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William D. Richards

Aggadeh Chronicles Book 1: Nobody

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Barely able to use magic, yet having a strange talent for the dangerous arts of sorcery, all Nem Aster wanted was to make his way in the world and repay his debts. But when a skirmish with pirates grows into something more, he finds himself caught up in a series of escalating events that lead him into the mighty Aggadeh Empire, pursued by a murderous pirate hellbent on revenge and possibly connected to the nobility of the empire, joined by two companions of dubious trustworthiness, and a young dragon focused on obtaining the mindstone in Nem's possession.

Book Bubbles from Aggadeh Chronicles Book 1: Nobody

Just a Nobody…

"Who is Nem Aster?" This is the question I want readers to be asking as they read this story. It's the same question the characters around him are asking. The reader only learns about Nem as the characters learn about him. His past is revealed only as the story marches on into the future. He's a nondescript young man who finds himself thrust into the center of events threatening to bring Aggadeh to collapse. Is he the one who will save the world? Or destroy it?

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