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The Wise Woman's Almanac: A Seasonal Guide with Recipes for New Beginnings

Health, Fitness & Dieting

It doesn't matter what age you are . . . author and Natural Health Consultant Connie Pshigoda has crafted a variety of seasonal health tips and delicious recipes to satisfy your hunger for a better life and year-round well-being.

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Let Your Light Shine in this Season

We are entering into the season of shorter days and longer nights. This year we "fall back" and reset our clocks on November 4, when the days will noticeably darken at an earlier hour. It's vitally important to our Fall/Winter health to soak up the sun at every opportunity. "Come forth into the light of things; Let nature be your teacher." ~Willliam Wordsworth, English poet, 1770-1850

Fall Is In The Air

September 22 marks the day when the Summer's heat and Autumn's first chill meet. The air has a crispness to it. The wild geese are flying in and the garden is colorful with it's final produce of bright orange pumpkins and winter squashes. This means a shift in our menu plans as well. Are you ready?

Are You Ready for a Change?

I already notice the changes in Nature: later sunrises, cooler morning temperatures and changing colors in my yard and garden. Each year I know this shift is coming, but somehow I'm never ready for it. I love to linger in Nature's current moment. My "preventive self" knows it's time to begin preparing for what's to come. Are you ready?

It's "Picking" Season!

Most gardens are showing off their bountiful, colorful crops in this Summer Season. I hope you are savoring the flavors they bring. If a home garden is not your thing, please visit a Farmer's Market near you to awaken all your senses to Summer's delicious season.

Staying Cool in Summer's Hot Days

Do you feel wilted yet? These hotter days of Summer just zap my energy! I've learned that with clearer understanding of how my body functions and what it needs in each season, I experience greater energy and stamina to get me through the hottest days. Summer's garden provides just the cooling nutrients to support a healthy body in this sizzling season.

Staying Grounded in Our Ever-changing World

Life seems to move at a quicker pace than ever before. That's all the more reason to be intentional about cultivating a firm foundation of health and wellness---in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Being well-rooted sustains us through life's many storms and upsets. Summer's garden fresh foods provide a nutritional foundation that will help sustain your health through the upcoming, changing seasons.

Do You Know the Nature of Food?

Nature's wisdom provides seasonal garden fresh foods with just the nutrient and healing values our body needs in each season. When you eat Summer's vine-ripened, freshly picked produce, you'll experience their cooling, mineralizing and delicious flavors. Visit a Farmer's Market near you and savor the flavors of Summer!

It Takes Planning to Prepare for Each Season

Just as the gardener uses tools to prep her garden, you'll appreciate a few tools and tips to guide you along your path to health and wellness. A few simple steps each day may provide many years of improved health and vitality. It's an investment you'll most likely not regret.

The Potting Shed: Getting Started

There is value in slowing our pace and taking in the details of each changing season. As Spring becomes more evident, I hope you will pause and ponder all the shifts and changes around you. Savor the Season!

New Beginnings That Never Go Out of Season

Wind, rain, and sprouting greens remind us that life is once again emerging from the hardened ground of Winter. It's a New Beginning . . . again, and an opportunity to explore and experiment with healthy choices to bring out our best. Nature's Pantry offers many solutions to a healthy lifestyle!

Maintaining Balance in Winter

The Winter season may throw our dietary habits off balance, but when we use Nature's wisdom and select seasonal foods we may ward off many of the season's adverse symptoms, prevent weight gain and feel energetic!

Awaken Your Senses in Winter

Nothing says Winter like the aromas of clove and cinnamon. These warming spices not only "spice up" flavors of your recipes, they also provide healing properties. I hope you'll experiment with new spices and seasonings when you prepare your favorite Winter dishes . . . for great taste and health!

Health Wisdom in Winter

Br-r-r-r . . . the temps are beginning to drop, the air is dry and the days are short. Yes, it's Winter. Now is the season to plan for warmth. . . in your home decor, automobiles, wardrobe and certainly in your daily food choices. "Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire: It is the time for home." Edith Sitwell, English poet and critic

Winter: Nature at Rest

Winter is coming. Is your pantry well stocked and ready for you to prepare your Winter recipes? Remember, your body needs warming foods in this season...foods that provide moisturizing and hydrating properties to combat the dryness of Winter. Choosing this season's foods wisely and well help you achieve your desired health goals and prevent the "bugs" that can bring you down during this season. Be Well!

Are You Listening?

This Autumn-Harvest-Gathering Season often becomes over-filled with activities, appointments and parties, that we forget to listen to that inner voice of wisdom. That voice of wisdom telling us to take care of "me" during this full season. Self-care may be as simple as sitting for a few moments enjoying a cup of hot tea and turning off the "devices" that devour too many minutes of our days. It's an abundant season. Remember to listen and take care of YOU! Savor the Season.

Slow Down and Take a Breath

Does the Autumn season bring "allergy discomforts?" Nature's drying vegetation get scattered by seasonal winds often creating dryness in our lungs and airways. As Nature shifts into a new season, she also offers her remedies in the foods now available. Strong lungs support a strong and healthy body in every season!

Change Your Diet––Change Your Life

The dietary shift from Summer's cooling, hydrating foods to Autumn and Winter's warming, sustaining foods may be a challenge to some. My Nature's Pantry garden foods list helps make this transition simpler . . . as well as deliciously nutritious! This new season brings an opportunity to "tune-up" your health and live in this season with vitality. Make it a yummy season!

Let Your Light Shine

Yes, it's that season when if feels as if the darkness engulfs us. The shorter days and longer nights are quite a change from Summer's long daylight hours. Take heart, there's a healing element in this new season of "less light." Embrace it and be in good health.

Change is in the Air: Can You Feel It?

Fall/Autumn definitely brings a change in the air. This is our notice to get ready for that change. Being prepared helps insure a more healthful season. How are you getting ready for this new season?

Autumn Brings Nature's Bountiful Gifts

Autumn is here, are you ready? Have you gathered and filled your seasonal pantry? There's a comfort in this season of order and organization. Savor the Season!

It's the Season to Begin Again

Life is a series of endings and beginnings. As we close out Summer and begin Fall/Autumn, we may find our rhythm shifting. This is a season of bold colors, flavors and fragrances. . .a time to savor and reflect.

Change: You Can Count on It

Are you ready? This short season allows us time to prepare for the upcoming, longer seasons of Autumn and Winter. It's time to put Summer to rest and get ready for a change––of wardrobe, activities, weather, and of course food choices. Plan well . . . and enjoy the journey.

Late Summer: A Change is Coming

You've probably noticed the "change in the air" indicating that a seasonal shift is coming. This change may be subtle, but it is an important transition. Your body will be needing different nutrients for the upcoming Fall and Winter. This is the time to begin making those changes in your food choices and to clean your pantry. Get ready!

Savoring the Flavors of Summer

As Summer rolls on, I encourage you to experience as many flavors of the season as possible. We don't often think of grilling fruit, but fresh Summer peaches, plums, nectarines or mangos take on a whole new flavor when grilled. Hurry, the garden will soon be retiring for another season. Savor the flavors now!

Savoring Summer: Tend the Roots

This time of year I pay careful attention to the trees and shrubs in my yard. The hot dry climate of Summer may threaten those plants if not carefully watched and watered. The same care is necessary for our 'internal garden.' It is vital to our overall health and vitality to address the root cause of any symptom or disorder before that condition becomes chronic.

Hydrate with Flavor

Our bodies need adequate hydration in these hot days of summer. If plain water seems boring to your tastes, try these herb infused flavored waters to quench your thirst, add flavor to your water and give your water intake a nutritional punch!

Simplify Summer with Cooling Foods

To help your body (think heart and circulation) stay cool in Summer, choose plenty of freshly picked cooling foods. Watermelon and cucumbers are a couple of my favorite garden choices that keep me well hydrated, nourished and cool during these hotter days.

Summer: The Season of Increased Activity and Energ

Summer's intense heat certainly drains one's energy. Learning to use seasonal foods from Nature's Pantry ensures a well-balanced, high-functioning, energetic body during these hotter days.

Summer: Nature in Full Bloom

Summer winds may blow hot and dry, but when we learn to use Summer's sun ripened produce, we breeze through this season, "cool as a cucumber!"

Keep It Simple

The American way of "more is better" does not always serve us when it comes to an optimal wellness lifestyle. Our ancestors frequently took a minimal dose of a medicine or herbal formula to strengthen and invigorate their physical or mental function. Returning to this healthy habit helps rejuvenate our winter-worn minds and bodies for an active spring season.

Personal Pruning––It's a Priority

Personal pruning begins with adjusting what you believe about your own health and welfare. Some of the information you've gathered may be based on lies or marketing ploys. Let Nature be your guide (along with a qualified wellness coach) to help bring your overall health and well-being up to your expectations of excellence of being well.

It's Never Too Late for New Beginnings

Today's fast-paced lifestyles tend to desensitize our internal awareness of the environment in and around us. It's wise to cultivate a healthy support system that helps us maintain a well-balanced health style.

Plants as Medicine––A Long History

Many modern medicines have their roots, so to speak, in plants. Herbs bring a flavorful culinary delight to your meals as well as health properties.

Fresh and Light: Spring's Foods are Fresh and Clee

Now is the time to switch from Winter's heavier more filling foods to Spring's lighter, fresher, cleaner food choices and menus. It's a delightful season!

Nature Walk: Learning the Way

Each season comes and goes in its perfect time. Our full attention––and appreciation––to them is vital to our overall exceptional health and well-being.

Your Incredible Self-Cleaning Body

When we work with our body's natural design and function, supporting internal detoxification in the Spring, we'll reap the rewards of optimal health and energy!

Valuing the Seasons

The human body's physiological needs are profoundly influenced by the rhythms and cycles of the earth's seasonal changes.

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