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Driven by a conviction that the business of selling creates freedom, David brings an exceptional 40-year career as a salesperson, speaker, coach and author of Are you for real?! (Aviva, 2015), an inspiring sales-career survival guide. He empowers all types of individuals to new heights, thanks to his time-tested methodologies, an ability to motivate others beyond their expectations, and his genuine joy in seeing others succeed. David’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early in life from parents who owned an Oriental rug company. At 15, he launched a business brokering the sale of used appliances, earning the princely sum of $200 per month in the 1970s. Upon graduating high school, he secured an entry level job at a bank and quickly rose to managerial roles, becoming vice president six years later. David’s warmth, sincerity and passion for person-to- person business would become an asset throughout his sales career, spanning many industries.


Are You for Real?!

Business & Investing

In the book, David shares his wisdom and sales secrets, tells humorous and inspiring stories, and asks introspective questions to guide you on the path of success. No more layoffs, tyrannical bosses, or the 9 to 5 grind. Freedom awaits you and it begins by saying “Yes” to sales and getting real with Coach David Stern. In ARE YOU FOR REAL?! you will learn how to: Get real about your excuses and put them behind you Find perpetual job security through sales Sell yourself to sell your product Cultivate effective communication skills Turn “No’s” into “Yes’s’ through persistence Develop essential negotiation and decision-making skills Set realistic short-term goals while focused on the big picture Plan for success and prepare for the unexpected Create a work/life balance through proper time management

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Personal Development helps you overcome fear

I got distracted early in my career, and I could have used a coach to help remind me of my big picture. Personal development keeps you centered, focused and on the right path toward success.

Without Personal Development, Success won't last

I've said it before, but YOU are the commodity in sales. You may enjoy a great month, a great quarter - perhaps even a great year, but if you aren't focused on your own personal development, you're headed for a fall. Take the time and be REAL, and see real success.

Your Ten Step Sales Workout

Let's head to the Sales Gym! Like anyone looking to get more fit, there's not one exercise that will work...generally you work on multiple muscle groups. My book outlines ten of these, and this is just a teaser of what I cover. Want to learn more, and build your sales muscle? Contact me or order a book to get started! Https://coachstern.com

Was I For Real?

I had to walk through my own journey of personal development before I could turn a corner in my career. Introspection and self-awareness is not something they will ever teach on the job or in your chosen field of study. However, all success is dependent on it.

Be REAL, Be Successful

Why do I ask people "Are You for REAL?!?" it's not an insult. It's a challenge, an invitation to look at yourself in an honest way to make changes that will result in a real and positive impact. It all begins with Personal Development, no matter what you do.

It all begins with YOU

I have smart clients. They have read tons of books, followed podcasts and taken webinar after webinar about their chosen careers. But it won't make them successful unless they look WITHIN first. And I'm here to help them with that important and necessary journey.

There is no finish line

Comfort is nice, but it can be your enemy. When you reach a goal, the usual response is to relax...after all you've arrived. But I'm here to tell you that getting too comfortable can set you up for disaster. There is no finish line, and if you plan properly, you will have the opportunity to celebrate successes AND put your eyes toward the next goal.

You own your success

No one else is responsible for your life, so it just goes that no one is responsible for success in your career except you. I can help you identify and hone those skills that will accelerate your success in sales or any other job you have.

Perfect Your Inside Game

You can train to be a great salesperson, but how much work have you done with personal development? After all, it's really you that your selling to customers. I help clients look inward to gain authentic success.

How Successful Can You Become?

I've been in the typical 9 to 5 job, and I know it can become a prison, where all you can do to be the best won't impact your salary. I can help clients realize more earnings, beginning with their own "inside game" of personal development, and it's because I've been through it and emerged successful.

Leading you into personal development

What does personal development have to do with your sales or business career? EVERYTHING! It's all about your inside game, and your personal growth will lead to sales growth. Trust me. I've gained that wisdom over 45 years in sales and I've got the success to prove it.

Are you in business or surviving a job?

A friend of mine would say "JOB" is short for "just over broke". For me it was true...I did OK in jobs I held, but I felt it was limiting. I could only go so far in my company, and make only so much money. So, what I learned about breaking out of a j-o-b situation can help you do the same. Let's talk about how I can help you in your professional and personal development!

Success is in the storms

If you're serious about treating your career as a business, act like one. Stores don't close when it rains and only rarely when it snows. Your dedication to get out and sell when it's stormy - literally or figuratively - will make the difference between you and other, less committed salespeople.

Don't Lose Focus

When things are going well, it's easy to take it easy and that's where you can lose it all. Stay focused because there will be rough times in your career ahead, and you'll need the momentum to climb out of them.

Sharpen your sales axe

It takes minutes to make a sales call, but you need much more preparation before then. I share insights from my 40 years of sales experience to help you sharpen your axe so you can close a sale in no time.

Every day, know where you're going

Is what you do as a salesperson - or as a person for that matter - intentional and with purpose? Starting each day with purpose is key to your success.

Are you really free?

You don't have to survive a death camp to realize what freedom means, but sadly many people create their own prisons. If you're feeling stuck, unhappy, maybe even a little desperate, let's talk about creating a life that is the best it can be.

Never Get Too Comfortable

I coach business people and sales people successfully because I've been through tough spots in my career as well, and I figured out how to learn, grow and succeed. Read and learn from my mistakes, and reach out if you'd like to learn more with business coaching.

Learning to communicate effectively

Really communication is about your ability to focus on someone else, and their interests. It's just one of the keys to success.

Success in Sales

This is what it came down to: I loved the freedom to work as hard or as little as I wanted. Which means I saw the direct rewards of my efforts instead of being kept to one salary no matter how hard I worked. If this is you, too, let's talk about how your efforts can yield great results.

Being Yourself

As difficult as being your true self might sometimes be, it's worth it in the long run. First off, if you are dishonest you always have to remember who you said what too, and this just multiplies and gets out of habit. Sooner or later you wind up in a dilemma. So, try being yourself as honest as you can and watch over the long run it will only work well for you.

Staying focused on your purpose

As you can see in this read that i was doing well for some time. Things started to catch up with me once i started to get distracted with fun things rather than spending weekends for fun. Staying focused on your goals and purpose without getting distracted takes some doing. I hope you do stay focused.

Looking Ahead

Most times we just do things as rote. We are used to doing things a certain way for whatever reason and never look forward to possible changes and results. One should have a purpose, what they are doing and why, what are the possible outcomes of such activity and why.

Prepare your day

What would be the difference if you knew the night before what your next day looks like? How excited would it be that you knew that you can achieve your goals by being prepared for the next day?

You need goals

“Being Goal Oriented Yes, this article has to do with sales. BUT, most people are not in sales. Does that mean you shouldn't be goal oriented? Absolutely, you should, most everyone has dreams and goals. Well in order to get it out of your head and into possible reality, you should write them down where you can see them every day. This is just the beginning...”

Being Goal Oriented

Yes, this article has to do with sales. BUT, most people are not in sales. Does that mean you shouldn't be goal oriented? Absolutely, you should, most everyone has dreams and goals. Well in order to get it out of your head and into possible reality, you should write them down where you can see them every day. This is just the beginning...

Enough is not really Enough

When in sales one needs to have Goals with a clear plan on how to get there. Once you achieved that goal i.e. in two weeks, you need to continue to grow your business, you never know when the growth temporarily stops

Negotiating Skills

Many of you will think that this is a business idea since it's written for sales people and business executives. Not so, this idea of negotiation and listening is for all of us. Yes, even if you are a homemaker or have a different job or position, listening and understanding what the other person is saying will help us and we will have better relationships.


Talk, talk, talk, is not the answer when you are trying to communicate with others. We need to become self aware of how we feel at times when we try to convey a message. Sometimes we are very arrogant or have a different attitude when we communicate that wont sit well with the person we are trying to talk with.

Don't quit

Unfortunately, people get tired really quickly after having some success. It is very difficult to get back into gear if you stop keeping your attention on your goals. Its like starting all over again and people are very lazy. It seems like a drag.

Staying Focused

As difficult as it might be, or when things are going good, we start feeling good and forget that we have to stay focused on our goals. Sometimes we lose focus and before you know it, we are starting to fail or go flat.

Selling, as a career

Selling is not for everyone. Selling is a business and one needs to understand how to operate within it and accept the roller coaster affect. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't, the word NO is big in sales, don't let that get you down. In my opinion No is temporary, maybe not now, perhaps some other time.

Freedom, Choices

Fortunately, we have the choice of being free or staying locked up in our own misery. We have choices, if we get honest with ourselves we will see that most of the misery we live with is self created, Perhaps out of fear or some other reason. Now decide, do i want to stay there or start living, push open the door of this prison and free your self.

Being organized

The worst thing that a person needs is to procrastinate because of the mess they created. If you are organized, i.e. you place things in order where you can easily find it when needed, you will have a much better time doing positive things rather than doing nothing.

Be goal oriented

Designing your day and staying on course is most beneficial if you wish to achieve your goals. Every moment of the day should be goal oriented, that doesn't mean you don't have lunch or play nine holes of golf sometimes. You do and you should, BUT, as soon as you are done get back to what will help you achieve your goal.

Changing Little Habits

As mentioned earlier, its the small things that we change that can make the biggest difference. Big things are more difficult, we are comfortable where we are at, therefore resist change and we procrastinate. Work on the smaller things and watch what happens over time.

Being Comfortable

Many of us are very comfortable and enjoy what we do while earning a nice living. There are times when we realize that we need to earn more money for some reason. Be it a new expense, or additional savings for a college fund or some other reason. The issue here is that when we are comfortable and wish to earn more, we will need to become uncomfortable for some time, for some reason we start to resist or not commit to do what it takes to achieve the new goal. Ask yourself, Do i really want to achieve this goal? Am i ready to do what it takes to ..... otherwise you just stay where you are for the longest of time.

If you love what you do..

In the business of selling, one needs to have the honesty, values, and the love of people. Each morning we are lucky to wake up alive with a fresh new day ahead of us. Loving people and sharing your products or services that could benefit other peoples lives is the best thing that i can think of doing.

Being organized

When we are properly rested, get enough sleep, think positive (most of the time) we have a better chance to accomplish our daily tasks. Being organized helps, since many people are not organized, they can't even get started for the day to have any success. Most of the time they procrastinate, and that's a killer.

Look at yourself in the mirror

There are many times that we live life on auto pilot. We exist, we just keep going with the same routine. After some time, you might sit and ask yourself, where am i going in life? At this point, one needs to start looking deep inside oneself, we need to become aware, accept, and then and only then, if we make the needed changes we can become happier and healthier.

Investing in Yourself

It is so important for a person who is a good talker, to be genuine as well. We build relationships with people all the time, we need to be honest with ourselves and with others. We also need to understand what we need to be doing in order for us to be successful. I am talking not just selling in all aspects of our lives.

Time Management

Working your daily plan is very important if you want to feel accomplished by the end of the day. That doesn't necessarily mean that everything you set our to do, or that everything you planned worked. Sometimes they will and sometime they won't BUT,, at least you tried and that should make you feel good.

Learning to fish early

Starting a business at a young age i was staying focused on something positive rather than getting into trouble in school or at home

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