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Nancy Hillis, M.D. lives in Santa Cruz, California. She's an abstract artist, author and Stanford trained existential psychiatrist and founder of The Artist's Journey courses and workshops. She guides artists to express and create their deepest art and she blogs about the creative process at When not painting or teaching, Nancy loves to play her cello, hike with her partner, Bruce Sawhill, or listen to her daughter Kimberly sing Puccini's O Mio Babbino Caro, and other operatic arias.




Painting is a mirror. It brings up everything, especially fear and yearning. This is where The Artist's Journey written by artist, psychiatrist and author, Nancy Hillis, M.D., comes in to guide you to trusting and believing in yourself as an artist The Artist's Journey is a self-help guidebook using psychological principles to help artists create their deepest work. it's an inspirational exhortation with psychological and philosophical underpinnings, to move closer and closer to your deepest self expression in your art and life. If you want a comprehensive, clearly explained, psychologically sophisticated map for your creative self- expression, start here with Nancy Hillis’ book.


Preparing for Your Artist's Journey

As an artist, you're continually facing fears and a feeling of vulnerability every time you show up in your studio to create. You yearn to express your deepest art, to move closer and closer to expressing "you" in your paintings- yet you're afraid. Self doubt, inner criticism and procrastination are some of the ways your fear shows up. The danger is in the refusal- it's in the moment that you turn your face away from your dream of creating your deepest art and life.

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