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Sherile  Reilly

Author, artist, and retired teacher, Sherile Reilly has jet boated in New Zealand, climbed the Temple of a Thousand Columns at Chichen Itza, ballooned over the table lands of Northern Australia, and poised for a photographer among the columns of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. As a teacher, she read to children and as a world traveller, she collected stories and soon began to create her own, first for her students, and then for adults. Not tied to any one genre, Sherile writes Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, Paranormal Romance and Time Travel. She's even published two children's Middle Grade books. Quite a variety!


Curse of the Lord of Darkness

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

In 1895 Connecticut, Alexander Winslow dreads the midnight hour when darkness permeates his soul, spasms of pain slash his body and hours of torment begin. Afflicted by an ancient family curse, Alex endures a nightly transformation and is doomed to stalk the countryside, searching for prey. Seeking refuge from her greedy uncle who wants her killed, New York heiress, Victoria Northcote, flees to Connecticut and seeks refuge with a family friend. However, the friend is dead and Alex, the new master, has his secret to guard and he doesn't welcome Vicki. Alex is intrigued by the captivating woman who is his guest, while Vicki is inexplicably drawn to her mysterious, taciturn host. Together, they seek how to break the curse, while Vicki’s deceitful uncle continues to threaten her life.

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Jamie's Secret: Bringing Jamie Home Trilogy Part Two


Secure in her knowledge that everything will go smoothly, Rachel McGivney is ready to adopt her beloved ward, ten-year-old Jamie. She’s even ready to take his monstrous sheepdog! All is well as she and Garrett Yates, the love of her life, plan their future together—until a decade-old secret derails everyone’s plans. With disaster looming can Rachel hold onto the people she loves most?

Book Bubbles from Jamie's Secret: Bringing Jamie Home Trilogy Part Two

A Look Back

Sometimes a childhood crush takes years to blossom into true love. But, I think the wait makes the romance that much more sweet, don't you?


Years ago, I had a neighbor named "Dottie". She used to wear wigs and sometimes her hair styles were pretty fantastic--wigs and all. She was a good-hearted person and initially one might think of her as being somewhat of a scatterbrain. She wasn't. I always picture Dottie in what might be considered outrageous outfits. They were bright floral prints.Much like the character Dottie in my books, the real Dottie knew how to enjoy life.

Don't Do It

The second book in the Jamie Coming Home trilogy starts with an ominous warning for Rachel not to follow through with her plans to adopt Jamie. Will she listen? And what will happen if she doesn't?

Jamie's Choice: Bringing Jamie Home Trilogy Part One


Career-driven Rachel McGivney's uncomplicated motto is: No men! No kids! And no pets! Then her highschool crush returns to town with an orphaned kid and dog in tow, throwing herorganized life into chaos. (Sweet, contemporary romance trilogy: Book 1)

Book Bubbles from Jamie's Choice: Bringing Jamie Home Trilogy Part One

The Main Man

As the family lawyer, Garrett becomes Jamie’s only living champion and while he can’t take the boy himself, he believes Rachel would be a good guardian, if only he can convince her to agree. In addition, Rachel and Garrett knew each other in high school and were both secretly smitten with each other. So any time Garrett spends with Rachel is a bonus for him.

Feelings Change

My first career was as an elementary school teacher. One year I had a boy placed in my class who didn’t like me and unfortunately, the feeling was mutual. I suggested to administration that they place him in a different class but the Assistant Principal informed me that I’d be good for the boy and left him in my class. In June, when all the other kids had left for summer holidays, the boy stayed at his desk and he said point blank, “I didn’t like you at the beginning of the year”. (Don’t you love how kids get right to the point? I love their honesty.) I thought a moment and decided to be honest with him too. I shared that he wasn’t my favorite student at the beginning of the year, either. We both accepted the idea that we could change our minds. We had a newfound mutual respect and appreciation. Over the years, I never forgot that boy. I decided I needed to write a story about a woman who didn’t want a particular child. I wanted to show the love, understanding and self-confidence that grew in both characters as they got to know and love each other.

Jamie's Gift: Bringing Jamie Home Trilogy Part Three


Rachel McGivney is grief-stricken after losing custody of her beloved ten-year-old ward, Jamie, and questioning her subsequent break-up with fiancé, Garrett Yates. When tragedy strikes, Rachel is thrown off-balance as she copes with the emotional cost of change and the fear that she'll permanently lose the two people she loves most.

Book Bubbles from Jamie's Gift: Bringing Jamie Home Trilogy Part Three

Worth the Wait

Rachel wants to be with Garrett , but he's clever enough to know that she's a girl who needs to be married before she will give herself to him. Ultimately, he shows he's the right guy for her because he's willing to wait. Garrett isn't just trying to get Rachel to hop in to bed with him. He is in it for the long run.

Time to Move On

I always pictured Rachel as a woman who wanted to succeed. She didn't want to have no money and work in a diner like her mother. The death of her brother and the subsequent breakup of her parents' marriage weighted heavily on Rachel. She is very unsure of herself around men but she is attractive and, as Dottie points out, she can't wait around forever.

Unexpected Visit

Rachel McGivney is grief-stricken after losing custody of her beloved ten-year-old ward, Jamie. Imagine her surprise when Jamie's father shows up at her house unexpectedly. What could Walter Sorenson possibly want with her?

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