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Paul J Hock

From an early age I have been singing, drawing, painting and writing. My love of history and exploring along with a never retreating imagination reveals itself in this first published work. I have written four more yet to be published novels and Book II of the Crispin Trilogy is now in the works. Another Novel "Pilgrimage To Memphis" is in the final stages of publication.


Paul J Hock

Working Title: The Great Sled Race

This Book Is In Development

The Great Sled Race

Children's Books

This is book two in the illustrated series Jonathan's Journey. The first was "The Tree" In this book Jonathan will learn more about the tree, the animals, and Agnes Sweetwater, the elderly neighbour who has become a friend and mentor to the young boy. Finally, he will test his prized possession, a Flexible Flyer racing sled, in the annual town racing event.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from The Great Sled Race

A peek

This bubble is likely near the end of this illustrated chapter book. I have a lot of illustrating to do over the summer months. Please enjoy the sneak peak.

Paul J Hock

The Tree

Children's Books

A young boy becomes friend with Agnes, his neighbour from across the road and one magical Christmas follows her to The Tree in a magical meadow in the forest. A great Children's Christmas Story

Book Bubbles from The Tree

The End = The Beginning

So as it turns out this is not the final chapter in The Tree but a section of a chapter in "The Great Sled Race" Book Two of the "Jonathan's Journey" series. "The Tree" just like most trees has grown into a series of stories in my mind which will eventually bridge to the adult series of books "Leaves of the Tree." Stay Tuned.

Christmas Wishes

An illustrated version of The Tree could well end with the previous chapter but I just had to carry on with that special Christmas day and a wish that Jonathan had about a certain sled. I will be drawing a picture very similar to the lad you see here on his racing sled. Mine will be complete with goggles.

Not so Stealthy

Jonathan follows the old lady into the forest to learn her secret but she has been aware of him all along. He discovers her secret and it opens his eyes to a whole other world. There is way more to Agnes than he could have imagined.


Jonathan and Agnes develop an unusual friendship as he helps the old lady. He learns she is a caring person nursing injured animals and helps her collect items over the months that are put into large burlap sacks. He finally makes a decision that he carries out on Christmas morning.


In the opening Chapter Jonathan, a young boy, sees his neighbour Agnes, heading into the forest one Christmas morning. His curiosity is aroused and he becomes closer to the old lady. There friendship grows and he comes closer to knowing where she goes, and what she does every Christmas in the forest.


In the opening Chapter Jonathan, a young boy, sees his neighbour Agnes, heading into the forest one Christmas morning. His curiosity is aroused and he becomes closer to the old lady. There friendship grows and he comes closer to knowing where she goes, and what she does every Christmas in the forest.

Paul J Hock

Pilgrimage to Memphis

Literature & Fiction

“Charlie Parker awoke in a cold sweat. He knew it was all a dream, but the sights, smells, and sounds of that dream were all too real. From the crack of rifle fire, thump of exploding mortar rounds, pounding pain in his head, to the crunch of snow his rescuer’s boots made, it was as real as if he had been there himself. Everything, every detail, played in his mind as he relived that horrendous day his father had experienced in Belgium.” It's history with a bit of fantasy in the form of time travel, and Charlie Parker, a former member of Elvis’s Memphis Mafia, is a big part of it. His friendship with Elvis, and eventually a young musician named Evan Jackson, will have the reader joining Evan on a mind-bending journey, back through two wars and the birth of Rock and Roll.

Book Bubbles from Pilgrimage to Memphis

A brief explanation

Evan reads Charlies letter and opens the satchel that gives him all the important information and items he will need for his pilgrimage.

More a Delay

The chapter reads A Roadblock but it is more like a speed-bump in Evan's pilgrimage to Memphis. His friend Charlie has left him the means and instructions to carry on with their journey albeit in a much different way.

Charlie and Evan's Relationship Grows

In this chapter, we get a better understanding of who Charlie really is. The friendship between him and Evan becomes stronger as they spend time together. Much of it on Sunday drives in Elvis's Cadillac.

The Beginnings of a remarkable friendship.

In this chapter Evan Jackson, a struggling young musician meets Charlie Parker a former friend of Elvis Presley and one of the early 'Memphis Mafia.' Their ensuing friendship has some amazing results.

Born To Hate

Warning this book may contain language offensive to some readers. Please understand it is in the context of the characters portrayed. This intoductory chapter sets the background for why the whole time travel adventure takes place. It describes actions taken by a bigoted sergeant in World War Two. When he returns home, he is in the process of changing his ways. Through circumstance, he is not able to complete an important mission that would have helped clear his conscience. His son learns of these events later in life through dreams and eventually shares them with Evan, the principal character in the book.

The Serpent's Eyes

Literature & Fiction

'The struggle for an island of idealism in an ocean of hatred and greed.' The Serpent's Eyes is the story of a young English boy named John Crispin who stows away on a Portuguese Caravel in 1570. It is the first in The Crispin Trilogy, set in the Caribbean. The challenges of this English boy in a Spanish domain are many. He must use bravery, ingenuity, and a passion for doing what is right to overcome adversity and in particular a villain named Cassius who uses the power of the Serpent's Eyes to try and destroy John and his people.

Book Bubbles from The Serpent's Eyes

Boy to a Man

In the last three parts of Chapter 2 Juan meets Francisco's family. The quartermasters family take a liking to the young English boy and Maria takes a special interest. She takes him on a hike to show him her favourite spots and he sees much more than he bargained for. Our young man has been smitten by cupid's arrow.

This Boy Juan

Juan proves his worth aboard ship and is accepted by his fellow crew. Francisco takes the boy under his wing and becomes one of Juan's many mentors. Juan is made painfully aware of his sexuality in a visit to the bathhouse where a remarkable coincidence has him meet a man out of his father's past. A run in with the eveil Cassius, affirms that he and Francisco are enemies.

Chapter Bubble

I am going to create book bubbles of The Serpent's Eyes using whole chapters. These will include some of my illustrations for the book as well. Chapter one covers the birth of the main character and how he plans and begins his great adventure.

The Birth of John Crispin

Born into a period of turmoil in English history under the reign of Mary Queen of Scots, John Crispin grows up seeking a life of adventure on the high seas. I imagined a young man taking his destiny into his own hands.

Paul J Hock

Working Title: Jimmy Brown

This Book Is In Development

Jimmy Brown

Biographies & Memoirs

Jimmy Brown is a fictitious character and this is his life in 50 short chapters of 50 words each describing significant events in his life from beginning to end. Some are events taken from my personal life, some are life events described by friends.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Jimmy Brown

A New World

I'm guessing when we first arrive it is pretty scarey. Blind, noises we don't understand, turmoil. Then we suckle our mother's breast, hear her heartbeat and are reassured that we are not alone.

The First Nine

Although I can't remember any of this I do know certain things like my mom would sing me lullabies while I was still in the womb. The rest we can only imagine.

In the Beginning

My goal is to write the life story of a fictitious character in 50 word chapters 50 of them covering the most significant events in his life. Many of these will likely be in parallel with events in my readers lives. Things they can relate to from their own past.

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