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Michael Gregory Founder/Owner Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC Michael works with clients who want to overcome conflicts and promote collaboration based on neuroscience, and with meeting planners looking for a dynamic, interactive, and entertaining speaker. Previously, he ran an organization of 1,200 employees. He has completed over 2,500 mediations and negotiations. As a speaker, Michael has given over 450 presentations that provide participants with actionable items they can apply immediately on the job and in life. Using Michael’s collaborative approach, clients have saved hundreds of millions of dollars, learned to be more focused and confident when navigating difficult decisions, and found more peace in their professional and personal relationships. You can see all of Mike’s books at this link


The Collaboration Effect

Business & Investing

Is conflict blocking your results?

Do you want to increase results and enhance collaboration with others?

Take advantage of The Collaboration Effect®.

With 25-years of multi-level leadership experience and owning his own consulting firm, author Michael Gregory wrote The Collaboration Effect to help leaders become more focused on the tasks at hand, provide them with confidence when navigating difficult situations, and result in more peace in professional and personal relationships. This book is perfect for executive level leaders, midlevel managers, front-line supervisors, team leads, or anyone who has to lead in a given situation.

Working with futurists, innovators, neuroscientists, and numerous successful business leaders, Mike has extensively researched the power of collaboration. With concise commentary and key callouts, you will learn about:

  • The Collaboration Effect®;
  • the tools of business negotiations;
  • enhancing personal and professional relationships;
  • educating others using different tactics;
  • improving health with a busy lifestyle;
  • technology and information considerations;
  • and enabling positive workplace culture.

The Collaboration Effect is all about connecting relationships, listening actively, and educating judiciously in order to build bridges to negotiate closure. When you’re a part of a work environment that is aligned and closely connected, the group flourishes, which will in turn benefit them as individuals and professionals, and increase the bottom line. 

Over many years of his professional life with various life experiences, Mike has gained happiness and success from the lessons he has learned. He shares this with you in his new book so that you too can have happiness and success.

Book Bubbles from The Collaboration Effect

Trust is critical

Whether at work or in life, trust is critical to building a relationship. The Collaboration Effect is all about connecting relationships, listening actively, and educating judiciously in order to build bridges with others. If you are in conflict with someone else given these tough times with Covid-19 and the recent election, this book can help you to address your conflicts with others whether at work, home, or in other venues Collaboration is key. Focus on common values and ways in which you can relate to one another. Calm the fire and really listen to understand. You may be surprised at the result.

A real world story to set the stage

With everything going on right now, is conflict blocking your results? Do you find some people difficult to work with? Do you want to know how to calm yourself, reduce stress, be more productive, reduce stress, be more focused on the task at hand, have more control when navigating difficult decisions, and have more peace in your professional and personal relationships? The Collaboration Effect: Overcoming Your Conflicts shows you how to do this for yourself and be a leader in this area. Each chapter has call outs, at least one on point story, and three sections to bring home the most important points to help you. Check it you. See if you don't take away at least three practical ideas to help yourself. Share the text with those you care about. You bring about peace to this troubled world one person at a time. It’s not about me. It’s about we. But, we starts with me. Read this commentary, take action, be an ethical leader, and be more productive.

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