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Lucia  Kuhl

Lucia Kuhl is the author of nine fun but slightly gritty paranormal murder mysteries. She believes every story needs at least one ghost, maybe a witch, or possibly an angel. A pet is always good. Talking forest animals are even better. Oh, and a hint of romance while strong opinionated characters mingle. A few of her heroines carry guns. While some only need magic. And her characters never miss a chance to dance. Lucia enjoys exploring tough subjects and lighting them in humorous ways to lessen the sting while showcasing their root issues. Enjoy a #bookbubble today.



Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

MUSIC TORE THEM APART. CAN MUSIC RESTORE PEACE?  Amber Jasper owns The Crystal Ballroom on the tiny island of Allegro. Amber has one wish. Revenge against a man who ended her future and broke her leg. She and her partner-in-revenge are so close to victory they can smell it. And wow, the aroma is tantalizing.  But! A scream, a body, and a handsome man demand  Amber's attention, stir painful memories, and force her to examine her soul.  Oh yeah, and her father shows up too. Always at the wrong time. Add a whole village ready to ignite over a forever grudge. If the town blows, bye bye Allegro. Bye bye Crystal Ballroom. There goes her future. Why now? When she was so close. Her win is slipping quickly into the cold Lake Michigan waters.  This Supernatural Cozy Mystery is packed with body-dropping intrigue and soul-searching drama. And musical ghosts. Download The Crystal Ballroom: Revenge. Search for a murderer. Enjoy the glitz and grit where music and dance mingle.


The Inspiration Behind Allegro

I've been a ballroom dancer since 1989 and teaching ballroom classes since 1997. One night, my dance friends and I were at a dance talking to the leader of a Big Band. He told a story about the band leader who trained him and the rise and fall of that band. It seems a disagreement between the members tore the band apart. They split, each taking with them the rights to certain pieces of music and arrangements. (I didn't really understand all that.) The result being no one could perform again their book of music as a whole. That story stuck in my mind and morphed into The Crystal Ballroom Series.

Kubbern's Ghosts

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

NOTE TO SELF,...RESEARCH THE GENEALOGY BEFORE YOU ...MURDER AND MYSTERY Rags to riches isn't for the faint of heart, but when you haven't had a hot shower in months, well, restoring the old family homestead with a bunch of distant relatives doesn't seem so bad. That is until the journey twists and turns through angry ghosts, witches, murder, kidnapping, and an old legend. Lea Laddie needs to decide if her street smarts and skill are enough to beat the evil in front of her, and solve the mysteries. Riches, her family, and her life await her answer. If you enjoy murder mysteries mixed with genealogy and peppered with the Supernatural, spend an evening with the Kubbern Family. Watch the sun disappear over beautiful Lake Michigan, dine in one of Michigan's best restaurants, visit Three Oaks where the movie "Prancer" was filmed, sleep in the estate of a once powerful family. Just don't upset the spirits or allow evil into your heart. Something for everyone, Murder, Mystery, Thriller Ending, Ghosts, Witches, Old Legends, Sea Shores, Genealogy, and Amateur Women Sleuths. Pull up a deck chair, kick off your shoes, and escape into this book.

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Behind Kubbern's Ghosts and The Haunted Homestead

In fourth grade, I began researching the family genealogy to fulfill a homework assignment. I fell in love with the mystery, the history, and the people. Back then, research consisted of trips to old churches, and creaky libraries---even a few attics. Kubbern's Ghosts and the Haunted Homestead Series was and is my chance to bring some of those characters to life. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty and the stories are fictional, but I hope I've captured the hardiness of those who created today for us.

Moon Lake Dance

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

WHAT SYDNEY DOESN'T NOW IS ABOUT TO KILL HER.   Life, her business, and her ex chewed forty-two-year-old ballroom dance studio owner Sydney Hovan up. Now someone wants her dead. Her ex didn't get a big enough piece of her? Her ex-business partner might be a possible suspect. And how does this guy Link Carter who has been sniffing around figure into all of this? He is hot. Like maybe Sydney could forget she's sworn off men, hot. But she isn't stupid. She's worked her butt off to build her new dance studio, mortgaged the land of her ancestors to do it. She's got a great shot at winning a national contest. The prize money will pay the mortgage. Her nemesis isn't coming after her alone. He or she has hired a whole crew. So has she. Her entire crazy, sharp-shooting, psychic, family including a few ghosts--ghosts with their own agenda. In this fun, supernatural, paranormal, sweet romance, the sharp-shooting senior amateur women sleuths and their ghost ancestors will follow twist and turn to protect the dance studio, their ranch, and the village of Moon Lake--AND produce a Thriller Ending. Take the women from the "Big Valley", stir with the witches of "Bewitched", add a little "Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and coat with a modern flair. The women of the Moon Lake Supernatural Cozy Mystery series appear. Take off your dancing shoes, put your horses out to pasture, and read this book.

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Moon Lake Witch

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Magical Powers Minus Training Equals Fun, Mayhem, and Mystery. Forty-nine-year-old workaholic Carrie Caser intends to open her fourth Art Gallery in South Bend, Indiana. She already owns gallery-gift shops in the small towns of Three Oaks and New Buffalo, Michigan and the Village of Moon Lake, Indiana. Her Healing Witch ancestor and the witch's ghost friends have other plans for Carrie such as learning to use her inherited magical powers. Carrie isn't aware she has those powers and frankly doesn't believe. Add to the mix a tall, dark, handsome stranger, kidnapping, forbidden magic books, a town in disarray, sharp-shooting senior amateur women sleuths, and a secret the whole town knows but refuses to talk about, and this fun supernatural cozy mystery turns Carrie's life upside-out and inside-down with paranormal action, adventure, and mystery. Take the women from the 'Big Valley', stir with the witches of 'Bewitched', add a little 'Ghost and Mrs. Muir' and coat with a modern flair. The women of the Moon Lake Supernatural Cozy Mystery series appear. Kick off your shoes and read this book.

Book Bubbles from Moon Lake Witch

The Fictional Characters of our Lives.

Frankly, I believe this scene was in large part a mesh of "Scooby Doo," "The Virginian," and "Bewitched." Ya know how the larger than life eyes in the painings always followed Scooby and Shaggy. Thoses eyes were the inspiration for "SuperMoon Witch." And at age six I decdied I was going to marry Trampas (Doug McClure) from the Virginian. Sadly, he didn't wait for me , but that's another story. I liked the way he talked to his horse. Of course, there's a little of Endora from "Bewitched" wrapped in "SuperMoon Witch." Amazing how the fictional characters from out youth remain with us throughout our lives.

Creating Lois Collins.

Lois Collins is one of my favorite characters. She was created as a mix of my mother’s Aunt Lois who called Michigan City, Indiana home until her death at age ninety-four and an ancestor who was one of the early settlers in Rochester, Indiana. Rachel’s stories in a century old newspaper recounted tales of shooting Mountain Lions off the back porch to protect the livestock. Granny on “The Beverly Hillbillies” flashed in my mind and stuck around. Aunt Lois always conducted herself with refinement, elegance, and inner strength. She cared deeply about others and she got things done. Her Way. Yet, I never heard her raise her voice. A lady till the end. In the character of Lois Collins I attempted to capure the essence of both of these strong and passionate women.


I created Katrina's character from a family legend. As the old story goes my ancestors were accused of possessing magical books outlawed by the German Government. One night the townpeoples tired of fearing the women with too much power and decided to rid the land of evil. I

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