that here is no meaningful public participation: everything and everyone who does not conform is at risk to be eliminated. • As I quoted last February: “The real tragedy of these small enclaves of marginality and poverty is that people are playing a game of life that has been structured in such a way that they are required to play but prevented from winning.” — Janet Fitchen, Poverty in Rural America • It’s the only playing field left open to rural residents in Tompkins County.

“The ‘Tompkins County’ defense”

Their story isn’t “the dog ate my homework” – it’s “the dog snuck into the house and ate my homework to get me into trouble.” • Tompkins County authorities defend themselves from criticism with the most outrageous concoctions – heavily laced with Doctrine – and dismissively tossed to the public on a “take it or leave it – but you can’t do anything about it” basis.

“What is the definition of the Greater Good?”

“What is the definition of the ‘Greater Good’? You rob one person and split with a friend? You kill one person and split with a friend? Your act needs to benefit at least three people?” • Once you move something from an area of prohibited acts; into an area of justifiable acts – you need to establish why and how they are justifiable – and that’s where the fancy dancing begins. While the policies are starkly outlined – their justifications are a blurry smokescreen of evasions and equivocations – with a shifting ground of “case-by-case” value judgements thrown in. • It’s a ‘greater good’ that for all oversight purposes; does not exist – it’s carried out in secret, the names of the perpetrators are secret, the names of the victims are secret, and access to the statistical social context is withheld. It’s an act of ‘good’ that is verified by self-interest and ratified in self-promotion. • Our social policies are a fairy tale with the weight of a ration book — a shipwrecked survivor on an unknown island in a state of complete denial.

“Science Megalomania”

You wouldn’t let stockbrokers, just because they knew more about stocks than you: decide what level of risk you should take – especially if their gain played a major role in the decision. So why do we let scientists and politicians who have everything to gain from the risk; gamble with our lives – and all life on earth? • What sort of guarantees do they provide? That if we become extinct – we’ll get our money back? • One 50’s science fiction movie offered $50,000 to the first person who could prove that the monster “IT” was not on Mars – that’s the sort of bet that corporations and technologists like to rely on: For many decades; the difficulties in proving that profitable new scientific developments and applications were actually harmful to people and the environment has taken a mountain of facts – and years of fighting regulatory backpedaling. • The biggest contributor to the Chernobyl disaster was not human error – it was human nature. [Here’s a sure bet] If emerging technologies create an earth-threatening event; what is the first thing scientists will do? Try to cover it up. • Isn’t it time to demand that the burden of proof be reversed — before Science makes their final mistake – our final mistake?

“The Lossy Society – Families”

When everybody is the same; no one is indispensable – except those who do the dispensing. • Like the bricks in a wall: the “people units” of a Family are Conforming building parts of a Conforming society – surrounded and held together by Doctrine. Designed by Policy. And indistinguishable in any way more personal than a demographic. • Form Based communities; with Form Based education and recreation; are the “box ticking” goals assigned to all local authorities. • The designs are perfect – the fault lies with the bricks. • Be careful.

“The Lossy Society – Education”

It’s been said; “You can prove anything; provided your viewpoint is narrow enough” – and today’s educational “lens” rivals that of a microscope for displaying particular minutiae – at the expense of everything else. • Standardized testing – standardized curriculums – standardized opinions – standardized thinking. Everything and everyone must be made to conform . . . or be destroyed. • Every grain of sand on the beach may be different – but not one of them is a popsicle stick. Or even an artist.

“They talk the talk . . .” Bumper sticker

“Social Policy 2022: They talk the talk; and walk in the opposite direction.” • If there is any area of impenetrability in our “transparent” government; it’s the area of government authored social policy and policy making. This “black box” of machinations hides every real-world action and consequence — even the degree of their success is no more than a “hand out” – with no contextual or statistical means of public oversight. • Race, gender and ethnicity have risen on a tide of political “patty-cake” to the level of nobility – a right of birth – a treason to contradict or question. • Today’s “liberal” Progressives are everything that Liberals of the 60’s claimed to hate and despise – turning the absolute rights of the People; to “absolutely not.” Killing for peace. Purging for the Peaceable Kingdom. • Like Global Warming and Agricultural Pollution; the true state of our country’s social fabric is covered up through direct government intervention and “black box” activities. • Washington fiddles while the ship of state sinks. We’re told to keep calm and ride out the storm and everything will turn out for the best – for everyone. • It’s all part of the plan; that’s kept in the “black box.”

“You don’t feel it in your heart”

“Social Policy 2022: You don’t feel it in your heart – you feel it in their hate.” Like the “practical jokes” that are not jokes; but are evidence of a desire to hurt – there is a dark undercurrent in popular culture today. • Behind what has become polemic of discriminatory bias and accusatory arrogance; intolerance and bigotry preen and strut – fatuously declaiming what they are “owed.” • The brittle construct of judgmental “equality” has shattered; revealing an ugly landscape of greed, self-indulgence, and hate. • In “The Lossy Society – Old Folks” graphic; you can see the shadowy word; “shoes” – over the physicality of Nazi hate. • “Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?" • Scrooge had an epiphany — there is little evidence that we will.

“The Lossy Society – Old Folks”

In the “Lossy Society” – all regulatory tools and policy making profit those who are in charge – and those who desperately cling to them. • People Units are sorted into compartments and processed as needed – with the Elite as the end beneficiaries. The bigger the problem or perceived need; the more compartments are processed. No one is indispensable; except those who do the dispensing. • 2022 will be a time of great need . . . What’s your compartment?

“It’s a “greater good” . . .” Bumper sticker

“Social Policy 2022: It’s a ‘greater good’ – that fails every test of goodness.” There is no love. There is no compassion. There is no human worth. That is why they hide their actions and their victims – and are only willing to talk about their good “intentions.” • And if the “road to Hell is paved with good intentions” – maybe we should take the time to look; and see how far along we are. • Where is the “greater good” in a government that assumes the power to discriminate against whoever they want; whenever they want; for as long as they want; in secrecy? • Is there a single area of society where the ‘greater good’ puppet show has not become script for propagandizing oppression? • We have come down the road so far – that evidence of the most blatant bias is met with a dismissive unconcern. Evil is a tireless driver; and our leaders have taken a back seat — eagerly anticipating the final destination.

“It fell through the crooks.” Bumper sticker

“Rural Social Justice? It fell through the crooks.” In a time when so many people see others as objects to use – those left undefended in our society are at the mercy of all. • In fifteen years of efforts to bring Rural Social Justice to Tompkins County: I was unable to get one person in authority at the local, county, or state level to represent, support, or help the rural community – or to make even the slightest change in the existing policy-making bias and misconduct. • Who is worse off than our marginalized urban poor? People who aren’t even worth helping.

“Meaningful Public Participation”

Public Meetings are closed – and will they ever open? If you were an autocratic Doctrine holder; who coupled “public participation” with “troublemakers” – what would you do? • You would enter a “new era” of government — coupled with old era totalitarianism.

“Find the three identical balloons”

There is similar, much alike, and identical. “Lenses” can be used to select a set of things that are “similar” and “much alike” – but “identical” transcends these subjective judgements. • “Made with” and “made from” on a product may seem similar in the eyes of to a consumer; but are quite dissimilar through the legal “lens” of regulators. • It’s tough to keep your bearings on the “slippery slope” of words, meaning, and intent that comprise [and compromise] today’s social policies — so the best procedure is to compare their words and actions with those figures of equality, compassion, and human worth we most respect. • When you hear phrases like; “fighting for the same thing” – watch out – it means that those beliefs and actions have been adulterated — and there is no telling with what; and how much of it is inert . . . or toxic.

“Follow the arrows home”

While it’s simple to follow the arrows; it’s confusing to have so many arrows to follow. The old truism; “the best way to make a million dollars is to write a book about how to do it, and sell a million copies” – has been carried to extremes in today’s advice giving landscape. • Political advice, social advice, health advice, financial advice, cooking advice — all vying for your attention [and money] — and all adding up to more than a lifetime of reading, comparing, preparing, and consuming. • The conclusion is self-evident: if you don’t have some of your own arrows to follow – you’ll never find your way home.


There is a knowledge you can only acquire when you don’t spend all your time with machines and plodding categorizations. • Our society is not the glue that hold us together – it’s the bars that keep us apart. When you think in terms of “people”; everything is understandable – there is no human convention in place or time that does not answer to our desire to find our place in the world; both within us and without. • Stop bending under the ceiling of those who would limit our growth to their understandings of use and control — it’s time to stand up and stretch. • There is no limit to the imagination that has not been placed there for that purpose.

“Knots Too Much”

With more twists, turns, and dead ends than modern governance: these policy projecting pieces of rope could be used to replicate resident’s paths in our Kafkaesque bureaucracy. It’s as difficult [and as useful] as tracing skate-marks in the ice – but I hope it’s perceptually invigorating and fun.

3 Activity Pages

These three activity pages are meant to engage the mind and “cleanse the palate”: “Spot the 5 sharks,” “Knots,” and “Spot the 5 frogmen.” I will have a number of graphical fun pages, as well as games, puzzles, mazes, and riddles throughout the book. Black and white does not mean “without color” – and these pages present some of the special strengths that black and white line art is noted for.

“Irreversible consequence technologies”

“Is there anybody approving the use of irreversible consequence technologies; who does not plan to profit from them? • Bumpers are intended to protect us from serious harm in the event of a collision – but this bumper sticker argues for a more proactive solution: not having a fatal accident. • In the movie “Forbidden Planet”: Krell Super-Science gave the inhabitants of that planet the power to do anything their minds could imagine — but when they slept, and their conscious minds were no longer in control — that power resulted in their extinction. • Are we poised on the same precipice? • We are gambling the future of all life on earth; on the assurances of people who have fame, fortune, the realization of a dream, and great political ambition in the balance — and with no way to reverse the damage or make restitution. • All the equational delusions and statistical status quos are beside the point. I may not have studied science and politics — but I have studied scientists and politicians. And “deep shit” – is deep shit.

“Un-titled” Road signs

End of Days? A little stocktaking might be appropriate. It’s tough to quibble your way out of death. And complaints about bed bugs and mold will certainly fall on deaf ears — no matter what kind of afterlife we get. • We’re in for Big Changes. BIG CHANGES. Why aren’t you being told this? Get Real. It would cause problems. And there are responsibilities. And they’ll justify those actions in their memoirs – from the space colony. • We are living in a point of history where there is no “everybody” – just “everybody else” — and everybody is someone else’s “everybody else.” • Maybe I should start smoking again? I can give it up when I give everything up. Or everything else.

“Environmental Merchandising” Road signs

Environmental Merchandising serves a need – the need to sell products. Most people are happy just to have the stigma removed [or at least the appearance of it] and will buy without looking too hard for the unvarnished truth. A Ramen Noodle cup with “35% Less Sodium!” still has more salt than the Dead Sea – and slowing down the destabilizing increase means less than little in our runaway environmental system. • How good is our corporate environmental stewardship these days? In a word: Pathetic, Minimal, or in a word I prefer: Disastrous.

“Reasonable Rhymes XII” Road signs

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some reinforcing “Burma Shave” style road signs back on our highways? Like the “eatery” exit signs — food for thought.

“I’d like a second opinion” Bumper sticker

“You have to remove my heart to save my life? I’d like a second opinion.” Not only are today’s social policies radical; they’re radically irrational – and it would be smart to get a second opinion from some trusted sources: • Abraham Lincoln: “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” • Frederick Douglass: “Right is of no sex, Truth is of no color” • I think I’ll go with them. • What about the “Greater Good”? • “How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn't make it a leg.” — Abraham Lincoln

“Scientists are from Pluto” Bumper sticker

“Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Scientists are from Pluto. Is it even a planet?” These days: people they don’t ask; “What is your sign?” – They ask: “What is your category?” And those who create the categories have great power — the new alchemists who will reconstitute the perfect society from base metals of discrimination and oppression. • The power of Doctrine to put people in their place . . . from now on.

“The tale does wag the dog” Bumper sticker

Stories, stories, stories – it’s the stories that hold sway today; and reality is cut to fit the narrative. But where do these stories come from? • One way to find out is to search the “target,” instead of the story. A story is repeated widely; but the originators have a more substantial agenda than mere maliciousness: They like to include a support structure for their tale – and are usually high in the search engine rankings. • And sometimes you can tell the maker’s label by just the cut of the cloth.

“Rise of the Evil Ones” – “Secrets”

Secrets. Government is run by secrets. We could speculate; but maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do. Making up answers is a cloud that best hides secrets.

“Permanent tattoos and wash-off ethics”

It’s all in the packaging. You can always sell the appearances – if the contents don’t matter. • When people are famous for being famous – does being famous for your achievements mean you’re successful? • 2022: The year when people are willing to do anything – for not all that much. • The ethics? They come off with the wrapper.

“BIGOTRY – written in letters too big to see”

It’s not a foreign language — so stop relying on the subtitles to learn what’s going on.

“What’s cool about natural disasters?”

“It depends on how you see the world.” There used to be a morality question: “If you could press a button; and kill a million people on the other side of the world; and get a million dollars – would you do it?” • This simple “yes/no” scenario would be met today with equivocation: “It’s only about 1/8000th of the world’s population – 0.013%.” or “There are too many people anyway” or [maybe even more dismissive] “A million dollars isn’t worth that much today.” • It seems that the only objection to making a deal with the Devil: is not getting the best deal possible. • If in the setting of Science; People don’t have much importance – why are we letting Science decide our future? • Science and politics are what people do; Art is what people are — maybe we should remember that.

“Patching Policies”

Since government policies are created for the benefit of government; and not the people – the resulting deaths and other non-functional defects merely require a patch to keep the policy machinery rolling. • Enacting an expensive policy is argued on the basis of the welfare of the people; while a policy designed for the welfare of the people is rejected on the basis of its expense. • And our government’s need for secrecy cites your right to privacy much more forcefully than it defends your right to live. • If you want to change that “you don’t know politics” smile politicians keep in stock – just suggest/demand that their policies be radically changed – or entirely done away with!

Storytime Remix: “Frikin’ Little”

They make Reality shows about subsistence living; but if they made one about substance living – it would be as interesting as watching paint dry, and as stupid as pushing paperclips into an electric outlet. And you’d need to keep replacing the cast: They don’t live many seasons – once you subtract the rehabs.

“Tompkins County’s Rural Policy”

“Tompkins County’s Rural Policy: Constructive Eviction.” Under the cover of “We” and “Us” – with a Greater Good “lens” – Tompkins County has unleashed a series of policies to destroy the troublesome rural community. • The Town of Lansing was broken up and divided into Town and Village by the rural community’s refusal to accede to collegiate control — but a world-class Ivy League corporation cannot be gainsaid: and through urban sprawl, voting loopholes, and unilateral planning decisions; Lansing Town government was taken over and made to conform. • Lansing’s rural community is entirely unrepresented in this government, with no services except their own volunteer fire department – and the County has cut back rural law enforcement to one deputy for two towns. • High tax assessments are forcing the original rural residents out; and the community’s character has changed from “blue collar” families to a “drug dollar” Ag Ghetto. • In rural Lansing’s future; all that will be left are factory farms, foreign workers, felons . . . and fools.

“Be the change [small change]” Bumper sticker

“The Change” is projected big on a paper-thin world of self-promotion; but if we walk through that projection into a world of reality – what do we see? Nothing. • There is no rising tide of anything good. There is no atmosphere that is positive and loving: It’s an atmosphere of hate and recrimination – and a repressive feeling of fear and apprehension. • “I’m not bad people; it’s people that made me bad.” “I don’t need to work; I just haven’t been paid what I’m owed.” • Once we’re done blaming others; there is no meaningful action — and once we’ve taken everything; and there is nothing left to take . . . it’s time to turn the page on this Society. That will be “the change.”

“Social Policy in 2022” Bumper sticker

“Social Policy in 2022: Bigotry and piggery – joined at the hip.” Our social policies are not selfless actions; but filled to overflowing with a sense of self and self-interest. • Keeping in mind that our leaders are not “movers and shakers,” but users and takers; gives a clearer perception of the “why” in back of policy making. Our social policies are designed to “line the pockets” of those who carry them out, and those who are the beneficiaries – and bigotry is the oil that it all slides on. It’s an elitist “black box” that conceals the construction, the actions, and even the results of the process — there is no public oversight: we have to take them at their word. • It’s this same commitment to self-interest that has led to the current batch of distancing descriptors. For example: “Lens” has replaced “viewpoint” in elitist lexicon – a viewpoint is inextricably attached to a person; while a lens implies an outside and less personal view. It’s the “lens” that is responsible – not the person who uses that view. Tricky.

“Law • Paper • Bullet”

It’s not a time of building; it’s a time of cycling: the COVID cases ebb and flow, we go out and come back home, and crime endlessly cycles through our bureaucracy like hunters through the woods. • Deer me. I was going to add a fourth choice for the game: “Victim” – but since the victim is always the victim: it would always be the wrong shape at the wrong time — a Form Based thumbs down.

Tompkins County and Tammany Hall in pictures

“Tompkins County and Tammany Hall” is planned to be an all text book; so any pictures will have to appear in this book. • What you notice is the misrepresentation – but what you don’t see; is what’s behind it. And while you can see a number of trucks – it’s only a tiny fraction of the truck traffic roaring through our hamlet. One day I counted; ninety dump trucks from just one of the hauling companies pictured – it was a January day in Upstate New York. In the summer it can get much worse. • When we asked for a standard 4-Ton weight limit for thru-cutting trucks; the County Highway Department posted a 20-Ton limit – 5 times the posted weight of every other road. • And, yes – I did bring the Highway Director’s behavior to the attention of Tompkins County’s ethical oversight authorities: Their response was to completely ignore his actions. • As Tompkins County Legislators like to say; “the colleges define the community” — and it’s the County’s ethical conduct that defines the colleges. • “In rural New York no one can hear you scream.”

“The Ship of State 2022” Bumper sticker

A neighbor of mine once said: “I’m the only one around here that works.” There was a lot of truth in that. • Our government not only takes from the present, and takes from the future – but with their attack on Social Security: they want to take form the past as well. • Our economy is just a scam: a ‘take gold from seawater’ scheme that will leave us all rich – if we started out even richer. • My neighbor is retiring now: and watching everything he worked for being sucked down into a sinkhole of government policy. • Our government needs to escape the scene of their crimes; “Tell the workers to ‘row harder!’”

“COVID in the USA” Bumper sticker

Compassion is just another piece of “we are the change” vaporware. The only rising tide our elderly felt during the Pandemic; left them struggling to keep their heads above water – or not. • Our “Better Nature” has become a fold-out brochure – no more than a media promo spot – a marketing tool. And not to be confused with “truth in advertising.” • The elderly are “Victims” — and in our stratified future: you can’t change your label. • Only our government can do that – or not.

“They don’t take responsibility”

Tompkins County is a government that believes it has the right to “balance the burdens” on residents as they choose – and responds to accusations of hubris and evidence of dictatorial policy making by just claiming that they are not. • They and their cronies are never at fault; it’s always someone else’s fault — and probably your fault — and they always need more money, and more power, and more control to get us out of this trouble. • Tompkins County: the views of some forced on everyone — at a cost.

“Everyone will be treated the same”

“In Biden’s Society: Everyone will be treated the same – disposable.” If the lowest common denominator is non-existence; our government is pressing all Human worth and dignity into a vast plane of nothingness. • Their assertions of “equality” are only hypocritical lip-service: after establishing that the promotion of certain social actions are “more important” than principles or rights; our government then proceeded to add corporations, unions, and race, gender, and ethnicity, along with powerful special interests to this “more important” constellation that will guide us to the Promised Land. • Importance has become the mark of the new nobility - a coat of arms ensuring constant profit “without let or hindrance” by ethics or legitimacy. • Everyone WILL be treated the same – it’s just that some of us are no longer “everyone” — they’re “Important.”

“Separate but Equal”

It’s the same scam you see everywhere today: We’re all together [so we’re part of the same community] – but we’re categorized differently [so we don’t get the same treatment.] It’s a world of users and losers. • Rural people whose families have lived there for five generations; are marginalized by a high-tax, urban sprawl bedroom community – whose transient [and more affluent] families only plan to maximize their benefits and then move. • Tompkins County policy making exemplifies the kind of diversity that results in concentration camps. We’re all in this together . . . just different sides of the fence.

“Empowering Local Government”

We have traveled back in time. We are living under a government with all the powers and privileges of royalty, of dictators . . . of secret police. • Well; aren’t we living “under” a government that has those powers? Haven’t “we” given that government the power to collectively and selectively oppress us? However they want. As long as they want. In secret. • And doesn’t the use of this power permeate their every policy and attitude. • We are blinded by the vision of what we are owed by others – not what we owe to everybody. The vision of an adolescent. “Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee” We’re off to the Island of Empowerment. • Rise of the Evil Ones. They have great needs — work harder.

“The Hate Reflex”

Like MSG or Microplastics – it’s a part of our diet: Hate. • It’s a fog that clings, glistens on the skin; and hides in its own shadow. • In a world without love and compassion – there is nothing but hate to fill the emptiness. • For a better world: would you hate those to blame, or fill it with love? • The future is a place of choices — many choices; many futures.