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I am a lover of great stories, passionate characters and unexpected plot twists. On the rare occasion that my characters aren't talking in my head all day, my mind wanders to worlds where all things are possible. My stories come from my dreams and in some cases, my nightmares. Although I prefer relationships and romance, my nightmares can fill volumes of thrillers too disturbing to share in the morning light. I find inspiration in the people around me. Their lives, their challenges and their victories. The human spirit is absolutely amazing and I believe every soul has a story to tell. Connect with me if you would like to share yours, I love meeting new people!


T G Vandenberg

Working Title: Angel Kiss

This Book Is In Development

Angel Kiss


Highly sensitive and equally sheltered, Summer Davis begins her first year at college, far away from the nurturing protection of Davenport, Iowa. Attending her father's alma matter, Loyola University in Chicago, she prepares for a new life. One under her charge, to design at will to suit her dreams and her desires. Little does she know, those are the last things that she'll embark on. With no emotional support from past friends and unresponsive parents, she must sort through the mysteries of reality to determine the truth and the very purpose of her existence.

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Wrestling with disclosure

Have you ever written down a dream or a nightmare? Maybe sketched it on paper because it seemed real and lifelike? That's what Summer did and her reason for doing it.


Have you ever had a recurring nightmare so disturbing that you brainstormed ways to eradicate it from your mind? How do you unsee a violent image? Unfeel fear when it pounds deep in your chest? How do you guard your mind so evil stays out and happiness stays in? These were the thoughts that flowed through my mind as I wrote this section. Hope you enjoy the insights thus far!

Aragon Continued

Summer's recurring dream is so real to her, she's placed herself right in the middle of it. Do you dream of yourself as the hero, the heroine or the victim? I hate to say this but when I dream, I'm usually the victim. Or is that the norm? I'd prefer to be the heroine but wouldn't we all...


Have you ever had a dream so real that it bothers you long after you have awoken? Here's the start to the one that haunts Summer the most.

Chapter 1 Continued

Do you have a haven where you go to escape? Escape reality? Collect your thoughts? Run away from your troubles? Decompress? Relax? Or find solace being alone? Where you're not an adult, not a brother, sister, parent nor child. Where you are simply YOU. Read along to find out about Summer's haven and what's troubling her.

1- Angel Kiss

Summer eavesdrops on her parents after dinner and things aren't always what they seem. Then again, assumptions usually are.

Chapter 1

The idea for this book came to me when my father broke his neck and I'd spent numerous days and nights at his bedside. He was rarely conscious those 5 weeks in the hospital, which left me with a lot of time to contemplate the conversations we had had in recent years. I was in awe of his spirituality and unwavering faith as it was at times in direct conflict with mine. This story is the journey of my faith. From believing to doubting to denying and back to believing The journey is as winding as this love story. Hope you enjoy the trip.

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