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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

FBI Special Agent Willow Lockhart is investigating a series of murders when she collides into a secret government project. A project connected to human mutilations. A government conspiracy is covering up the discovery of a flying saucer under New York City. Nothing has prepared Willow for this case. Almost nothing. Willow is in crisis. She was chasing a serial child killer and she could have stopped him. But she hesitated. The FBI caught him, but not before he murdered again. The crime scenes have something in common besides violent death and mutilation. They have strange animal footprints. Footprints from no known animal. CIA operatives found violently murdered and then disappear. What? Strange things are happening. Violent things. Things involving the government. “What's going on?” Willow asked. Then she learns. Now she wonders if anyone will survive. The truth still means something to Willow. It’s not a play toy of an elite few. Willow pursues the truth with a rare tenacity. She will risk the job she dearly loves. Before it’s over, Willow will risk her very life. Get this book now and join Willow in a fantastic adventure as she fights to stay alive and save the Earth.

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Let the Ride Begin

When I was a kid, my mom and dad would let me stay up late Friday and Saturday night and watch the Late Movie. This was back before everyone had cable. There were only 3 networks and PBS. I remember watching a movie called The Night Stalker. It was a TV movie about a vampire. At the time, it was groundbreaking. It treated the topic with intelligence (in its day). Another favorite old movie was called Them. Nuclear radiation creates giant ants. And yes, I still love those movies. Remembering how fun it was to stay up late watching those old horror movies inspired me to write Artifact. Special Agent Willow Lockhart finds herself confronting an unimaginable horror. For me, FBI Special Agent Willow Lockhart is my Kolchak (from The Night Stalker). If you are too young to know about Kolchak, Willow would be like the X-Files Mulder and Skully combined. I hope you enjoy Artifact and the horror thrill ride Willow finds herself on.

Cold Awakening

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Cold Awakening is a modern crime thriller at the dawn of sentient artificial life. Sheriff McKenna is looking at a puzzle. A puzzle he needs to solve quickly, and time is running out. Someone has placed McKenna in their gun-sights. And now they threaten to murder the love of his life. Sue Vasquez, a nineteen-year-old college student, is butchered to death outside the Quickie Mart near the small town of Shady Oaks, Florida. An ugly, savage murder. Her father is a drug lord operating out of Miami. Is this drug-related? The wealthiest man found dead in his home. An obvious murder-robbery. Or was it? Neurotech has released the most advanced android in history and is dominating the global markets. The United States and the consortium are now in the driver’s seat on this advanced technology. Technology that’s critical to national and economic security. Two murders occur in the small town of Shady Oaks, Florida. Is Neurotech involved? What’s the connection between Neurotech and a drug cartel? Mathew McKenna takes off his sheriff’s badge and sets it down. If it’s a war they want, then it’s a war they shall have.

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I had never written a sequel before. "Cold Awakening" is my third book. When I started writing "Cold Awakening," I wondered what some of the characters from the first novel (Free Fall) would be doing. I hadn’t planned on this event happening. As I wrote, Mary Lu and Megan got involved, and things just unfolded until they found themselves in this predicament. Mary Lu and Megan just made it happen. This excerpt is from one of my favorite moments. I had a lot of fun writing this scene.

Free Fall

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

For ten years, the terrorist had carefully planned. They thought that they had prepared for everything. They didn’t plan on one small-town sheriff, Mathew McKenna. Sheriff McKenna is visiting his niece when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the worst terrorist attack in history. McKenna will need all his strength and courage to save his niece and the lives of those around him. If he fails, then millions of people will die. Washington is in crisis. What can they do? Should they implement the Twenty-Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, making the Vice President the Acting President? Liberty, the first orbital city, is having its 10-year anniversary party! The President of the United States and his family will be attending. Everyone will be there. Washington watches in horror as the terrorist attack unfolds. All options for them are gone. All eyes turn to Sheriff McKenna. He is their last hope. Can sheriff Mathew McKenna lead a small group of survivors, including his niece, the First Lady of the United States (who did a tour of combat duty as a Navy SEAL), and save the city? Or will they all die, along with millions of other innocent lives? Join Sheriff McKenna and a fantastic cast of characters on this incredible ride as they fight against all odds and deliver pulse-pounding action.

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The Moment FLOTUS Became a Main Character

When I started writing ‘Free Fall,’ I imagined that one of the characters would be the president or vice president of the United States. This character would take on an action role in fighting the terrorists, alongside the main character, Sheriff Mathew McKenna. As I wrote the first draft, this character bounced around a lot. The character was the president. Then he became the vice president. Suddenly, he was now a she. The character changed from paragraph to paragraph, even in mid-sentence. Nothing seemed quite right. As I was writing the turning scene, the character became Samantha, First Lady of The United States. And she had served her country as a Navy Seal after she graduated from college. And I knew that my character had introduced herself to me. First Lady Samantha plays a central role in saving her children, her husband (POTUS), and her country. And she does this as the whole world watches.

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