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Richard  Haiduck

Richard is a former life sciences executive and mentor. He is now immersed in challenging the boundaries of his own retirement. He mentors social entrepreneurs, bikes, reads, and is now putting finishing touches on his book. As he saw his fellow retirees reinventing themselves by following their passion, he realized that these stories could be the basis for an interesting book. Following that path from interviewing to writing to editing and now headed towards publishing has been a whole new learning.


Shifting Gears

Biographies & Memoirs

“Shifting Gears will whet your appetite with first-hand tales of retirement so varied your head will spin.”

— Sara Zeff Geber, PhD, Author, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers

“Richard dismantles the idea that retirement should ever be experienced from a rocking chair.”

— Susan Williams, Founder, Booming Encore, a top ranked website and influencer for baby boomers, aging and retirement

“I thoroughly enjoyed Shifting Gears – it made me think about my upcoming shift.”

— Daniel G. Welch, Author, Race for the Mind, a highly rated novel about an Alzheimer’s patient and the quest for a cure

See how this group of retirees shifted gears into retirement. Learn about the joys, challenges, and inspirations that were part of their journey in this stage of life. Here are a few examples of those experiences:

  • Donna recovered from four leg surgeries in three years and then decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Steve decided that after an analytical career, he wanted a creative retirement with music and art
  • Old, Wise, Learning Still discussion group was formed to talk about end of life issues
  • Tom created his Tacky Tavern Tour to entertain his friends
  • Chuck and his wife had to deal with a fire burning down their home

Book Bubbles from Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

The enclosed prologue provides a preview of the storytelling of retirees who are managing their journey in retirement. The stories are in their words, showing their candor and emotion as they reinvent themselves in this stage of their life. The stories range from the exotic to the mundane, showing a broad range of retirement activities, challenges, and adaptations.

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