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Reader, writer, music lover, traveler. Born in Philadelphia, grew up ten miles from NYC, and lived everywhere north, south and west.


Until the Darkness Goes

Literature & Fiction

Molly Morris is a 42-year-old, headstrong Jewish New Yorker who has had it with her family's conventional middle-class values. She flees to Long Beach, California to begin a vibrant new life far from her critical mother. There, she finds love with Javier, an attractive Mexican auto mechanic who invites her into his life, his culture and his close-knit family. Life is good...very good...until tragedy strikes and Molly's grief and self-recrimination plunge her into depression and drug addiction. Bold, frank and void of sentimentality, Until the Darkness Goes explores Molly's vulnerabilities, her search for meaning in the face of tragedy, and ultimately her return to a sense of purpose in the most unexpected way.

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A Year In Review

Looking back a year with Bublish I'm heartened to see so many readers curious to know more about Molly Morris. She's the rebel teaching history in the Long Beach "hood" to smart kids in a racial mix of latino, black, and some white students. I discovered a few things along the path to seeking publishers and agents. There are a gazillion writers out there vying for recognition. Yet, it only takes one publisher (I may have found them) and one agent (ditto on this too) to validate the hours of alone time that constitutes the writer's life. So with my new novel "Dead Eyes In Late Summer" approaching life between book covers, thank you for all who took the time to read, review and enjoy my first book.

Life Changes

A shared grief at the loss of a child is complicated. More so for Molly and Javier as their relationship is new with little besides mutual attraction. Without the "glue" of more fully developed emotion, then, to hold them together, they resort to drugs and alcohol to fill the void. Javier is more rooted in his life and family, and Molly is a NYC ex-patriot who is estranged from her mother. She seeks ways to get high and above her depression. They become violent toward one another which culminates in bruised bodies and broken bones. Molly doesn't look so good coming back to high school with yellowing bruises and a broken collar bone.


For some interesting dialog you can go to the website: There you can click on Media to review all or parts of a live radio broadcast. The interview with the author is a lively discussion about the novel and its origin. You can also learn more about the author and some little known history of how famous writers got their start. Be sure to check in to the website and to Andreaonline radio.


Molly's life comes crashing down around her in a way only a woman can experience. At almost forty-three years old, her joy of giving birth to Stella was a miracle she could almost pray to. Then death at an early age, the unthinkable, the irrational universe's cruel joke visits Molly and Javier.

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