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Lorraine Pestell was born in London and has had a successful career as an IT professional in the UK, US, Europe, Singapore, and more recently Australia. Lorraine currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, with her gorgeous rescued Belgian Shepherd. Although still working full-time, Lorraine is a passionate volunteer for several organisations. She finds that volunteering time and energy to those less fortunate is an effective antidote to life-long depression and the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Inspired by great French literature, "A Life Singular" is her life's work, in which she explores important social justice issues inside the universal theme of love. Parts One to Four are available now, with Part Five to be released in March 2016. Sales proceeds from Lorraine's books go to two Australian non-profit organisations assisting disadvantaged young people with their education.


A Life Singular - Part Five

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A Life Singular - Part Four

Literature & Fiction

So this was it… Lynn and Jeff, two celebrities driven to change the world together, had grasped their life singular with both hands and were not about to let go. They had the Midas touch, gifted through the virtues of reciprocity and a deepening understanding of right versus wrong. As the book’s extraordinary chapters continued to document the achievements of their life singular, the solitary author cried and smiled in equal measure through the arrival of a small boy with blond, curly hair and the sultry gipsy girl who could see inside his soul from the moment she was born. Lynn had given him two new friends who must now be steered through their young lives, learning their own lessons about the endless pursuit of love and wisdom. Sales proceeds go to The Smith Family and the School Volunteer Program.

Book Bubbles from A Life Singular - Part Four

Leaving Single Life Behind

Jeff's best friend and manager, Gerry Blake, had created a bucks' party to remember. No expense had been spared in rigging up a temporary French bordello in Melbourne's swankiest hotel. With his future father-in-law looking on, the handsome rock star made the most of the night, partaking in sins he couldn't wait to leave behind.

What is a father?

Thinking about their future as a family, Lynn persuades Jeff to visit his father in prison. The view from the other side of the table is a glimpse into a future the rock star knew he didn't want. A life wasted in so many ways. Would the lost boy reach closure on the terrible legacy this murderer had imposed on his family? And would the powerful man he had become gain an insight into the type of father he should be?

A Life Singular - Part Three

Literature & Fiction

Fame and fortune beckoned. Jeff Diamond was a success, whatever this meant… Fans followed him everywhere, reporters and photographers hid around every corner and journalists recorded his many indiscretions. A whole different world to the downtrodden streets of Sydney’s south-west, where vices were satisfied by using people to one’s best advantage. Suddenly the ambitious businessman and philanthropist found himself in the fight of his life. He would win Lynn’s heart by showing her father he was worthy, and by convincing his dream girl that they had something worth fighting for. Would she risk throwing her privileged lifestyle away for a man whose public persona depended on alcohol, drugs and a string of pretty girls? Jeff had nothing to lose. The trappings of his new life held little significance until the soul-mates were reunited. This was where their life singular really began. Up until this point, there had only been playtime. Now they must step up and take responsibility. It was up to them. Sales proceeds go to The Smith Family and the School Volunteer Program.

Book Bubbles from A Life Singular - Part Three

When Two Stars Collide

Lynn Dyson has returned from two years in America, hot property in every sense of the word. During this time, Jeff Diamond became hot property too, equally famous for his off-stage antics as his chart-topping rock music. Two years apart was far too long for their old souls, yet so many Earthly obstacles stood in their way...

Confronting the past

The time had come to exorcise a few ghosts. With his dream girl by his side, what could go wrong? Jeff takes Lynn back to Sydney to visit his childhood haunts. Literally. Hanging their hopes on joy triggers, the young lovers decide to put an end to the nightmares once and for all.

A Life Singular - Part Two

Literature & Fiction

Writing an autobiography on behalf of someone else presented Jeff with an interesting dilemma. Did he make assumptions about what Lynn would have included, or should he restrict her contribution to direct quotes from her letters and diaries? He had their kids to protect, and her parents… As he worked through the endless material available in the press about their life as it had taken shape, interlacing it with highly personal stories, the widower crafted chapter after chapter of memories, both happy and heartbreaking. If this was to be a true account of their partnership, he owed it to the memory of his beautiful best friend to cover so much more than what was already on public record. Photographs prompted him too, as did the treasured possessions that surrounded him, like the old leather jacket he had received on his twentieth birthday. Lynn had left him shortly after that, just like she had left him now. The pull of being together again was unrelenting, but Jeff hung on to the dream that their life singular would one day resume. Once their story had been told. Sales proceeds go to The Smith Family and the School Volunteer Program.

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The Pretender and the Débutante

Jeff Diamond, the nobody who had scored an invitation to the ball with his dream girl, was determined to make the most of his moment in the sun. Surrounded by his teenaged princess' friends and family, it was time to put his dancing shoes to the test!


In Part Two, Jeff looks back to how he and Lynn met, and to the time they had first dared to speak openly about eternal souls. From very different backgrounds and with their own burning ambitions, how hard was it going to be to stay together in a world that demanded conformity? How close to the edge of the Earth could they sail without falling off?

A Life Singular - Part One

Literature & Fiction

First in a seven-part contemporary fiction series, "A Life Singular - Part One" tells the story of a successful celebrity writing his autobiography after the tragic loss of his wife. What do you do when you lose the one who gave your life meaning? You write about it. Jeff Diamond had built a life of influence, adulation and wealth by making the right choices for the right reasons. He lived by the law of reciprocity, a lesson learned on the streets as a teenager with nothing but an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Plagued by the scars of a violent childhood, he created his vision and fought for it. And once he no longer needed to fight for himself, he fought for others. After their story was written, he would be free to go after her, to begin the whole incredible journey over again. Everyone has a life singular: one; unique; extraordinary.

Book Bubbles from A Life Singular - Part One

Star Witness

Our protagonist, Jeff, takes the witness stand in the trial of his wife's killer. Despite having achieved so much, he still sees himself as no better than the man in the dock, who is staring at the ground, at the ceiling, at the people in the public gallery... Anywhere but at the superstar he intended to kill. How should the star witness represent his constituency: his dearly departed lover, their children, their legions of fans? No doubt, this man was guilty, but of what?

Life Sentence

Our protagonist, Jeff Diamond, a highly successful rock star, social advocate and philanthropist, has returned home after the trial of his wife's killer. Life sentences can take many forms. Alone with his thoughts, Jeff rues the irony of the very final fate his beautiful best friend was dealt by a man who would likely be happier in prison. And he was now left to live out the rest of his own life surrounded by memories and unfulfilled dreams. The climax of "A Life Singular - Part One", it sets the scene for the following five novels in the serial: the choice between right and wrong, the effect these choices have on others and the inestimable power of love.

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