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Joanne Alain Cook

Oh, Henry

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

It’s all fun and games in the dog park until someone gets killed, then it’s murder and mayhem...After moving across the country, Sarah finds herself lonely and babysitting a shy bloodhound. Luckily the dog park across from her front door offers not just help, but new friends and a possible romance. As Sarah is lured in by the dogs and people, she inadvertently becomes the center of a suspicious death investigation and wonders which of her new acquaintances could be the killer... It's a murder mystery full of dogs, booklovers. It's funny and scary, and full of mirth...and for the love of dogs, you must read it!

Book Bubbles from Oh, Henry

Book Boyfriend!

Ever read a spicy novel (with a duke!) and wish your new book boyfriend would drop right into your world? Well, Sarah believes that's exactly what's happening. The guy she becomes fixated on resembles the cover image and she begins to associate the two... hoping, wishing, believing she's well on the way to living her own spicy romance story.

The Power Struggle

Sarah is just a bit passive and doesn't know the first thing about dogs. Henry, on the other hand, knows all about humans. In this early scene, Henry is teasing her. He flirts with her attention, playfully testing her resolve. It's clear that Henry likes Sarah, because when he sees she has given up, he immediately joins her at the gate.

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