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JT  Gilliland

Jt Gilliland was born and raised in South Africa. He spent most of his life in the project management environment and although he has published two books in this field he has decided to dust the novel he had been keeping in the bottom drawer for almost two decades. His first novel, Molatlhegi was recently released and he carries with him a host of stories. The second novel, a sequel to Molatlhegi is already in advanced stages of development.



Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

An up and coming property developer is excited at the opportunity of a project which will elevate his career and afford him the opportunity of fulfilling his life’s dream. A secure business and family life to share with his lovely partnering wife and the family they plan to start soon. After battling for many years to bury the nightmares and demons from a life of killing and violence during his years in a special task force unit during his compulsory military service, he could now set this behind him and build a new life. When his wife, unknown to him stumbles onto the dark side of their employer, his life is turned into turmoil and he is forced to now face a new war to survive a wave of murder and strife. He has to muster all his skills and training from the years he had fought so long to forget. Will he be able to penetrate the net and fort of his former employer in order to uncover the dark secret before they get to him?

Book Bubbles from Molatlhegi

Chapter 16

Did Anthony manage to at last find Jane?

Chapter 15

Although Barry had a tough lifestyle, it also had it's perks. This is what makes it worth while, but then of course, it did pay well as well.

Chapter 14

The headline jumped out at him and he dropped the newspaper as if it had burnt him. He went numb, his knees gave way and he collapsed in a bundle of misery. Will this nightmare never end?

From Chapter 13

Anthony has found temporary safety at last but what has happened to Jane? He has to regroup and get back to find her.

You can run but you can't hide

Anthony Jenkins has again managed to escape their net. How long would his luck last? How long can he evade the net?

Anthony looks on in horror - powerless

Every time Anthony thinks it cannot get any worse it does. But why is this all happening yet from what he had learned so far he was not going to wait around to find out. At last a bit of luck, but for how long?

From Chapter 10

Barry dreaded what he had to do, yet he was too deeply committed, he had no other choice.

From Chapter 9

Jenny realized that in his state Anthony was going to need some help and support. This was impossible it could not be true. There had to be a logical explanation. She called her new trusted friend. She could never have known how this would have impacted their lives.

Anthony felt lost

Somehow I'm in trouble and I have no idea who to turn to. Have you ever had the feeling you are the only person in the world? Like you want to talk to someone, but there is no one but then, when you do find someone, you don't know what to say.

A Turn O Events

Only a few hours ago Anthony was still a successful developer. Now his life is completely changing, out of control and he did not know what this meant or where it was leading.

Was Anthony's dream turning bad?

Is it not ironic that no matter how hard we sometimes try to control our lives and our destiny, life ads a twist to prove the opposite. Imagine having the ultimate dream and just before you reach the ultimate peak, the alarm wakes you.

Anthony is in despair

Anthony is in despair. The meeting was not going as he anticipated. He had put all his efforts into winning this contract. Was it to no avail? He did not like the tone of where the meeting was heading. Was this the end of his dream project?

Anthony's wait

After submitting the final proposal Anthony waits for the results. Him mind full of doubt about the future. He had put all his hopes and efforts into this. This was his opportunity at achieving his ultimate goals. What if it fails?

Chapter 4

In chapter 4 Anthony is working in a frenzy having to finalize the tender that will change their lives and provide them with the set of to their future.

Anthony Has Second Thoughts

In Chapter 3 Anthony suddenly has second thoughts about his dream project however Jane re a firm her confidence in him. This project will provide them the stability and security required to settle down and start the family they so much long for.

If you could see into the future

Imagine if you could see into the future, how would this influence your life? Will it be a positive or negative influence? If you could see into the future, how much would it not change your choices and decisions? Anthony and Jane is longing for the financial security that will allow the to start the family they wish for. This seemed like the perfect solution, but what would it bring? The future holds the constant fear of what it would bring.

Where It Started

I started writing this novel a long time ago, back in the 1990's. This is a story from the early stages of democracy in South Africa and it took form at a very slow pace and with many interruptions over the past almost 20 years. Over the past year I have decided to finally make an effort to complete this personal project. It was not originally intended for publication however I have decided to flaunt this out there. More to complete the cycle, rather than expecting huge sales, however sales will of course be welcome once it is published, I trust by early 2017. It is a story about an average guy, like you and me who lands into unwanted trouble? Could it perhaps happen to you, or me?

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