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Scott is the CEO and owner of RE/MAX Elite in Snohomish County, Wa. In addition, along with his wife Renee, they own Turn the Dial Coaching & Podcast, he's an entrepreneur, and holds two patents.   Scott also started a 501c3 non-profit organization with a colleague (Lynette Gamm) called Making Miracles Support Foundation. This organization is designed to support Children's Miracle Network & Seattle Children's Hospital. With Seattle Children's, he also is very humbled to be sitting on their Corporate Leadership Council. Mr. Comey also is a former Chairman of the Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Snohomish County and has sat on multiple boards in the real estate industry. He coaches, trains classes, and is a keynote speaker in multiple conferences across the country. Scott and his wife and are huge coffee & wine people, and love watching LIVE music and going to concerts. They also enjoy spending time at their 2nd home in Myrtle Beach, SC and love traveling. Scott is a proud Veteran having served 16 years in the Military between the Army and Air Force Reserves.


Are you a Manager or a Leader?

Business & Investing

This book is designed to empower those that lead a team or company with the information they will need to drive better results. If you are a leader currently managing, then this book will show you how to make the transition and put you in a place to inspire others.

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Good Leaders Know and Track Their Numbers

Peter Drucker is famously known for saying "What gets measured gets improved." Knowing your numbers is extremely important in regards to being a good leader. In one of my chapters in the book I go into several analogies of why this is so important. By the way, knowing your competitor's numbers can be even more important because it shows trends. You can almost predict the direction a company is heading based on patterns. These patterns only show up though if you are tracking. If you are a leader, I would certainly ask yourself..."What metrics in my department, or at my company are important?" If you aren't currently tracking those numbers, start today. If you are, how often do you analyze them? Do you implement or take action on what you see? If not, start today. You will quickly see your department, or company start to improve.

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