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Michelle  Cornish

Michelle Cornish is an experienced accountant with a passion for writing who enjoys spending time with her family in the sunny Okanagan. She writes about money and accountants, because why should the lawyers get to have all the fun?! You can find Michelle at www.michellecornish.com or email her your feedback at inspired[at]michellecornish.com.


Murder Audit

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The truth will set you free...Unless you're Cynthia Webber.

Cynthia Webber is a CPA student and widow who lost the love of her life in a tragic car accident several years ago. Left with a young son to provide for on her own, Cynthia continued to pursue her career in the auditing department of Darlington & Associates (D&A).

But when Cynthia discovers Jim Dunn’s body during the routine audit of D&A’s most prestigious and controversial client, Prairie Pipeline Company (PPC), her whole world is turned upside down. She finds her career and life threatened when Senior Partner David Jerew turns up unexpectedly at her son’s daycare, posing as her brother and threatening her not to talk about what she found.

When Cynthia ignores David’s threats and goes to the police, she finds herself alone and locked out of D&A. Cynthia turns to her best friend, investigative reporter Linda Reeves, to help her uncover David’s true motivation and get her life back just as a well known environmental activist is found murdered on PPC property.

Will Cynthia and Linda figure out who is targeting PPC and stop David before it's too late?

Book Bubbles from Murder Audit

The chapter that almost wasn't.

When I was about half-way through Murder Audit, I felt like it needed to start in a different place, so I wrote this chapter about Jim's death - Chapter 1. Writing this really got me fired up for the rest of the story. I think it's a much better starting place than where I was originally going to start (now Chapter 2), which is a reflective moment with my protagonist.

Mob Mentality

Here we find out a little bit more about Jim when his bravery falters after he has left the safety of his office to deal with a group of angry protesters on his own.


This is one of my favourite insights into my character Jim Dunn. I remember my dad telling me a story about an old accountant he worked with that kept a bottle of scotch in his desk. When I was working on Murder Audit and asked my dad to tell me more, he didn't remember ever telling me this, but having worked in public accounting for many years, I can attest that there may be a Jim or two out there!

Michelle  Cornish

Working Title: Auditing Jane Doe

This Book Is In Development

Auditing Jane Doe

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

After discovering a journal she received from a missing woman’s mother contains evidence of financial fraud, Linda Reeves, investigative reporter, gives the journal to her best friend and forensic accountant, Cynthia Webber.

As Cynthia reads the journal, she discovers a unique connection to the missing woman and becomes obsessed with finding her before it’s too late.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Auditing Jane Doe

A Ringing in the Ears

Thirteen years later, I still have these questions. In this scene I am Cynthia, still wondering what happened to the person who flew off the roof of my apartment building. Over the years, I've created many tragic versions of the story. Auditing Jane Doe is one.

Haunting Inspiration

Almost thirteen years ago, my husband and I were sitting in our downtown Calgary apartment watching TV when we heard something hit our balcony. I'll never forget that sound. The metal balcony reverberated like a giant gong. The sound scared both of us and this excerpt is almost the exact conversation that took place. The events that followed inspired me to write this novel.

Keep More Money

Business & Investing

Are you leaving tax deductions on the table? Find a truly great accountant to save more and worry less. 

Has your search for an accountant left you unimpressed? Do you wish you could know for sure which accountant should be your top choice? Experienced CPA Michelle Cornish knows that the right accountant can increase your profits, save you money, and avoid any nasty surprises with the tax authorities. This book will teach you how to find an accountant who wants nothing more than your success. 

Keep More Money is a life-changing book that’s perfect for supporting your small business and its bottom line. 

In this book, you’ll discover: 

  • Why DIY and software can sink your profit margins 
  • Where to find professionals you can trust
  • How to evaluate every potential accountant to figure out if she’s “the one” 
  • The important differences between accountants and bookkeepers
  • And much, much more! 

Keep More Money is an essential guidebook for your small business. If you like savvy advice, lesser known tips to boost your bottom line, and time-tested methods from an industry expert, then you’ll love this excellent resource from Michelle Cornish. 

Buy Keep More Money to change your financial future today! 

Book Bubbles from Keep More Money

What can I claim?

Every year, business owners miss tax deductions because they don't know what they can claim. Here's a tip to help you identify all the expenses you incur for business purposes.

Start with Confidence

In my experience as a public accountant, many people jump into business without any sort of plan or knowledge as to how they will run their business and file their taxes. Partnering with a good accountant from the start can make a huge difference in the success of a business.

You Get What You Pay For

Unfortunately I have seen this over and over. Business owners hire someone who costs less thinking they're getting a great deal only to find out their "accountant" has no idea what they are doing. A great accountant will save you money over and over. Don't get burned by hiring your accounting professional based strictly on price.

Why I Wrote Keep More Money

Keep More Money is filled with all kinds of questions you can ask in order to find the right accounting professional. One you'll be able to form a lasting business relationship with.

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