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Audible Approved Narrator Richard Rieman is author of the award-winning “The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation.” Richard is Director of Denver’s Audiobook Revolution Productions, and the Audiobook Consultant for Denver's Postmodern Studios. He is also a Director at Denver’s AuthorU, Richard’s book "The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation" won the Global EBook Awards Gold Medal in Writing/Publishing. Richard also won three EVVY awards from the Colorado Independent Publishers Assn (CIPA); the Gold Medal in Audiobooks for his narration of "Auschwitz #34207," the Silver Medal in Audiobooks for Producing "Goat LIps" (narrated by Matthew Taylor, the author); and a Silver Medal in the "How To" category for his book. “If there was a way to give Richard Rieman five stars, I’d give him 10. If you are fortunate to have Richard on your audiobook team, you won’t be sorry!” - Nancy Sprowell Geise, Author of “Auschwitz 34207” “Finally … FINALLY! Someone has written an easy to understand, no nonsense primer for authors to help them navigate through the unknown waters of audiobook production! BRAVO!” – Sean Pratt, Acclaimed Audiobook Narrator (850 books and counting!)


The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation

Education & Reference

If you are considering creating an audiobook— whether you are the voice or you hire a professional narrator—The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation is the essential companion you need. You will get the critical elements on what steps you need to take; how to engage a narrator (and what to avoid); what costs to expect; how to produce your audiobook; a variety of resources; how to work with Amazon and ACX and other providers; and of course, plenty of tips and tricks of the trade. Get ready for the next evolution of your book … and join the audiobook revolution.

Book Bubbles from The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation

Finding a Great Audiobook Narrator

When authors create an audiobook, the choice of narrators is critical to its success. Nothing will kill sales faster than bad reviews because your narrator spoke in a monotone or mispronounced words.

Protect Your Audiobook Rights

In this excerpt from the award-winning "The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation," here is how to get your audiobook publishing rights back (if you have not self-published).

Narrate Your Own Audiobook?

Hiring a professional narrator, like using a professional cover designer, greatly influences the success of your book and audiobook.

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