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Chidinma  Yvette Anih

Running Between Trees

Literature & Fiction

Samira is an immigrant girl in America who finds herself bogged down by the pressure to excel in a lucrative career while also pursuing a long distance relationship with her high school sweetheart in Nigeria. Should she stay in America and pursue the immigrant dream or move back home to be with her boyfriend who stands the risk of falling in love with her best friend?

Book Bubbles from Running Between Trees

To label or not to label

Samira feels torn between the benefit of diagnosing intellectual disabilities in children and the burden of stigma that becomes their identity. Which course would have better outcomes and what does that mean for her home country Nigeria, where education is still needed? Follow her on this journey of self-discovery working in the field of autism.

Run for your life

Samira finds herself in a dangerous situation with her mother but this is only one of many. Caught in the erupting chaos of a bomb blast, the question is should they shelter in place or run for their lives like every one else. Follow Samira on this journey of self discovery where she learns to embrace the process of decision making. On the race of life we are constantly running from, or towards something-both with consequences that we must learn to live with.

No-nonsense mother

Samira cannot believe her aunt would dare defy muhmee's call. She would never be so bold as her mission in life was to make her parents proud. Follow her on this journey to self-discovery, torn between ambition and love.

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