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Joseph  Landing

At the age of fifteen, Joseph published his first novel Tamechactee: Arrow Soul. He followed it with a sequel and is now with Bublish to spread the word about this amazing story and his future novels!


Bobbit Rock: A Psychological Horror Novel

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Still reeling from the death of his beloved wife and unborn child, homicide detective Isaac Murphy must investigate a growing string of unsolved murders in the shadowy city of Callahan, South Carolina. When mass hysteria plagues the populace, Isaac begins to lose his sanity and questions whether the killer is a man or a monster. But a terrible secret plagues Issac's heart—when he was a child, he climbed the forbidden Bobbit Rock and unknowingly unleashed a curse. Now, he fears the deaths are his fault. Has Isaac doomed everyone to the wrath of the Wretched Man?

Book Bubbles from Bobbit Rock: A Psychological Horror Novel

"Pale Death"

With the city in turmoil, General Grey is given the reins to lead the city of Callahan. General Grey is as feared as she is decorated. The Taliban had a nickname for her, "Pale Death."


In a flashback, a young Isaac has his very first encounter with the Wretched Man. This is the beginning of his curse.

A Day in Callahan

With the city teetering on the edge of collapse, the terrified inhabitants try to escape the madness.

A First Timer, a Mastermind or a Ghost

Isaac pours over the case of Emily's murder. However, he is still no closer to capturing the culprit. Meanwhile, the ominous gloom of the Bobbit Rock haunts him from afar.

The Face of the Devil

No one has ever seen the face of the Wretched Man and lived. No one except Isaac...


Amy is David's young daughter. Isaac will be Amy's legal guardian in the event of an untimely death of both David and his wife Charlotte. Isaac assures David that there is nothing to worry about...

If You See Something, Say Something

At a press conference, Callahan's Chief of Police faces a hostile crowd. The boiling point is about to be reached as the number of Ghost Killer murders continues to rise. And what about the Wretched Man?

Callahan, South Carolina

Callahan is the shadowy city where Isaac works as a detective. Over the past two years, a dark illness has plagued the population. An illness of evil.

"What's it like to Kill Someone?"

After teaching junior detective Grace Fletcher some shooting drills at the firing range, Isaac is asked a painful question. Isaac has had a considerable career as a detective in Callahan, and unfortunately, that means he has put criminals in the grave.

Bobbit Rock

My third novel, "Bobbit Rock" launches this Tuesday, October 8th. Lose Your Sanity and Curse Your Soul in this horror novel that is - "A Southern Gothic... mixing scares and shoot-outs, relationships and reprisals in one big brash package." Click the Buy tab to pre-order for just $.99 on Amazon kindle. Print versions are available through the Barnes and Noble link. Happy Halloween!

Hunting the Murderer

Isaac continues to work on the case of his wife and unborn child's murderer. But despite his best efforts, no leads have been found. Isaac's rage grows.

On My Shoulders

While taking the train home one night, Isaac realizes that something is not right. The cabin is dropped into darkness, with only the occasional flash of light illuminating what lies inside. The Wretched Man has arrived.

Drawing The Devil's Face

As the city of Callahan continues to crumble, the fear of The Wretched Man grows. Isaac reads an article in the newspaper one morning that shows a famed sketch of The Wretched Man. The sketch doesn't show the face of course, because no one has ever seen the face of the Devil and lived. No one except Isaac.

Afraid to Speak The Name

Isaac and several other detectives are hanging out one night at a bonfire. The conversation turns sour when the men realize that Laramie is afraid to utter the words, The Wretched Man. Always check your surroundings. Look left. Look right. And Look Up.

Meet Detective Grace Fletcher

Detective Grace Fletcher is the new Junior Detective, assigned to Isaac and David's squad. She's whip smart and ambitious, but taking this new job in Murder Capitol is certainly nerve racking.

Cutting Wounds

Police Chief Ivey answers questions at a press conference on the disastrous state of affairs in Callahan. Tensions are at a breaking point. "Ghost Killers" is the name of the unknown criminals who the Callahan PD believe are terrorizing the city.

"I will always love you."

Isaac is the protagonist of The Bobbit Rock. He is a homicide detective in the city of Callahan, South Carolina. With the city besieged by a rapid increase in murders, morale is plummeting and hopelessness is overtaking the public. Three months ago, Isaac lost his wife and unborn daughter to a homicide. It is all he can do to keep on his mission to save his city. His love for his late wife inspires him to continue fighting. But will it be enough to save Callahan?

He Saw The Devil

Only two people have ever made it to the top of the Bobbit Rock. Little Bobbit and Isaac Murphy. If you survive the climb, you will see the Devil.

The Wretched Man

In this excerpt from my upcoming horror novel "The Bobbit Rock." We are introduced to our protagonist Isaac Murphy. Locked in an insane asylum, we try to piece together the clues as to what happened to Isaac to put him in this situation. The only answer that Isaac has for us is the words "Wretched Man." The Wretched Man is the monster on your shoulders and the Devil in your mind. He latches onto you and you can't shake him no matter what you do. Be afraid, because it doesn't look like anything can stop this vile spirit. Option to Pre-Order the book coming soon!

Tamechactee: Battle for Humanity

Science Fiction & Fantasy

In this sequel to Tamechactee - Arrow Soul, the world as we know it has been transformed by a sinister being known only as The Maker, and it is up to the Freedom Army under the direction of Marcus Riehl to save Humanity from imminent destruction. The Maker has done everything possible to weaken his enemy, including trying to turn Marcus, the Tamechactee, against his own people. Set in various parts of France including the central valley, the southeastern region near the foot of the Alps, and Normandy, Tamechactee - Battle for Humanity tells the story of the Humans' and their allies the Lycans' struggle for survival in the face of nearly unimaginable odds. Can they form a further alliance with another species of evolved Humans in order to overcome the seemingly invincible Maker? Meanwhile, Marcus Riehl's relationship with his friends, including Valerie, Colton, Nate, Ben and Daniel is tested repeatedly now that the Maker has had his way. The profound strength of love and friendship along with the basic goodness of true Humanity is explored and displayed in this highly inspirational story of the fight to redeem that which is evil and free souls to reveal their true destiny.

Book Bubbles from Tamechactee: Battle for Humanity

The Fog of War

In this spoiler free excerpt from the sequel, Tamechactee: Battle for Humanity, we experience a worst case scenario moment in a huge battle. From the perspective of Colton Tubbman, the Daemons have overrun his position. Hundreds if not thousands are decimating everyone. The army has resorted to "Danger Close" tactics in an effort to stop the crushing onslaught. As mortars explode all around him, a trapped and helpless Colton watches as The Tamechactee engages the overwhelming enemy by himself.

Tamechactee: Arrow Soul

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A teenage boy in the mountains of North Carolina desires to get out of the "cycle" of a dysfunctional home and school life. Finally successful in breaking free, he quickly discovers that destiny has a plan for him and greatness is an understatement. An ancient legend passed down through a Native American tribe tells of one who will emerge as a great leader and even a "savior," just in time before the world faces a major cataclysmic event. Taught to shoot a bow and arrow, the boy demonstrates incredible skill during his first lesson. Could he be the Tamechactee? Meanwhile, a sinister being over in Normandy, France known only as "The Maker" has a plan to set off nuclear bombs throughout the world, not to kill everyone but to bring humans into submission. What is the real purpose, and can anyone save humanity from this demonic fiend?

Book Bubbles from Tamechactee: Arrow Soul

The Tamechactee

Marcus Riehl assumes his destiny as the fabled Tamechactee. The Battle for Humanity has begun.

The Speed of Sound

Marcus Riehl is the "Arrow Soul" and because of this, he can control any projectile, including "arrows" as his name says. In this excerpt, Marcus stealthily takes down a squad of enemy Juggernauts by accelerating his arrows past the speed of sound.

The Night Raid

In an effort to secure more information on The Maker's Army, Marcus makes the dangerous call to conduct a night raid deep in enemy territory. With a small squad, Marcus leads the stealthy assault in the dark of night...

Ballet Lessons

Despite all the terror and fear of the post apocalyptic world, Marcus and Valerie still find time to have some fun with dance. Marcus is a bit of a klutz when it comes to dancing, and Valerie gets a real kick out of the lessons. Today the lesson is on ballet.

The First Encounter

Shortly after assembling the Freedom Army, Marcus and company are on their way to Atlanta to recruit more soldiers. They are yet to face a Daemon and don't know what to expect from the powerful foes. Marcus, Colton, Valerie and Colton's Grandfather are riding in a car when a Daemon strikes out of nowhere...

The Malchactean

Meet Colton Tubbman, a member of the The Malchactean tribe and Marcus' best friend. As the secondary protagonist of the series, Colton has a massive impact on the story. He and Marcus are inseparable and their antics are sure to make you laugh. Colton is courageous, loyal and quite good with the ladies, much to Marcus' chagrin.

The Sea Captain, Ben Bailey

Meet Sea Captain Ben Bailey. Soon he will become one of the greatest leaders in the Freedom Army, and one of Marcus' closest friends. However, the first time Marcus meets him, the impression isn't great. Ben is enjoying the apocalypse by indulging in the "finer" things in life. Of all the characters in Tamechactee, Ben is the wildcard. You never know what stunt he's going to pull or what antics he'll get up to. He is one of my favorite characters.

Chief Matthew Rivers

Meet Matthew Rivers. Ex-Army Ranger, full blooded Cherokee, and a cunning warrior. Matthew serves as one of the chiefs of the Freedom Army and also as a mentor to Marcus. He's all heart, but won't hesitate to put you on the ground if you deserve it. In this early excerpt, Matthew instructs a clueless Marcus on the basics of hand-to-hand combat with a Daemon. With Matthew being 6-3 and over 220, lanky Marcus has his work cut out for him.

The Sniper, Valerie

One of the main characters in the story is Valerie Hutchinson, a young crack-shot from Asheville, North Carolina. Beautiful, witty and with a ton of badassery to boot, she is a key player in the war. In this scene, told from her perspective, Valerie eliminates an enemy Daemon as friendly fortifications are overtaken by the horde.

The Maker

Meet "The Maker." The defacto ruler of the Daemon Army and villainous mastermind of the apocalypse. This scene is part of his introduction in which he ties up loose ends before beginning his plan to extinguish all of Humanity. He has hired a nameless government executive, code-named "Follower," to put the finishing touches on his plan. The raw power of The Maker is something no one can truly comprehend, not even the Tamechactee.

The Rogue

Marcus, The Tamechactee, is the last man standing after a brutal fight against The Maker's forces. All seems lost as Marcus faces Micah, one of The Maker's right hand men. Micah has perfected the horrifying feat of creating "Demon Flame." A diabolical flame that will ensnare a victim's soul. How can Marcus possibly hope to beat this sinister foe?

"Fight for Humanity!"

Early in the book, Marcus has a vision of his future self as the fully realized Tamechactee. In the vision, the Tamechactee delivers a mighty speech to his army, just before they face the full onslaught of The Maker's horde...

Marcus Hits 18 Bull's Eyes

Hello readers! This is my very first post with Bublish about my first novel "Tamechactee - Arrow Soul." I'm very excited to be showing fun scenes from my book to potential readers! This scene is the first moment that our protagonist, Marcus Riehl, shows that there may be more to him than meets the eye. He has never shot a bow and arrow and now on his very first try, he hits bull's eyes one after another. Could this be the start of something amazing?

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