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By age three, Ava Frick knew her life's purpose: to help and protect animals and their health. That's exactly what she did, becoming a renowned Veterinarian and an Animal Chiropractor in the Hall of Fame. Ava is a mother, a car buff, a boot-scootin' dancer, acclaimed author and sought-after keynote speaker.

Book Bubbles from CONVERSATIONS with Animals...

Facing Death: a Vet-Med Doc's view

Dr. Ava Frick is a renowned Veterinarian, a celebrated Animal Chiropractor, a friend, and someone who is fighting Covid today. I wrote her biography, "Conversations with Animals," which people have delighted in reading and gifting to others. The book is published in hardcover, softcover, and ebook editions. An audio edition will be available in January 2022. In this passage, she brings to mind how best to handle the decision to put down an animal, and how to tell your children about it. Some of the selected passage is in her words.

Ava Frick, D.V.M. & Horses

Ava Frick knew she wanted to work with and help animals of all sizes when she was three, but of all those she worked with there was (is) a special place in her heart for horses. (Here she and her sister share an event in their lives.) Dr. Frick is a renowned veterinarian and animal chiropractor who remains willing to venture outside the conventional box - she has on many occasions - for the sake of the health of animals in her care. She is also one of only five doctors selected by her peers worldwide as a Founding Inductee to the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame!

Always Learning Something New

Dr. Ava Frick had worked with animals for a large number of years when an accident outside of her clinic forced her to reconsider what she was doing because of how she rehabilitated herself, opening a whole new view to treating her animal clients. Ava Frick, DVM, knew she wanted to help animals of all sizes when she was only three years old. She worked hard and for long hours to realize her dream. Today, Ava Frick is a leader among her peers for her willingness to approach her profession beyond the box and with innovative modalities. She is also a Founding Inductee to the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame - selected by hundreds of her peers. This excerpt from her biography lends us insight to her treasure.

for the love of horses

Ava Frick is an outstanding veterinarian and animal chiropractor who in her private time and activities loves to be astride a horse on a trail ride. Here, in this excerpt from her biography, I reveal her beautiful statement of how she feels about the equine breed and their place among us. *** Ava Frick, D.V.M hails from Missouri and lives these days in Arizona. She is a renowned innovator in her field, and one of only five original inductees to the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame - an honor voted on by her peers internationally.

Ava Frick's love of rabbits & horses

Dr. Frick is able to work with and help any kind of animal. Throughout her ongoing career of animal rehabilitation, spanning four decades now, her ability to communicate with each of her "clients" helped her discover solutions that were, at times, outside the box! In this excerpt, we discover not only another side of her: her love of rabbits and horses but also the day she met "Twinkie!"

Life as a Dance

Dr. Ava Frick's analogy of treating animals for their health as a magnificent dance was a delightful surprise to me when she first mentioned it. At the time, I had just begun my research for writing her biography. When you think of it, all living is a dance; life is a game. Games have purpose and they have winners and losers, freedoms and barriers. Dr. Frick's life story shows us that the whole dance is worthy of our experiencing it, especially when we can be of service to others, even animals. Here is the Introduction.

Ava Frick, DVM Biography

The beginning of Ava Frick's life, born in Missouri on a Fourth of July, sets the stage for a lifetime that so far has helped thousands of animals and animal owners realize the VIRTUES that animals bring to all of our lives. Here is her life story told by her biographer combined with anecdotal stories of certain animals who positively affected her outlook about not only animal healthcare needs and advances but also people!


Literature & Fiction

A teenaged ThunderCloud, excommunicated from his Cherokee people, survives in a world full of strangers and learns to handle responsibility as a man. On his journey home to make amends, he gathers a renegade gaggle of odd experiences and people.

Book Bubbles from ThunderCloud

Hallucination or Reality? Only the Gods Knew.

Thundercloud journeyed back toward the reservation from where he had been excommunicated. Having driven for many hours, bumbling along on back roads and grass paths in the old jeep he had bartered for from a young Amish friend who could not be seen owning anything mechanical, he stopped and fell asleep with his head pressed against the steering wheel... What happened next became a harrowing struggle of life or death with either an apparition straight out of his imagination - a nightmare - or something all too real! Over-tiredness can get the best of us, but we have to persist in the name of survival anyway.

ThunderCloud Meets Someone New

Strangers that come and go in our lives bring their stories with them, adding to our own. In this snippet, Thundercloud (self-nicknamed 'TC'), hitchhiking away from his excommunication from his Principal People (the Cherokee), meets up with a trucker who likes jewelry...

ThunderCloud's Spiritual Encounter

Excommunicated, curious, frightened and alone, ThunderCloud perceives oddities that open up his eyes, his heart, and his spirituality in a way he never dreamed of knowing: by having to kill a rogue deer. This riveting first encounter sears his soul and rivets his attention to his immediate future! But his journey has just begun!

Chapter 2, Rude Awakening

Now excommunicated and on his own, ThunderCloud wakes up in the middle of nowhere and tries to gain his bearings... His adventures are ahead of him but he can, at least, take in his present surroundings...

Chapter one excerpt

Thundercloud's view of his familiar world on the Cherokee reservation was about to become a memory as he stood under the hot, direct light of an Oklahoma summer afternoon. He was on trial. He would be excommunicated, and that would be the start of his uncommon and, at times, magical journey to find his manhood.

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Are there four ways to find everlasting love, or only one? When a love triangle loses one member to murder, the survivors attempt to discover what happened and why. Their separate journeys not only take them back to their memories of adolescent love, lust, and abuse but also toward Cupid's arrows when and where least expected!.

Book Bubbles from Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

Chapter Three: Flashbacks

Love in all seasons takes our breath away or puts it back. Living as we do in an environment of myriad people and events we often miss the love that carries us all forward without noticing its details. Carlos Almaron dazedly walks toward the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan after a day in Central Park spent experiencing the vagaries of his mind and emotions while trying to understand why love, his lover, abruptly left him. The seasonal decor of the Plaza's Rose Club room offers him solace.

A Fearful Summertime Job

Carlos was a college student who had to supplement his scholarship with part-time jobs during school terms but in the summer full-time employment at the local GM autor/bus plant gave him a way to build up his spending money for the coming trimester. From his vantage point of working the assembly line by bucking rivets in bus wheel wells, he gained insights into blue-collar workers' views about life in Pontiac, Michigan in the 1960s - a look at living that to that time escaped him.

The Vagaries of Love Are Many

Losing a lover, no matter the myriad ways, always hurts, always brings back memories, some good and some not. It's when we feel there is something that we CAN do about the loss, that we act. We pick ourselves up and move forward, perhaps timidly at first. Confidence comes with each step forward. Pride returns, and a renewed sense of future follows.

Love Begins Internally...

The emotional and physical stresses of having loved and lost love, as well as the mental stress of then having to seek a new lover takes a terrible toll on many of us o a burden which, at times, is too much to bear. Carlos Almaron had come to that point in his life where he'd loved well and lost badly but also was prepared to find someone new. First, though, his inner desires had to discover the possibility of a lover right in front of him. Neither Carlos or Carmela could know what Cupid had in store for them!

How It All Begins (for most of us!)

Sooner or later, we all find our sexuality. This happens in diverse ways which are, at times, unexpected. Carlos Almaron's first encounter came at the suggestion of a classmate. Years later, it remains a piece of the puzzle he wishes to resolve after his long-time lover rejects him the moment he is about to ask her hand in marriage!

The Soothing Effects of Water

"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the endless ocean." —Kahlil Gibran Water is a salve that maybe can heal all wounds. For my characters, Carlos and Carmela, water was not only something that sustained life but also sustained and nurtured the truest essence of their love... My passage is from Chapter Sixteen, Love Everlasting, of my book, Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love, that explores four ways to try to find everlasting love, yet only one takes us there!

Believing transports the soul

To ever achieve everlasting love we must keep believing we can attain it. In this excerpt, Carlos Almaron daydreams he is back in the era of courtly love and knighthood; in reality, he is sitting in a bar in Manhattan, yet transported away in time. His tomboy childhood friend, Carmela, approaches, and the outcome is not what either could have expected! Only their long friendship will see them through what is coming.

"Sucker Punched, Twice!"

It's bad enough that we often fall in love only to find ourselves losing in love; that our broken hearts cannot be mended. In Carlos Almaron's case, the unexpected rejection by his lover, followed by her mysterious death, for a long while was too much for him to bear. His blue funk had lasted for months. Only his lifelong, platonic girlfriend, Carmela, remained to try and save him. She bore strong views about help and love-losses of her own but she willingly expressed herself to him in the spirit of their friendship. But, would they be enough, and what would be the long-term outcome?

Carlos Almaron's Journey Begins

Love, especially sexual love and attraction, leads people to form myriad alliances. My fictional story depicts a non-fiction theory a friend presented to me: there are four ways to look for everlasting love, but only one guarantees achievement of the goal. 1.Two (or more) people can be friends only; 2.Two (or more) can be friends "with rights (amigos con derechos);" 3. Two (or more) can share sex only, and that sporadically; or.. 4. Two people connect spiritually and that leads them to friendship, sexuality, and true, everlasting love. In real life, relationships and, at times, murder reshape not only our present but also our past and future! This excerpt from Chapter one sets the stage for the reader's journey. Short, it is a teaser.

A Brooklyn Saga

Literature & Fiction

Angie Carpello grows up in the vibrant Williamsburg Brooklyn of the 1950s-1970s, leaving her with more questions than answers about her chances for survival. When a Chinese refugee/hitman working for the Mob kidnaps her, a life-threatening situation resolves, and he finds redemption from his past!

Book Bubbles from A Brooklyn Saga

A Brooklyn Slice of Life

This excerpt is from Chapter 9 "Protection." (NOTE: in this excerpt "WB" refers to Williamsburg Brooklyn.) As her girls grew into young womanhood, their mother took time to not only protect them but also explain to them how not all they saw around them was as it seemed. "A BROOKLYN SAGA" is historical fiction. Reviews indicate that our book brings back many fond memories to Brooklynites. As the saying might go, "You can take me outta Brooklyn but you can't take the Brooklyn outta me!" What better gift for your friends and family members who grew up there, or wish they did!

Italian Mobster Antics

Reading historical fiction is like being inside the House of Mirrors at a carnival: one never knows right away which is rea land which is a mirage. In this excerpt from A BROOKLYN SAGA ~ Stories from the Stoop, the origins of one Mob member's nickname comes to light as well as a talking to from his grandmother!

Williamsburg Brooklyn - another era

The 1950s-60s-70s era for Williamsburg Brooklyn was a microcosm of all that was good, bad, and difficult about living in America back then. But that was where and when Angie Carpello and her family lived and breathed among Mob activities, numbers runners, and Italian street vendors and neighbors who knew and tolerated whatever came down Conselyea Avenue. Angie is the alter-ego for my client, for whom I wrote her biography into a historical fiction novel so she wouldn't get "whacked" by Mobsters still alive today. Williamsburg today has been gentrified but its roots will never depart.

Back in the day in Brooklyn

Family is the most important value most of us cherish. Familial expressions of love take on many different hues, however, and this was evident in Brooklyn in the case of Giuseppe and the ingenious way he ran his side business to help feed his family. Brooklyn especially generated a special bond among its families and neighbors, including the churches, in the 1950-60-70s, the era in which "A BROOKLYN SAGA ~ Stories from the Stoop" takes place. This bubble is a tiny clip, a morsel, for readers to munch on! Mange!

Sometimes a fire awakens more than neighbors

The night a fire happened in Williamsburg Brooklyn the neighbors supposed it was all because of the numbers being run out of the damaged restaurant!

Things Weren't Always As They Seemed

Tacit consent about what residents witnessed or heard in Williamsburg Brooklyn in the 1960s and 70s kept neighbors' lips sealed, yet just about everyone "knew" that every household played the (racetrack) numbers at one time or another, hoping to score a few extra dollars. The cultural flaw, at times, lead to odd circumstances like those described here in this excerpt from "A BROOKYLN SAGA."

How does it FEEL to survive?

The character is fictitious, but his feelings are real; they reside in each one of us. Wengchan's feelings propel him toward a destiny he cannot envision from the deck of the rusty freighter transporting him toward oblivion or redemption. With this character, conflict brought into the otherwise calm and diverse culture in which Angie Carpello grows up in Williamsburg Brooklyn in the 50s-60s-70s leads to Angie's escape from a harrowing situation, even though she thinks he is her kidnapper. Still, what the eyes see and the mind thinks, the heart does not feel.

Chapter 4: The Bough Breaks

Angie Carpello's family had its share of ups and downs but this one nearly shattered what was left of her childhood dreams... This story is based in Williamsburg Brooklyn in the 1950s-60s-70s era when Mob activity was high and people living there were decidedly blue-collar. They maintained their salt-of-the-earth tolerance of diversity from the stoops of their community and inside their churches. The fiction tantalizes with international intrigue, yet Angie's upbringing is reality-based.

Does Water Wash Away Our Sins?

Experts tell us that water has healing powers, but sometimes water merely washes away what must not be revealed, while the soul remains scarred. This excerpt shows the nature of the initial contact between the protagonist and an odd Chinese man seeking to cover up his faults and gain redemption from his past. "WB" stands for Williamsburg Brooklyn during the 1950s-1970s, where the story takes place in the active Italian sector separated from Manhattan by the East River body of water. Mob activities and the cultural proclivities of different generations made international intrigue and mysterious circumstances a part of the era's daily routine.


Biographies & Memoirs

Is Terry Hitchcock “the REAL ‘Forrest Gump’?” Many think so. In 1984, his wife learns she has cancer. Together they fight, but cancer wins, leaving him with three young children to raise. Believing that nothing is impossible, Terry keeps his family intact under one roof, despite losing his executive job at The Coca-Cola Company. Later, although Presidents Reagan and Clinton honor him for entrepreneurial accomplishments, he knows how hard it was on his kids to raise them as a single parent and he decides to win media attention to this growing problem in America. At 57, Terry runs from Minneapolis to Atlanta - the distance of 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days, arriving the week of the Summer Olympic Games. Atlanta’s Mayor and international press from as far away as Japan greet him. He declines an Opening Ceremonies participation offer, returns home, and ends up in a hospital for six months to recover from fractured ankles and a mental letdown. One relentless Hollywood suitor tells him that Academy-Award-winner Billy Bob Thornton told him,: “[Terry’s story] must be put on film, and I want to be the voice!” MY RUN wins top awards at 11 of 15 film festivals. Terry’s book, A Father’s Odyssey, inspires parents and children in 26 countries. Film and book win the prestigious Dove Award. The biography, LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE, is the whole story of this amazing Pied Piper who dreams of one day seeing a Cabinet-level Secretary of Children in governments!


On "The Run" with an American Hero

Terry Hitchcock became a genuine American hero for children around the world - 26 countries, in fact - the day he completed The Run. Here is a passage from my biography of Terry, which puts us right on the road with him, inside his thoughts and prayer. Terry ran to bring to media's attention the plight of single-parented households. He ran the distance of 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days at age 57. The film documentary, MY RUN, won 11 of 15 film festivals, but for the viewers there was not a dry eye in the house. My biography reveals why and it is a great gift and five-star read.

From Terry's historic "impossible" run

Terry Hitchcock was mid-way through his run from Minneapolis to Atlanta - a distance of 75 marathons during which he ran the equivalent of one marathon or more daily. Suddenly, one of those moments we all consider "gifts" happened! Here is an excerpt from my biography of Terry, Living Beyond Impossible.

from Chapter "Laughing with God"

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and heroic actions may be discovered among other species, too. During Terry Hitchcock's heroic run from Minneapolis to Atlanta in 1957 - the distance of 75 marathons daily for 75 consecutive days, he encountered several amazing inter-specie events. Here is part of one. Terry is known to many as "the REAL 'Forrest Gump'."

Tracy Repchuk Foreword

Terry Hitchcock's life full of tragedies, accomplishments, and survival against almost insurmountable odds brings hope and pride for humanity to anyone who reads the biography. Presented here is the Foreword written by a real celebrity in her field, Tracy Repchuk, a bestselling, 9-time, Amazon International #1 author, global thought leader, entrepreneur, and mother of three. Writing his biography and knowing Terry as a friend now is, for me, a real honor. I call him "the REAL Energizer Bunny," but most call him "the REAL 'Forrest Gump'!"

Butterfly & Bee

Literature & Fiction

Over 160 haiku known as "Haikulisms" - a word coined from haiku + Kule (the poet's last name). These are based on correspondences from the Poet to his Muse, beginning in 2018.

Book Bubbles from Butterfly & Bee


In 2018, I began a series of correspondences with a friend living about 5,000 miles away. For some reason she inspires me to write haiku poems that come to me easily every night. I call her my Muse. "Butterfly & Bee" is a collection of more than 160 of those haiku (I call them "haikulisms," a word coined from haiku + Kule, my last name is pronounced "cool."). Here are three from the book. The book is published on softcover, ebook, and audiobook editions. Perfect for gift-giving this Holiday Season!

2 samples from the book

Butterfly & Bee is a collection of more tha n160 haiku poems written by Ron Kule to his Muse since 2018. The series is in the sequence of the correspondences. we live about 4,000 miles apart, but love and inspiration come from a timeless place. An ideal way to use these haiku, which I termed "haikulisms" (a coined word from haiku + Kule, my last name pronounced "cool.") is to read one or two daily and take the feeling of the words/message with you everywhere you go for that day. I kept the price low on purpose: I want many people enjoying these thought images as possible. And it is available in softcover, ebook, and AudioBook editions (audio will start showing up on audio platforms around mid-December). Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Change of Seasons Captured

Beginning in 2018, I started a chain of haiku poems to a good friend who lives in another country. When I realized we would never be lovers this time around the carousel and I figured out that, since she always inspired haiku from me, she became my Muse. I call my haiku "haikulisms," a coined word form haiku + my last name "Kule" (pronounced "cool") to separate them from those of other poets. Here is a small sampling from the book which has more than 160. My personal commitment for years has been to write at least one per day. This collection, Volume 3, follows two others that are available as ebooks.

Haiku as "Haikulisms*"

(* a coined word from haiku + Kule, the poet's last name.) In July 2018, a series of correspondences began between the poet Ron Kule and his Muse whose name shall remain anonymous. Beyond all other reasons, her connection with him and her inspiration moved him to write in this style of poetry. These three selected Haikulisms are from that series of more than 160 poems presented in the same chronological order that inspired the poet.


Biographies & Memoirs

CHEF TELL was America's pioneer, syndicated-TV rock-star chef, a contemporary of Julia Child. His fan base was 8X larger than hers. Friedemann Paul Erhardt faces an audition for a cooking slot on a syndicated-television show scriptless. Using his wit and personality, he wins, birthing a new breed: the TV-showman chef. Soon, 40,000,000 avid fans tune in to Evening Magazine or PM Magazine and watch “Chef Tell” perform 90-second cooking segments three times a week. He sweeps across the nation’s small screens like a prairie fire. No one has ever seen anyone like him. PM Magazine’s “rock-star chef” draws up to 50-percent market share in 95 percent of their syndicated outlets. Tell’s ruggedly masculine appeal crosses gender and generational lines. “If a housewife, or man, sees me do something in 90 seconds they figure they can make it in five minutes,” says Tell. Off-camera, Erhardt already suffering the scars of his post-WWII childhood and his mother’s ignominious suicide, endures another suicide, two lost marriages, sporadic drug use, and clandestine sexual encounters before finding personal happiness with a woman he trusts implicitly and loves boundlessly. He makes numerous appearances on LIVE! with Regis & Kathy Lee, begins production of his own cooking show, and opens two more restaurants in Pennsylvania. In the Kitchen with Chef Tell airs on PBS locally, pulls high ratings, and gets picked up on syndication. What happens next is worth your reading!!!

Book Bubbles from CHEF TELL

Foreword by Regis Philbin

Here is the foreword written by (the late) Emmy-winner TV host Regis Philbin, who was a friend of Chef Tell's on-camera and off. According to Regis, "Chef Tell started all this television madness about chefs." Tell's lifestory contains moments that will make you angry, weep, and laugh with joy and wonder, for here was a man who was truly larger than life! Currently, this book in hardcover is available on the author's website, hand-signed, at a really special pricing. A softcover 2nd edition will be released in several months at full price.

CHEF TELL, Culinary Icon

Because Chef Tell married one of my sisters, I was privy to what his adoring public of nearly 40,000,000 Baby Boomers could not know about him. After 2 1/2 years, 32 revisions, and a ton of research, I decided, as many readers have, that here was a man who truly was a culinary icon whose life and career should not be neglected or forgotten! Scores of photographs and previously unpublished recipes complement the five-star-acclaimed text. For a limited time only, author-signed specially priced copies are available through

The Foreword by Regis Philbin

CHEF TELL and Regis Philbin were an exciting and funny combo on Regis' TV show, LIVE! with Regis & Kathy. In fact, Tell was on the show more than any other chef, at Regis' request. Unfortunately, we unexpectedly lost Tell in 2007, but Regis was gracious enough to accept my request to write the Foreword to my biography of Chef Tell, which is presented here. The book is available in hardcover, Kindle book, and Audiobook editions. All Amazon reviews posted by readers give it 5 stars! A PERFECT gift this season for your Foodie friends!

Foreword to CHEF TELL, by Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin knew CHEF TELL as a close friend in addition to his many appearances on Regis' TV show. He graciously wrote the Foreword to my biography. Here it is. (NOTE: there is a misplaced title line in the middle, which is not in the actual book.) - Ron Kule

From Hardship to Fame, the Beginnings

Friedemann Paul Erhardt (later known as CHEF TELL on television) was a small boy in a Germany trying to survive the aftermath of World War II. His hardships were real outside and inside his family's apartment. His father Max wanted a different future for him than the path he eventually followed after discovering his mother's body hanging from a cord; she had killed herself. Here is a glimpse into that time of his life. What he became - America's pioneer TV "rock-star" chef in 1974 - reveals a major part of his character and will to survive and make a difference for other people, His whole miraculous lifetime is an amazing read.

Chef Susanna Foo meets Chef Tell!

From Chapter 30, A Passion to Cook"... The first time these two celebrated chefs met each other, the occasion was a 1980 dinner event for the Chaine des Rotisseurs on Philadelphia... (NOTE: there is one glitch in the copy, showing a page number in the middle of the text. This is not in the book edition.)

Chef Tell's Gateway to America

Friedemann Paul Erhardt, who later and only in America would become the TV persona we knew as "Chef Tell," had established his culinary reputation in his native country of Germany but he wanted to go to America. Not knowing how he would ever get there... an innocent, roadside meeting under the canopy of a lonesome forest brought him to meet a woman who would became his gateway to the Promised Land where he would find fame, fortune, and heartbreak! Janet Louise Nicoletti, a former Miss Philadelphia, had been visiting her relatives in the region when her car broke down just as a rainstorm began to pour on her...

The Best Chefs Believe They Are the Best!

The best chefs throughout history were artists in the kitchen, prepping, delivering, and re-purposing foods for the delight of their customers and their ravenous appetites. Two of them, Julia Child and Chef Tell, were contemporaries. Their paths, their styles, and their successes differed, but they held in common one important factor: they believed in what they were doing, believed not only that they were the best but also that one didn't have to be stuffy about food in the kitchen. Even renowned newspaper food editor, Elaine Tait, could see that!

How Chef Tell Came to Marry the Right Woman

Chef Tell (Freidemann Paul Erhardt) had married a former Miss Philadelphia who brought him to America and his fame, but she committed suicide. She was his second wife - the first gave him a son in Germany. With fame now his new mistress, Tell worked 20-hour days every day, finding love off-camera here and there, not everlasting love. A blind date brought Tell and Bunny together. Sparks flew immediately, but Tell would almost blew his chance with her. And this excerpt reveals in part what brought them both to their nuptials o a bond that would last until one of them died. Chef Tell's on-camera life played out before 40,000,00 fans, who also wanted to know about off-camera. The biography tells all.

Chef Tell Biography Preface

My Introduction sets the stage for the reader with a glimpse into not only the world of master chefs - Chef Tell was Germany's youngest Master Chef at 27 - but also my view of his world and how to share his remarkable exploits, which made him America's first "rock star," syndicated TV chef. Friedemann Paul Erhardt was a mercurial personality loved or hated by many but he was also perfect for the camera, uniquely competent in the kitchen, and fun to watch. And people did watch; in fact, his fan base numbered 40,000,000 Baby Boomers in the 1970s-80s and 90s!

Setting the Stage: Introduction

Running a successful restaurant is like theater: presentation is everything, and poor presentations close shows quickly. Chef Tell's (aka Friedemann Paul Erhardt's) approach to food preparation, cooking, plate presentations, and on-camera performances, always included attention to detail. In his sought-after restaurants around Philadelphia and on Grand Cayman Island, on television, and at his live cooking shows presented to SRO audiences of foodies there to see him, Tell used only the freshest ingredients, which included himself - he seldom followed the teleprompter script as he kept viewers laughing and learning. Chef Tell blazed the trail upon which celebrity television chefs tread on today. His private life is just as fascinating!

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