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Susan  Friedmann

International best-selling author, niche marketing expert, and founder of Aviva Publishing, a small book publishing house, specializing in helping independent non-fiction authors get their book published, and penetrate the right target market.


Unlock the Power of You


You already have the innate ability to unlock the power of you. All you need are the keys. And this book hands them to you. It’s packed full of inspirational and practical advice to challenge old beliefs, robotic behaviors, habits and patterns that no longer serve you. The authors offer you powerful techniques, guidance and golden nuggets for tapping into the highest possible level of life balance, health, happiness, inner peace and success. Unlock the Power of YOU shows you how to maximize personal potential by harnessing sustainable long-term change and taking advantage of the powerful source of infinite energy that exists within each of us. If you’re willing to learn a few simple techniques and let go of some old ways of thinking, you can unlock your power to make profound changes in your life—no matter what your circumstances and no matter how impossible it may seem to you right now. Once you have the keys, you can immediately start driving your life in the direction that’s most inspiring and joyful to you. You can attract the opportunities and experiences you desire, follow your innermost dreams and enjoy the miracle of life.

Book Bubbles from Unlock the Power of You

Breaking Free From the Prison of Your Mind

Perhaps you've found yourself self-sabotaging, giving undue power to your inner voice. If that's the case, you'll find some powerful guidance in my latest anthology, "Unlock the Power of YOU: 12 Keys to Health, Happiness

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