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Orrin Jason  Bradford

Orrin Jason Bradford is the pen name for speculative fiction author W. Bradford Swift. It's also where Swift allows his freaky imagination to take wing through his series of science fiction thrillers often with a genetic engineering theme. OJB also writes fantasy for adults who want to be entertained and engaged while also being inspired. He's the author of the genetic engineering science fiction thriller FreeForm series.


Ra-Kit's Initiation

Science Fiction & Fantasy

How does an orphan kitten grow up to be the last living magic cat? A prequel to the Zak Bates Eco-Adventure series 

In the visionary young adult fantasy, Dominion Over All by W. Bradford Swift, Zak Bates is blackmailed by Ra-Kit, the last living magic cat, to accompany her and her companion, Sampson the flying dog, on a daring adventure to save the animal kingdom from annihilation. But where did Ra-Kit's magic come from? Is she really five-hundred years old or is that just part of the mythology she's woven for herself? What did Ra-Kit have to do to be initiated into the secret clan of magic cats? In Ra-Kit's Initiation, these questions and more are revealed in quirky romp around London in the mid-1800s. It's a digital short for animal lovers of all ages. A call to arms for animal lovers of all ages… An eloquent alternate history for our times! Includes a bonus first chapters of Dominion Over All.

Book Bubbles from Ra-Kit's Initiation

How Did Ra-Kit Become a Magic Cat?

In prep for our 3rd Zak Bates Eco-adventure series which is on Wed. September 16 @ 7 PM ET, I thought some readers might want to learn how a young, precocious, trouble-making kitty becomes the last living magic cat. Of course, I'm talking (well writing) about Ra-Kit, the heroine of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series and a cat with a purpose. But how did she become such a powerful (and ornery) magic cat? Read on to find out. And yes, registration is open for the 3rd Readup at https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup-2/

The Fringe Candidate (The Amberica Series, #1)

Literature & Fiction

The Fringe Candidate [Volume I of Brad Swift’s ‘Amberica’ Series] A race against evil . . . and time — Delivering a simple truth can be the most courageous act — — Exposing evil rulers is a game of life or death —  Led to the brink of destruction by its corrupt POTUS, Amberica is bleaker than ever. Who could hope to unseat Oscar Wellian, a fascist who wields the full force of martial law? Plenty are willing to try, but only one entrant has what it takes to give Oscar a run for his ill-gotten gains. Enter Angeline Tarkington . . . the people’s final hope.    Despite her heart of gold and concrete ideals, it won’t be easy. Is Tarkington’s integrity enough to combat systemic corruption and heal a hemorrhaging nation? An amalgam of corporate interests known as ‘The Triumvirate’ will stop at nothing to silence her, and Tarkington can’t expect victory without sacrifice.  Tarkington’s ability to transform those around her will be put to the ultimate test, as new allies may mean the difference between victory and defeat, but will they join her? In any case, she’ll need to tread very carefully. Unmasking a monster will be an invitation to an all-out duel with the nation as the prize. With The Fringe Candidate, Brad Swift offers readers a picture of untold possibility. The Amberica series is visionary fiction from a dreamer’s apex—dark and doubly daring for its optimistic soul.  Pick up your copy of this visionary novel of transformation today and be inspired.

Book Bubbles from The Fringe Candidate (The Amberica Series, #1)

Going Rogue

That's right. Just like some of my characters in The Fringe Candidate, I'm going rogue and making this visionary fiction, satirical novel about today's messed up politics available through my own bookstore. I'm breaking away, at least a little bit from Amazon. Interested? Take a look at https://payhip.com/b/p6Fu Enter this code to receive the book at 30% off but only this week: 30percentTFC

Read & Listen Today

I'm thrilled to share with you today's book bubble not only through the written word but also the spoken one. Two masterful narrators, Ben Fife and Meg Price, are co-narrating The Fringe Candidate. You can listen to two samples including today's bubble on my website at: https://wbradfordswift.com/fringeaudio/. Take a listen.

The Irony of Coming Together

One of my main goals in writing The Fringe Candidate was to help our country and world on the journey to come together. I now find it more than a little ironic that what is bringing us together globally is the need to stay apart, is 'social distancing' of at least 6 feet. The coronavirus is serious stuff and yet with it we can find a silver lining if we look hard enough.

Why I had to Write The Fringe Candidate

The current state of our political climate is one of tremendous division. It’s a climate where many of our leaders are more interested in maintaining their political careers than serving the citizens who elected them. It’s so bad that it’s dangerous even to bring up the topic of politics. Our nation is divided by politics into red states, blue states, and a few purple ones. This is our current state of affairs, and predictably it will only worsen over time. Meanwhile, vitally important issues are being ignored or only given lip service: climate change, healthcare for all citizens, our mounting national debt, the crumbling infrastructure, and more.  But imagine a different future and vision: a transformation in our culture away from fear and hate, one shaped by love and respect for each other? A coming together with integrity, open honest communication, and a collaboration of both parties with the will of the people, and there was one exceptional candidate who led the citizens of Amberica to such a future.  Wait a minute—Amberica?  Yes, Amberica. The story takes place in the fractured nation of Amberica. It surrounds the presidential campaign of fringe candidate Angeline Tarkington, who seeks to replace the current autocratic leader and put the country back on an even keel. To learn more, go to http://wbradfordswift.com/fringe/

Ghost Elephant (Zak Bates Eco-adventure Series, #3)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

In plundering the planet’s treasures, men may gather riches, but more profound wealth is lost... To be released on August 12th, World Elephant Day. A percentage of all Zak Bates Eco-adventure book sales during the month of August will be donated to Elephant Reintroduction Foundation which helped to start World Elephant Day in 2012. Nia Gaines is the newest member of Zak Bate’s Eco-Adventure task force—it’s only, she doesn’t know it yet. When Nia’s parents drag her along on a business trip to China, the source of their affluence soon becomes clear: ivory, prized since ancient times for its beauty and never before so rare. In Beijing’s back-alley curio shops, the prices are great...but what’s the cost? The answer will change Nia’s world. Along with Zak Bates, Ra-Kit the Magic Cat and Sampson the Flying Dog, her journey will shed light on the darkest facets of humankind...but, even poachers have families to feed, and no solution is simple. What can be done to promise peace for man and those at his mercy? A call to arms, to wings and fins... An eloquent environmental message for our times! Ghost Elephant is book 3 of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure Series—designed for those who wish to save the Earth and all its creatures.

Book Bubbles from Ghost Elephant (Zak Bates Eco-adventure Series, #3)

Preview Chapter Prior to Launch

I had to write Ghost Elephant after learning about the devastating effects of poachers on the elephant population of Africa. But how to write such a story for a young audience and for animal lovers? It took me two years to answer that question. The result is Ghost Elephant. It's a difficult subject to read about but I think you'll find there's hope and encouragement within the book's pages. Check it out. Ghost Elephant goes on sale on Monday, World Elephant Day and is available now for a special preorder price of 99 cents. Enjoy.

A Case for Action: Ghost Elephant

An estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, leaving only 400,000 remaining. This is happening every day right now and the elephant population is rapidly declining as poachers sell the elephant tusks on the ivory black market. If we don’t do something our grandchildren will only be able to read or watch YouTube videos about these amazing animals because they will be extinct. That’s the future we are creating by our lack of effective actions. I want to offer a different possibilities. You see, while I don’t have all the answers, I know that making people aware of this devastating tragedy is a key step. I also know the power of young people to influence and make a difference in the world which is why I wrote Ghost Elephant, a book for young people as well as for animal lovers of all ages. Ghost Elephant is book three of the Zak Bates Eco-Adventure series, and it’s my effort to use the power of words to affect change—to create a new future for our pachyderm friends before it’s too late. Please help me get the word out by sharing this message and book with your children and animal lovers.

Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat (Fantastic Fables Series, #1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Venture into Foster Flat...and the mind of O.J. Bradford Tucked away in a quiet corner of North Carolina lies the township of Foster Flat. By every appearance, it’s an ordinary place to lead one’s life, and the humble environs strike most as boring—quite a prodigious misjudgment. The population shares a mutual disapproval of new guests, and the reason for this will soon become clear, thanks to Mimi Rawlins, one resident who’s willing to indulge outsiders. For the whole of its history, Foster Flat has been home to staggering secrets and freakish phenomena. Are these ‘events’ the stuff of folklore? Overactive minds? Or more? You’re free to draw your own conclusions...should you dare to enter. In the beguiling spirit of Ray Bradbury’s novels and ‘The Twilight Zone’ series, this supernatural assortment stands as a testament to the fable’s lasting power. Enlightening, frightening and funny in turn, it’s magical realism at its best—a paranormal vehicle bound for musings of love and morality.

Book Bubbles from Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat (Fantastic Fables Series, #1)


...OF THE FANTASTIC FABLES OF FOSTER FLAT SERIES? The answer to that question is simple. I live in a magical place and I want my readers to share in the magic. Really, I do. And to prove it, I have some pictures I’ve taken of the area including a few that have already inspired me to write some of these suspenseful tales with a twist. This series is my homage to the late, great Ray Bradbury and to the original TV series, The Twilight Zone which were also a part of the inspirational mix that led to these books. Check out the pics here: https://wp.me/p9KJfL-1eK

Venture into Foster Flat...and My Mind

I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy, going all the way back to the fourth grade. That’s, oh my gosh, some sixty years ago! Two of my favorites were the interconnected stories of Ray Bradbury’s books like Fahrenheit 451, and The Martian Chronicles, and the original The Twilight Zone. So, I guess it’s not all that surprising that I would want to pay homage to these incredible masters of storytelling with my own series of stories with a twist: Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat, books one and two. You might wonder, where did the ideas for these bizarre stories arise? Well, in large part from the magical and mysterious area in which I live: the mountains of North Carolina.

Beginnings (FreeForm, #1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

An unseen invasion: the ultimate threat... When a mysterious spacecraft is uncovered in the North Carolina mountains, agent Pat Vogt’s life begins to look increasingly alien. Betrayed by her own government, she’s forced to unravel a conspiracy that holds implications for existence on Earth...and beyond. Years later, Vogt returns to find the mountain town of Waynesboro fostering secrets much darker than she’d ever imagined. Even her closest ally, Dr. Allen Pritchard, withholds crucial information, and his desire to mend a painful past may jeopardize the human race. Who is genetic engineer Fredic Homlin, and what connection does the Biogentrix Corporation’s chilling technology touted as the ‘play dough of life’ represent? Can one headstrong woman reveal the truth in time, or will something else be sown? Beginnings is the shifting shape of much that lies ahead... Orrin Jason Bradford’s style has been compared to the “early works of Dean Koontz and the late great Michael Crichton.” Freeform: Beginnings is the first novel in the action-packed, sci-fi Freeform series. If you’re a fan of fast-paced sci-fi novels with exciting storylines and unforgettable characters, get your hands on this thriller by Orrin Jason Bradford!

Book Bubbles from Beginnings (FreeForm, #1)

Confessions of a Former Vet Turned SF Author

Yes, it's confession time. I'm told it's good for the soul. We'll see. I currently am offering book 1 of the FreeForm series for a mere 99 cents (and the other 5 books are discounted as well.) But that's not the confession. I started writing FreeForm when I was still a veterinarian over 30 years ago! Yep, no overnight success here. Of course, I've also rewritten it, had it edited, etc. quite a bit over that time. I'm sharing this because I'm proud of the book that FreeForm grew to become. I think you'll also pick up the flavor of me as a vet. After all, one of the main characters is Dr. Allan Pritchard, DVM. You’ll meet him in today’s book bubble excerpt.

The Entire FreeForm Series Discounted This Week

I'm thrilled to announce that ll 6 books in the FreeForm series available at special intro prices only until May 12th. So, here is a little of what book one, FreeForm: Beginnings is all about. An unseen invasion: the ultimate threat... When a mysterious spacecraft is uncovered in the North Carolina mountains, agent Pat Vogt’s life begins to look increasingly alien. Betrayed by her own government, she’s forced to unravel a conspiracy that holds implications for existence on Earth...and beyond. Years later, Vogt returns to find the mountain town of Waynesboro fostering secrets much darker than she’d ever imagined. Even her closest ally, Dr. Allen Pritchard, withholds crucial information, and his desire to mend a painful past may jeopardize the human race. Who is genetic engineer Fredic Homlin, and what connection does the Biogentrix Corporation’s chilling technology touted as the ‘play dough of life’ represent? Can one headstrong woman reveal the truth in time, or will something else be sown? Beginnings is the shifting shape of much that lies ahead... Remember, all 6 books in the FreeForm series available at special intro prices only until May 12th

Crash (FreeForm, #0)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The world won’t know what hit it... Tasked to assess a Level III Civilization deep in space, Sluneg is fast-approaching the respective planet—one known only as Earth. When his vessel experiences a grave malfunction, an unlikely assistant may guide him to safety, but, without a quiet landing, the entire mission will be put in jeopardy. Can Crenosian technology live up to its intergalactic renown? B.I.U.F.O.’s secret task force hasn’t missed the object barreling down on them, and, with lack of a better option, recently inducted field agent Pat Vogt is chosen to investigate. Somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina, a seeming aircraft is set for collision, but no one could possibly imagine the repercussions of its cargo. Aboard, a dark cocoon is pulsing. Now, it’s a race against time. In this pithy prequel to The FreeForm Series, Sci-Fi guru O.J. Bradford starts things off with a bang. Reinventing the novelette en route, Crash will captivate new readers and long-standing fans alike. Seeking a shortcut to serious fun? Your wormhole lies within. Orrin Jason Bradford’s style has been compared to the “early works of Dean Koontz and the late great Michael Crichton.” Freeform: Crash is the prequel everyone has been waiting for in the action-packed, sci-fi Freeform series.

Book Bubbles from Crash (FreeForm, #0)

Spring and Hope in the Air

Even though spring comes a little later here in the North Carolina mountains than the rest of the state, signs are popping up. And with spring comes a renewed sense of possibilities, at least for me. That's one of the reason I chose this time of the year to relaunch the FreeForm series with new covers, adjusted titles, and a brand new prequel, FreeForm: Crash. Today's Book Bubble has additional content to whet your appetite. You can learn all about this relaunch project on my blog at www.wbradfordswift.com/blog where you can also download your free copy of Crash. Maybe download it to your Kindle so you can read it outside as Spring comes to your area.

Crash: the long-awaited prequel.

I've devoted years to writing the six books that make up the FreeForm series. During much of that time, I've had a recurring thought. "How did Sluneg, the alien, arrive on Earth in the first place?" I finally decided to answer that question. When I say, Crash is the 'long-awaited prequel' I mostly mean I've been waiting a long time to write it. I suspect and hope that fans of the FreeForm series (which will soon be relaunched under that new series title) may have wondered that same thing that led me to writing Crash. By the way, Crash is currently available for FREE on my website at http://www.wbradfordswift.com and also on Amazon.

Dominion Over All

Science Fiction & Fantasy

When the last living magic cat and her flying canine companion shows up on your doorstep with an offer you can’t refuse, it can sure throw a wrench into an otherwise normal teenage life. Dominion Over All is book one of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series —Young Adult novels intended for animal lovers of all ages. Buy this book to start your exciting adventures with Zak and his friends as they take on the environmental challenges that threaten to devastate our world.

Book Bubbles from Dominion Over All

Next Readup is Dec. 29 - Here's more!

The Zak Bates Eco-adventures Zoom-based Readups are a big hit as audiobook narrator, Ben Fife reads portions of Dominion Over All. Please join us for our next Readup on Tuesday, Dec. 29. A video recap of chapters read can be found at www.wbradfordswift.com/readup where you can also register for the next Readup. Previous readups can be found on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQV2a0-aGo9fCS3otjH1wlAtJluFeC1CD

Chapter 3 in Prep for Readup

There is something unique about reading and in hearing stories read to you in that you, the reader or listener, gets to use your imagination to create a world where the story is taking place. And in the process of being engaged and entertained by the story, you may be inspired as well as discover something about yourself that will make a difference in the quality of your life. You see, I love creating stories that move, touch, and inspire, stories that entertain while also inspiring and giving readers access to discover something about themselves that will make a difference. Dominion Over All begins when Zak, an average 13-year-old boy is blackmailed by the last living magic cat, Ra-Kit, to join her mission without telling him what it is. With the help of Ra-Kit’s sidekick, Sampson, a giant dog with the gift of flying, the three set off on an adventure that could cost them all their lives or worse, the devastation of the entire animal kingdom. This chapter will prepare you for our next readup. To register go to: https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup-2/

Chapter 2 In Prep for Zak Bates Readup #2

I'm already getting excited about our next Zak Bates Eco-adventure Readup schedule via Zoom on Wednesday, August 12 from 7-8 PM ET. (All the info is at https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup-2/) The last one was so much fun and one of the participants gave a great answer to my question: "If you were to go on an eco-adventure with Ra-Kit, the magic cat, and the rest of the team, what adventure would you want to join. The answer, saving abused animals from their owners, which reminded me of a woman I interviewed several years ago who has saved over 1600 'junkyard dogs' from being used as human burglar alarms. So, it looks like book #4 may be titled Junkyard Dogs, or at least that's the working title for now. So, won't you join Ben Fife, my audiobook narrator, and me for our next Readup. Sign up here https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup-2/

In Prep for Zak Bates Readup Hour #2

The First Zak Bates Readup was So Much Fun We’re Doing It Again! Please Join Us. And I'll be sharing the first three chapters via a weekly Bublish Bubble between now and the Readup on Aug. 12. All the details are available at: https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup-2/ That’s right, our first Zak Bates Eco-adventure series was so much fun for parents and kids alike that we’re hosting another one. And we’re expanding who is invited. This one is i • Perfect for kids between roughly 8 – 15 and their parents or guardians, • Anyone else who enjoys light fantasy with a humorous edge, and • Especially if you love animals. After all, the eco-adventure team is made up of Ra-Kit, the last living magic cat, Sampson, her giant flying dog, and 13-year-old Zak Bates. All the details are available at: https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup-2/

Meet Ra-Kit, the Magic Cat

I confess, I love Dominion Over All's characters, especially Ra-Kit, the last living magic cat, and her sidekick, Sampson, the flying dog. And I want to share them with kids around the world. Here's why. Kids and animals go together like ice cream and apple pie. Mix in a little fantasy in the form of a magic cat and flying dog, and you have an adventure for all ages. W. Bradford Swift writes the Zak-Bates Eco-adventure series because he knows what kid power can do to make a difference with the other animals with which we share this planet. He is inviting kids from roughly 8-15 to join with a parent (guardian or older sibling) for the Zak Bates Eco-adventure Readup Hour online via Zoom on Wednesday from 6-7 PM EDT. For all the information and to register go to: https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup

Take a Break From Life's Craziness

Hey, kids and parents, why not take a break from the craziness of life and hang out for an hour of fun and fantasy with Ra-Kit, the last living magic cat, her sidekick, Sampson, a giant flying dog, and their human friend, Zak Bates…and oh yeah, they’ve invited me to be there as well. After all, I’m the author who’s sharing their adventures with the world. It’s the Zak Bates Eco-Adventure Readup Hour. It’s all online via Zoom. Be sure to let your friends know about it. All the information to register is below. https://wbradfordswift.com/zakbatesreadup/ And here is the opening chapter of DOMINION OVER ALL, book one of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series to whet your appetite.

It's All about Love

Love of a boy for his dog, a dog for his boy, and their love for all animals. Dominion Over All has a special place in my heart. Not only is it my wife's favorite book by me (and she has excellent taste when it comes to books and authors), it's also one of my purest books of 'visionary fiction.' What is 'visionary fiction?" It's stories that first and foremost entertain while also inspiring readers while generating insights, and possibility for them. Dominion Over All does all that and more. It's a perfect read for Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter.

Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat Volume Two (Fantastic Fables Series, #2)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Enter into Orrin Jason Bradford's imagination with these brilliant short stories. Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat returns to the mysterious town of Foster Flat with eight of Bradford's best short stories. While some of the stories are lighthearted and fun, others are hauntingly on the edge of horror. There is a curio in these pages for every reader--a burned-out writer waiting for her muse to strike, a curious museum of masks where things are not as they seem and a Chinese restauranteur with a head-scratching dilemma are just a few of what you're going to discover in this collection.

Book Bubbles from Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat Volume Two (Fantastic Fables Series, #2)

#ReaderLove - I Love Immersion Reading

...And I think you will too if you give it a chance. Not sure what 'Immersion Reading' is? Simple. According to Audible, it's the ability to "read a Kindle eBook and listen to its professionally narrated Audible companion Audiobook – all at the same time. Not only that, but you get the benefit of real-time highlighting." Not only does it increase comprehension and overall retention of content, it's FUN! You can really get into a story. Take for example, my Mask Museum story. Imagine having a professional narrator reading the story to you as you read along. But why imagine it. Head on over to Amazon and try it out for yourself. Let me know what you think of this immersive experience over on my blog at www.wbradfordswift.com/blog where I share a lot more about the joys of Immersion Reading.

Meet Mimi...

...and the other residents of Foster Flat whose stories are chronicled in the second volume of Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat. Mimi is one of my favorite characters which is probably why she not only shares the story from her hometown of Foster Flat but also shows up in the later books of the FreeForm SF thriller series which is due for a major relaunch in February. After all, she's the best friend of Kendra who was the babysitter of TJ/Todd who is a major player of the FreeForm series. The connections go on from there.

3 Loves Come Together

My most recent book, Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat, Volume 2 is filled with love: my love of the North Carolina mountains where the mystical and mysterious (and fictional) town of Foster Flat can be found, also my love for the stories of Ray Bradbury, and last but not least, my love for the old TV series, The Twilight Zone. Both short story anthologies are my homage to these two great sources of imaginative stories, and my home base NC mountains just seemed to be a natural setting. I hope you enjoy this excerpt, Bearfooting, from volume two. By the way, the inspiration for this particular story is an annual event that takes place in Hendersonville NC where each year dozens of bears magically appear on Main St, decorated by many of the local businesses. These life-size bears are eventually sold to raise money for local charities.

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