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Joel  Weddington

Author of A VERY HUMAN MISSION, a character-driven sci-fi novel that brings a message of positive change and personal transformation. I am a physician writing my debut novel and when not working or writing enjoy spending time with my wife and our three rescue cats in our home in the Central Valley east of San Francisco.


A Very Human Mission

A Very Human Mission

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A VERY HUMAN MISSION is a novel about a highly evolved alien who becomes frustrated by a failed attempt to help humanity and accepts a challenge to be born on Earth. Impulsively choosing birth to a poor young mother, he must survive a traumatic childhood and overcome inner struggles and outer conflicts as an adult to make a positive impact on society or risk being unable to return to his home planet. On his journey he experiences deep personal growth and makes profound discoveries about humanity.

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To be a human!

The turmoil, global changes, and psychological distress on our planet Earth has created an opportunity for souls to gain intensive experience in even a short lifetime. Imagine souls crowding around the wombs of expectant mothers, hoping to gain entrance to learn the lessons offered or to work off karma. Find out more! Order A VERY HUMAN MISSION and enjoy the discovery.

A highly sensitive alien

What if the collective trauma of humanity causes vibrations of suffering that can be detected by ET civilizations? This is the story about one alien that was sensitive enough to do take on the most difficult mission in the hope he could help people directly: Earth Birth.

10-year-old paperboy fails to help

Bradley burned to help keep his family from getting evicted again, and saved money from his paper route to help pay the rent. His dad got hold of it and gambled it away at the Santa Anita racetrack.

An alien graduates from medical school

Numan from the faraway planet follows his pre-human drive for success, overcoming his childhood trauma to get into medical school. He gains an interest in helping humans who have encountered mayhem and disaster, and enters training as a trauma surgeon.

Did Numan get off on the wrong planet?

Before he was Bradley Rosedale in Los Angeles he was an ET on a faraway planet, a member of a group of aliens who knew of the difficult times on Earth and wanted to help. But he took it a step farther and decided to born as a human. He could have waited patiently and become a member of a nice, nurturing family, like his Angelic Mentor had done before him, but no! He was impatient and overconfident, and plunged into a bad situation, but one that makes for a good story.

Mission to Earth

What if a highly evolved alien on a faraway planet wanted to help humanity with their struggles on Earth? This is the story of a being who decided to be born as a human but misjudged and was born into a traumatic childhood. Surviving endless conflicts, he makes profound discoveries about himself and humanity.

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