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Parviz  Shirmohammadi

Parviz is a new multi-talented aspiring writer. Currently, he finished publishing his first book, which happens to be a hilarious Comedy book. It is one of the funniest and most entertaining hilarious books he has ever written. It is now available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes&Noble;, Apple Books (iTunes), Kobo, 24symbols, etc. It is amusing, fun to read, and will leave any reader with a lasting comedy experience. He worked as a freelance writer, interpreter, and translator from 1994 to 1997. He wrote 20,000.00 long business letters to many various entities for different clients. He has written books in different categories such as Comedy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Romantic Poetry, Westerns, Spy novels, and Self-Help books. English writing is one of the most passionate facets of his life. He strongly believes his writing brings the most delightful reading experience for all the readers worldwide. He enjoys daily writing and re-writing. Follow him on Instagram at"parvizshir.writer" for more updates about his latest books! #theartoffartinghowfartchangedtheworld


The Art of Farting

Humor & Entertainment

This book offers you many hours of pure laughter, entertainment, romance, and fun time. It brings many hours of pure laughter and fun. Finally, there is a book too hilarious to forget. It answers the most challenging questions of our time. Who was the first legendary farter in the world? Where was the original land of all Windbreakers? How did the ancient empires win many wars without any bloodshed? What was the enigmatic, untold truth behind Jacuzzi? Who invented the first basic long-range targeting system? How did a simple fart affect entire human history? How did a simple human fart affect entire human history? You will never look at your fart the same way again.

Book Bubbles from The Art of Farting

How Prince Fartimus and Lady Farterella Met

This chapter merely explains how prince Fartimus and lady Farterella met. They talked about their shared malodorous life story and finally fell madly in love with each other. Their main attraction began when they quickly realized how they would enjoy and love releasing the grossest farts together. As the only son of King Fartan, prince Fartimus was seriously looking for a suitable bride who was beautiful and skilled in the timeless art of farting, all at the same time. Later, when an unforeseen sad life event took away Farterella. Prince Fartimus, his maids, and men went through a hilarious, gross tedious process to find Farterella again. It is an entertaining reading journey. You will laugh for hours while reading every other chapter, too.

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