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I am a married (for 19 yrs), 44 year old, mom to two children (14&12;), one golden Retriever (10), two cats (10 & 7)wondering where the hell time has gone. It used to be on my side! Now I'm four years from one kid in college! Until then, (I won't blink) the kids get on the bus, I write for seven hours (happily),do my mom thing for another 7, go to bed, and start all over again. Of course, I couldn't do any of it without the love and support of my sexy husband! And I count on the fun we have in our free time to break up the routine. If I couldn't be stranded on a tropical island, I'd choose the library!


The Only Exception


Her First and Only Guest Has Arrived- And He’s Not What She Expected... Sam Peterson has been renovating her modest Sanibel Island resort for the past six months, and one cottage stands ready for her very first guest, her only guest until she can finish the remainder of the resort’s renovations. One man has booked the cottage for the next four weeks, and when he arrives, he’s not at all what Sam had envisioned. Ryan Thompson is hot! Straight off the cover of a men’s fitness magazine, he has ‘Bad Boy’ written all over him- literally. A professional mixed martial arts fighter, with the honed muscles, and sexy scar above his right eye to prove it, Sam doesn’t know whether to be impressed or intimidated- so she’s both, and afraid that she won’t be able to remain professional. The last thing Ryan expects is for Sam, the proprietor of the Seashell Cottages, to be a beautiful single woman, and a sexy one at that. His attraction is instantaneous, and when he learns that he is the only guest, Ryan hopes training for his up-coming fight won’t be the only thing to occupy his time…

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Ryan and Sam meet

I love watching MMA fights with my husband, and watching definitely inspired me to incorporate a HOT fighter into the third novel in my Island Series. And who better to pair Ryan Thompson with than a strong, sexy, independent woman? Sam Peterson owns The Seashell Cottages on Sanibel Island, and is living her dream of running her own small resort which has always been a dream of mine. The best part about being a writer is to be able to live vicariously through your characters! I had a lot of fun writing this book and introducing two new amazing couples. You'll also meet Jason Fuller and Sara Reid. Whether recurring or new, all of my characters are my fictional family and friends, and I hope they become that for you as well! Happy reading!

The Sweetest Summer


A Line Will Be Crossed… Kara Jacobs is spending her summer in a fabulous ocean front cottage overlooking the Atlantic. She’s been vacationing in Newport, Rhode Island since she was a kid, but never for this long, and never by herself. It’s been a vacation five years in the making, and she intends to enjoy every second of it. Not even the hammering, drilling, and sawing coming from the main house on the large ocean front property can disturb her. She knew about the renovation from the start, and the noise is barely a distraction. It’s the sexy, blue-eyed carpenter who greets her one morning- that is. Gavin O’Conner is soon going to be a father, and he’s engaged to be married- because it’s the right thing to do, so he has no business checking out the beautiful woman staying in the Thompson cottage. He has no business talking to her every morning, seeking her out each afternoon, or dreaming about her each night. And he certainly has no business falling for her. Fighting himself every step of the way, he does all of the above… and has to learn to live with himself- and without her.

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Crossing a line

Sometimes in life someone comes along who steals your breath, who makes your heart race at first sight, who makes your stomach clench with just a smile - and if you're lucky nothing will keep you apart. For my new characters, Kara Jacobs and Gavin O'Connor, they'll face those feelings knowing they can never be together, and it will cause them to break a moral code of conduct they've both always lived by - just for one night. One night to experience the raw animal attraction that draws them together. And once they cross that line, they'll have to face the consequences.



When Jenna Thompson arrives at The Three Sunrises on Captiva Island, she isn’t expecting to have to share her grandmother’s vacation house. But the fridge is already stocked, there’s a big black duffel bag in one of the spare rooms, and it all belongs to one man, Special Agent, Mike Caplan. Jenna’s unexpected roommate is larger than life with the size, attitude and damnable good looks to back up the ‘special’. She is entranced at once but this FBI agent’s bewildering, cocky and dismissive attitude sets Jenna’s pride and stubbornness in motion. She refuses to let him get under her skin. She’s had it with men! Until, that is, her intended vacation is suddenly swept into a dark and erotic underworld complete with bad men straight out of central casting. Then she suddenly needs Special Agent Mike Caplan—in more ways than one!

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Jenna Meets Mike

Jenna Thompson and Mike Caplan might be my two favorite characters. There's sparks between them as soon as they meet and they keep flying throughout the book. The two are equally fierce, loyal and loving, and when they finally come together it's combustible!

Jenna meets Mike

Jenna Thompson and Mike Caplan might be my two favorite characters. There's sparks between them as soon as they meet and they keep flying throughout the book. The two are equally fierce, loyal and loving, and when they finally come together it's combustible!

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