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Powers of Love

Working Title: Powers of Love

This Book Is In Development

Powers of Love


Love's impact on the human experience.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Powers of Love

Love's Impact On Humans

Jesus spoke of the far-reaching power of love and it's effects on those who experience it.

The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana / Translated From the Sanscrit in Seven Parts


Most complete collection of satisfaction, orgasmic producing sexual positions.

Book Bubbles from The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana / Translated From the Sanscrit in Seven Parts

We Need Negative Ions Every Second

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Negative Ions are necessary for the body to heal itself. NO medicine cures you. The body is designed to heal itself, and it does .

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Negative Ions Are MANDATORY

The lower the number of negative Ions you have in your body, the more open you are to "disease". We're taught that we need to eat three meals a day, drink four to six glasses of water a day but, we need to absorb negative ions "Constantly".. Every Nano-second!

Manifest Money

Working Title: Manifest Money

This Book Is In Development

Manifest Money

Business & Investing

Manifest money the way today's rich do.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Manifest Money

Attract Money

The ancients have taught us, and today's rich people know that Money has a Spiritual side, Raise our vibration, easily, and attract more wealth, money, the right people into your life.

Manifest MONEY

Nobody "Makes " money. The money, and other forms of wealth, you and wealthy people have , is the result of your "Attracting" it. You attract money through vehicles like a business, job, winning it, inheritance, finding money,etc. This book tells you how to attract more wealth and money. Enjoy your new-found opulence.

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