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Join the crew of the small Coast Guard cutter Kauai on an exhilarating sea adventure like no other. Tasked with a covert intelligence operation, their mission takes an unexpected turn when a volcanic eruption rocks the shores of the picturesque Caribbean island of Saint Ignatius.

Lieutenant Ben Wyporek, recently married and serving as the second in command, must navigate the challenges of his demanding role while also supporting his neurodiverse soulmate. Meanwhile, Kauai’s captain, Haley Reardon, discovers that command doesn't have to mean loneliness as she embarks on a risky romance with the charming and enigmatic Defense Intelligence Agency spy Peter Simmons.

Within this explosive adventure, the crew of the Kauai also thwarts an eco-terrorist plot to sabotage an oil tanker, saving countless lives. But their heroism doesn't end there, as they valiantly rescue dozens of individuals trapped aboard a burning and sinking dive boat. Amidst the chaos, Cadet Marcus Porter's Academy summer internship takes an unforeseen and treacherous turn, thrusting him into both a spine-tingling adventure and a blossoming romance with the captivating young island administrator, Isabelle Jones.

This page-turning and heart-pounding tale immerses readers in a gripping maritime escapade where duty, love, and daring collide. Will the crew of the Kauai emerge victorious against both natural and man-made threats? Prepare to embark on an unforgettable voyage filled with suspense, heroism, and unexpected connections that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Lieutenant Haley Reardon, captain of the Coast Guard Cutter Kauai has a terrible choice on her hands. The sensors on the unmanned aerial vehicle indicate that this innocent-looking pleasure boat is actually a robotic torpedo headed for the fully laden tanker they are protecting. With a single order from her, the autocannon on Kauai's foredeck could destroy it within seconds. But what if she's wrong? What if the boat is not loaded with explosives, but is transporting several unarmed protesters? If she fires, they will be killed and she will face charges of manslaughter if not murder. If she holds fire and the boat is a bomb that detonates against the tanker, its crew could be killed and an ecological disater unleashed. A terrible choice to have to make.

Boat on Fire

Fire at sea is a nightmare for any mariner and can be much worse when dealing with dozens of untrained passengers. Like any other emergency, for Coast Guard crews the challenge is to get the survivors out of danger as quickly as possible while maintaining order, because once panic sets in, things can quickly spiral out of control. Lieutenant Ben Wyporek has dispatched his towering boatswain's mate John Bondurant to help the Conch Rounder's crew keep the passengers calm until they can be rescued. But time is running out as the fire engulfing the boat has been blazing for half an hour before Kauai can even get in position and Ben and his crew must take calculated risks to complete the rescue.

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