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Willie Maeobia was born in the Solomon Islands, a pacific archipelago consisting of a double chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in Melanesia. The country is known for its outstanding natural beauty and a former colony of the British. Willie is a high school dropout. He got involved in church leadership after high school. He is also a subsistence farmer, a budding and aspiring entrepreneur and author . He obtained a Diploma certificate in Business English & Letter Writing from Cambridge International College in the UK through distance learning. He is passionate about Youth Leadership transformation and entrepreneurship. He is an orphan with both parents deceased. But he is doing fine after their passing, and endeavor to pass on what he learned in life to high school dropouts like himself. He is working on his second book, and expect to launch it in 2020.


Deported Into Destiny

Biographies & Memoirs

Maduku Mamata was born on a tiny speck of land in the Solomon Islands, a pacific archipelago that is known as much for its desperate financial state as its outstanding natural beauty. From growing up and helping his parents with their subsistence farming, to losing them at a young age and attending school to make sure he would be able to make his own way in the world, Maduku weaves an intricate story of how he ended up in Brisbane, attending college there to better his life. Deported Into Destiny is a story of hardship, a desperation to make things better for one’s self and for others, as well as lessons learned the hard way. But it is also an enduring story of love and of doors opening when you least expect them to. This is a story of salvation amidst the wreckage of a single mistake and of hope triumphing eventually over adversity.

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Cast Off Restraint

A vision is a picture in technicolor. It is a glimpse of an end in ones mind. There is a biblical phrase.."without vision people perish or cast off restraint." What it means is without vision people cast off discipline. Vision and discipline go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. It's impossible. They are inseparable. And the highest form of discipline is "self-discipline." Self indicates that there are other disciplines out there. Self discipline is the mother for all other disciplines. Self discipline is discipline you place on yourself for the sake of a higher goal. Have a peek to find out what is Maduku's vision for living.

She left her job at the bank

She eventually left her job at the bank. She found a course more satisfying and fulfilling. Find out what's the course that made her left her safe and secure job at the bank.

The Power of a Seed

A seed don't know what is a crisis or famine or pandemic. You plant a seed corn in your backyard today, it grows. A farm corn is trapped in a seed corn. The multiplication is trapped in the seed. One of the things that tampers or interferes with the power and potential of a seed is greed.

What you received is "multiplied Trapped."

Before this year ends, I would like to share something I achieved this year, less than a year. It is not grand or profound or something. I and a friend started a poultry farm. I am the bank. I loaned him $500. He is a builder, and built a small thatch house so we could start. We bought 20 baby chicks. Today, we reached 400 and intend to expand in 2020. My point: What you have or received, say money in this case, the increase or multiplication is trapped or inherent in the thing you've received. It's a cocoa tree with cocoa pods are trapped in a cocoa seed. This is a good lesson to teach to young people or high school dropouts. Since I'm a high school dropout, I endeavor to teach this concept to high school dropouts like myself. Because if they don't have this perception, they will come up with an endless list of excuses for not having the means to live and make their dreams a reality. I want to hear what have you achieved this year?

Mental Transformation is Supreme.

Mental transformation is more important than physical relocation. I've known tons of friends and relatives. They went overseas in search for change and a better standard of living. When they overseas, they work and spend money on alcohol, they gamble, they buy things impulsively just like they did back home. The same things that they indulged in when they were back home, the same things too they continued to engage in when they are overseas. And the change they are searching for is out of reach for most of them. They expect change in a physical environment. Searching for change in a physical location is an illusion. It is information that brings change, not physical location. One can move to a new location, but if one is ignorant, one will never realized the change one is seeking and anticipating.


In the words of scripture, "Bad company corrupts good character"-1 Cor 15:33. A good friend of mine, we worked together in the horticulture industry. He never into cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or gambling. When he started following two adults into town on the weekends, he started drinking and smoking. These two adults were gamblers too. They showed him how to play the poker machines. He donated his salary to the poker machines on the weekends. He asked money for food and phone bill comes Monday. Then I bumped into another bloke. Same thing. Non-drinker at first. But when he associated with one alcoholic that I also knew, he ended up in court. They both got into trouble and lost their jobs. These two had one thing in common: They don't have a guiding vision. Having a vision guides and protects one from wrong associations.


A cyclone, hurricane, tornado is a crisis. It's an event or circumstance or situation affecting you or your environment over which you have no direct cause , control or responsibility for. I went through one with my family in 1986. Rice and tinned food was supplied by the US army. It was devastating. The key to surviving crisis is 'diversity.' Don't just good in one skill. For instance, If you are an accountant, learn to farm, in case they take back their job from you. There is no security in any job, especially in the times we are living in. No matter what happens in any environment, human needs never changed. People need food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, and a roof over their head. These are human needs, and they will never changed as long as the earth remains. If you are unemployed or affected by a natural catastrophe, consider these human needs to see if you can start a business in any of them.


The feeling of leaving behind your family and your people for the call of destiny upon one's life is often daunting and nerve wrecking. And it requires unwavering faith to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar. I remember Abraham in the book of scriptures. He had to leave his home country, his people and his father's house so he could receive the vision for his life (Genesis 12). I believe one of the reason he had to leave home was because of familiarity. People that he grew up with might interfere with the call on his life. Sometimes we have to leave the familiar, free from doubt and naysayers and cynical people so we could receive the fine prints for the call on our lives. Because where we were born and raised, there could be too much noise. How did you receive the details for your vision? You receive the details at home or abroad? Most people in the scriptures like Abraham, they had to leave home in order for the details to be revealed. If destiny is calling you, and you need to leave home, just step out in faith and obedience. The feeling of leaving home should be exciting and fun, and interpreted as the call of destiny on your life.


One only experiences freedom in an area that one learns and knows about. For instance, learning about finance doesn't guarantee that you will be healthy. One has to learn about some healthy eating habits to realize the benefit of healthy living and eating. I've seen relatives of mine. They make a lot of money but they aren't living healthy lives. They visit the local pharmacy frequently. Or you can be a teacher and weak in financial management. I have relatives who are teachers. But most of them aren't good in the area of finance. They're struggling in their finances. Because they don't learn about basic money principles. In order to have freedom in an area, one has to learn about it. When one walks past the library, knowledge incriminates. Being free in an area is no guarantee for freedom in another area. One has to learn about a particular area to realize and enjoy the benefits of that area. One has to never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. So the greatest enemy to freedom is IGNORANCE-choosing to remain unaware of something that is readily available within one's reach.


The beauty of the unknown is not risky as one might originally envisioned or anticipated. Most people fear the unknown and they spend most of their time in the known, even if the known is mundane, boring and less exciting. The fear of stepping into the unfamiliar has denied and sabotaged their dreams and visions. Personally, where I am today was because of a decision I made to leave the familiar for what has been locked up in the unfamiliar. I had a wonderful experience. Besides, I am working on some great projects( income generating ones) and crafting a manuscript. I'm juggling all these simultaneously. Are you taking a leap of faith into unfamiliar territory? It's not that risky as you may initially anticipated.


As a small cocoa grower and subsistence farmer beside attending primary school, the soil texture contributed enormously to the harvest that we anticipated. If the soil is hard and rocky, and faraway from the river, whatever we planted won't grow healthy for lack of nutrients from the soil. For instance, a cocoa plant. If the plant is planted on rocky ground, it would grow but chances of withstanding a strong wind blowing is minimal. I've seen this scenario played out multiple times; not with my own trees but with other neighbors, too. Or if I planted sweetcorn on a rocky ground, the corn would bring forth lesser and fewer fruits. And when a strong wind blows, the plant is uprooted with its roots laying on the surface. Soil texture is crucial for the success of what we planted in the garden. Is our homes a conducive environment for grooming the next generation of leaders? What nutrients are we sprinkling in the home? Environment determines destiny. Find out what nutrients are being sprinkled in the life of this boy.


They say that success leaves trails. If a nation colonizes another nation and granted independence later on when they ask for it, the colonized should be far better off than the colonizer. Your success is measured and determined by the state or well-being of your predecessor. You should leave the territory a whole lot better when you first colonized it. During your time, you should train and equip the people for your departure, so they could able to chart their own course and destiny. They should learn the ropes of survival under your regime. The same notion applies to families as well. The first classroom is the home. Children should learn, train and equip to be independent in their dependency in the home. When you are successful, people should say of you, "man, she sounds like her or he sounds or talks like him." The student supposed to be like the master. If the master is successful and the student is failing, the master is a failure. Is your home an environment for grooming the next generation?


Someone recently asked me this question. And my answer to this question is very simple: Success to me is "achieving your aims/objectives." For instance, I aimed to build a house for my siblings to live in when I'm still single, and I achieved it. That's success! I was a small cocoa farmer when I attended primary school. I helped the cocoa tree with cocoa fruits which were trapped in the cocoa seed to manifest by planting the cocoa seed in the ground. That's success! Without planting of the cocoa seed, the cocoa tree with cocoa fruits will forever trapped in the cocoa seed. And the cocoa fruits are for the pickers( people), not for the cocoa tree. If you achieved your aim, you are successful. Your success is for others. I'm working on something for our young people to help them plant the seed( vision) that life has given them. I felt that they were being ignored. When the youth of a nation is being ignored, the nation starts to die. We don't need to destroy our youth with guns and drugs. Just ignore them and the future of our nations are at stake. What is success to you? Read to discover what Maduku intended to do when he returned to his village.


I have seen time and time again young people, even some adults too, attending crusades or conferences or a motivational seminar to get some motivation to work on their dreams and visions. And when the event is over, they went back to sleep. They used the event to wake up. They are sleeping through life. They pay for people to motivate or wake them up to action. What if those people or events aren't available? What are you going to do? Where would you turn for motivation to live and realize your dreams? I discovered the best motivator in life. I use him every day to usher and push me to work on my dreams. I don't pay him. He is a beauty, actually. He equalizes everybody. Have a peek to read about him.


If we use money to trade with for goods and services, then what is the currency we use to trade with life with? Knowing this currency is vital and essential, especially for young people. They could utilize this currency to better and develop themselves as assets-something that has value. Why young people? Because they are the next leaders after we are gone some day from the planet. "We produce after our own kind." I work on something for young people and almost finished now. Take a peek to discover this currency of life.


Some of the people I know are farmers. I work for them when the harvest season comes. The other day, a farmer said something about another farmer who has a daughter, and she wants to get married to be happy. I asked a question, "What is she missing out on? She has it altogether at the moment: she manages her own space, time, money, resources etc. Now if she marries someone, would she be able to keep all the gems or beauties of being single? If she lose them in a relationship, what would she gain back in replacement?" Young people think that they're missing out on something when they're single, and rush into living with someone to gain what they already have. When they can't find it , they want to be single again..they say they need a break, they need space etc.."You don't know the value of what you have until you lose it." The most precious gift even given and possessed by young people is their singleness. Their marriage is only as good as their singleness. Share the gems or beauties of singleness with the young people in your circle or acquaintance by getting the book.


Most young men and women cannot wait to leave the single phase of their lives to live with someone in a relationship. When they are trapped in a relationship that aren't working, they want to return to the single phase that they did not live, enjoy or maximize. They think that they miss out on something when they're single. The single phase is the most important phase in a person's life. That's the phase for 'strategic planning' of what you want your life to become. That's the phase for developing yourself to be an asset and not a liability. You develop yourself to be a giver and not a taker. You have something to bring to the table. If young people lived and maximized this phase, when the going gets tough in a relationship, there is no need to return to the single phase, because that phase has been lived and maximized already. What is needed now is to find a way forward in the storm. There is no turning back. Have a peek and find out about the beauties;)


Having a vision is like a billboard. Years ago when I attended high school, I used to walk to school. And I walked past this patch of bush. Trees, rocks. Some time went by, I walked past the patch and chainsaws and a bulldozer was clearing the place. Few weeks later, I walked past the place and their was a billboard with apartments, the landscape with parking lot finished, with little people standing underneath the shade. And on the top were these words "COMING SOON!!!". And on the bottom was written, "NOW RENTING," you can call, and they put the contact details there. This is awesome! This is amazing! That is what a vision is like. They got the end finished in mind, then they back up and start building. Why did they build? Because they already got the end finished on the billboard. Why most young people, or even some adults couldn't build? Because they haven't finished yet in their mind. There is no finished billboard put on the walls of their heart. You cannot build until you finished. I'm almost finished with something for our young men and women who drop out of Primary school, high school or even college. Do you have a billboard? Those with kids?


I work in the horticulture industry, and work with a lot of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Some backpackers, some students and some married folks. And I sort of curious why they look sad, grumpy, stress most of the time. So in my conversations with them, I ask them what is their vision for living? And I was amazed at what I discovered, that most didn't really have a personal vision for their lives. And it's worst in the "overwhelming information age" that we are living in. I asked a co-worker we work together, " brother, what is your vision for your family? Like, where are you taking your family to?" He smiled and didn't say nothing. He complained about bills to pay, the new baby cost a lot of money for daycare etc...Just yesterday, someone asked me for money to pay for his child's school fee. And in my mind I was like, "this guy wanted to get married, and have kids, and never prepared to support them financially!" If you ain't ready to support it, don't have it. I'm working on something for young people to save them the time from repeating these mistakes. At least they know what they're doing after primary and high school.


When writing this, I remember a friend who blew 16K on ice cream and fish chips for his friends. This money was loaned to him by a generous lady. It's intention was for raising chicken for meat and sell to restaurants. This friend wants to build a training school. His mismanagement made me question whether he really had the dream in the first place? Imagine had he utilized that money wisely, how much money he would earn, and make his dream a reality? My personal experience; I turned $80 into $3400 in few months through selling kerosene in the village. I earned the money from picking bottles on the street after working as a driveway attendant at a fuel station in town. I want to go into partnership with my brother in-law in selling petrol. He's jealous and not want other people to succeed or excel in life. What's my point? How can we instill stewardship in our young people? How can we teach them early on to be good stewards of the resources life has entrusted to them? If we cannot manage little, how can we manage big? Have a look at what Maduku did with the assistance he was given.

Touching Generations

Maduku's aunt knows very well that giving opportunity and a lift to one person is actually giving lift and opportunity to generations. Because in that one person's loins is a toddler, a teenager, a youth, an adult, a husband and a grandparent etc...they all trapped in that one person. So helping one person is helping generations. When I help one person, I look beyond the person that I help, and see the generations inside of him that is going to benefit from my help. So who are we touching today? Who are we impacting today with the resources that we have? We are only here for so long. Have a peep and see the influence that Yagayo had on his friends through the opportunity and lift offered by Maduku and his aunt.

True Fulfillment

True fulfillment in life is not found in our jobs but in our calling in solving problems. Our jobs should be a means to an end. Our calling will make us unhappy and uncomfortable in our jobs.Use this as a measure. Until we discover our calling, we will live miserable and unfulfilled lives. Nehemiah in the book of Scriptures (chapters 1and 2) presents a good case. He had a good and safe secure job as a cupbearer for king Artaxerxes. His countenance failed when he heard from his brother that Jerusalem laid in ruins. He eventually left his job to fulfil the task in his heart with resources supplied. Queen Esther (4:14) was told by her uncle Mordecai to act for the deliverance of her people. In other words, they were born exactly to address the situations presented to them. Do we find fulfilment in our jobs? Use our jobs to find our calling in life. History remembers problem solvers. And problem solvers always get promoted.

What is life telling you?

What is life telling you to do something about? Is there a particular situation that life is drawing and calling your attention to? Find out what was the situation that life was drawing the character's attention to.

Overcoming the fear of life

Do you have a fear of life? This may sound like some silly notion. But basically, the fear of life has to do with "living a bold life." Find out what happens when he determined to face his fear of being a failure head on.

Community Dream

He had a dream for his community. Have a peek and find out what was the dream for his community.

Meeting With Destiny

Have a peek and find out what was the boy's meeting with destiny about. He showed up at a certain place, and the rest was history.


During our lifetime on this planet, we collect and amass a lot of treasures. Some of us amass more than others. We enjoy them but we will eventually leave them behind someday. Have a peek about the generational treasures this sister intends to leave behind when she's gone someday;)


The death rate for human beings is 100%. We ARE going to die someday! None of us know when that's going to happen. But physical death is not the worst kind of death; they say the worst kind of death is what dies within us while we live. So imagine or picture your dream, idea or vision to an apple seed. Inside an apple seed is an apple tree, the tree is trapped within the apple seed. So the apple seed has an apple tree, with apple fruits with apple seeds with apple trees with apple seeds etc...The multiplication is inherent. So the death of an apple seed, is the death of an apple farm. In like manner, the death of boy or girl in the womb is the death of a generation. This kind of conversation is necessary for us to have with friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances. More like an awakening kind of conversation; it wakes people up from sleeping through life, and get to work on delivering their baby before they go to the graveyard. I think the graveyard is a good motivator. It reminds us that we are only here for so long. The death of a seed, is the death of a forest.

What is our obligation in life?

I believe each and every one of us have discovered something that makes life worth living. That very something has given us incredible and undying energy to wake up every morning and keep moving. We love living because we discovered something bigger than our own private ambitions. When we come to that discovery, then life begins to do business with us. Let us continue to stay on course on the task that life has mandated us to do.


The motivation behind everything that I'm doing is the graveyard. I don't want to die with the ideas, dreams, visions, inventions that life has given me. And I've found out early that, in order for me to do that, I had to find one thing that would serve as my 'ripple', and dedicate and devote time and energy and resources into that one thing. So that when that one thing drops in the water, it will affect everything that I want to achieve in the surrounding environment. If I don't found that one thing, then it would be a waste of time and energy to achieve everything other thing that I want to achieve. So discovering that brain child is vitally important. And I believe it helps to simplify life too. I hope that we will discover our brain child, and share with family and friends to discover their brain child too. If we don't discover our brain child, then we would be procrastinating. What a tragedy!


All along, I thought death is physical ; when a person dies and was buried in the cemetery, that is death to me. But the book of scriptures tells us about one kind of death, and its' called 'visionary death'- Prove 29:18a NIV. It goes on to state that without vision, the people cast of restraint. Restraint here means discipline. The people cast off discipline. Without vision, there is no discipline. Discipline and vision are cousins. We apply discipline in the food we eat, what we drink, what we listen to, what we watch, the company and associations we keep etc...Very interesting and loaded verse of scripture. We cannot have discipline without vision. I love what Helen Keller said, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." It is possible to be alive and breathing and be blind or dead.


I believe each and every one of us has discovered something that makes life worth living. Something that is bigger than our own private ambitions. And that something is the very reason why we can't wait for the Sun to rise in the morning, so we could get started again. That something got us stirred up, given us incredible-undying energy to sometimes forget about knock off time and lunch. That something that we have discovered makes us hate sleep...We don't want long night sleeps, we just want to keep going, we just want to keep squeezing ourselves like the sponge, squeezing all the potential and goodness in us, and allow the grave to get an empty carcass when we die. I hope we have discovered the motivation for our existence.


We all go through situations that are not of our choosing or without our consent. That's life. But if we chose to remain positive and keep hope alive, and do not grow weary in well-doing, we will reap if we fain't not. I had been through a similar situation, and I chose the higher road, the higher way to remain hopeful and positive. Keep doing good in volunteering, in my opinion, helping others in what they need helping with, without expecting anything in return. Then one day, it all changed for me. You know what, the scripture says, "..he will give you the desires of your heart"~Ps 37:4b. The creator has a covenant promise with the desires of your heart. Take a peek and find out what hope had in store for her;)


Every manufacturer has a manual about their product- it's features and operational instructions. The book of scriptures is no different. It's a manual about the creator's product and his project for the product as found in Gen 1:26-27. I experimented with a product once, because I ignored the manual lol. Lesson learned. If it's a product, I must read the manual. The manual is the maker's mind in print of how to use and treat the product. I found that verbal expression of appreciation is scriptural in the manual to a woman: Prov 31: 28-29 "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." I grew up and lived with few different families. I talked with some sisters who were frustrated and unappreciated; they low on fuel to keep running for the brothers. We have a lot of good literature on the market now. There is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age. Information about how to use a product saves time and simplifies life.


When we document the vision in our heart, we're giving it substance. One of my favorite verse of scriptures is Habakkuk 2:2..."Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it" KJV. When we write down our vision on paper, the universe is sending messengers our way to run with it. And they cannot run with an empty sheet of paper. I remember a missed opportunity. A businessman wanted to fun one organisation. He asked for the budget, but there wasn't any. The organisation missed out on the opportunity. Why? Because a budget is a 'statement of faith.' And you cannot have a budget without a vision. The messenger was ready to run, but the sheet of paper was empty. I have met many a person, too. I asked them for their vision for living, and they don't have any. I told them that, they're only existing! Write down your vision, you never know. Don't be like the organisation I mentioned. The universe is working on your behalf behind the scenes. Until it's written, it's not a vision.


This verse of scripture is one of my motivation for learning and sharing of information-especially to and with young people: Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have 'ignored' the law of your God, I will ignore your children." This verse is loaded with truth(s) that is capsulized. A priest is a spiritual representative between the creator and the people. Because of the priest's ignorance of the commands of the creator, it affects the children. A priest in the home is the father. Information flows from the creator through the father to the children. If the father is ignorant of vital information necessary for living, and he teaches his children what he knows, then the children are just as smart as the father. So when a father is learning and possessing vital information, he is learning for his children and his unborn grandchildren. A father's ignorance is generational. "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children..."Prov 13:22. Knowledge is one of those inheritances.


I usually find inspirational stories in the book of scriptures to keep me moving forward. It's a good textbook. An account of one of them stories can be found in Genesis 37: 12-28. This is about Joseph. His destination was Dothan. He wandered in between in the fields looking for his brothers. They moved to Dothan. A 'certain man' appeared and gave him the address, map, direction, information of how to get to Dothan. The man did not travel with him. Next, his brothers sold him to the Ishmaelites who gone into Egypt. What's the point in this story? When we're given a dream, and pursue that dream, we might seem confused and lost. This is where the universe is making arrangements for people and resources to meet us-a defining moment when it feels and seems like all hope is gone. Sometimes, life has to test the authenticity of the dream, to see whether we really believe in the dream from the outset. If we give up, turned back and went home, then we don't really had the dream at the first place. Keep moving; a man and a caravan are on the way.


When I was growing up, parents strive to protect their names in private and in public through their child's behaviour in respect to discipline.There's rehearsal during every meal times about the importance of abiding by the rules set out for their children to follow. They did this through constant repetition until it's registered in the brain. Discipline is like the traffic lights. When a child wants to oversteps the boundaries, the red light turns on. Let us not grow weary in reminding the little ones about the traffic light's vital role in traffic; because they are the future.We all know that running through a red light causes accidents and an infringement letter in the mailbox, and losing some points lol.


I live long enough to witness many young people falling through the cracks, and going down the drain because of lack of good information and role models to stir and guide them in their life's journey. We are living in a time and age that there shouldn't be an excuse for bettering and developing oneself to be an asset, especially young people in terms of information and good books. I grew up in the village; no television and no internet like what we are having in the twentieth century. My mum told me to be diligent in my school work. Study and work hard. Because my future is in my hands. My elders told me to prepare and ready to look after someone's daughter if I'm thinking of settling down some day. The emphasis is on bettering oneself to be an asset. They said that marriage won't run away lol. I make it my mission to try and influence and be a model to my generation before I leave the planet some day. What are your thoughts?


I believe, in order to achieve something of lasting significance, that thing must first overtake our whole life, our whole consciousness. It's like a chicken brooding over her eggs day in day out until they hatch. We are living in an age and time where we are bombarded with information more than ever before. We need to filter information. We can only filter information if we know where and what we are going and doing-being clear of our life's purpose. And if we are not careful, we would be distracted from pursuing the very thing that is like fire in our bones-which is our vision. I also believe we are born to do only just one thing. And when we focus on that one thing, fire is the outcome. Think of focusing a magnifying lens on a cardboard or dead grass when the sun hits it, what's the outcome? Fire. Fire is the outcome. I hope we have found and discovered that very thing that is like fire in our bones.


We produce after our own kind. And after we be gone someday, our children will continue to carry our names, exhibiting the values we instilled in them. And those values are called 'Philosophy.' This verse of scripture seems to perfectly described what I try to bring out here: 2 Timothy 1:5-"I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also." It's generational. What we believe in becomes our philosophy, and philosophy shapes one's behavior. The believe or philosophy was first lived out by the grandmother, then the daughter, and now is in the son, the offspring. We are not just living for ourselves. We are living for others. Keep shining and changing your world through your philosophy.


I believe we want the best for our children, and would endeavor and strive to do everything in our power to give them a better future and also for them to say to people or someone that " I am what and who I am today because of what my parents did." I am a work in progress and I am sharing from personal experience. My mom is my greatest hero, she passed away now. What she taught and instilled in me guided me over the years: Hard work, self-discipline and respect for oneself and for one's fellow neighbor. I intend to pass on these values to the generation after me. I believe that if ALL we know eventually dies with us, we are a failure, a generational one. I hope that we will begin to identify someone that we would begin to transfer, mentor and pour ourselves into to rob the graveyard of our treasure(s)


When the universe impregnated our minds with a noble idea or thought, often times we fail to pay attention to allow the thought to conceive and develop, so we employ some activities to suppress or silence the nagging or recurring thought with maybe alcohol, loud music, watching a movie, turning on the television or ring up friends for a meaningless chat to avoid the cries of our inner child. Some of these activities are toxic and not healthy for the conception of our brain child. We want to numb the inner voice from bothering and nagging us. Spending time listening to our inner child is a sign of self-love. It shows that we care and love ourselves so much by falling in love with our own thoughts speaking to us. We must remember that we are dignified beings and to work in partnership with the universe to give birth to a solution in the earth is an awesome privilege. Our mind is like a factory, a mental factory. We must safeguard our minds to bring about noble products of hope and healing to our world.


When a recurring idea or thought keeps coming back or visiting us, it is simply because we fail to pay attention to it when it emerges at certain stages and moments during our life's journey. That recurring idea or thought or dream or vision is really what we were born and suppose to do. That is our brainchild. When a problem or a certain situation needed solution or improvement arises in the earth, a human cooperation is essential. Thus, the universe goes seeking for a human mind to impregnate with the solution. So the human mind is a womb, and a sperm is an idea or thought. So the universe wants to impregnate the human mind to bring about the desired outcome. So the idea or thought will keep visiting or keeps tormenting and haunting us until we do something about it. If we stubborn and not paying attention when it visits during our prime, it will visits us again when we lay on our dead beds, ready to be crossed over, staring at us with large angry eyes saying," We came to you, and only YOU could have given us life. But now, we must die with you forever. So if we die today, what dreams, ideas, will die with us because of procrastination and laziness? DON'T DIE PREGNANT


I believe we all born or came to this earth because there is something needed to be done that requires our birth. We are not a biological mishap or accident. We were chosen or handpicked by the creator out of millions of sperms to solve a specific problem in the earth. When life shows a problem or a particular situation that needs improvement, it is life's way of telling us to find a solution for the problem, because we're the one who sees the problem. We are responsible or obligated to find a way to improve or make the situation better. Once we see the problem or situation that needs improvement, we are responsible because we see it. So what do we see that makes us obligated or responsible? What do we see in the world that makes us angry in a positive manner? What do we lose sleep over at night? What makes us want to get up early in the morning to find a solution(s) for? Remember, EVERYBODY is a problem solver! What a privilege and honor to work in partnership with the creator/universe to solve a problem or make a particular situation better in the earth. We were born because there is a problem that needs fixing in the earth. YOU ARE NECESSARY

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