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Dark Bonds

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A determined demon. A reckoning from voodoo spirits. Mankind’s demise… Only a female who’s part vampire and part witch can set things right.

Edwina Devereaux, a product of a heinous system of degradation, is content to be a wife and a mother. She made peace with her witchery and vampirism centuries ago. But thanks to a witch hellbent on revenge and the demon she invited between her sheets, Edwina’s stable existence will be shaken to the core.

When the Red Witch and Melisande Mercier need an intermediary to the loa, they beat a path to Edwina’s door. She agrees to help them find another one to speak to the ancient spirits. But helping them means facing her past. And possibly losing her husband.

Edwina goes on a historical journey to appease the loa and stop the demon who wants to bring about an early apocalypse. Sacrifices will have to be made. Truths will be shared.

In the end, it will take a team effort—a Celtic witch, a Gothic witch, and a hybrid witch—to keep humanity safe and send the Son of the Horseman War back to Hell. 

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Vampires and Family

Despite the prevalence of shows like The Originals and movies hinting at vampires in relationships, I chose to stick with tradition for Edwina's character. When I first introduced her in Worth the Fight, she was a hybrid who had gotten used to living alone. Although I eventually gave her a husband, I maintained her 'I'll do it myself' attitude. Throughout Dark Bonds, readers learn that her thought process was only partially influenced by her vampiric nature.

The Narrator

I absolutely loved crafting the Narrator for the trilogy. When my editor suggested the idea, I thought about C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. Rowe is also the villain, but he will never admit to it.

The Red Veil: All Things Dark & Magickal, Book 3

Literature & Fiction

A mischief maker dons his Prince Charming cap to aid a beautiful assassin. Lance Cuthbert, the latest prisoner in the desolate wasteland known as the Void, wants to serve his time and be free again, but his goal gets derailed when boredom enters the picture. A case of the doldrums creates the perfect breeding ground for mischief and leads Lance to an exotic beauty. The Red Veil is a dangerous djinniyah finally captured by the Wolf after years of pursuit. Her interest is only in a key. One allowing her to return to the Land of the Unseen and kill the evil sorcerer who controls her. But freeing the dangerous assassin comes with a steep price—a longer prison sentence for anyone who tries. Will the golden-haired boy with the amazing blue eyes live up to his destiny as Prince Charming? Or has the Void made him the perfect prisoner who only follows the rules? All Things Dark & Magickal is a young adult series featuring time travel and retold fairy tales.

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At Odds

It seemed only fitting to have Trevor and Lance meet up in the final book in the series. When Trevor met up with Arabella, the reunion wasn't good. The key to making this one work was to find a way for the two boys to sit down and talk. Really talk.

Favorite Story

Out of the three siblings in the All Things Dark & Magickal Series, writing Lance's story was my favorite. Why? He had the most to gain. Trevor had a legacy of magick to fall back on. Once he accepted the glass watch and his powers, the world was his to embrace. But he didn't want the world. He only wanted the girl next door and a better existence. Arabella was spoiled and thought she was entitled to the world. Lance, however, didn't want anything special. He had some soul searching to do. He also needed to undergo some forgiveness in order to become a better person.

Creating Monsters

One thing I've enjoyed is creating monsters. Making them hideous as well as scary isn't something that can be done in one draft. Sometimes those descriptions get rewritten several times to get it just right. The Nuckelavee, however, didn't come solely from my imagination. I borrowed from Orcadian mythology.

The Last of a Series

Writing the last book in a series is never easy. For some reason, I thought concluding All Things Dark & Magickal with Lance's tale would be. After all, he wasn't a likable character in the least bit. Frankly, he was a bully. But when I began developing Lance, I realized the reasons behind his demeanor. By the time I reached the end of the book, he became a young man I understood and could be proud of.

Blood Fury

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Few have seen the BlackGuard Society, yet they’re all around. When rogue paranormals threaten mankind, the BGS alone is our last line of defense. Bishop Mercier has taken over and demands loyalty from the BGS agents. Those members willing to accept his rule are welcomed to stay with the organization. All others are choosing to step down. But the concerns of the BGS don’t end there. Those who remain find themselves under the scrutiny of the Supernatural Council, who are investigating the founding family of the BGS. Morgan Vladislav Broussard wants to focus on putting a stop to Bishop’s reign of cruelty once and for all. But how can she focus on the dastardly villain when her family and marriage are being ripped apart by long-buried secrets? Who will vanquish the rogues prowling the French Quarter when the supernatural community’s strongest defense is dismantled? Who will stop Bishop’s murderous rise to power?

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Anything But Peace

The feud between Bishop Mercier and the Vladislavs will never be solved peacefully. Both families only saw the other's flaws and couldn't see themselves. Isn't that the problem in the world today? People are quick to point out the issues with others instead of looking into the mirror and finding their own faults. Who knows? Bishop might eventually learn before it's too late. I still have seven more books before the series is complete.

Flawed Characters

Morgan Vladislav has to be the most flawed character in my library. She's reckless and has a seriously skewed way of seeing the world. With a ten book series, I have the luxury of unveiling her flaws and showing progress. With each step, Morgan learns a little about herself and has to figure out how to fix the messes she makes. Kind of like an actual person in reality.

Mixing In Icons

I couldn't help mixing in the names Scully, Fox, and Mulder into Blood Fury. When I needed names for agents for the Supernatural Task Force, they seemed perfect. Outside of the names, there isn't anything else that would tie them to a TV show. Still, I thought it was a chance to work in a modern reference in a humorous way.

Art in Magic

Why do I enjoy writing the paranormal? Describing the magical can be an art form. A spark of light is filled with colors. The flick of a wand is executed with the dexterity of a swordsman. It's all about the words, and we all know that carefully crafted phrases is a form of art.

Heatwaves in September?

I've always loved Fall. It was the one time of year when the weather seemed perfect--not too hot and not too cold. As a child, I thought it was big fun to walk through a pile of leaves. Back then, I never thought about the bugs or little animals that could be hiding inside. But Fall isn't the joyous festival it used to be. There are heatwaves in September now! Moving to Southern California the first time around (26 years ago), challenged my love of all things Fall. This time around I'm a little better. I'm THINKING fall instead of looking to see it. Do you have a favorite memory of Fall?

I Love Words!

I so love words, and the English language! I especially love it when I create a character who gets to explore those things. I love Colby Vladislav Mercier. He’s a product of an accidental coupling between Morgan and Bishop. On one hand, Colby’s an elegant bastard like his father. But Colby is also like his mother who doesn’t hesitate to drop an ‘f’ bomb every now and then.

Is Love Enough?

Blood Fury really does ask the question: is love enough? In Blood Vendetta, readers met Ace and Morgan. In book 2, Bloodshed, readers got closer to the couple. In this third book, life has turned rocky for them. But Morgan only has herself to blame…

A Different View

My MC, Morgan Vladislav, ends up getting a lot of different views about things she believed through the course of The BlackGuard Society. Learning about the various events in history as an adult helped me form better viewpoints about stuff I was taught as a kid. Every time I learn something new, I’m amazed at how a general education glosses over a lot of facts to give an acceptable narrative that should be easily digested by all.

The Unexpected

The BlackGuard Society is my first really long series. The story stretches over 10 novels, and has my main female character maturing along the way. The situation with Bishop Mercier becomes an unnecessary diversion that Morgan has to handle even though her marriage is at risk.

Making Progress

The top of the month is always a good time to take stock. Figure out what what you’ve done so far, and what else you need to accomplish. For me, I’m almost done releasing books for this year. Then, it’s on to writing for 2022 and more books in the BlackGuard Society!

Not What He Expected

Colby Mercier has been one of my favorite characters to write in this series. Despite his outward appearance, technically he's only a kid. But Colby is far more mature than any of the bonafide adults. Colby doesn't see himself as a child, and is truly ready to take on everyone--including his nefarious father.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Few have seen the BlackGuard Society, yet they’re all around. When rogue paranormals threaten mankind, the BGS alone is our last line of defense. Morgan Vladislav will one day lead the BlackGuard Society... if she can prove she’s worthy of the privilege. But the return of Alexander St. John to the French Quarter will be the ultimate test of her resolve. The rogue vampire has sired a new vampiress, whose bloodlust is leaving a crimson trail down Bourbon Street. Agents Vladislav and Broussard are ready to spring into action and put a stop to the reign of terror inflicted by St. John and his new bride. To their great regret, the BGS insists the murderous pair are not to be touched. Not one to sit idly by, Morgan puts Ace and her son, Colby, at risk by ignoring the rules and moving in on the attack. Will the dhampir’s recklessness be enough to put an end to the callous bloodsuckers? Or will Morgan’s rash behavior pit her against the BlackGuard?

Book Bubbles from Bloodshed

Not the Change She Wanted

I loved writing Bloodshed! Imagine a stripper becoming a vampire and then having to deal with bloodlust. The newly turned vampiress is creating havoc in the French Quarter, leaving bodies everywhere. She wants vengeance because of the male who turned her. That vampire is simply wanting a forever mate. In the end, they both get what they deserve.

Being Brave Just Happens

Tabitha is one of those morally gray characters--neither completely good or bad. Honestly, she's one of my faves. Crafting Tabitha was a challenge. I had to create reasons to like her along with excuses not to. Being brave, for her, is just part of her DNA.

Creating Characters

I absolutely loved writing the character of Tabitha. The stripper turned vampire was so much fun. It was easy to picture her being pissed off when a sexy vampire turned her. Tabitha wanted revenge. Unknowingly, her vengeance became blood lust. She tore through victims trying to get to the one who sired her. The fun part was conjuring up the emotions she had. It was definitely a stretch of the imagination trying to find words for the taste of blood.

Bloodlust on Bourbon Street

Another book I enjoyed writing was Bloodshed. This novel went through a lot of transformations before being added to the BlackGuard Society Series. At first, it was meant as a short story for an anthology submission. When it was rejected, I figured that was that and shelved it. Then I needed another substantial rogue for the series. I almost wrote everything from Morgan’s POV, but I think adding Tabitha’s viewpoint helped the story.

The Making of a Vampire

Writing the character of Tabitha was my first time really digging into the persona of a vampire. I wanted to embrace those traditional traits for her, but like most of my vampiric characters, Tabitha didn't eat food. She was too caught up in blood lust to care about actually eating solids. Plus, she had that whole wanting revenge working for her.

Second Love

My favorite, hands-down favorite supernatural character to write about is the witch. Vampires are a close second. Crafting these two characters required thinking of them as normal humans instead of supernaturals. Thinking of them that way made getting into Alexander’s head easier.

Pandemic Insomnia

Much like my character, Tabitha, I suffered from a lot of insomnia during the pandemic. In the early part of the lockdown, I was very optimistic. I figured nothing would change for me. After all, I worked from home—writing—during the week. I managed to complete a few manuscripts. My productivity slowed to a crawl. Not only did my writing suffer, but so did my sleep. Thankfully, I’ve been practicing better sleep habits and am on the road to conquering my insomnia.

Not What You Think

The scenes between the stripper and the vampire belonged to a short story I wrote for an anthology submission. When it was rejected, I shelved the idea. It sat for a couple of years and then I had the idea for Bloodshed: the BlackGuard Society, Book 2. These scenes became part of the plot.

Speaking of Warm…

The BlackGuard Society takes place during the Fall, but if you’re looking for heat, check out Club Sensualle. The temperature is tropical and the dancers are hot too!

Supernatural Meets The Originals

Anyone who watched Supernatural might recall the two brothers always trying to solve the impossible. The Originals was a drama about a family of vampires who happened to be the world’s original vampires. The BlackGuard Society is like a mash-up of both of these worlds—impossible circumstances created by a family wanting to revenge—and a family made up of vampires and witches.

The Crimson Cure

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Meet Elandra Wells, vampire and biochemical engineer. When Elandra receives an invite from the High Council of Supernaturals to train for a coveted spot within The Keepers of Knowledge faction, she jumps at the chance. After all, the secret program might help the doctor, who hates being a vampire, find the last ingredient to craft a special serum to eradicate her condition. But finding Vlad Dracul’s ring isn’t a simple endeavor. Locating it isn’t the problem. Snatching it while a council member questions her every move makes the task too difficult. Another obstacle? The sexiest, panty-dropping vampire she’s ever met. Camdyn Pryce. And he doesn’t trust Elandra. What makes matters worse? Elandra struggles with her desire for Camdyn. Whenever they’re alone, she can barely control herself around him. He seems to be losing the same battle with the lovely doctor as well. When Camdyn lets down his walls and tells her how he feels, she’s faced with a dilemma—be the doctor who develops a cure for her condition or follow her heart. Will regaining her humanity be more important than finding love? After all, every secret needs a Keeper.

Book Bubbles from The Crimson Cure

The Crimson Cure

The attractive vampire soon became a major distraction—one I couldn’t afford to have—and I found it hard to focus on the words he said. I had a song stuck in my head, and every step Camdyn took I thought of his hips working me to the beat.

Paranormal Characters

If someone asked me why I wrote paranormal, I would have to say it's the characters. I love taking imaginary people and placing them in real world situations.

A Witch in Fancy Clothing

Everyone needs friends, and Elandra Wells assumed Amy was hers. Turned out the woman was a witch and a spy, reporting to the High Council about Elandra's research. Not someone who should be trusted...

A Vampish Predicament

How do I write relatable paranormal characters? Put them in a familiar situation. In this scene from The Crimson Cure, Camdyn was dealing with an issue some people might relate to--not being able to forget someone after an unbelievable kiss!

A Twist on Vampires

Dr. Elandra Wells is not your typical vampire. She's not a bloodsucker seeking her next victim. She isn't looking for a little fun after dark, either. No way. Elandra is the reluctant vampire. She never wished to be one, and if it's up to her, she won't continue to be one. That was the premise I came up with for The Crimson Cure. Every story I'd ever read about vampires made it seem like the creatures were happy with their predicament. Elandra is the one who said, "I didn't ask for this, and I'll look for a way to change myself back."

Seduction U-Turn

Writing steamy romantic scenes are always fun. The challenge is writing those scenes that don't quite get there. The ones where one of the parties is trying hard to grab interest, but the other one is buying what's being sold. That back and forth makes for an interesting secondary story in a suspenseful tale.

Road Trip Time

The Crimson Cure starts out with an invitation and a road trip. But this excursion isn’t your standard trip. Elandra Wells is a vampire slated to become part of a secret society.

Not Everyone Likes the Sun

As a kid, I was never a big fan of the sun. Sun meant heat. Heat meant sweat, and I didn’t like sweating. With age, I’ve grown to NEED the sun. Those days that I spend in a dreary room make me yearn for the sun. But I write about vampires, beings who can’t easily go out in the sun. Maybe that’s why I look for the work around—a charm to enable them to walk in the light.

Maintaining Focus

The best thing that came out of the pandemic? No, I’m not talking about the vaccine. I’m talking about Crimson Cure! I managed to pen a book that, I’ll admit, in the early stages didn’t sing with me. I struggled with focusing, and more than once I wanted to stop. What helped? I was writing in a world created by another author. I’d made a promise to finish the book, and I didn’t want to turn in a piece of schlock. So I worked hard, and created a vampire romance I’m proud of!

Memories of Spring Break

When I think of Spring, I recall spring break as a college student. Focusing on studies was hard with the change in weather. I went to school in Kalamazoo, Michigan. During my Freshman year I lived in a dorm near a huge pond. Right before break, the geese would appear and students would start hanging out near the water. How did I stay focused? I’d open my window and put myself on a schedule. Finish my homework and then I could enjoy the warm weather too. It’s the same premise now with my writing.

Childlike Curiosity

Going to the library wasn't Elandra's idea of fun, but I love libraries...and bookstores! My fascination dates back to early childhood when my mom took me to the big downtown library on weekends. I loved discovering books. Over the years, that discovery became an obsession with research. I can get lost in it, uncovering facts and tidbits that would seem irrelevant but spark inspiration for me.

Adding My Own Take

When I sat down to write this vampire romance, I didn't think too hard about what had already been done. I didn't even read about vampires while writing. What I wanted was to add my own take on the fiction. Drop in a little unique twist on what had been done. Honestly, I think that's what Hemingway would tell anyone if he was still alive. Find your own way. Put your own spin on what you write. There aren't any truly unique stories to write. A million writers could pen a tale about Snow White and end up with a million different tales. The premise might be the same but everyone's rendition would be a different angle.

A Vampire’s Thoughts

i absolutely loved writing about Camdyn and Elandra. One of the best things was creating the thoughts these two had about each other. It was all about creating a sexual tension between them. Elandra was all for the diversion, while Camdyn did his best to keep his distance.

The Unexpected

Writing Elandra’s story was a labor of love. First, I enjoy a good vampire story. Second, I love a good vampire romance. Writing about a vampire who doesn’t want to be one was a different angle. Making it more unique was my character’s fervent hope to eradicate vampirism. When Camdyn told her they were going to the museum, Elandra figured it was her chance to get the needed artifact so she could get out of town. She got a bit of a surprise.

Reference Books

Writing about the paranormal requires a good imagination. Having a solid set of reference books is a big help. Over the years, I’ve amassed a collection of titles on witchcraft, Wicca, demons, and supernatural creatures.

A Vampire On a Mission

I loved writing Elandra's story. Most tales of vampires, especially romances, don't focus on a character who didn't want to become a vampire. I also slipped in a little suspense with my tale. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

The Reader Will Relate

In The Crimson Cure, I allowed the main character to set the tone of the story. Elandra Wells has the overwhelming belief that everyone would feel like her if they were accidentally turned into a vampire. She never considers that her opinion could be wrong. She thinks that people will be grateful to her when she creates a cure. Dr. Wells doesn't even think about what her cure might do--the side effects. I loved penning a MC who thought she was wholeheartedly right. She looked at her own circumstances and placed her feelings upon everyone.

Thank You Stacey Marie Brown!

Thank you to Stacey Marie Brown! You, lady, are my inspiration for paranormal. After reading your Darkness series, I wanted to pen my own tales with drop-dead broody men fighting for the women they love. Keep penning those fantastic novels, so that I can keep drooling over new book boyfriends while dreaming up new ones to write about.

Hallowed Holiday


It’s time for a new tradition... The romance between a vampire and a teenage succubus continues! Victor Duquette, a vampire, has seen a few changes in his existence ever since the night he took that forbidden bite. First, he was banned from Falls Creek proper. Then the Fates acted on his behalf and Victor became head of the same council that kicked him and his fiancée out of town. Not such a bad outcome for a guy who only wanted to find love, but then there’s the century old curse he resurrected. It’s literally sucking the life out of Kelsie Martin, Victor’s succubus girlfriend. Slowly but surely, the gorgeous female is losing her succubus side and becoming a vampire. Decisions and sacrifices must be made before Kelsie dies. Just how far will Victor go for love? Hallowed Holiday is a Paranormal Holiday Romance between a succubus and a vampire.

Book Bubbles from Hallowed Holiday

A Holiday to Remember

Victor and Kelsie's story was my first holiday tale. The biggest challenge was keeping the story clean but hinting at what was to come. Hallowed Holiday is a YA Holiday Paranormal Romance.

A Holiday Wedding!

What's more perfect than a paranormal romance for the holidays? A Christmas Wedding! Hallowed Holiday is the sequel to Victor and Kelsie's story, Cursed Hearts.

The Holidays Are Here

Hallowed Holiday, a young adult novel, is the sequel to Cursed Hearts. I enjoyed completing their tale. This book has family, love, and tradition with a dash of the paranormal. It's a fun read for all!

A New Beginning

Hallowed Holiday was my way of sending off a couple. I wanted to tie a bow on their story and hand it off to readers. There are times when I'd like to revisit them and see what's happening. Then I remember that they had the ultimate happily ever after and deserved to live in peace and quiet.

Not the Season for Vampires

I wrote this story two years ago when I needed a holiday tale (I can't remember if there was an event surrounding it). It's a nice little bowtie on Victor and Kelsie's story (from Cursed Hearts).


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Known throughout history as the Red Witch, Elsbeth is responsible for introducing supernatural creatures to the New World. For seven hundred long years, she’s dealt with everything from plagues and witch hunts, to a crushing lost love. Yet none of that prepared her for the betrayal of the Blue Moon Coven rising up against her. Unsure of who to trust and second guessing every decision, Elsbeth gathers a crude team of witches, sorcerers, and a demonic incubus to prepare for the upcoming battle. The stakes are higher than ever before. Not only would failure mean death for countless numbers of supernaturals, but Elsbeth’s escalating feelings towards the incubus have tied her immortality to him. Now, whatever fate she suffers befalls him as well. Eager to claim the happiness that’s eluded her for centuries, can Elsbeth face her past before it costs her everything? From the world of Falls Creek comes The Spell Caster Diaries; a gripping new paranormal suspense series by author SF Benson!

Book Bubbles from Inception

Writing Evil Characters

Inception became a tale that was part horror and part paranormal with a dose of evil. I wanted to craft a story that had the edge-of-the-seat horror Hollywood likes to capture on the silver screen. Once it necessary? Well... a witch who has lived for seven hundred years and is responsible for bringing supernaturals to the New World can't have a sweet story.

A Little Irony...

Inception, perfect for this time of year, grew out of a backstory created for the Another Falls Creek Romance Series. The cast of characters surrounding Elsbeth (the Red Witch) is a testament to world building and a little tongue-in-cheek humor. Take Yumi, the fallen angel. She sits on a supernatural council, doesn't know who she can trust, and drinks Devil's Mark whisky as if it were water.

Historical Opening

Writing Inception gave me a chance to craft two stories at the same time—one in the present and one in the past. With this story, I wanted to create a creepy backstory that was perfect for a witch.

Readers In Mind

Inception came from the back story I developed for the Another Falls Creek Romance Series. I'd mentioned the Red Witch numerous times and knew she needed something more. I also figured readers might be interested in learning Elsbeth's story in order to understand her motivation. With the reader in mind, I populated the tale with characters already familiar to anyone who read the series. I also kept in mind that new readers would need enough info without dumping too many details.

Not Looking for a Do-Over

Unlike my MC, Elsbeth the Red Witch, I'm not looking for a do-over. She gave her town a reboot and hadn't been out of the house in weeks. Elsbeth didn't know what was happening in the world around her. I can totally related. I go out so rarely now that things have changed in the area. We have construction going on in our neighborhood. I've only driven a few times since the pandemic and was almost terrified because the traffic flow had been rerouted. That's how I've felt with COVID-19. Like my life has been rerouted and someone forgot to give me the roadmap. It's a scary feeling, and I'm still not sure my family is will survive the aftermath. How has your life changed since the pandemic?

A Writing Transition

Inception marked a transition from writing paranormal romance to paranormal romantic suspense. I took a leap of faith with this novel and introduced historical segments to not only explain the story, but to develop the character of the Red Witch.

Inception Inspiration

A backstory was my inspiration for Inception. While writing my paranormal romance series, Another Falls Creek Romance, I had to create one for the Red Witch. It was quite extensive, but would never be used in its entirety. Then I realized that it, on its own, was a story. One that needed to be told.

A Witch's Familiar

We've all read stories about a witch's familiar. Most of the times that creature is a cat. Just how does one become a familiar? That was the question I had in mind when I wrote this scene between Elsbeth and a large Maine Coon.

A Woman's Strength

I truly loved writing Claudius's character. He had no problem lifting Elsbeth when she needed it. He also recognized her strengths and gave her credit for everything she did.

The Big Picture

I remember writing this scene. When I did, I was still trying to flesh out what would be the big payoff for a war between humans and demons. It's not until Book 2, however, that the real cost of a war is revealed.

Witches and Cats

What is it with witches and cats? Practically every book I've ever read about a witch had a cat as her familiar. So I flipped the script in Inception. Instead of the cat being a familiar, it was a sorcerer in disguise attempting to spy on a witch. Trust me, it doesn't go well for the cat.

Evolving Characters: Elsbeth

I absolutely loved writing The Red Witch--Elsbeth Beckworth. She's one of those characters who starts out unlikable. But she has an edge to her that kind of grabs you. The more you get to know her, the more certain you are that she shouldn't be someone you care about--but you do. Elsbeth goes through some major changes in Inception, and will continue to evolve by the end of the trilogy.

History Drives the Story

The historical chapters of Inception grew out of the back story I created for the Red Witch. Those details were written approximately two years ago when I created the world of Falls Creek. I'd alluded to them, but never did much with them. When I conceived The Spell Caster Diaries, I thought about how I could tell Elsbeth tale. Expanding her back story became a necessity. She's lived nearly seven hundred years--there's a lot to tell!

It Was All Up To Her

Elsbeth was at her wits end. Everything was conspiring against her cause. Those in a position to help, wouldn't. No one would even listen to her. Been there. Done that. If you've ever been in a disagreement with a loved one, you've been there before too. No matter how hard you try to get your point across you just can't. Eventually, you give up (or give in). It's at that moment, when things fall into place. Cooler heads prevail and words can be heard. It's a worthwhile lesson that even fictional characters have to learn.

Snippets of Myself

Every now and then, I create a character who has a little of myself tucked in for good measure. No, I'm not a witch. And no, I didn't bring evil into the world. But I have made decisions in my life that made me sit back and re-evaluate my choices. I gave this retrospective nature to Elsbeth throughout Inception.

Learning From Mistakes

Just like Elsbeth, we all make mistakes. If we pay attention, they teach lessons. We have to be open to learning from them. What mistakes can an author make? Launching too soon. Launching too softly. Not seeking feedback for cover ideas. Not researching keywords. The list grows. The important part is to take something away from each and every book launched. If it seems successful, still study it. There's bound to be something you can learn from the experience.

Appealing to Readers

Inception was a fun story to write bringing in a little history with the overall story. If you're a fan of paranormal stories, this one had something to appeal to all readers of the genre. There was intrigue (paranormal suspense), a little romance, and historical references. Out of all the paranormal romances I've written, this one stuck to a small circle of beings--witches & sorcerers, demons, and incubi.

Bending History

As a kid, one of my favorite subjects in school was history. There were certain parts that just had me enthralled. Writing Inception, however, was not the first time I wrote a little history into a story. The fun part is always finding a way to bend the details to fit the narrative.

My Most Challenging Novel

Inception without a doubt was my biggest challenge to write. I had to weave in a historical story with a paranormal suspense. I also added a healthy dose of romance. It was also the longest story I'd written. Challenges are good for the mind and the soul. It's why some people look forward to making resolutions. I prefer goals. I have a writing goal which I'll start assembling in 2020--writing a dark fantasy. A few years ago, I wrote a paranormal romance during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). When I went to revise it, there was so much I needed to do that I shelved it. I knew I'd get back to it, but I wasn't sure how to fix it. Then, I stumbled across the term dark fantasy. When I looked it up, I knew it was something I wanted to do. It was the perfect vehicle for my shelved story too!


Oh, it's confession time in Falls Creek--or should I say Hell? Claudius and his father, Ashmedai, are busy airing their differences and learning some truths along the way. When I first toyed with the idea of giving Elsbeth her own book, I considered making Ashmedai her love interest. But he dynamic between her and his son made for a much better story. It also gave me a chance to let Ashmedai reveal his feelings without destroying his status as the King of Hell.

A Passionate Moment

When I first created Elsbeth Beckworth, there was nothing admirable or likable about her. But I love finding redemption (and love) for despicable characters. After her appearance in Unexpected Love, I thought it was time for Elsbeth to rethink her life and decisions. So far, the best one she made was freeing the incubus from her attic.

A Witch's Trial

I absolutely loved writing the historical portions of Inception. I got to marry my love of history along with the back story for a complex character. This scene gives you a glimpse at what Elsbeth encountered coming to the New World.

What Went Wrong?

Much like Elsbeth's life, it seems that things are just bound to go wrong at the holidays. Years ago, long before we had a daughter or pets, my husband and I decided to spend Christmas without the annual road trip home. So we went out to buy a tree. We ended up with an artificial one that was barely four feet tall. Our decorating was last minute, and it was tough trying to find what we wanted. But what we couldn't see in the moment, was that we were blessed. We had each other. We had gifts to exchange and food to eat. It wasn't about all the extras. That's a lesson that Elsbeth Beckworth has yet to learn.

Looking Back

Elsbeth does a lot of looking back in Inception--the perfect thing for this time of year. I've been very busy for 2019 writing and publishing. I'm still waiting for it to pay off. In the meantime, I've met a lot of great people (other authors and readers included). It's been a fun ride so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing what 2020 can bring.

Change Is In The Air

By the time Inception is done, readers will learn why Claudius was a necessary force in Elsbeth's life. Leading up to that conclusion are moments like this one where the Red Witch is questioning herself instead of merely acting.

Pushing the Limits

Throughout Inception I mention the relationship between the Red Witch and the King of Hell. They have a mutual 'understanding' between them where boundaries are easily blurred. There are times, like this one, where Elsbeth pushes too hard with Ashmedai and he strikes back. Honestly, the King of Hell has been my funnest character to write.

She Fascinates Him

Even evil characters should have a soft side. Thankfully, Claudius is responsible for Elsbeth getting in touch with her own. He gives her so much: the gentleness Elsbeth needs, and the understanding that no one else (not even the King of Hell) has given her. Most importantly, Claudius loves her in a way that no has ever done.

The Nether Realm

What's darker than Hell? According to Elsbeth, it's not a realm easily endured by supernaturals either. I guess it helps that the King of Hell has a thing for her. I first wrote a similar description in Blessed Hearts (Hearts Duology, Book 2). Even without the same level of detail, writing about the Nether Realm is always a bit on the creepy side.

The Birth

This opening scene, one of the hardest for me to write in the book, is pivotal. Elsbeth is no ordinary human. She's something more, and by the time you reach the middle of the story you'll have an idea about her ancestry. I loved writing the historical chapters. They were like a story within a story, giving you insight into my main character.

We Must All Pay For Our Misdeeds

Part of Elsbeth's problem (and her charm, if you will) is her wholehearted belief that she is right in all that she does. Inception is full of moments proving otherwise. Will Elsbeth learn before it's too late?

And So It Begins

Inception is a story within a story. The historical chapters are told by an observer from Hell. The other chapters are set in present day and are told from the POV of Elsbeth (the Red Witch) and the incubus she freed from an attic, Claudius. This excerpt is told by the demon from the 8th level of Hell.

Unexpected Love


If you could have a second chance to discover your true love, would you choose the same person? It all begins with a thirty day punishment in Hell for a very bad succubus. When Sybil Najex asks her father-in-law, the King of Hell, for a demonic absolution, he gives her a different option—a Do-Over. It’s a chance for Sybil and her husband, Khan, to rediscover love. But things don’t go as planned when random males from her past display their affection for her. Then, Khan Najex garners the attention of a siren who is up for a challenge. In the end, they both must make a choice. Will Sybil choose Khan again, or will she opt for the life of a free spirit with a different male each night? Will Khan conquer his insane jealousy and allow Sybil to have her happily ever after? Sybil’s choice risks her marriage and her family, but it could also give everyone true happiness and…love. Unexpected Love (Another Falls Creek Romance Novel, #6) combines the stories of Sybil and Khan Najex. In Part I, The Do-Over, find out whether Sybil gets her demonic divorce. In Part II, The Challenge, learn what the future holds for Khan.

Book Bubbles from Unexpected Love

A Shift in Character

Unexpected Love included previously written characters who weren't meant to be liked. In this story, the motivations behind those individuals were explored making them not only likable but characters readers would care about.

Vile to the Extreme

Thankfully, I know no one who is like Khan Najex. The man was vile to the bone. In writing Unexpected Love, I wanted to give him a little redemption, but that's a hard one with someone as despicable as Khan. The man drove away his wife, and hated his own son. Not the time of person you're supposed to love. Glad he only exists in a book.

The Dinner

Although my family can be a little crazy, I'll admit I've never experienced anything as wild as Sybil's engagement dinner. In all honesty, I've led a very normal life without any devastating reveals. Perhaps that's why I add the unexpected to my stories.

A Fresh Start

Isn't that what we all love about the beginning of a year? It's a chance to wipe the slate and start over. It's what motivated me to write Unexpected Love. Technically, it started out as two novellas--The Do-Over and The Challenge. Then, I had the bright idea to combine them into a longer book (just in two parts). My characters get sort of a clean slate, a little redemption if you will. It's why I write broken characters. I love finding them at their lowest point and building them back up. Usually with the love of a good man or woman. In 2020, I have more characters to rebuild. And at the end of the year? I'll be doing it all over again. Hopefully, there will be more people who can say they've read my stories.

The Do-Over's Aftermath

As much as I loved writing Sybil's story (the first half of the book), I enjoyed Khan's so much more. He was the character nobody was supposed to like--let alone love. Just as New Year's marks new beginnings, so does Khan's story.

Bread Crumbs

I love dabbling bread crumbs throughout my Another Falls Creek Romance series. Besides the main characters, I like to introduce side characters who may eventually appear in their own books. This excerpt mentions Nico Constantine's partner, Becca. It also mentions the boarding school they attended. Both will be books in 2020.

Playing A Player

When I first Khan Najex, I merely had him as the bad man who thought he was in charge of everything. Then, I brought his character out again for my male/male romance. Khan Najex suddenly had more depth--he was a royal incubus who didn't approve of his son's life choices. But why? I answered that question and more in Unexpected Love. Trust me, by the end of this book you'll have a new fondness for a character crafted for hatred.

Curb Ball

The fact that life threw a major curb ball at Sybil Najex reminded me about how sometimes things don't go as planned. In my world, it's usually a dinner that didn't quite go the way I thought it would. Or the tree that didn't happen. Yes, we've had those times. When the paycheck came too late to purchase one... or the apartment was just too small to put one up. It does make us appreciate the times that do go right .

Torin's Motivation

Torin Murphy participated in Sybil Nakamura's Do-Over not for his benefit but hers. In this excerpt, he's going over the reasons why he had to do it. Kind of makes me think about why I've done certain things in 2019. I spent the time pumping out the words, self-editing for hours before handing off manuscripts to editors, and making sure my formatting was good for one reason. I wanted to share my stories with those who would appreciate them. Sure, it's nice to make a profit, but even without much income from my work it's all good. I'm getting to leave something behind. A legacy for my daughter.

An Intense Moment

Unexpected Love is both a second chance romance and a reverse-harem style story. It's what happens when a supernatural is forced to marry to fulfill an obligation. This moment between Torin and Sybil is just a hint at what could have been had her parents not interfered.

A Little Too Comfortable

Sybil Najex is a succubus, and her father-in-law is the King of Hell. She's in the Nether Region being punished for a misdeed. It was only supposed to be a month, but the female is having far too much fun in Hell. Even the King recognizes that she's a little too comfortable. When she refuses to go home to her husband, the King makes her a deal.

Bitter Fruit


Sometimes actions can be more poisonous than any fruit, especially when dark magick is involved… Arabella Cuthbert lives in a magickal world where females aren’t valued. Her future includes a husband, children, and endless days tending house unless Arabella can prevent it. When the young Spelltwister stumbles across a name in an ancient tome, it leads her to the crotchety proprietress of White’s Antiquities and her malus malum. Esther White reveals a way for Arabella to have everything she’s ever wanted—fill the bad apple with the souls of seven evil men. The task makes Arabella question everything she’s worked for, but has she bitten off more than she can chew from the rotten apple? Is it too late to change things again? All Things Dark & Magickal is a young adult series featuring time travel and retold fairy tales.

Book Bubbles from Bitter Fruit

A Fitting Punishment?

Arabella Cuthbert is a character with good intentions. She wanted respect in a world that didn't value women. Problem was, she went about acquiring that respect the wrong way. But was her punishment justified? After all, she was under the influence of a powerful adult who deceived her. Arabella crops up once more in the conclusion to the series, The Red Veil, releasing next week.

The Hardest Book...

Out of all the stories I've written, Bitter Fruit was the hardest one. I introduced an alternate history by flipping the actual events. It required a lot of research into Nazi Germany and Hitler. Then I had to take the ideology of that period and translate it to my story. It wasn't easy trying to imagination how someone living in that world might have actually felt. The story was so difficult to write that I actually shelved it for a time and delayed its release until I could come to grips with the emotions it brought about.

Historical Writing

Although Bitter Fruit isn't historical fiction, it does contain elements of history. First, the tale takes place in the Victorian era. Second, there are events which are definitely an alternative interpretation of history. Lots of research went into this story, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Spoiled Fruit?

Arabella Cuthbert had many reasons to be bitter with life in general. For starters, she was born female in a time when women weren't appreciated. She was also happened to be a Spelltwister in a town where only males were allowed to be licensed and practice their skills. Most importantly, though, was her mother. Eleanora did nothing to help her children. The woman only thought of herself.

A Twist on Snow White

Bitter Fruit is the ultimate twist on Snow White. Arabella Cuthbert isn't a sweet damsel waiting to be rescued. Instead, she's a magickal female who wants two things--to be respected and to get a little payback. Readers met Arabella in The Glass Watch. The outcome of that story left Arabella bitter and vindictive. Writing her story was more challenging than the first book. There's more history intertwined with the story since it involves more time travel than the first. It took longer to write, but I think the result is a satisfying tale.

Not Your Childhood Tale

All Things Dark & Magickal series is not your childhood story. Book 2, Bitter Fruit, contains women who shouldn’t be mothers under any circumstance. It’s a serious twist on Snow White and the main character is anything but good.

Mother - Daughter Relations

In Bitter Fruit, the relationship between Arabella and her mother, Eleanora, is a strained one. Arabella is a young lady who is magickal. Problem is, she lives during a time when females aren’t valued by society. Her mother isn’t much of help to her daughter. Instead of soothing Arabella’s fears or talking her through a difficulty time, Eleanora is ready to pawn Arabella off to the first man willing to marry her. It’s Pride and Prejudice with a good dose of magick.

Magick in the wrong hands...

In Crowley, England, magick can only be practiced by those who've been certified. Only men are licensed to wield magick. Women are left to rely on their husbands. It's not a world Arabella enjoys living in. She's out to make things right for herself, but her teacher is someone she shouldn't associate with.

Know Thy History

Out of all the books I've written, Bitter Fruit was probably the most difficult. I interspersed historical fact with fiction to create a flip on a fairy tale. The hard part was researching the history (Germany during WWII) and making it not only interesting but plausible.

Historically Tough

To be honest, this book was a hard one to right. I dealt with a seriously tough subject and breathed it back to life in a new arena. I needed to honor the history and respect those involved without making it preachy. More than once, I stopped writing. At one point, I even shelved the book for months to give my brain a break. It was too much at time, but I am very proud of the finished product!


In Bitter Fruit, Arabella learned how far her magick could go. Even Lance found out how strong--or weak--he could be when things became too tough. We're experiencing some difficult times. Each day, I learn how important my family is to me. I couldn't imagine being isolated from the world and not have them with me. How about you? Who is keeping you strong through this historical event?

Words You Can See

As a reader, I love getting so immersed in a story that I can see it like a vivid picture. If I can practically smell or taste what the characters are experiencing, it's even better. I loved fleshing out the world of Crowley, England. I wanted to give readers a visceral experience as they read about Trevor's and Arabella's journeys. How about you? Do you love stories filled with details? Or do you just like enough to give you an idea?

Letting My Imagination Run Free

Many of the scenes in Bitter Fruit required me to be highly creative. The best way to write those passages? Let my imagination run free. I had to think about other stories and movies I'd seen with time travel and what certain periods of history looked like. It was actually fun to just sit back and dream. Yes, it was time consuming and made drafting this book longer than I'd originally anticipated, but it was so much fun.

A Twisted History

As much as I loved writing Bitter Fruit, it was a hard book to pen. I knew I wanted to include an alternate history of World War 2. It needed to be emotional and really twist reality. My version of the facts were difficult to imagine, let alone write. This scene with Lance and Arabella was the first gut-wrenching one.

Unintentional Humor

Arabella Cuthbert is far too sophisticated to crack jokes, but her manner of speech leaves plenty to ridicule and laugh about. A fopdoodle was a common term in Victorian England. The fact that she found her young suitor foolish wasn't the funny part. It was her general description of him. Somehow, Arabella elevated her own status while diminishing his.

Unexpected Valor

Trevor Cuthbert had always wanted to attend the Academy on scholarship, but when he received the opportunity, he turned it down. It takes a lot to give up something you love for the sake of another. Kind of like the doctors, nurses, and first responders giving up their time with their families (some of them living away from home) just so that those they've sworn to help can be saved. Much thanks to all the men and women on the front lines of battling the virus!

Upending History

I enjoyed writing these altered historical moments. I envisioned the worse possible scenarios and tried to describe them on paper. The world I imagined had to be scary for my characters and so utterly depressing. How did I do?

Altered State

Merritt and Trevor get to witness firsthand how Arabella changed the world. Her recklessness altered the state of the world. Nothing was as it once was. Her tinkering could very well undo the relationship Trevor had with Tamara. If he didn't stop his sister, all would be lost.

Potential For Good

Arabella had more than one opportunity to do the right thing with her magick. In this scene, she even had a slight suspicion about her aunt, but as usual, Arabella didn't act. She always seemed to go along with whatever was happening until it was too late.

Familiar Character: Esther & Arabella

In retelling a fairy tale, I wanted to make sure there were traits that would help readers relate to the original tales. Bitter Fruit is a twist on Snow White, but Arabella's not a nice girl. As a matter fact, she's practically wicked. Esther White is equivalent to the Evil Queen. The two characters aren't like their original counterparts, but they have admirable intentions. On the surface, they're just two females who aren't respected for their abilities in Victorian Crowley. Peeling back the layers, you uncover their deceit and wickedness. Fun characters to write!

Combining History with Fiction

One of my all-time favorite subjects in school was history. I loved learning about the past. As an adult I love watching movies where historical facts are explored and bent to fit a story. Being a writer gives me the opportunity to give my tales a historical treatment. Writing Bitter Fruit allowed me to explore an alternate history involving World War II.

Trudging On...

Trevor Cuthbert had no choice but to go forward although his stepsister had created an arduous situation. The odds seemed stacked up against him, and Merritt was telling why he had to press on. Ever feel that way? I do when I'm reaching the point of burn out. When I've spent too many hours locked away in my office... When I haven't taken a break to do something not related to writing... But just like my character, I press forth and finished whatever the task is. I do it with the knowledge that something different is waiting for me.

Borrowing Traits

The characters in Bitter Fruit do not purposely resemble any living person. Usually when I create characters, they have traits from various people I may have met or even seen on television. It's like crafting a new recipe--add a pinch of this and a tad of that until I get the right persona.

A Certain Fortitude

For those debating whether or not to join the world of indie authors, I'd tell them you need a certain level of fortitude. You have to be willing to not quit. The road will get rough. There will be obstacles to overcome. Sure, there are those select few who don't seem to have to work so hard. But like everything else in life, hard work will eventually pay off. You just have to keep at it. Arabella learned the lesson of fortitude. When she discovered her blunder, it would have been too easy to quit. She knew she had to correct her mistake regardless of what must be done.

Feminism & Respect

I totally enjoyed writing Arabella's story. It gave me a chance to research feminists during the Victorian era. Arabella's desire to be respected and taken seriously as a Female Spelltwister seemed to be a very modern position to take. I discovered that there were quite a few women who sought their independence at the time. Sadly, we still have quite a ways to go in that department. But it shouldn't come by thinking men are the enemies. Yes, there are those who have done wrong against women. But we need to seriously evaluate each case and not jump to conclusions.


One of my favorite things about writing is creating worlds. It's probably why I don't write a lot of contemporary. When I wrote the first book in the series, The Glass Watch, my husband said he could imagine it on the big screen. Bitter Fruit gave me a chance to expand on locations and scenes to make the story more vivid.

Lorelei's School of Deviltry, Semester One


Scare or be scared… Lorelei’s School of Deviltry is home to some of the most arrogant and frightening supernatural teens in the world. When you’re a supe whose goal is scaring humans, attending the legendary academy is a must. Lilith Martin, a succubus, needs to win a seat on student council because she believes all supernaturals should have a say at the legendary school. But when a bloodborne vampire, Kamila Tesarova, decides to run for the coveted seat too, Lilith is met with trouble. Someone is reporting her actions with Milos Petrovich, another royal vampire, to the headmistress. Lilith needs to secure the vote before Kamila convinces the student body to vote against the succubus, or Lilith’s relationship with Milos gets her expelled. But there’s a conspiracy on campus. How can Lilith win the election, and get to the bottom of what’s really going on? From the world of Falls Creek comes Lorelei’s School of Deviltry; an exciting paranormal academy series by author SF Benson!

Book Bubbles from Lorelei's School of Deviltry, Semester One

Playing Time Traveler

Being a writer allows a person to play time traveler. We can revisit our childhood, re-experience our first date or our first heartbreak, or explore situations that never really happened. The best part? We can create these stories with characters that are nothing like ourselves. Well...for the most part.

Families Matter

The best thing about the holidays? A focus on those who matter most to us. In writing my paranormal stories set in Falls Creek, I purposely made sure to include family--both extended and adopted. For me, it made the supernaturals more relatable. In stories like Lorelei's School of Deviltry, it makes the characters more likable.

The First Day of School

I was one of those kids who always looked forward to the first day of school. In elementary school, it was about new shoes and new clothes. By middle school (junior high), I was looking forward to meeting new teachers and hanging out with friends again. High school had me looking forward to my classes. I was excited about the variety and all the different extracurricular activities. What did you look forward to on the first day of school?

Foreign Words

Anyone who has read my stories has come across passages using foreign words and phrases. When I wanted a name for a group of nefarious demons from the Japanese Underworld, I looked up what triad (associated with organized crime) would translate into. The name had the right sound for me!

Sisterly Compassion

When I first imagined Lilith and Cyrena Martin in Cursed Hearts, I didn't know what to do with them. They were sisters with different fathers and were as opposite as night and day. Immediately, I had no tolerance for Cyrena Martin. She seemed too happy to follow the status quo while Lilith was the rule breaker. Thankfully, their personalities survived my morphing them into teens.

Supernatural Teen Angst

I loved writing about supernatural teens dealing with the same emotions humans do. What happens when you have feelings for someone not of your own species? Same thing as falling in love with someone outside of your ethnicity, culture, or race. You take it slow. You wonder what others will think. You struggle with your own upbringing. If you're like Lilith, you put it all behind you. Eventually.

Rebellious Supernaturals

How does a supernatural stand up for what's right? By going against the norm. Milos took a huge chance going against the other vampires, namely Kamila. Making matters worse, he aligned himself with someone Kamila hated. I loved how Lilith stood up for what she believed--inclusivity for all races/species. Not once did she back down, regardless of what it might cost her.


Seriously. Welcome to the new normal! Poor Lilith Martin. She had plans for her junior year of high school, but then her mom ripped the rug out from under her. Sort of like what happened with the pandemic. We all had big plans for 2020. Thanks to a little virus with a big name (and even bigger power), everything changed. All of my marketing plans for my publishing schedule had to be altered. Even my schedule had to be dismantled. What about your plans? How drastically have you changed your life because of COVID-19?

Release (The Alliance Chronicles, #3)


A kid from the right side of the tracks veers left. According to Asher Jones, time doesn't dull pain. It intensifies it. The only things that numb his grief are weed, booze, and petty crimes. Asher has some serious soul-searching to do. The path he's on leads directly to jail if he doesn't make some changes. Soon. Rihana Fakhoury is doing some hard thinking as well. She wants a better life for herself and her family. When their paths cross, redemption becomes real. Nothing else matters in their war torn world. Release, set in the world of The Alliance Chronicles, is the tale of a kid on the edge as the country goes into battle. If you like coming of age tales with a good dose of grit and heart, then you'll love Asher's story.

Book Bubbles from Release (The Alliance Chronicles, #3)

Commitment & Courage

Seven years ago, I took part in my very first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. It was a huge leap of faith and a major commitment to plant my butt in a seat and write one thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven words daily. At the end of November 2014, I had a very rough draft for the first book in the Alliance Chronicles series. Back then, the book was titled Origin (followed by several other scraped ideas). Eventually, I published Regress (2 years later), and went on to publish four more books in the series (the sixth one is available on Wattpad). My advice to anyone considering writing? Just do it. You won't know what you can do until you try.

1964: A Turbulent Year

While soldiers fought in Vietnam, Black Americans fought for their civil rights in the streets of America. No, I was too little to know about that bloody summer firsthand. Years later, when I wanted to write about rioting in my series, the Alliance Chronicles, I referenced the time period. I spoke to with my husband (who was born in 1962), and he told me what the '67 riots were like in Detroit (I was safely stashed at my grandmother's house in Cedartown, Georgia during the time). I also watched numerous news films of the time period. And I have my memories of what my city (Detroit) looked like when we returned. Little did I know that there was war fought on two continents during the sixties.

Dark Intent

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A century’s old grudge. A burning desire for revenge. A hunger for carnage and chaos... For years, the Mercier family has despised Elsbeth, the Red Witch. Now, with her entering their town, Melisande Mercier feels her chance for a long-awaited vengeance is finally at hand. Yet before her plans can be put into place, the sexy sorceress finds trouble snaking its way through the halls of her manor. Downtrodden by the fact that her overwhelming desire for her cousin, Kenrick Locke, can never be, she unknowingly invites evil into her bed. As the son of one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, her new lover seeks to unleash Hell on Earth with the Mercier family as his sacrificial pawns. Melisande’s only hope to save her family is to put aside her hatred and join forces with Elsbeth. Can the flames of their age-old rivalry be snuffed out for the greater good? Or will their failed alliance cause the world to burn? From the world of Falls Creek comes Book Two in The Spell Caster Diaries; a paranormal suspense series by author SF Benson!

Book Bubbles from Dark Intent

Pacing: A Delicate Balancing Act

Pacing in a story that’s part romance and part thriller can be a delicate balance. Too fast and the romance is lost. Too slow and there’s nothing thrilling going on. In the Spell Caster Diaries, it became even more of an issue because I was essentially telling two stories at once—the history between the Merciers and the Red Witch along with the present action.

Veiled Hopes

Who would associate hope with witches, grudges, and evil plots? Believe it or not, there's a shred of it in this series. To reach it, characters will have to put aside preconceived notions and look hard to see the good in their associates.

Blurring Fact with Fiction

In the Spell Caster Diaries, I include plenty of history. The historical chapters are written in a way to hint at real events, but I craft them to be unique to the story. It gives insight to the characters while adding necessary backstory in an enjoyable form.

The Right Story

Writing during holidays requires identifying the RIGHT story. For me, writing the next book in my witch trilogy was just that. I looked forward to sharing tidbits about the story. I also enjoyed writing every word.

Creativity to the Max!

Dark Intent really pushed my creativity to the max. I had to take well-known religious doctrines and find ways to bend them to make sense to the story, but also to have readers wonder if my version was a possibility.


Melisande was an easily challenged witch. If things didn't go her way, which was often, she resorted to retaliation. Sadly for her, what's waiting in the wings can't be easily solved with a convenient spell.

Sudden Possibilities

Elsbeth was the first time I wrote about a fully-developed witch. I enjoyed every part of her aspect. But writing about the demon who enabled her? Priceless!

Witches Can Be Fun!

I loved writing Elsbeth in Inception, but writing Melisande Mercier was so much fun! Imagine a super sexy witch who has all of the supernaturals in the French Quarter bowing at her feet. Melisande is dark with her magic and can be deadly when she wants to. Thank goodness, she doesn't want to often!

Finding Meaning

I love finding ways to shine a light on current day issues in my fiction. The Spell Caster Diaries gave me a vehicle to write about some of my favorite characters--witches. But it also allowed me to capture a glimpse of the institution of slavery through these characters. With the Black Lives Matter Movement, Dark Intent is moved into the forefront and becomes a piece of fiction that doesn't glorify the practice but thoroughly condemns it.

The Narrator

The idea of the narrator wasn't in the plan for my original story. During the editing process, my editor noted I needed something more to start the story. The prologue wasn't working as written. Then I remembered the Screwtape Letters. It seemed a perfect vehicle for adding a narrator to my story. One who couldn't really be trusted, but claimed to be an eyewitness.

Lazy Days Witch Style

It's definitely a tie over which witch I liked writing the most. Elsbeth is ancient evil with roots that trace back to a Celtic heritage (her mother was Irish). Melisande is nouveau witch. Her roots intertwine with French Gothic and African slaves. It's a heritage that has a layer of funkiness to it. And I liked the funk!

Characters Behaving Badly?

Although my current books are set in a timeline BEFORE Covid-19, they don't always adapt well to change. Take Marsilius (aka Mars) Mercier. Ever since his father went to Hell (literally), he's been misbehaving--staying out too late and drinking excessively.

Pushing the Envelope

When I planned the Spell Caster Diaries, I wanted to pen something that made readers salivate for more. I wanted them to question and think about the words I wrote. Well, Dark Intent pushes the envelope. There are almost-taboo moments and dark situations.

Story Inspiration

Ever read the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis? It was required reading in my high school religion class (I went to a Catholic school). Anyway, I actually liked the book. Who knew that years later it would become the inspiration for the prologue of my latest story?

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