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Mitch McCracken has spent most of his adult life as a Disc Jockey on album rock stations. Before his radio career, he was the class clown. He still thinks he’s funny but admits he has no class. McCracken’s first job in radio was at the third station to go rock on FM, WMC FM in Memphis. When DJs played what they wanted to play and said what they wanted to say. Much different from the radio of today. Radio was fun then, especially if you have a dream job, working for the Father of Rock and Roll, Sam Phillips, at his station in Florence, Ala, WQLT. Working for Estelle Axton, the “AX” of Stax Records, was another high point of his career. McCracken accepted the position of National Promotion Director of her new label, Fretone Records. Mitch took their first record right up the charts, and “Disco Duck” by Rick Dees was named the Peoples Choice Award Winner of 1977. Mitch is known among his friends and family for his storytelling. His writing style makes you think he is sitting right there with you telling his story, like his 1974 interview with Jim Morrison, who died in Paris in 1971.


Radio Daze 1970-1976

Biographies & Memoirs

I’m a storyteller. I always have been. This is a book of some of those stories. It gets off to a rough start, with the first chapter being about my mother's abuse. I did tell it with humor, though. This is a memoir, so I tell you about my life before radio in addition to some of the radio stories. I love the radio stories, which began with chapter 5. The first station I worked for was the third station in the country to go rock on FM. I worked for Sam Phillips of Sun Records at his station in his hometown of Florence, Alabama. I also interviewed Jim Morrison of the Doors in 1974, just three years after he died. I worked with the Attorney General, Hugh Staton, in his efforts to take a serial rapist off the streets of Memphis. I was invited to New York by Clive Davis to talk with him about a job with Arista Records. The stories about working at WRNO, the Rock of New Orleans, are interesting, too, especially the Alice Cooper interview and going on the road with Lynyrd Skynyrd for a week's Vacation.

Book Bubbles from Radio Daze 1970-1976

Union Planters Bank embezzled Radio Magazine

When a banker gets greedy, they can bring down the best of companies. Joe Harwell of Union Planters Bank brought down my magazine and Stax Records. But in the end, the truth always comes out.

She pulled herself up by her bootstrap

Pat, my girlfriend who had been raped, beaten, and strung out on drugs, pulled herself out of the ashes with her head held high. She landed on her feet and got her life together. I was proud of her and even more proud that I helped her get there.

Opportunity Knocks

This was a trip from Memphis to Little Rock for a concert. My new girlfriend came knocking on my door, but I didn't know she was next at the time. I thought she was taken. You know what they say, if she cheats to be with you, she will cheat on you. Read on and make sure you read all the book bubbles for Radio Daze 1970-1976.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

After I moved from Memphis to Beaumont, Texas as the Program Director of KWIC, it was time to meet some of the locals. It was still the early 70s and the times were wild, very wild.

The Father of Rock and Roll, Sam Phillips

In the mid '70s, I worked for Sam Phillips at his hometown radio station, WQLT-FM in Florence, Alabama. This is how we met. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

Like A Bag of Garbage

When he was done with her he drove into one of the toughest neighborhoods in Memphis and tossed he naked body onto the curb like a bag of garbage. Now, she had to find her way out without being hurt again. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

Trapped, Beaten, Robbed and Raped

Pat was doing a lot of drugs including heroin because her stepfather was raping her. I moved her in with me and I worked long and hard to help her get off the drugs. She was starting to respond. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

Raped by her stepfather

I had just become comfortable with my new job at FM100 when Pat came into my life. She was beautiful and she was troubled. She was being raped by her stepfather and she had nowhere to go. I was only 18 and thought I could change the world. For Pat, I was going try. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

Jon Scott is a Rock Star

I followed Jon Scott on the air at FM100. Jon was a rock star on the air. He then became a rock star in record promotion. No matter what room he is in, he's the coolest. This bubble tells you how much Tom Petty thought of Jon. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

Memphis Music Master Mixer, Don Nix

If you don't know who Don is, you have missed the heart of Memphis music. In the mid-'60s, His friendship with Leon Russell and Carle Radle, who he met through touring. The friendship with Russell, a big producer at the time, landed Nix a position in Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars backing Gary Lewis & the Playboys, one of Leon's acts. Don learned how a session was put together, and he began a new career of engineering and producing at studios around Memphis such as Stax and Ardent. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

George Harrison's Dad

I was young and eager to learn. Jon Scott, who was doing 7-Midnight, saw that in me. He was willing to take me under his wing and teach me the ropes. A great example of that is when he invited me to observe as he interviewed Harry Harrison. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

The Jeff Beck Group

This Bubble is about seeing the Jeff Beck Group record in Memphis at TMI, thanks to my good friend, Jerry Williams. Life was good in the '70s. I couldn't be happier with the way my life was going. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

My first job in radio

It was at WMC-FM100 in Memphis and it was a dream job. The station was free-form album rock. Make sure to read the other book bubbles of Radio Daze 1970-1976.

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