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Kelly M McClymer

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Shop and Let Die

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Molly Harbison hates being asked “What do you do?” more than cleaning the ring around the bathtub or digging Cheerios and raisins out of the car’s back seat. She’s tried on every possibility from a flip Domestic Goddess to a simple declarative Mom. She jumps at the chance to make some extra money as a secret shopper. But when she’s assigned to shop an online dating site…things get tricky. For one, she realizes her husband doesn’t exactly meet her checklist of “must haves” for the perfect man, not at all like her dating site Mr. Perfect. For another, the FBI wants her to actually keep her date with Mr. Perfect, who just may be the perfect serial killer.

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The Fairy Tale Bride: Once Upon a Wedding Book 1


Miranda Fenster was known as the Fairy Tale Miss during the one disastrous London season that convinced her she would never have a happily-ever-after. But when her brother's elopement is thwarted by the stubbornly proper Duke of Kerstone, Miranda sets off to convince the duke to champion her brother's cause for love. Unfortunately, he is too proper to consider love, or any matters of the heart, a suitable reason for marriage, and too proper not to marry Miranda when they find themselves compromised. Now, Miranda is an unexpected duchess caught up in a marriage-of-convenience with a man she has loved from afar. The new duchess is sure of only one thing: she has a second chance for happily-ever-after, if she can uncover her new husband's darkest secret, and make him believe that fairytale endings can be real.

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Proper Victorian Meets Very Improper Victorian

Doing the right thing can be exhausting. Especially when the two of you don't agree what the right thing is.

Blood Angel


Jamie Stone has one friend left, Amy Davidson, and she’s not sure she is his friend anymore. After all, he killed her and now her ghost, or spirit, or whatever she is, seems to be stuck visiting him in jail. Amy hadn’t been planning to die that day, but she had been to confession the previous Sunday and knew she should by rights be in Heaven. But if she is, life in Heaven is as confusing as life on Earth because her afterlife hasn’t come with an instruction manual. It’s come with a one-on-one connection with her killer, who used to be her best friend and now is the only person who can see her, hear her, and possibly help her figure out how to get wherever it is she needs to go.

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Interview with a School Shooter

The camera lens adds ten pounds...and strips away all your defenses.

High School Can Be Deadly.

Why is it that most teens manage to survive high school woes and move on with the rest of their lives, but some don't?

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