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Rachel  Schneider

Rachel is known for writing entertaining stories that ride the edge of two worlds--the human and the paranormal. And she always throws her characters into gut-wrenching situations of the romantic kind. A native of South Florida, she writes under the pen name of Rachel James.




When Logan Reed is assigned to investigate murdered empaths at a spiritual retreat, he finds himself knee-deep in secrets, snipers, and a simmering sexual attraction to clairvoyant Sonny Blake. Then Sonny disappears--can he decipher the clues in time? Or will he lose his chance at love to a psychotic predator?

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Murdered Empaths

As a Tarot Card Reader AND a writer, I always knew that I would one day "marry" the tarot cards with a paranormal romance story. Sanctuary is the result of that desire.. By using a clairvoyant empath as my heroine, I was free to fling the reader in and out of two worlds--the spiritual world and the human world--and show that the connection between them is not as far apart as one might think. Using the tarot cards as a backdrop for solving a series of murders enhanced the story a lot, and satisfied the metaphysical teacher in me. And of course, since I enjoy throwing in unexpected romantic twists in all my stories, the reader gets a surprise kick in the pants at the end of the book..

The Kindred


After finding themselves trapped in a chateau by a beautiful spirit bent on releasing her imprisoned soul, five psychics must solve her three hundred year old murder in order to gain their freedom.

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The Adventure Begins

Every story starts with a Call to Adventure. In The Kindred, Psychic Janice Kelly's call comes from an uncontrollable urge to keep painting a devastatingly handsome rake. Who the man is, and what he wants from her, is unclear, until she arrives at Carrington House and share an erotic mind-meld with Psychic Magician, Adrian Magus. Soon, the pair (and their three psychic companions) face the human dilemma we all face--hamely, answering the questions: Is there life after death? And, if so, can we communicate with the Other Side? The Kindred offers the perspective that the connection between the human world and the spiritual world is not as far apart as it seems. Though our physical bodies may die, our souls thrive and move on.

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